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SS Prince Rupert and SS Prince George
Twin Sister Grand Trunk Pacific Steamship Company Steamers

Value when built $600,000.00

Ca 1925, these ships were taken over by
The Canadian National Steamship Company,
which was owned by the Canadian National Railway Co.

Grand Trunk Pacific, "SS Prince Rupert" Steamship
Postcards courtesy Grant Walker, CA
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
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Side view- 3 funnels,  plus 6 "Tuba Style" Cowl Vents,
 which could be manually turned into the wind.
These would supply air to the decks below.
Tuba style was to help prevent rain from going down below.
8 lifeboats, 4 on each side.

Click on Thumbnails to enlarge in a new window
Remember they are all Copyright Protected!
Please do NOT Download or copy them.

Owned by CN Steamship Company in this postcard
Picture from my Anyox Picture Page

Picture above courtesy Simo Siipola, from Finland.
Picture from his Uncle Janne Haapajoki's Collection.

Operated up and down the Coast of BC and Alaska
1910- Prince Rupert, Stewart, Queen Charlotte Islands
Double weekly sailings, leaving Vancouver
 Monday 10am and Friday 10am
They also travelled to Seattle for a while.

Launched Dec 13, 1909,
built by Swan Hunter, Wallsend Tyne and Wear, England
Served from 1910-1956
Scrapped in 1956
307.6 ft long, draft 8ft, 6"
Twin Screw Steamer, 3379 tons

Note- Aug 1910- Mr. G. B. Hunter of the firm
Swan and Hunter, Wigham Richardson,
of Newcastle-on-Tyne was a guest of the President of the GTPR
Charles Hays, on a trip to Prince Rupert to inspect the railroad.
His firm built the 2 ships described here.

Idle from Sept 1954 at a berth in Vancouver, until 1956,
Sold to Empire Ship Co. Ltd in Japan, and eventually scrapped.

Sister Ship to the SS Prince George

June 1, 1910- the SS Prince Rupert was brought from England
by Captain Alan Morton Davies,
a former Pacific Steam Navigation Company Master.
It was expected to go into service
 under command of Captain Barney Johnson

June 6, 1910- The Ship entered the Dry Dock at Esquimalt BC
For cleaning and painting in the company colours,
Ready for it's first run the next Monday.

First Paint Scheme of the SS Prince Rupert

Hull was Red to the Water Line,
Black from the Waterline to the Shelter Deck,
with White Upper Works.
Funnels were Red, with Black Lines at the Joints,
and Black Top above a White Band,
covering one section of the Stack.
In this White Band was the Green Maple Leaf,
with Red Band bearing the letters G.T.P. (see link below)

First Uniforms of the Officers:

Designed by Haysom, London tailors
Double breasted sack coats.
The Badge and buttons would have the green maple leaf,
and band with the letters G.T.P.

Miller, Rayner and Haysom Ltd.
Company established in 1818,
Naval Tailors, and Outfitters.
to the Royal and Merchant Navies

First Officers of the SS Prince Rupert, June 1910

Captain Barney Johnson- Master

Captain George Douglas Robertson- Chief Officer
He was appointed to command the sister ship, SS Prince George
so this was a temp position until that ship arrived, a month later.

Captain Frank Campbell Stratford
 was to become Chief Officer, after G. D. Robertson.

Captain William K. English- First Mate
Hugh Stanley McLellan- 2nd Officer
William Collins- 3rd Officer

John R. Drysdale- Chief Engineer
 He came out with ship from England
and was the Guarantee Engineer representing the Builders.

Alexander Ewing- 2nd Engineer
my guess for this guy, b- Dec 1887 in Australia, immigrated in 1910
(shown as C. Ewing in one document)

D. Scott- 3rd Engineer
James Shaw - 4th Engineer
Evelyn Francis Armstrong Cooper- Purser
E. Caidge- Asst Purser

Mr. W. S. Aspinwall- Chief Steward
J. Cavanaugh shown as First Chief Steward, in another article

A. L. Brownlee- Superintendent Engineer
C. Nickerson- Port Steward

SS Prince Rupert Officers- June 1, 1911

Capt. Barney Johnson- Master
 Daniel McMillan Donald- Chief Officer
Hugh S. McLellan- 1st Officer
R. W. McLean- 2nd Officer, b- Sept 1882, in Scotland
R. McKenzie- 3rd Officer, b- Nov 1876 in Scotland (Roderick below possibly)
W. H. Phillips - Wireless Operator
E. F. A. Cooper- Purser, (see above)
W. A. Sewell- Frt Clerk, b- Dec 1879 in USA
A. C. Darrock, Clerk, b- Mar 1886, in Scotland
R. Middlemis- Chief Engineer, b- Sept 1876 in USA
Philip Fowler- 2nd Engineer, b- Nov 1876 in USA
E. H. Valentine- 3rd Engineer, b- June 1884 in Scotland
W. M. McWhirster- 4th Engineer, b- Aug 1884 in Scotland
R. McFarland- 5th Engineer, b- July 1884 in Scotland
William Porter (sp?)- 6th Engineer, b- Apr 1883 in England
George Pearson (sp?)- 7th Engineer, b- Aug 1883 in England
T. J. Hamilton- Chief Steward, b- Nov 1879, in Australia

On the SS Prince Rupert's First Run to Prince Rupert,
arriving June 15, 1910, in Rupert,
then on to Stewart, leaving at 11:30 at night,
arriving at 8 - 9 in the morning of June 16, 1910.
Capt. Barney Johnson- Master
Many invited guests were aboard.

