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West side of 12th Ave
between 4th and 5th st.
Fenced lot on corner
is now the Bank of Montreal.(2008)
1201 4th st.
Right side shows the corner
 of the old Kelly Hotel,
built in 1892.
One of Estevan's First Hotels.
later the site of the International Hotel,
which also burnt down in Mar 1973.

Next came a Drug and General Store,
replaced after the fire in 1909 by
the Smith Block, built by James A. Smith.
 at 410-12th Avenue, in 1911.
photo taken aug 2009

Upper floor of the Smith Block,
in 1911, was the Masonic Hall

Arthur Kelly
owned this Drug/Dry Goods  and Grocery store.
He built an addition to his Hotel in 1900
and sold the Hotel a couple years later,
to Roe and McLeland from Melita, Man.

View before fire

View right after the fire
both of these postcards courtesy
Mr. Grant Walker, Studio City CA
sent to me Mar 2013.

The fire broke out on the morning of Feb 23, 1909
that burnt down Arthur Kelly's Dry goods store,
and the Kelly Hotel,
started in the upstairs rooming house,
above this store.
Originally he built the store in the Hotel.
The fire also burnt down Mrs. Scott's
dwelling, which also housed the Town Library.
Value of $4,000
Montreal Gazette reported the fire
caused $50.000 damage, and only
$25,000 in insurance.
It was such a huge fire, they were worried
the whole east and west sections
of the town would go.
 But with heroic efforts of the Citizens
the flames were gotten under control.
Owner of the hotel
shown as T. McLelland, at time of the fire.
$30,000 value, $13,000 insurance.
Value of Dry Goods store- $20,000
insurance $8,000.

 Next came the Perry block.

 Then came the back lane.

On the south side of the lane
a land/law office of
 Peter Cuthbert Duncan.

P. C. Duncan

The building was owned by
Dr. Ernest Harold Scott,
Estevan's first physician
who had his office in this building.
He died May 29, 1900.
This was the location of
the First Post Office,
and Dr. Scott's Drugstore.
Most books describe it
on the corner of 4th st and 12th ave.
where the Bank of Montreal is today (2009)

Aug 20, 1892 article

I also believe this building was used as the
First Library in town in Feb 1908

The building on the left.
was originally owned by Peter C. Duncan
and his son Stanley.
It originally was a General and feed store.
Feb 23, 1903 article
2 story, 50 x 56 ft

Ca 1916 they sold to D. O. Crossley.
This later became W. R. Whitby's hardware.
Today the site of the Royal Bank.
all these buildings burnt down Feb 23, 1909
except Whitby's hardware.

The upper floor of the Smith Block
was used as the Court House.
The trial of Harry Bronfman,
of Seagrams fame,
was supposedly held here in 1930.

Aug 24, 1892 newspaper article-
A Mr. McLean, from Headingly originally,
 built the first 2 story building in Estevan.
Located on 6th st, 4 lots from 12th ave.
(doesn't say which direction)
20x38 ft, with a kitchen,
It is to be used as a restaurant.
and it's position opposite the train station,
assures it a good trade.

Mr. McLean

Mr. Arthur Kelly built a livery barn,
which was used as a Hotel,
while the Kelly Hotel
was built.
It was located west of the Davie's block,
between 12th Ave and 13th Ave.
on the north side of the street.

Mr. Arthur Kelly

Here are some Newspaper articles
on the construction of the Kelly Hotel.

Aug 20, 1892-
Mr. Kelly proposes to erect a hotel costing,
with the furniture, $10,000

Aug 24, 1892-
The Stone for the Foundations
are now being drawn on the ground.
Mr. Kelly is busy sinking a well,
cribbing as he goes.

Oct 11, 1892-
the lathers are nearly finished.
The Plasterers will rush things next week.

Oct 22, 1892.
Graham and Hanbury doing the plastering
on the Kelly Hotel / House.

Nov 11, 1892-
Kelly Hotel ready to open,
Size- 40 x 100 ft., 3 stories.

