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Saskatchewan Web Pages
My Dad's 1927 Map of SE Sask.
Hillside Public School
Estevan Collegiate Institute
Nor-West 1904 Newspaper
P&H 9020 Dragline

British Columbia
NW BC History Page Index

BC Tel Northern District History
BC Coastal Airline History

Van Island, Logging Archive Pictures
Dominion Telegraph System
Sternwheeler History

CNR Loco 6015, Jasper

T&T Seeds
(Note- NOT My Web Page)
( My Wife's Family Seed Business)

Grand Trunk Pacific History
GTP Railway Station Index

GTP Railway Contractors

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New Hybrid Daylily, named Helen Gent, hybridized by Allister Kallis
Helen Gent
Hybrid Daylily

My Mom andDad, Phil and helen Gent, both now are gone but not forgotten
Pages Dedicated to
 My Mom and Dad
Phil & Helen Gent

Index on left will take you to the applicable
History Web Pages I have created in various Provinces.

Most of my "Personal Family Pages"
will be password protected,
only for Our Family to see,
only now instead of only me
having a family album, the whole of
our family can view the pictures.

I started out researching in SE Saskatchewan only,
but as you can see I have expanded to other areas.

You might need to set aside a month to read it all!
Hopefully a little something in there for everyone.

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or other Public Web Site?
The only Authorized Picture Link, are the pictures below, My logo,
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All other Pictures, Text, etc are Copyright, and can Not be used.

Take your pick, I specialize in Western Canada History,
but the rest can pick the Canada Link Logo.

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages
General Canada Link

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages
The Only Authorized "Picture" Links to my Web Pages.

All of the pictures above, have a built in link
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I am an amateur Genealogist and Historian
I am interested in adding to existing history books and articles.
Most history books show first initials on folks in the article,
I research the full names, and their basic family information,
which hopefully helps folks find a long lost ancestor.
I started out with a very basic page on my home town, Terrace BC.
Added BC Tel History Pages, Kemano, Kitimat pages,
Vancouver Airport, BC Airlines, Vancouver Island logging photos,
and now Grand Trunk Railway Station pages.
Having these scattered around, I decided to add this Index page,
to compile all of them in one list.

Contributions to my Pages
If you want to contribute photos or information,
I am always ready to make additions.
My pages are intended to distribute history,
at NO Charge, No Ads.
Contributors are asked to send the name,
they would like to have printed online, for the credit.

Please note-
I don't allow use of any Pictures,
Information Brochures, etc. donated to me.
 The Photos, Brochures, stay Copyright
of the person that donated them.
I encourage links to the page,
 where the photo is you are interested in.
You will notice on my pages,
 I add EXT Links at the bottom of the page,
to pages where the photos or information is,
that I think is pertinent to my page.
I can only ask others do the same with my pages.
I try and give as much credit
to others interested in history, as I can.
I don't ask for original pictures,
just a good quality scan is perfect.
Most folks send the originals to an archive,
after they send me a scanned copy.
I encourage them to do so, to save the original.
Please Do Not Destroy old Photos or Negatives!

Duplicate Photos Online?
Note- You will see some of the same pictures,
on other Archive / Museum sites online.
(Without my Stop Sign, Watermark, and Copyright Information obviously.)
Reason- Some of these photos were commercial postcards,
and multi copies were made and sold.
All have different writing on the back, is the only difference.
I don't include all the backs to save bandwidth,
 but save them in my data.
Some Scanned Photos / Negatives are donated to me first,
then the original is sent to the Local Archives for safe keeping.
I keep and display the Scanned Copy Only!

I hope they, and others, Do NOT Steal mine!
If you want a copy of these duplicates,
please visit your local archives!
They might charge a small fee.

My new additional Copyright Watermark
think they can miss this?

Like my Pages?
Why not share them?


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