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Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad GTPR
Incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1903

A Wholly owned Subsidiary of the Grand Trunk Railroad of Canada

For the construction of the GTPR
There was the Eastern Division and the Western Division
Divisional Point was Winnipeg MB

In the Western Division, they had the Prairie Section
from Winnipeg, via Edmonton, to Wolf Creek Alberta, abt. 916 miles.
and the Mountain Section, from Wolf Creek to Prince Rupert, abt. 840 miles.

Railroad passed through 1 summit of 3,712 ft

A Subsidiary Company incorporated in 1906,
The Grand Trunk Pacific Branch Lines Company,
handled all the branch lines along the line.

The First Sod was turned at Sandhill Manitoba, Aug 28, 1905
for the building of the GTPR

At a point a mile and half east of Nechako River Crossing, BC
shortly before 2 pm, Apr 7, 1914 the final rails were laid

Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Stations / Flag Stops
Prince Rupert to Fort Fraser

President Charles Melville Hays envisioned a New Silk Route from Asia,
to the East Coast of North America.
He never lived to see this come to fruition, as he died on the Titanic.
CPR and the Great Northern were running Special Silk Trains
from Vancouver, Seattle, and San Francisco, at that time.
Hays realized Rupert was closer to the Orient, than all of these locations,
and shipping time would be drastically reduced for these special trains.
Raw Silk bales were shipped, each contained live silk worms inside.
The High Insurance on these shipments, was paid by the hour in transit.
Every hour they saved in shipping,
saved the receiver huge amounts of money.
Because these shipments were so valuable,
they didn't broadcast what they were doing.
These Special Silk Trains had the right of way over every other train.

Of course the GTP Railroad was used to carry other products,
besides Passengers.
Fish, Fruit, Mining Ore, and Logging Products, were some of these.

Interesting to note, today Prince Rupert Port is winning the Orient trade
again, because it is almost a day closer by boat.  That's fuel and time saved.

This page lists all the Stations, Creeks, Lakes etc,
Starting from the West End of the line, at Prince Rupert.
All Mileage is Railway mileage

Some stops below were discontinued as the years went by

Feb 1911,  A. E. McMaster, GTP Agent in Prince Rupert
released a list of Station names to the press,
Names of new stations from Prince Rupert to
Copper River, the first 100 miles of the GTPR.
Names were picked in the head office,
usually by Mr. E. J. Chamberlain and Mr. W. P. Hinton.
They then submitted all names to their Telegraph staff,
who had the final say, as the names had to be short,
capable of a distinct transmission on the lines.

Edson Joseph Chamberlain and William Pittman Lett Hinton

All station buildings were built using the standard GTP "A" plan,
a neat Station building with provision to house the Agent,
and for the usual handling of Passengers and Freight.

Prince Rupert (Mile 1746.1 from Winnipeg) -
The First GTP Train from Winnipeg arrived at 1:15 pm, April 9, 1914.
Daily Colonist, Apr 19, 1914, reported Apr 9, 1914 as the date
(see link below, article from 1940 says Apr 8th, 1914?)

Sept 6, 1914- Regular Passenger Service was started
between Prince Rupert and Winnipeg.

Contractors that built the railroad
Foley, Welch and Stewart

Prince Rupert Station (in 1911 list)
starting point for all railway mileage shown below.
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level

Railway Point
Latitude- 54 15' N, Longitude- 130 19' W
Named after Rt. Reverend William Ridley, D.D.

Ridley became the Bilmor Station, shown on a 1959 map.
Name rescinded in 1974

Kaien Station
Latitude- 54 15' N, Longitude- 130 20' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1740.7 miles from Winnipeg
5.4 miles from Prince Rupert
"Kaien" supposedly means "Bog" in the local native Tsimpsean language.
Another source says it means "Wolf"
It was a name given to the Island in Tuck Inlet time immemorial.
Adopted by the Geographic Board of Canada in 1905
Tuck Inlet named after Samuel Parker Tuck,
 Provincial Land Surveyor, in 1892,
adopted on Admiralty Charts in 1896.
Oldfield Mountain, on Kaien Island, named after
Capt. Radulphus Bryce Oldfield R.N., H.M.S. Malacca
who was here in 1866-1867.

Watson Island
Railway Point

Zanardi Rapids Bridge (Tidewater)
Six spans, length 645 ft, It was completed in July 1910.

Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1739.6 miles from Winnipeg
6.5 miles from Prince Rupert
named after Charles Zenardi, per one source,
who was Inspector of the Wharf at Prince Rupert.
Spelling was changed along the way maybe.
1911 census shows a Charles Zanardi
b- Jan 1876 in Italy
shown as a Real Estate Broker in Vancouver, right guy?

Phelan Station
Note-  seems 2 locations for same name in the history books
in 1911 it was Phelan at mile 37.61, (see below)
Location described here is another one, with the same name?
54 12' N, Longitude- 130 16' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1735.4 miles from Winnipeg
10.7 miles from Prince Rupert
 It was named after
John Theodore Phelan Supt. of the Yukon Telegraph Line
After researching GTP Railway Contractors
I thought maybe it was named after a partner in
the "Phelan and Shirley Company"

or Edward "Ed" Phelan, but this turned out not to be true.

Inverness Cannery
Latitude- 54 12' N, Longitude- 130 16' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1734.7 miles from Winnipeg
11.4 miles from Prince Rupert

Cassiar Cannery
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1731.1 miles from Winnipeg
15 miles from Prince Rupert

Sockeye Station (in 1911 list)
Latitude- 54 9' N, Longitude- 130 8' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1729.4 miles from Winnipeg
16.7 miles from Prince Rupert
(Shown at mile 16.61 in 1911)
North Pacific Cannery located here

Port Edward Station
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1728.1 miles from Winnipeg
18 miles from Prince Rupert

54 13' 14'' N, Longitude- 130 17' 22'' W
Subdivision on Porpoise Harbour.

Shirley Mill/ Cannery/ Train stop
aka: Boneyard Creek,
aka: Mile 21
21 mi from Prince Rupert
(see EXT link at the bottom for history here)
After researching GTP Railway Contractors
I am pretty sure it was named after a partner in
the "Phelan and Shirley Company"
Michael Shirley

23 mi from Prince Rupert,
54 10' N, Longitude- 130 0' W
Telegraph Station
Port Essington

Tyee Station (in 1911 list)
54 12' N, Longitude- 129 57' W
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1719.6 miles from Winnipeg
26.5 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 21.28 in 1911
Residents of Port Essington applied for the Tyee Station
Rather than using the Haysport Station
near Ecstall River
Only station on Skeena Sub on south side of the tracks
Tyee became famous for the location of
Canada's Secret 
No 1, Armoured Train.

Essington Station (in 1911 list)
(Located at mile 26.49 in 1911)

Aberdeen Station
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1717.3 miles from Winnipeg
28.8 miles from Prince Rupert

Aberdeen / Windsor Cannery located here

One article says the Townsite of Mann was in this area.
between Tyee and Kwinitsa
I can't find a trace of it anywhere.

Skeena Station
became Skeena City Station

(Station #4 on old 1910 map)
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1713.3 miles from Winnipeg
32.8 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at 32.66 miles in 1911 name list)
Latitude- 54 14' N, Longitude- 129 50' W
Unincorporated area.

Telegraph Point
(1910 map shows this as Telegraph station #5, after Skeena City)
54 11' 29'' N, Longitude- 129 39' 15'' W
Today there is a big rest area, pull out there
off of Highway 16.

Phelan Station
(shown 37.61 miles from Prince Rupert in 1911)
Location here shown in a list in 1911.
 It was definitely named after
John Theodore Phelan
Supt. of the Yukon Telegraph Line

After researching GTP Railway Contractors
I thought maybe it was named after a partner in
the "Phelan and Shirley Company"

or Edward "Ed" Phelan, but this turned out not true.

Kwinitsa Station
(Shown as Quinitsa Station in 1911)
(old 1910 map shows Quin-its-a River here, station #6)
Elevation- 19 ft above sea level
1699.7 miles from Winnipeg

46.4 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 46.41 in 1911)
54 13' N, Longitude- 129 33' W

Kosiks Station (in 1911 list)
(Located at mile 52.62 in 1911)
There is a Kasiks River, so possibly Kasiks Station here?