Kelly Hotel and the one above,
were built by Mr John Ellis.
who came from Brandon in 1893.(see below)
They were all owned by Mr. Arthur Kelly.
Who also came from Brandon in 1892.
He was one of the first settlers in this area.
Mr. Kelly owned a Hotel in Brandon,
also called the Kelly Hotel,
 prior to this one.

Kelly Hotel
It was the first meeting place
 for the Estevan Legion
Kelly Hotel burnt down Feb 23, 1909

12th Ave. looking south
taken from SE corner of 6th St.
12th of July parade, 1906
Kelly Hotel on right,
Empire Hotel on the left,
top of what became Whitby hardware,
on 4th st visible.
(building with 6 upstairs windows)
Originally Whitby's was
built by Peter Cuthbert Duncan,
Upstairs was the first funeral home
and Undertaker service.
Today the Royal Bank is on that corner.

Here is an article from Dec 8, 1892,
and low and behold the Kelly House
is built and a social is held in it.
So the date of Mr Ellis coming in 1893,
is obviously wrong, and probably 1892,
is the right date.

When he was digging his well, for the Hotel
he reached the coal seam at 25 feet.
So underneath the city of Estevan
lies a large coal seam.

Kelly Hotel also went by the name
Queen's Hotel.
I found an article Aug 1899,
saying the Queen's hotel in Estevan
was granted it's license.
Sadly it says no more than that.
On a Tuesday before Apr 3, 1896,
they had an oyster supper,
for Major Phipps, the Dominion land agent,
at the Queen's Hotel.
Yes Oysters, in Estevan in 1892!!!
Actually 15 years ago, my sister in law said
the best lobster tail she ever had
was at a cafe in Estevan.
Go figure!!!

another article dated Feb. 1895
had a meeting for the Conservative Party
held at the Queen's Hotel.
Mr. Arthur Kelly was elected President.
Mr. Thomas Pierson, Secretary,
Mr. J. Ellis, Henry Yardley, and W. Walkem,
elected Vice-Presidents,
M. H. King, treasurer,
Mr. Wilson, Stockwell, and Sweet,
other members of executive Committee.

I found an article that says
a Corina Culbert, nee Rivard,
worked at the Kelly House
 when she was married
in May of 1906.
Her husband Herb worked
 in the Kelly Livery Stables.

Arthur Kelly married Selena Cory
I have added a family bio
on my web page here

Sept 1907
The Landlord of the Kelly House
was Mr. Thompson McLelland.
b- ca 1865, age 39 in 1906, in ON, Canada
d- Jan 27, 1959 in Weyburn SK
1925 he became Mayor of Weyburn SK
and has a Street named after him there.
In 1920 he owned 2 Hotels there
and was running in an election
as an Independent candidate,
as an anti prohibitionist,
opposing a C. M. Hamilton,
Minister of Agriculture at the time.
McLelland also owned a farm
and was running as a Grain Grower.
One of his hotels was the Soo Hotel, in Weyburn,
which he owned from the day it was built.
He also owned race horses, and stables.

His wife, Matilda McLelland, nee Blanchfield.
b- June 20, 1873, in Oustic, ON, Canada
died Jan 27, 1959, in Weyburn SK
both buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn.
She was daughter of John Blanchfield,
and Bridget Welch

Camillia Blanch McLelland,
b- Apr 27, 1891, in Portage La Prairie, MB
Hazel McLelland,
b- Sept 1, 1892, in Portage La Prairie, MB
Myrtle Margueri McLelland,
b- Apr 25, 1895, in Burnside, MB
Isaac Edison McLelland,
b- Dec 3, 1896 in RM of Pembina, MB

1906 family living in Qu'Appelle SK

July 12, 1906
I believe this picture was taken earlier
than the caption reads.
The Davies block was supposedly built
and operating as a Bank, in 1903.
One is wrong?
Another book says Davies block
 was built in 1902.
The Empire shows built ca 1906
So maybe 1906 is correct here?
I found a 1905 picture
that shows the Empire Hotel,
so am leaning to the 1903 date as correct.
Dates on these buildings changes,
depending on the memory of others.
This picture is looking south
 at Corner 5th st and 12th Ave,
The International Hotel
 is on SW corner on right.
Empress / Empire Hotel on SE corner, on left
Unknown building under construction,
on left, NE corner,
where the garage is today (2009),
and Davies Block under construction,
at 410-12th Ave,
on right NW corner.
Looks like a July 1st parade.