GTP Company Officials on board:
Captain C. Howard Nicholson-
Commodore Captain of the GTP Co's Coast Service.

William Pittman Hinton- General Passenger Agent
Louis Victor Druce- Commercial Agent
George Alexander McNicholl- Purchasing Agent
Reginald Beaumont- Assistant to the Manager
William Henry Fogg- Secretary to Manager

C. Nickerson- Shore Steward, aka Port Steward
Oct 1912- he resigned to become Purchasing Agent of
The Canadian Northern Pacific Fisheries Company at Victoria.
He was presented a Mahogany Clock by Reginald Beaumont,
on board the Prince Rupert.
a guess for this guy, I believe his name was Charles Nickerson,
b- Aug 22, 1868 in Norfolk, England
d- Mar 5, 1955 in Victoria BC
son of Henry Nickerson
married to Alice Catherine Humphrey

Captain Allan Morton Davies- who brought the ship from the Tyne, was on board.

The Wireless Operator on board, was the same as from England.

GTP "SS Prince Rupert",  ca 1919
Docked at the west side of the GTP Dock, in Vancouver BC
Photographer mark- 1919, F. Gowen Co. Ltd.
photo by Frank Henry Gowen
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

North Vancouver Ferry, "St. George", also in the picture.
later renamed "North Vancouver Ferry #2"
Caption Visible- Looking North Across Harbour, Vancouver BC
North Vancouver is visible in the distance.
GTP fuel bunkers are in the right of the picture.
GTP Dock was built ca 1911-12
Owned by the Grand Trunk Pacific Development Company Ltd.
Left of the St George is the smaller pedestrian only service,
 The West Vancouver Ferry Terminal.
On extreme left is the Evans Coleman & Evans Dock
Coal barges are loaded in the picture.
They also shipped fuel and concrete.

Note- enlarging this photo Prince Rupert can be clearly seen
on the side of the bow, so we know it is not the Prince George.

1911 the fare from Seattle to Prince Rupert was $18.00
which included meals and a stateroom.
Fare from Vancouver to Prince Rupert was $16.00.

Aug 1914- The SS Prince Rupert made a record run,
28 hours between Vancouver and Rupert
Captain Duncan McKenzie was in charge.

Summer 1915 they were running from
Vancouver to Prince Rupert in 30 hours.
Captain Duncan MacKenzie was in Command in 1915

1919- They left at 10 am, on Sundays and Wednesdays
leaving Victoria to Seattle, Vancouver, Ocean Falls,
Swanson Bay, Prince Rupert, and Anyox

Either SS Prince Rupert or SS Prince George at Anyox

Shade Deck, Shelter Deck and Main Deck Room Plans

SS Prince Rupert and SS Prince George Specs.

220 First Class Passengers, and 132 2nd class
Crew of 84

Dining Saloon,
Same View on both Ships,
photo by Frank Henry Gowen

courtesy Grant Walker
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

Parlor Room
same on SS Prince Rupert and SS Prince George
courtesy Grant Walker
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

Description of what to expect on the ships

Canadian National Steamship Co. Ltd.
 Dining Saloon Seat Check
courtesy Grant Walker

Shuffleboard was offered on the deck of both ships
photo by Frank Henry Gowen

courtesy Grant Walker
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

SS Prince George

Original G.T.P. S S. Prince George, McRae Photo
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Grand Trunk Pacific also operated 2 more Steamers
 The Prince John and Prince Albert.
These 2 were used for freight purposes.

Nov 1, 1911 the steamer Prince George was converted to Oil, in Victoria,
and the steamer Prince Rupert was to be converted shortly after that.
Capt Saunders was in charge of the Prince George

Aug 1914- SS Prince George, under Captain Daniel Donald,
was under Government Control was was flying the Red Cross Flag
at Esquimalt.

At this same time the SS Prince Rupert was tied up at Seattle.
The cost of Lloyd's Insurance during the war
was too prohibitive to operate them.

June 16, 1916- Captain Daniel Donald arrived in Juneau
on the SS Prince Rupert's maiden voyage to Alaska.

Jan 10, 1920- Capt. C. Howard Nicholson was General Manager
of the Grand Trunk Pacific Steamship Company.
He returned from Prince Rupert on the steamer Prince George
where he was arranging for the overhaul of the Steamer Prince Rupert.

