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Stewart BC
aka: Stewart City BC

District Municipality
Incorporated in 1907

Village of Stewart Incorporated in 1930

In Cassiar Land District

Latitude- 55 56' 18'' N, Longitude-129 59' 28'' W

Located at the Head of Portland Canal

Area was originally the hunting grounds
of the Naas River Natives

Captain D. D. Gaillard of the US Army Corps of Engineers
came here in 1896, doing survey work.
they built 4 storehouses along the Canal.
the one at the entrance of Hyder AK, is an Historical Monument
Captain David du Bose Gaillard
b- Sept. 4, 1859 Fulton Crossroads, Sumter Co., SC, USA
d- Dec 5, 1913 John Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, USA

Hyder AK was originally called "Portland City"
It was changed in 1914

There is some terrific history sites for this area,
see links below for more.

Stewart was isolated and only accessible
by air or boat for decades.
Until BC Forestry Dept. put up a Swinging man bridge in the 1970's,
over the Nass river, and then the one lane wooden bridge,
that is there today.

There was only the 40 miles of gravel from Stewart,
originally on what they called the "high road",
above the Bear Glacier.
This took you to what today is called Meziadin Junction.
From there to the Nass River was a winding 9 mile
gravel trail, to the Fish Ladders at the Nass.
This 9 mile trail became part of Highway 37 today.
Of course all this is a 2 lane paved highway today.
Over the years due to slides, they moved the high road
down the mountain, and abandoned the high section.
Pictures from the high road above the glacier were impressive.
Today (2014) it has receded so far it is hard to imagine.
all in the last 40 years or so as well.

Aerial of Stewart ca early 1970's
middle foreground, the first King Edward Motel
on left foreground a portion of King Edward Hotel roof visible
BC Tel / Telus office in centre
Across the st to the left, Hub's Pharmacy

Tid Bits of History

Note- Bios and Genealogy info for names mentioned below,
are listed at the bottom of this page, with hyperlinks to them.
Use your "Back" button to return to the article on this page.

Stewart was supposedly founded by a group that were swindled
by a promoter named Burgess (Bruges?) from Seattle.
He was to have placed ads in Seattle papers,
saying for $25 per person, he would lead them
to a placer claim in the Naas Valley.
Close to 84 (64 in another article) miners paid the fee, Spring of 1898,
They left on a chartered American steamer "Discovery", and landed
with horses, and provisions, at a point where the Boundary Line
 touches Portland Canal.
It became known locally as "Bunco Point".
When it came time to show the men their claims,
Burgess disappeared.
At this point I have read a couple different versions of this story,
so which was right?  Let's go with the one below.
The men split up, some making their way back south.
Some remained and camped where Stewart is today.
D. J. Rainey, James W. Stewart, and Ward Brightwell, plus others stayed.
Those that stayed ironically did find riches.
Stewarts found the rich Mountain Boy Mine,
with John D. Conway, (who became the Mining Recorder)
and Henry Ward Brightwell, (a Black Prospector).
They sold their claim to J. D. Edgecombe of Seattle for $250,000.00.
This should be J. W. Edgecomb (alt- Edgecombe)

A Mr. W. R. Tonkin and J. W. Edgecomb, and other Associates,
Feb 1910, sold the controlling interest in their company,
the Mountain Boy Mining Company,
to MacKenzie & Mann

 Brothers Robert Stewart and John Stewart,
joined James Stewart in 1902, from Victoria
see the Stewart bios below.

But then there is some newspaper articles that claim
Mr. F. P. Stewart of Seattle and his son Robert Stewart,
owned claims in the Portland Canal area.
and Government Mining articles say the initials were F. P. Stewart as well.
He used to stay at the Dominion Hotel in Victoria
but also seen him at the King Edward in Victoria as well
1911 shows a Frank P. Stewart in Seattle
shown as a miner- res 604 24th ave N.

And then I did find him as Frank P. Stewart
He owned the American Group for 5 years,  ca 1902-1907
with John Conway, H. W. Brightwell, and M. I. Stewart.
It consisted of 4 claims on American Creek,
15 miles from Stewart.
It was reported the group was bonded to New York parties
for $200,000.00 ca Oct 30, 1907.
The deal was put through by Martin I. Stewart,
one of the owners, and Edward Ellis of Seattle.
So indeed there was another family of Stewarts in the area.

June 1911, German Capitalists were in Stewart,
accompanied by Percy Godenrath.
Mr. H. von Graevenitz
and his brother-in-law, Lieutenant H. von Tumpling
who was an officer of a Prussian Calvary Regiment.
They were both visiting Stewart with their wives.
They were raising money to build a combined Theatre and Skating Rink.
120 ft x 60 ft.. to be built on the corner of 9th and Columbia St.
They were also building many bungalows.
The Stewart Trust Company was in charge of this work.
The German money also built a new home for the Stewart Club.
They made a trip over the Bear Glacier,
Mrs. von Graevenitz was the first white woman over the Glacier.
The ironic part of this, Mr. Godenrath fought the Germans in WWI,
just a few years after this.

Stewart Land Company Ltd. Ad, ca 1911
Picture shows their Company office on the left side,
next R. Boyd Young Co. building,
then the Hotel King Edward.
across the st. on right side of picture,
 on the corner, is the "The Big Store"
owned by Harry Smith,
all on the corner of 5th and Columbia Sts.
photograph taken by William "Will" J. Hughes,
I've seen the original picture on UNBC archives site.
also in the Stewart Promotion Booklet, EXT link below.

Stewart Land Company Ltd.
Incorporated Mar 20, 1906
Capital $20,000, 20,000 shares @ $1 each

Stewart Mining & Development Company
Incorporated Dec 14, 1907
Capital $100,000, divided into 100,000 shares @$1 each

Portland Canal Mining & Development Company Ltd.
Incorporated May 9, 1907
Capital $100,000, 325,000 shares @ .25 cents each
and 150,000 shares @ 12 1/2 cents each

Portland Canal Mining Company Ltd.
Incorporated Oct 7, 1908
Capital $100,000, 4,000,000 shares @ .25 each

Portland Canal Water & Power Company
Incorporated Jan 15, 1910
Capital $25,000, 2,500 shares @ $10 each

Portland Wonder Mining Company Ltd.
Incorporated Oct 19, 1909
Capital $600,000, 600,000 shares @ $1 each

Of course one of the big mines here later on,
the Granduc Copper Mine.
Another the Premier Gold Mine.
Lots of history on these online, so not adding info here.

May 1910- large Sawmill was being built.
Single Hotel was already there, with 2 being built.
the original hotel was adding 40 rooms.
Referred to as the Magic Mining City

Of course Stewart shares an International Boundary
with Hyder Alaska
BC Tel / Telus served both communities

1910- Northern Hotel (see below)
Stewart Trust Co- 5th Ave
The Stewart Club
Baldwin Block, corner Columbia and 6th

Mar 1911- Fire Hall existed, with Volunteer firemen
Same building still there, It was used as a Museum,
last time I was there, but the Museum has since moved.

June 1911- Block 35 of the Townsite was given up,
for a new School, which cost $8500.00

July 1910- Government let the Contract for a $4,000 Court House

1910- Stewart Mining & Development Company
Robert M. Stewart- Vice-President, Manager
John Wardlaw Stewart
William Piggott- President (member of Victoria Stock Brokers Assoc.)
Henry Puckle (Brother-in-law of Stewart brothers)
Gerald Trevor Johnstone Bevan (Broker in Vancouver in 1910)
Arthur H. Piggott
Dr. Francis Thomas Thurstfield Stanier
Dr. L. Rochefort- Secretary-Treasurer

Portland Canal Mining & Development Company Ltd.
were working here on a group of claims,
in the Bear River District, a few miles from Stewart.
They had 3 tunnels by Oct. 1908
Headquarters at Duncan, Vancouver Island, BC.
Charles H. Dickie, President and GM of the Company, ca 1909
Capital Stock of $1,000,000
They had 12 claims on Glacier Creek

Portland Canal Tunnels Ltd.

Portland Canal Mining Division- Stewart, Officials
Gold Commissioner- Norman Allen Watt- 1925
Mining Recorder- John Pritchard Scarlett- 1925

Village Officials
1930- Edward T. Applewhaite, Clerk and Treasurer
1930- H. B. Campbell, Chairman of Commissioners (Howard?)

Bear River Map ca 1913
shows Stewart to Meziadin Lake
Mountains, Creeks, and Rivers shown
Link to map and booklet below

Sept 1910 newspapers reported the theft of the Town Wharf
by a whale that became entangled in the anchor cables.

by 1911 Stewart had a Telephone Exchange,
Water, Power and Light Services

May 1911- 2 wharfs,
One for Government and Public, other Railroad use.

1913- Hartley's Hall existed here.
found a George and Marian Hartley that lived in Stewart
in Oct 1910.  Named after them?

