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Telegraph Creek BC

Originally called Buck's Bar
after Alexandre "Buck" Choquette (see below)

Unincorporated area

Looking down Stikeen River above Telegraph Creek, ca 1897
Credit: George M. Dawson/Library and Archives Canada/PA-

Latitude- 57 54' N,
Longitude- 131 10' W

In Cassiar Land District

Telegraph Creek, May 29, 1887
Credit: Geological Survey of Canada / Library and Archives Canada / PA-052701
Photographer- George M. Dawson

Located at the junction of Telegraph Creek and Stikine River,
SW of Dease Lake BC

Numerous spellings of Stikine exist.
Stakin, Stikeen, Stickeen, Stikene, etc

Caution- The road near Telegraph Creek from Dease lake,
is not one to be taken by a large RV, or trailer.
I know semi`s travel in here, but unless you know what you are doing,
don't do it.  In the winter time, it would be worse.
Just before you reach Telegraph Creek there is a steep 20%+-
with a sharp left turn at the bottom over a bridge.
It is a big narrow hill!
at this point the land narrows to what seems to be a point,
with a view of the Stikine Canyon that equals the Grand Canyon in beauty.
At this point the road makes a sharp right,
 and down you go before you know what hits you.
I haven't been on the road for 20 years plus, so maybe it is better now.
It was all gravel from Dease lake, and I think it still is.
Also remember this is Open Range country.
That means NO fences.  You hit an animal here,
it will be claimed by 400 ranchers as a purebred worth mega bucks.
and you will be paying for it, so drive carefully.
Wild animals are another thing!

This area is traditional Tahltan Territory.

News clips as I find them

Cost $10 a head for canoe men to take you from Fort Wrangel
to Buck's Bar.

Business Operators in Telegraph Creek
P. McIntee
D. Soverene
Alexandre "Buck" Choquette (see below)
J. Hockins
C. Desmoie
Harrison & Elliot

Alexandre "Alex" "Buck" Choquette has been credited
with finding the First Gold on the Stikine River, in 1861,
in the Cassiar District, and starting the gold rush here.
It was called Buck's Bar, or Choquette's Bar,
and later this area was renamed Telegraph Creek.
b- 1829 in Quebec
d- ca June 17, 1898, at Dawson, Yukon
buried in Wrangel AK

His ads in the papers of the day,
show him as Explorer, Trader, and Interpreter.
1876 he was moving his business to the Hot Springs,
on the Stikeen River, and opposite the glacier.

The head of steamboat navigation,
Telegraph Creek had 5 stores, and 3 Saloons,
2 restaurants, private Native residences.
Main business was Callbreath, Grant & Cook.

Frank Mark Andrews, Trader
Samuel Brierly, Saloon Keeper
John T. Beardsell, Miner
William Healy, Miner
Hugh Kelly, Miner
Jonathan Merrifield, Packer
Peter McIntyre, Miner
Francis Merritt, Packer
James Quigg, Packer
Owen Ruddy, Packer
David D. Sovereen, Saloon Keeper
Austin Ward, Packer

ca Mar 1897
Robert Hyland store keeper at Telegraph

 Renewal Liquor Licence Applications in Telegraph Creek
Callbreath Hotel- J. Frank Callbreath Prop. (see below)
Hyland Hotel- John Hyland Prop. (see below)

Frank Callbreath transferred his licence
to Charles Prosper Reid at the Stikine Hotel, Telegraph Creek, Lot 1, Block 5

C. R. Reid transferred his licence at the Stikine Hotel, to Arthur E. Belfry
Arthur E. Belfry
b- Oct 1875 in ON

Hudson's Bay Company Hotel shown here

Aug 1907
Mr. A. Charleston was in charge of the Telegraph
 for the Telegraph Creek District
the Telegraph Creek repair crew arrived at Atlin BC
Foreman- J. Thorne

John Bodell,
b- ca 1875, Norway,
1901 and 1911 he was in Glenora
age 46 in 1921 in Glenora, Quartz Silver Miner
Immigrated in 1897

Mr. Webb
plus 4 Natives, and 7 pack horses

ca 1916
 Telegraph Creek was reached via Wrangel AK,
(140 miles NE of Wrangel),
by steamer and river boats in the summer months.

