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First Hotel in Terrace

Terrace Hotel

Built in 1912 by J. K. Gordon
article from 1964 said 1911

His full name was
James Kelso Gordon
James K. Gordon arrived in Terrace in 1911.
The Gordon family moved back one last time to the US in 1937

Jan 28, 1931 it was reported Mr. J. K. Gordon
sold the hotel to a Winnipeg man, Emil Willie
He was going to remain at the hotel
 until Mr. Willie's wife came to town,
as she had a sick sister in Winnipeg.

July 10, 1931 they transferred Beer Licence #1852
from J. K. Gordon to Emil Willie, the new owner
of the Terrace Hotel.
Terrace Hotel, legal description at that time:
Lots 12, 13 and 14, in Block 12, map 972, on Kallum Ave. 

Cedar Pole dragged down Kalum st.
Imagine doing that today!
Riley's Drug Store, and Terrace Hotel in Background
Photo courtesy McRae Collection

Terrace Hotel is located SE corner of Kalum St on Greig Ave.
2013 called the "Best Western Terrace Inn"

Terrace Hotel ca 1933
R. W. Riley's Drug Store on left side,
on corner of Kalum St. and Greig Ave.
(See 1972 link below for this picture)
for R. W. Riley's Bio see my
Terrace Drug Store page

Terrace Hotel,
Winter 1937
courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City CA

Emile "Emil" Willie
b- July 22, 1879, Brussels Belgium
d- Oct 11, 1963, Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace, age 84
buried in Kitsumgallum Cemetery, Terrace
shown as a retired Hotel Owner when he died.
shown as a widower.
wife- Martha Willie, nee Bell
b- Aug 9, 1874 in England
d- 1947 in Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 73
she was struck by a car.
buried in Terrace Pioneer Cemetery
daughter of ? Bell, and Jane Brooks, both born in England
they had at least one daughter,
 Dorothy Willie
she married a Mr. ? Hunter, and was living in Winnipeg in 1947
Sept 1931 his granddaughter Miss Fern Bretour
was in Terrace for a visit.
so it looks like at least 2 daughters now.
and Winnipeg was the home of the family before Terrace
In 1920 there was a Walter Bell that worked for George Little
as a teamster.  Possibly Martha's father?

He had a long experience with the CNR hotels, restaurants,
and even worked on the CNR Prince Rupert train run.
So Mr. and Mrs. Willie knew the business, and area.
He spent some time in Northern Ontario area as well.

His first improvement to the Terrace Hotel,
was to install electric lights in the spring of 1931.

1945 directory shows E. Willie as the owner

Per article in 1964 below, Herman Willie was the owner.
and Kohut family below were not mentioned.

View of the hotel during the war years
on my archive page 1, last building on left,%20corner%20lakelse%20and%20kalum%201942.jpg


owned by Steve Kohut in the City Directory
Mike Kohut was an employee of the hotel
 Michael "Mike" Kohut was their son.

Steve Kohut
b- Dec 20, 1891 Austria
d- Apr 11, 1981 Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 89
buried in Forest Lawn in Burnaby
wife Anne "Nellie" Goshko


Owned by Steve, Mike, and Nellie Kohut


shown as Terrace Hotels (1948) in the 1948 City Directory
owner- Mr. and Mrs. P. Murie and Son
so obviously changed hands in 1948.

according to the article in 1964, they owned it until 1951

Peter Murie
b- Dec 29, 1901, in Lanarkshire, Scotland
d- July 3, 1982, Langley Memorial Hospital, Langley BC, age 80
Shown as a Hotel Owner when he died
He was a Rancher, age 22 when he got married in 1924
son of Peter Murie and Agnes Lang Thomson

He married Elizabeth Mildred Murchison,
Feb 9, 1924, at 825- 7th ave, Vancouver
b- ca 1907, Aldergrove BC
(age 17 when she married)
d- July 15, 1988, in Kamloops, BC, age 81
daughter of Alexander Murchison and Amelia Sarah Jackman
they had a son- Peter Murie Jr.

