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Important Picture, Text Use  info

Effective Mar 20, 1916

All Photos on this site are Watermarked in various ways.

Now before I get an email telling me I am "defacing" historical photos,
I want to make this point perfectly clear.
The person donating the scanned photo to me, keeps the original.
Note- In some rare cases folks have sent me the original photos,
and have not wanted them back.
But normally on a scanned copy, sent to me via email,
there is a copy in their email "sent folder",
plus the scanned copy, on their hard drive somewhere.
On my end, I keep multiple backup copies of all my emails,
so again there is a "true" untouched copy, safe and sound there.
Then comes My backup copy of each picture, kept on multiple external hard drives.
Then finally comes the copy of the picture with the watermarks
kept on my computer, and the server.
So guess what, there is at least 4 scanned digital copies of each picture,
safe and sound, without any watermarks.
Plus the original historical photo, or postcard!
Oh yes, all this is in 2 different locations for each picture,
Except for a small amount sent to me, to be kept here.
So even fire, or theft can not destroy a valid un-watermarked copy.
I take saving historical photos VERY SERIOUS!
That is why I recommend folks send the originals to an archive after
they are scanned and sent to me.
But those that keep them, can be reassured a copy is safe with me. 

I have now added a Stop Sign, to most of my pictures online

for those that can't seem to see my other watermark?
I do not think it will be missed anymore.

I am very sorry, about adding these watermarks,
 the intention of my pages,
is NOT to Share these Photos, and Text,
for you to use, on your Facebook Pages, Blogs,
Google+, Or any other Public Viewed Web sites!

You can view these pictures on my pages, for free, all day long.
Why people think they have the right to steal these photos is beyond me.
The reason I want all the pictures, and various pages on this site, together,
is to encourage folks to not only learn about their local history,
but maybe even a bit about some other place in BC or even Saskatchewan.
Canadian History is great, we just don't know it.
What really irritates me is, they steal the photo,
and don't even link to my page for the history?
It is like they magically found a 100 year old photograph
and treat it like they own it ! !
If they did it on a private page, I could almost understand it,
but to have the gaul to add them to their public pages???
If you are a neighbour of these guys, lock your house and car!
If it isn't locked up, they will steal it.  Online or not.

2. All pictures since 2015, had what I thought was a very Visible Watermark
but seems there is still some that couldn't see that?

honest folks will see the illegally used photo,
and email me with your name etc.
This activity has to stop now, or we all loose.

This, plus No "Right Mouse Click" "Copy and Paste" action,
will hopefully convince everyone I am more than serious
on protecting my Web Pages, and your donated pictures.

Believe it or not, I realize even with all of the above protection,
there are numerous ways to bypass the protections I have.
Like the locks on my house, they only keep the honest people out!
I do not need an email, to remind me how smart you are,
on how you bypassed my "copy and paste" protection for example!
You are not smart at all, a 6 year old kid can do it !
There are videos on how to make an Atomic bomb online,
so I know there are tons on how to steal online data.
It is intended to remind everyone, not to HONESTLY do it!
I know today, honesty and manners, seem to be lost in Society.
I was taught to respect others, I hope the majority out there are the same.
There is going to be a few that are dumber than slugs,
and there is nothing more I can do to help them.

If you want to use a picture link to my site, pick one from the selection below.
This is one of the few pages, that allows right click action,
to save these pictures and link combined all in one.

Just right click on it and paste to your pages.

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages
My General Canada Link, for all Provinces and Territories

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages

Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages Click Logo To View Doug Gent's Genealogy and History Web Pages

These are the only authorized pictures from my web site
 to be used on Facebook, or other Public Web Site.

Please do NOT copy the Pictures,
 and or Text on any page.

A "Link" to my pages, is all you need.
Just copy the hyper link, (URL), shown in your browser above,
and paste that into facebook etc.,

This page for instance is

or add the picture above, with link to my Index Page.

New- My BC Index Page and my Saskatchewan Index Page
you will now be able to right click, and save any link,
 from the Index on the left in those pages.
No excuses to do that now!

I have been adding Facebook "Like" and "Share " buttons on some pages,
and adding more every day.
Use those instead of a URL link if you wish.

If my pictures were hard to get to,
or you had to pay to access them,
then I can see you having your own copy.
This is not the case. 
It took me over 20 years to make these sites,
and I work hard to keep them free for all.
Contributors trust me with their photos,
and they belong to them, not me.
We get to view them for free here, isn't that good enough?
If this is abused, then they get sent to some archives,
where you will have to pay to even see them.
Sorry if it sounds like I am being a hard nose on this!

Notice- I have watermarked each photo with Donated Picture warning,
 but they remain copyright of the submitter.

I have now stopped right click mouse action on most of my pages,
to try and stop the people that can't read.

I know it will not stop the more experienced computer user,
but a little hard to explain to me,
how you "accidentally" copied the pictures,
when I track you down, on facebook etc.!!

Let me explain it this way, would you submit your archive photos online
if you knew they were being stolen or used illegally?
Of course the answer is no.  And that is what is going to happen.
People will quit submitting pictures online.
They will soon get thrown out, and none of us will see them again.
So do you want nothing, or this site with free access?
Dumb question to me

I have just realized you can't fix stupid!
those that steal the pictures, even with the watermark,
are in my stupid category.
It is causing me more grief than they are worth.
Eventually Karma will catch up to them.



No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

Copyright 2016 Doug Gent   All Rights Reserved
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 Doug Gent Web Editor

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