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  Access to some of my Ancestor Web Pages, 
  and some of the continued pic. pages, 
  in my personal section below, 
  are controlled by a User ID and Password. 
  At the end of the Family Recipes Section 
  is a link to my Mom's Black Recipe Book 
  Sorry, it is password protected as well
  Please contact me if you are a Family Member. 

For those curious what is in these pages,
it will not be my Banking info,
or my Visa #, Sorry!
Just more family photos, only these
will be photos of Living Family members.
An online Family Photo Album.
Great if your family, boring if your not.
Maybe even boring if you are...

They are broken into 2 Sections
 my Family, and my wife's Family,
with a different User ID and Password for each.
Unless you're my direct and immediate family,
you will not need both,
nor get both.

Once logged in,
and until you close your Browser,
All of the pages in that Section will be open
for you to view.
This way pics of living relatives are not
available to the general public,
but will have controlled access.
Even if someone did access them,
I am not sure what they would do with
a 1930 picture of my mother??
Hope you Enjoy the pictures!


Our Yard Pics

Gent Zoo Pics

Misc. Links
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 Our Ancestor
 Web Pages

First page not protected
Secondary pages
 are password protected

Family Ancestor Links

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