Sternwheeler at Telegraph Creek, May 1898
(ca 1898-1899)

These 2 sternwheelers, were joining the HBC's, SS Port Simpson,
R. Cunningham and Son's, SS Hazelton, which was chartered to the HBC,
and the Caledonia Trading Company of Victoria and Prince Rupert,
had the SS Caledonia, which they bought from the HBC.
All on the Skeena River.

Strathcona and Stikine Chief were the 2 Sternwheelers
 used by the Yukon Field Force, landing at Glenora and Telegraph Creek.
Photographer of this photo was Major Henry Joseph Woodhouse,
a photographer engaged on the trip.

Hudson Bay Co. ran boats up the river to their post at Glenora.
The route from Wrangel to Glenora was in Russian, later American waters.
glenora would have been the first stop in Canadian Territory.
It was on the Yukon-Ashcroft Dominion Telegraph Line,
 and also had a trail connection with Hazelton.
(300 miles N of Hazelton)
It was noted for its big game, and hunting parties were catered to.
It had good stores and hotels.
Hudson Bay Co. Store and Sub-Mining Recording Office

Restaurant and Bakery, ca 1898

1919 Directory
Had a Public school, Population of 50
Provincial Government Agent,
Assessor, Collector Land Commissioner,
Stikine Land Recording District,
Gold Commissioner, and Mining Recorder Stikine and Liard,
and Sub Recorder Atlin Mining Division.
Agent Dominion Department Indian Affairs, Stikine Division.


Residents/ Business ca:1919

Telegraph Creek Hospital

Hudson's Bay Co. General Store, Hotel


John Frank Callbreath
- General Store (see below)


George Dawson Cox
b- Sept 26, 1861, St. Joseph Island, Algoma Dist., ON
d- He might have died May 20, 1939 in Victoria, not verified
- District General Road foreman in 1919 in Telegraph Creek
1921 shown as a salesman, retail general store
His religion is shown as a "Free Thinker" love that one!
son of Richard and Catherine Cox


T. W. Day- Ranching
I believe this should be I. W. Day
 Ira Wetzel Day
b- Sept 10, 1876 in David City, Nebraska, USA
d- Dec 25, 1964, Prince Rupert General Hospital, age 88
son of John Day and Mary Spooner
both parents born in Illinois USA
Immigrated in 1891
Hay farmer in 1921
he married Minnie Ball, see below
she was age 28, born in USA in 1921, and Ira's housekeeper.
divorced from George B. Ball

Minnie died, he then married Amy Jackson June 12, 1936 in Telegraph Creek


Harry Ward Dodd
b- July 11, 1870 in Sydney, Cape Breton, NS (age 29 when he married)
d- Mar 1, 1964 East 46th Ave, Vancouver BC, age 93
 1919- Gov't Land Agent, Gold Commissioner,
Prov. Assessor, and Collector, Deputy Recorder Prov. Mines Dept.
1921- shown as Telegrapher, Government Accountant
Retired Municipal Magistrate when he died.
When he married Fanny he was a Hotel Man at Rock Bay
son of John H. Ward and Bridget Dodd
married Fannie (Fanny) Dodd, nee Saunders July 15, 1903 in St. John's Church, Victoria BC
b- ca 1881, in Victoria, BC (age 24 when she married)
d- bef Harry
daughter of Henry Dobbin Saunders and Martha Jane Saunders
both of her parents born in England

daughter- Doreen Dodd
b- ca 1904, in Victoria, BC (age 24 when she married)
married Joseph Richard Gaskell, Sept 11, 1928 in Prince Rupert BC

daughter- Lottie Dodd
b- ca 1907 in BC

son John Henry Dodd
b- ca 1909 in BC

son- William Daniel Dodd
b- ca 1912 in BC

son- Henry Ward Dodd
b- ca 1917 in BC


Cyril Ardan Elkington (see bio below)


William Foster
b- age 79 in 1921 in ON
Merchant- General Store in 1919 and 1921
both parents born in England
widower in 1921


John "Jack" Hyland
b- Dec 22, 1867 in Eardley Quebec
d- Oct 13, 1914 at his home in Telegraph Creek BC, age 46
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria
- Hyland Estate General Store
Robert Steele Hyland (1910-1970) was in Telegraph Creek in 1921, (see below)
1897 John Hyland is shown as a Trader and Outfitter in Telegraph
taking over from his father Robert Hyland (1833-1904).
He was married with children.
wife- Winnifred (Winifred) Hyland, nee Phillips
b- Dec 1874 in England
d- Oct 11, 1941 in CA, USA
She was from San Francisco when they married
2 daughters, Flora and Helen Hyland
John Hyland made a fortune on a claim on Hunker Creek, Klondike.
In 1900 alone he made $100,000.00 plus.