During the 1970's Stewart operated an Indoor Swimming Pool
Skating, Curling Rink, and more.


3 Churches existed by May 1911.

St. Marks Anglican Church

St. Felix Roman Catholic Church

United Church

Stewart General Hospital
Doctors / Dentists

Stewart General Hospital on right,
 and Power/Water system left, ca 1911

May 1911- Hospital was already built at a cost of $10,000

Apr 1911- Matthew John Knight and M. R. Jamieson were appointed
by the BC Government, as their Representatives
on the Board of Directors, of the Stewart General Hospital.

1913- Percy F. Godenrath was Vice-President of the Hospital Board,
who agreed to pay $50 a month to get a doctor for the hospital.
Patrick Daly, on behalf of the Portland Canal Miner's Union,
promised $50 a month for 4 months, for the operation of the hospital.
Government contributed $25 per month.
Stewart Citizen's Assoc. gave $300 / month already.
with the extra $125 a month they were looking for a resident Doctor.

1930- Dr. Henry Alexander Whillans, Doctor
Matron- Mrs. Matheson, (her husband George C. Matheson)
a George Matheson d- Jan 15, 1941, in Stewart BC, age 68, Her husband?

1935- Dr. John Wallace Vosburgh, Doctor

1940- Dr. Murdock Morrison, Doctor
Evelyn Kvale- Nurse, (husband below)
Jessie Rothney- Nurse

1925- Dentist- Dr. Richard Folsom Butler,
worked in Portland Canal News building

1935- Dentist- Dr. James Fuller Shute

1940- Dentist- Dr. Ole E. Kvale, (wife above)
1935 he was a Dentist at the Premier Mine

Stewart Superior School

May 1911- a Public School Building was under construction

1925- Marion Henderson- Principal
John A. Harper- Teacher

1930- Edward Roger Gibson "Ted" Richardson- Principal
Duncan Cameron- School Teacher (shown as teacher in 1935, & 1940 also)

1935- Cherrie Campbell- School Teacher
Petrie Shannan Jack- shown as a Teacher now
Merlt R. Nicholson- School Teacher

1940- Irene Bruggy- School Teacher
Jean Cameron- School Teacher
Walter D. Thorne- School Teacher

1945- Edna Robson- School Teacher

Major Fires

May 14, 1914
Main buildings in Stewart were destroyed by a major fire,
with the loss of $75,000.
Started in the Northern Hotel, the Belmont Block next door,
Offices of the Stewart Trust Company, Government Telegraph Office,
and the "Portland Canal Miner" Newspaper office were all burned.
George A. Clothier's Assay Office was dynamited,
to stop the fire at that point.
The Mocha Cafe was also damaged, but saved by volunteers.

Dec 6, 1932
Fire destroyed the Hotel Stewart,
The Stewart News, a General Store,
Northern Drug Company, (Drug Store), a Butcher Shop,
 and other businesses.
Again they used dynamite,
 and saved the Government Liquor Store.

Various Business Names

Hawkinson's Steam Laundry and Drycleaning
Jacob Phillip "Jake" Hawkinson,

John Mellor, Groceries, ca 1919

Stewart News Agency, Harry P. Gibson, Prop,
News and Confectionary

T. W. Falconer- Hardware Merchant, ca 1918,
 Thomas Wilbert "Tom" Falconer

M. M. Sparhawk, General Store, ca 1918
Minnie Myrtle Sparhawk

Thomas Brennan, Butcher, ca 1919

Northern Drug Store-
1930- J. Allen, Manager

Hub's Pharmacy was the local drug store.
It was established in 1974


Stewart Detachment,
was part of the Prince Rupert Police District, Division D

1911- Robert Webster- Police Constable
b- Dec 1865, in ON
d- ?

1920- Petrie Shannon "Peter" Jack, Provincial Constable
1925, he was Agent for Canadian National Express on 5th st.
and a Public Notary.
1930, Peter was also Secretary of the Superior School

1925- Jack Arlington Williams, Provincial Constable

1930 & 1935- Lawrence Albert Newton Potterton

RCMP were also in Stewart after the Provincial Police closed down.


Sept 1911- Dominion Telegraph line was completed to Stewart

1920- Dominion Government Telegraph Operator-
Sidney Guy Lawrence

1948- R. E. Sharp, Operator


Stewart was hoping to be the terminus of the
of a transcontinental railroad.

They did build a Railroad up the Bear River Pass,
to the mines in that area.
Today Railway Ave. was the location of the rails in Stewart.
by 1929 the railroad was finished.
Portland Canal Short Line Railroad, (PCSLR),  15/17 miles
Mr. John Vincent Rittenhouse, a Mining Engineer,
and Mr. Martin I. Stewart, General Manager,
 left on the SS Camosun, June 10, 1909,
These 2 men were involved in the building of the
The Portland Canal Short Line Railroad Company,
Company was incorporated in Victoria BC, June 9, 1909.
Petitioners for it, Timothy F. Hopkins,
 and Martin I. Stewart, Jan 28, 1909
They were 2 Seattle Mining investors.
They formed their company in 1902 in Seattle.
Railroad Co. was bought in Sept 1909, by Mackenzie and Mann,
 from the Canadian Northern Railway Co.
Sir Donald D. Mann was the chief promoter in this venture.
Canada North Eastern Railroad (CNER) was to connect with it.
In 1911 the Short Line name changed to CNER.
By May 1910- These 2 millionaires bought 90 mining claims in the area.
They also bought as many lots as they could.
They paid $105,000.00 for 160 acres,
 next to the Stewart Land Co. property,
which was on the shore of the Bear River.
They even diverted the mouth of the Bear River,
to place their railroad station there.
They planned on a Smelter, Warehouses,
Round House, Ore Bunkers, and Shops there.
They planned to build 5 wharves there.
Ore Dock, Coal Dock, Steel Dock, Baggage and Freight Dock,
and one reserved for Passengers.
a Government wharf was also planned at a cost of $15,000

Mr. David Owen Lewis, was Superintendent of Construction
for the Portland Canal Short Line Railroad, Apr 1911.
Link below to great 1997 article on this railroad.

Service Clubs

Canadian Legion Branch # 85
1935- Edward Turney Applewhaite, Secretary
1948- R. E. Sharp, Secretary

International  Order of Moose, Portland Canal Lodge #1218
1930- Petrie Shannan Jack Secretary
1948- Alexander "Alex" Russwurm (Jr.), Secretary
They had their own Moose Hall in Stewart

Enoch Lodge #99- Masonic Lodge
Lodge opened in 1923
1948- W. Watts, Secretary
Historic Masonic Lodge building is still standing (2014)


Portland Canal Telephone & Telegraph Company

Mr. Telephone for years in Stewart,
Patrick "Pat" Coulter.

Other men that worked there over the years:
Bob Hippsley
John McPhee
Al Pierce

Bill Perry (left Stewart in fall 1978 to Terrace Const)
Archie Henkey
Ron Strumecki and his family lived there for a couple years as well


"Portland Canal Miner"- James Cullen, Editor, 1910 (alt- Cullin)
Percy F. Godenrath, Publisher, 1910
1920- Manager and Editor- James Cullin
There was a Charles L. Cullen there, as a road foreman in 1911
can't seem to find Mr. James though.

1925- it shows up as "Portland Canal News", on 5th st.
Herbert Williams Michell "Bert" Rolston, Editor and Publisher
President of the Stewart Club.
He was also a Broker, partnership with Henry D. Rochfort
Dec 6, 1932 his business burnt down

1935 & 1940- "Northern Argonaut" Newspaper
A. J. Stephens
, Editor

more Newspapers in EXT link below


Mocha Cafe, 5th st.
1914- owner ?

1916- Gus George owned a Restaurant, Name? and Grocery store

Exchange Grill -on 5th st,
1920- Herman & Herbert McEwen, Proprietors
1925- Jacob P. Hawkinson- owner
1930-1940- John Andrew Coughlan- owner

Silver Grill- on 5th st.
1925- Jack Ellis, Owner

Good Eats Cafe, 5th corner of Brightwell
1925- David Joinville, owner
b- Mar 11, 1875, in Tecumseh, ON
d- Oct 14, 1971, Bradden Private Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 96

1930- Launcelot "Lance" Craine- Prop

Stewart White Lunch, 5th st
1925- Mrs. Henrietta Osborne, owner
Her husband- John Osborne

Prince George Cafe
1948- M. Lazerevich, Prop.

The Ritz Cafe
1930- Miss Annie Obuchina, Prop.

Stewart Cafe
1930- Mrs. Bertha Stickney- Prop.