He announced the Steamers Prince Rupert and Prince George
would change their registry from Newcastle-on-Tyne
to Canada, specifically in Prince Rupert.
The change was due to Dominion of Canada Pilotage charges.

Jan 1922- Capt. H. L. Robertson relinquished command
of the Steamer Prince Rupert, and joined Capt. Barney Johnson
and Capt. Hubert Shadford in Pilotage work.
They had started their own Pilot Group,
Separate from the BC Pilotage Association.
The new company was to start up Feb 1, 1922.

ca 1937 a daily newsletter "Cruise News" was published
for the SS Prince Rupert Passengers.
Also referenced in 1942.

After the war she was retro fitted, her funnels were shortened,
and radar was added.

Mishaps and Accidents for the SS Prince Rupert

All wasn't clear sailing for this Ship

Mar 23, 1917

Prince Rupert aground on West Coast of Genn Island, at 1:41 am

Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

14 miles South of Prince Rupert
Friday Morning, Mar 23, 1917
Fred Button Photo #573
Photo courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City, CA

Travelling from Prince Rupert to Victoria, 2 hours from Rupert, at the time.
She went on at full high tide.  Water depth was 23 feet here at time of accident.

Navigating early in the early morning, in the darkness,
during a gale, and through a blinding snow and hailstorm at the time,
 caused the accident.
It was a narrow channel at this point.
Captain Duncan MacKenzie was Master of the Ship

Roderick "Rod" MacKenzie, Chief Officer, Cert #7055,
was in Command, at time of the accident.

Damage extended over 180 ft, over half the length of the ship.
Salvage crews from the British Columbia Salvage Company's Steamer, Salvor,
arrived on the site, and blasted pinnacles of rock that were embedded in the hull.
Captain Tom Thomson of the Salvor, was in charge of the salvage operation.
the Propellers and engine were ok, but many plates were ripped open.

Transferring Passengers from SS Prince Rupert, Mar 23, 1917
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

June 25th repairs were completed, by Yarrows Ltd, in Esquimalt,
and she was back in service.

May 11, 1917, A Marine Court ruled the accident
was due to the stress of weather.
All Ship Officers were exonerated from blame.

Wednesday, Sept 29, 1920, 4:15 am
The SS Prince Rupert was reported to be under 60 ft of water,
When it struck a rock 3 miles south of Swanson Bay, in dense fog.
 It was then beached at Graham Beach, to save the passengers.
It ran ashore while on her way up north, from Vancouver,
with 200 passengers on board.
It lied on it's beam end, at 60 feet under water at low tide.
Passengers reported hearing the boat hitting tree branches
before grounding.
Capt. Duncan McKenzie was in the galley at the time,
and barely escaped with his life.
newspapers clearly say Wed morning.

Photo courtesy Grant Walker
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

Acting Quarter Master, H. E. Burke
 was the man at the wheel at the time of the accident.
another article said it was R. E. Burke at the wheel.
No 1 and No 2 holds were flooded,
 it was feared due to the keel being ripped off under them.
But the ship's bottom was not damaged too badly.
At High Tide water was up to the Pilot House.
The Prince John rushed to the scene and loaded the stranded passengers.
7,000 pieces of mail were recovered and dried out,
and resent to addresses that were still visible.
Pacific Salvage company was hired to raise the wreck.
It took 4 large pumps to empty the water.
Dec 22, 1920 she was on her own steam,
heading to the Prince Rupert Dry dock.
Accompanied by the salvage steamer Algerine.
Reported her decks were bulged, and bulkheads burst in,
and all the furnishings and woodwork spoiled.
The whole interior had to be rebuilt.
Capt. Duncan McKenzie Certificate was suspended for 4 months.
Chief Officer Roderick "Rod" McKenzie was suspended for 3 months.
Captain Roderick Mackenzie, the Chief Mate, got his certificate back,
after a court ruled he didn't get a chance to defend himself.
Cause of accident, the helm was put to Port instead of to Starboard.
D. H. Cochrane was the Chief Engineer at the time,
 and had just retired to his cabin.
(b- ca 1867 or 1877 in Canada, after this he worked on ship "Lorne")
H. H. Lloyd was 2nd Engineer at the time, and was on duty.
R. P. Irwin was oiler on the ship at the time of the accident.
Yarrows Ltd. Esquimalt, BC, got the contract Jan 10, 1921 to rebuild her.
Cost was $248,000, They had 115 days to fulfill the contract,
and it took them around 92 days.
700 men worked on the rebuild.


Obviously had a problem at Ocean Falls, per picture below

Credit:  Jack R. Wrathall / Library and Archives Canada / PA-095714
Note-This is a Copyright Protected Picture, with my visible Watermark
Please Do Not Use it as a Link Picture, Please Do not Download this Picture
It is not only illegal to do so, but morally wrong!
Stealing anything is possible, but is it right?