International Hotel was owned
in 1913/14 by brothers
Josaphat and Athanese Prevost.
Thanks to
Volker Tobias,
for making the correction on this caption.

International Hotel
was built in place of the Kelly Hotel
by Harry Emerson McKenzie.

Nov 10, 1909 article
end of the article describes the lot
for the International Hotel was bought
for around $4,000.00.
Contractors McKenzie and Prevost involved.

1951 the International hotel was sold by Frank Lee
to brothers, William (Bill) Ropchan, from Unity,
and Walter Ropchan from Vegreville AB

It also burnt down, March 1973.
The International was owned
 by the Bill Ropchan family
at the time of the fire.
SW corner 12th Ave and 5th St

A Mr. Frank Lee owned the International Hotel
and the Empire Hotel in April 1951.
He lost his business licence to operate both hotels
in April, and in July the city gave him his licence
to operate the International Hotel.
The Empire Hotel licence was on it's way also.

The unknown building is not mentioned
in any history books that I can find.
It isn't the Delight theatre,
as it was next door to the east.

The stone foundation almost looks to me
like it also extends further east,
and that portion might have been
the Delight theatre, but what was right
on the corner,
where Parkway service building is today.
It isn't Parkway's building
as this foundation extends
 out to the corner of the street and Ave.

Here is a view of the mystery building
marked A,
supposedly taken in 1906,
so this would have been the building,
still no idea what it was.
Delight theatre is B
Kelly Hotel is C

A possible match for this building,
is the American Hotel,
built by Victor Marquis in 1903,
b- Apr 9, 1866, in USA,
immigrated to Canada in 1900.
Located on north side of 5th st. East
the history book says.
It was destroyed by fire in 1936.
The building of this hotel
is mentioned in the first issue
of the Estevan Mercury.
Interesting enough the Hospital
burnt down in 1936,
so it fits if this was next door,
it would have also burnt down.
My aunt told me there was a cheap
hotel on that corner,
with white painted plywood.
That fits the small picture above.
I am more positive this was
the American Hotel.

Now hold on...
I just found a newspaper article,
dated Aug 20, 1892,

 this states,
Just below Dr. Scott's property,
and nearer the depot,
on the corner of 5th st. and 12th ave.
Mr. Rielly, late of Brandon,
 has bought a site for his Hotel.
He has the material on its way,
and proposes with the beginning of September,
to be ready to receive guests.
His contract with the CPR
calls for a first class building.
Now how he built it in a couple weeks
is beyond me.
Anyway this sounds like
the International Hotel to me.

Then to confuse the issue some more,
another earlier newspaper article states
Victor Marquis who owned
 the Grand Union Hotel in Estevan
was completing the foundation
of his "NEW" hotel.

Aug 10, 1905 article

Then an article from Jan 6, 1908
it states Mr. and Mrs. McLeod
of the Grand Union Hotel
left on the Soo for Toronto, for an operation.

another says the Imperial Hotel
in Estevan nearing completion.
Obviously a few of these burnt down.

Received an email Jan 13, 2010
from a Ron Fortier, doing research
on Victor Marquis,
Victor married Lizzie Fortier
(originally family name spelled Fortin),
on Oct 26,1885,(per IGI)
in Old Town, Penobscot County, Maine, USA,
who was a sister
to Ron's Great Great Grandfather.
They came to Canada about 1900
after spending about 15 years
at Rice Lake, Barron County, Wisconsin, USA
Ron tells me a Victor Marquis (Sr?).,
(or his son Victor M. Marquis),
died July 20 or 22, 1946,
buried in Prince Albert SK Hill Cemetery.