 Empress Hotel,  4th and Brightwell
May 1911, J. Frederick Lins, Owner and Manager

3rd hotel in town was the Empress Hotel
It has been used for various things over the years
Last I seen a lumberyard
1910 Citizens hosted Sir Donald Mann in a banquet here

Empress Hotel from Telephone Office
Photo courtesy Brian Wolfe, Ladysmith BC

 Hotel King Edward, 5th and Columbia
May 1911- J. A. Rogers, Proprietor

Partner in Hotel in 1910- James Y. Naismith
This is probably James D. Naismith, but not positive.
Hotel Keeper in 1901 in Rossland area.
1911 he was a partner in a Hotel in Vancouver BC
b- July 1858 in ON

Partner in Hotel, (per 1911 census),  Albert Lund

1920- Proprietor- Roy G. Moseley

1921 census shows Roy Moseley partner in Hotel
with William H. Tolin
W. H. Tolin shown Proprietor in 1925-1929

1930 owner shown as John McLeod
His son Ian McLeod took over when his father died in 1952

Shell Stn, "New" King Edward Hotel, CIBC Bank, ca 1970's,
Photo by Brian Wolfe

The original King Edward Hotel burnt down, Feb 1971,
but rebuilt on same site by Ian McLeod.

 Northern Hotel- 5th and Victoria
 May 1911- M. R. Jamieson, Proprietor
It burnt down May 14, 1914 (see story above)
(postcard link below)

Hotel Stewart (alt- Stewart Hotel)
1922- William Dann, Owner (also shown in 1925)
wife- Nettie M. Dann
1930- J. McAleenan, Prop.
Building burnt down, Dec 6, 1932

Baldwin Hotel
1921- William Dann owner

Hotel Keith
operated by William Ronald "Billy" Reid
His 2nd in Stewart, and he had one in Hyder as well

Miner's Rest, 5th st.
1925- Mrs. Elizabeth Lamb, Owner

Hotel Tourist, 5th corner Columbia St
1925- Jack Yohns, Owner

Northern Rooms, 5th corner Brightwell.
1925- George W. Russel, owner
wife- Ethel Russel

The Newell Rooms, 5th st
1925- Cora Tallefson, Owner (alt sp- Dora Tolliffsen)

Bayview Hotel
1935- John Mason Hutchings, owner

Marmot Hotel Ltd.
1946- Thomas Newell, Manager
1948- Gordon Rothnie, Manager
William Reid Tooth owned the building at one point
He sold out to August "Augie" John Geeraert,
see Terrace Hotel history for Augie.

Alpine Motel
when I worked with BC Tel in the 70's,
we stayed at the Alpine Motel.
Main reason, they had kitchen units, and a fridge for beer!
Plus Ma and Pa Barker managed the Motel.
They were the mother and father of Larry Barker,
who worked for BC Tel at that time.

1919- Peter LaFrance
operated a Road House at American Creek

Hotel Names ?
1921- Ronald J. McDonell, Hotel Keeper
in 1925 he was living in the King Edward Hotel

1921- Thomas Taylor- Hotelman

1919-1924 William Ronald "Billy" Reid operated a hotel in Stewart

Hyder Hotels

Bellview Hotel
Mrs. Helen Bell

Portland Rooms
Michl Koyris
, Owner

Ocean View Hotel Ltd.
C. M. Ridley,
1930- E. E. Chesterton, Prop.

Crescent Rooms
J. H. Hicks
, Owner

Hotel Frazer
Alex A. Frazer,

The Alaskan
1925- William Ronald Reid,
operated furnished rooms in Hyder

Sealaska Inn

Post Office History

Name of Office: Stewart
Federal Electoral District: Skeena (BC)

Office Opened May 1, 1905

Postmaster Information:
Name of Postmaster Military Status Date of
Date of
Date of
Cause of Vacancy
Robert Musket Stewart     1905-05-01 1909-06-24 Resignation
Harry Smith     1909-10-19 1910-07-05 Resignation
William Cameron     1910-09-01 1927-08-29 Death
Mrs Dorothy Ada Cameron     1927-12-20 1930-04-21 Resignation
Geo Gordon Patrick Ernest Heinekey OAS 1884-12-23 1930-11-16 1932-06-02 Resignation
James Morrice OAS 1897-09-07 1932-09-01 1942-10-10 Resignation
Alexander "Alex" Russwurm (Jr.) OAS 1873-07-21 1942-11-30 Acting  
John Bouzek (Sr.)   1888-05-15 1947-07-01 1959-05-15 Retirement
Mrs Lilian Finney OAS   1959-05-15 Acting  
           "     1959-09-25 1964-11-02 Death
Mrs Margie Evelyn Fraser     1964-11-11 Acting  
Mrs Ilia Iona Kirkpatrick     1965-01-21 Acting  
           "     1965-03-22 -  

This reproduction is NOT represented as an official version of the materials reproduced,
nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

Postmaster Bios

Charles W. West is shown as Stewart Postmaster in 1905 directory.
he very well could have been the First Postmaster.

Robert  M. Stewart
see bio below

Stewart was founded by Brothers
 John Wardlaw Stewart and Robert Musket Stewart
who sold the first lots here.
They formed the Stewart Land Company,
and the Stewart Mining & Development Company

Stewart Brothers Immigrated in 1890 to Vancouver Island
where they had a small farm.

There is some confusion in history books and articles, with the father's name.
father of John shown as George in his death cert.
Picture on the district of Stewart's site, says his name was George also.
Then an article in British Colonist, Mar 2, 1906, says Robert's father was
Mr. F. P. Stewart from Seattle.
He sold the Stewart Group,
which consisted of the Mountain Boy, American Girl,
Hard Money, and the Northern Belle,
to an Oregon Syndicate for $250.000.00. (see above)
Claims were 15 miles inland from Stewart,
on the west fork of the Bear River, known as Bear Creek.
Just 3 miles from the Alaskan Boundary.
It says he discovered the claims,
and others with interest, his son Robert Stewart,
John Conway and H. W. Brightwell.

Mining reports say these claims were located in 1902
 by F. P. Stewart, M. I. Stewart, John Conway, & H. W. Brightwell
so now we have another Stewart? M. I.?
As seen above this was Martin I. Stewart from Seattle.

But I am 99.9% sure I have the right connection below

    The whole Stewart Family Bio

    Paternal grandfather- Andrew Stewart
    Paternal grandmother- Christian Mouat

    father- George Stewart (Sr.)
    b- Aug 25, 1824 in Lerwick, Shetland Islands
    d- Jan 18, 1911 in Victoria, age 76
    Buried in Shady Creek United Cemetery
    Known as an Author, Poet, Philanthropist, Artist
    and a man of Business.
    Self taught, was teaching school in Leavenwick Scotland at age of 15.
    He went to Edinburgh in 1844 to attend the Normal School there.
    He was a retired merchant, and carved wood later in life.
    He was the author of "Shetland Fireside Tales" see link below
    He went to Leith and was in partnership with a brother
    in a Mercantile Business there for 30 years.
    1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian,
     with wife, 2 daughters, and 1 son, William.
    also a 6 month granddaughter, Gladys M. Caulder.
    George shown age 65, Provision Merchant
    18 years before 1911, he came to Saanich. (ca 1892)
    Lived on Bonnie Brae Farm, Keating District, South Saanich, BC
    Bonnie Brae farm was 10 miles from Victoria
    Stewart Land Co. tried selling the farm in May 1911, 1912,
    then again Feb, Mar 1913
    27 acres under cultivation, 13 acres in orchard,
    7 acres in pasture, 8 room house, barn 30 x 16.
    in 1917 George Stewart Jr and his wife were living on the farm.
    Obit- Victoria Times, 18 Jan 1911, p.4: George Stewart, 85, retired merchant, d. at r.o. dau Mrs MacFarlane, Sylvia St, leaves daus: Mrs Mac Farlane; Mrs Puckle, Saanich; Mrs Langston, Luxton Rd; Mrs Agassiz, Tacoma, WA, USA; sons: Andrew & James, Victoria; George, Saanich; John & Robert, Stewart, BC.