Murie family immigrated from Scotland to Vancouver, ca 1912
1968 Peter Murie (Sr or Jr ?) was out looking for Sasquatch,
north of Garibaldi Mountains.


sold to Frank Wauthier per 1964 history article below
He bought it in 1951.
Art Harkin leased the coffee shop at that time

Frank E. Wauthier
b- ?  in Belgium, I think, (maybe abt 1904, at  Lille France)
d- aft 1971, In Germany, I think
I believe he married Gladys Esther Caroline "Carrie" McKeown
b- May 24, 1906, Brantford ON
d- Jan 5, 1971, Royal Inland Hospital, Kamloops BC
she lived in Vancouver when she died.
shown married when she died.
They had 3 children, Albert, Ruth and Victor

Frank E. Wauthier, might have been the car dealer
with a garage in Aylsham SK , ca 1946.

Frank sold the hotel, June 1, 1955 to Augie Geeraert .


This would have been the view not long before it burnt down

The Original Terrace Hotel burned down, August 5, 1971,
and was rebuilt into the structure that stands today.

New Hotel was officially opened Aug 8, 1972
at a cost of 1.5 million

Owner and Manager at the time of the fire,
 August "Augie" John Geeraert
b- July 25, 1919, near Rockyford Alberta
d- May 4, 2012, in Kelowna BC
son of Peter and Dymphia Geeraert.
wife- Lenora Harriet Grimble
b- Calgary Alberta
They were married Aug 12, 1947
25 year anniv. in 1972 when hotel reopened.

Bert Parker was the Assistant Manager

Terrace Hotel had the First Cabaret in Terrace

It has had at least 2 owners since Augie
Names I do not know

I found a history article on the Terrace Hotel written in 1964
by a Catherine M. Fraser-Spencer, (see below)
after I researched all of the above of course!
Here is some of what she wrote.
Hospital was partly used as a hospital
during a flu epidemic in 1915.
ca 1935 the R. W. Riley Drug Store
was located between the Terrace Hotel, and Greig Ave
It was a 70 room hotel with a staff of 24, in 1964.
Owned by Augie at that time.
She then says Mr. and Mrs. Herman Willie
from Winnipeg took over the hotel for a number of years.
The University of BC conducted classes in one of the rooms.
Mr. Willie retired in 1945, and sold to Mr. Peter Murie.
He ran it until 1951.
then sold to Frank Wauthier, whose name I had not seen yet.
I have added him in the list above now.
It was a 25 room hotel then, with pub and coffee shop.
June 1, 1955 he sold to Augie, so I was only missing one.
By 1956 he added a 26 room extension, all with baths.
Beer Parlour entrance was moved to Greig Ave with angle parking.
another 23 rooms was added, with 3 sample rooms
between 1956-1960 the cocktail lounge and dining room were added.
1961 the Beer Parlour entrance was moved back,
to Railway Ave and Kalum St., when they went to parallel parking on Greig.
1963 complete renovation brought a new cafe, lounge,
dining room, and 70 bedrooms.

The Terrace Hotel Bar in the 60's and 70's
had a reputation of fights every night.
"bucket of blood" and other terms I have heard.
You sat with your back to the wall I hear.
Never knew what was coming at you.
Only fight of my life was in the bar
in the basement of the new hotel,
in the mid 1980's.
Turned out this one sober fellow,
who came in looking for a fight,
didn't like us winning on the pool table.
One lens of my glasses was found the next day
after it came out of their dish washer.
went back next day and looked for it,
and there it was sparkling clean.
I guess that is what the guy with the pea brain lived for.

After BC Tel guys left the Skeena Bar,
we all moved to the Terrace Hotel Pub in the basement.
We stayed there for quite a few years, until moving up to the lounge.
the new owners closed the bar, ca2011-12?
and then everyone moved,
to the Back Eddy Pub, where they still are, ca 2013.

Photo links below for the Terrace Hotel
including one of it being built, dated 1912

2nd Hotel built in Terrace

Tourist Hotel

It is not listed in the 1920 directory for Terrace
so it was built after that date.