Salvus Station (in 1911 list)
Elevation- 40 ft above sea level
1688.0 miles from Winnipeg
58.1 miles from Prince Rupert
(shown at mile 57.99 in 1911)

Definitely named after Contractor Peter Salvus

54 19' N, Longitude- 129 20' W
Flag Station

58 mi from Rupert,
Telegraph Station here,
1910 map shows this as station #7
 just west of the mouth of the Ex-cham-siks River
At the mouth of Exchamsiks River.
Named after a high cliff in this area.
C. W. Mitchell Dominion Telegraph Operator ca June 1918

Creek (Water)
Elevation- 55 ft above sea level
1685.7 miles from Winnipeg
60.4 miles from Prince Rupert

Hubert Station (in 1911 list)
(Located at mile 62.14 in 1911)
Assume this is Station #8 on old 1910 map
Note Hubert appears further down the list later on

Exstew Station
Exstews Station (in 1911 list)
old 1910 map shows station #9, near the Exstew's River
Elevation- 71 ft above sea level
1676.2 miles from Winnipeg
69.9 miles from Prince Rupert
(located at mile 69.54 in 1911)
Latitude- 54 23' 7'' N, Longitude-129 6' 10'' W
Unincorporated area.

Exstew River (Water)
Elevation- 88 ft above sea level
1675.6 miles from Winnipeg

Shames Station
Shamos Station (in 1911 list) simple typo error?
78 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 103 ft above sea level
1669.2 miles from Winnipeg

(Located at Mile 75.31 in 1911)

54 25' N, Longitude- 128 56' W
Flag Station

Native Village shown in this location in 1910 map

Lakelse Station (in 1911 list)
(Located at mile 82.30 in 1911)

Amsbury Station
85 mi from Rupert,
Elevation- 151 ft above sea level
1661.1 miles from Winnipeg

54 28' N, Longitude- 128 46' W

Zymagoitz River (Water)
Elevation- 156 ft above sea level
1659.0 miles from Winnipeg

Kitsumgallum River (Water)
(Kitsumkalim - Kitsumkalum)
Elevation- 183 ft above sea level
1656.0 miles from Winnipeg
Kitsum Station in 1911 list
(located at mile 88.36 in 1911)
originally submitted to be called Kitsumkallum station in 1911,
but shortened to Kitsum Station, by the GTP Telegraph staff.

Terrace Station
The first date a train belonging to the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway
 passed through Terrace from the east
arriving in Prince Rupert at 1:15pm April 9, 1914.

Terrace Train Station

Photo from a Historical Info stand
Terrace Grand Trunk Pathway
click these to enlarge them in a new window


July 5, 1966 CNR Train Station, courtesy Grant Walker Studio City CA
1966 view
94.6 mi from Prince Rupert
Elevation- 223 ft above sea level
1651.5 miles from Winnipeg

(see links upper left)

Terrace, July 3, 1882,
Taken from Sande Overpass

Little Canyon
Latitude- 54 31' 0'' N, Longitude- 128 33' 30'' W
Note- This was NOT named after the Little Family
It was named Little Canyon earlier than any of the Little
family that came here.
this is Little as opposite of Large.
It is located where the Old Skeena Bridge is located.
the government actually blew up some of the rocks
in the channel to make it easier for the Sternwheelers
to navigate.  Ring bolts exist in the rocks here.

Eddy Station (in 1911 list)
(located at mile 94.32 in 1911)
Strange part this name was moved
 to a station on the Fraser river
just SE of McBride.
It never became official at this spot.

Stuarts (Stewarts?) / Dobies
Stuart's Landing

Copper River Station (in 1911 list)
located at mile 100.29 in 1911

Vanarsdol (Van Arsdol) Station
108 mi from Rupert

Elevation- 239 ft above sea level
1645.9 miles from Winnipeg

Usk Station
107 mi from Rupert
54 38' N, Longitude- 128 25' W
Elevation- 294 ft above sea level
1638.9 miles from Winnipeg

Hanall Point
aka Hanall Spur
110.5 miles from Rupert
Railway flag stop, 3 1/2 miles from Usk
Name was formed Royal Lumber Company
Sawmill owner Ole Hanson and partner Bob Allen

Pitman Station
115 mi from Rupert
54 42' N, Longitude- 128 19' W
Elevation- 344 ft above sea level
1632.2 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station
Located at mouth of St. Croix Creek
Unincorporated area
Named after William Pittman Litt Hinton
Vice-President and GM of the GTPR

Pacific Station / Nicholl Station
120 mi from Rupert
54 46' N, Longitude- 128 15' W
Elevation- 372 ft above sea level
1626.7 miles from Winnipeg

First Divisional Point on the GTP
Government Telegraph Station.
Railroad Round houses, Machine shops etc.

Originally called Nicholl Station
Nicholl named after the Superintendent at the Pacific Terminus,
George Alexander McNicholl
It was the First Divisional Point

Thunder Creek (Water)
Elevation- 389 ft above sea level
1623.5 miles from Winnipeg

Dorreen Station
125 mi from Rupert,
54 50' 35'' N, Longitude-128 20' 41'' W
Elevation- 412 ft above sea level
1620.6 miles from Winnipeg

Located at mouth of Lorne Creek
Dorreen named after Mr. Ernest James Dorreen,
Resident Civil Engineer on the GTP Railway

Fiddler Creek (Water)
Elevation- 437 ft above sea level
1620.0 miles from Winnipeg

Lorne Creek (Water)
Elevation- 461 ft above sea level
1617.2 miles from Winnipeg

Henry McDame discovered gold here in 1884

Giles Station
shown  between Nicholl, Pitman and Ritchie

Ritchie Station
132 mi from Rupert
54 55' N, Longitude-128 23' W
Elevation- 457 ft above sea level
1614.1 miles from Winnipeg
See Ritchie page for 2 suspects for where name came from

Porcupine Creek (Water)
Elevation- 464 ft above sea level
1612.7 miles from Winnipeg

Mosquito Creek (Water)
Elevation- 489 ft above sea level
1608.3 miles from Winnipeg

Meanskineesht / Minskinish / Holy City
Cedarvale Station
140 mi from Rupert
55 1' 10'' N, Longitude- 128 19' 45'' W
Elevation- 502 ft above sea level
1605.7 miles from Winnipeg

Hollwood station shown opposite Meanskineesht, on the Skeena River

Woodcock Station
146 mi from Rupert,
55 4' N, Longitude- 128 14' W
Elevation- 537 ft above sea level
1600.3 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station

Ksiden Creek (Water) (spelling?)
Elevation- 554 ft above sea level
1598.8 miles from Winnipeg

Getwinskowl River (Water) (spelling?)
Elevation- 561 ft above sea level
1594.7 miles from Winnipeg

Gitwangar / Kitwanga Station
153 mi from Rupert,
55 6' N, Longitude- 128 4' W
Elevation- 584 ft above sea level
1592.7 miles from Winnipeg

Government Telegraph Station

Andimaul Station
158 mi from Rupert
55 6' N, Longitude- 127 57' W
Elevation- 659 ft above sea level
1588.1 miles from Winnipeg

Nash Station
1 1/2 mi west from Skeena Crossing

Elevation- 744 ft above sea level
1583.4 miles from Winnipeg
1921 Steve Bodnar was CNR Section foreman at Nash
b- age 27 in 1921, in Austria
Harry Nubrey was his Section Hand
b- age 54 in 1921 in Austria
both immigrated in 1910

The railroad from Prince Rupert to here is on the North side
of the Skeena River
Skeena Crossing a huge 961 ft long,
 A steel bridge was built to cross the Skeena here,
and after that the rails run on the south side of the Skeena
Canadian Bridge Company Ltd. of Walkerville, ON built the bridge
the same company that built the Cambie St. Bridge in Vancouver.
2 concrete piers in the river had to be built,
plus 2 more of shorter height on the river banks.
J. E. Beauchamp was GTP Agent here in 1912

Skeena Crossing (Mine Spur)
163 mi from Rupert
55 5' 55'' N, Longitude- 127 48' 40'' W
Elevation- 743 ft above sea level
1582.1 miles from Winnipeg

Oct 1913 made into a Flag Station
located at foot of Rocher De Boule Mountain

Carnaby Station
Latitude- 55 10' N, Longitude- 127 46' W
Elevation- 851 ft above sea level
1576.2 miles from Winnipeg

Tramville Station
located about 2-3 miles east of Carnaby
Tramway to Rocher De Boule mine from here.