    George (Sr) had a brother William Stewart, a Wool Broker in Leith
    and a brother, John Stewart, a Commission Agent in Liscord.

    married Dec 1, 1853, Edinburgh, Scotland

    mother- Elizabeth "Eliza" Anderson
    b- Apr 21, 1829, Fifeshire, Scotland
    d- Jan 30, 1903 South Saanich, age 73
    Buried in Shady Creek United Cemetery, Saanichton BC

    They had 5 daughters and 6 sons
    All but one son lived in BC in 1903

    Andrew Stewart,  (Oldest child)
    b- July 20, 1855 in Leith, Scotland (1854 in Edinburgh per death cert)
    d- Dec 27, 1925 in Victoria BC, age 71
    1871 he is shown age 16, grocer
    1891, age 37, in Johnson St. Ward, in Victoria, Grocer's Salesman
    witness at brother George's wedding
    married Margaret Croft, nee Williams, June 1, 1911 in Vancouver BC
    b- 1862 in San Francisco, USA
    she was a widow

    Elizabeth Stewart, (Oldest daughter)
    b- July 8, 1856 in Scotland,
    d- Mar 11, 1951, Vancouver BC, age 94
    married John Hay MacFarlane
    he died before 1951
    lived at St. James Bay, Victoria ca 1908
    Sylvia st, Saanich, in 1911
    had a daughter Eva MacFarlane

    Christina M. Stewart, (2nd daughter)
    b- May 7, 1858, in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland,
    d- ?
    married Guy Langton (alt- Langston?)
    Living on Luxton Rd, Victoria in 1911
    1871 census she is shown as age 52, which can not be right
    I think it probably says age 12

    George M. Stewart (Jr) (2nd son)
    b- May 8, 1860 in Mid-Lothian, Scotland,( age 61 in 1921, fruit grower)
    d- May 30, 1937, Oak Bay, age 77
    1891 age 31, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, Grocer's Salesman
    age 54 when he married
    President of the Saanich Farmer's Institute at Keatings, ca 1913
    married Frances Hope Brown, June 27, 1914 St. James Church, Victoria BC
    b- in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England,
    age 56 in 1921, age 46, when she married
    1917 he was living on his dad's farm

    James W. Stewart (3rd son)
    b- Apr 18, 1862 in Dalkeith, Scotland (Edinburgh in death cert)
    d- Aug 14, 1940, Oak Bay BC, age 78
    age 60 when he married in 1923
    1891, age 29, in Johnson St. Ward, in Victoria, Pipe Caulker
    married Margaret Minto Leitch, Dec 4, 1923 in Victoria BC
    b- in Stanhope, PEI, age 57
    1925 they were living in Stewart on Victoria St.

    John Wardlaw Stewart (4th son)
    b- May 16, 1864, Dalkeith, Scotland
    d- Mar 16, 1946 Stewart BC, age 81
    buried in Stewart BC, the only original Stewart buried in Stewart!
    1891 age 27, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, shown as a Miner.
    married May Skinner Duncan, Oct 1, 1919 in Prince Rupert
    b- Edinburgh, Scotland, age 25 when she married
    daughter of John Duncan and Mary Russell
    1925 they were living in Stewart house on 7th, corner Victoria St.
    J. W. shown manager of Dunwell Mines Ltd.
    and Manager Stewart Land Company Ltd.
    1930 in Stewart, Manager of Dunwell still
    and Manager of Glacier Creek Mining Co. now
    He came to Stewart ca 1902

    William Stewart (5th son)
    b- Feb 25, 1866, in Dalkeith, Edinburgh, Scotland
    d- Nov 8, 1910, Edinburgh Scotland
    1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc
    shown age 25 in 1891, Flour Salesman
    William stayed in Scotland and died there

    Robert Musket Stewart (alt- Mushet, middle name) (6th son)
    b- July 14, 1868 in Dalkeith Scotland
    d- Apr 4, 1954, Royal Oak Private Hospital, South Saanich, BC, age 85
    cremated- Royal Oak Crematorium
    shown buried in Shady Creek Cemetery
    Immigrated in 1890
    1891 age 22, in Johnson St Ward, in Victoria, Clerk in a Drug Store
    1901 census shows Robert Stewart in Saanich with his parents
    1911 shown as a real estate broker in Stewart
    1910, JP, Deputy Mining recorder
    Retired Broker, Stocks and Bonds
     married Lottie Louise Turgoose,
    married Aug 28, 1908 at St. Stephen's Church, Saanicton BC
    she died before Robert
    buried in Shady Creek Cemetery
    they had 3 children, 1 daughter, 2 sons,
    all deceased now

    Isabella "Belle" Stewart,  (3rd daughter)
    b- Aug 2, 1870 in Dalkeith, Midlothian, Scotland,
    age 31 when married,
    d- Sept 3, 1953 in Victoria BC, age 82
    married Henry Puckle, July 29, 1902
     at sister Elizabeth's home on Sylvia St, in Victoria BC
    b- 1871, Norwood, England
    lived in Saanich in 1911
    when married he was a prominent rancher in Saanich
    shown age 19 in 1891 Scotland Census
    1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc

    Ena Jessie Robina Stewart  (twin to Agnes)
    shows as Jessie Robina Stewart in Scotland Census
    but name Ena appears in Canada
    b- June 18, 1872, Leith, Scotland
    age 21 when married, b- 1874?
    1891 living in Over Gogar House, Ratho, Midlothian, with mother, father etc
    married Charles E. Lucian Agassiz, June 4, 1895 in BC
    b- in 1873,  Inareston, England, age 22
    lived in Tacoma WA in 1911

    Agnes Fleming Brown Stewart (twin to Ena)
    b- June 18, 1872, Leith, Scotland
    I don't see her in the later census, so did she die early?

Harry Smith
b- Apr 1858 in England
Retail Merchant in 1911 in Stewart
immigrated in 1894
Dec 1909- his 2 story General Store, 40 x 120 ft was being built
it was named "The Big Store" on 5th st.
Groceries, Hardware, and Gent's Furnishings
Visible on right side, photo above.

William Cameron
b- Nov 1876 in ON
d- Aug 29, 1927 in Stewart
1918- Collector of Customs as well
married Dorothy Ada Cameron nee ?
b- Aug 1882 in England
d- aft 1930
immigrated in 1889

Son- Eric Cameron
b- Nov 1902 in BC
daughter- Phillis Cameron
b- Feb 1904 in BC

George Gordon Patrick Ernest Heinekey
b- Dec 23, 1884 Knysna Cape Colony, South Africa
d- Aug 8, 1948 in Saanich BC, age 63
buried in Royal Oak Cemetery
6 years, Imperial Light Horse, S. Africa
5 years, 5th Regt. Garr. Artillery
enlisted in WWI, Lieutenant,  Reg # 107299
enlisted in Victoria BC, Nov 16, 1914
occupation Fruit Grower
father- George Marshall Heinekey
d- July 20, 1911 in Victoria BC, age 56
mother- Caroline Rex
d- Mar 31, 1931 in Victoria BC, age 76
married Lily Simpson, Oct 12, 1910 in Victoria BC
b- Sept 5, 1889  in Scotland
d- June 14, 1966 in Victoria BC, age 76
daughter of James Simpson and Elizabeth Adamson

They had 4 children:
George Marshall Heinekey
Patrick Heinekey
Dennis Heinekey
Roderick Bruce Heinekey

brother- Gilbert Austin Heinekey
b- Nov 30, 1890 Knysna Cape Colony, South Africa
d- Dec 17, 1971 in Saanich BC, age 81

James Morrice
b- Sept 7, 1897 Brechue,(aka- Brechin, Brechire?) Forfarshire, Scotland
enlisted in WWI, Reg # 89349
1933- manager of T. H. Zeffertt Ltd., Dry Goods and Men's furnishings
father- James Morrice, (or George Morrice?)
 mother- Mary Morrice

Alexander "Alex" Russwurm (Jr.)
b- Nov 21, 1874 (or July 21, 1873?) in Portsmouth (Portsea), Hants, England
d- Dec 28, 1948 in Stewart BC, age 74
Served in a war somewhere, unable to find that info
Came to Canada 17 years before he died
father- Alexander Russwurm (Sr.), b- Portsmouth, Hants, England
Educated at Oxford University, Rev. Alexander Russwurm B.A.
Grammar School, Penny St., Portsmouth, Headmaster
mother- Fanny Hales Slade (Laye?), b- Frome, Somerset, England
Alex married Ethel Violet Winder Aug 20, 1902, 
in All Saints Church, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, England
 b- 1883- d- 1972
they had 3 children, all deceased now

sister- Catherine Emily Russwurm, married Henry Phillip Gibson

brother- William Laye Russwurm

sister- Dora Mary Russwurm, married Charles Talbot Baker

John Bouzek (Sr.)
b- May 15, 1888 in Czechoslovakia
d- Nov 27, 1974, Richmond General Hospital, age 86
buried with his wife in Stewart Cemetery
married Barbara Kratky
b- July 29, 1895 in Czechoslovakia
d- Nov 16, 1952 in Stewart BC, age 57
daughter of Joseph Kratny, b- Bohemia

Link to his son, John Boucek Jr. below
Family arrived in Stewart in 1928 per that article

Mrs. Lilian Finney, nee Whelan
b- Sept 12, 1909, in England
(she might have been born in 1900?)
d- Nov 2, 1964, St Paul Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 55
buried in Mt. View Cemetery in Vancouver
She was Postmistress, living in Stewart before she died.
shown as a widow when she died
came to Canada ca 1954
she was a Church Worker at 15 Rydal Ave, Fleetwood, Lancashire, England
when she went back to England in 1955, for 2 months
married Peter Finney, Apr-June 1924, Wigan Reg Dist, Lancashire, England
b- ?
d- aft 1947
Civil Servant in 1947
they had a son Derek Edward Finney
b- 1925
d- June 10, 1946 in Madras, India, age 20
Flt. Lieutenant , RAF, 356 Squadron
London Gazette Oct 6, 1944 entry- 2204295 Derek Edward Finney (166720)

Everyone else is entering privacy issues,
 so I will not research them.

