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 Lignite Coal Mines
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 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

After creating many Individual Lignite Coal Mine Information Pages,
I decided to create a New Complete Separate Section,
On the Coal Industry in SE Saskatchewan.
Instead of a few mines on each of my town pages,
I am hoping this will become the Main Index Page for all of them,
by the time I am done.

 History of Coal In SE Saskatchewan

History of Lignite Coal in the Area

 Index of All Coal Mines, Big and Small

 My Original Complete Index of Coal Mines in the Area
Some Mines in this Index are expanded below, with their own Pages
eventually all mines will have their own pages when I am done one day!


 List of My Coal Mine Sites
 (Listed Alphabetical)
* Link Underlined= One of the Big 6 Mines, in 1931 Strike
 Baniulis Mine
Banner Coal Company Mine (Uhrich Mine)

Beamish Coal Mine
*Bienfait Mines Ltd.
Big Lump Coal Company
Bridge Mine No 1, (Old Bridge Mine)

Brokenshire Mine
Brooks & Paluikis Mine, (Allan & Lischinsky) (Allan & Baker) (Good Luck Mine)
Coates Mine
*Crescent Collieries Ltd.
Dominion Coal Company
(First in Estevan)

*Eastern Collieries of Bienfait Ltd.
Edward Siddall Mine
E. J. Sinclair Coal Mine (Blue Seam Mine)
Estevan Valley Coal Mine  (Jimmie Parkinson Mine)
Eureka Coal and Brick Company (Estevan Coal and Brick Co. Ltd.) (International Clay Products) (Estevan Brick Ltd.)
Excelsior Coal and Brick Co. Ltd.
Farmer's Coal Mining Company (North of Lampman, Bituminous Coal Mine)
Frayne Mine
Hassard Mine (Souris Valley Coal Mine Company Ltd.)
(First Mine SE SK)
Havanah Coal Mine
Hugh Banks Coal Mines (Banks Coal Mine)
J. B. Adams Mine
Jenish Brothers Mine
 John Mitchell Mine, (R. Dunn) (R. Adams) (J. Stepanski & Co.)
 Julius Mellom Mine

Klimax Mine

Konopaki Mine
Langen Coal Mine
Lee Brothers Mine

Lignite Coal Mines Ltd. (South Cambrian Ltd.)

Lloyd Mine

*Manitoba & Saskatchewan Coal Company Ltd.
Munshaw and Cundall Coal Mine
*National Mine Ltd.
Nicholson Mine
Northeast Mine
Northwest Coal Company Ltd. (Konopaki Mine)
Pacific Coal Company Ltd.
Palmer Mine
Pinto Collieries Mines
Poage Mine

Price Coal Mine
Riverside Mine
Roche Percee Coal Mine Company (see also Sutherland/Old Mac mine below)

Rock Springs Coal Mine
Souris Coal Mine- Shand
Souris Coal Mining Company Ltd.

Sunshine Mine Ltd.
Sutherland Mine ( Old Mac Coal Mine )
Sydney J. Pocock Mine
Truax Traer Strip Mine
Utility Coals Ltd.
*Western Dominion Collieries Ltd.

 William Ostepchuk Coal Mine


 Coal Mine Owners
 (Listed Surname Alphabetical)
Note- some Owners are included
in the various Mine Pages above

 John Robert Brodie
 Sir Douglas Colin Cameron
 William Lemond (Billy) (Will) Hamilton
 Hugh Hassard 
John Heber Morris Haslam
Maurice Hawkinson
Mannix Family
 Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan
 Sydney & George Pocock
 Hugh McKay Sutherland
 Richard Ratcliffe Taylor

 Crawford McMillan Thomson
 Major James Morrow Walsh
 Senator Robert Watson 
 Sir William Whyte
 Alexander Craig McMiken (Alec) (Happy) Wilson


 Associated with Coal Mines in the Area
Everett William Costello - Executive
Robert John Campbell Lee -Mine Surveyor
Edward Pierce - SK Govt Coal Mine Inspector
, ca 1920

 Misc. Coal Mining Info
Roche Percee Coal Mine Picture

Area Coal Mining Memorabilia
Char Briquetting Plant
Zieglgansberger Pictures
Luscar Ltd. Taylorton Photos (5 pages)

 First Coal Mine Test Drilling

Dominion Government Coal Test Site #1

Dominion Government Coal Test Site #2

 Black Tuesday Miner's Riot

Black Tuesday, September 19, 1931, Miner's Riot

 Area Draglines

"No Name", Bucyrus-Monaghan 5W Dragline- (First Walking Dragline in area)