1895 Barron County, Wisconsin, USA Census
V. Marquis, and 3 females
living in town of Stanfold

1901 census in Estevan SK
Victor Marquis
b- Apr 9, 1866, in USA,
Occupation Farmer, French Nationality
wife- Lizzie Marquis (nee Fortier)
b- July 24, 1868, b- Quebec, Canada
(Father, Mother- Andre & M.Luce (nee Carrier) Fortin)
Daughter Josie Marquis, b- Dec 16, 1886, b- USA
Daughter Ida Marquis, b- Jan 18, 1888, b- USA
Victor M. Marquis, b- Mar 21, 1899, b- USA
and Harrold (probably Harold) A. Marquis- Mar 22, 1900, b- USA

1906 census in Estevan SK
show Victor age 40,
Lizzie, age 36,
Daughter, Josephine, age 19
Son, Victor, age 7
Son Harold, age 6
all born in USA, immigrating in 1900
no Ida now?

Family not in 1911 Canada Census,
where did they go?
1911 census shows a Alphonse Marquis
b- Mar 1875 in Quebec, farm labourer,
Also Carmelle b- 1877, Quebec,
and his wife Berthe, farmers,
living near Prince Albert, relatives?

Empress / Empire Hotel
1138 5th st.
Empress Hotel when it was built
ca 1906-1907 (see left)

Sept 1907 the Landlord of the Empire Hotel
was George Stewart.
It had just got electric lights installed.
Mr. Stewart was a member of the Masons
Dec 27, 1907 The Estevan Lodge of the A.F. and A.M.
had a meeting in his Hotel.

Managed by Charlie Hoyt, in 1914, P. Lemm,
Snookie Harris, Frank Lee,
O. M. Runner was Manager in 1925,
Gerry Lennox, Russ Brown ca1970,
Albert Klemetski, ca1971,
who sold it to Nick Morsky, Sept 1971,
and possibly more.

Jan 30, 1908 the Empire Hotel
was sold to Mr. H. W. Shore, b- abt 1876,
 of Glen Ewen,
for $41, 250.00 from Mr. George Stewart.
Mr. Stewart took over Mr. Shore's Imperial hotel
in Glen Ewen.

In 1921 the Government Reps,
suggested the Empire Hotel
be made into the Court House.

Nick Morsky changed the name to
The Lignite Louie Hotel

photo Aug 2009
Nick Morsky built the Derrick Motor Hotel
at 125 - 4th St., east end of the city

Derrick Motor Hotel Postcard
courtesy Grant Walker

The Empress Hotel was used as a barracks
from 1914-1918
One of the first buildings in Estevan
made from the
Eureka Coal and Brick Company red brick,
later became Estevan Brick co.

Empress- Empire Hotel
 1138-5th Street - 1906
With Estevan Band In Front
Originally called the Empress Hotel
Used as an Army barracks in 1914-1918
Mr. H. E. McKenzie did the work
on the entrance in 1907

My mother worked here for Charlie Hoyt.
Making Beds, and cleaning rooms.
She writes she was busy during the week,
as it was mostly salesmen staying there,
and they would go home for the weekends.
She still worked Saturday and Sunday,
no days off or holidays with pay.
Her pay- $10.00 for a month.
She got room and board at the hotel.
She waited on tables in the dining room.
She was expected by Mrs. Hoyt to houseclean
a room every day besides her other duties.
She didn't think this was fair, so she quit.

My mother writes she worked
in the International Hotel after
her time at the Empire Hotel,
and up north in Bissett Manitoba,
150 miles north of Winnipeg,
at the Hotel San Antonio there,
Operated by a Mr. and Mrs. Luke Roe.
who operated a hotel in Estevan before this.
The San Antonio gold mine was there,
on the shore of Rice Lake.
She stayed there for 6 months,
and left before freeze up.
Mrs. Luke Roe was a McDonald,
one of the early Estevan families,
that came from the Alameda area.

After Bissett, she started work
in the International Hotel in Estevan.

Mary Pierson was the cook.
According to my Mom's writings,
she made a terrific Omelette.

