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Anyox BC

From the Tsimshian word that means "Hidden Water"

Located at West Side of Observatory Inlet at Granby Bay,
At the Mouth of Hidden Creek
in Cassiar Land District

Lat- 5525'00''N, Long- 12949'00''W

Portion of Map from link below, modified

Anyox Townsite, with Granby Copper Smelter in background

Picture above sent to Helene McRae,
by Simo Siipola, from Finland.
Picture from his Uncle Janne Haapajoki's Collection
His Anyox English name, John Jackson.

Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
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Link to more photos below

Tid bits of History

Captain Vancouver came to Observatory Inlet in 1793

Who found the Copper ore and staked the property first!
sounds like a simple question to answer.
But after 3 days of research I am still not 100% sure.
Here is what I found so far

Ore body discovered in 1889
by John Flewin, and Charles Todd, per one source
(Flewin family bio below)
but date on this one doesn't make sense.
possibly they transposed the date?
or it is all wrong.

a manuscript by Mr. Hutchings, and a book by Peter Loudon,
list the original stakers as:
W. Collison, Albert Flewin, and Dan Robinson, in 1898
excerpt from the book-
"In 1898 three Indian chiefs etc who owned hunting grounds etc came down to the Nass and told Collison tales of a Mountain of Gold etc. Collison started off --met Flewin and Robinson and staked Eureka Group, next day staked the Bonanza Group"
3 natives involved were- Albert Allan, Luke Nelson and Isaac Gurney
after the staking in 1898 = development carried on summer of 98 and the spring of 1899
 ==The following summer 1900, M.K. Rodgers, representing the Daly Estate came into the district

Donald Robertson in Port Simpson in 1901,
age 38 in ON, shown as a Carpenter
William Collison- b- Nov 12, 1847, shown a Clergyman
He is in Simpson in 1901 married with a large family
William E. Collison in Metlakatla in 1901, b- June 12, 1874,
also a Clergyman, with a wife Bertha, no children shown

But I found an article dated Sept 12, 1901 that is more likely the truth.
It claims about a year earlier, ca 1900, a big Indian, (their words, not mine)
named Albert Allan found the location of this mine.
He then went to George Rudge, H. Collinson, and J. Flewin,
all in Port Simpson, and all 4 went to investigate the find.
When the sale was made to M. K. Rodgers,
 they each owned 1/4 of the mine.
Allan went to Victoria with his money,
to buy supplies for a new store.

(Added bios of 3 men below)

So I think Albert Allen was probably the fellow that should get credit
for finding the ore here.

M. K. Rodgers bought the mine from the 4 men for $46,000
He was the advance agent of
 the Amalgamated Copper Company of the US.
Sept 12, 1901 he was working the claim with 20 men.

Myron Knox Rodgers became the last Private owner,
of 20% of the mine. (see Bio below)
I know he was in charge of the mine by 1909

Hidden Creek Copper Mine
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

June 1910- the Hidden Creek Mining Company
were to build a $500,000 Smelter at Goose Bay, Portland Canal
Goose Bay became Granby Bay

Granby bonded the Hidden Creek Group of Mines
controlled by M. K. Rodgers, at Goose Bay
the bond was for $400,000.00 and was for 4/5 interest in the mine.
$250,000.00 had already been spent erecting wharves,
a sawmill, and an 8 drill compressor plant.
Deal was made by Jay P. Graves President of Granby
and the mine was examined by O. B. Smith Jr. of Phoenix BC

By 1914, Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company,
established a Smelter, Powerhouse, Dam, Coke Plant,
Railroad, Wharfs, etc. here. 
They spent over $5,000,000.00 developing the mine.

1915- Dr. J. G. R. Stone, Medical Health Officer at Anyox,
and surrounding district.
He was a Dr. in Saskatchewan in 1911
he was at 207 Bloor St. E., Toronto in 1920

Dr. James Giles Robinson Stone
b- July 2, 1876, in Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON, age 44 in 1921
d- Apr 21, 1932 in Windsor, Essex, ON, age 56, X-Ray doctor
enlisted in WWI, Rank Capt, C.A.M.C.
son of Samuel George Stone, a Minister, and Lovina "Louisa" Johnson
married Helen Moleneuax Marshall, Dec 29, 1910 in York, ON
b-Dec 19, 1882 in Dufferin,  ON, age 37 in 1921
she was a daughter of a Dentist, William Minion Marshall

1917- 600 men working here.
BC Mines Branch encouraged them into creating a Rescue Crew.

1917- Assayer at Anyox- E. G. Archer

Eugene Gilbert Archer
b- Feb 19, 1883 in Smith Co., Kansas, USA
d- Sept 17, 1971 in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Immigrated in 1906
1911 Gold Miner in Rossland
1933 in Tacoma WA
son of Thomas Archer and Margaret Loreta Archer
married Lily Grace Bestwich, Feb 14, 1912 in Rossland BC
b- Victoria Australia, age 18 when she married
daughter of Thomas and Lizzie Bestwich

July 1918- 2 week strike at the mine.

Laura Fern Crawford
Photo Grad Class 1918
Courtesy Archivist, Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing
via Tom Cully

Laura Fern Crawford
b- Jan 16, 1888 in Durham Co. ON (see info below)
d- Oct 31, 1918, in Anyox Hospital, age 30
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC
She attended State College of Washington, at Pullman, WA, USA, 1912-1913
She then attended a 3 year nursing course in the General Hospital
Nursing School in Vancouver BC, where she graduated in 1918

ca Oct 1918-  Nurse Crawford returned to Anyox
after a short vacation, and died only a week after arriving,
from the 1918 Spanish flu that was rampant in the town.
GTP steamer, SS Prince Rupert, brought her body to Vancouver on Nov 5th..

Per BC death cert she died age 21, therefore born ca 1897
Per Tom's research below, this date appears to be wrong.

