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Doug Gent's
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Best Way to Contact Me,
is shown in the Picture below
Sorry, It has to be in this picture form,
to try and stop the spam.

Type this address in please
(Note- First part is all lower case-  D L G E N T , without any spaces)

or snail mail if need be:
Doug Gent
2310 Cramer St.
Terrace BC
V8G 2K7

or the Very Last Resort, and I mean Last, phone:
"Note- please ask for Doug when you call"

Please Note- I like the first option best of all, I reply to all of them,
and usually reply within 24 hrs unless on holidays.

Getting a phone call, I have to interrupt what I am doing,
and then try and figure out what you want from me,
or what you want to tell me.
I honestly do not like the phone calls, but will take a call if I have to,
from someone older for instance, with no computer access.
Note- I do Not return any messages left on my phone.
Sorry I just don't have the time for that, or the calling plans.

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Now before I get an email telling me I am defacing historical photos,
I want to make this point perfectly clear.
The person donating the scanned photo to me, keeps the original.
Note- In some rare cases folks have sent me the original photos,
and have not wanted them back.
But normally on a scanned copy, sent to me via email,
there is a copy in their email sent folder,
plus the scanned copy on their hard drive somewhere.
On my end, I keep a backup copy of all my emails,
so again there is a "true" untouched copy, safe and sound there.
then comes my backup copy of each picture, kept on an ext hard drive.
Then finally comes the copy of the picture with the watermarks
kept on my computer, and the server.
So guess what, there is at least 4 scanned copies of each picture,
safe and sound, without any watermarks.
Plus the original historical photo, or postcard.
Oh yes, all this is in 2 different locations for each picture, in 99% of the pictures,
so even fire, or theft can not destroy a valid un-watermarked copy.

If you like a certain page, a "Link" to that page is all that is required,
Just copy the hyper link, URL, shown in your browser above,
and paste that into facebook etc.,
or copy the links I have on the left side of each page.
I also have been adding Facebook "Like" and "Share" buttons on my pages.
Check the main Index Pages for those, and on the bottom of some others.
eventually these links will be on all pages, but it takes time to add the code.

If you want to use a "Picture Link" to my site, Please use the one below.
This one of the few pages on my site, that allows Right Click Action,
to Copy and Save this Picture c/w html link to my Intro Page,
 Then paste that into Facebook, Blogs Etc. Etc..

Adding a "Picture Link" to my Web Pages on Facebook?
or other Public Web Site?
The only Authorized Picture Link, are the pictures below, My logo,
That you can copy and paste into your blog, or wherever.
All other Pictures, Text, etc are Copyright, and can Not be used.

Take your pick, I specialize in Western Canada History,
but the rest can pick the General Canada Link Logo.

Each comes with a built in hyperlink to my Intro Page,
so nothing else is required.

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages
My General Canada Link, for all Provinces and Territories

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages

These are the Only Authorized "Picture" Links to my Web Pages.

Reason I like to direct folks to my Intro Page
is to encourage someone from Saskatchewan
to read about some BC History, and vice versa.
Time to learn history of some place else.

As of Jan 1, 2008
Password Access to my "Private Pages"
is now STRICTLY for my immediate family
and any first cousins (of myself or my wife)
Please Don't ask for it if you don't fit this criteria


No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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