Here she worked upstairs, making beds,
and cleaning rooms.  then she was a waitress
in the dining room.
Mr. Robert Coxford
was the Manager at the time.

After this she quit and went working in
the Hospital at the time, on 5th st.
All of the above was in the
 early to mid 1930's.



A Licence was required to sell Liquor,
and it was decided by a Commission,
 here is a list from June 34, 1914,
showing these business names-
Harris and Halparin, the Clarendon Hotel;
P. Lemm, the Empress Hotel;
Prevost Brothers, International Hotel;
James Aphin Smith -Wholesale


In early 1940's a Mr. Menashe Mandel
came to Estevan to buy a hotel for $112,000.00
It was a hotel where the owner died,
and his family were in an estate dispute.
Menashe came from Graceton SK,
where he owned a grocery store for 22 years.
He got a phone call from a cousin in Estevan
that told him about the sale of the Hotel.
After many years in Estevan
he sold the hotel and moved to Regina
where he bought a hotel.
Later he moved to Winnipeg
where he owned the Merchants Hotel,
Pembina Hotel, and the Balmoral Motor Hotel.
Menashe Mandel was born ca1900, in Galicia,
part of Poland at the time,
came to Canada in Aug 1914.
arriving in Melville, where he lived with an Uncle.
Wife is Fanny (Fannie) Mandel, nee ?
daughter- Ruth Mandel, married Norman Bubis
daughter- Merle Mandel, married ? Minuk

now which Hotel was it?
as you can see below,
It was the New Clarendon Hotel and Cafe.

12th Ave view
12th Ave, taken looking south
from 6th St. ca 1914
Boarding house and Empire Hotel
on the left can be seen,
and Davies Block, International Hotel,
Smith Block, Whitby hardware,
and Old Stone church on the right,
are all visible.

views above taken Aug 2009

First building on right
The Victoria Cafe.

built by Mr. Harry Hyman Gold.
It had many owners,
Mrs. Hagen, Lee Chee,
Frank Jackson, Henry Woo,
James Parkinson, Orville Olson, and  Ed Grant.
It had a rooming house in it under Mr Woo.
(Notice the sign for rooms on the side)
Later became a grocery store under
Eric Quist,
2nd hand store,
under Dave Kennedy.
Then Lea's Upholstery,
and in 1980 an Electrolux dealer.

The boarding house on the left,
had various owners.
Built in 1903, and owned
by Mr Gideon Matte Sr.
Front faced the train station
It was later sold to
John M. Bergstrom,
b- 1852- d- Jan 26, 1939
buried in Estevan City Cemetery,
Name was changed to the Bergstrom Hotel.
The Star Cafe was in this building.
I believe it was once owned by
Mr. Elmaron Snider,
b- Oct 2, 1860- d- Aug 2, 1931
buried in Estevan City Cemetery.

Later I believe on that same SE corner,
of 6th st and 12th Ave,
there was the Windsor Hotel.
It also contained a grocery store.

2nd building on the right side
was Estevan's 2nd newspaper,
the Estevan Progress.

The building with the awning was
D. L. Irvine's First Drug store,
before he moved to 4th st. location

looking for Adam Edward Tisdale
family info, I read, he and his wife,
Sarah Hannah, nee Clark, operated
the "Estevan Hotel" on 6th st. for 4 years.
Possibly the Windsor Hotel location?
the Tisdales came from the Macoun area.
Adam owned a coal mine 7 miles
south of Estevan ca 1935-1948

The Clarendon Hotel
on 5th St. east of 12th Ave, North side.

