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MAR 21, 1904 Issue

The Original Paper is encased in Plexiglas
to protect it's deteriorating condition
and to enable it to be displayed
without handling
I have photo copied each page for viewing
without opening the case.
Some of this paper has been scanned
for you to view on this web page


Established in 1892
Last known paper I have heard of so far, 1933 
My Copy starts at Page 275
It is VOLUME #23, NO #6
Published monthly originally,
later Semi-Monthly, like this issue.
This issue was in their 23rd year of production,
for this well known paper of the time.
I don't believe this paper is copyrighted
and is long out of production,
If I am wrong, please let me know
and I will remove these images ASAP
Nor'-west Farmer was published by
Nor-West Farmer Limited, Publishers. 
It contained articles on crops, breeding, livestock,
and veterinary issues; an editorial section; 
advertisements for everything from machinery to lamps;
a household section including poems, articles on ailments
and diseases, and sewing and cooking information. 
There were also sections pertaining to correspondence;
classifieds; and a question and answers legal section. 
This and Country Guide were 
"The" magazines for the farmer of that time.
I think Country Guide replaced this paper.
Later The Western Producer joined the group.
It is rather large to scan so each page
was scanned in 2 pieces,
so you will see some overlap.
*Please Read My Copy Notice Below*

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Page #- Items on Page/Articles/Pictures
275 -Header First Page
various little articles from around the world
picture- harvesting potatoes on the Milne farm,
at Mekiwin Manitoba 

276 -Breeder's Directory
Article -Regulating Hogs digestion
-Manitoba Vet Assoc meets
-Co-operative meat Packing
various farm ads

277- Breeding and Raising Hogs
-Farm house of Robert King, Fairfax Manitoba
-Labori Clydesdale Stallion
-Shropshire sheep on Craighurst farm, Calgary Alberta

278- Article- Hog Raising continued
-Dan Patch Harness Horse
(note- Dan Patch died on July 11, 1916,
and the next day he was followed by his owner.)
-Various farm ads

279- Hogs cont'd, livestock convention SD,
and Feed on the Ranges article
- W.A. Elliot's threshing crew near Pilot Mound Manitoba
-Work horses on D. McDougall's farm, Elmore Assiniboia
-The Wrangler of Circle Roundup Camp, Alberta

291-Livestock, Impounded, Lost or Estray
 and Want, Sale and Exchange Ads

Various Ads/Picture Page 1-
-Boyne School, Carman Manitoba
-Blue Ribbon Coupon Ad
-Sylvester Double Disc Drill

Ads Page 2
Cater Pump
Cement Building Blocks
Columbia Graphophone

Ads Page 3
Defiance Disc Harrow
Dominion Wrought Iron Wheel Co
Fanning Mill from Brandon
Smith Stump Puller

Not all the pages are Scanned,
I am working on the rest ASAP
My copy has pages 275-318 in it.
If you want larger copies to read
just right click and save to your hard drive
to zoom in with viewer of your choice.
Due to bandwidth problems
I can't make the pictures as big as I would like.
With a smaller monitor, and lower resolution
they might turn out large enough
to read online.
If you see an ad here, and it's a relative of yours,
send me an E-Mail and I will scan in a better copy for you

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