It was actually built in 1921, and cost $200,000.00
It appears listed finally in the 1922 BC City Directory
owners McDougal and DuBard shown

 I know Fred Dubord was the Owner ca 1923/1924
so they got the spelling of his name wrong.
Also McDougal should be Jack McDougall

June 1918 Fred was in Hazelton, from Prince George.
He was the Manager of the Edmonton Hide and Fur Company Ltd.
They had an office in Hazelton.

Jack McDougall
He was married
 and had at least one daughter from what I can find.

looks like DuBord bought out J. McDougal in 1923
Aug 1923 his newspaper ad said "Under New Management",
and he had completed major renovations to the Tourist Hotel,
The Tourist (Terrace?) Club, and the Pool Room.
He added a bath on the ground floor,
so we know it was at least 2 floors.
When it was sold in 1929 McDougall owned it again?
Feb 1928 he was back in town so I bet he bought it back then.

The 1922 directory says McDougall
owned the Terrace Club Ltd. as well, 
as co-owner of the Tourist Hotel.

1923 Directory shows J. McDougall
 as owner of the Terrace Club Ltd. only

Ad for Terrace Club Ltd shows furnished rooms,
pool tables, cigars and soft drinks,
all located Opposite (GTP) Station.
Ad says his name is J. McDougall, with 2 l's
Feb 1923 McDougall took over the Durham Pool Hall at Usk
so then I thought he ended up going there.
But then in Sept 1924, I find he has moved to Francois Lake,
and was charged and convicted to 6 months in Okalla.
for selling whiskey. He was appealing the conviction.

Then July 1923 owner of the Terrace Club Ltd., changes to
a Mr. William "Bill" "Billy" Vanderlip.

Oct 1923 the Terrace Club Ltd.
changes ownership again
to a Mr. Fred H. Aiken

Frederick Harris Aiken
b- Oct 18, 1887, Orangeville ON
d- May 5, 1948, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC
when he died he was a retired apartment house owner.

son of John William Aiken, and Emily Jane "Emma" McAdam
his father was a tanner.
married first a widow,
Madeline Margaret Rohe, nee Ertz, Sept 25, 1918 in Vancouver
age 32, Boilermaker, living at Bristol Hotel in Vancouver.
Age 37, widower, when he married the 2nd time
 Dixie Mae Egenhoff, Aug 10,1925 in Vancouver

To me the Terrace Club Ltd. was more of a pool hall operation
 with a few furnished rooms in it.
They rented them by the day and week.
Maybe this was the old Luso Hotel,
(Apartment building?) on Greig Ave

March 15, 1924, Mrs. Howard Wilson
took over possession of the Restaurant
at the Tourist Hotel

Jan 1924 the Tourist Club Ltd. was under new Management
Chris Lyman from Prince Rupert
and Rawley L. Beecher of Terrace, took over from Mr. Dubord.
Mr. Beecher had a chauffer licence in April 1923
May 1924 Chris Lyman moved his wife to Terrace as well

Then an article in June 1924, says Fred Dubord
built a new house for himself, near the Tourist Hotel, which he owned,
and sold the Tourist Club to Mr. Anderson and Mr. Westman
who made a number of improvements in it


Then Feb 10, 1925, A. P. Chenette
applied for a liquor licence at the Tourist Hotel
He was shown as Manager and Lessee
Location exactly the same as the Philbert Hotel
Lots 1 and 2, Block 11, DL 369
so now I am 100% sure these 3 hotels were all one.
Beer License #472

A. P. Chenette
Alexander Philenio Chenette

found an Alexander Chenette
b- abt 1895 in Canada, French Nationality
Entered Vancouver Port from US in 1916,
Think his father was in Prince Rupert at the time.

Can't find much on him at all,
found an Alexander Chenette
b- ca 1861
 died Nov 20, 1937 in Vancouver, age 76
was this him?  don't know for sure.
Maybe this was his dad?

