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I will never make your email address public.
I reserve the right to add, omit, or edit, all the comments.
That does not mean I remove critical remarks.
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I hope they are all good, but human nature says
there is one out there, that will not like something.
Give me your best shot!

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I created these pages to add the nice comments I get from folks,
but as it turns out I get so many of them,
it consumes too much time to add them here.
I appreciate each and every one of them.
In all the time I have done these pages, I think I got one ugly email,
and it was from a big shot rich family in Calgary,
that didn't like my history page of their ancestors.
One day when I get time I will start adding some notes here,
but don't want to make it look like I am full of myself,
and don't want to look like I am bragging about the emails I get either.
I enjoy the encouragement, it keeps me going!
I really liked it when I had an online guest book
 so folks could sign it, and add a comment, good or bad.
But then the spammers, and idiots, found out they could hack those,
and promote their useless sites, porn, and rotten ideas.
So like other sites, had to remove them.
This was to replace that, but turned into a time consuming job.
I thought rather than stroke my ego here, I would spend the time
researching more history.
More constructive in my eyes.


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