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Grand Trunk Pacific Contractors and Sub Contractors
(most in the Edmonton to Prince Rupert Section)


The Financial Capital for Construction of this Railroad
came from 2 British Banks in London

Speyer Brothers

and N. M. Rothschild & Sons


Phillip Speyer and Gustav Speyer
set up their Bank in 1861 in London.

It was liquidated in 1921.
They were a Jewish family, with German ancestry.
Reported to be richer than the Rothschilds in the 18th century.

During the 19th Century, the Rothschilds were declared to
have the largest private fortune in the world.

They also were a Jewish family, originating in Germany.

Nathan Mayer Von Rothschild was the son,
that operated the London Branch at this time.

These 2 families were beyond rich.
I don't think they even knew how much they had.

To this day they still own and control more than we will ever know.


Foley, Welch and Stewart were the Main Contractors
Sublet in approx 5 mile sections to Companies below

Some of these companies kept bidding as they went along,
and would just move further along the line.


After the Sub Contractors came what they called "Stationmen"
The Sub Contractors would sublet part of their work to these fellows,
who would hire their own crews.
Each group made money on this splitting the work.


These "Stationmen" would do all the clearing of the trees,
removing the stumps, grading, excavating, or filling in work.
Bridges or Tunnels were left to specialized contractors.


The Stationmen were supplied basic tools, by the Sub-Contractor.
Most of the Stationmen were recent immigrants.


Construction and clearing of the GTPR right of way
from Prince Rupert, was started by F W & S, Saturday, Apr. 11, 1908.
50 men started the work, contractors were coming in,
to continue on with the work.
5,000 men were expected by the end of May.


Picture of the First Cut on a BC Archives picture, says May 10, 1908

It took 500 Rail cars to transport the FW & S outfit from the East.

The plant and equipment consisting of
thousands of dump carts, graders, scrapers,
steam drills, derricks, and about 600 horses.

In full swing they expected to pay out $500,000 a week in wages and supplies.



Alphabetical List, by Surname


I have researched these as best I can
There were duplicate names, in the same area, in some cases,
and of course numerous spellings of the names,
which makes it impossible to guarantee the accuracy, of my results.

Also this list is by no means complete.
I know there had to be more.

Reason for all my research, I hate seeing Surnames, with no Given Name,
or just a letter for the Given Name, which could be anyone.

If you know of any other names, please send them to me,
any errors or corrections gladly accepted.


Click on any blue hyperlink below
 to view the Bio, Genealogy info I have found for these men


Active Contractors I have found


John Albi


Joe Amantea


Arnott's Pile Driving Gang


Backus and Company


Onward Bates


Bates- Rogers Construction Company
(Chicago IL)

Boie Brothers and Stone


John Bostick

John Emil Bostrom

Bostrom and Kullander
 (alt- Kullonder, Kuliander) one camp at mile 27


Bostrom and Green
Contractor running track laying machine
from the East to the last spike at Fort Fraser

They operated a camp at Fort Fraser


Burgh and McGoffin
 (see- Magoffin and Berg)


Burns and Jordan (Spokane Company)

Carey and Company
Camp at mile 220, mouth of the Willow River

Carey and Helmers

C. A. Carlson


Carlton and Griffin


Carter- Halls Aldinger Company Ltd.
(Winnipeg MB)

Craig Brothers
Possibly from Dauphan MB
Cleared right of way near Rupert,

and were possibly moving to near Copper City


Antonio Filigno
from Spokane, had mile 38


Freiberg and Stone

Gustav Freiberg


A. E. Griffin


George Hardie


Hogan Construction Company


Dan Horrigan


Jamison Construction Company
(alt- Jamieson)



Neil Keith


Kerr and Company

Kullander (Kuliander?)
worked at Otter and Eagle lake, had camps at Mile 208 and 217


Sten Lund


Lund and Rogers Company


Magoffin and Berg

alt- McGoffin and Burgh
they operated a camp at mile 162
They operated one of the largest shovels on the line.
It moved 2 cu yds in one dip. (abt 2500 lbs)
It took 6 dips per minute per PG newspaper
also camps at mile 226 and 230


Leslie Martin
wife was Bernice Medbury Martin
worked around Hazelton and Decker lake
1911 census says he was a bookkeeper for Donald A. Rankin

McDonald and McAllister
James McDonald was one name I found,
he was working near Inverness, Oct 1908

His wife arrived from Nelson shortly before this date.


McDougall and Rankin
(A. McDougall, Archie McDougall?)
 McDougall worked on Pr Rupert yards,
also the excavations for the Hotel Pr Rupert
allotted mile 101-102 of the GTPR


Anthony L. McHugh

M. McHugh
(around Burns Lake area)


Hugh McLeod
(Fort Fraser Contractor)

John McLeod "Captain McLeod"

Norman McLeod


Mitchell and Ahern
camp at mile 223

John Moran

Moran and Chiene
allotted mile 123-124

Neuse & Williams


Frank Nugent
contractor for mile 225 (Camp 226?)
a W. F. Nugent was Assistant Superintendent
for the Siems and Carey Contracting Firm at mile 53


R. E. Paget


Fred Peterson

Phelan and Shirley Company


Prince Rupert Construction Company Ltd.

