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Bastian Family

The Bastian farm, on Sec 10, Tp 2, Rge. 8, 
was owned by the Bastian family before Bill and Dorothy Hinzman
 bought it from Wilfrid Bastian in early 1960's.  
 Owned in 1911 at least, by
 Josiah Bastian
 b-June 25, 1883 in Lancashire England (possibly in 1882),
d- Jan 26, 1967, in Winfield BC, age 83
described by his son as a small man, 5ft 4in tall,
and barely over 100 lbs.

wife Esther Jane Bastian (nee Millington) 
b- Jan 25, 1884 in Buckley, Flintshire, Wales
d- Dec 16, 1966 in Winfield BC., age 82,

and daughter Ruby Bastian
 b- Aug 3,1909 in Estevan SK.
d- Jan 30, 1984 in Kelowna BC, age 74. 

Josiah and Esther immigrated from England in 1904,
 from Liverpool to Halifax.  He was 18.
(1906 census record shows immigrated in 1905)
Left village of Stubsha Cross.
They were married between Oct-Dec, 1902, in Wigan Registration district,
in or near Manchester and Lancashire Counties, of England.
Wigan is close to Ashton in Makerfield where Josiah was living in 1901. 
 Josiah is shown as a coal miner in 1911 census.
 They are listed in the census close to George Pawson. 
This section was originally homesteaded by John Nordstrom in October 1904.
Wilfrid and his wife Selina Bastian owned a fur shop in Estevan
until the early 50's on 5th St.. 
The family name is still shown as a ladies shop
 in Estevan on King St. in 2009. 
 Not much is written about this family in the Estevan History books,
but they are obviously an old pioneer family of the area. 

Josiah retired age 63,
taught himself to read, write, and to do arithmetic.
Advanced from the mines in Lancashire, to own his own Market Garden,
also a small Bakery in Estevan,
to owning and managing a furniture exchange.

 Josiah's father:
Thomas Bastian
b- Oct 1852 (1853 possibly)
d- Dec 25, 1928 in Burnaby BC, age 78

mother Jane Bastian, nee Molyneux
 b- July 1860
d- May 20, 1919  

see my Alexander Craig McMiken Wilson Bio page
for some brief Molyneux history

They are listed directly below the Josiah Bastian family in the 1911 census.
Thomas is shown as a coal miner as well.
The Thomas Bastian Family originally homesteaded  on Sec 36, Tp 1, Rge. 8. 
Thomas and Jane are buried in the Estevan City Cemetery, Estevan SK. 
They immigrated from England in 1905 from Liverpool to Quebec.

From the internet I find a Donald N. Bastian,
who is a retired
Bishop of The Free Methodist Church of North America,
 born in Estevan.  

Well after a great phone call, Aug 2010,
 I now find out Mr. Donald N. Bastian is Bishop Emeritus
of the Free Methodist Church in Canada. 
He is indeed a brother to Ruby,
and a son of Josiah and Esther. 
His father Josiah, and brother Wilfrid Bastian
 operated the Red & White Store, 6 doors from the Town Hall,
later Wilfrid owned the Bastian Store, east of the Orpheum, on 4th St,
which became a clothing store, with Dry Cleaners in behind,
 later became Bastian Furriers. 

Wilfrid Bastian,
(spelled with an i not an e per Donald)
Donald's older brother, 
was born ca 1912. 
Wilfrid and his wife Selina died in the early 80's
in White Rock BC
Selina was a great seamstress and did all the alterations
in the clothing store they owned.
Wilfrid did all the buying and the books for the store.
Per their granddaughter they retired in the early 50's
and moved to White Rock BC.

 Doris Bastian,
Donald's sister,
 born ca 1915,

and a brother Norman Bastian
died in infancy, on Aug 21, 1906 in SK. 

 Younger Sister
Eunice Bastian

Ca 1942 Don moved from Estevan, to Bible School in Moose Jaw SK. 
 Turns out most of my guesses above were indeed true.  
 Now I have to add Donald to my ECI Alumni list as well.
here is Mr. Bastian's blog

Ruby Bastian married Thomas Edwin Patterson
b- Feb 12, 1911, at Estevan SK
d- Feb 21, 1984, at Winfield BC, age 73,
son of Thomas Gail Patterson and Alma Hodgson,
on June 30, 1933, at Estevan SK..