Feb 27, 2016 received this update on Nurse Crawford,
from Thomas M. "Tom" Cully, Howe Sound BC:
"The nurse, Laura F. Crawford,
I’ve confirmed with the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing archivist
 she was in the 1918 graduating class.  
The Vancouver Daily World of June 26, 1918
 lists her as being in the graduating class
under the name 'Laura Fern Crawford’.  
Therefore, she had only been working for 4 months
 when she died in the pandemic at Halloween of that year.  
Adjacent to her in the Cemetery,
 there is William James Wells CRAWFORD (1857 - Jul-27-1931)
 and Ruby CRAWFORD (1862 - Jan-16-1921).  
These Dates are according to cemetery records.
  A 'William James Crawford’ died that exact date in Toronto.
 I can’t find a BC death stat for him.  
There’s an Ontario birth record in Durham Co. for Laura Fern Crawford
 (16 January 1888 - )
 to Wells W Crawford and Rubie Backwater.
 Therefore, I’d think she was 30 when she passed.
 Of course, the BC death record says she was born in 1897,
but based on the ‘white cane’ poking I’ve done,
 I’m getting comfortable with the 1888 DOB."

Her father William James Crawford, came to Vancouver ca 1906.
born Mar 1857 in ON
He was a Real Estate Broker, office at 1802 Powell.
Her mother Ruby Backwater was born Nov 1863 in USA
Laura was a Milliner, as early as 1910 until 1915,
She was a milliner at D. Spencers Ltd, Dry Goods Store.

Tom Cully then researched all of her siblings shown below:

William James Wells Crawford and Rebecca J. Buckwalter (“Ruby”) had up to 9 children:

1.              Gertrude F. Crawford (1884 - )

2.              William Crawford (1885 - )

3.              Clarence Miles Crawford (1886 – 1951 in San Jose, California).
Married Valetta Mary Hand (1894-1959) in 1907.

4.              Enna Crawford (1888 - )
 this is probably a transcription error on the 1911 Vancouver census for Laura Fern

5.              Laura Fern Crawford, RN (1888-1918)

6.              Bertie Wallace Crawford (1892-1969 in Seneca, South Carolina)

7.              Elizzie Crawford (February 1895 - ) listed on the Vancouver 1911 census
 but Clyde is born 7 months later. 
 No other information was found for an Elizabeth.

8.              Clyde Colton Crawford (September 10, 1895-1942) 
 Had a daughter, Wanda Georgina (1917-) by his 1st of 3 wives. 
 Lived and died in Seattle.

9.              Wallace Wells Crawford (1897-1943)
Lived in California, Idaho and died in Oregon

ca 1919- F. M. Sylvester, Managing Director of the Granby Co.

Frances "Frank" McClellan Sylvester (Sr)
b- Sept 26, 1861 in Lockport, Niagra, New York, USA,
d- Dec 1950 in New York, USA
son of Jerome W. Sylvester, b- Vermont, Architect in 1880
and Mary Doll Dole
shown as a Brick Mason in 1880
Came to Canada Dec 1913
married 3 times I know of, first at age 22
1st- Nellie E. Singleton, July 13, 1883, Brighton village, Northumberland, ON
b- in Canada, age 21 when married
daughter of George and Mary Singleton

2nd- Helen Mae Hand, Dec 1889, St John Church, Buffalo NY
b- 1871- d- 1890

married 3rd- Mary Lee Sylvester, nee Moore, Dec 24, 1910 in Spokane WA, USA
b- Mar 14, 1886, Waynesboro, KY, USA
son Frank McClellan Sylvester Jr.
b- Dec 19, 1914, Vancouver, BC
d- June 4, 1990, Texas
Capt US army air forces WWII

Mar 3, 1919- Fire destroyed ore bins, tracks,
and damaged the smelter, causing $50,000 in damage.

1919- E. E. Campbell, Mine Manager at Anyox
He shows up here in 1914 records as well.

Edmund Ernest Campbell, BSc, MSc,
b- Jan 23, 1880, Lot 16, Belmont, PEI
baptized Aug 8, 1880
d- Feb 1, 1937, Toronto General Hospital, Toronto ON, age 57
Mining Engineer and Company President
educated in PEI Schools, and McGill University in Montreal.
Received BSc in 1908, MSc in 1912
In 1908 and 1909 in Lead SD, USA, at Homesake Mining Co.
1908 he was travelling from Montreal to Deadwood SD
In 1909 and 1910 Chief Engineer, Dominion Copper Co., Phoenix BC
1911 still shown in Phoenix, Grand Forks BC area
1910-1920 Chief Engineer and Mine Manager,
with Granby Consolidated Mining Co., here in Anyox
1922 to 1928 Mining Consultant in San Diego CA, USA
and also in Kingman AZ, USA.
From 1928 on he was located in Toronto ON
President of American Venture Corp.
1936- President of Mining Research Corp Ltd. Toronto
He was son of Daniel Campbell, farmer,
b- Apr 20, 1845 in Belmont, PEI, age 45 in 1891
 and Eva Lisle Compton (Eva Lyle in baptism record)
b- Nov 25,1854, in PEI, age 35 in 1891

Edmund married Nora Lefurgey, Oct 11, 1910 Nelson BC
b- July 1885 in PEI
daughter of Thomas Lefurgey of St. Eleanors, PEI
they had a son
Edmund Ernest Campbell Jr, who married in 1945, shown as a Major.