D. A. Rankin

Rogers and Company

Rogers Construction Company

Duncan Ross

Ross and McCaul's
1910 they did work in Rupert
(there was a Dan A. MacCall in Rupert in 1910)


Rostrum and Green 
(see Bostrom and Green above)
Company worked on Fort Fraser yards after rail line went thru


Peter John Salvus


William Sharp
Contractor mile 280 west of Fort George, married

Mike Sheedy
alt- Shady, Sheady (Fort Fraser Contractor)

Sheedy and Paget
Fort Fraser Contractors


Sheedy & Smith
1912 they had the contract to clear the right of way
from Aldermere to Fort George

Siems - Carey Company Ltd.
Had a warehouse at mile 53, old Tete Jaune Cache

Smith Brothers
Camp at Aberdeen


Smith and Ramsay
(contract above Eagle Lake, F. Purvis was their Resident Engineer)
Mile 165 in 1913


J. Stanio

Stano and Harstone


Dan Stewart


Stewart Brothers

Victor Stone

(Major) Angus Stewart
(alt- Stuart) brother of Major General John William Stewart


Bud Symington (R. M. Symington)
worked east of Fort George, ca 1913

Wall & Swann
(Wood Bridges)


Washtok & Company
(alt- Washstock, Wostock, Washtock, and even possibly Bostick)



3 Contractors in Prince Rupert looking over the work
preparing to sign a contract
Not known if they ever did.

F. Antonelli
built the first 10 miles of the E & N Railway out of Victoria,
 He was in Pr. Rupert, Apr 29, 1908 looking for a contract
alt- J. S. Antonelli, lived in San Francisco, shown as a contractor for the E&N


Burd Contracting Company,
 From Bellingham WA  (partners- Burd, Wing and Bugge)
Apr 29, 1908 they were in Rupert, looking for contracts


H. and A. McClure
They built part of the Alaska Central Railway,

were in Rupert Apr 29, 1908, looking for a contract.



Note- Most of these contractors are almost impossible to trace
as no first names were used.
Work in progress on researching these names, Oct 2015



Misc Info found


Entire railroad was built with a grade of less than a 4/10th of 1%
except for 19 miles at Tete Jaune Cache where the grade is 1%
This is impressive still to this day


Track Gauge-  ‎4 ft 8 1⁄2 in


Longest Railroad Bridge in the Province of BC
was built by the GTPR across the Fraser River at
Fort George (Prince George)
Built by the
Bates & Rogers Construction Company.

For years Highway 16 from Prince George to McBride
used the outside part of this bridge, one side east, other side west traffic.
And I remember it well.  Made many trips over that,
and it always seemed too narrow to drive on.
Imagine the big rigs had fun with that.



Freiberg & Stone, Foley, Welch and Stewart, Chicken Lake

Neuse & Williams, John E. Bostrom, Hugh McLeod, Freeberg & Stone,
Mike Sheady, John Albi, Duncan Ross, John McLeod, Paget, Stewart Brothers, and Rankin,
at Mile 142 East of Hazelton, Stationmen, about 140 from Aldermere West.


Foley, Welch and Stewart's Teamsters and Road Builders, Barrett's Cache,
Hazelton Cache, and Arnott's Pile Driving gang.



Foley, Welch and Stewart's headquarters camp was at Sealey
It handled all the material for 200 miles East of there.
The main hospital was located here as well.
As well as a branch of the Union Bank of Canada,
and a meat cold storage plant for Burns and Company.


Foley, Welch and Stewart's camp was allotted mile 173-175



June 1912- District Engineer of the GTPR- George Wase
had an office in south Fort George, staff of 7 men
Wase was involved in the first surveys of the Railway.

George Addison Wase
b- Otterville, ON, age 33

adopted son of George Addison

married Carrie "Alice" Carlisle, Jan 12, 1913 in Fort George BC
b- Dublin Ireland, age 22

daughter of Thomas Carlisle, and Ellen ?


Mar 1913- Western Superintendent J. C. Sheppard
for the Construction Company Foley, Welch and Stewart
his headquarters was in New Hazelton,
made a tour of the line
from Hazelton to Fort George

He was with D. A. Rankin with J. A. Stewart
and J. L. Retallick


James C. Sheppard




Most of these Contractors moved their equipment,
to work on the Pacific Great-Eastern Railway, PGE Railroad,
which was built right after the GTPR,
and ran from Vancouver to Fort George (Prince George)
later became BC Rail, then sold to the CNR.



Engineer's Camps ca 1913


Mile 159, the Headquarters was located here.
Mile 163, Mr. MacDougall's Residency
Mile 185, Mr. Richards
Mile 193, Mr. F. Purvis
Mile 220, Mr. Butler
Mile 130 (or should it have read 230?) Mr. George Wase
George Wase was in charge of some of the first surveys
 for the GTP in Fort George area.


1912- Mr. McNaughton was the Tie Inspector
for the GTPR, from Prince Rupert to Fort George

A Half a Million Railroad Ties were needed by May 1, 1913.
Average price paid to the Sub Contractors was .28 cents each.
They had to be delivered along the line.


Stanley McNaughton
b- Nov 1882 in ON
1911 he was in North Bulkley Valley




Sept 29, 1912
Ballast train accident at mile 23, Engineer was killed.
4-4-0 Locomotive 80


Kitselas Tunnel Explosion

Oct 21, 1908, Peter Johnson, of New Westminster,
while working under the Freeberg & Stone contract,
25 miles above Port Essington, was killed by falling rock,
and killed instantly, while mucking out a rock cut.
Per death cert accident happened at mile 54, Oct 15, 1908
Peter was only 43 years old
one of many!


Nov 28, 1913, C. Swanson, a GTP rock Man was killed Thursday
while working in a coyote hole on the waterfront in Prince Rupert.
Powder explosion blew him across the tracks for 100ft.
His body was blown apart in pieces.

May 26, 1909 at Smith Bros. Camp at Aberdeen
Alex Watts of Marysville Tennessee, and an unnamed Montenegran
were instantly killed in a premature explosion.

Jan 28, 1913, Frozen Dynamite was blamed for an explosion,
at Stewart Bros. Camp, at Burns Lake.
It killed 2 Station-men, and 1 labourer,
as well as seriously injuring 2 more labourers,
and slightly injuring another labourer.
Only a couple small articles in the newspapers at the time.
No names, no coroner investigation, nothing.  Safety? what's that?