Monday Morning, Aug 9, 1926

High and Dry on Holliday Island, NE of Dundas Island,
Refloated on Aug 10, Southbound in fog when accident occurred.

Aug 22, 1927

The SS Prince Rupert got hung up on Ripple Rock,
and they got lucky to have a competitor's ship pull them off,
before the tide changed. Captain Barney Johnson was in command.
They were southbound with 260 passengers.
Ripple Rock claimed over 100 ships, before it was blown up in 1958.
Broke her rudder, towed to Plumper Bay by SS "Gardena"
Another article said Captain Donald was in command
when ship grounded in Seymour Narrows.

June 20, 1938

Ashore near Salmon River,
damaged some but was able to back off later.
Southbound in Fog, 80 passengers on board.

Aug 30, 1951 per one source,
Sept 1, 1951 in another.
Some records state the Prince George collided with the SS Kathleen,
but it was the SS Prince Rupert for sure.
It ended up with a damaged bow,
the SS Kathleen had a big hole in it's side, just back from the bow.
They collided in dense fog, 29 miles NW of Prince Rupert.
Canadian Pacific's SS Kathleen had 300 passengers,
Canadian National's SS Prince Rupert had 180 passengers.
The SS Prince Rupert was heading to Ketchikan,
and the Kathleen was heading to Prince Rupert.
Both ships sailed every 10 days from Vancouver,
on luxury Alaskan Cruises.


3 Pictures above, of SS Prince Rupert
contributed by:

Craig Dicken, Shelburne, Vermont, USA

Please note- all small pictures on my site are thumbnails
click on each picture to enlarge in a new window.
Use your "Back" button to return here after.

Twin Sister Ship, SS Prince George burned in 1945 at Ketchichan
Beached on East side of Gravina Island.
Aug 1948, She was refloated and taken to West Seattle
 to be sold for for scrap.

Replaced in June 1948

New Canadian National Pacific Coast Steamship Company
 "SS Prince George", June 1948, First Voyage to Prince Rupert
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Ship was launched Oct 6, 1947, built at Yarrows Ltd, Esquimalt BC
335 ft long, cost $3 million to build.

Converted to a Floating Restaurant in 1976

Totally retrofitted in 1981, Canadian Cruise Lines, were using this ship
in 1983, holding 285 people on 7 day cruises to Alaska
It has 2 Deluxe suites that rented as- $2495.00, US$ /person
plus other rooms a little cheaper

Used as an accommodation ship for Expo 86 in Vancouver.

Oct 15, 1995, burned at Britannia Beach, Howe sound,  BC
sold as Scrap.  Sank on it's way to China.

123 Taxi, visible on left

Bios and Genealogy of Men shown above

First Master
Captain Bernard "Barney Leitch Johnson

born -Bernard James Dodds Leitch
later became: Bernard "Barney (#1) Leitch Johnson
b- Feb 22, 1878, Birkenhead,  Cheshire, England (age 26 in 1904)
d- Oct 26, 1968, in Vancouver, BC, age 90
Master Mariner

Paternal Father- Bernard Leitch,
 b- ca 1846, of Dundee, Scotland
 d- Apr-June 1879, in Birkenhead Reg Dist. England, age 33

 Mother- Lydia Elizabeth Gurnell, of Lancaster, England
Mother and Father were married Jan-Mar 1876 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, England

Barney assumed the surname of his stepfather, Thomas Johnson.
(when he re-married Ellen, his mother was shown as Leitch, not Gurnell)
Barney (#1) married (1) Flora McDonald Grant, Jan 4, 1904,
at residence 1325 Pender St, Vancouver St.
When he remarried he lived at 4838 Pine Cres., Vancouver BC
Flora McDonald Grant
b- ca 1879/1880, Dunedin, New Zealand (age 24 in 1904)
d- Aug 25, 1935, in Vancouver BC, age 56
daughter of Alexander "Alex" Grant and Isabelle Dodds (Dods?)

Barney (#1) son- Bernard "Barney (#2)" Dodds Leitch Johnson
b- Oct 6, 1904, in Vancouver BC
d- Apr 30, 1977, in Vancouver, age 72
Barney (#2) obtained his Foreign Going Masters Certificate in 1928
Barney #2, was a retired Port Manager, Port of Vancouver, when he died.
Bernard "Barney (#2)" Dodds Leitch Johnson, age 25, shown Divorced,
remarried a Janet Meek, Dec 18, 1929, in New Westminster BC.

Bernard "Barney (#1)" Leitch Johnson, a widower, age 59,
remarried (2) Eleanor "Ellen" Weaver Hart, nee Allen, Dec 8, 1937,
in All Saints Church, Burnaby BC
She was also a widower, a Private Secretary when she married Barney.
b- Oct 3, 1885, in Winnipeg MB, age 44 when she remarried.
d- Mar 9, 1969, in Vancouver, BC, age 83
daughter of Frank Baker Allen and Elizabeth Weaver

Aug 1911- Captain Barney Johnson was in charge
of the SS Prince Rupert, for the GTP.

