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2 Presidents/ Managers / Owners? of M&S

James Crawford Thomson
b- Nov 29, 1874 in Collingwood, Simcoe, ON
d- Oct 4, 1938, in Souris Hospital, Souris, RM of Glenwood, MB.
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

Tuesday Night, Oct 4, 1938 Crawford Thomson,
died in Souris Hospital, Souris, RM of Glenwood, MB.
from injuries in a car accident
He was age 63, born ca1875
He was Vice-President and Winnipeg General Manager
of the Gurney Scale Company Ltd. (based in Hamilton ON)
He was a star hockey player when he was younger.
He was President and General Manager of M&S
also at the time, and was returning home from a
visit to the M&S property, when his vehicle overturned.

Nov 1934 He was President of the M&S Mine.
Coal sold for about $6.50 a ton in Winnipeg.

Father- Ebenezer Thomson
b- Apr 28, 1835 in Scotland
d- Feb 12, 1909, in Winnipeg MB
living in Ward 2, Winnipeg MB., in 1901, and 1906
age 65, Warehouse Commissioner
married Oct 6, 1869 Margaret E. McMillan
Presbyterian religion
Mother- Margaret Eleanor McMillan, (sister to
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan)
b- Mar 22, 1848 in Pickering Dist. Upper Canada (ON)
d- Mar 1, 1928, in Winnipeg, MB, age 79
her father James McMillan who married Eleanor Crawford
married Abt. 1839 in Red River Settlement  in MB
Now we know where the name Crawford and McMillan came from
and the tie with the Thomson name.
They were early settlers of Manitoba
James and Eleanor's son
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan,
became Lieutenant Governor of MB
and he was a millionaire by 1910, living in Winnipeg.
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan was General Manager of M&S at one time.
1901 she is living in Winnipeg with her husband and family
1911 she is shown living at 65 Hargrave, Winnipeg MB
age 63, with son Harry, 2 nephews, and a servant
 D. Hunter Gordon, b- July 1884 in MB, Banker (also there in 1906)
and Alex M. Gordon, b- July 1891 in BC, Student Arts?
their mother was Janet McMillan, sister to Margaret McMillan, sister to Sir Daniel McMillan

65 Hargrave St is now the Laurentian apartment block
3 St's east of MB Parliament buildings
and a 1/2 block north of the Assiniboine river
Prime Real Estate then and now

James Crawford Thomson
married Elizabeth "Adelaide" Thomson, nee Watson,
Dec 7, 1904 in Winnipeg MB
b- 1876
d- 1944
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

James and Adelaide had 2  sons and 1 daughter I know of:
1. Crawford Watson Thomson,
b- ca Sept 1905 in Winnipeg MB
d- Jan 5, 1906, age 4 mo., in Winnipeg MB

2. Crawford McMillan Thomson
b- Jan 11, 1909 at Winnipeg MB
d- 1975
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB
married Jean Elizabeth Thomson, nee Rowland
Oct 27, 1934, in St. Stephens Broadway United Church in Winnipeg
b- 1909
d- 1994
also buried in Elmwood Cemetery
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Rowland
Crawford living in Regina SK at the time of their wedding
They were to make their home in Regina

June 12, 1947, He was the General Manager of M&S

In Jan 1949 Crawford M. Thomson was publicly blamed by
Premier Tommy Douglas, for prolonging a 10 week strike
 of 200 members of the United Mine Workers of America.

In July 1949 Crawford was General Manager of M&S
He was arguing in favour of a miner's pension plan
at Regina, at the Provincial Royal Commission on Coal.
the mine owners were paying a 3 cent per ton levy
towards the UMWA Welfare Fund.

In Feb 1960 He was Vice-President of M&S

Aug 1967 he was shown as Retired President of M&S

3. daughter Maryel Thomson
b- ?
she was at her brother's wedding in 1934 as Miss Maryel.

brothers to James Crawford Thomson
sons of Ebenezer: 1a-4a

1a James Crawford Thomson
b- Nov 29, 1874 in Collingwood, Simcoe, ON
d- Oct 4, 1938, in Souris Hospital, Souris, RM of Glenwood, MB.
buried in Elmwood Cemetery, Winnipeg MB

2a. William Hoick Thomson, age 27, Banker, (Ontario Bank)
born 1871/72 in Collingwood ON, living in Winnipeg,
married Annie Isabel Balfour, Feb 8, 1899 at Hamilton, Wentworth Co., ON.
age 27, born in Port Colborne, living in Hamilton ON
daughter of Robert Balfour and Jane Slack
William and Annie had a daughter
 Margaret Jean Thomson, b- Feb 20, 1902 in Winnipeg
Moved to Portage La Prairie MB, Manager Imperial Bank of Commerce

3a. Henry "Harry" W. Thomson
b- Dec 13, 1876 in ON
d- ?
1901 a Clerk, living at home age 24
1911 only son at home with his mother, age 34

4a. Gordon M. Thomson
b- Aug 28, 1883 in MB
d- ?
1901 a Private Secretary, age 17
He married Ivy Irene Ritchie
daughter of Sinclair Balsor Ritchie and Elizabeth L. Gates


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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
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