Italians that died on the job, see EXT Link at bottom of page.

Track Laying Machines used on the GTP
These machines required 180-200 men to work them.
It had to be fed continuously with Wood Ties and Steel Rails.
Five cars of rails, were run up behind the machine with a locomotive.
Behind these, came a train of ties, consisting of 7-8 cars, was brought in.
On both sides of the rail cars, and tie cars,
were strong brackets capable of carrying the ties, and rails.
On the bottom of the brackets were small rollers,
which were set into motion by a gasoline engine on the track machine.
On the right hand side of the cars, and machine, were the ties.
On the left hand side, the rails were brought up.
Strong men on the grade received the ties as they rolled up.
After enough ties were laid, a rail was taken from the left side,
using the long arms of the machine to lift and place it.
The rails were spiked in, here and there,
 just enough to hold them down.
A steel bar was placed under the rails,
 to prevent them from spreading apart.

Following all this came the Ballasting gang.
They operated long lines of gravel cars,
which were dumped and spread around and under the ties.
They would also finish spiking all the rails at each tie.


My personal comment on these Railroad Contractors.

There will be lots of descendants,
 that will find their family name listed here,

and be very proud of the fact,
their Father, or Grandfather, was a Railroad Contractor,
on building this Railroad, and many others.
But with the wealth these guys accumulated, not all was attained fairly.
Workers were known to be mistreated, underpaid, suffered poor living conditions,
poorly trained, and forced to work in unsafe conditions.
Men died building this, and every railroad in the world.
Of course not all Contractors and Sub-Contractors, were known for this,
but from books and articles on accidents,
strikes, etc, I can say it was a high percentage.
It got so bad on the construction of this railroad,
that they couldn't get workers anymore.
With this came imported workers, from around the world,
who couldn't even speak English, and didn't know what they should have,
and who were no doubt treated worse than the Canadians.

These contractors had valuable assets, their horses, and equipment.
Trust me, the horses meant more to them than the men.
The horses cost money to buy, a man cost nothing,
and they were used, then given the boot.
For a while, there were lots of men to work, then word got around,
and no one would work for them.
That's when the recruiters went for the Europeans, and Orientals.
Then they continued to abuse that group.
They wouldn't hire the local natives, so they were abused as well.
They paid and treated their few Superintendents, Foreman, OK,
as they were the men that made the rest of the workers work.

They paid labourers $3 a day, then took $1 back for Board.
Then of course came the fee for the company doctor!

We have all seen the big bellied, cigar smoking, top hat wearing, railroad tycoons,
represented in the movies and TV, and sad to say,
It might not have been that big of an exaggeration in real life.


Then to top this all off, the RNWMP sent in secret agents,
to work in the camps,
So just in case somebody thought they were going to change the system,
the police at that time, were not going to let that happen.
They were to also watch for alcohol, gambling and other vices.

If you are related to the Contractors listed here,
Remember this when you spend the money you inherited from them.
Lots of "unknown" men suffered, and died, for you to enjoy it!


I would like to record every worker's names here,
even more than the Contractor's names,
but the number of them makes that an impossible task.
Even finding these few Contractors has turned into many weeks of research.


GTP Medical Service

GTP Railway Medical Service


GTP Railway Station Index



Bio's and Genealogy Info below
from Index Links above


Joseph Benjamin "Joe" Amantea

b- ca 1869, in Italy
d- Apr 12, 1934, 673 Wolseley Ave. Winnipeg MB, age 65
buried in St. Mary's Cemetery, Winnipeg MB
Obit- Pioneer Railway Worker, Dies Joseph Benjamin Amantea, 673 Wolseley Ave.,Winnipeg, MB
 widely-known in the early railroad contracting days in the Canadian West, died Thursday at his residence, aged 65 years. Born in Italy, Mr. Amantea came to Canada 48 years ago. Some years after his arrival he began railroad contracting under Welch Brothers, continuing In this line for 25 years.

Immigrated ca 1886
In 1911 family were living in Regina, shown with the GTP
 In 1916 he opened a cafe on Sherbrook St., Winnipeg, retiring In 1931.

married Sarah Amantea, nee Johnson
b- Sweden (age 24 in 1911)
d- ca 1914
 Mrs. Amantea predeceased her husband by 20 years.

He had a son and 2 daughters:
daughter- Marguerita Tire "Margaret" Amantea
b- Feb 21, 1908 in Winnipeg, MB
she became a Nun in Quebec

daughter- Sletta (Stella?) Amantea
b- Dec 21, 1909 in Winnipeg, MB
d- bef 1934, not shown in his obit

son- Fiori "Bus" Amantea
b- bef 1914
Goal keeper for "Les Canadiens" Senior Hockey team
who was on his way to Europe when his father died

List Index



Duncan Ross

b- May 15, 1870, Ashfield ON
d- June 30, 1915, in Victoria BC, age 45
buried in Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria
son of George Ross, b- Rosshire, Scotland
 and Christine McLennan, b- in Scotland

Duncan married Mary Ella Thompson, Sept 1, 1900 in Greenwood BC
Duncan Ross's 300 ft tunnel contract,
was 5 miles east on the Bulkley River

Duncan Ross was allotted mile 176-178 of the GTPR, 6 miles south of Hazelton.

He was an ex MP Yale-Cariboo

List Index


Robert Ross


Contractor in Prince Rupert
partnership Ross and McCaul, alt McCaull
They were working on 2 bluffs in 1909, started in May 1908

Ross and McColl in 1910 directory
Robert Ross- contractor in 1910

List Index


 The Carter- Halls- Aldinger Company Ltd., Winnipeg MB,
Company established in Winnipeg in 1907

 They built Roundhouses and other buildings along the GTPR)

They built many major buildings across Canada:
Banff Springs Hotel (1920's), Chateau Lake Louise, Palliser Hotel,
 Hudson's Bay Company store and other Calgary buildings,
plus numerous buildings in Winnipeg, and other cities.