From Brian Heyland, Mar 3, 2013 this correction came in.
The original Hyland who went to TC
 was Robert Hyland 1833-1904. (my g-g-grand uncle)
I believe there are a number of geographical locations named after him.
 Hyland creek, river, range and mountain
Robert had two sons; John (Jack) 1867-1914 and Robert Jr. 1872-1941.
John died at TC and was buried at Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria BC.
His wife Winnifred sent their daughters to the US
and she stayed to continue her work with the school and native education.
It wasn’t until later that she returned to the US.
Robert Jr. died at TC and I have not been able to locate his or his wife Elizabeth’s grave.
Robert had one son Robert Steele Hyland 1910-1970 who is buried at Kinaskan Lake, BC


P Wollaston- receiver


Francis Nichol Jackson
b- ca 1871 in England
Telegrapher in 1919 and 1921,
Immigrated in 1890
wife- Katherine Emma Jackson, nee ?
b- age 50 in 1921 in England
Immigrated in 1895


William George Mennie
b- Oct 31, 1891 in Insch Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d- May 22, 1969 Chilliwack General Hospital, Chilliwack BC, age 77
- Hyland Estate Clerk in 1919
lived at Babine BC when he married in 1916
later occupation Meteorology
50 years in Canada when he died.
son of Peter Mennie and Jane Anne "Ann" Ledingham
both born in Scotland
married Inez Hope Starret, July 5, 1916 in Hazelton BC
b- age 25 in 1916, in Hope BC
daughter of William Andrew Starret and Clara Smith

married later Dorothy Rewson


Webster Scott Simpson
b- (May 1855 in 1911 census), (age 66 in 1921)
 in Sault St. Marie, ON (age 44 when he married)
d- July 1927 on the Dease River, while doing his job.
Granite monument is placed at the HB post overlooking Dease River.
He entered HBC service in 1872 as an apprentice clerk.
Twenty years later he was a trader at the Dease HBC Post, Cassiar District.

- Dominion Government Indian Agent in 1919, and until he died in 1927.
shown as a widower when he married Emma below
He was the son of Wemyss Simpson (
1823-1894) and Annie Ironside
Annie`s father, Captain James Symington Ironside, worked with the Indian Department.
married Emma Margarte Gardner, May 28, 1899 in Dease Lake BC
son- Walter Simpson
b- age 28 in 1921 in BC
Telegraph Operator in 1921


Rev. Frederick Selwyn Pelham (Fred) Thorman
b- July 23, 1887 in Norfolk Islands, South Sea Islands
d- Mar 24, 1962,  General Hospital Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Church of England Priest- Missionary- 1919 and 1921
Immigrated in 1898
He enlisted in WWI, Apr 5, 1916 in Sandgate, Reg No.- 535507, Captain, Chaplains Forces
Part of Vicarage of East Haddon when he died.
son of Rev. T. P. Thorman
wife- Elsie Mary Thorman, nee ?
b- 1897 in England
d- 1981
Immigrated in 1918

son- Robert Pelham Thorman
b- 1918 in BC
d- 2006, Somerset England

daughter- Mercia Pelham Thorman
b- 1920 in BC
d- 1967

son- Malcolm Pelham Thorman
b- 1923 in Telegraph Creek BC
d- 1951 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England

daughter- Rozalia Pelham England
b- 1925
d- 1932

possibly a brother- William Pelham Thorman was post master, (see below)


Jens Jorgen Sorenson
shown as J. Torenson in old directory
b- ca 1860 in Denmark
- Labourer in 1919
Gold Placer Miner in 1921
Immigrated in 1912, naturalized in 1915