1919- O. B. Smith- Mine Superintendent

Oren Barron Smith Jr.
b- Jan 26, 1874 in Palmer, MA, USA
d- July 28, 1926 in Vancouver BC
Mining Engineer
Member of the Masons in MA
He attended Institute of Technology (in MA) in 1897.
Immigrated to Canada in July, 1899
ca 1921 he resigned due to ill health
he was in charge of their mine at Phoenix BC
son of Oren Barron Smith Sr. and Harriet E. Buckland
married Jeannette " Nettie" Aurelia Smith, nee Pease,
married Sept 21, 1904 in Spencer MA, USA
b- June 1875 in Spencer, MA, USA
daughter of Aurelius G. Pease and Sarah Adelaide Parent
Immigrated to Canada in 1904
Oren and Nettie had 2 daughters:
Marion Smith
b- Aug 1,1905 in Phoenix, BC
Maxine Smith
b- Apr 27, 1910 in Phoenix, BC
Oren had a sister Gertrude L. Smith
plus Step Brothers and Sisters
as his father married 3 times, Harriet his 3rd.
each of his wives lived for 10 years after marriage,
and each had 2 children.

1919- 3,000 men employed here
Room and board for singles was fixed at a low cost,
and married men paid per room, $3.50/ room per month
water and light included.
Miners made $4 per day.

1920- Mr. H. S. Munroe- General Manager of Granby

Harold Simonds Munroe
b- Sept 27, 1883,  in Joliet, Illinois, USA, (age 37 in 1921)
d- Oct 15, 1948, in Miami, Dade, Florida
Not sure where he is buried but it isn't in Coors plot with his wife.
Attended Cornell University ca 1905
He graduated from Colorado School of Mines in 1906, Mining Engineer
Assistant Superintendent of Sierra Mining Co., properties in Western Chihuahua.
General Manager of Consolidated Copper Mines Co. in Kimberley Nevada,
before being hired for this mine by Granby.
Vice-President and General Manager of
Granby Consolidated Mining , Smelting & Power Co.
Mining Engineer for the American Metal Co.
and then Newmont Mining Co.
He equipped and operated the N'Kana mine in Northern Rhodesia
one of the largest copper mines in the world
1935 returned to become a Director and Consulting Engineer,
for Ventures Ltd., and he lived in Toronto ON.
He arrived in Anyox, June 17, 1920
In 1922 his income was $25,000 per year. ($300,000.00, in 2014 money)
Miners made $4 per day at this time.
son of George James Munroe, b- 1852, near Baraboo, WI, USA
married Bertha C. Munroe, nee Coors, Jan 8, 1911 at the Coors Mansion.
b- June 24, 1886, in Golden, Jefferson, Colorado, USA, age 34, in 1921
d- Mar 20, 1960, in New York City, age 73
buried in Coors Family Plot, Crown Hill Cemetery, Wheat Ridge, Colorado
She was one of 6 children of the famous Coors Beer family founder.
Imagine going from a 22 room mansion to Anyox!
daughter of Adolph Herman Joseph Coors Sr. (Kuhrs), (1847-1929)
and Louisa M. Webber (1861-1941)
Harold and Bertha had 2 children:

son- Harold Simonds Munroe Jr.,
b- Dec 31, 1911, in Golden, CO, USA, age 9 in 1921
Attended Cornell University

daughter- Bertha Coors Munroe,
b- May 10, 1913 in Golden, CO,  USA, age 8 in 1921

ca 1920- Valentine Quinn, Comptroller of Granby

1942- Forest Fire destroyed the town

The Granby Company etched "Stolen" on light bulbs
so employees would not steal them.

Coal for the Smelter operation came from Granby's mine
at Cassidy, Vancouver Island, near Nanaimo.

Coking Plant and needed docking facilities
were located at Graves Point, 1 1/2 miles from the Smelter.
Coal Bunkers were built, 52 feet wide,
and 300 feet long.
750,000 feet of lumber was used to build them.
Each one held 12,000 tons of coal.

This mine when it operated was such a heavy polluter,
from the sulphuric acid it produced,
that for miles around there was no trees, no animals.
No one had a garden, as nothing would grow.
Imagine what the workers breathed here!
In those days environment was not a concern.
It was all about making money.

Today "2014" this mine is now leaching untreated acidic drainage,
with elevated levels of some metals, into Observatory Inlet.
Scary stuff for all of us.

1936 claims here sold to Cominco

Methodist / Presbyterian / Union Church,
 Christ Church Anglican Church,
and Roman Catholic Church
(see map above for locations)

Granby Bay School

One article says there was 2 schools here.
probably Elementary, and then the High School
1917, 3 teachers looked after the 2 schools.
They offered classes 1-11.

1918- a Miss Milligan left Courtenay to come to Anyox

1921- Teacher, Douglas Dow
Douglas Willard Dow
b- Dec 20, 1901 in Gravenhurst, ON, age 19 in 1921
d- Dec 11, 1934 in Enderby BC, age 32
Taught at home at first, Public School at Rossland BC,
then High School at Enderby High School.
He had a scholarship for UBC, but turned that down
to attend school in Toronto.
Came to Anyox, as a Teacher, stayed for 2 1/2 years,
leaving as the Principal.
Went East in Autumn of 1922 , enrolled in Chemical Engineering,
in the Faculty of Applied Science, University of Toronto.
Passed his first year with Honours,
entered 2nd year as President of his class.
again passed with honours, and his 3rd year came back
with highest honour, President of the Engineering Society.
He was injured in 1924.
He was selected as a Rhodes Scholar.
Due to his illness, he was unable to attend school.
Serious illness was detected at Christmas 1925.
Before he died he was back teaching school at Enderby.

1921-1922- W. Lambert- School Principal
Walter H. Lambert
b- in England, age 27 in 1921,
Immigrated in 1911
married Ellen Dorothy Lambert, nee ?
b- in Belgium, age 30 in 1921
Immigrated in 1894

1935- T. L. Davies- High School Principal
Miss B. S. Elderskin- Teacher
R. B. Wallace- School Principal (Elementary?)

(see map above)
3 doctors worked here at one time.

It was equipped with the latest X-ray equipment.