Company became Commonwealth Construction Company in 1944
Taken over by English Construction firms in 1955

W. H. Carter
William Henry Carter
b- Jan 21, 1874 Bismarck, IL
d- Dec 1, 1962 in Winnipeg MB
son of Ninion R. Carter and Elizabeth J. Carter

F. E. Halls
Frank Ernest Halls
b- Apr 20, 1872
d- Feb 27, 1950 Winnipeg MB
son of James Halls and Mary Ann Andrew

 A. H. Aldinger
Albert Henry Aldinger

b- June 1877 Stuttgart, Germany
d- Feb 9, 1942 in Detroit Michigan
son of Frederick Aldinger and Marie Knorpp

The Carter Halls Construction Company
built most of the buildings in the Terrace area,
that formed the Dept of Defence, Military Camp in 1942/43.
Some of their buildings still exist today.

List Index



Bates-Rogers Construction Company


Onward Bates
b- Feb 24, 1850, St. Charles County, Missouri, USA
d- Apr 4, 1936, at his winter home, Richmond Co., Augusta Georgia, age 86
Buried in Bellefontaine cemetery, St. Louis.
Civil Engineer
Apprenticed with Fulton Iron works of St. Louis, age 15
Only had 2 years technical training Rensellear Polytechnic Institute, Troy New York. ca1875
He never graduated.
1888-1901 Engineer and Superintendent, Chicago, Milwaukee, & St Paul Railway.
President of the American Society of Civil Engineers
1901 President of Bates and Rogers Construction company
Built the Railroad bridge over the Fraser river at Fort George (Prince George)
son of Judge Joshua Barton Bates, and Carolina Matilda Hatcher

He was the grandson of Judge Edward Bates, Attorney General in Lincoln's Cabinet

Onward married Virginia Castleman Breckinridge in 1892


Bates's Partner

Walter Alexander Rogers
b- Jan 19, 1868, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
d- Jan 3, 1944 in Rochester, Olmsted Co., Minnesota
He was also a Civil Engineer
Mr. Walter A Rogers is civil engineer on the Northern Pacific R.R. He was born and brought up in Milwaukee. Attended the Milwaukee ward and high schools until seventeen. In the fall of 1884 he entered the University of Madison, Wis., and graduated from the civil engineering course in June, 1888, receiving the John Johnston fellowship. Remained there one year performing a series of cement tests, after which he accepted a position with the Wisconsin Central R.R. remaining with the same company until April, 1891, when the present position, as assistant engineer on the Montana Division of the Northern Pacific R.R. was accepted. They reside (1892_ at Livingston, Mont

Organized first cement & concrete test lab at U. Wisc Madison, one of the first in the US

He was also an engineer with the Chicago, Milwaukee, & St Paul Railway, before this venture.
married Julia Margaret Cushing

List Index



Dan Horrigan
a Dan Horrigan disappeared Christmas Eve, 1907
He was from Anaconda Montana
same guy?

List Index


Fred Peterson
Sub contractor East of Prince Rupert,
when he was involved in a labour dispute with his workers.

1915 he left to Minneapolis for his health
1923 he was in new Hazelton, leaving to Moricetown
to get out bridge timbers.

List Index



Phelan and Shirley Company
alt- Shirley and Phelan Company

Partnership formed in 1890,
Company based in Omaha Nebraska

This company Had a Construction shack in Jasper


Michael Shirley
b- Aug 1850 in Ottawa ON
d- Nov 3, 1937, assume Omaha Nebraska
Buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Omaha, Douglas Co. Nebraska

Vice President of the Company
son of Paul Shirley,
b- age 49 in 1861,Tipperary Ireland,
d- bef 1871 in ON
shown as an Innkeeper in ON in 1871
 and Catherine McNamara b- age 51 in 1871 Tipperary Ireland

married Alice Phelan July 21, 1875, Richmond, Canada
b- Sept 1855 in Upper Canada (ON) (age 6 in 1861 census)
d- Feb 25, 1940, assume Omaha Nebraska
daughter of John Phelan, b- 1810, Queens Co, Ireland,
 who married Margaret, nee McCarthy, Apr 26, 1842
b- ca 1821 in Upper Canada (ON)
see Alice's siblings below


They had 9 children, 6 were still living in 1900

daughter- Mary Ann Shirley, b- June 22, 1876 in Nepean, Carelton, Ontario

son- John Phelan Shirley, b- July 1878 in Canada, d- aft 1900

son- Robert Daniel Shirley, b- Sept 1881 in Canada, d- aft 1900
son- Michael Henry Shirley, christened- Jan 15, 1888 St. Patrick, Ottawa, Carleton Co., ON
daughter- Sophie Shirley, b- July 1884 in Canada, d- aft 1900

son- George Edward Shirley, b- Apr 1889, in Nebraska,
married Edith Collins

who both died from CO2 gas leak in 1915

son- Paul Vincent Shirley, b- Oct 1895, in Nebraska, d- 1952


brother- Robert Shirley, age 28 in 1871 in Upper Canada (ON)
sister- Catherine  Shirley, age 16 in 1871 in Upper Canada, (ON)
sister- Mary A. Shirley- (see below)


Michael was shown as a farmer in 1871 in Nepean Township, Ontario
1910 US Census shows him in Omaha, as a Railroad Grading Contractor

Family moved to Los Angeles in the 1950's


Edward "Ed" "Big Ed" Phelan
b- ca 1849, North Gower Township, ON (age 12 in 1861 census)
d- 1932, assume Omaha Nebraska
buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery, Omaha, Douglas Co. Nebraska
President of the Company

