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Ruby Elizabeth Gleiser (Business Woman Plus!)
Edward Philip Leacock (CPR Townsite Agent)
Lauchlan Alexander Hamilton (Surveyor)

Charles Edmund Phipps (Gov't Land Agent)
Charles J. Glidden, Auto Tour, 1904 (Trivia)

Arthur Gould Yates- 1892 (Investor)
"Virginia" Yates Private Railcar (Trivia)
Melville Lubec Cobb- 1892 (Investor)
Simon Bolivar Elliott- 1892 (Investor)
Farley McGill Mowat
Insp. David Hamilton MacPherson
Major- General Cortlandt Starnes
George Murray
Empire Mining & Metallurgical Congress 1927 (Trivia)
Storey and Van Egmond (Architects)
Ida Marie Petterson, nee Strom (Mayor)
FO Howard Leyton Brown R.A.F.V.R.

Joseph H. Hool (Photographer)
Major Elmer William "Lefty" White

 Born in Estevan

Joseph (Joe) G. Tucker,
Elias (Eli) Wolf Mandel,
Clifford Howard Stockwell, (Geologist)

Yes I know there are more names,
but most of them are still alive.
I am only doing deceased persons,
for the time being.

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History of Coal in the Area
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Big Lou BE2570-W Dragline
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Utility Coals Ltd (4)
"Shand" Ransomes & Rapier W1800 Dragline
Everett William Costello

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John Robert Brodie
Sir Douglas Colin Cameron
William Lemond Hamilton
John Heber Morris Haslam

Hugh Hassard 
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan
Sydney & George Pocock
Hugh McKay Sutherland
Richard Ratcliffe Taylor
Crawford McMillan Thomson
Major James Morrow Walsh

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Picture of the Estevan Water Tower taken by my niece Dena Gent

Estevan is located in the SE corner
 of Saskatchewan,

on Highway 39.

Aerial Photo Postcard,  ca early 1960's
courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Estevan started in 1892,
 as a tent town. 

Aug 18, 1892 article
shows the town plots are being laid out.

Surveyed in 1892
George Murray
When he surveyed the Townsite,
the sod shack of Arthur Kelly
was the only visible building.

The Territorial Government

 of the Northwest Territories,
 Incorporated Estevan as a Village,
 November 2, 1899. 

Estevan was proclaimed a Town
 on March 1, 1906.
and finally Incorporated as a City, 
March 1, 1957
Now the 8th largest City in Saskatchewan.

At the Geodetic Survey Bench Mark
in Churchill Park, overlooking the Valley
Alt= 1863 ft.

From Natural Resources Canada:
Latitude= 49° 08' 21" N
Longitude= 102° 59' 10" W
Airport code- YEN

History of the Name
Estevan was known as the
"Sunshine Capital of Canada"
receiving 2,536 hrs of sun per year, 
an average of 7 hrs/day
Population is approx 11,000.
It is now known as
"The Energy City"

  Estevan was named
 after George Stephen's

  Registered Telegraphic Address

Estevan is Spanish for Stephen
He signed all his telegrams "Estevan"
and telegrams sent to him
were addressed to "Estevan"
as early as 1893.

or is this interpretation above correct?
translated to "In The Van" or "Front Rank"
Maybe this was the translation
 for his telegraph address.
Fits a President of a Company like the CPR.
but why Spanish?

Why a Scotsman would use a
 Spanish translation
is unknown to me, and history.

If you read the First Coal Mine in the area,
Dominion Coal Company, web site,
you will see the various names suggested,
before "Estevan" was picked.

Stephen was the First President 
of the CPR from 1880-1888.
George Stephen (1829-1921)
George Stephen
1st Baron Mount Stephen
 Born at Forres, (Dufftown?)
Banffshire, Scotland, June 5,1829,

He was the son of a Carpenter,
William Stephen, and his wife Elspet Smith.
Came to Canada at the age of 21,
 in 1850, to Montreal.
Married twice:
-Lady Charlotte Stephen, nee Kane in 1853,
(She died in 1896)
- Lady Gian Stephen, nee Tufnell in 1897.
Daughter of Robert George Tufnell

 In 1880 he built a fishing camp

 at La Fourche, Causapscal, 
at the confluence of the Matapedia
 and the Cascapedia rivers. 
His salmon fishing lodge, 
now known as "Matamajaw"
is a museum open to the public.
 In 1886 he acquired
several properties at Grand-Metis.
His fishing camp, 
which he called Estevan Lodge, 
was completed in 1887.
Another place the Estevan name crops up.
He retired to England and
 He died at Brocket Hall, Welwyn Hatfield,
in Hertfordshire, England, 

on November 29, 1921, age 92.
There is a Mountain in the Rockies
named in 1886 after this man.

Census Trivia:
Population in 1900= 100
Population in Dec 1904= 700
Census 2006= 10,084
Land Area= 17.56 km˛ (6.78 sq mi)
Total Private Dwellings= 4,455

Approx Legal Land Description of the City:
Section 27, 26, west 1/2 of 25
Section 22,23, west 1/2 of 24
all in Township 2
Range 8, West of the 2nd Meridian
1927 map of the area

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