GTP Townsite named Ellison was in this area
and abandoned for South Hazelton

2-3 miles from Hazelton

South Hazelton Station
Elevation- 973 ft above sea level
1569.2 miles from Winnipeg

New Hazelton Station
Elevation- 1030 ft above sea level
1565.5 miles from Winnipeg

Duncanan Station
 changed to Bulkley Canyon Station

Elevation- 1107 ft above sea level
1559.0 miles from Winnipeg

55 15' N, Longitude-127 27' W

Beament Station
195 mi from Rupert,

Elevation- 1213 ft above sea level
1551.5 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station
Lot 1346 Cassiar Dist.

Seaton Station
189 mi from Rupert,

Elevation- 1289 ft above sea level
1546.9 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station

Boulder Creek
Elevation- 1272 ft above sea level
1546.0 miles from Winnipeg

Moricetown Station
204 mi from Rupert
55 2' N, Longitude-127 20' W
Elevation- 1342 ft above sea level
1541.6 miles from Winnipeg

John Brown Creek
Elevation- 1383 ft above sea level
1538.9 miles from Winnipeg

Doughty Station
Elevation- 1448 ft above sea level
211.1 miles from Rupert
1535.0 miles from Winnipeg
Lot 353 Range 5, Cassiar dist.

named after Sir George Doughty
b- 1854, Grimsby Lincolnshire England
d- Apr 27, 1914, age 60
British ship builder and politician
Member of Parliament for Hull.
He was on a train with Hays, Aug 1910,
assume he was behind some money on the line.
he had major interests in fishing trawlers and canneries
on the coast and in this area.

Trout Creek
Elevation- 1483 ft above sea level
1533.1 miles from Winnipeg

Evelyn Station
Latitude- 54 53' 32'' N, Longitude-127 16' 10'' W
Elevation- 1557 ft above sea level
1528.7 miles from Winnipeg
Originally thought named after Alfred Smither's daughter,
but he didn't have a daughter Evelyn,
Then BC Gazeteer says it was named after one of
 William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughters,
who was Vice President and GM of the GTPR
Only problem, he only had one daughter, Kathlyn B. Hinton,
and 2 sons, Arthur and Robert.
So now we are back to where did the name Evelyn come from?
Researching the First 2 Investors in the GTPR,
Speyer Bros. and N. M. Rothschild & Son, all Bankers in London, England.
I noticed one of the Rothschild Sons, involved with the Bank at that time,
Evelyn Achille de Rothschild (B.A.)
b- Jan 6, 1886, London, England
d- Nov 17, 1917, Palestine, during WWI

He is now my guess where this name came from.
He would have been well known by Mr. Smithers,
and all the Directors in England.
Here we were looking for a female, but found a male named Evelyn?

Lake Kathlyn Station
223 mi from Rupert,
54 49' N, Longitude-127 13' W
3 mi from Smithers

Elevation- 1653 ft above sea level
1523.2 miles from Winnipeg
Named after William Pitman Litt Hinton's daughter,
Kathlyn Baldwin Hinton,
b- June 17, 1895 in Carleton, ON
d- 1974 in Toronto, ON
he was Vice President and GM of the GTPR

Smithers Station
Latitude- 54 46' 45'' N, Longitude-127 10' 34'' W
Mile 226.5
Lot 5289, Range 5, Coast District.
Became 2nd Divisional Point on the railroad, East of Rupert.
Elevation- 1631 ft above sea level
About 9 miles from Telkwa and Aldermere
1519.6 miles from Winnipeg

named after Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers
MP, Chairman of GTP

Tatlow Station
Latitude- 54 42' N, Longitude- 127 7' W
Elevation- 1598 ft above sea level
1513.8 miles from Winnipeg

Telkwa River
Elevation- 1664 ft above sea level
1510.7 miles from Winnipeg

Latitude- 54 41' 48'' N, Longitude-127 3' 3'' W

Hubert Station
Elevation- 1688 ft above sea level
1507.1 miles from Winnipeg

Knockholt Station
54 27' N, Longitude- 126 34' W
Elevation- 1736 ft above sea level
1501.4 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Knockholt, Kent, England
 where Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers was born.
Around 30 miles from Telkwa

Walcott Station
Elevation- 1804 ft above sea level
1493.3 miles from Winnipeg

Oct 1, 1914, GTP established a station at Walcott,
at Lot 716, Range 5, Coast District, BC
Sept 22, 1964, CNR applied to remove the station
and replace it with a freight and passenger shelter.

Morice River
Elevation- 1863 ft above sea level
1487.8 miles from Winnipeg

Barrett Station
260 mi from Rupert,
54 27' N, Longitude-126 45' W
Elevation- 1872 ft above sea level
1486.0 miles from Winnipeg

Houston Station
266 mi from Rupert,
54 23' 54'' N, Longitude-126 38' 54'' W
Elevation- 1951 ft above sea level
1479.4 miles from Winnipeg

Quick Station
Latitude- 54 37' N, Longitude- 126 54' W
Elevation- 1975 ft above sea level
1474.6 miles from Winnipeg

Perow Station
Latitude- 54 31' 4'' N, Longitude- 126 26' 36'' W
Elevation- 2101 ft above sea level
1467.5 miles from Winnipeg
Named after Mr. William Earle Duperow,
The General Agent of GTPR Company's Passenger Dept. in Vancouver
He enlisted in WWI, Nov 3, 1916 in Winnipeg, MB, Reg # 5142
Canadian Artillery, 2nd Batt., Rank- Gunner
father- William Emerson Duperow
mother- Annie M. Duperow, Winnipeg MB
William Earle Duperow
b- Feb 15, 1896, London, ON
d- Oct 9, 1918
buried in British Cemetery, Bucquoy Rd Cemetery., Ficheux,
 4 1/2 miles S or Arras. grave 35
brother- Gordon Duperow

Topley Station
285 mi from Rupert,
54 30' N, Longitude-126 18' W
Elevation- 2196 ft above sea level
1461.5 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station
Named after William James Topley, Photographer.
one source says it was after a GTPR Engineer named Topley.

Bulkley Station
Elevation- 2300 ft above sea level
1453.4 miles from Winnipeg

Latitude- 54 25' N, Longitude-126 12' W

Rose Lake Station (Summit)
Latitude- 54 24' N, Longitude-126 2' W
Elevation- 2363 ft above sea level
1445.8 miles from Winnipeg

Palling Station
306 mi from Rupert,
54 21' N, Longitude-125 55' W
Elevation- 2316 ft above sea level
1440.4 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station
in South Bulkley District

Decker Lake Station
Latitude- 54 18' N, Longitude-125 50' W
Elevation- 2326 ft above sea level
1434.8 miles from Winnipeg
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers:
Decker Lake was named after
Stephen Decker
b- Aug 24, 1827 LaGrange Maine, Penobscot, USA
d- May 8, 1911 in Vancouver BC, age 83
 Construction Foreman on the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866.
He was an early logger in North arm, Burrard Inlet area.
Bedwell Bay was called Decker's Bay after him.
Sad part of this fellow's story,
he is buried in an unmarked Pauper's grave
 in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver.

father- Joshua Decker
b- 1791 in Maine USA
d- 1870 in LaGrange Maine, USA
Lived on a farm very near New Brunswick boundary.

mother- Francis (possibly Piper)
b- ?
d- ?

He had one brother- Henry S. Decker,
 b- Aug 29, 1828, La Grange Maine
d- ?