Charles William (Charlie) Vance Sr.
b- ca 1880 in Crooksden, MN, USA
- Labourer in 1919 and 1921
Immigrated in 1901, naturalized in 1906

wife- Agnes (Aggie) Vance nee Quock
b- Feb 10, 1889 in Telegraph Creek, BC
d- Oct 30, 1946 in Telegraph Creek BC, age 58

daughter- Elsie Vance
b- age 7 in 1921 in BC

Julia Vance
b- age 5 in 1921 in BC
she married Charlie Callbreath June 8, 1933 in Telegraph Creek
son of John Frank Callbreath

Charles William Vance Jr.
b- ca 1918 in BC


William Ware
- Postmaster, Manager Hudson's Bay Co's Store (see Bio below)


Joseph Williams
b- age 52 in 1921, in USA
- Labourer
Gold Miner in 1921
Immigrated in 1902, naturalized in 1909

Yukon Field Force, ca June 1898

Post Office History

Name of Office: Telegraph Creek

Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office opened July 1, 1899

Postmaster Information:
Name of Postmaster Date of
Date of
Date of
Cause of
John Frank Callbreath (see below)   1899-07-01 1905 Resignation
Farquhar Alexander Matheson (see below)   1905-09-01 1906-03-07 Resignation
Louis Dixon   1906-07-01 1909-05-24 Death
William Ware (see below)   1909-08-01 1912-10-30 Resignation
John Charles Boyd (see below)   1912-12-01 1917-07-14 Resignation
William Ware (see below)   1917-08-15 1919-08-05 Resignation
George H. Graham   1919-09-29 1920-04-29 Resignation
Cyril Ardan Elkington (see below)   1921-02-02 1922-04-24 Resignation
John Charles Boyd (see below)   1922-09-29 1929-09-24 Resignation
Fred Stevenson   1929-11-13 1930-03-21 Resignation
William Henry Thomas Tipton (see below) 1892-08-23 1930-05-20 1936-07-28 Resignation
John Gregg (see below) 1891-07-19 1936-10-08 Acting -
William Pelham Thorman 1886-01-17 1936-11-25 1937-01-09 Resignation
George Robbins   1937-05-16 1938-08-07 Resignation
William Henry Thomas Tipton (see below) 1892-08-23 1938-05-01 Acting -
                    "         " 1938-06-02 1943-07-31 Resignation
Mrs Margaret Hunter   1943-10-08 Acting -
                     "   1944-01-24 1944-01-27 Resignation
Mrs Dorothy Evelyn Sampson   1944-07-01 Acting -
                    "   1944-07-12 1946-01-15 Resignation
Mrs Lucy Elizabeth Hyland, nee Hunt
               (see below)
  1946-04-15 Acting -
                     "   1946-08-01 1948-01-03 Resignation
Mrs Mary Kathleen Bird   1948-06-05 1950-09-01 Resignation
Mrs Edith Harriet Florence Wriglesworth   1950-09-30 Acting -
Mrs Margaret Hunter   1951-02-28 1956-06-06 Resignation
Mrs Edith Harriet Florence Wriglesworth   1956-08-01 Acting -
                         "   1956-12-12 1959-02-28 Resignation
Mrs Lucy Elizabeth Hyland, nee Hunt
                (see below)
  1959-06-01 Acting *
                       "   1959-10-08 1962-09-17 Resignation
Rev. Robert Frank Wheeler   1962-10-01 Acting -
                      "   1963-02-07 1965-04-01 Resignation
Norman Graham Simpson   1965-08-12 1968-03-01 Change in PM only
William Osborne   1968-03-01 - -
Additional Information:
Location - Lot 2, Block 5, Lot 11 - 1959-06-01

Nature of premises - H. B. Co Store - Dwelling

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster
John Francis (Frank) Callbreath (Calbreath?)
b- Aug 5, 1873 in Quesnel BC (Lillooet in one source)
d- Feb 4, 1930 in Telegraph Creek BC, age 67
shows as J. F. Culbraith in 1901 census
General Merchant, Cassiar, Stikine
1921- Freight Packing Contractor
First Government Agent and acting Indian Agent in Telegraph Creek

He married a Catherine ?
and they had a daughter Jean "Jenny" Callbreath
b- age 7 in 1921 in BC
He also had a son John Roy Callbreath
b- age 14 in 1921 in BC
and Charles "Charlie" Callbreath, mother Kittie ?
b- age 9 in 1921 in BC

John Frank was the son of John C. Calbreath
who was at Wrangell AK, ca: Mar 1897

May 1895, J.C. Calbreath was at Telegraph Creek
and his son was going to join him

May 1897- J. C. Calbreath was looking for a new route to the Yukon gold fields
from Telegraph Creek, for the Provincial Government.