1925 directory says he was a farmer in Terrace
1926 directory doesn't list him


ca Aug 13, 1926 Chenette transferred
the beer license to George Tessier of Terrace

ad dated Mar 1928 shows Tessier still the owner
George Allan Tessier
b- Ottawa ON, age 50 widower, when he got married the 2nd time (1912)
d- ?
son of George Tessier, and Elizabeth Chantal
married Adelaide Bourne, Mar 8, 1912
 in St. Andrew's Church hall,  Prince Rupert
b- Melbourne Australia, age 46 when she was married
d- Nov 14, 1945 in Terrace, age 85
daughter of Frank Bourne and Whilemina McDonald
Dec 1929, Adelaide was sailing to Australia for a visit.
so pretty sure I have the right guy.
when he married he was a millwright in Prince Rupert.

This Hotel changed names and owners
more times than I can keep track of!


Then I find a small article Dec 11, 1929, that said J. McDougall
sold his Tourist Hotel to L. Martin, a hotel man from Prince Rupert
and he took control the end of the week.

1930 Terrace Directory, shows Mr. L. Martin was the owner
of the Tourist Hotel.
My first clue, that it was the same place as the Skeena Hotel
as I originally thought.
The Philbert Hotel.
(see Louis Martin bio above)
Then magically in the 1931 Directory,
the Tourist Hotel disappears,
and the Philbert Hotel name, under Louis Martin appears.
We now know he changed the name.
Where the name came from I don't know.

Philbert Hotel

Located on Lots 1 and 2
Block 11, Plan 972, District Lot 369, Range 5,
Coast District, Prince Rupert Land Registration District
see Town Plan Link on left

Early Philbert Hotel Postcard
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

SE Corner Greig Ave and Atwood St.

ca 1929-1933

Hotel bought by Louis Martin ca 1929
Louis Martin
b- May 5, 1874, Chicoutimi, Quebec
d- Wed, Apr 26, 1933, 3:25 am at Terrace, age 58
Funeral from the Roman Catholic Church in Terrace

1901 he was on the steamer "Canadian",
in the Yukon, age 27, born in Quebec,
shown as a placer miner.

Sick with Yellow Jaundice before he died

Had a wife that lived in Vancouver
Had brothers that lived in Quebec

Went to the Klondike Gold Rush
Bought the Philbert Hotel,  3 1/2 yrs earlier, than he died, ca 1929
He was in the Hotel business in Prince Rupert,
and also Vancouver, prior to coming to Terrace.

Louis served overseas in WWI,
in France as an interpreter at one point
can't find his War Service Record online.

His father was a Hotel Keeper as well, in Chicoutimi in 1881,
Father- Vincent "Madoe" Martin, age 41 in 1881, b- Oct 20, 1837
Mother- Eliza Flavie Martin, nee Rasene, age 37, b- Aug 24, 1853
brother- Henri Martin, age 8, b- Feb 1, 1874
brother- George Martin, age 5, b- Feb 26, 1877
brother- Madoe Martin (jr), age 3, b- Apr 11, 1878
Louis shown age 7, in 1881
all born in Quebec
all in same place in 1891, 1901

Nov 23-Dec 2, 1933 the basement of the Philbert Hotel
was flooded with 4ft of rain water, after a culvert plugged
and from a broken reservoir.


Gordon Temple became the Next Owner of the Philbert Hotel

Gordon Temple
b- July 28, 1893, Napinka, RM of Brenda,  MB
d- May 1, 1967, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria, BC, age 73
buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Saanich BC
lived at 898 Vernon Ave. in Saanich, when he died.
retired as a Hotel Keeper in 1947.
son of John Temple and Eunice Adeline Loucks
both born in ON, Father John temple, shown as Hotel Keeper also.
Gordon married, age 22, occupation waiter, Victoria,
May Dixon, July 6, 1914 at 916 John St. Victoria, BC
Age 21, born in Montana, lived in Vancouver BC, when she married.
daughter of Alexander Dixon, and Nellie Ryan
Alexander shown as a miner.

brother- Edward Temple
b- May 29, 1891 in Deloraine MB
d- Jan 3, 1978, Victoria General Hospital, Victoria, BC., age 86
lived in Victoria, when Gordon died.
He married Anne Crooks

brother- Cecil John Temple
b-  July 24, 1894 in Deloraine MB
d- Jan 9, 1988 in Victoria BC, age 93
he married Florence Eunice Loukes, Oct 14, 1935 in Vancouver