Dr. W. H. Dickson was here for 3 years leaving in 1917
He was in charge of Granby Co. Medical Dept for 12 years.
he left the Granby Co. in 1917, heading to New York City.
He was married, he left Phoenix BC to go to Anyox.

Dr. William Howard Dickson C.M., F.R.C.P.(C)
b- Apr 1878 in Pembroke, ON
d- Oct 28, 1933 at his residence in Toronto ON, age 55
only son of Dr. William Welland Dickson of Pembroke
Graduated from McGill University in 1904
married to Clara Dickson, nee ?
b- Mar 1878 in USA
daughter Dorothy Dickson
b- June 1906 in BC
daughter- Evelyn Dickson

1918- Chief Medical Officer- Dr. Lawrence Broe (see below)
Dr. Douglas James Barclay, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Miss Ida MacKnight- Hospital Matron (alt- McKnight)

Dr. Lawrence Broe
b- Apr 4, 1882, Buxton, ND, USA
d- June 25, 1949, Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster BC, age 67
son of John Larson Broe and Serena Satre, both b- Ohio USA
married May Alice Elliott, Sept 11, 1913 St. John's Church, Okanagan Landing
son- Howard Elliott
b- ca 1916 in BC
3 lived in House #231 in Anyox in 1921
left Anyox to Yarrow BC, replaced by Dr. Paul Whelan

Dr. Douglas James Barclay
b- Sept 13, 1890 in Elgin ON
d- Feb 21, 1953 rural area, Golden BC, age 62
son of Daniel Barclay and Mamie ?
married Emily Dudley

Miss Ida MacKnight
b- Sept 1, 1889, Belfast Ireland, age 30 when she married
d- Dec 16, 1968, Seattle WA, USA
daughter of John MacKnight, distiller,
and Elizabeth Fowler.
married, George Adolph Droste, Nov 9, 1919 in  Hospital in Anyox
b-  Feb 10, 1878 in Brooklyn NY, USA, age 41 when he was married to Ida
d- Mar 16, 1974 Bellevue, King, WA, USA
He was a Divorced Accountant in Anyox
son of Charles Frederick Droste, wholesale Merchant
and Elise Meyer
1920- George and Ida in Manhattan NY, Accountant
1931 both in South Bend Indiana, now a Salesman
1942 George lived in Seattle WA
1955, both in Seattle

Dr. L. Broe still there as CMO (see Bio above)
Dr. Fred Stainsby, Assistant Chief Medical Officer (see Bio below)
Miss Ida McKnight still matron (see bio above)

Dr. Fred Stainsby
b- July 2, 1885 in St. Thomas, Elgin,  ON, (age 34 in 1921)
d- Nov 8, 1934, West Vancouver BC, age 49
Doctor in New Westminster in 1921
First Resident Doctor in New Westminster
His Terraplane Sedan was the first Police Car of the New Westminster Police
son of Johnson "James" Stainsby and Esther White
married 1st- Elsie Maude Ram, Nov 4, 1914, Vancouver BC
b- in Hamilton, age 22 when she was married,
daughter of Alfred G. Ram and Mary Brown
married 2nd- Doris Armstrong Price, June 2, 1921, South Arm, BC
b- in Hansworth, Birmingham, England, age 26 in 1921
Immigrated in 1920
daughter of Benjamin Price and Jane Irving Armstrong

1925- Dr. Paul Whelan, Supt. (see below)
Dr. R. P. Kinsman (see below)
Dr. D. R. Learoyd (see below)
Dentist- Dr. H. A. Simmons (he was there in 1922 as well) (see below)
Miss E. Swanson- Matron

Dr. Paul Whelan
Graduate of University of Pennsylvania
replaced Dr. Broe at Anyox

Dr. R. P. Kingsman
Graduate of McGill University in 1921

Dr. Harry Alexander Simmons
b- Nov 3, 1889 in Frederickton, (Gibson?) NB
d- Jan 16, 1967 in Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver, age 78
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver
Lived on Bowen Island
enlisted in WWI
Retired in 1953
He was a Dentist working in Hazelton for one week,
in Aug 1929, from Vancouver at that time,
Member of the BC College of Dental Surgeons
married Kate North, Dec 31, 1923 in Vancouver BC
b- Hansport NS, age 28 in 1923
Father- Harry Seymour Simmons
b- July 1865, Lakeville Corner, NB
1902- his father Harry Seymour Simmons was a Dentist in Greenwood BC
Mother- Ellerene, "Ella" Rena Simmons, nee Picard
b- Apr 1869 in St. Marys, York Co., NB

1930- Dr. Douglas Rainsford Learoyd- Supt. (see below)
Dr. Gordon James (see below)
Dentist- G. S. McDonald

Dr. Douglas Rainsford Learoyd
b- Feb 12, 1893, Ottawa ON
d- May 22, 1952, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 59
son of Arthur Gilpin Learoyd, and Sarah Anne Driver
married Nora May Walls

Dr. Gordon James
b- Apr 16, 1899 in ND, USA
d- May 18, 1949 in Vancouver BC, age 50
son of Alonzo James and Mercy Ann Hillburn, both b- in ON

1935- Dr. Learoyd still there (see bio above)
Dr. Gordon James (see above)
Dr. J. W. Lang
Miss M. Leighton- Nurse (see below)
Miss V. Waram- Nurse (alt- Waran?)