1881 UK census shows:
 Thomas Bastian, age 28, born in NK, Cornwall, England, 
 occupation Coal Miner,
and wife Jane, age 20, born NK, Stafford, England,
all living at Ashton Road Greens Buildings, Abram Lancashire, UK,
with daughter Beatrice Bastian, b- 1880, Haydock, Lancashire, age 1,
and son John Thomas Bastian, age 3 months, born in Abram Lancashire.
Sister and brother to Josiah Bastian

 1901 UK census Josiah is shown as 17,
 born in Lancashire, Ashton in Makerfield,
occupation, Coal Mine Drawer below ground.
Esther Jane Millington,  (his future wife a year later),
shown born in Purle Buckley, Flintshire  (North Wales),
living in Lancaster, Civil Parish of Ashton in Makerfield. 
Her father Thomas Millington, mother Mary Jane Chatherall.
A Thomas John Millington age 18, b- Mar 1893,
 is a boarder living with Josiah and his wife, in 1911 census.
My guess is he is Esther Jane's brother
who immigrated in 1910.  Or a close relative.

I found reference to a Bastian Coal Mine
 at Ashton in Makerfield, and the Arch Lane Colliery.
The Banks family of Roche Percee Coal Mine fame,
are from this area as well.  Great Coal Mining area.

Ship manifests of the Bastian family

arriving Dec 24, 1904, SS Ionian Ship
Josiah Bastian immigrated, age 21, Miner,
Lancashire, England, destination Roche Percee

arriving May 10, 1905, SS Vancouver,
 sails from England to Canada
with the Bastian and Molyneux family,
plus an Edwards, all travelling to Roche Percee.
note- Josiah's mother's maiden name was Molyneux.
Thos, (Thomas) Bastian, age 52, Miner, born in Cornwall, England.
Elizabeth Bastian, age 21, Domestic, born in Cornwall, England
Alfred Molyneux- age 3, born in Cornwall, England
Elizabeth Molyneux, age 37, miner?, going to husband.,
born in Lanc, England., Roche Percee no5
Mary Molyneux, age 11, born in Lanc England
Isaac Molyneux, age 6, , born in Lanc England
Florence Molyneux, age 4, born in Lanc England
Jessie Molyneux, age infant, born in Lanc England
with them Priscilla Edwards, age 23, born in Flintshire, Wales,
 Clerk, going to husband at Roche Percee Assiniboia

arriving Sept 22, 1905, on SS Parisian,
from Liverpool England, to Montreal Quebec,
Jane Bastian, age 46, born in Lancashire,
going to husband, Roche Percee Assiniboia
Susan Bastian, age 20, born in Cumberland,
then more Molyneux family members
Sarah Molyneux, age 26, miner's housekeeper,
born in Lancashire, going to husband, Roche Percee Assiniboia
Thomas Molyneux, age 8, John Molyneux, age 4,
and Ed Molyneux, age 5 mo, all born in Lancashire.

arriving Feb 14, 1909, on SS Tunisian, Esther Bastian,
age 25, travels alone, 2nd class cabin,
 from Liverpool, England, to Halifax, NS, Canada,
born in Wales, returning Canadian to Estevan

arriving Mar 17, 1913, Josiah and the family
 sail on the SS Grampian ship,
on their way to Estevan
they were returning Canadians,
 from Liverpool England to Halifax NS
Esther shown living in Estevan for 6 years,
 and Thomas the same? 
3 months shown as well behind their names?
Josiah age 29, Esther, age 29, Ruby age 3,
Wilfred (Wilfrid), age 11/12 mo, Thomas age 60

Wilfrid Bastian married Selina Wellock, Aug 20, 1934
in the Free Methodist Church in Estevan
daughter of Richard and Mary Wellock,
of Yorkshire, England.
Rev. Neil McGougan officiated
Bride's Uncle, David Wellock
cousin John Wellock,
another cousin Leonard Wellock,
and Miss Eunice Bastian, sister of Wilfrid, attended.

Donald Bastian married Kathleen Swallow, and has 4 children

The Bastian Farm was chosen as the place for
an Oil well to be drilled in Estevan.
It was to be a test well, drilled by a Mr. F. H. Rhodes,
an independent American Oil promoter.
Last day of August 1949 the Bastian farm was chosen
from a list of 3 possible sites.
They had a 2 month license to begin drilling.
Owner of the farm was Wilfrid Bastian at the time.
Mr. Rhodes was quoted as saying
 the cost of drilling, could be as high as $100,000.00.
Depth was to be a maximum of 7,000 ft.
have not found evidence on outcome.

The second attempt to drill a well in the area
was at the farm of Johnny Frank,
just north of Estevan in 1931.
A strong pocket of Natural Gas was found.
It was lit on fire, and burned until the well was capped.
It remained capped until at least 1949.

The first attempt was ca1913 near Roche Percee.
An English Mining Engineer, name unknown,
 did some exploration work there,
but the start of the war stopped it.

Wilfrid Bastian sold his dry cleaning business in 1964
became Tisdale Modern Dry Cleaners

Wilfrid Bastian elected Director Kinsmen club in Estevan in 1945




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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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