Apr 1889- Company name- Calbreath, Grant & Cook, Cassiar

July 1894- Calbreath & Cook was the name
and John Calbreath was heading from Fort Wrangel (Wrangell)
 to Victoria on the steamship Topeka

1862 his father J. C. Calbreath was in partnership
with a Joseph Taylor and David Leatherman
at Seaton Lake until Jan 1, 1862

He first set up his store at Glenora Landing,
a boat landing a few miles downstream from Telegraph Creek
during the Cassiar Gold Rush, when the Klondike Gold Rush started,
he moved it to Telegraph Creek

Callbreath Genealogy link below

A community on SW shore of Teslin lake was named after J. F. Callbreath
but it used the spelling of Calbraith for some strange reason.

J. F. Callbreath owned the Diamond B Ranch, 480 acres.
10 miles below Telegraph Creek, opposite the old Glenora landing.
Glenora Landing was on North side of the Stikine river, as far as I can figure out.
Lat- 5750'37''N, Long- 13123'19''W
This became the famous Glenora Guest Ranch,
owned by Bobby Ball and his wife Nancy Ball.
They separated, and Nancy operated this ranch until Sept 2012
This ranch was featured in many TV shows and Movies.

ca 1897- The CPR were going to build a narrow gauge railroad
from Glenora to Teslin.  It never happened.
June- 1898- Cassiar Central Railway Co. bought all the land at Glenora
and laid out a new Townsite, and offered lots for sale.

Robert Edmund Allen "Bobby" Ball is sadly deceased.
d- Apr 7, 2002 from cancer
He could really play a mean fiddle!
I was lucky enough to enjoy his company and entertainment for one evening in Terrace.
His father and mother were old settlers in the area.
George Ball and Agnes Ball, nee Smith.

George Beresford Ball
b- Feb 12,1885, Woodstock, Argyle, NB
d- Jan 16, 1955 Telegraph Creek, age 69
buried in Telegraph Creek
Guide, Big Game Outfitter
He came to the Pacific Coast from New Brunswick when he was 16 years old.
Went to the Yukon first, then settled in Telegraph Creek in 1912.
He was a Yukon Telegraph Line Operator
He operated a mail route from Atlin to Telegraph Creek ca 1920's
The Telegraph Creek Guiding concession is the oldest guide area in BC,
 having been first hunted in 1884 by pioneer outfitter J. C. Gallbreath
and later by George B. Ball for more than 30 years.

married Minnie Borch Oct 15, 1914, at Telegraph Creek
b- Ketchican, age 21 in 1914
daughter of Charlie Borch and Jennie ? (Native)
Charlie was a saloon keeper
George was age 29 when he married her.

He divorced Minnie and married Agnes

George B. Ball's father- Alfred Ball,
 b- at sea, Atlantic ocean
mother- Rosylphia Jamieson,
 b- New Brunswick

brother- George Alfred Ball was born Feb 27, 1919 in Telegraph Creek, BC
d- Oct 30, 1976 in Stewart, age 57.
son of George Ball and Mini (Minnie) Borch

sister- Georgina Ball wrote a book about the history of this area.
I haven't read it yet, and I am sure most of all on this page would be in her book.

sister- Agnes Ball

I am not sure of Georgina and Agnes's mother.
Minnie or Agnes?

also found reference to a Alexander S. Brindle
the mail carrier and postmaster at Telegraph Creek
in May 1899, with Andrew McGregor, Surveyor,
came down the Stikine with sled dogs, risking their lives.
to report 200 miners were trapped ands starving in
the Dease Lake and Liard Post area.
Miners had eaten all their horses, and were starting on the pack mules.