Brother-in-law of Michael Shirley

Father- John Phelan, b- 1810, Queens Co, Ireland,
Settled on Lot 16, Concession 2, "Strathmere", Phelan Rd, built in 1865,
now a B&B, restaurant, wedding venue, it was the John Phelan home.
It was sold from the Phelan family, in 1955 to the Sims family.
John was the First Trustee of Phelan School.
 John married Margaret, nee McCarthy, Apr 26, 1842
b- ca 1821 in Upper Canada (ON)
They had 4 sons, 11 daughters per one source
Edward's siblings- Dr. Leo Phelan, Mary Phelan, Elizabeth Phelan, Sally Phelan, Sarah Phelan,
John Phelan, Daniel "Dan" Phelan, Elinor Phelan, Hellena Phelan,

Sophiah "Sophia" Phelan, Patrick Phelan, Napolian Phelan, Anne Phelan,

and Alice Phelan (see Alice above)

Edward married Mary A. Shirley
d- 1933
Had a daughter- Helen C. Phelan


1954 the company went out of business


John Moran




Moran and Chiene


all I can find is Patrick Welch's wife was Susan Moran,
so pretty sure a relative of Susan's here.

She was born in Monuth Iowa

List Index



John Emil Bostrom
b- June 6, 1868 in Sweden
d- Nov 3, 1942 in Grassy Plains, (Burns Lake) BC, age 74
buried in Burns Lake Municipal Cemetery
son of Gustaf Bostrom and Karolina Lofbrink

married Olga Wilhelmina Bostrom, nee ?
b- 1906
d- 1943
buried in Burns Lake Municipal Cemetery


Mr. John E. Bostrom had at least one steam shovel
He also had horses in his operation.
John Bostrom was the Foley Contractor opposite Meanskineest
He also had a contract around Fort Fraser
allotted mile 143-145 of the GTPR, with Bostrom and Kullander
Apr 29, 1908- awarded 5 mile section near Point Mowich on the Skeena.
The Tug "Native" towed his supplies to a camp site opposite Port Essington.

John Bostrum was the Foley contractor opposite Meanskineest.
No one on his crew were allowed to smoke.

He was part of the Bostrom & Green Construction crew
that worked a track laying machine that won the race
to the Last Spike Location at Fort Fraser

List Index



D. A. Rankin

Donald A. Rankin
b- Apr 1866 in ON,
shown as a Contractor, in 1911, at FW&S camp 22, after Hardscrabble.


D. A. Rankin
b- ca 1872, age 40, in 1912 in US, single in 1912

1912 he sailed from Prince Rupert to Seattle, heading home to Spokane.

D. A. Rankin was allotted mile 101-102 with McDougall and Rankin
mile 103-112 of the GTPR for himself

D. A. Rankin and Co. were working at Kitselas

D. A. Rankin from Spokane, was given 2 miles at Hole in the Wall
located about 50 miles East of Rupert. The work was extremely heavy there.

1907 he was working on the Portland-Seattle line

1913 he went on to a contract on the PGE, with 3 steam shovels.


July 1915 a newly formed mining syndicate of ex Railway Contractors
were coming to Hazelton area:
a Mr Jordan, A. Rankin, Burns and Martin Welch


List Index



 Henry John Green, OBE, M.C.
 b- Oct 10, 1883, Tisbury, Wiltshire, England
d- July 18, 1958
Civil Engineer, engaged in 1908 doing survey work on the GTP Mountain Region,
1910-1914 he was Engineer in Charge,
Served in WWI,

He lived most of his life in England


Now he might be the Green associated with Rostrum and Green,
but I haven't proved it for sure.

List Index



Anthony Lavelle McHugh
b- Oct 21, 1872 in Dooniver, County Mayo, Ireland
(alt per 1911 census- Jan 1866 in ON)

(Fort Fraser Contractor)
allotted mile 125-138 of the GTPR
Apr 29, 1908- McHugh had the East section
adjoining Bostrom's section, near Point Mowich on the Skeena
Had a Free Miner's Certificate- B58183
He was part of the group that bonded the Silver Standard mine at Hazelton


attestation paper WWI, Anthony lived in Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver BC,
shown as a Railroad contractor.

Rank- Major
next of kin his brother James McHugh, 3350 10th ave. s, Minneapolis, MN, USA

List Index



Michael "Mike" Sheedy

I believe he was Michael M. James Sheedy
b- June 5, 1880 in Brumley, Renfrew County, ON
d- 1942
buried in Lasalle RC Cemetery, Sudbury ON
enlisted in WWI, living in Copper Cliff, ON,  Dec 20, 1915

Reg # 648807, rank- Corporal
Army, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles, CE
shown as a railroader
son of Matthew Sheedy (1847-1920) and Margaret Brindle (1847-1900)

He married Agnes Broder 1920 in Copper Cliff ON
They had a daughter who married a RCAF officer


Mike Sheedy was allotted mile 113-122 of the GTPR
allotted mile 146-155 with Sheedy and Paget
alt spelling in records/papers- Sheady, Shady

List Index


Peter John Salvus
b- May 4, 1877 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN, US
d- Feb 2, 1950, Seattle WA, age 72

Salvus Station was named after this man

Peter J. Salvus came in 1908 to Canada
Peter J. Salvus- 1900 shown as a Timekeeper for GNRR,
 living in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN

Salvus was allotted mile 139-142 of the GTPR

Mile 57 was the Salvus Work Camp
Location of another Hospital during construction.