Link below for picture of the Philbert Hotel ca 1940's


Still called Philbert Hotel

owned by Hans Koch

Hans Andreas Karl Koch
b- Mar 11, 1900 in Germany
d- Mar 5, 1965 at 541 Alder St., Campbell River BC
when he died he was a retired Hotel Proprietor
son of Adolph Koch, and Joanne Meyer
wife- Charlotte Helen Koch, nee Boetzel
She was alive after him


The Philbert Hotel changed names and became the
"Skeena Hotel"

Haven't been able to pin date down for the name change

ca 1965-1968

Owned by Chris Trkla until he sold it to a Nakusp man, Ralph Tedesco.
Chris and his wife owned the Skeena for 3 years, ca 1965-1968
He owned the new Grand Hotel / Lord Nelson in Nelson at one time.

Poster from Walter Trkla, showing
Josephine and Chris Trkla in Nelson.

Got a nice phone call and email from Walter Trkla, June 11, 2013,
who added this info on Chris Trkla:

"Came across your site while searching for some information. I am not sure who was the owner of the Skeena Hotel when my father purchased it. I was at university at that time and did not come to Terrace until the renovation and additions were made to the hotel. I worked there with my parents before I started teaching at Skeena Secondary. My dad had a working partner (10%) George Eisner. He sold the hotel to Ralph Tedesco and George stayed on for a time.

My parents moved to Peachland where they purchased the Totem Inn Hotel and owned it for two years before retiring in Kelowna, and later to Kamloops where I was teaching. My father (who adopted me, was really my biological uncle since my biological father was killed in WWII. My father  Chris (Kosta Trklja)  was born in Austria-Hungary in 1903 and died at age 91 in Kamloops. After WWI and the breakup of Austria-Hungary  the region where he was born  became Yugoslavia.

As with most immigrants of that time he attempted to anglicize his name changing it to "Chris" and dropping the "j" in Trklja. If I had a dollar for every time I had to spell my last name I would richer than I am.  He came to Canada in 1927. He did all kinds of work from dishwashing to farm work, to mining and union organization. He always unionized every hotel that he owned, and he had owned some 14 hotels in BC and NWT. He would fix them up and sell them. He was called the "Carpenter" by the BC Hotel Association.  

He was called for service in the Military but never went since the war ended  and his age group did not get the call to go over to Europe. He and several friends made some money cutting telephone poles for the Alaska Highway in the 40's . With the money they earned they purchased the Empress Hotel on East Hastings in Vancouver. Some years earlier he was arrested for "riding the rods"  and spent a week in jail at the corner of Main and Hastings. He saw that hotel through the bars on his window and said to himself that one day he would own it, and he did. 

In 1942 he married  Josephine nee (Bajovic) who was born in Butte Montana and since they did not have any children they adopted me in 1953.

He owned many hotels including two in Yellowknife. I was up there for a short time, and like most people who spend time in the North we loved it there and the people were  an extension of our family. He went to Nelson because he loved that part of BC. He worked in Rossland and other mining towns and the beauty of Nelson took us back to  the Kootenays."  

ca 1968- ?

Ralph Tedesco, bought the Skeena Hotel, June 1968.
He owned the Leland Hotel in Nakusp for 7 years before this.
Skeena shown it was built more than 40 years prior to this sale.
At this time after many renovations
It had 25 rooms, restaurant and the Bar.
Wife- Peggy Tedesco
daughter Sharon

Aug 1972

Owner Ben Swaddon
drank a lot of beer in the Skeena when Ben owned it.


Last owner's Fred Kovits and his brother Norm Zloklikovits

They opened the Skeena Cold Beer and Wine Store
Sept 14, 1991

ca 4 am Sept 10, 2008,
Fire destroyed the old historic Skeena Hotel
Legal address- 4529 Greig Ave
All that was saved was the new beer and wine addition.


