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My Genealogy / History Pages of
British Columbia


Military Headstones
Terrace BC


Military Graves
Kitsumgallum, "Terrace Pioneer" Cemetery

Private, Edgar Shapland Cole
b- ca 1890
d- June 23, 1937 in Terrace BC, age 47
Reg # 463438

Pioneer, William Henry Johnson
b- Nov 8, 1876 in Barry ON
d- Dec 23, 19?3
WWI enlisted in Prince Rupert, Sept 27, 1915
Reg # 154337
Occupation a cook when he enlisted.

Private, Wilfred Seguin
b- ca 1889
d- Oct 1, 1941, in Terrace BC, age 52
Reg # 2368432

Corporal, William Cheyne Stephen
b- Dec 25, 1899 in Mill of Kelly, Aberdeen Scotland
d- Sept 5, 1955 Terrace BC, age 55
Reg # K92639

Private, William B. Watson
b- July 21, 1872 in Philadelphia, PA, USA
d- May 7, 1948 in Red Cross Outpost Hospital. Terrace BC, age 75
WWI enlisted in Edmonton, Feb 24, 1916,
Reg # 904257
Occupation when he enlisted, Tailor,
next of kin brother- George A. Watson, Rochester, NY, USA
Became a Cook for B&B CNR Gang.

Private, Valentine Victor Wotherspoon
b- Aug 30, 1900 Glasgow, Scotland
d- Jan 14, 1962 Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace BC, age 61
Reg #

Corporal, Thomas Cockeran McGregor Turner
b- Sept 3, 1890 Beth, Ayrshire, Scotland
d- May 12, 1956 Terrace BC, age 65
Reg. #

Sgt MN,  Arthur William Edgar Nichols
b- Sept 8, 1923, Golden BC
d- Sept 1, 1963, Terrace BC, age 39
Reg # K71615

Private, Richard Welsh
b- Dec 14, 1886, Perth, Scotland
d- Apr 4, 1957 in Terrace BC, age 70
Reg. #

Private, Philippe St Pierre
b- ca 1881
d- Nov 7, 1962 in Terrace, age 81
Reg # K10184

Patrick Joseph Sims
b- Oct 25, 1914 Dublin Ireland
d- Jan 21, 1968 in Terrace BC, age 53
Reg. #

Private, Oreste Zucco
b- ca 1880
d- July 18, 1962, age 82
Reg #

Sergeant, Noel Ellison
b- Dec 25, 1872 in England
d- May 2, 1960 in Terrace BC, age 87
son of Thomas Michael Ellison
Reg #

Private, Marino Cirelli
b- Nov 22, 1887 in Galucci, Italy
d- Apr 30, 1957 in Terrace BC, age 69
son of Antonio Cirelli
Reg #

Lawrence Pratt
Reg #

Private, John Keech
b- May 4, 1892 in London England
d- May 6, 1964, Terrace BC, age 72
WWI, Enlisted in Victoria, Nov 24, 1915
Reg #
son of Amos Keech, Battersea, London, England

Sapper, John Burton
b- July 18, 1881, Normanton-on-Trent, England
d- Aug 15, 1961, age 80
perm residence was in Vancouver BC
Reg #

J. S. Rodolphe Heppell
aka: Rodolph Heppell
aka: Samuel Rudolph Heppell
b- June 23, 1880 in St Anaclet, Ramouski, Quebec
d- May 6, 1957, in Terrace BC, age 76
Reg # 703155
next of kin sister- Mrs. J. A. Matte, Ramouski, Quebec

Private, Hubert Percival Haines Bailey
b- Apr 21, 1880 in Yale BC
d- Oct 28, 1961 in Terrace BC, age 81
Perm Residence Coombs BC
WWI, Enlisted in Victoria BC, Jan 30, 1917
Reg # 2198337
next of kin, Sarah Margaret Bailey, Yuma BC

Lance Corporal, Harry Mist
b- Dec 6, 1876 Hampshire, England
d- Nov 20, 1932 in Prince Rupert BC, age 55
WWI, Enlisted in Prince Rupert, Sept 27, 1915
Reg #154330
brother- William Mist, Brookwood, Surrey, England

Private, Harry George Payne
b- Feb 9, 1884, London England
d- June 2, 1963, Terrace BC, age 79
Reg #

Private, Harry Richmond
b- 1879 Bradford, Yorks, England
d- Aug 15, 1936 in Terrace BC, age 57
1930 he was Pumpman on the Railroad.
son of John Henry Richmond and Sarah Sinett?
Reg # 326239

Private, George Robert Lyon
b-  Apr 11, 1873,  Pocklington, Yorkshire
d- May 9, 1957, Terrace BC, age 84
WWI, enlisted in Victoria, May 1915
Reg # 431076
Next of kin, Henry Lyon Scroyingham, Yorkshire

Sapper, George E. Lambourn
aka: George Henry Lambourn
b- Aug 1, 1874, London England
d- June 15, 1955, Terrace BC, age 80
note headstone is wrong on middle initial, and age.
Reg #

Lt., Frank Morris
b- Sept 29, 1888 Stratford on Avon, England
d- Nov 11, 1974
Reg # 3279
next of kin sister, Amy Morris
Occupation, Driver and Mechanic
WWI, enlisted Sept 10, 1915 in Shorncliffe

Corporal, Francis Edgar Flett
aka: Frank Edward Flett
b- Apr 24, 1884, Muskegon, USA
d- 1962
next of kin- Mrs. Susie Flett, G. D. Spokane WA, USA
WWI enlisted in Kamloops, July 30, 1916
Reg #1039297

Private, Ernest Harold Begley
b- Aug 26, 1896, Newbridge, Ireland
d- Mar 14, 1961 in Skeenaview, Terrace BC, age 64
Permanent Residence, Vancouver BC
son of John Begley, and Catherine Farrelly
Reg #

Spr., Earl Pratt
b- June 5, 1918, Gordon Reserve, SK
d- Oct 6, 1965, Terrace BC, age 47
Reg# C19304
son of Charles Cowley Pratt, and Emma Paulson

Private, Clifford John Alexander Currie
b- May 7, 1884 Glencoe, ON
d- Jan 1960, Terrace, age 75
WWI, enlisted Apr 12, 1916, in Saskatoon SK
Reg # 204723
His home was Port Hammond BC
son of William Albert Currie, Glencoe, ON

Private, Clarence More
b- Jan 28, 1871 Blueearth Co. Minnesota, USA
d- Aug 27, 1956, Terrace BC, age 85
Perm Residence, Kamloops BC
son of Lyman More and Laura Comstock
Reg #

Driver, Charles McLennan
b- Sept 11, 1890, Glasgow, Scotland
d- Apr 19, 1959, Terrace BC, age 68
Perm Residence, Vancouver BC
Reg #

Private, Andro Pawlus
aka: Andrew Pawlus
aka: Andrew Pawlis on headstone

b- May 14, 1884 Warsaw Poland
b- alt- Sept 12, 1884, Poland
d- Aug 1, 1958, age 73 (74?)
next of kin his wife in Coleman Alta
enlisted June 1, 1916 in Fernie BC
Reg # 931533
occupation= miner
Perm residence Natal BC

Private, James Herbert Stewart
b- Oct 13, 1888
d- Oct 23, 1960, Terrace BC, age 72
perm residence Vancouver BC
Reg #

photos taken May 9, 2014 by my daughter, Amber Gent


Terrace Area War Memorial

WWII Armoured Train in Terrace?
No 1, Armoured Train, WWII

Mutiny in Terrace
WWII Mutiny

Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
Kitsumgallum Cemetery

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