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Photo courtesy Mr. Kurt

Estevan Fire Hall was originally in a small wooden building
west of Kelly Hotel/ International Hotel location on 5th st.
It would have been probably a pull cart,
probably with a barrel of water, and hand pumps.
Possibly a horse drawn cart as well
but would have taken too long to hook up horses,
so imagine it was a manual cart.

When the Old City Hall was built,
with the old water tower behind it,
the Fire Hall had a permanent home there.
Pictures exist in a tale is told book, page 86, Vol 1,
 of the side of this building,
with the fire brigade in front in 1929.
They are beside 3 carts.
2 are hose carts.
This Fire Hall was capable of housing 2 trucks.
This was on the same corner of the City Hall ca 2012.

In fall of 1960, the New Estevan Fire Hall was built.
Photo in a Dec 1960 Newspaper picture,
shows the bare metal roof structure.
It would have been completed early 1961.
Original cost $56,617.00, but they reduced the cost
by $2,000.00 by installing manual doors,
rather than automatic electric doors as planned,
and only 2 sides were covered in brick, rather than 4.
It housed 3 trucks when built, but allowed for expansion.

1982- Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief, and 24 Volunteers
made up the Estevan Fire Brigade.

Estevan Fire Brigade Fleet

A 1928 LaFrance-Foamite Truck, that served until 1959

This truck cost $11,500.00 and was delivered,
sometime in Feb 1930.

This would have been the Fire Truck involved in the 1931 riot.
I thought it was still kept at the station, where it was until 1978,
until Mr. Kurt Malleus sent me these Fire Engine Pictures.
He took the photos in the Souris Valley Museum in Estevan.
Built by the American LaFrance Fire Engine Company.
in their Canadian plant at Toronto ON.
Nick Narwan, age 26, of Taylorton,
striker, employed at M&S Mine
was shot dead on this fire truck
Sept 29, 1931, by the RCMP, during the riot,
when he jumped up on the truck.
The Fire Department was ordered out
to help push back the striking miners.

July 1959 they ordered a New Fire Truck
from King, Seagrave and Co., Woodstock, ON
cost $22,735.00
Delivery was expected Sept 1959.
It was the most up to date truck at the time.
Brought the fleet up to 3 trucks,
which meant the building of the new fire hall.
they discussed building a new hall, or extending the present one.
Building a hall on the north side of the tracks was also discussed.
With all the new development, hospital, school etc.
on the north side of the tracks, and no underpass,
having a hall on the north side would have made more sense.
1959 King-Seagrave Serial # 5919, IHC R185
Pumper 625/ tank 500, Sold to Regina Beach SK

King-Seagrave Truck Apparatus, Serial # 66124, test date 1967,
IHC truck chassis, 840 Pumper

Photo courtesy Kurt Phillips

I encourage you to visit the Souris Valley Museum, on Hwy 39,
to see these vehicles in person.

Estevan Fire Chief's

2010, 2011
Ron Tocker

Rick Perry

Jim Paul Bourquin
b- Feb 6, 1926 in Estevan
d- Aug 24, 2011
Born and raised in Estevan
son of George and Anna Bourquin
Jim married Irene Carlson
Jim was a marriage Commissioner in Estevan

William Herbert  "Bill" Hedley,
b- May 12, 1908 in Quill LaKe, SK
d- Dec 21, 1993, age 85
New Chief, Mar 4, 1955,
Bill came from Foam Lake SK in 1955.
He was Fire Chief there for 10 years prior.
Retired in 1972.
Aircraftman 2nd class, WWII
Service # R708847, RCAF