Dr. Henry E. Young was here (exact date unknown)
He was in Atlin, ca 1912
He was a Doctor in Calgary before this, I think?
ca 1920 show a Dr. H. E. Young as Prov. Medical Officer of BC, in Victoria
Rosalind Watson M.A., his wife by 1917

Miss Minnie Elizabeth Leighton
b- Jan 25, 1901 in Courtenay BC
d- Dec 22, 1933, while on duty at Vernon Jubilee Hospital, Vernon BC, age 35
Graduate of the School of Nursing of the Vancouver General Hospital.
She worked for 2 years at North Vancouver Hospital after Anyox.
daughter of George Leighton and Catherine Baikie
shown as Miss? in 1935 in Anyox, but she married
Harry Oscar Parkinson May 13, 1926 in New Westminster BC

Chief of Police- 1918- J. W. Shields

ca Mar 1917, J. M. Hutchings- Provincial Police Constable
He was stationed here from 1912 to 1929
1901 John was an Innkeeper, "Greyhound Pub" in Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales
wife shown as Elizabeth A. Hutchings at that time.
Alice Maud Cripps is shown as the servant then, age 17.

John Mason Hutchings
b- July 31, 1870, London Middlesex (Poplar), England
d- Mar 29, 1954, Stewart General Hospital, Stewart BC, age 83
buried in the Stewart Cemetery
Immigrated to Canada 56 years before his death, ca 1898.
Moved to Stewart from Anyox, became a BC Liquor Vendor there.
married 1st- Elizabeth Ann Lewis,
 b- Maesteg, Wales (2 years older than John)
they had 4 children:

son- Norman Rathery Hutchings
b- Oct 7, 1897 Chepstow, Monmouthshire, Wales (b-1896 in death record)
d- Nov 10, 1961, in Oakland,  Alameda, CA
Clerk in an Iron Mongers office in 1911 in Chepstow
Served in WWI, enlisted July 29, 1916 in Prince Rupert
Occupation- Electrician
Of course he lived in Anyox when he enlisted
Immigrated in 1913, age 17, to Canada
Emigrated in 1945 to USA, shown as a Lineman.
married by 1921 to Violet Hutchings, nee ?
she was born in India
I believe he had a son Norman Oswald Hutchings in 1923

 son- Oswald John "Ozzie" Hutchings
b- Sept 1, 1901 in Wales (one source says BC)
d- Aug 4, 1976 Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 74
1911 he was a school boy age 9, in Chepstow Wales
Ozzie wrote a manuscript of his growing up in this area.
Ozzie met, and sold a rifle to "The Mad Trapper of Rat River"
a Norwegian from ND, supposedly named Albert Johnson,
who worked at Anyox for a brief time, ca 1923.
Lots of books, plus documentaries on TV, about that man.

daughter- Edith Hutchings (twin)
b- Feb 25, 1906 in Chepstow Wales
d- Mar 1906, Chepstow, Wales

daughter- Kathleen Hutchings (twin)
b- Feb 25, 1906 in Chepstow, Wales
d- Feb 9, 1997 Cardiff County, Wales

John re-married
Alice Maud Cripps, at Chepstow Parish Church, Wales
they had more children:
Robert Griffiths "Hutch" Hutchings
b- June 21, 1921

1921- P. Carr- Provincial Police Constable
Percival Carr MM
b- June 13, 1895 in Sheffield, England
d- Murdered May 23, 1934, on the Canford Reserve, near Merritt BC.
He was beaten to death by Natives, with sticks and rocks.
He served in WWI and was awarded the Medal of Honour
enlisted in Victoria, Nov 9, 1914,
next of kin- Father- Fred Carr, mother- Ellen Harris
married Margaret Loudan Pollock, July 13, 1922 in St. Paul's Church, Burns Lake
School Teacher, age 21, in Burns Lake.
daughter of Alexander Simpson Pollock and Marion Cameron

1930- W. Smith- Constable, Provincial Policeman

1935- G. S. Blaney
very possibly George Steele Blaney, died in Nelson, Constable #552

BC Provincial Police Office,
Prince Rupert Police District,
was closed in Anyox, Aug 3, 1939
3rd Class Constable, John W. Todd, #727.
The last one stationed in Anyox,
He was transferred to Prince Rupert.
Link below to his picture and story
1945- shows up as 1st class Constable in Youbou
Became a Detective in 1946, moved to Div HQ in Kamloops
Oct 1958 he was a Sgt in RCMP in Kamloops

Another source says A. J. Dillabough was the Officer
here in 1938 and 1939.
2nd Class Constable, Albert J. Dillabough, #558
I found he was transferred Apr 1, 1939 to Chilliwack (HP)
He became a Sergeant in the RCMP
I still think J. W. Todd as the last one.

The Granby Company also had their own Security Men in Anyox

Government Telegraph Operators

1918- Leo Waugh
Leo Walter Waugh
b- Halifax NS, age 31 when married in 1916
Asst. Supv. Govt. Telegraph in 1916 in Rupert
1926- Manager CN Telegraphs in Rupert
1935 he was in Toronto
son of Richard Joseph Waugh, Superintendent of US Cable
and Sarah Josephine Fougere
married Florence Agnes MacDonald
b- Summerside, PEI, age 28 when married Dec 8, 1916, Vancouver BC

1921-1925- J. D. Lawrence
John Dorland Lawrence
b- Dec 9, 1894, in Montreal, Quebec, (age 26 in 1921) (age 23 when married)

d- May 11, 1966, Los Angeles, CA
buried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park,  Glendale CA

son of John C. Lawrence and Lillie Dorland
married Agnes Viola Lawrence, nee Erickson, Aug 19, 1918 First Pres. Ch., Vancouver
b- in Minneapolis, MN, USA, (age 28 in 1921) (age 35 when married)
immigrated in 1918
Stenographer in Seattle when married
daughter of William F. Erickson and Agusta Bergman
son- John A. Lawrence
b- ca 1920, in Yukon, (age 1 in 1921)
Lawrence Family lived at 2115 Graham Ave in Prince Rupert in 1929
He divorced Agnes in Nov 1937 in Nevada Courts.

1930- E. G. Brown

1935- Miss G. Ballentine
Miss F. Dresser
 (not many ladies in this profession, but 2 same year here!)

