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Captain William Francis Madden
b-  Mar 20, 1836 in England
d- Feb 21, 1916, in Prince Rupert BC, age 81

married a Annie LNU, Nov 9, 1882 in Metlakatla,
I think? she was a native Tsimshian, possibly?
b- Mar 1856 in BC
d- ?

in 1891 census Annie shows born in US?

Died Feb, 1916 at Prince Rupert, British Columbia,
Captain William F. Madden, aged 82,
a pioneer mariner of the Pacific coast,
widely known and much respected.
 For years he made his headquarters at Port Essington,
 and later in life, retired to a farm on
Lorne Creek.
He ran a Skeena River boat for some time.

He was Captain of Robert Cunningham's Sternwheeler "Skeena"
He immigrated in 1870

June 1875- Captain Madden
sailed into Victoria on a new Schooner
named "Micawber", owned by Woodcock & Co.
It sunk Feb 1877, with all 4 hands on board,
between QC Islands and Port Simpson.
Wreck was found in July, on the Alaska side,
her mast was cut off and ship broken in 2.

May 17, 1890 he was Captain of the Skeena River Steamer "Nell"
Jan 1906 the "Nell" was blown high and dry on a reef
at the entrance of Metlakatla.  All hands were saved.

July 1895 he was building a new house on High St in Victoria BC

1901 family in Inverness, Cassiar, Skeena, shown as Sea Captain

Madden became the ferryman at Usk, after the Sternwheelers quit.

8 children, all born in BC:

Lizzie Madden
b- Mar 10, 1890 (see below)

Alice Madden
b- Oct 30, 1881
she married Milton Christian, Sept 23, 1901
married in English Church, Inverness BC, by Rev B. Appleyard.
Canneryman age 29, son of Nicholas Christian

Minnie Madden
b- Sept 17, 1883

Johnson "John" Madden
b- Apr 2, 1884
baptized Sept 8, 1886 in Port Essington, mother shown as Sarah?

William "Willie" James Madden-
b- Oct 28, 1888 in Port Simpson BC (age 23 when he married)
married Sarah Haldane, Jan 18, 1911 at St. Andrew's church, Prince Rupert
 age 22, b- Port Essington,
mother- Mary Ann Haldane
when he married he shows Frank Madden as his father?

Frank Madden
b- Mar 23, 1891
(6 mo old at time of 1891 census)

Freddie Madden
b- July 21, 1894

Gertrude Madden
b- Sept 18, 1896

ca Dec 1901, Hector McKenzie married one of the daughters, in Vancouver,
He was Manager of the Balmoral Cannery on the Skeena River
just don't know which daughter above he married?  my guess Lizzie.
I believe Hector died Jan 17, 1909, age 40, at Port Essington BC

some info above from: Leona Taylor and Dorothy Mindenhall,
“Index of Historical Victoria Newspapers,” Victoria’s Victoria,, 2007.

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