1881 census- living with his Step Father, Mother and siblings.
siblings shown below in 1891,
 step brother- William B. Johnson,
b- Liverpool, England, age 13, in 1881
His Grandfather, Lydia's father, Joseph Gurnell,
b- in Liverpool, England, age 83 in 1881
and a niece Rebecca Beatson,
b- Scotland, age 12

1891 census- Barney was living with his stepfather:
 Thomas Johnson
b- ca 1844, Liverpool, England, age 47, Occupation- Sailmaker
Mother, Lydia E. Johnson,
b- Liverpool England, age 51
 and siblings,
at 1 Needham Rd, in West Derby Lancashire England
Barney was shown as an office boy at the port.
older sister- Lydia Devlin Leitch
b- Oct-Dec, 1876 in Birkenhead
Step sister- Harriet Johnson
 b- Liverpool, age 8 in 1891,
brother of Thomas, John Johnson
b- Liverpool, age 41, Sailmaker
step brother Thomas R. Johnson
b- Liverpool, age 18, CC clerk
step brother- Robert E. Johnson
b- Liverpool, age 16, Apprentice Plumber

Before he was 10 years old he learned the art of Sail Making
 from his Father in England.
He could tar rope, and tie all the knots required at this early age.
Signed on as an apprentice on a sailing vessel when he was 14.
He sailed several times around Cape Horn before taking command
of SS Prince Rupert.  He was one of the youngest Commodores,
on the Pacific coast.

Barney (#1) arrived in Vancouver by 1898.

Feb 26, 1903- received his Certificate of Competency
 as a First Mate of a Foreign Going Ship.
Issue Port- Liverpool, England.
He was also granted permission to be
 a Master of a square rigged sailing vessel,
or Passenger Steamer,
 in the Coastal trade of the Dominion of Canada

May 25, 1907- he was granted his Certificate
 as a Master of a Foreign Going Ship.
Issued at the Port of Liverpool, England.

Sept 1909 he was Captain of the Vadso, for the Boscowitz Steamship Co.
he actually brought the Vadso from Liverpool to BC.
He went to San Diego and took over the Steamer St. Denis,
owned by the same company.

April 1910- he took command of the SS Camosun
 for the Union Steamship Co.

In 1911 he ended up taking over a copper claim from an acquaintance
at Goose Bay, Observatory Inlet, where the Granby smelter,
at Anyox, ended up to be located.
He was reported to be a wealthy man from this claim.

Aug 21, 1911- Barney was supposed to be
 Captain of the SS Prince Rupert
carrying some of the most important people in the GTP:
President Charles M. Hays,
 his wife, Mrs. Charles M. Hays,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Swanston, London, England
Miss Gladys Jackson, London, England
William E. Davis, Passenger Traffic Manager
Adolph Butze, General Purchasing Agent
Henry Deer, Assistant Secretary, London, England
John Pullen, Assistant Freight Traffic Manager
D. E. Galloway, Private Secretary to the President
Vivian Ponsonby Payne, Assistant Secretary to the President.

But ended up getting cigar ashes in one of his eyes,
and had to turn over the ship to Capt. Duncan McKenzie. (see above)
This would have been the last trip Hays made probably
as he died on the Titanic in Apr 1912.

Swanston lived at Letts Green,
and was living close to A. W. Smithers at Knockholt, England.
Florence Smithers, his sister, married John F. A. Swanston.

Vivian P. Payne also died on the Titanic, b- 1889
he was the son of a neighbour of Hays, who was an
accountant for the GTPR, who died in 1903
and Charles Hays looked after him like his son.
His body wasn't recovered.

Oct 4, 1911- Barney Johnson was to be sent to England to supervise
the building of 3 new turbine, twin screw steamers,
larger than the SS Prince Rupert, to be built during the winter,
for use on the Portland Canal- Seattle and Victoria
 Vancouver and Seattle runs.
The new vessels were to call on San Francisco,
on their voyage out.
They were to be oil burners.
He was shown as Commodore of the Fleet at that time.