Wireless Operator
 John Hugh MacDonald
b- Oct 20, 1890 in Forres, Scotland, (Age 28 in 1921)
d- Oct 3, 1949 on Mills Rd, Sidney BC, age 58
buried in Vancouver BC
1918 when he married shown as wireless operator living in W Vancouver
worked here from 1914-1936 per one source.
Immigrated in 1900 from Scotland
married age 26
son of Hugh MacDonald and Mary Sherrington
married Kathleen Macdonald, nee Morris, Jan 30, 1918, Christ Church, Vancouver BC
b- Dec 31, 1899, in Kettering, England (age 21 in 1921) (age 19 when she married)
d- July 20, 1888, Fairfield Health Centre, Victoria BC, age 88
Immigrated in 1907
Bank clerk in Victoria in 1918
daughter of Frank Baxter Morris and Clara Ann Schofller
both born in England
son- Hugh John MacDonald
b- 1921 in BC (shown 11 mo old 1921 census in Anyox)

Moving Picture Theatre
Anyox Theatre
L. A. Manley- Manager in 1919
(he was also manager of Billiards and Pool Room in 1919)

H. Selfe-  Manager in 1922
Harry Milbourne Selfe
b- ca 1882 in England, age 39 in 1921
d- Nov 12, 1941, Vancouver BC, age 60
immigrated in 1903
Manager, Recreation Hall in 1921
wife- Lilian Selfe, nee Gardner
 b- June 5, 1895, in England, age 36
d- Oct 4, 1963, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver, age 68
immigrated in 1904
daughter- Olive Selfe,
b- in BC, age 9 in 1921

Canadian Bank of Commerce was here

1921- E. Moss- Editor and Publisher,
Alice Arm & Anyox Herald
published on Saturdays
Ernest Moss
b- Nov 28, 1884 Old Basing, Hampshire, England
d- Aug 24, 1953, Car Accident, S Trans. Prov. Hwy #3, Creston, age 68
buried in Kimberley BC
Publisher of the Kimberley News, before he retired.
Shown as a Carpenter in Alice Arm in 1916
Lived in Chilliwack in 1953, Publisher, Printer, Editor
son of George Moss, and Sarah North
married Annie Mary Freeman, Mar 6, 1916 in Prince Rupert.
b- Croydon England (age 30 in 1916)
son- Arthur Moss

Company Department Store
In 1917, it consisted of-
Grocery, Dry Goods, Men's furnishings,
Hardware, Furniture, Drugs, Meat Departments
a modern refrigeration plant, and a modern Cafe
Prices were the same as Vancouver.


Canadian Legion BESL, No 87
William Frederick Eve, Secretary (see bio below)

Aug 1915- Anyox War Relief Fund was set up.
Mr. Miles MacInnis Chairman, (see below)
Mr. Charles Wing, Secretary,
 and J. W. Lee, Treasurer
Almost every man pledged a day's pay per month to the fund.
they raised more money in this little town, per person,
 than any other place in the Dominion.

Around 400 men left Anyox to fight in WWI
and over 100 were killed.
The Cemetery there has some headstones to commemorate
some of those that returned and are buried there.
The company promised a job to any man that returned.

Anyox Cemetery

Located NE of the town
Clean-up crews have gone in to clean up the Cemetery

I also want to ask anyone reading this to let me know
if they know of the location of the Masonic Cemetery in Anyox.
I have had an inquiry today on this, and I am hoping
someone knows where it was, or a map showing it.
Was it just a part of the regular Cemetery?
Or were the bodies carried out on boats to be buried in Rupert,
or places down south, with a designated Masonic Cemetery?

Post Office History

Name of Office: Anyox
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened- Jan 1, 1912
Office closed Aug 31, 1939

Postmaster Information:
Name of Postmaster Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Edwy Hicks T. Hyde 1912-01-01 1913-05-13 Resignation
Richard Thomas Snow Cook 1913-09-01 1915-05-07 Resignation
Miles Oswald MacInnes 1915-07-22 1918-12-20 Resignation
William Frederick Eve 1919-03-06 1939-08-31 Closed, limited usefulness

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

First Postmaster
Edwy Hicks T. Hyde
b- Mar 26, 1875, in London, England, in 1901
 (shown abt 1869 in 1921 census)
(ca 1872 per age at death)
d- Feb 10, 1925 at Anyox BC, age 53
Mar 1916, Appointed Stipendiary Magistrate in Anyox
Nurse in Rossland in 1901
Customs and Immigration Officer in Anyox in 1921
Immigrated in 1893

Richard Thomas Snow Cook
b- Aug 9, 1890 in Halifax, NS
d- May 1, 1967 in Los Angeles, CA

when he got married in 1914, age 24, he was a Druggist in Anyox

he was partner with A. B. Humphries in City Drug Store
at 901 Granville St. in 1920

1934 he tried to become a naturalized citizen in CA, USA
Living in Los Angeles, as a Druggist
entered US in San Francisco in 1924
son of William Johnstone Cook, a Civil Servant,
 and Catherine Elizabeth Snow

married Grace Winifred Ems, Mar 19, 1914 in All Saints Church, Vancouver BC
b- in Port Moody BC, age 22
daughter of John Ems, Track Foreman, CPR

3 children:
William John Cook
b- May 3, 1915 in Anyox BC
Thomas Murray Cook
b- Dec 17, 1917 in Vancouver BC
Dorothy Elizabeth Cook
b- Jan 16, 1918 in Anyox BC

Miles Oswald MacInnis (alt-McInnes)
b- ca 1884
d- Dec 3, 1940, in Vancouver, age 56

General Store Manager and Post Master

William Frederick Eve
b- Apr 26, 1884, Wandsworth, London, England
d- Mar 23, 1980, Normandy Private Hospital, Vancouver, BC