The Lakelse Hotel
aka: The Lakelse Motor Hotel
aka: Inn of the West
aka: Coast Inn of the West
now just - Inn of the West (2013), not a Coast Hotel anymore.

will get into this one next, as this is the hotel
where I first went to drink.
when I came to Terrace I was too young to drink,
Drinking age was 21 back then.
Hotel bars were separated by Women & Escorts and Men's sides
Usually a 4ft wall separated each area.
Single men were not allowed in the other section.
Women's section always had rug, and Men's section linoleum.
They even had separate doors to the outside.
then at 6pm sharp you were booted out of the bar.
It would close for 1 hr, and reopen at 7pm.
This was to force the drunks to go home for supper.
Well all the drunks did was move over to the "Lounge",
another completely separate section, that allowed
everyone to sit, male and female.
Usually they even had music in there.
But prices were always higher to pay for the fancy environment.
The Skeena bar was the only one without a lounge,
but it did have the separate areas and doors.
The Terrace Hotel had the Red D'Or Lounge.
It was in the old hotel as well as the new one.
All bar tables had a red terry towel cover, with an elastic
 to hold it over a round table.
Drinks get slopped, the cover was changed.
All glasses had a white ring about 1/2 in down from the top.
the beer was to be filled to that level, with foam (head) after that to the top.
this way everyone knew they were getting what they paid for.
I think some bartenders were given bonuses
 if they got more beer out of a keg, than another guy.
Bragging right maybe?
Now there is no line, and prices are crazy high.

Lakelse Hotel

Block 3, DL 361
NE corner of Emerson St and Lakelse Ave
4620 Lakelse Ave

I have no records when the hotel was built

Ron Strumecki tells me he used to sling beer
in the Lakelse in 1964.
Alf Davies ran the bar,
and Stan Kerr was tapping the kegs.

March 1966
Charles Bennett and Gerry Main
sold the Lakelse Hotel, Lazelle Shopping Center,
and Park Ave Apartments
to William Tratch, Ernie Tratch, and John Carlson

Feb 1967
They were doing some renovations
valued at $19,000

May 1967
Owner and Manager, John Carlson
Grand opening of the "Totem Room"
former Banquet room.

1972 it had 64 rooms, dining and banquet rooms, lounge and
nightly cabaret.  CP Air had their office in the front.
Used to be a drive thru entrance for the Office,
which now is the Beer and Wine store.

Sandman Hotels and Inns Terrace
4828 Highway 16
Built with Non Union workers by the Gaglardi family
in mid 1970's I think?
there was a lot of local Union problems with it's construction.

2013 Hotel still there, with Dennys attached

Blue Gables Hotel and Motel Ltd.
4926 Highway 16
in business in 1972, on Highway 16
Located where Boston Pizza is today (2103)
one mile from downtown Terrace
had a cafe and dining room in 1972.

It was next door to the West End Store, now Copperside.

Early 1970's they turned this motel
 into a minimum security Government Correctional Institution

Kinsmen used to hold their meetings in here.

Cedars Motel Hotel Ltd.
still in business in 2013
Jest west of the ambulance station
1972 had 22 rooms, Executive suite, plus 10 cabins


Luso Hotel
"Home of the Sportsman"
on corner of Greig Ave and Clinton St.
In business in 1972, 24 rooms and 5 apartments.

Building still exists (2013) now all apartments.

Hillside Lodge
4450 Little Ave
Monthly rooms available in 1972
2 blocks north of the Government Building in 1972

Then in Thornhill, across the river from Terrace

Thornhill Hotel
The Northern Motor Inn

built by Augie Geeraert,  construction started Nov 1978
Small Lounge, Neighbourhood Pub, Self Serve Salad Bar,
in the dining room, and 35 rooms.
It was to employ about 35 people.
It was expected to be completed by Mar 1979.

Sold date unknown,
and was owned by the George and Gail Munson family
Hotel was sold in 2013, new owners unknown

George's Pub has wood carvings
by John Weber, from Expo 86.
There is 4 wall size carvings of logging scenes in the pub.
worth a visit just for those.
Dining room and cafe as well.

Desiderata Inn
A hotel built behind the Weigh Scales.
Built by Karl Motz from Terrace.
I believe it is back in business (2013)
Now area is called Skeena Landing
and the hotel is called "The Lodge"
owned by Glen Saunders now.
Blackstones Restaurant is part of it.