Jan 20, 1913- he passed a Pilot Test
 and was certified as a Pilot for the Port of Vancouver.

ca 1915- WWI he went to England and operated a Submarine.
His submarine HMS H8, was at a depth of 60 ft,
off the coast of Germany, when it struck a mine,
blowing off the bow rudder and 2 tanks.
The Submarine surfaced, and it took him 25 hrs,
as he dodged German Patrols, to get back to port at Harwich, England.
For this he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order (DSO)

From the Royal Canadian Navy site, (link below),

George E. Douglas Robertson
b- Aug 15, 1872,  in Wallasey, (Egremont) Cheshire, England, age 48 in 1921
d- May 11, 1958, Veterans Hospital, Saanich BC, age 85
Immigrated ca 1889
1891 he was a railway clerk in Victoria, 18, living at home of parents.
son of George Winram Robertson, and Frances McGraw
both parents born in England
His father was a Pilot
He married Winifred Ethel Cullin, Oct 11, 1905 in Victoria BC
b- Sept 4, 1882 in Winnipeg MB, age 23 in 1905
d- Sept 2, 1963 in Victoria BC, age 80
daughter of William Cullin and Mary Ann Johnston
both her parents born in Ireland
son- Douglas Winram Robertson
b- ca 1908 in BC
daughter- Doris Cullin Robertson
b- ca 1915 in BC

Siblings of George, all born in England, except Madge
Mary Robertson, age 16 in 1891
Frances E. Robertson, age 12 in 1891
Jessie C. Robertson, age 9, in 1891
Nancy J. Robertson, age 7 in 1891
Madge Victoria Robertson, b- June 29, 1890 in BC, 10 mo in 1891

1910- Sir Wilfred Laurier went north on the SS Prince George
with Capt. Robertson in charge.
He gave Laurier a list where beacons, lighthouse and fog alarms
were required on the route from Rupert.
The Marine Department enacted all his suggestions.
These improvements probably saved many lives.

Had his Master Mariner licence suspended for 3 months,
due to the Oct 14, 1911, CPR Princess Beatrice
 running aground on Noble Island.
Even though the Chief Officer was in charge at the time,
the master took some of the blame.

1919 He was appointed Superintendent of Pilots
for the Dominion.

Previous to this he was Superintendent of Pilots for BC.

Charles "Howard" Alex Nicholson
b- Jan 28, 1864, Belleville ON
d- Oct 25, 1937 in Cobourg, Northumberland, ON
Buried in Cobourg Town Cemetery

Dec, 1909- E. J. Chamberlain appointed him as Commodore of the GTP fleet
Headquartered at Vancouver BC

He was a graduate of the Baltimore College of Dentistry
Master mariner

1881- He was a cabin boy on an old steamboat "Magnet"
1882-1885- He was purser of the Steamer "Hero"
1885-1893- Served as Captain on the steamers,
Hero, Hastings, Norseman and North King
on Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River
Appointed General Passenger and Freight Agent
of Lake Ontario and Bay of Quinte Steamship Company.
1902- Headquarters at Rochester NY
Mar 4, 1903- General Manager of transportation
 of the Muskoka Lakes Navigation Company.
1904- Traffic Manager of the Northern Navigation Company of Ontario, Ltd.
headquarters at Sarnia ON.

married (1) Elizabeth "Lizzie" Neigsan Patterson, Feb 10, 1888
b- 1866 at Amherst Island
d- Mar 1890, at her father's residence, Amherst Island
daughter of James and Margaret Patterson

married (2) Lilly Victoria Williams, Aug 2, 1892
b- Nov 1872 in ON (1867 in one source)
daughter of Matthew B. and Elizabeth Williams, of the Dunham House, Cobourg
son- C. Neilson Nicholson
b- Oct 1894 in ON

Father- Samuel Nicholson
Mother- Nancy McMullen
d- Sept 1, 1890, in Trenton

 Duncan MacKenzie
b- Feb 24, 1865 in Inverness, Scotland
Master Mariner Cert no 3667
surname McKenzie when he married, shown age 35
son of Roderick MacKenzie and Catherine McLean
married Lizzie Houston Armstrong, July 12, 1898, Port Hardy, BC
b- June 6, 1876 in NB
daughter of Thomas Armstrong, and
4 children:
daughter Lillian J. MacKenzie, b- June 9, 1900 in BC
daughter- Flora R., b- July 1902 in BC
son- Duncan R. Mackenzie, b- May 1904 in BC
daughter- Henriette MacKenzie, b- Sept 1907
family in Vancouver in 1901, and 1911

Jan 1913, He took over as Captain of the SS Prince Rupert
when Barney Johnson quit to become a pilot.
He was previously Captain of the Prince George.
He became Commodore of the GTP fleet with this change.

 Frank Campbell Stratford
b- Sept 12, 1872 in Auckland, New Zealand,
d- Oct 19, 1947 in Victoria BC
Immigrated in 1885,
Father- James Campbell Stratford,
b- in Woodstock, ON,
d- Feb 9, 1913 in Victoria BC, age 65
Mother- Emma Eliza Rice,
 b- in London England
married to Helen Manson, Dec 30, 1901 in Victoria,
 b- Shetland Islands
 3 sons, Frank Hazelern Henry Stratford,
b-  Mar 29, 1903 in Victoria, BC
d- July 18, 1959 in Terrace BC
Harold Hazlam Stratford, b- ca 1907 in BC
all living in Victoria in 1911
son Ralph Manson Stratford, b- ca 1912 in BC