Father- Fenwick Hedley
b- Nov 1878, in Rothbury Reg. District in Northumberland, England,
d- May 1961 in Foam Lake SK
Buried in family plot in Foam Lake Cemetery
Farmer in 1911 census
Immigrated in 1905
took up homestead in Edfield District
north of present day Foam Lake.
Fenwick stayed on the homestead until 1949
when he moved into Foam Lake.
Came to Foam Lake District, age 26, after a year in Manitoba
Mother- Isabella Mary Lowrey Hedley, nee Miller
b- Mar 1878
d- 1952
brother- Fenwick "Fen" Hedley Jr.
b- 1910 in Canada
In Port Arthur in 1961
Immigrated in 1905
Family living on SE Sec 34, tsp 32, rge 11, W2, in 1911
Fenwick was appointed JP in Quill Plain in 1910
brother- Frank Hedley
b- 1913
1916 family living in or near Humboldt SK

sister and brother of Fenwick Hedley Sr.- names unknown,
living in England in 1961

Cliff Holmgren acted as Part Time Fire Chief
after Winton resigned.

William Winton, age 49 in 1945
b- ca 1896
d- ?
coming to Estevan in 1920 he served as a volunteer for 5 years.
Veteran of WWI and Veteran's guard where he served overseas in 1940,
in British Guyana.  discharged Feb 1945.
He learned the trade at a course with the Regina Fire Department.

James Raymond Hitchcock
b- Aug 12, 1892 Mondamin, Harrison Co, Iowa, USA
d- Apr 25, 1967 in Estevan SK
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens
Edna Emelia Norris
4 Children:
Birney Norris Hitchcock
b- Oct 31, 1915, Trossachs SK
d- Apr 12,1992
sp: Joan McKenzie
Francis Leslie "Smiley" Hitchcock
b- Nov 12, 1917, Trossachs SK
d- Oct 13, 1984, Calgary AB
Cecil Lorne Hitchcock
b- Mar 21,1921, Estevan SK
sp: Ivy May Barrow, married Nov 28,1942
Robert Eldon Hitchcock
b- Oct 30, 1924, Estevan SK
d- Dec 1992, Courtney BC)
sp: Betty Venne, married July 19,1947)

before 1930
William Earl Kinna
b- May 31, 1899, Langdon, ND, USA
d- May 18, 1969, age 70
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
son of William Kinna
b- Sept 14, 1863 in Blackcraig, Scotland
d- Mar 1937, San Antonio, TX
 and Sarah Kinna, nee Lindsay
b- Sept 1874, in ON
married July 12, 1891.
William Kinna Sr came to US at age 18.
Sr. left Canada in Nov 1936 to Texas.
Family Came to Estevan in 1903
William Jr. employed first in his father's lumber business in Estevan.
Known as Estevan's Pioneer Fire Chief and Brigade member.
After he resigned as Fire Chief he worked for the Prairie Nurseries.
Married Idella Teresa Dale Nov 13, 1922
b- July 31, 1900 in Aitken, MN, USA
d- Apr 13, 1978
also buried in Estevan City Cemetery

brother John Kinna, died before William Jr
sister Margaret Kinna, also died before him.
brother Emmett Kinna, San Antonio TX
sister Eleanor Cason, nee Kinna, also of San Antonio.
sister Muriece Wiese, nee Kinna of Mcallen TX
sister- Barbara Kinna
His father built what became the Fisher House at 1037 1st st. in 1905.

Kinna Lumber Yard in Estevan
Lumber and Builders Supplies
William Kinna, Proprietor, 1106 5th st, res 2nd st
William Kinna Jr. , Clerk, res 2nd st

J. W. O'Brien

Edgar Holmgren

Deputy Fire Chief's

Full time paid Position established in 1973

2010- 2011
Dale Feser

Jan 1978 and Oct 1980- ad for Deputy Fire Chief was placed

Ron Hawes

Vic Eberle
b- 1913 in Sedley
retired May 8, 1978, age 65, after 3 decades
25 years as volunteer, and 5 years as Deputy Chief.
He was only the 2nd Deputy Chief.
Joined 18 member volunteer team in 1948.
made (Volunteer), Assistant Fire Chief in 1950.
Trained as a fireman in WWII
Operated a Plumbing and Heating co in Estevan after the war.
he was an amateur boxer.

before 1973
 Jim Bourquin was Deputy Fire Chief.,

Note- dates missing, names missing I am sure.





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