Grandfather- Joshua Decker
b- 1752 York, York, ME, Nabc
d- 1850 in Clinton Maine
Grandmother- Susanna Boston

Great Grandfather- David Decker (1717-1809)
Great Grandmother- Eunice Place (1717-1811)

Decker Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2305 ft above sea level
1431.7 miles from Winnipeg

Burns Lake Station
317 mi from Rupert,
54 13' 49'' N, Longitude- 125 45' 52'' W
Elevation- 2312 ft above sea level
1429.6 miles from Winnipeg

Telegraph Station
From Kerry Guenter, Smithers: Burns Lake is named after Michael W.Byrnes,
Scout / Explorer for the Collin's Overland Telegraph in 1866

Tintagel Station
Latitude- 54 12' N, Longitude-125 36' W
Elevation- 2307 ft above sea level
1421.5 miles from Winnipeg

Sheraton Station
Latitude- 54 10' N, Longitude-125 28' W
Elevation- 2286 ft above sea level
1415.2 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2285 ft above sea level
1414.0 miles from Winnipeg

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2282 ft above sea level
1412.4 miles from Winnipeg

Priestley Station
337 mi from Rupert,

Elevation- 2276 ft above sea level
1409.1 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station

Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1408.1 miles from Winnipeg

Lake Eye (Water)
Elevation- 2274 ft above sea level
1407.9 miles from Winnipeg

Savory Station
Latitude- 54 6' N, Longitude- 125 10' W
Elevation- 2258 ft above sea level
1401.1 miles from Winnipeg

Endako Station
351 mi from Rupert,
54 5' 22'' N, Longitude- 125 1' 41'' W
Elevation- 2242 ft above sea level
1395.1 miles from Winnipeg
42 miles east of South Bulkley,
and 20 miles west of Fort Fraser, by road, in 1921

Divisional Point,
Machine Shops, Round Houses, etc.
In 1921- Had GTP and Dominion Government Telegraph Offices,
Anglican Church, and Public School.

Hotel Annan, now Endako Pub, still visible on side of Hwy 16
Alexander Greig Annan shown resident in 1916
1921 shown as restaurant man.
b- July 11, 1870 in Burnt Island, Fyfe, Scotland
d- May 12, 1942, age 72
Enlisted in WWI Dec 9, 1915 in Victoria BC, shown as a widower
Postmaster at Endako Sept 7, 1932- May 12, 1942
married Grace Caroline nee ?,
she became Postmaster after her husband died, until Sept 9, 1943
Post Office opened here Sept 1, 1914, George Kerr 1st Postmaster

Gayer and Connelly, had the Endako Inn,
 and grocery store, in Endako in 1916 and 1921
Irwin D. Gayer, and Marcus M. Connolly, Prop's.

Endako River (Water)
Elevation- 2206 ft above sea level
1388.6 miles from Winnipeg

Fraser Lake Station
360 mi from Rupert,
54 3' 37'' N, Longitude-124 50' 38'' W
Elevation- 2205 ft above sea level
1387.0 miles from Winnipeg

Flag Station
Named to honour Simon Fraser, who was here in 1806-07
Named by John Stuart, who Fraser named Stuart Lake after

Fraser Lake (Water)
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1386.6 miles from Winnipeg
Fraser Lake is 17 miles in length

Midlake Station
Elevation- 2204 ft above sea level
1381.0 miles from Winnipeg

Located on the South Shore of Fraser Lake

renamed Encombe Station by the CNR

Upper Nechako River (Water)
Elevation- 2231 ft above sea level
1374.7 miles from Winnipeg

Fort Fraser Station
373 mi from Rupert,
54 4' N, Longitude-124 33' W
Elevation- 2245 ft above sea level
1373.3 miles from Winnipeg
Dominion Stock and Bond Corporation Ltd., Vancouver
owned the Townsite, under Founder and General Manager George H. Salmon
ca 1909- Fort Fraser had a Telegraph Station,
and a Hudson Bay Company Store
Salmon bought 2,700 acres here for $79,000
He made over 1 million on this deal alone.

Last Spike in the Second Transcontinental Railroad in Canada
Grand Trunk Pacific (GTP)
took place 1 mi east of Fort Fraser BC, on Highway 16 
on Apr 7, 1914

Latitude- 54.0601939269918 N
Longitude- 124.554061889648 W

Photograph above from Library and Archives Canada (Mikan 4477048)
 showing Chief Engineer Kelliher driving the last spike, but one.
This photo was actually part of Alfred W. Smithers personal album.

General Superintendent Brewer assisting
I believe he was the guy in the foreground, back to the camera.

on right side, one foot on rail, gentleman with his hat off,
 handkerchief in his coat pocket
I believe was Morley Donaldson

Photo and Corrections sent by Kerry Guenter, Smithers


The last spike was to be driven in a fancy ceremony in August,
with Edward Chamberlin doing the honours,
but this was cancelled, so the "Last One" became Kelliher's honour.

Last Spike GTP Railroad, Fort Fraser

Last spike was driven by B. B. Kelliher
the Chief Engineer of the GTPR.

B. B. Kelliher
Bartholomew Brosnan Kelliher

Chief Engineer of the GTPR

b- Dec 26, 1862, Ballyplimoth, Cordal, Castleisland, County Kerry, Ireland
d- Nov 7, 1929, London England, age 68
buried in Crosstown Cemetery, Crosstown, Wexford, Ireland

He has been called the greatest Railroad Engineer of his time.
Educated Dublin University

Came to America 1886
1886-1904- Civil engineer western railway systems in US
1899 he worked in Salt Lake Utah.
1904 came to Grand Trunk

June 20, 1904 he was living in Winnipeg with his new bride.
Aug 1905 appointed Chief Engineer
1909- Moved his office from Montreal to Winnipeg

Kelliher Saskatchewan named in his honour

son of John D. Kelliher and Joanna nee Brosnan
married #1-Anna Isabelle (alt-Isabel) Souter, June 1, 1904, in Dallas Texas
d- Sept 1, 1908,
at her residence at 261 University st, Montreal Quebec
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal Quebec


married #2- Johanna M. (Creusie?) O'Connor,
married bet Apr-June 1915, Islington Reg. dist, London England
b- Wexford, Ireland


Henry H. Brewer
b- Nov 19, 1862 at Owosso, Michigan, USA
d- Aug 8, 1940, Portland Oregon
He retired in 1924 in Winnipeg as Assistant General Manager of the CNR
41 years of experience in Railways
17 years in the US before joining the Grand Trunk
as yardmaster at Durand Michigan in 1900.
1902 shown as a conductor, Chicago IL
Nov 1902- May 1904, GTR Montreal General Yardmaster
Became Terminal Superintendent at Toronto for 3 years
before being stationed at Winnipeg.
He retired on the Pacific North coast
son of Edward R. Brewer and Carolyne Brydle
married Blanche Walker, Oct 1, 1902 Detroit, Wayne, Michigan
b- age 26 in 1902, in Michigan USA
daughter of Rodger T. Walker


Last Spike from Fort George Herald Newspaper Account,
At a point near Mile 373, about 2 miles E of Fort Fraser
Monday Apr 6, 1914 at 12:30
The Exact true date was Apr 7th, 1914

About 20 Railway officials from Winnipeg arrived without notice.

The train consisted of Engine #112, and 7 cars,
The General Manager's Private Car,
The Private Car of W. C. C. Mehan, Superintendent of the Western Section.
1910-1918 Mehan was based in Prince Rupert
Also included on the train,  2 sleeper cars, a Dining Car, Tourist and Baggage Car.
Supt. Mehan was in charge of the Special Train
The Special train left Winnipeg, and added special guests as it went along.


Locomotive #112 was a 4-4-0 type built by Montreal Locomotive Works
Taken over by CNR as #386, scrapped in May 1937.

Newspaper said "Even with no notice",
around 1500 people showed up for the occasion.

I found an article Apr 2, saying they were going to meet on the 7th.

The Track Laying teams left 1 mile of track open, on purpose,
for a race, one from the East, other from the West.

Stewart Bros. were the contractors from the West,
and Bostrum and Green were the Contractors from the East.