Trying a New Format, starting with this Stewart page,
 listing Bios in one area, at the bottom of my pages,
with links to them here.
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Misc. Bios and Genealogy Info from Names Above
Alphabetical by Surname

Edward Turney Applewhaite
b- Nov 23, 1898 in Nelson BC
d- Sept 12, 1964 Prince Rupert General Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 65
buried in Fairview Cemetery, Prince Rupert
became a Magistrate in Prince Rupert
Enlisted in WWI, in Creston BC,  Reg # 2208394
son of Edward Hay Hines Applewhaite, b- London, England
and Evelyn Nicholson Turney, b- In Scotland
married Dorothy Ada Thompson

Henry "Ward" Brightwell
b- Feb 12, 1861 in Greenford, Mahoning, Ohio
d- May 8, 1941, San Bernardino, CA
Brightwell St in Stewart named after this man,
as well as Ward's Pass.
father- Richard L. Brightwell
mother- Mary Elizabeth Western (Weston?)
He was married then divorced by 1934,
daughter Rebecca Brightwell in CA with him in 1934
he is shown as a miner

Richard Folsom Butler
b- May 9, 1899 in Vancouver BC
d- Sept 17, 1980 in Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 81
son of Arthur Everett Butler and Lila Jane Folsom
married Esther Jean Stangland June 27, 1930 in New Westminster, BC
b-  Feb 16,1906, in Hanley SK, age 24 in 1930
daughter of Nels L. Stangland, and Elizabeth McKee

George Ambrose Clothier
b- May 1875 in Kemptville, ON
d- Sept 24, 1943, in Nanaimo BC, age 68
Mining Engineer, Assayer
Resident Engineer, No 6 District in Vancouver BC, ca 1928
married Agnes Constance Kingham, Nov 1, 1924 in Prince Rupert BC
b- in Victoria, age 22
Registered Nurse
daughter of Joshua Kingham and Grace Fawcett

Brother- Robert Leroy "Roy" Clothier
b- Dec 28, 1882 in Kemptville, ON
d- Mar 10, 1967 Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 84
he was shown as a Mining Engineer in Stewart in 1911 as well
1920 shown as a storekeeper in Stewart
He enlisted in WWI in New Hazelton BC, Sept 26, 1915
shown as a miner then, not married.
reg # 154327, Canadian Engineers, Army, 1st Pioneer Batt.
next of kin, father- Ambrose Clothier (see below)
married Patty Margaret Harding

Brother- James Clothier
b- ca 1871 in ON

Sister- Mabel R. Clothier
b- May 28, 1873 in ON

Sister- Rachel E. Clothier
b- Mar 30, 1877, in ON

Sister- Katie B. Clothier
b- Jan 27, 1878, in ON

Sister- Nellie M. Clothier
b- Sept 9, 1880, in ON

sister- Bessie Clothier
b- June 18, 1889, in ON

Sister- Anne Clothier
b- July 21, 1892 in Kemptville, ON, (age 28 in 1925, 1897?)
she was a nurse in the Stewart Hospital
when she married George Charles Andrew, May 9, 1925 in Stewart
b- England, age 24

Father- Ambrose Clothier
 b- Nov 17, 1846 in Kemptville ON
Brickmaker in Kemptville ON
Mother- Catherine Kirkup (sp?)
 b- Dec 21, 1849, in England

I think all the children were born
in Kemptville Village, Leeds & Grenville, ON

1804-05 - Lyman Clothier Sr. from Connecticut, New England, moves into Oxford-On-Rideau
1814 - Lyman Clothier buys 100 acres in Kemptville
1815 - Clothier family open sawmill, blacksmiths shop, and carding machine for weaving
Lyman Clothier had 15 children

We can see this was an old family in this village
Village was called Clothier's Mill, before changing to Kemptville ca 1829.

John D. Conway
b- Nov 13, 1866 in London, England
some records says 1865, but his retirement announcement
from BC government states 1866, so that should be correct.
d- Mar 19, 1940, at 596 Oliver St, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC
I know he is Buried in Royal Oak Burial Park, Victoria BC
per death cert immigrated in 1898 ( Immigrated in 1889) (1909 below?)
Appointed Deputy Mining Recorder, Skeena Mining Div., Apr 1903
Mining Recorder, Skeena Mining Division, in Stewart in 1911
Mar 1913 appointed Stipendiary Magistrate for County of Atlin.
there was a John Conway appointed Police Constable
in Port Simpson in 1907, same guy?

He retired Mar 31, 1933.
He entered Government Service Mar 1903
He received a superannuation allowance of $85.05/ mo.
He held the following positions when he retired:
Government Agent, Cumberland, Dept of Finance
Registrar of the County Court, of Nanaimo
Deputy Assessor, Comox Assessment district
Hospital Director, St. Joseph's and Union Comox District Hospitals.
Registrar of Voters, Comox Electoral District.

John married Mary Conway, nee ?
b- June 1881 in BC
d- aft 1940
Mary's father born in ON, mother in BC
Conway St. in Stewart was named after him.
1921- John and his wife at 722, 5th St W., in Prince Rupert
John age 53, in England, Irish parents, Immigrated in 1909,
Shown as Acting Government Agent in Rupert at that time
Mary shown as age 39
daughter- Sheila Mary Conway, age 7, b- ca 1914 in BC

John Andrew Coughlan
b- ca 1869
d- Nov 3, 1941 in Stewart BC, age 72
July 9, 1923 he entered the Port of Hyder AK, age 53, citizen of Canada

Launcelot "Lance" Craine
b- May 31, 1879, Peel, Isle of Man, age 40 in 1921
d- May 17, 1953, Pacelqua, Lillooet, age 73
immigrated in 1897
son of John Craine and Susan
married Winifred Dixon
b- ca 1899
d- Jan 24, 1942 in Quesnel, age 43

William Dann
b- Oct 14, 1884, Burnley, Lancashire, England, age 35 in 1921
d- July 5, 1959, beach Grove Rd, Boundry Bay BC, age 74
1944 he was on his way to Georgetown, British Guyana, via Los Angeles
shown as a Mining Engineer
lived on Beach Grove, Ladner BC at the time.
son of John Dann (Cotton Weaver, 1891 in Lancashire, England) and Margaret Hargraves
Immigrated in 1905 to Montreal Quebec

wife- Nettie May Dann, nee Wilson
b- Sept 11, 1893 in Arkansas, USA, age 28 in 1921
d- Oct 14, 1980, Melodie Court, Delta BC, age 87
1937 she lived in Vancouver BC

Charles Herbert Dickie
b- Sept 14, 1858, in Beachville, ON
d- Sept 17, 1947 North Vancouver General Hospital, N. Vancouver BC, age 89
He became a Conservative MP and tried to pass
a motion to adopt a national flag, with the Union Jack
as part of the main feature.
Mining Operator
Pulled stumps in Duncan BC area.
son of James Dickie, and Lucretia Burdick
married Edith Amy Bennett

John W. Edgecomb
b-July 1856/57, in Byron, Kent, Michigan USA (age 33 in 1889)
d- July 9, 1947, Seattle, King, WA, age 90
Edgecomb Washington named after this man
He operated his logging camp here.
Known as a Timberman
1889, Lumberman in Seattle, King, WA
1905- in Bailey Building, Seattle WA, USA, under Timber Lands category
July 1, 1910 arrived in Seattle from Prince Rupert, age 54.

father- Silas Asa Edgecomb,
b- Nov 24, 1824, in New York,
d- Apr 18, 1913, Edmonds, Snohomish Co, WA, USA
mother- Anna "Ann""Annie" Edgecomb, nee Freeman,
b- June 19, 1831, near St. Thomas, Canada West.