1891- attended Plough Road School, Saint John's Hill, Wandworth
occupation when he died- Accountant
Deputy Coroner and Stipendiary Magistrate at Anyox
Past Master of Enoch #99 Masonic Lodge Anyox
and He was also the Scoutmaster at Anyox.
Family lived in House # 36 in Anyox, in 1921
son of William Arthur Eve and Ellen Elizabeth Brett

married 1st- Vera Maud Sarah Eve, nee Dyson,
Married bet Oct-Dec 1909 Eton Reg. Dist, Buckinghamshire, UK
b- in England, age 37 in 1921
d- Dec 13, 1940, in Prince Rupert, age 55

children in Anyox in 1921:
daughter- Vera Dorothy Eve
b- ca 1911, in France
daughter- Kathleen Mary Eve
b- ca 1913 in France
all shown immigrated in 1913

married 2nd to Jane Watson
b- Nov 18, 1889 in Scotland
d- Feb 12, 1965, Bradden Private Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 75
daughter of John Watson and ? Finlayson

Various Clubs

Enoch Lodge #99- Masonic Lodge
Bert Shelton Secretary- 1930
His job was a Clerk at the mine in 1930

Royal Arch Observatory Chapter No 25- Masonic Lodge-
W. F. Eve- Principal (see Post office section)

Anyox #47, Elks club
(link below)
Maurice J. Sheen- Elks Club Hall Manager in 1930 and 1935

Anyox I.O.O.F. -Askew Lodge- No 38
J. D. Wilson, RS
His job was an electrician in 1930

Anyox Rebekah Lodge- No 54
J. McDonald, RS

Canadian Legion BESL #87
1935- F. Henderson Secretary

Anyox Community League
G. W. Hiscroft- President 1922

The Hidden Creek Swizzle Vat 
A.O.F.B. (Ancient Order Froth Blowers)
- Blaster- Stan McIntosh

M. K. Rodgers Bio

Myron Knox Rodgers
b- Nov 6, 1861 in Clarion Co., Pennyslvania, USA
(Dec 27, 1862 in one record)
d- bet 1917 and 1920, possibly Washington PA
Sorry, tried my best but couldn't pin down exact date of death.

Assistant Engineer Montana Central Railroad, Helena, Montana
Civil Engineer, Helena, Montana
Apr 1898 he travelled to Australia, and Hawaii on business.
He also made trips to Mexico on business
immigrated to Canada in 1899
Superintendent of mine in Yale area, in 1901
Mining Engineer and Operator
R. B. S. Washington and Jefferson College, Washington PA, 1886
Vice-President Hidden Creek Copper Company
President and Treasurer New York Calavans Mining company,
President San Gregorio Mining Company.
Member- American Society Mechanical Engineers
and American Institute Mining Engineers.
Res- 2338 10th Ave. N, Seattle
Office- American Bank building, Seattle WA
age 30 when he was married, living in Butte Montana
son of William Knox Rodgers (b- 1829 in Ireland- 1900)
and Sarah Elizabeth Sphar (b- 1840 in PA- 1931)
married Lucy Forshee Joyner, Feb 15, 1892, Silver Bow, Montana
b- Sept 29, 1872, in Sheffield, Lennox & Addington, ON, Canada,
d- Oct 1, 1957, Alameda CA
daughter of Henry S. Joyner (Mill Owner) and Margaret N. E. Forshee
Myron and Lucy had 2 children:

son- Edwin Leavitt Rodgers
b- Dec 23, 1894 in Butte, Montana, USA
d- July 30, 1976 Polk, Oregon, age 81
June 1917, Farmer in Felix CA
1940 a car salesman in Turlock, Stanislaus, CA
1940 shown married to Francis M. "France" Rodgers, nee ?

daughter- Margaret E. Rodgers, married Edward Horton
b- July 2, 1907 in Seattle WA
d- Apr 21, 1998 in Reno NV

Apr 1908 he sued the Daly Estate for 1 million dollars.
he claimed he was sent out by Marcus Daly
and would receive 25% of what he found.
the Nickel Plate Mine at Hedley was worth 4 million.
the estate claimed it was only worth 2 million.
he was a personal friend of Marcus Daly for 15 years.
he was a special representative of the Anaconda Mine.
Former Mining Advisor for James J. Hill.

Apr 28, 1911 M. K. Rodgers was sued by Thomas Hodgens
from Butte and New York.
M. K. was associated with Daly at Butte,
and Guggenheim's in Alaska at the time.
he was asking for $203,000 against Rodgers.
also an order restraining Rodgers from foreclosing
a mortgage against the Hidden Creek Mining Group.
the complaint alleges Hodgens furnished $417,000
to Rodgers to purchase BC properties.
Rodgers only wanted to account for money used
to buy and develop the Hidden Creek property
which was under contract for sale to Granby at the time.
(have seen name as T. Hodgins also)

1915-1916- M. K. was living in Los Angeles CA

1917- Myron and his wife are living in Washington, Pennsylvania
living at 315 E. Wheeling, Mining Engineer.

1920- Lucy, Edwin and Margaret living at Rowland Heights, LA, USA
Lucy shown as a widow

1930 Lucy is living as a widow in Oakland CA

Myron was the Nephew of a Mr. Rodgers, Managing Director
of the Amalgamated Copper Syndicate.
Henry Huttleston Rodgers
b- Jan 29, 1840, in  Fairhaven, MA
d- May 19, 1909 at his home in New York., age 69
His wife died in 1912, age 62
The estate she left, 75,000,000.00! to $100,000,000.00
 yes million! in 1912 dollars!  25th richest man ever!
He was Vice-President of Standard Oil, part of this huge syndicate,
that tried to buy every copper mine in the world,
in an attempt  to control the copper market.
Marcus Daly was President of this syndicate.
Rockefellers and other wealthy men were involved.
So Myron was probably working for this syndicate.