A large flag pole was placed at the center line
just to the side of the rails.
When they joined, the Union Jack was lifted on the pole.
A picture online shows the pole cut from a tree,
and they actually left part of the tree on the top, like a Christmas tree.
The East team beat the West by 14 minutes.

Foreman Daniel Joseph Dempsey was in charge of the winning crew
the last half a length of rail was cut and placed by a
Mr. Egan in about 3 minutes.
Only can find the name Philip Egan, no further info on him.
The last spikes in the rail were driven by the officials.
The special train then took the officials to Prince Rupert.
there was an official photographer,
with a moving picture machine in attendance.
No name shown for the photographer sad to say.

Also only record of an Egan is a Philip Egan
but again no other info for that name.
Usually this means wrong spelling etc.

I am going to keep researching him.

Officials Present on that day:
(per the Fort George Herald Newspaper article)

Morley Donaldson

Vice-President and General Manager of the GTPR
b-  May 1,1851 in Edinburgh, Scotland

 (age 67 on his Death Reg. makes b- 1851)
(1911 census says born May 1869, in ON? age 52)
(1901 census says 1855), (1891 shown as age 38)
d- Aug 27, 1918 at 504 Albert St., in Ottawa ON
buried in Ottawa ON

He retired after 12 years with the GTR, in 1917 due to ill health
He died from complications of diabetes
Educated privately in France and Canada
Began his career in 1869, with E. Gilbert & Co. in Montreal.
1871-1876 he worked for Walter Shanly, on the Hoosac Tunnel, in Mass. USA

Became mining engineer, and assayer in CO, USA for 4 years.
Returned to Canada and entered service of
the Canada Atlantic Railway, in 1881 as Chief Draughtsman.
He worked his way up to General Superintendent.
This company merged with the Grand Trunk Railroad in 1905
He became Superintendent of the Ottawa Division.

1901 he was single, living with his sister in Ottawa
1912 appointed Vice-President and General Manager
member of the Canadian Society of Engineers

1911 census shows him as a widow, no sign of his wife.
Father- Major Robert Donaldson
Mother- Louisa Evelyn (or Emily?) Morley

sister- Marie E. Donaldson, b- Nov 19, 1860 in ON
she married a Mr. Remon, she was shown as a widow in 1891
She lived with Morley the rest of his life it appears.

National Archives of Canada has his photo albums of this and other events.

George W. Caye

George Washington Caye

Assistant to the Vice-President, and GM, and Purchasing Agent, Winnipeg

b- Dec 1, 1865, Malone, Franklin Co, NY, USA
d- ca 1953, nine years before his wife in 1962

son of William A. Caye and Florence E. Caye, nee ?
married Florence Estelle Van Fleet, Feb 8, 1910, at Tinton Ave. NY
b- 1873 Morrisania, Bronx, NY
d- Apr 1, 1962, Yonkers, Manchester, NY, USA
daughter of Henry Switzer Van Fleet and Esther Flandreau Van Fleet, nee ?
Her and George migrated to Michigan

1882, worked in Passenger dept. Central Vermont Railway at St. Albans.
1900-1902, travelling car Agent with Canadian Atlantic Railway.

1903-1905- Private Secretary to the GM of Canadian Atlantic Railway.
1905-1907- Chief Clerk to the Vice-President and GM, Grand Trunk Pacific Railway.
Aug 31, 1907, Moved to Winnipeg MB, when he was appointed
Assistant to the Vice-President, and General Manager, and Purchasing Agent
for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, which is the title he had at this event.

H. H. Hansard
Hugh Hazen Hansard

Solicitor for the Company, Winnipeg

b- Oct 6, 1869 in Colombo, Ceylon, India
d- Jan 9, 1931, Montreal Quebec
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec
Immigrated in 1891

son of Capt. Arthur Hansard and Margaret Ann Hazen

educated Malvern College, Worcestershire, Oxford University
Law course St. John Law School
Called to NB Bar in 1894
Assistant Solicitor GTPR, 1911-1912

Appointed Solicitor of the GTPR in 1912

married Annie Maud Burpee, Oct 30, 1901 in St. John NB
b- Jan 1872 in NB
d- Oct 18, 1940 in Montreal Quebec
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal Quebec
daughter of Hon. Isaac Burpee
son- Hugh Gerard Hazen Hansard
b- Dec 3, 1904 in St. John, NB

family living in Winnipeg in 1911

Hansard, 62 km east of Prince George, named after this man

W. Le B. Ross

William Le Breton Ross

Local Treasurer of GTP, in Winnipeg

b- Aug 9, 1868 in Ottawa ON
d- June 21, 1964 in Cloverdale BC, age 95
buried in Valleyview Memorial Gardens, North Surrey, BC

1932 living in Ottawa ON
Retired in 1933 after 50 years
Chairman of the Athletic Association in Winnipeg MB 
son of John Ross and FNU Penestone
married Caroline Lampman,
b- Mar 31, 1868, Rice Lake ON
d- Jan 10, 1962, Ganges BC, age 93
buried in Royal Oak Cemetery, Royal Oak BC
daughter of Archibald Lampman and Susan Gestener
They had at least one son, name?
daughter- Elsie Stewart Ross

J. M. Rosevear
John M. Rosevear
Auditor of Disbursements, Montreal
b- Aug 1868 in Quebec
d- July 13, 1943 at Montreal, age 73
retired General comptroller for the CNR June 1, 1930 after 34 continuous year service.
Began his career in 1885 as Junior Accounting clerk for the GTR
He worked his way up to comptroller

married Henrietta M. Rosevear, nee ?
b- July 1869 in Quebec
son- Frederick S. Rosevear
b- Jan 1894 in Quebec

Chamberlain appointed a A. J. Rosevear

as Assistant of the Vice-President in 1912
same guy, relation?
A. E. Rosevear shown as General Freight Agent in Winnipeg in 1914
I know A. E. was a separate fellow for sure.

J. A. Heaman
John Andrew Heaman
Assistant to the Chief Engineer
b- June 3, 1874 in Memphis Tenn, USA
d- Nov 9, 1960 in Oak Bay, BC, age 86
buried in Church of the Epiphany Anglican Cemetery
Kingsville, Gosfield South Township,
Essex County, ON

educated at London ON, Collegiate Institute
and at McGill University, graduating in 1902
Resident Engineer first,
He rose to Assistant of the Chief Engineer, GTPR.
Retired Civil Engineer CNR

son of George Heaman, b- England

married 1- Edith Edna Dunlop, July 10, 1907 in Carlton ON
b- July 1880
d- 1941
buried in Church of the Epiphany Anglican Cemetery
Kingsville, Gosfield South Township
Essex County, ON

son John Dunlop Heaman
b- Mar 11, 1911 in Winnipeg, MB

married 2- Alice Victoria Williamson

G. W. Robb

Superintendent of Motive Power, Transcona, MB

I do show a George W. Robb
 shown as Master Mechanic for GTP in Winnipeg in 1914
doesn't say Superintendent though?

Another possibility for this guy is
William Doig "Billy" Robb

b- 1857 in Longueuil, Canada, near Montreal
d- June 23, 1947
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal
1902 appointed Superintendent of Motive Power of GTR.
1922- Vice-President and General Manager of GTR, later CNR
First Canadian to achieve this high in the Company
Began his career in 1871 as Apprentice Machinist.
retired age 74, after 60 years service.

son of Joseph M. Robb and Susan Farquharson Doig

He married Catherine Haggart Black
daughter of James Black and Helena nee ?

J. L. Holgson
Master Car Builder, Transcona MB

H. E. Bissell
Homer Elmer Bissell
Right of Way and Claims Agent, Winnipeg MB

b- Dec 18, 1867, St. John, NB (1911 census shows ON)
d- Oct 1967
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

son of Henry Bissell and Hanna Adelaide nee ?
I believe he married Helen Francis nee ?
d- Oct 23, 1931 in Winnipeg, age 65

Guy C. Dunn

Guy Cramp Bell Dunn
Divisional Engineer, Winnipeg, MB
b- May 1862 in Quebec
d- 1950
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Lanark, ON
He was working in St. John NB before being made Chief Engineer
of the Western Lines of the GTPR, from Fort William to Edmonton.

married Charlotte Elizabeth Leeder

b- Oct 1868 in Quebec
d- 1955
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Lanark, ON
daughter- Jessie Leeder Dunn
b- Aug 1895 in ON
d- 1956
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Perth, Lanark, ON
she married Francis C. G. Wright

A. B. Smith
Manager of Telegraphs, Montreal (based in Winnipeg in 1912)
Worked with Montreal Telegraph Company of Canada
then went to the Great Northwestern Telegraph Company
He was appointed Superintendent of Construction for that company.