Farquhar Alexander Matheson
b- Jan 19, 1891 in ON
d- May 16, 1990 Orion Care Home, Vancouver BC, age 99

Matheson Creek probably named after him
He built a boat "Big Chief" used to haul supplies to Telegraph Creek
he was a retired carpenter when he died.

married Helen Johnston MacFarlane

also seen Farquahar as his first name
son of William Matheson, and Mary Taylor
both born in Scotland


Louis Dixon
d- May 24, 1909


William Ware
b- Sept 27, 1872 in Newcastle-on-Tyne, Northumberland, England
d- Dec 10, 1957 Cedarhurst Nursing Home, Surrey BC, age 85

1911 the Chief Factor at the Hudson Bay Store at Telegraph Creek
Immigrated from England in 1892
Worked for HBC from 1895 until he retired
1901 he was Post Master at Rice River, Cariboo
Clerk at Babine BC when he married in 1902
became BC District Manager of Fur Trade, Hudson's Bay Co. (1927-1932)

son of William Ware, and Louise (Louisa) Senwick

married Madelaine Ware, nee Flett, Feb 8, 1902 in Hazelton BC
b- May 1877 in BC
d- bef 1957
daughter of Joseph Flett and Pass? Flett

son- Joseph Ware
b- Apr 1896 in BC
He also worked for the Hudson Bay Co.
wife- Jenny Ware, nee ?
b- ca 1901 in BC

daughter- Mable Ware
b- Apr 1901 in BC
she married a Mr. Smith, living in Vancouver in 1957

son- Francis Ware
baptized Aug 2, 1902 in Hazelton

son- James Ware
b- Sept 1905 in BC

son- Fredrick Ware
b- Aug 1908 in BC

daughter- Elizabeth Ware
b- Nov 1910 in BC

married 2nd time- Pearl Dee

Fort Ware BC was named after this man.
according to one source he portaged across Canada
along the way he met and hunted with Louis Riel.

shown as Secretary of the Hudson Bay Co.


George H. Graham

John Charles Boyd
b- Oct 28, 1869 at Cold Spring Ranch, Cottonwood, Cariboo, BC
baptized Jan 12, 1869, in Cold Spring House, BC
note- date on birth is either 1868 or baptism 1870?
d- Jan 16, 1960, White Rock District Hospital, White Rock BC, age 90
buried in White Rock Cemetery
1891 a clerk in HBC store in Quesnel BC
Hudson Bay Co. Manager and Agent at Teslin BC, ca 1898
He was to be appointed first Post Master there.
today there is nothing left there.
Sept 15, 1912- Manager Hudson Bay Co. Post at Hazelton for 10 years
left to establish a post at Telegraph Creek
Day after he left, the Hazelton Post burnt down.
Worked up to Manager for Hudson Bay

Early April 1912, Manager of the Hudson's Bay Store,
J. C. Boyd, went from Prince Rupert to Port Simpson,
to close out the business of the store.
All the stock was moved out to other Posts in the District.
Prince Rupert had become the main post in the area.
Sept 1912 J. C. Boyd was given a gold watch from the HBC employees
when he moved from Hazelton to Telegraph Creek,
as manager of the HBC store there.
Oct 1917, Johnny Boyd, spent 10 years at Hazelton
before moving in 1912.
In 1917 he was promoted to District Manager for Athabasca.
He had worked at sixteen Hudson Bay Posts at this point.
His headquarters was in Edmonton
He had 25 years service in 1917.
John C. Boyd, was married with 2 sons.
His wife's sister was a Mrs. E. R. Cox in Hazelton in 1918

father- John Boyd,  (see bio links below)
b- June 22, 1833 in Belfast Ireland
d- Mar 28, 1909 at Cottonwood House, Cariboo, BC, age 75
Farmer and Merchant, age 45 in 1881
youngest of 8 children
Father Immigrated to US age 15
1st Married Elizabeth Mullen, Oct 28, 1860 in CA, USA.
had one child,
Mary A. Boyd, b- Nov 1861, Smartville-Marysville, CA, USA, age 20 in 1881