 Daniel McMillan Donald
b- June 1876 in Greenock, Renfrew, Scotland
d- Oct 22, 1932 in Vancouver, BC, age 56
Immigrated in 1898 per census, June 1900 per one document.
son of James Donald and Jane Cowan McMillan
married Florence Thouger, nee Wolkenberg, Nov 4, 1905 in Vancouver BC
b- London England (Romania, age 54 in 1921 census) (age 34 when married)
Immigrated in 1905, she was a widow when Daniel married her.
daughter of Rev. Marcus Wolkenberg and Elizabeth Anne Lane
daughter- Florence Donald
b- ca1908, in BC, age 13 in 1921

Winter 1913, he was Captain of the Prince George,
and went to the rescue of 38 persons from the disabled launch BB,
off Point Atkinson.
In June 1914, He received a gold watch for his part in this.

1920 he is shown as the Master of the SS Prince George
living in Point Grey, Vancouver, BC.

Aug 1, 1927 he arrived in Juneau on the SS Prince Rupert,
had just completed his millionth mile for the Company
as Master of their ships, when he arrived in Vancouver
on his last trip.

 Evelyn Francis Armstrong Cooper
b- Dec 12, 1883, in Beverley, Beverley Reg. Dist,  Yorkshire, England
d- Mar 15, 1973 in Victoria, age 89
He quit and left in Oct 1911 for San Francisco
shown as A. Cooper, in most records

Father- James Sisson Cooper
 b- Oct 17, 1832, in Limerick, Ireland
d- Apr 5, 1898 in England, age 65
Captain, Retired, age 58 in 1891, family in Turvey Bedfordshire
Ensign Royal North Lincoln Militia
Mother- Marianne "Ann" Parks
b-  ca 1848, Beverley Yorkshire, England
shown age 53 in 1901, living with Evelyn in Chertsey, Surrey, England

Evelyn married to Charlotte Agnes Ruth Evans,
Apr 2, 1919 in Weymouth, Dorset, England
Grandfather- Reverend Austin Cooper
Grandmother- Margaret Armstrong
Great Grandfather- Austin Cooper

Hugh Stanley McLellan
 b- Mar 7, 1886 in Saint George's, Newfoundland
d- 1973 in Vernon BC
shown as a Captain in 1921, living in Vancouver BC
son of Ronald McLellan and Isabella Gillis
married Mary Joanna "Lola" Morse, Nov 7, 1916 in BC
b- 1897, USA, age 24 in 1921
d- 1966
daughter Mary McLellan,
 b- ca 1918, in BC, age 3 in 1921
son Stanley McLellan,
b- ca 1920 in BC, age 1 in 1921

 William K. English
 (William A. English in one source)
b- Sept 1873, in Sydney Nova Scotia
d- Sept 21, 1916 in Victoria BC
married Harriet (Hattie) Elizabeth Willard
2 sons:
Charles Abner English
b- 1902
Stanley Willard English
b- 1904
Living in Victoria in 1911

W. H. Phillips
b- Sept 1888, in Nova Scotia
Interesting footnote- John George "Jack" Phillips, b- 1887, in Surrey England
was the chief wireless operator on the Titanic, relative?

Reginald Beaumont
b- Aug 7, 1874 in England
d- May 13, 1959, Vancouver BC, age 84
immigrated in 1890
1911 living at 11 The Lincoln, 1500 Nelson, Vancouver BC
Retired in 1939
son of James Beaumont and Martha Sadd

married Florence Amy Leys
b- May 1884 in ON

William Henry Fogg
b- June 10, 1883 in Limerick, Ireland
d- Oct 18, 1957 in Vancouver BC
immigrated ca 1898
Retired Superintendent, CN Steamships
son of Eli Fogg, b- Manchester England
 and Sarah Kearney, b- Dundrum Ireland
married twice
(1)- Lillian Babbage
(2) Florence Rhoda Simpson, June 12, 1930

Allan Morton Davies
b- Dec 1856 in Liverpool, England
d- Feb 5, 1939 in Victoria BC, age 82
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC
Pilot on the SS Prince Rupert
Apr 1915, appointed Examiner of Masters and Mates at Prince Rupert
Besides bringing out the SS Prince Rupert from England
He also brought out the GTP Steamer Prince John.
He had many years experience in sail and steam.
June 22, 1876- Second mate Certificate
July 16, 1881- First mate Certificate issued to him
Apr 21, 1883- Master Mariner Certificate issued
Father- Samuel Davies, b- Wales, age 29 in 1861, Tallow Chandler
 and Maria, b- Wigan Lancashire, age 29 in 1861
wife- Hannah "Anna" Davies
b- ca 1865 Liverpool, England, age 46 in 1911
d- aft 1921
daughter- Nancy Malaby Davies
b- ca 1901,  Lanc Waterloo
son- John Parnell Davies
b- ca 1907, Lanc Waterloo