John married Margaret "Maggie" May Edgecomb, nee Bogie, in 1883
b- Jan 1858, in NY, (age 30 in 1889)
d- Apr 26, 1941 in Seattle WA, age 83
daughter of Patrick Bogie and Mary Shields

daughter- Winnifred M. Edgecomb
b- Mar 13,1886, in Michigan, (age 3 in 1889)
d- Mar 31, 1979 Seattle, King, WA
daughter- Anna Edgecomb
b- ca 1888, in Washington, USA (age 1 in 1889)
d-  possibly died early, not in later census
Elizabeth "Bessie" M. Edgecomb
b- Mar 1891 in WA, USA
d- Mar 26, 1946 in Seattle, King, WA, age 55
both daughters never married

9 siblings of John,
ca 1860 in Byron, Kent, MI
Maria Edgecomb, 12, 1848, MI, F
Nelson Edgecomb, 10, 1850, Mi, M
Mary J. Edgecomb, 6, 1854, MI, F

1870 more added, living in Newaygo Co, MI,
Charles Edgcomb, 9, M, W, MI
Alvaretta Edgcomb, 8, F, W, MI
Arthur Edgcomb, 6, M, W, MI
Anna Edgcomb, 2, F, W, MI
William Edgcomb, 1/12, M, W, MI, April

another in 1874, Thomas Edgecomb

William Judson Elmendorf,
b- Oct 4, 1865 in Jamaica, Queens, New York, USA
d- June 26, 1933 in Seattle, King, WA, age 67
Mining Engineer, came to Stewart in 1910
and stayed for 5 years.
He was a Mining and Metallurgical Engineer,
a member and President of the Seattle Mining Club, 1915-1928+.
He was with the Bunker Hill & Sullivan from 1908-1910.
He was a resident of Spokane for several years,
and of Portland from 1910-1915
worked for Portland Canal Mining Company
 He attended Brooklyn Polytechnic and Collegiate Institute
Worked first in San Juan District, Colorado
Worked in various mines in Colorado,
then Slocan Star Mine, in BC,
then Sullivan Group, East Kootenay,
then Arctic Chief Copper Company Mine in AK.
1915 his headquarters was in Seattle.
Father- William S. Elmendorf, Mother- Martha Elmendorf, nee Ryder
William Judson was a descendant of Captain John Elmendorf,
1st Regiment, New York Militia
married Mary J. Elmendorf, nee Johnson, Feb 2, 1892 Arapahoe Co, CO
 b- 1872
d- 1937

Thomas Wilbert "Tom" Falconer
b- June 20, 1886, Morden, Lisgar dist,  Manitoba, age 24 when he was married
son of Duncan Falconer and Kate Hopper
He operated one of the First Grocery Stores in Alice Arm BC
1928 and 1933 he ran in Provincial election in Atlin ridng, for Conservatives
married Ola (Olah?) Juanita Selkirk, Sept 14, 1910 in Port Haney, BC
b-ca 1889,  Blytheswand, ON, age 21 in 1910
daughter of James Selkirk, and Willhelmina Armstrong

Percy Francis Godenrath
b- Oct 19, 1874 in Shanghai, China,
d- Mar 13, 1944 in Montreal, Quebec, age 69.
 Immigrated in 1888
1897 he was in Spokane WA with his mother
shown as next of kin for his wife, in WWI,
as Captain Percy Francis Godenrath. Reg # 77134,
Enlisted in WWI, Nov 11, 1914 in Victoria BC,
 Commissioner of Board of Trade for Victoria at the time.
16th Batt., Canadian Scottish.
He travelled the Province recruiting soldiers.
He was Manager and Founder of the publication "The Brazier"
The First frontline paper for men in the trenches in WWI.
Studied law in Calgary AB.
Lived in Ottawa, Grand Forks, etc.
He was Publisher of the "Portland Canal Miner"
Published Catalogue of the Manoir Richlieu Collection,
 of North American Indians (1830-1840)

Published Stewart, the Pacific's treasure chest a handbook & souvenir,
of Stewart and the Portland canal, British Columbia. (link below)
Published- Canada's national playground a guide and souvenir,
 of Banff and tourist resorts,
 of the Rocky and Selkirk Mountains in Albert and British Columbia, Canada.
Published- Mother Earth's treasure vaults, and other true tales of achievement,
 development and opportunity in the Boundary, southern Okanagan,
Similkameen, Nicola districts to British Columbia.
July 1907- Business Manager of Westward Ho! Magazine
Hastings st., in Vancouver BC.
May 1910, he was a representative of the Stewart Trust Company Ltd.
wife- Eva Blanche Godenrath
b- July 16, 1882, in Glendale, Kentucky, USA, immigrated in 1906
shown as a Nursing Sister in WWI
Canadian Army Medical corps, Army,
enlisted May 12, 1915 in London England

shown marrying again July-Sept 1929 to lady named McCarthy
in Southwark Reg District, England

Percy's mother, Mrs Ariadna E. Godenrath died Mar 18, 1907
in St. Paul Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 67

his father Arianda Godenrath was a field collector in Asia
for Pitt River Museum, Oxford England

Jacob Phillip "Jake" Hawkinson
b- Sept 21, 1877, in Franconia Township, Chisago, Minnesota, USA
d- Mar 20, 1968, Langley Memorial Hospital, Langley BC, age 90
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC
Steam Engineer
lived on a farm 6 miles south of Center City, Franconia Township, MN
lived in Alice Arm when his brother Alfred died in 1931.
son of Gustave (alt- Gustaf) and Carolyn (alt- Carolina) Hawkinson (Hakansson)
2nd wife- Carolina Jonasdotter
they had 8 children,
Gustaf married 1st, Johanna Jonasdotter
they had 4 children

Jake married Ellen Dale, b- 1892
had 2 daughters, Juanita Hawkinson, who married.
and Laverna Hawkinson

brother- David Hawkinson,
b- 1866, Sweden, (1st child of 2nd wife)
lived in Center City, MN, in 1931
David stayed on the family farm in MN
brother- Frans "Frank" Oscar Hawkinson,
b- 1869 at Very, Sweden?
d- Sept 8, 1939, Park City, Utah, age 70, miner
lived in Utah in 1931
brother- Samuel Gustave "Sam" Hawkinson,
 lived in Minneapolis, MN in 1931
brother- Dr. Joseph W. "Joe" Hawkinson,
lived in Luverne, Minnesota in 1931
brother- Israel Hawkinson,
b-1875, d- 1909
brother- Theodore Ludwig Hawkinson,
 b- 1883, d- 1884
brother- Theodore Wilhelm Hawkinson,
 lived in Davenport, Iowa in 1931

Step brother- Johan "John" August Hawkinson, (son of 1st wife)
 lived in Douana Texas, when brother Frank died,
 and Parkers Prairie MN in 1931 when brother Alfred died
Step brother- Carl Johan Hawkinson,
b- 1855- d-1926 (son of 1st wife)
Step brother- Alfrid Gustafson, (son of 1st wife)
Step brother- Alfred Hawkinson, (son of 1st wife)
b- Nov 16, 1858, in Sweden
d- May 10, 1931, Chisago Co., MN, USA, age 72

Timothy F. Hopkins
b- ca 1853 in US
wife- Florence S. Hopkins, nee Alexander
son born Apr 27, 1916 in Seattle
1899, shown in Butte Montana, as a Mining engineer
1900 as an Engineer in Butte Montana
1902 as an Engineer in Bozeman Montana
1903 there is a Timothy F. Hopkins living in Spokane WA, as a miner
1917 living in Seattle WA with his wife, at h- D1902 Jackson
Timothy left Prince Rupert, on SS Humboldt Feb 25, 1910,
heading back to Seattle WA
He might have been the Timothy F. Hopkins
born as Timothy Nolan, adopted by a Mrs Mary F. Searles
she was married to Mark Hopkins.
He received 3,000,000 from her will.
His natural father Thomas Nolan.
Thomas died in Sacramento CA
This is pure guess on my part for this guy.
His adopted mother said he was born Mar 2, 1850 in Maine
to Patrick Nolan, so who knows for sure.
We know for sure he had the money to build this railroad.

William J. Hughes
b- June 1880 in ON
Photographer of many old pictures in Stewart, ca 1911
He operated a Dry Goods Store,
 next to "The Big Store" on 5th st., ca 1911

John Mason Hutchings
b- July 31, 1870, Poplar, England
d- Mar 29, 1954 in Stewart General Hospital, Stewart BC, age 83
buried in Stewart Cemetery
Became Liquor Vender in Stewart until 1949
married Alice Maud Cripps
b- July 24, 1883, Chepstow, Wales
d- Oct 17, 1972, Victoria General Hospital, Victoria BC, age 89
daughter of George Cripps and Sarah Wathen, both b- Wales
John and Alice had 4 children
see my Anyox page for more on him

Petrie Shannan "Peter" Jack
b- May 1, 1878 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
d- Apr 14, 1961 in Kitsilano Private Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 82
Immigrated July 2, 1906 on the Pretorian, to Montreal
shown as an Engineer in Vancouver BC, age 30 in 1911
Clerk, Bookkeeper in Stewart in 1921
Steamship Agent, CNR until 1946
son of William Porteous Jack and Mary Elizabeth Jack, nee MacFarlane
sister- Ada Jane MacFarlane Jack,
brother- Horton William Porteous Jack
Petrie married Mary Florence Cameron, Mar 13, 1912 in Vancouver BC
b- in Scotland, age 37 in 1921
d- before Peter
Immigrated in 1911