Thornhill Motel & Pancake Chalet
Highway 16
In business in 1972, and pretty sure long time before that.
the Pancake chalet was added ca June 1967
Mr. and Mrs Leon Goyette from Williams Lake,
bought the 8 room Motel, and added the chalet.
they had 9 children.

Costa-Lessa Motel (1997) Ltd.
one of the newer motels in Thornhill

Copper River Motel
East of Terrace On Highway 16


There is numerous Motels in the area.

South side of the Old Skeena Bridge was
the  Riverside Motel and Trailer Court.
906 Queensway Dr.
Located where the Tom Thornhill Monument stands today.
The government expropriated the site,
kicked out all the trailers, mine was one of them,
and the new bridge was built thru that area.
Where the cement pillar is on that side,
was where my little trailer sat.
June 1967 an ad says they added a 20 stall trailer court
Stalls were $35.00/mo.  when I moved my trailer in there, ca 1970/71,
I think I was paying about $60/mo
Oct 1972 the New Skeena bridge was being built there.

One of the Oldest was "The Motel"
just North and West of the Old Skeena Bridge
on Marsh Cres.
Besides the Old Motel there was a trailer court.
After the Riverside Park closed,
I moved my trailer to this site from Riverside.
Back of my trailer faced Riverside Ball Park.
Mr and Mrs Bill Bennet owned this one.
I know he was a Legion member
as I seen him in the parade every year
Kermodei Park today, 4328 Marsh Cres
no motel, and individual lots.
The Motel was located on the George Little Pre-Emption Homestead.
Original Little Homestead.
Little sold it after the war to the Davidson Family
who built the Motel.

K'Shain Motel
 It was here when I came in 1969
Alpine House Motel (2103)
4326 Lakelse Ave
1972 they had 20 units and a restaurant
next to Back Eddy Pub now.
Next to the Back Eddy Pub, on west side,
was the old Dog'N Suds drive-in.
Greek Restaurant next to that, was the A&W
Maggie Baxter, Terrace, sent me the correction on this one, with Thanks!

Gateway Court Motel
5510 Highway 16
in business in 1972, 2 miles west on Highway 16
Less than 550 yds from the Skeena and Kalum Rivers
2013 this is the Rainbow Inn Motel (Terrace) Ltd.

Ka-lum Motel Ltd.
5522 Highway 16 W
2 miles west from Terrace in 1972
had 16 rooms. plus a camping area.
Kalum Motel in 2013

Reel-Inn Motel
5508 Highway 16 W
in business in 1972, individual units.

Slumber Lodge Motel
4702 Lakelse Ave
in 1972 next to Tillicum Theatre with the Butter Dell Restaurant
this is now the Bear Country Inn (2013)
corner of Sparkes st and Lakelse ave

Evergreen Inn
5422 Highway 16 W
another new one west of downtown Terrace
Neighbourhood pub beside the motel now

Wild Duck Motel & RV Park
5504 Highway 16 W.
another one that has been on Highway 16 for a long time

Friend Mel Anderson tells me there was another motel
at the foot of Kalum Hill, corner of Tuck and Kalum.
Best he can find is it was the "Hideaway Motel"
ended up to be apartments rather than a motel in the end.

Additional info from Maggie Baxter Apr 2013 with thanks
Cathy Fraser, a very colourful lady was the editor of the Ominca Herald
 for many years and had her press set up
 in what is now Don Diego's restaurant
(and a few other places but if memory serves that was the last location).
What I remember about her most was the bright red lipstick she wore.

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Terrace Hotel 1972 article
supplement to the Herald Paper"catherine m fraser"

Photos below of Terrace Hotel from BC Archives

Terrace Hotel, ca 1918, from BC Archives\ 

Terrace Hotel ca 1940's

Terrace Hotel 1950 view

Terrace Hotel under construction 1912

Terrace Hotel ca 1913

Philbert Hotel, ca 1940's


I know there are other books written about this area,
I don't intend to repeat history, but only to add to it.
My names and dates above are as close as I can find.
Please use these as clues in your own research.


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