Hayes himself asked him to join the Grand Trunk Pacific system.
He transferred his office to Winnipeg.
1914 his office was working out of Union Station in Winnipeg


James Gorman
Superintendent of Dining and Sleeping Cars, Winnipeg
b- Oct  7, 1873 in Hamilton, ON
d- Feb 20, 1928 in Fort Garry Hotel, Winnipeg MB

Entered the Grand Trunk Railway service in Hamilton as a Clerk, in 1889.
10 years later transferred to Sleeping and Dining Car Dept in Toronto.

He came to Winnipeg as Supt. in 1910
Stayed in that position when railroad became CNR.
Member of Rotary Club and Knights of Columbus.
married Grace Gorman, nee ?
b- Apr 1879 in Quebec

daughter- Margaret Gorman, survived him
b- Aug 1903 in USA, immigrated in 1908

son- Hugh Gorman
b- Sept 1910 in ON

son- James Gorman, survived him


H. A. K. Drury
Henry Arthur Kingsmill Drury

Chief Engineer of the Board of Railway Commissioners

b- 1870 in NB
d- July 1, 1940 at his home, 209 (or 309?) Daly Ave, in Ottawa, age 70
buried in Fernhill Cemetery, East St. John, NB

son of Ward Chipman Drury and Charlotte Hayne
of Newland Saint John NB

Began his career with GTP and then CNR.
Then went to Mexico with the Mexico Light and Power Co.
He then worked on the Cuban Railway.
Returned to Canada, became engineer in charge of the
Georgian Bay Canal Survey.
1907 he became dist engineer for the Board of Railway Commissioners.
His residence was in Winnipeg at this point.

member of the Rideau Curling Club, and Royal Ottawa Golf Club.

Hak Saskatchewan named after this man

In 1921 census- Henry Arthur K. Drury,
 living at 275  wellington Cres in Winnipeg, age 51,
Civil Engineer, both parents born in NB 

married- Helen Robina Richardson, Apr 27, 1909 in Middlesex County, ON
b- ca 1886, age 23 in 1909 when married
d- Feb 21, 1956 in Lisbon, Portugal
Buried Feb 23, 1956 in the English Cemetery, Lisbon, Portugal
Memorial was held in All Saints Anglican Church in Ottawa
daughter of J. Banning Richardson, Archdeacon, Clergyman,
and Mary Jane Trepranie
1921 census-
age 35, born in ON, father born in NS, mother in PEI
living in Bronglidale, London Twp, Middlesex, ON when she married
Her father performed her marriage service
she lived at 309 Daly Ave in Ottawa.
She died on a visit to Portugal
She sailed from New York on a trip to Portugal, Spain, France and England
but became sick on board the ship.
She travelled widely, when she returned from a trip
to South America, she gave lectures under the Women's Canadian Club.
She was shown coming from London ON.
She had 7 grandchildren.
When she died- she had 2 sisters- Mrs. E. L. Howell, Toronto,
Mrs. B. H. Boucher of London ON

Son - David Kingsmill "Dave" Drury
b- Feb 8, 1910 in Winnipeg MB
d- 1988 in Ottawa ON
1921 census in Winnipeg b- age 11, in MB
Lived in Lisbon Portugal in 1956 per one article,
per another, Ottawa ON.
In 1940 he was living in Hamilton ON
Attended Bishops College School Sept 1924.
He also married and had children

Daughter- Frances Helen Diana Drury
b- Aug 5, 1912 in Winnipeg MB
d- July 25, 2002 at her home in Ottawa ON
1921 census in Winnipeg, b- age 8 in MB
She married a Charles "Blair" Birkett, prior to 1956
d- 1976
She had 4 children
lived in Lisbon Portugal in 1956 per one article,
Montevideo, Uruguay per another.
1940 she was married living in Auckland NZ.
She remarried a General W. A. B. "Bill" Anderson
d- 2000

Henry had one sister- Mrs. C. E. U. Porteous of Island d'Orleans, Quebec.

Somewhere I assumed he married a
 Harriet Evelyn Drury, nee ?
d- July 11, 1936, Montreal Quebec, age 66
who is buried in Fernhill Cemetery
but now I doubt this is true.
as Helen was the mother of the 2 children for sure.


note- Henry Brewer from picture above, not listed


another paper added a few more names:

They said Mr. F. Van Brysells, was on board.
He was representing a Belgian-Canadian Investment Syndicate.
This article claimed Mr. Brysells had the photographer with him
who had a Movie machine with him,
so somewhere there is a movie of this historic event..


also there H. B. Duffie,
 Legal Representative
can't find this fellow, so wrong spelling?

and H. L. Lampkin,
 Travelling Passenger Agent
shown as Herbert Lambkin in Winnipeg in 1911

Herbert James Lampkin?
b- July 1882 in ON
married Mary Lambkin, nee ?
b- July 1884 in ON
daughter- Evelyn Kathleen Lambkin
b- July 1907 in Carlton ON
son- James Lambkin
b- Jan 1909 in PEI

R. C. W. Lett 
 Tourist and Colonization
(Travelling Passenger and Colonization Agent, based in Winnipeg in 1912)
Robert Chamberlain Westover Lett
b- May 27, 1870, Ottawa ON
d- Feb 3, 1957 Saanich BC, age 86
buried in Royal Oak Crematorium, Victoria BC
married #1- Helena Sarah DeCourcy Topley, Dec 18, 1912 in Carleton, ON
b- Jan 7, 1879 in Carlton ON  (age 35 in 1916 census)
daughter of the famous photographer, William James Topley
b-1845 in Montreal
d-Nov 16, 1930 at his daughter's temporary home in Vancouver
Topley BC named after this family


married #2- Queena Mae Swartz
b- Jan 9, 1901 in Brantford ON
d- Dec 12, 1978 in Victoria, BC
daughter of Watson Guthrie Swartz and Mae Gertrude Vaughan

Robert Lett was the youngest of 9 children
Robert had his own movie making machine, as early as 1910,
the very first one in Canada as well, so very well could have been
 the "official" photographer referred to in the newspapers at that time.
In 1910 he took 10,000 ft of movie, and lantern slides,
to the Panama Pacific Exposition in San Francisco.
He took an active part in choosing the sites of famous hotels
along the GTPR
Highland Inn at Minaki, ON,
 the Macdonald Hotel, in Edmonton in 1909,
and the first camp for tourists in Jasper Park.
In 1916 the GTR sent movies to England for the war rest camps

father-  William Pittman Lett, b- Ireland
mother- Maria Hinton, b- in ON

John H. Hodgeson
Master Car Builder (same as Mr. Holdson above?)

I do know a C. H. Hodgson, was Chief Clerk in Car Service Dept. in Winnipeg in 1914



An Engineer/Surveyor at the time,

R. A. Harlow, witnessed the event,
and wrote with white paint on the connecting rail,
which was removed and sent to Winnipeg,
where it was cut into 1/4" slices, polished, and engraved,
as gifts to Grand Trunk Officials.

Mr. Harlow verified the date as Apr 7th, 1914.
I recommend going to the Prince George Railway Museum,
where this man's letter, and a slice of the rail can be seen.


 Roland Arden Harlow
b- Mar 22, 1889 in Brewer Maine, USA
d- July 4, 1878 in Kelowna BC, age 89
son of Joseph Harlow and Rose Smith, both born in USA


Mr Harlow's story is slightly different than above.
He was there, he should know.
He claims 2 trains came, one from Winnipeg,
another, Mr. W. C. C. Mehan's train from Prince Rupert.
Mr. E. J. Chamberlain was on the Winnipeg train,
who was President of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railroad.
Also Alfred Waldron Smithers was on that train as well.