married again, Janet Boyd, nee Fleming, May 16, 1868, San Juan Islands, WA USA
b- Nov 17, 1851, in San Juan Islands, USA, age 30 in 1881
d- Jan 10, 1940
siblings: (there was 10 more children)
Oldest child, John Charles "Johnny" Boyd
William Henry Boyd, b- Oct 21, 1872, in Cariboo District,  BC, age 9 in 1881
Ida Grace Boyd, b- Apr 15, 1875, Cariboo District, BC, age 6 in 1881
Henry Thomas Boyd, b- May 5, 1877 in BC, age 4 in 1881
Albert Edward Boyd, b-Nov 8, 1879, in Cariboo District, BC, age 2 in 1881
Alice Jane Boyd, b- Dec 24, 1881, in Cariboo District, BC, age 9 in 1891
Agnes Maud Ellen Boyd, b- Sept 26, 1885 in BC, age 6 in 1891
Archibald Arthur "Archie" Boyd, b- Aug 21, 1887, in BC, age 4 in 1891
Enlisted in WWI, Reg # 103101, Army, Canadian Pioneers, Lance Corporal
d- Apr 9, 1917, He died in WWI
Chester Fleming Boyd, b- Mar 24, 1889 in San Juan, WA ,USA, age 2 in 1891
Enlisted in WWI, Reg # 103114, Army, Canadian Infantry, Corporal
d- July 8, 1916, He died in WWI
Walter Harold Boyd, b- Aug 14, 1891 in BC

by 1891 John Charles Boyd was already on his own
and not with his family

His brother Henry Boyd, operated the family ranch/road house business
at Cottonwood House, until ca 1950

1881 family in Richfield, Barkerville area.

John Charles Boyd married Charlotte Seymour Hankin, May 11, 1905 in Hazelton BC
b- Sept 27, 1880, Inverness BC, age 20 when she married
daughter of Thomas Hankin and Margaret Macauley
see Port Essington page for Hankin history

son- John William Boyd
b- Mar 1905 in BC
he lived in Tacoma WA in 1960

son- Howard Hankin Boyd
b- Jan 31, 1909 in Hazelton BC
d- Aug 7, 1959 in Virginia USA


Cyril Aidan (Ardan?) Elkington
b- Aug 13, 1901 in Victoria, BC
d- bet Jan-May 1985, Reg dist. Bradford, Yorkshire, England, age 83
- Hudson's Bay Co. Store Clerk in 1919, and 1921
shown as a book keeper in 1929
son of Thomas and Mary Elkington, nee Ardan
both parents born in England
married May Elkington, nee Dease, Sept 4, 1920, in Telegraph Creek
b- ca 1902 in BC
daughter- Pearl Elkington
b- ca 1919 in BC

remarried Katherine Alice S. Pratt, June 5, 1929 in Vancouver
shown as a bachelor


Fred Stevenson


Mrs Lucy Elizabeth Hyland, nee Hunt
b- Jan 31, 1912 Lethbridge, AB
d- Dec 5, 1981 Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC
daughter of Thomas Samuel Hunt and Jessie Benson
both parents born in England
married to Robert Steele Hyland (see above)
b- Sept 27, 1910 in Ottawa ON
d- Dec 11, 1970, Kinaskan Lake BC, age 60
Lodge Owner at Kinaskan
son of Robert Hyland and Ruby Mather


William Henry Thomas Tipton
b- Aug 23, 1892 Paddington, London, England
d- Mar 29, 1967, Victoria BC, age 74
Store Clerk in Telegraph Creek when he married
per PO records he enlisted in WWI,
found a fellow who was born 1923 died Sept 20, 1942 same name, in WWII. son possibly
son of William Herbert Thomas Tipton and Elizabeth Pusey

married Florence May Cripps June 28, 1930, Telegraph Creek BC
age 35 when she married


John Gregg
b- July 19, 1891 at Birkenhead, England
d- July 2, 1968 at Richmond Heights Private Hospital, Victoria BC, age 76
Retired as a HBC Factor, occupation he had for 35 years
son of Benjamin Gregg and Hanna Pharaoh
He married Dorothy Rule


George Robbins


Mrs Margaret Hunter


Mrs Dorothy Evelyn Sampson


Mrs Mary Kathleen Bird


Mrs Edith Harriet Florence Wriglesworth


Rev. Robert Frank Wheeler

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Map showing Telegraph Creek and Glenora

Canada Archives

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John Boyd Sr. Bio


It goes without saying this whole area is part of Tahltan Land Claims.
My little history page does not include their history,
for one simple reason, I am not Tahltan.
I leave them to recording their proud history.
This page is the European history from mid 1800's on.
Even it will have errors and omissions.
My genealogy info is from online sources,
It is intended as a guide in your own family research only.
Please check out other history books of this area.
My page is a drop in the bucket to them.

I dedicate this page to a friend Chuck Lequereux
who worked as a Telegraph man at Telegraph Creek.
He was a close friend of Bobby Ball and others up there.



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