4 children I found:
daughter- Mary Jack
b- ca 1913 in BC
son- Horton Cameron Jack
b- July 3, 1914 in BC
d- Sept 25, 1944, in England, age 30
He was overseas, Canadian Army, WWII, married
daughter- Doreen Jack
b- 1918 in BC
son- Peter Stuart Jack

Melbourne Robert Jamieson
b- Jan 1866 in Dunoow, Scotland
d- Sept 2, 1928 in Stewart BC, age 64
immigrated in 1896
age 47 when he married, shown as a saloon keeper
son of John Story Jamieson and Mary Cottier Jamieson, nee ?
married Jessie Kilpatrick Jensen, nee Avison, Oct 6, 1913, Prince Rupert
b- NWT, age 26, shown as a divorcee
daughter of Henry Avison and Kate Gray Avison

Matthew John Knight
b- May 1879, Dorset, England
d- Jan 12, 1950, New Westminster BC, age 70
hardware merchant in New Westminster in 1919
son of Matthew John Knight and Ellen Emma Knight
married Hilda Nellie Eickhoff, Sept 11, 1919, in New Westminster, BC

Sidney Guy Lawrence
b- May 2, 1880, in London England
d- Sept 5, 1970, in Shaughnessy Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 90
Land & Wireless Operator, Yukon Telegraph Line
Immigrated 72 years before he died, ca 1898
son of John Cousins Lawrence and Catherine Baker
married Margery Georgina McGregor

David Owen Lewis, M.E.I.C.
b- July 28, 1865 in Newtown, North Wales
d- Feb 4, 1947 in Vancouver BC, age 81
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, Fraser St
Veteran Railroadman and Civil Engineer
1882-1889 and 1893-1903 with CPR.
1890-1892 Asst. Engineer, Land Surveys for State of Washington,
and later had charge of Land and Townsite Surveys
for Gore, Burnet, and Co., of Victoria BC
1903-1921 He was connected with the CNR,
Working from Quebec to Stewart BC
1921 he was in private practice, as a Consulting Engineer.
Connected with Engineering Corp. Ltd., in Vancouver for a time.
10 years before his death Consulting Engineer
 for Pacific Great Eastern Railway.
One article shows D. O. Lewis was the District Engineer for
Canadian Northern Pacific Railroad.
In 1917 he was appealing to the government,
to hire Canadian Engineers only for Railroad work.
David appears in Victoria Directory in 1912, at 1568 Vining St.
Member of the Engineering Institute of Canada
Immigrated in 1881
Lived in Nelson BC when he was married.
son of William Lewis, and Jane Lewis
married Caroline Martha Hall, Nov 2, 1897,
at Church of Redeemer, Toronto, York, ON
b- 1863 in Ireland
d- July 29, 1957 in Vancouver BC
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, Fraser St
Immigrated in 1868
daughter of Thomas Hall, and Martha Caroline
daughter- Kathleen Gwyneth Lewis
b- 1898 in BC
daughter- Margaret Louise Lewis
b- ca 1903 in BC
they had an adopted daughter as well in 1921

John Frederick Lins
b- June 1882,  in Sopprufold, Germany, age 28 when he married
d- ?
Immigrated in 1906, naturalized in 1911
son of Ludwig and Barbara Lins
married Edith Emily Wilkerson, Nov 8, 1910,
 in Bride's parents home, Victoria BC
b- Nov 1888,  in Winnipeg MB, age 22 when married

Albert Lund
b- Oct  4, 1869 in Westport Oregon, USA
d- Oct 16, 1962 in Skeenaview Hospital, Terrace BC, age 93
Perm residence Prince Rupert
immigrated 1900

Herbert Whitfield McEwen
b-  Mar 8,1882 in Greenwich, Kings, PEI, age 38 in 1921
d- Sept 12, 1959, Terrace, BC, age 76
son of Frederick William McEwen, and Katherine Stewart

John McLeod
b- Nov 23, 1886 Stornoway, Scotland
d- Jan 27, 1952 in Stewart BC
buried in Masonic Cemetery, Stewart BC
son of Donald and Catherine McLeod
wife- Catherine MacLeod
son- "Mr. Stewart" Ian Ewan McLeod
b- July 27, 1927 in Stewart
d- Apr 19, 2011 at Kelowna Hospice, Kelowna BC
son Ian McLeod built the King Edward Motel across the street.
He became Mayor of Stewart for 15 years.

John Mellor
b- ca 1878 in Hatton, Derbyshire, England, age 43 in 1921
d- July 7, 1943 in North Vancouver, age 65
Immigrated in 1898
shown as General Merchant in Stewart in 1921
married Fanny Fowler
b- in Cannock, Staffordshire, England, age 41 in 1921
Immigrated in 1906
daughter- Winifred Mabel Mellor
b- Dec 4, 1906, in Moosomin, SK, age 14 in 1921
she was married in 1932 in Stewart to Arthur E. D. Coggan
son- Staveley John Mellor
b- June 24, 1909, in Rigas SK, age 12 in 1921
d- Jan 11, 1986, Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria BC, age 76
he was married in Prince Rupert in 1936
daughter- Joan Mellor
b- ca 1911, in SK, age 10 in 1921

Royston Gordon "Roy" Moseley
b- Nov 19, 1876 in Virginia, USA
d- Sept 16, 1945 in San Francisco Hospital, San Francisco, CA, age 68
1910 he was in Otter Creek, Alaska, age 37
1913 he owned the Hazelton Hotel
Father born in Virginia and Mother in England
father- Pierson Moseley
mother- Susan Tidy
married Nettie Moody, May 17, 1914 in Vancouver BC

Lawrence Albert Newton Potterton
b- Dec 17, 1894, Yorkshire, England
d- Aug 12, 1992, Prince Rupert Regional Hospital, Prince Rupert BC, age 97
son of Abraham Potterton and Eva Thackery
married Phoebe Wood
b- May 20, 1894, Yorkshire, England
d- Oct 1, 1985, Kelowna BC, age 91
daughter of William Wood and Shirley Walker
they had at least one daughter

David James Rainey
b- Aug 1856 in USA
d- Mar 9, 1917, Bear River District, age 60
Rainey Creek named after D. J. Rainey
spent 15 years in Canada by 1913. Irish nationality
took a trip age 58 to Sydney, Australia, stopped in Hawaii,
arriving back in Vancouver, Mar 4, 1913 on Zealandia
shown married at this time.
shown naturalized Canadian Citizen in 1909
wife- Mary Rainey
b- Nov 1859 in USA
son- Fred Rainey
b- Sept 1886 in USA
Shown as a Miner, same as his Dad in 1911, family in Stewart
Wife and Son immigrated in 1905
David built the first log cabin where Stewart stands today, ca 1898.
Today it is restored, at the Stewart Museum
He was one of the first to pre-empt land here in 1900.

William Ronald "Billy" Reid
b- ca 1882, in Detroit, Michigan, USA, (age 39 in 1921 in Stewart)
d- 1942,  in Stewart BC, age 60
Immigrated in 1908
Naturalized citizen, 1913
1919 managed hotel in New Hazelton (Smithers in another source)
son of Charles Reid and Pauline Newman
married Sophie Gladstone, May 29, 1919 in New Hazelton, BC
b- in Skidegate Mission, BC, (age 27 in 1921)
 (b- Port Essington on marriage cert)
Sophie had Haida Ancestry, from Village of Tanu, Tanu Island
School Teacher in New Hazelton, in 1919
She lived in Victoria, while he worked in Stewart/Hyder area.
she did live in Hyder for a few years as well.
She ended up getting a separation from Billy Reid.
daughter of Charles Gladstone and Josephine Ellsworth

son- William Ronald "Bill" Reid
b- Jan 12, 1920, in Victoria BC, age 1 in 1921
d- Mar 13, 1998 in Vancouver BC, age 78
He became a World Famous Haida artist.

daughter- Margaret "Peggy" Reid
b- 1921 in Victoria BC

son- Robert Reid
b- 1928 in Stewart BC

Edward Roger Gibson "Ted" Richardson
b- Mar 15, 1901, London, England
d- Jan 25, 1957, at High School, Courtenay, BC, age 55
Became Principal of Courtenay BC High School
son of Frank Richardson and Florence Northey
married Dorothy Eleanor "Dolly" Payne, Aug 25, 1928, St. Mary's Church, Oak Bay BC
they had 4 children