Siblings of Allan:
Samuel Davies- b- in Liverpool, age 3 in 1861
William Davies- b- in Liverpool, age 11 mo in 1861

Louis Victor Druce
b- Oct 20, 1873 London, England
d- Feb 5, 1946, Orange, CA, age 72.
father- Herbert Druce
mother- Louisa Reeve

married Carrie May Waters, Sept 21, 1905, Seattle WA
b- Chicago IL
daughter- Janet Daisy Druce
b- Nov 12, 1909, Seattle WA

Louis worked in Seattle before coming to work in Victoria
Naturalized US citizen
Oct 9, 1918- He was a Division Freight Agent in Edmonton AB for the GTP

Hamilton Druce
Percy Druce
Sidney Druce
Stanley Druce
Campbell H. Druce
Alexander Druce

Hubert "Bert" G. Shadforth RCNR
b- Bet Apr-June, 1884, Framwellgate, Durham England
(age 28 when he married Hattie)
d- Feb 10, 1942, at sea

Mar 11, 1907- Received Certificate- First Mate

Dec 3, 1918- Received Certificate- Extra Master

Lt-Cmdr- Hubert G. Shadforth, died at sea, Feb 10, 1942
on HMCS Spikenard K198, Corvette, sunk by U boat U-136
He is honoured on the Halifax Memorial, Halifax NS

son of Thomas Shadworth
b- ca 1844,  Durham City, Durham, England
occupation- Auctioneer
and Jane Tindale
b- 1847, Wingate, Durham (age 63 in 1911)

Grandfather- William Shadforth, b- 1811
Grandmother- May Ann, nee ?, b- 1811

married (1) Hattie Morgan, May 8, 1912, St. Paul's Church, Nanaimo BC
b- age 24 when married in 1912
d- Sept 29, 1922 in Nanaimo BC, age 35
daughter of Thomas Morgan and Annie Heden

Re-married (2) Georgina C. Crawford, nee Donovan?
Jan 30, 1925 in New Westminster BC
b- Oct 25, 1895, Battleford SK
d- July 31, 1973 in Coquitlam, BC, age 77
daughter of George Donovan and Elizabeth Clouston

Roderick "Rod" MacKenzie
b- July 6, 1874, in Gairloch, Ross-shire, Scotland (age 45 in 1921)
d- Apr 8, 1934 in Vancouver BC, age 59
buried in Masonic Cemetery, Burnaby
Immigrated in 1911
Chief Officer, Cert #7055

1920 directory shows a Robert MacKenzie,
 as First Officer, SS Prince Rupert
residence 1526, E. 32nd, Vancouver BC.
1923 directory shows Roderick as his name, same address,
shown as a Master Mariner now.
son of Duncan MacKenzie and Ann Grant

wife- Annie MacKenzie
b- 1873 in Scotland, age 45 in 1921
d- 1944
1 son- Duncan MacKenzie,
born and died in Scotland
5 daughters:
daughter- Kennethina Ina MacKenzie
b- 1903, in Scotland, age 18 in 1921
daughter- Euphemia "Effie" McGinnis MacKenzie
 b- 1905, in Scotland, age 16 in 1921
daughter- Katherine "Katie" MacKenzie
 b- 1909 in Scotland, age 12 in 1921
daughter- Annie Grant MacKenzie
 b- 1912 in BC, age 8 in 1921
daughter- Mary Bannerman MacKenzie
b- 1916 in BC, age 5 in 1921

John R. Drysdale
b- ?

Facts I do know for sure:
He lived in London, where his wife and family lived.
He travelled around the world delivering ships,
for the builder of these ships.
One trip he was away from his family
for 4 1/2 years at one time.

Hotel History

Post Office History

Grand Trunk Pacific Page 1- 2

Miller Bay Hospital

Historical Photos
Page 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10

SS Prince Rupert
GTP Steamship

Prince Rupert Dry Dock

BC Govt. Court House

Fire Department

Prince Rupert City Halls

Rupert Riots

Funeral Directors

Lindsay's Cartage & Storage

Albert & McCaffery Ltd



First Around the World Flight

Seal Cove

Watson Island


Area Cemeteries

Dodge- Hospital Island

Digby Island  

Ext Links
NOT my sites

Royal Canadian Navy 100th Anniv. Submarine use

More Barney Johnson info,%20Bernard%20Leitch&id=3084&Page=1&input=Johnson,%20Bernard%20Leitch

GTP flag, page 20 of 98, flag #383

Picture of Barney Johnson,
and great Submarine info

After researching this fellow, I found there is a couple books
written about him and his son
 "The Two Barneys" by Norman Hacking
and "Submarine Sailor" by J. David Perkins
Another book,
Prince Ships of Northern BC ships of the Grant Trunk Pacific
and Canadian National Railways
(First Canadian Edition)
by Norman Hacking, Norman R. Hacking
Paperback, 72 pages, Published 1995
I don't have any of these.

More info on the New SS Prince George

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