"No Name" Bucyrus-Erie 500W Dragline (Part of the Klimax Mine Page)
"Unknown Name" Bucyrus-Monighan 500W", (Bucyrus-Monighan 500W Dragline, continued)

"No Name" Bucyrus-Erie 190B Dragline (Part of the Klimax Mine Page)
"Bienfait Badger" Dragline
- (Bucyrus-Erie 1570W Dragline)
Mr. Klimax" Dragline
(Marion 7800)

"Big Lou" Dragline
- (Bucyrus-Erie 2570W Dragline)
Prairie Queen" Dragline-
(Bucyrus-Erie 1570W Dragline)
"No Name", P&H 9020-57 Dragline (Last New Dragline in the area, ca 2012)

"Estevan Eagle" Dragline- (Marion 8750) (no page yet)

"Shand" Walking Dragline- (Ransomes and Rapier Ltd. W1800)
"Shand" Ransomes & Rapier W1800 Dragline)
(Last of this Model of Dragline that was working)
(Largest Walking Dragline in 1961)
Operated at the Shand Mine

Page Model 625? Dragline- see Zieglgansberger Pictures Page

Area Stripping Shovels

Bucyrus-Erie 320B Stripping Shovel- (First Stripping Shovel in area)
Bucyrus-Erie 750B Stripping Shovel (Part of my Utility Coal Mine Pages)
Bucyrus-Erie 170B Stripping Shovel (Part of my Utility Coal Mine Pages)
Lorain 75B Stripping Shovel (Part of the Eastern Coal Mine Pages)
Bucyrus-Erie 42B Stripping Shovel (Part of the Truax-Traer Mine Page)
Marion 360 Stripping Shovel, see
Zieglgansberger Pictures Page

 Disclaimer and Other Important Information to Read
If you have photos of any of these Mines, Buildings, Mine Owners, Mine Workers, etc.
Please send them to me, and receive FULL Credit under each picture I use.
If enough contributed on one topic, I create a new Individual Page, credited to you.
If it is your Father's, Grand-Fathers, pictures, I will credit them, it is your choice.
Remember, "You Retain The Copyright" on each Contributed Picture.
I do NOT allow ANY other use of Contributed Photos, from my sites,
without the Contributors Direct E-mail Approval.
If you see your Contributed Photo on any other Web Site, Facebook Page, Blog, etc,
It did NOT come Legally or any other way, from me,
but would have been taken Illegally from my site,
and will be the Contributors responsibility, to protect your pictures and rights,
and have it removed, and/or prosecute for Copyright infringement.
I can not be held responsible, for illegal use by some other person.
Note- It is now a Serious Crime to use a Copyright Photo!
Some photos sent to me, may, or may not, all be used.
I reserve the Web Editor's right to add the appropriate pictures.
Please do NOT submit Copyright Photos, unless the Photo belongs to you.
If a Photo, or Information, is sent to me, I will assume it is for Public Viewing,
Unless you expressly tell me otherwise in a letter or E-mail.

If by chance I have used a Copyright Photo, without proper authorization,
please E-mail me, and I will remove it immediately!
Spelling Errors of some names may occur, please send corrections.

 I do NOT Charge for Viewing, ANY of My Web Pages,
If you appreciate Free History of this Area, you are in the right place!
I receive NO Government Money, NO Personal Donations, etc.,
Nor do I ask for any!

I try not to embarrass living persons, by recording the past history here.
Sometimes ones ancestors do things we would not do ourselves,
But this is PAST History, and as true as I can find it.
As some of this happened 100 years ago, I have no way of proving
the 100% accuracy of these old documents, or newspapers.
If it was wrong then, it will be recorded wrong here, unless I find
some new information that corrects the error.
I try and research every person I find on any subject.
Take my genealogy research with a grain of salt.
It usually is a fast search I do, and errors can be made.
Note- I do not hold info back.  What you see on these names,
is all I have, you can ask for more, but there isn't usually any.
I welcome questions, but Please do not expect me
to do your Personal Family Research, for all the inquiries I get.
Please do your own research to verify what you see here.
This is intended to be a start for your search only.
I find if you contribute photos, or information,
it usually brings information, back to you, that way.
But I DO NOT Guarantee this will happen.
Hope you enjoy some of the History of Coal in Saskatchewan!

My Final Comment

Coal is a BIG Part of the Early History of SE Saskatchewan.
No Coal= No Railroad, No Coal= No Power Plants.
No Railroad= No Farms, and No Business.
Remember, Oil didn't come until the 1950's!
And there would be No Oil today, without the Power Plants!

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 No Reproduction in Whole, or in Part, may be made
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