John Vincent Rittenhouse
b- May 4, 1879 Plainfield, Union, New Jersey BC
d- Dec 30, 1956 on Sanibel Island, Lee County, Florida
Consulting Engineer Mining
Pretty sure he is the Rittenhouse that
built "Casa Amici", a Mansion next door,
 to the famous Crocker-Irwin Mansion
at Pebble Beach CA
It became the W. W. Crocker Mansion
John Rittenhouse was one of the first settlers of Pebble Beach.
Feb 1957- His last Will and Testament was proved in Helena Montana
He attended Cornell University
1899 He attended Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Course E. M.
Member of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Kappa Nu Chapter
Lived at 76 Market St. B. in Bethlehem PA, USA.
Family home address- 440 E. 6th St. Plainfield, N. J.
He was one of the owners of the
North Pacific Iron Mines Ltd., on Summit Creek.
North Side of Summit Creek, 38 miles up the Copper River
Sept 1905 he was in Cuba
Aug 6, 1929 travelled back from France to New York
Sept 26, 1936 travelled from London England to Cape Town, SA
1931- I believe they lived in San Francisco, visiting in Alaska
son of George M. Rittenhouse,
b- Dec 28, 1850
son of John B. Rittenhouse and Ann Barcroft
married A. Frances Mettler, Dec 22, 1874
b- 1852
daughter of William C. Mettler and Jane Britton

John Rittenhouse Died while on a Florida Vacation at Sanibel Island.
his death was unexpected.
He was living in Helena Montana at the time.
He had a friend in the First National bank there that he wrote to,

John married Clara Cobb Murphy, nee Cobb, Feb 1?, in Boston MA, USA
b- Aug 2, 1872, Providence RI
widow of John T. Murphy,(1842-1914) a Helena MO
who was a Pioneer Merchant, Rancher, Banker, and Mine Investor.

siblings of John:
-Walter B. Rittenhouse-
b- 1875,
d- aft 1957
living in Fort Lauderdale FL in 1957
Walter married Lois L. Rogers
- William M. Rittenhouse
b- 1884
d- 1887
-George M. Rittenhouse (Jr)
b- Jan 15, 1889
d- Apr 1, 1972, age 83
Lived at Plainfield NJ in 1957
-Frances Rittenhouse
d- aft 1957
married Theodore Webb
Lived at Pinebluff, North Carolina in 1957

Joseph A. Rogers
b- Oct 1856 in ON
d- ? (see below for one possible date)
1921 he might have been in Prince Rupert owning a pawn shop
did he die in Bothell, King, WA, ?
Joseph Alexander Rogers died Apr 7, 1926, age 69 there.
father- James H. Rogers, and mother- Rachel Clark
is shown in WA.
wife shown as Eleanor Rogers in WA, was he married?

Herbert Williams Michell Rolston
b- Dec 10, 1888, Beulah, RM of Miniota, MB
d- Feb 28, 1940 in Stewart BC, age 51
Contractor and Surveyor when he enlisted in WWI, Sept 1915
Worked on surveying the Yellowhead Pass Railroad route.
Reg # 604797, Rank- LT
father- William G. M. Rolston- next of kin, lived in Victoria
mother- Marion J. Dickson

John Pritchard Scarlett
b- Sept 8, 1887, Writtle, Essex, England
d- Feb 2, 1952, Powell River BC, age 64
Provincial Constable in Sidney BC, when he married
son of Arthur Richard Scarlett and Sarah Emma Pritchard,
married Ethel May Hooton, Mar 1, 1916, St. Andrew's Church, Sidney BC
b- Hull, England, age 24, in 1916
daughter of Thomas Blythe Hooton
and Sarah Hannah Chapman
son- John Scarlett
b- 1921 in BC (4 months old in 1921 census)

James Fuller Shute
b- Aug 31, 1874 Fredrickton, NB
d- Sept 13, 1954, in General Hospital, Quesnel BC, age 80
son of Samuel Fuller, and Margery Ashfield
married Martha Margaret Skinner

Minnie Myrtle Sparhawk
b- Feb 6, 1857 in New York, NY
d- June 1, 1946, In Oakland, Alameda,  CA
daughter of Ambrose Sparhawk,
 b- Maine, Tanner
and Alice Tyler (Eastwood in death records?),
b- Virginia
1910 she was in Ketchican,
1920, M. M. Sparhawk appears in Ketchikan AK, as a Grocer, until 1937
so she wasn't in Stewart long.
brother- Edward E. "Ed" Sparhawk,
sister- Adah Sparhawk
she had many more brothers and sisters.

Martin I. Stewart
b- no luck finding this fellow at all
1906- Martin I. Stewart in Seattle
b 2404 E. Valley
found a Martin Stewart that died in 1912 in Whatcom Co, WA

>Ca Feb 1910- Martin secured a Canadian Rights and Patent,
with a Chemist, John Pederson,
on a new form of explosive, invented by Prof. W. S. Pierce of Seattle.
At the demonstration in Vancouver, was F. P. Stewart,
plus all the Engineers from McKenzie & Mann.
The explosive was in a powder form, not affected by Heat or cold,
and not exploded by percussion, so it was safe to transport.

William Henry Tolin
b- Mar 25, 1886 in Maine, USA
d- May 28, 1955 in San Francisco, CA, USA
father- Edward Tolin, mother- Ann Callaghan

wife- Margaret "Minnie" Tolin
b- ca 1890 in USA

son- George Tolin
b- ca 1909 in USA

E. P. Tolin living in King Edward Hotel in 1925

William Rounceval Tonkin
b- Oct-Dec 1869 in Reg Dist., St. Austell, Cornwall, England
d- Dec 31, 1940, Southworth, Kitsap, WA, age 71
Merchant in Butte Montana, and Seattle WA
Immigrated in 1884, Naturalized USA citizen, 1896
1910- Merchant clothier
1910 and 1920- family in Seattle, King, WA
1920- Broker, gold and copper Mine
Widowed before 1930 census

son of William R. Tonkin and Elizabeth Rowling
married 1st- Katherine O'Brien, Oct 15, 1904, Silver Bow, MO, USA
b- ca 1878 in Nevada USA
daughter of Charles O'Brien and Ellen O'Brien

 daughter- Kathryn (alt-Katharine) Atterbury Tonkin
b- ca 1906 in Butte, Montana
married a Mr. Pattison

son- W. R. Tonkin Jr.
b- ca 1908 in Washington, USA

I believe he re-married Eva G. Copeland, Dec 31, 1930, King, WA

William Reid "Bill" Tooth
b- Sept 1, 1885, Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah, USA
d- Apr 28, 1968, Vancouver General Hospital, Vancouver BC, age 82
son of James Chadwick Tooth (b- 1853, d- 1921)
and Agnes Reid Tooth (b- 1862, d- 1951)
married Hazel Elizabeth Young, Oct 5, 1914, in LA, USA
b- Oct 10, 1886
d- Jan 21, 1967
they had no children

Dr. John Wallace Vosburgh
b- Oct 6, 1905, Fort MacLeod, AB
d- July 2, 1984, St. Mary's Hospital, Sechelt, BC
wife- Mary Vosburgh died before him
son of John George Vosburgh and Mary Peckover

Dr. Henry Alexander Whillans
b- Carleton, ON, age 29 when he married in 1901
d- Apr 20, 1941 in Stewart BC, age 69
son of Robert and Arlene Whillans
Lived in Princeton BC in 1901
married Mary Sophia Bell Dunlop, June 29, 1901, Fairview, BC
b- Carleton, ON, age 21 in 1901
d- Mar 23, 1943 in Victoria BC, age 62
daughter of John and Francis Elizabeth Dunlop

Jack Arlington Williams
b- Winnipeg MB, age 27 when married
Police Officer in Vancouver when he was married
son of Jack Williams, and Ida May Brown
married Lillian Gertrude Cartwright, Aug 9, 1919, St. Paul's Church in Vancouver BC
b- Evrsham, Worcestershire, England, age 23 when she married
daughter of Frederick William Cartwright and Elizabeth Haines

Robert Boyd Young
b- Jan 10, 1877 in Whiting Kansas, USA
d- May 27, 1942, Westview (Bliss Landing), (Bishop Landing) BC, age 65
1911- Retail Merchant, General Store
Owned Outfitters store, "R. Boyd Young Co. Ltd.", registered Sept 1910 in BC
Owned a retail store in Ketchican AK when he was married.
Government Agent at Port Simpson, ca 1928-29
1935-1942 Postmaster at Bliss Landing BC where he died.
son of James Wright Young and Martha Emaline Cogan
name shown as Joseph W. Young
of J. W. Young & Son, a Gen Merchandise company in Koyukuk, AK in 1902.
One article says Young Brothers were in business here in Stewart.
married- Ina Evalyn "Eva" Young, nee Sill, Nov 29, 1901, Grant's Pass, Oregon
b- May 9, 1877 in Frenso, CA, USA
Feb 1901, she was a teacher at Saxman AK
she was Post Mistress 1933 at Bliss Landing, BC
She was the daughter of a State Senator possibly Oregon?
father- L. Sill, mother I. Townsend
both immigrated in 1907

daughter- Ruth Young
b- Aug 1907 in BC

daughter- Helen May Young
b- 1910 in Port Simpson BC
she married John Frank Meilleur
Helen wrote the book "A Pour of Rain"

a son, L. Young
b- Dec 13, 1915, in Port Simpson

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Bear Glacier ca 1970's

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