Myron was one of 9 siblings

M. K. Rodgers opened up the Hidden Creek Mine.
his brother- Harry Rodgers was in Stewart in 1920
John Henry below?

brother- Wesley P. Rodgers
b- Apr 4, 1874 in USA
1901 he was in Yale area, shown as an Engineer.

sister- Annie M. Rodgers
b- ca 1864 in PA
she married Dwight Furness (see below)

brother- John Rodgers
b- ca 1866 in PA

brother- Samuel Clark Rodgers (see below)
b- ca 1868 in PA

sister- Lillie Gertrude Rodgers
b- 1870 in PA
married Don E. King

brother- William G. Rodgers

sister- Rosetta B. Rodgers

brother- Joseph Henry Rodgers

sister- Adeline Patti Rodgers

Oct 1895 PA paper-- S. C. Rodgers and sister, Mrs. Dwight Furness,
and three children, of Guanajuato, Mex.,
 arrived last week and are visiting at the home of their parents,
 Mr. and Mrs. William Rodgers, of Fallowfield township, Washington Co, PA.
 M. K. Rodgers, a son, of Butte, Montana, is expected home soon.

John Flewin
b- Dec 8, 1857 in Victoria BC, 
d- Aug 29, 1942 in Victoria, age 84
at one point John Flewin was Sergeant in the Victoria Police Dept., ca 1886
age 34, Government Agent in 1891 in New Westminster  BC
1900- Government Agent in Fort / Port Simpson
he was appointed there in 1892.
1900- Resident Mining Recorder for BC’s north coast
son of Thomas and Jane Theodosia Flewin
both his parents born in England (see below)
married to Helen Flewin, nee Copeland, May 12, 1881 in Victoria BC
b- Feb 11, 1864 in Victoria BC, age 27 in 1891, age 17 in 1881
daughter of Richard and Ellen Copeland
both her parents born in Scotland
Children I have found:

son- Herbert C. Flewin
b- Jan 14, 1882, in BC, age 10 in 1891
accompanied his father in finding the Bonanza Group of 6 claims,
located at Esswan, aka: Goose Bay, aka, Granby Bay.
First in this district.
Shown as a miner living in Port Simpson in 1901

son- Walter Ross Flewin
b- Feb 16, 1885 in BC, age 7 in 1891

daughter- Gertrude Evelyn Flewin
b- June 12, 1886, in Victoria, BC, age 5 in 1891

son- Charles "Bertram" Flewin
b- May 12, 1890, in Metlakatla, BC, age 2 in 1891

son- William Percival Flewin
b- Sept 1, 1891, in Fort Simpson BC

son- James Flewin
b- Feb 27, 1894 in BC

daughter- Irma Genevieve Flewin
b- in Victoria BC (possibly after 1901, not in census)

His father- Thomas Flewin
 b- Farningham, Kent England
d- June 2, 1901 in Victoria, age 68
Came to Victoria for the Hudson's Bay Company
arrived on their ship the Norman Morrison, in Jan 1853.
Worked for them for 7 years, then took a job
as a warehouseman on the wharfs, where he worked until 1878
He then worked in the Customs house for 4 years.
1882 he opened the Capital Saloon.
He operated that until a couple months before he died.
He transferred ownership to his son, Albert Charles Flewin (see below)
a brother of John.
Thomas joined the Victoria Lodge #1, I.O.O.F.
32 years before he died.
he was a member of the BC Pioneer Society as well.
1892 he was President of that group.
His mother- Jane d- Nov 19, 1894 in Victoria BC, age 62

Siblings of John:

brother- Albert Charles Flewin
b- Victoria BC
d- Apr 3, 1902, 37 years old
Saloon Keeper
married Mary Augustine Barry, July 25, 1888, in Victoria

sister- Isabel May Taylor
b- ca Dec 1871 in Victoria BC
d- Nov 18, 1881 in Victoria BC, age 10

sister- Rosina Jane Flewin
b- ca Dec 1859
married Christopher West, Nov 3, 1877 in Victoria

brother- Thomas Flewin

brother- William Henry Flewin
b- ca 1862, Victoria BC, age 20 when he married
d- Nov 25, 1899 in Victoria BC
Salesman when he married
married Ada Botterell, Aug 7, 1882 in Victoria BC

Aug 9, 1893 William H. Flewin and Albert C. Flewin
changed their liquor licence to William H. Flewin
at the Belmont Saloon,
corner of Government and Humboldt Sts.
Was this when Albert went working in his father's saloon?

Charles Todd
b- ca 1842 in ON, age 49, in 1891
both parents born in Scotland
A Charles Todd was the 2nd Chief of Police in Victoria

1900- Indian Agent for Northern BC
Isabella Todd
b- In Ireland, age 43 in 1891
father born in Scotland
mother born in Ireland

George Oscar Rudge
b- Apr 7, 1854 in New Brunswick, (England in 1901 census)
d- Nov 2, 1934 in Victoria, Age 80
Immigrated in 1856
shown as a Marble Cutter in Port Simpson in 1901,
Stone Cutter, Cemetery Monuments, His Co. originally in Victoria.
married Sarah Julia L. Rudge, nee Alexander (see my Port Simpson page)
b- Oct 20, 1876 in BC

Henry A. Collison (alt - Collinson?)
b- June 14, 1876 in BC
shown as a clergyman same as his father.
son of William Henry Collison
and Marion Collison
There was a son- Herbert T. Collison as well,
but he was born Sept 14, 1888, too young for this work.


I was not going to do a page for Anyox
as I thought it was covered pretty good
on the internet already, but then Helen McRae
sent me pictures, and I just couldn't resist
adding a page for them.
It is amazing such a large mining town could just about disappear.

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The town that got lost: A story of Anyox, British Columbia
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