Peter Salvus was a contractor on the GTPR for Foley in 1909
1910 census shown in Spokane WA
Salvus & Company were working on the railroad at Lytton BC in 1914
P. J. Salvus was a road builder in Rossland in 1920
1920 US census he was in Seattle WA with his family
1940 still in Seattle shown as a Cement Contractor

Peter married Magdalena "Madeliene" "Lena" Sophia Holl,
 Oct 28, 1901, in Kalispell, Flathead, Montana
b- Oct 15, 1880, in MN, US
d- Sept 7, 1947, Gray's Harbour, WA
daughter of John Frank Holl and Sophia Clementina Lutz

Peter and Lena's children:

daughter- Eleanore (Elenore?) (Elinor?) Marie Salvus
b- Dec 10,1902 in Ramsey, MN, US
d- June 19, 1988 in Bellevue, WA

son- Fredrick "Fred" L. Salvus
b- Dec 24, 1908 in Spokane City, WA, US
d- Oct 17, 1995 in Bellevue, King Co., WA
1940 shown as a Teller, Savings Bank, Seattle, WA., US.
 age 31, living with his parents.

daughter- Mary Margaret Christine Salvus
b- June 1, 1914, in Seattle, WA, US
d- Jan 29, 2003 in Olympia, WA

son- John Edward Salvus
b- Aug 15, 1917, in Seattle, WA
d- Apr 27, 1986 in Seattle, WA
1940 shown age 22, Machinist Apprentice, Tool Factory, at home with parents.

Father- Peter L. Salvus,
b- June 1847, French Canada
Carpenter and Builder in 1900 in St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
Mother- Christine Lavallee,
b- Dec 1850, Minnesota US

Peter John Salvus's siblings
Harry F. Salvus,
 b- Apr 1880
1900 Hardware Clerk

Paul Louis Salvus,
b- Nov 1881
 d- Oct 24, 1933 in Seattle WA
1900 Trackman GNRR

William "Willie" Joseph Salvus
Was Salvus really named in Memoriam after William Joseph Salvus?
b- Feb 1884 in Minnesota US
d- May 21, 1910, at Mile 143 railroad, age 26

William Joseph Salvus was killed
by a falling rock, from a dynamite blast
2,000 ft away from him.
It broke the arms of 3 other men as well.

Peter travelled with his brother's body, back to WA. in 1910

George Anthony Salvus,
b- Nov 1885,
d- May 23, 1936 in Seattle WA

Frank "Frankie" Joseph Salvus,
b- Feb 20, 1888, St. Paul, Ramsey, MN
List Index

Russell Edmund Paget
b- June 25, 1880 in Sundridge, Muskoka, ON
d- Feb 27, 1963 in Vancouver BC, age 82
buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC

Retired Civil Engineer

father- John Paget, b- 1834 Ireland
His father was the First Postmaster and named Sundridge ON
 mother- Jane nee Armstrong
, b- ON

Russell married 1- Ruby Mae Fetherston, Apr 3, 1918
daughter of William Fetherston and Mary Anna Caldwell
2- Joyce Winnifred Ridley

allotted mile 146-155 with Sheedy and Paget on the GTPR
1901 he was in a CPR Camp in New Westminster BC, shown as a Mining Engineer
1923 living in Vancouver BC, where he died
List Index


Victor Stone
b- Nov 1870 in Sweden, per 1911 census
alt- Nov 15, 1865 in 1901 census
immigrated in 1893, with Gustav Freiberg, his partner
Naturalized in 1900

Shown as a RR contractor in 1901, at Seine River, Algoma, ON

allotted mile 163-172 of the GTPR with Freeburg and Stone

List Index


Gustav "Gus" Freiberg
b- Sept 27, 1860 in Sweden

immigrated in 1893 with his partner Victor Stone

allotted mile 163-172 of the GTPR with Freeburg and Stone

Shown as a RR contractor in 1901, at Seine River, Algoma, ON


Freiberg & Stone drilled a 400 ft tunnel,
near Omineca on the Upper Skeena River.

note- alt spellings- Freberg, Frieburg, Freeberg, Fryberg, Friberg, and Freeburg

List Index



Chester Peter Siems
b- Nov 4, 1884, St. Paul, MN USA
d- Oct 23, 1918 at his home 563 Park Ave, age 34

Chairman of the Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company, St. Paul, MN
Engineer, died of Pneumonia, from Spanish Flu
Graduated at Yale in 1907
worked in Engineering Dept, Spokane, Portland, and Seattle Railroad
1908 formed the Siems and Co with his father and brother.
Aug 1911 they were taken over by the Siems-Carey Company
with Chester as President and treasurer.
Feb 1912 they launched Marsh-Siems-Carey-Smith Company
and the Siems-Carey Limited.
Both construction companies, carried out contracts for
Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul, Grand Trunk, and the CPR

1916 he formed the Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company Ltd.

son of Peter Siems, who was also a railroad engineer.
His father came from Schleswig-Holstein Germany.
mother- Josephine A. Gleason was connected with the White family
that came over on the Mayflower.
they had 3 children, 2 sons were also involved in these companies.
Allan Gleason Siems, and Claude H. Siems


A. G. Sims is the name recorded in one paper in May 1913
they had the grading contract from Mile 142 to Fort George, 90 miles.
1500 employees, 7 steam shovels, 4 of 70 tons, 3 of 40 tons.
employees were to increase from 3,500-4,000 by the end of May 1913.

another spelling is Simms.


William F. Carey

Vice-President of Siems-Carey Railway and Canal Company, St. Paul, MN

D. J. Carey and company had a camp at Willow River
This would have been Dan Carey, brother to William


List Index



John McLeod

b- Nov 1871 in ON

Referred to as "Captain" McLeod
Retired, returned to his farm in ON, from Fort Fraser
He also had a camp near Hazelton

List Index



H. E. Carlton
Harry Carlton

partner in Carlton and Griffin
Contractor in Fort George area.

First 25 miles west of Fort George, his camp was in the Indian Reservation no1
which became downtown Prince George today.

Before this they worked south of Tete Jaune Cache.


A. E. Griffin

partner in Carlton and Griffin
Contractor in Fort George area.

He had the 2econd 25 mile section south of Fort George on the PGE
I believe he was from Spokane area

List Index



Hogan Construction Company
I believe this was Walsh-Hogan Construction Company at one point,
based in Iowa.