With Mr. W. C. C. Mehan, General Superintendent,

 George Alexander McNicholl, Division Engineer,
and Chief Engineer of the Grand Trunk Pacific, C. C. Van Arsdol

and Assistant Engineer, W. H. Tobey


Now this story makes 100% sense,
after this length of time to build this railroad,
everyone involved would want to be there at the end.


Edson Joseph Chamberlain

b- Aug 25, 1852 in Lancaster N.H.
d- Aug 27, 1924 in Pasadena CA
son of Joseph Mark Chamberlain and Rae Ann (Roeann?)(Rosana?), nee ?
both born in Vermont, US
married Sara Griffin Place in St. Albans, Vermont

1909 appointed Vice-President and General Manager of the Grand Trunk Pacific
June 1, 1912 appointed President, after Charles M. Hays died on the Titanic.
They had no children

sister- Sarah G. Chamberlain, age 40 in 1880, living with her brother and wife
in St. Alban, Vermont.

Heatherwood Alberta, name was changed to Edson Alberta to honour this man

Cassius Cash Van Arsdol
b- Aug 19, 1851 near Muncie, Delaware Co., Indiana, USA
d- Feb 25, 1941 at Clarkston, Asotin Co., WA
Vanarsdol BC Named after this man
He was Chief Engineer on many Railways, and Highways
Memorial Lewiston Hill, Idaho
He graduated in Civil Engineering from University of Iowa in 1876
May 4, 1914 he was seriously injured in
the First Passenger Train Accident on the GTP,
at a trestle near Rose Lake.
One shoulder was dislocated, the other fractured.
His head, face and hands were cut.
8 passengers were injured in total.
The passenger cars rolled over on their side,
and were partially submerged in water in the creek under the trestle.
It was a combination freight and passenger train.


W. C. C. Mehan
William Charles Clyde Mehan
b- Oct 16, 1866 in Quebec, Canada (June 1918 he was 51 years old)
Death Registration shows he was born in St. Albans Vermont
d- Aug 4, 1939 in Saint Albans, Vermont, age 67
buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Saint Albans, Franklin Co, Vermont, USA
lived at 170 Shelburne Rd when he died

Educated in St. Albans Vermont.

1868 to 1899 he was in the US
Sept 1906 he left Ottawa.
He was the Train Master for the Canada Atlantic
Jan 30, 1910 he was promoted from Superintendent
of the Grand Trunk Pacific at Melville, SK,
to General Superintendent of the Mountain Division
with his headquarters in Prince Rupert.
June 24, 1918 he was heading to port of St. Albans, Vermont, from Prince Rupert.

Heading to join his niece J. Chamberlain.
so now we know he was related to E. J. Chamberlain.

1930 William and Abbie in Burlington, Chittenden, Vermont
he is shown as a railroad contractor
son of Edward Mehan and Elizabeth nee ?
William married Abbie Jane Graves (Abbie Clara Graves?) in 1889 St. Albans Vermont
b- Apr 4, 1856 in Sheldon, Vermont USA (June 1918 she is shown age 58)
d- Jan 24, 1939, Vermont, USA, age 82

buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Saint Albans, Franklin Co, Vermont, USA
She was the daughter of Buell Graves, b- Sheldon VT
and Jane Ann Morrill, b- Sheldon VT

Informant on her death Mrs Fannie L. Chamberlain

W. H. Tobey
William Homer Tobey
b- Jan 15, 1880, North Berwick, Maine, USA

d- Feb 3, 1959 Vancouver BC, age 79
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC

Attended Brown University
1902 started his railroad career with Wabash Railway, West  Virginia
1904 he became Resident Engineer for the CPR
1906 went over to the Grand Trunk Pacific
ca 1920 he was Division Engineer, Maintenance of Way,
and Superintendent at Prince Rupert.
Made General Manager of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway
headquartered in Vancouver BC, for 9 years before he retired.
son of William Burton Tobey and Ariana Almira Small

married #1- Lena Richards Edmands in 1914, Saugus, Essex, MA, USA
b- July 24, 1881 in MA, USA
d- Mar 6, 1948,  in Vancouver BC
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver
daughter of Solon V. Edmands and Cora Frances Bentley

married #2- Rosina Agness Hewitt


President of the GTP that picked Prince Rupert as it's terminus
died on the Titanic in 1912, body no 307,
and never got to see the last spike driven on his vision.

Mr. Charles Melville Hays

l/r- Mr. D'Arcy Tate, Frank Watrous Morse, and Charles M. Hays
at Prince Rupert 1910
Mr. Tate was Solicitor for GTP
Frank Watrous Morse Vice-President and General Manager of GTP

Credit: Charles Melville Hays / Library and Archives Canada / PA-021985


Grand Trunk Pacific Telegraph Company inaugurated their service
between Winnipeg and Prince Rupert, Nov 21, 1914


Tid bits of history below


Silk Worm Trivia
 from an old newspaper article
I see other explanations online
24,000 Silk worm Eggs, weigh a quarter of an ounce.
The worm lives from 45 to 53 days
It increases it's weight in 30 days, 9,500 fold
during the last 28 days of its life it eats nothing.
From 739 lbs. of mulberry leaves, 70 lbs of cocoons are obtained.
100 lbs of cocoons, gives 8 1/2 lbs of silk.
one pound of cocoons will produce a single thread 16 kms long.

Each bale of raw silk skeins was valued at around $1000.00 ea
These were million dollar shipments, back in the 1920's!


H. McCall was Superintendent for rail lines west of Edmonton.
Before this he was Superintendent in Melville SK
1916 he was in Melville as Superintendent
Harry McCall
b- ca 1875,  age 41 in 1916, in USA
Immigrated in 1903, naturalized in 1907
married Edith McCall, nee ?
b- age 34 in 1916, in ON



Alfred Erwin McMaster

GTP Freight and Passenger Agent in Prince Rupert in 1911
b- Oct 22, 1885 in Perty, ON
d- Sept 12, 1965 in Vancouver BC, age 79
buried in Mountain view Cemetery, Vancouver BC

son of John McMaster and ?

retired in 1955 as a Port Manager

married #1- Phyllis Margery McMaster, nee Nelson
b- Oct 6, 1887 in ON
d- Apr 12, 1949
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC
daughter of William Henry Nelson and Annie Josephine Robertson
both born in ON

married #2- Margaret "Edith" Hope, nee Cooke, aft Apr 1949
b- May 28, 1891, Orillia ON
d- July 19, 1974, in Vancouver BC, age 83
daughter of Edgar Franklin Cooke and Mary Tudhope



Apr 1903, a Party of GTR Officials visited Canada,
and the USA, checking the condition of the rail lines.

May 18,1903 they were staying in the King Edward Hotel in Toronto, ON
They took over the 1st floor of rooms facing King St.

President- Sir Charles Rivers Wilson G.C.M.G. ,C.B.
(He succeeded Sir Henry Tyler in that position, and Hays succeeded him)
He was also representing Central Pacific Railroad shareholders in England
and his wife, Lady Wilson, (Beatrice Violet Mary Mostyn),

plus fellow members of the GTR Directorate
Sir William Lawrence Young, (1864-1921) Director, (8th Baronet of North Dean)

Sir Alfred Waldron Smithers, Director (1850-1924)

Mr. Langley Smithers
and Mr. Henry Deer, Assistant Secretary.

They left Montreal June 10, 1903.
heading to New York to catch the steamer Lucania,

heading home to London England

with them Charles Melville Hays, 2nd vice-President and GM, at that time

Mr. Frank M. Morse, 3rd Vice-President

Mr. William E. Davis, Passenger Traffic Manager

Mr. Henry C. Philips

and Mr. George Alexander McNicholl


Aug. 1909, a Party of GTPR Officials travelled to Seattle WA
by a special train.
Sir Charles Rivers Wilson, and his wife, Lady Wilson,
and Henry Deer, Asst Secretary of the Grand Trunk,
were the leaders of the party, from London England.