Next to the Delight Theatre

The Westview School History book
says this hotel went by the name of
The Mital Hotel.
I have not seen mention
of this name anywhere else.

view of this area
Aug 2009


After the first Clarendon Hotel burnt down,
it became a business on the south side of 5th st.
Originally the Rex Cafe
bought by Jake Krivel
renamed Clarendon Hotel and Cafe.

sold by Krivel Jan 31, 1949 to
Benjamin Zelcovitch and Paul Nessman,
both from Estevan
and  Menashe Mandel of Winnipeg (see above)
Benjamin Zelcovitch owned an interest
 in the Estevan Hardware store.
Paul Nessman was the Assistant Manager
 of the Bank of Montreal

Krivel came to Estevan in 1909
was in the livery and feed business until 1914.
when he bought the Clarendon Hotel and Cafe.
It was sold to Charles Parks of Winnipeg in 1928.
Krivel bought it back again in Jan 1935.
A month later the hotel burned down.

The New Clarendon Hotel and Cafe was built
with extensive renovations in 1947.
Feb 1948 Jake Krivel died,
Barney, Mickey, and Saul
 his sons operated the hotel.


This was a Rooming House-
The Talbot House
on north side of 5th st.,
between 12th and 13th Ave,
built by
Joseph (Joe) Christopher Phillips
born in 1878 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England
This building later became:
The Temperance House,
The Cottage House,
and The (Phil) Dupuis House.

River Park Hotel

In 1935, the Northern Crown Bank building
in Macoun was bought and moved to
the River Park pavilion site.
This is the building in the picture above.
It was operated by
 the widow of Thomas Green,
Mrs. Wanda Green, nee Kraft,
Joe Kraft her brother,
and George and William Green, her sons.
They added a tourist park, and cabins.
The property was sold in 1957 to
William O'Laney, and Bert Shipman.

views from the old hwy 47
looking west.

Empire Hotel on the left
And International Hotel on the right.
Corner of 5th St and 12th Ave
 Looking south

The International Hotel was built
and owned by Mr. H. E. McKenzie.
The building just south of the International
is the Smith Block, built and owned by
James Aphin Smith,
 wholesale wine and spirit merchant.
(See list of Licenses on the right)
The tower of the old Salvation Army
 Stone Church is visible
 in the rear of the picture.

Volker Tobias, this added caption-
"This picture postcard is probably from 1917,
the men in front of the door
 of the Empire Hotel are soldiers,
 in the Hotel was the Recruiting Station
 of the 152nd Battalion.
Signs for Phille's Land Office,
 L. J. Taylor,
Bank of Hamilton are visible.
Right the International Hotel
 and W. T. Moore law Office."
Mr W. T. Moore was on the first
1908 Library board.

1967 Estevan Parade, Uptown Motel in the background
Uptown Motel
1402 - 2nd Street
Picture taken during the 1967
July 1st parade
Built in mid 50's for the oil boom
still going strong, 2009
also The Estevan bus depot.

Super 6 Motel
Highway 39 west of Estevan

Perfect Inns and Suites
134 - 2nd Avenue
Just north of Highway 39


Other Hotels/ Motels
from the past and today

Estevan Motel
905 4th St Estevan  
Owned for years
by the Emerson R. Nash family
Today a new wing with kitchettes
is along 4th st. foreground of this picture.
My aunt Dorothy Olson, and son Gerald,
Lived in the house to the left
in the picture above.

Town and Country Country Motor Inn
Rex cafe was located where it was.

Sunny Brook Motel
Location Unknown to me.

Circle 6 Motel
206 - 4th Street

Fai's Motel
Highway 39 East

Beefeater Motor Inn
now Days Inn
1305 9th Street
Actually on Souris Ave.
also known as Hwy 47 N

Owned and operated by the Symons family
descendants of Hiram Symons.

Tower Inn
Now called Estevan Thriftlodge
1117 3rd Street

Swank Motel
built in 1954 by Val Construction
by Bob and Alice Caine.
I think this is now the Super 6?

Motel 6
88 King St.
taken aug 2009

Hotel in Estevan, opened in Feb 2009,
east side of Kensington Ave.,
Across from King St.
68 rooms

Some of these pictures were sent to me by Larry Preddy
who received them from Alice Pawson.
They were taken by J. Hool and sons,
but I am unable to find this firm
to get permission to print the pics here
Others I have found in my travels
or were in my Mom's scrapbooks.
If any have a legitimate copyright
please let me know, and I will remove them.


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