Patrick Walsh obviously had a Hogan as a partner, but can't pin him down.
they operated huge steam shovels and other related equipment.

List Index



Norman McLeod
b- June 1871 in ON

allotted mile 160-162 of the GTPR

Norman McLeod- Mile 20 East of Hazelton

Fort Fraser Contractor

wife- Louise P. McLeod, nee ?
b- July 1885 in ON

daughter- Margaret P. McLeod
b- Dec 1910 in BC

List Index



Backus and Company
Philip R. Backus

and H. A. McCLure,
both shown in 1910 Rupert directory

List Index



Prince Rupert Construction Company Ltd
T. Dufferin Pattullo- President (Vice Consul for Norway in Rupert in 1910)
George Driver- Vice-President and General Manager
R. E. Jansen- Sec-Treas. (Seattle)

List Index


Neil Keith
b- May 29, 1861 in Acton, Halton Co., ON
d- Nov 8, 1910 SW 17-4-23-W2, near Ogema SK south of Moose Jaw
Well known Railroad Contractor, for 30 years, from Winnipeg when he died.
Dec 12, 1910, in Moose Jaw (Ogema Camp) SK he disappeared,

his clothing containing cash and valuables
was found in a shanty, 7 miles from camp
His frozen wolf mangled body was found Dec 14, 1910, several miles from camp
He was working on the Weyburn-Lethbridge CPR Line
One article says he was suffering from a fever and left the camp 6 weeks before.
Other reports state alcohol was heavily involved.
1901 living in Winnipeg, single

He was son of Neil Keith,
b- Mar 21, 1819, Isle of Jura, Scotland
d- Nov 4, 1885, Acton, ON

mother- Flora McDougall
b- Mar 15, 1826 Bowmore, Islay, Scotland

List Index


Daniel "Dan" Stewart

b- Oct 1867, Scotland

Immigrated in 1888

allotted mile 156-159 of the GTPR
1911 head of Stewart's Camp at Hazelton, shown married, age 43
Apr 1914 he left Canada for a prolonged visit to his home in Scotland


Stewart Brothers
They operated a steam shovel at Fort Fraser
taking out the last cut, to connect the west and east lines

List Index



Samuel Shelby "Sam" Magoffin
b- Apr 7, 1888 in St. Paul MN
d- Mar 16, 1959, Winona, Winona, MN
buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Winona, MN

son of Samuel McAfee Magoffin (1859-1934) and Elizabeth Moran Rogers

Sam married Florence Thayer Snow, Aug 14, 1911 in Thunder Bay ON
daughter of Sumner Snow and Mary Thayer Floete
also show him married to a Margaret Boalt.
b. Nov. 3, 1892
d. Jul. 29, 1972
buried with Sam

found a S. Magoffin lived in Prince George in 1916
Aug 1923 a S. S. Magoffin moved his headquarters from Prince rupert
to edmonton, where he was to build shops to make Railroad equipment.
S. Magoffin of Magoffin and Berg,
had the contract for the first 8 miles East of Fort George, in 1912
S. S. Magoffin Construction worked on the Great Northern railway.
Their locomotive #25 can be seen at the Duncan Forest Museum  
Magoffin and Berg's camp was at Willow River

List Index



Burns & Jordan

Located at the mouth of the Clearwater, Mile 136
They had the contract for the tunnel at that location.
1/4 mile long, 30 ft high
They brought in a freezing plant, froze the mica clay,
then excavated it out into a tunnel.


Edward F. Burns
b- Apr 5, 1864 in IL, USA
d- Mar 24, 1923, Spokane, Spokane co. WA, USA
buried in Peace Abby Mausoleum, Fairmount Memorial Park, Spokane

wife- Marie Burns, nee ?, b- age 44 in 1910, in IL, USA
married 11 years in 1910, had 3 children

He had a son Edward Jordan Burns who practiced law in Seattle
daughters- Helen and Irene, all born in WA, USA


Partnership Burns and Jordan, Spokane Contractor
not only worked here, but they built the Kootenay Central Railroad,
after this job.
On that job they had 2,000 men, 6 steam shovels, and track laying machines.


John B. Jordan
b- May 20, 1852 in IL, USA (age 56 in 1910)
d- July 25, 1943 in WA, USA, age 91, 2 mo, 5 days
Came to Canada in 1910, per 1911 census

Father- Peter Jordan, Mother- ?, Both parents born in Ireland

lived at 104 8th ave, Spokane

wife- Mary E. Jordan, (nee Burns?)
b- 1866 in IL, USA (age 47 in 1910)
They were married for 30 years in 1910
They had 3 children, 2 were living in 1910

I also show a Grace married to John B. Jordan

daughter Mayme Jordan, b- ca 1886, age 24 in 1910, in Texas

daughter- Mary Jordan, b- San Antonio, Texas, married Thomas A. E. Lally in 1912

List Index



George Hardie
Cleared the line for 100 miles, starting 6 miles east of Fort (Prince) George

His main camp was on Observation Island, just above Fort George
applied for men to work a cut west of Mud River Nov 1912
He was superintendent of construction for Foley, Welch and Stewart

List Index



John B. Albi
b- Mar 17, 1866  in Italy
d- 1942 Portland Oregon USA
buried in Mount Calvary Cemetery,

had a 4 mile contract, Mile 27 to mile 31, located just east of Aberdeen.
He is shown from Spokane WA

(Fort Fraser Contractor, went to Spokane after)

Albi and Filigno had done considerable work for 10 years,
 for P. Welch and Co. of Spokane,
an associated company of Foley, Welch and Stewart.