With them from Montreal, the Headquarters of the system.
President, and GM,  C. M. Hays

E. H. Fitzhugh, 3rd Vice-President

W. E. Davis- Pass, Traffic Manager

J. W. Loud, Freight Traffic Manager

Dr. Hutchins- Medical Adviser

J. Coleman- Supt Car Dept.

H. G. Kellog- Chief Engineer

They attended the Seattle Fair, where the Grand Trunk had a display.
and the Yakima Valley, looking at the Irrigation systems used.


Langley Smithers
b- bet Jan-Mar 1884 at Knockholt, Sevenoaks, Kent, England, (Bromley Reg. Dist.)

d- bet July-Sept 1955, Westminster reg Dist, Westminster, London, England, age 71
living at Godstone, Oxted, Surrey Co, England, ca 1911-12

married Mabel Lily Bishop, bet Oct-Dec 1909 in Bromley Reg dist.
they lost 2 sons in WWII:
Pilot Officer, Julian Langley Smithers, d- Aug 11, 1940, age 24
Second Lieutenant, Alfred John Langley Smithers, d- Nov 25, 1941, age 20


son of Sir Alfred Waldron, Major Norman Smithers
won the Military Cross in WWI

Supervisor of the Kent Special Constabulary in WWII


son of Sir Alfred Waldron, Hubert Smithers
Hubert BC named after him


Langley Smithers, son of Sir Alfred Smithers,

His other brothers, Hubert Smithers, Norman Smithers, and Waldron Smithers
were living at Knockholt Sevenoaks, Kent


Smithers Family Photograph, and information,
see EXT link below


Henry C. "Harry" Phillips
alt- Henry C. Philips (Headstone transcribed with 1 L.)

b- June 1866 in USA
d- Abt- Aug 3, 1946, probably in Montreal Quebec
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec
Family immigrated in 1896

1911- Family living at 160 Crescent, St. Antoine Ward, Montreal, Quebec

Private Secretary to President Hays, and Secretary to the Company,
living in Montreal, 1912

Phillips Alberta, named in 1909, in his honour
married Catherine (alt- Katherine) Rodgers
b- Oct 1866 in Upper Alton, IL, USA
d- Nov 5, 1960 in Montreal Quebec
Buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal, Quebec
daughter of Col. Andrew Fuller Rodgers, of Upper Alton IL
Veteran of the Mexican and Civil War,
and Permelia Jackson

daughter- Dorothy Helen Philips
b- Dec 1893 in USA? or Quebec
d- 1980

studying Music in 1911
she married Ross Hutchins, lived in Montreal

daughter- "Marjorie" Madelaine Rodgers Philips
b- Sept 1899 in Quebec

she married a Mr. Mitchell


William Edward Davis

b- Aug 2, 1850 Wilson, Niagara Co., NY, USA
d- May 15, 1913 in Montreal Quebec, age 65

Funeral was held May 17th, 1913 in Montreal
buried in Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal

Educated at Wilson and at Commercial College in Poughkeepsie, NY

entered Railway Service in 1868
As a Ticket Clerk for the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railway, to 1873.
Lived at Hannibal Missouri

1873-1877- with Kansas City Fort Scott & Gulf Railway

Aug 2, 1977- entered the Chicago & Lake Huron Railway,
which became Grand Trunk Western Railway.

bef 1884- Assistant General Passenger Agent, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway

1884- Asst. General Passenger Agent, Chicago and Grand Trunk Railway, office in Chicago

1892 he was General Passenger and Ticket Agent, for the GTR, in Chicago, IL
Apr 1, 1896 transferred to Montreal.
Oct 1, 1898 he was Gen Pass Agent for the Grand Trunk in Montreal.

May 1, 1900 appointed Passenger Traffic Manager, Grand Trunk Railway

son of Nathaniel Davis and Harriet Holden

He was 1 of 9 children

married Mary Long, Mar 17, 1870


they had one son, William Edward Davis Jr.
b- 1871 probably in Hannibal Missouri


Harry "Henry" Deer
b- 1859, Pinner, Middlesex, England
Birth registered in Hendon Reg district, Middlesex, Oct-Dec
Baptized Dec 4, 1859 at Pinner, Middlesex
d- Dec 25, 1949 Middlesex England
in Dec 1915 he was 56, travelling to Plymouth from New York on the SS Lapland,
with Mr. Smithers, his daughter Eva,
and Mr. Smithers manservant,  Frederick Smith.
Mr. Deer lived at Lynton, 38 College Rd, Greenhill, Harrow, Middlesex at this time.
He was the Assistant Secretary, GTR
He was based in London England,

With H. H. Norman, also shown as Secretary,
They would have been the President and Vice-President's secretary in London.
H. Deer was shown as Sir Charles Rivers Wilson's Secretary, Aug 1909
Before Charles M. Hays took the President's position.
Mr. H. H. Norman died in 1921 and H. Deer was appointed Secretary, office London England.
Harry Deer married Lucy Elizabeth Berry, Aug 7, 1889,
at St John the Evangelist, Ladbroke Grove
Father shown as Harry Deer, Gardener. Shown as "Henry" in 1871 census.
Father- Henry Cedric Deer
b- 1827 in Pinner, Middlesex, England
d- 1899 Harrow, Middlesex, England
Lucy's father was David Berry, a deceased Coal Merchant
she is shown as same age as Harry in 1911 census.
she was born Harrow, Middlesex, England
she died Feb 25, 1937 in Middlesex
Henry (Jr) was retired before she died.

Harry's mother shown as Clara in 1871 census,
she is shown as a straw hat maker.
Mother -Clara Curd
b- 1831 in Redbourne Hertfordshire, England.

d- 1921 Hendon, Middlesex, England


brother- Joe Deer
b- 1861
d- 1939


Grandfather- Joseph Deer,
b- 1796, Pinner, Middlesex, age 55 in 1851 census
Grandmother- Sarah
b- 1797 Watford Hertfordshire, age 54 in 1851 census


Deer Manitoba was named after this man

Unincorporated area, just north of MacGregor MB


George H. Salmon
b- Sept 1879 in Austria
d- ? 
He doesn't show up in Vancouver after the 1917 Vancouver Directory.

Immigrated in 1906 to Canada, 1904 to England, per 1911 census
1910- Managing Director of the Dominion Stock and Bond Corporation Limited, Vancouver
shown as a Broker in 1911
Member of the Jewish Community in Vancouver.

married Bertha Robinson
b- Mar 1885 in Austria
daughter of Adolph Robinson, and Helen Blinder,
Adolph financed the first automobile trip in 1911,
to Fort Fraser, 500 miles, along the Yukon Trail.
Travelling with him, his son in law, George H. Salmon.
Adolph was also a prominent member of the Jewish Community in Vancouver.
1917 shown as a Broker in Vancouver

Bertha had a sister, Sonia Robinson,
b- Mar 25, 1896 in England  (age 21, b- Russia in her marriage cert?)
d- Dec 1, 1982 in Victoria
buried in Jewish Cemetery in Vancouver
 Sonia married Joseph Rose, Mar 17, 1918 in Vancouver BC
Mrs. Joseph Rose lived in Victoria, ca 1938
Joseph Rose was a jeweller/optometrist in Victoria

Bertha also had a brother, name unknown,
 who lived in Australia, ca 1938


George's daughter- Dolly Salmon
b- May 1907 in England
Immigrated in 1907


1911 family living at 1111 Jervis in Vancouver
1917 lived at 1611 Davie in Vancouver


GTP Railway Construction Contractors
(2 new pages Oct,  2015)

GTP Railway Medical Service



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B. B. Kelliher bio




Hazelton Museum


Prince Rupert Archives, great photos here.


GTP Station info and pics


More stations listed here


Shirley Mill History

1911 GTP pamphlet, map in back

1940 article, one of the best for the history of this railroad
starts on page 163

Interesting to note- on page 178 the author reports the
first train from the East to Prince Rupert was on Apr 8, 1914,
not on Apr 9th, as reported in today's articles.

Skeena Crossing photos from Prince Rupert Archives site
some great old photos on their site.


GTPR Locomotive 112

BC Archives Photos


Smithers Family Photo






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