They built part of the Phoenix Branch of the CPR
Immigrated to Spokane, WA, US in 1887

1920 owned a fuel yard in Spokane WA

married to Maria Teresa "Mary" Albi, nee Lacini, July 9, 1902 in Spokane, WA
 b- 1879, Italy, age 28 in 1910
d- 1931

son- Dr. Raphael "William" Albi
b- May 5, 1903 in Midway, BC, Canada
d- Mar 11, 1979, Spokane, WA
buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Spokane, WA

daughter- Genieva (alt Gemme?) M. Albi, b- ca 1906 in WA, McNown
daughter- Scipione Albi, b- ca 1908, in WA,
daughter- Julia Albi, b- ca 1912 in WA, Spencer
son- Dr. Robert J. Albi, b- 1915 in WA, d- 1992
daughter- Yolanda J. Albi, b- ca 1916 in WA
daughter- Lucille S. Albi, b- ca 1918 in WA, Newbill
daughter- Eileen Albi, b- ?, Porteus
daughter- Nan Y. Albi, b- 1916- d, 2000, could be one of above, McKeehan
daughter- Jill Albi, could be one of above, Duley
daughter- Gilda Albi, could be one of above
son- Edward J. Albi, b- 1907, d- 1962


brother- James Vicenzo Albi,
b- 1872 in Italy
d- July 12, 1932 in Spokane
brother- Garabaldi Albi,
 b- Jan 14, 1861 in Italy
d- Sept 26, 1923
brother- William Raphael Albi
b- 1869 in Italy
d- Mar 15, 1952
all 4 brothers emigrated to Spokane in 1887 (1888 and 1889 in other records)

all sons of Joseph Albi ( d- 1902) and Rose Veeltri

List Index



Sten Lund
b- ca 1881 in Sweden, (age 35 in 1916)

Had a camp east of Fort (Prince) George
at mile 187, about 40 miles east of Fort George
and another one 5 miles east.
He was to build a 3 story office building in Fort George, ca June 1912

His purchasing Agent was a Mr. Oline

He was a partner in Lund-Rogers Construction Company of St. Paul MN
Retired as Superintendent, per William C. Rogers, Treasurer of the Company
"Captain" Rogers of the company came to Fort George to straighten out affairs.

He became the General Manager of the Reinforced Brickwork Company Ltd of Winnipeg.
1916 family living in Winnipeg,
wife Bertha Lund, age 35, in Sweden
and son Edward Lund, age 7, in US

List Index



Jamieson Construction Company
alt- Jamison Construction Company

Owned and operated the "Pioneer" Track Laying Machine
when it went through Fort George


1951 Frank Jamieson was Vice-President of the Company,
with the same name, They were building the PGE railroad
south of Prince George.  Wonder if it was the same company?


James Stanislaus Washtok

b- July 1872,  Madison, Trempealeau Co., WI, USA
d- July 23, 1965, North Vancouver BC, age 93


Various spellings in history books etc., all wrong
alt- James Stanley Washtock
alt- James Sylvester Washtock
alt- James Stanley Washtok


1907 James S. Washtock was in Kiona Washington state trying to hire workers
for the North coast Railroad there. I believe he was from Spokane.

1900 family was in Park township, Richland Co, ND, USA

1910 family in Couer d'Alene Idaho, BC
name in both census is Washtok, plus in his death cert.
James Stanley Washtock in North Bend BC, ca 1918

he had 6 children in 1910


married 1- Bertha Jacuski

married  2- Veroncia Bertha nee Maher, ca 1898, or was it 1900?
shown married for 0 years in 1900 census
b- Jan 1875, in Germany, per 1900 US census
she immigrated in 1876
(see other name choices, and birth places below)


son- Gilbert Washtok


son- Edmund James Washtok
b- Apr  14,1900 in ND, USA
(8 mo old in 1900 census)
d- 1933


daughter- Lillian Francis Washtok (sp?)
b- ca 1902 in ND, USA
d- 1982
when she married her father shown as James Sylvester Washtok, b- WI, USA
and mother Veronica Bertha Maher, b- Algona, Iowa


son- John George Washtok
b- ca 1904 in ND, USA
d- 1917


daughter- Esther Cecilia Washtok
b- Apr 23, 1905 in ND, USA
d- Jan 13, 1921 in Vancouver BC, age 15
buried in Ocean View Cemetery, in Vancouver BC
she lived in Chaumox BC
mother shown as Veronica Mahor


son- Urban Ralph Washtock
b- Apr 17, 1908 in WA, USA
d- Sept 27, 1951 in Vancouver, age 43
his mother shown as Bertha Bowman
He was a CPR Locomotive Engineer.


son- Cyril Walter Washtock, (Washtock spelling used here)
b- 8 mo old in 1910 census, (age 25 in 1934) in Couer d'ALene, Idaho, USA.
d- May 1,1995 in BC
buried in Armstrong BC
his mother Bertha Maher, b- Minnerville, MN, USA
he was also living in North Bend as a trainman in 1934


 and mother of son Raymond when he died, Veronica Bohen, both born in USA
son Henry Raymond Washtock,
b- Sept 20, 1912 in Lytton BC.
when Raymond married his mother shown as Veronica Bertha Smith


son Quentin Ronald Washtok,
 b- 1915

d- 2000


father Michael Washtok,
 b- May 5, 1847, in Poland (Germany?),
 d- June 15, 1888 Lidgerwood, Richland, ND, USA
buried in Catholic Cemetery, Lidgerwood, ND

mother- Francis Govin (first husband Charles John Baumann)
b- Feb 14, 1852 on headstone, (alt- Feb 28, 1846, Wisconsin),
d- May 14, 1927 on headstone (alt-May 13, 1927)


brother- John Bartholomew Washtok,
b- apr 14, 1884, WI, USA (shown age 24 in 1910 with his brother's family
d- Feb 14, 1981, Clackamas Oregon
buried Mount Calvary Cemetery, Portland, Oregon


sister- Mary Egidia Washtok

b- 1875
d- 1960


List Index


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