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To My Saskatchewan Pages


Most recent updates on top
Links are fresh and working today
but as pages get revised and moved,
sometimes an old page shown here,
might get changed or removed.
Apologize in advance, if that happens.
as of Mar 2008 everything is OK.

16. Biggest change to my whole web site has taken place
effective Apr 17, 2016
All Pictures on my web pages are now watermarked

Facebook, Google Images, and others,
have created this wild west attitude, that all pictures on the Internet,
belong to whoever views them???
All text and pictures on my pages are Copyright.
Some have had the nerve to copy all my text and photos,
and pasted them into sites like
This is against the law, it is stealing!
I have spent over 20 years creating these pages,
I allow free access, no ads, no tax money used,
no investors, and still this isn't enough???
I see now google has a reverse picture finding service now.
guess what, I can now search for every location for each picture.
If it is online, google will find the match.
I am coming to get you!

I apologize for all the honest folks that view my site,
and look forward to the new pages I create.
I have stopped right click action on all my pages.
I know there is ways around this, so that is why
the watermarks have been added.

15. Jan 23, 2013
added Gainsborough, Carievale and Carnduff pages
per a request from a fellow in Revelstoke.
Not quite finished these but a start.
Added a bunch of pictures to my BC Tel History pages.
A few corrections here and there,
some new WWI and WWII memorial pics and pages as well.

14. Mar 20, 2012
my new copyright rules above, added for obvious reasons,
just because it's a "social network" you have,
 just because it's your facebook page,
just because it's your personal blog,
if it is open to the public,
then my information and pictures are ALL copyright.
I can't believe the gall of some folks that think everything they see
is theirs to add to whatever, like it belongs to them.
we wonder why governments are enforcing copyright laws,
this is why.  It shouldn't be necessary.
add a link is all you need to do.
It has taken me years to add this stuff,
and build trust with persons donating photos and info,
and then maintain it,
and having someone "borrow it" is a slap to my face.
just do not do it.  If it's your own photos,
your own stories, do what you want with them.
I hope I don't sound over protective,
I just want common decency to prevail.
 I can find a needle in a haystack if need be,
and google etc, makes it real easy to find you.
Please consider my work.  If you don't like it, don't look at it.

I have had enough with my public recipe page
and because one lady thinks any recipe she sees online,
belongs to her and her BLOG, I have removed the whole page.
Sad part is the lady doing this is from Saskatchewan.
I had NO problem with folks using the recipes
in their OWN home, all I asked was NO PUBLIC USE of the recipes.
Facebook, Blogs, Twitter, etc etc are considered ALL PUBLIC USE!

I was just about to open my mom's recipe book online,
but can not see that happening in the near future.
All it takes is one to ruin it for all.
I apologize to
all others that have morals.
If you accessed the recipe page in the past,
and want the recipe again, please email me.
As long as you are not the ONE lady, or a friend or relative of her.
I have a special recipe for folks like her!!

I don't mind proper PRIVATE USE of MY photos,
if it is STRICTLY for a PRIVATE Family Scrapbook, or such.
Notice, I say MY!  Others that donate pictures control
and maintain the copyright for them.
I add this information to share the history,
it isn't going anywhere as long as the rules are followed.
If you want to the see the picture later,
the page will be there.
Do you really need to copy and paste it into a facebook page?
do you really need to add it to a blog?
I don't grab your personal pictures,
and expect same treatment back is all.

I have added many web pages last 2 months,
lots of folks have sent new photos etc.
It's worth a second look if you haven't checked out the site
in the last year.  enjoy VIEWING them!
I don't want to add watermarks and ruin these old photos.
thanks for the cooperation!

13. July 28, 2011

Added many more pages to my SE Sask site
plan on adding small info sites to every town on my
Dad's 1927 map.  It is getting there!
Trying to do the smaller places first.
always accept info and pics on any town.

12.  Apr 23, 2011
Added many pictures from the Alex Wilson Collection
on various Bienfait and Mine web pages.
postcard collection of various buildings.
Union Hall, United Church, School,
King Edward Hotel, First Hospital, Main St., and Legion,
all ca early 1950's
Western Dominion and M&S pics., first walking dragline, etc
More Cuddington info,
and a complete life story for Alex "Happy" Wilson
a nice set of photos and info from Margaret Cuddington

11. Apr 17, 2011
many additions many changes
added more small villages and towns on SE Sask page.
revised Cuddington page on Bienfait, more to come
Alex Wilson pics and info added
more coal mine owner pages added.
most were big Winnipeg men.

10. Dec 5, 2010
removed a bunch of my personal pages
added more photos and info for Mr Yates on Estevan page

9. Mar 25, 2010
New project, identify buildings
on a 1939 photo of north side, 1200 block, 4th st.
I am also looking for names of all these business lots
from 1892 to 2010.
Have a look and send me additions or corrections

I have also been doing constant updates on many of my pages,
added some new towns, Northgate for one.
Been working on my old 1927 map, and adding more detail there
I now have the 3 done in bottom right corner
Township 1,2,3 and part of 4
in ranges 1- about 4 or 5., w2
added schools churches etc.
looking for more names there as well
the map on those 3 pages
now has mouse over hot spots,
which I hope will help those looking at them.
It's a big job adding them, so hope it's worth it.
Will keep working at it.

8. Dec 25, 2009
First, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to one and all!
Second, check out the Benson web page,
RM of Benson #35 is having a 100th Anniversary Celebration
Aug 1, 2010
Third, Added a few more villages to my list of sites,
if you have pictures or ancestor info
that you would like to see on there,
please send it on.

7. May 25, 2009
lots of new additions on most pages
too numerous to mention here.
If you haven't viewed the pages for a while,
I would suggest now is a good time
 to look them over again.

6. Jan 20, 2009
New pages for Roche Percee added today
Centennial Celebration this year
check out the new page for that.
Ken Friedt's new photos from 1910
and links to all the Census pages for the area,
including the new 1916 pages

5. Apr 4, 2008
A big day for me
as far as I know, ALL of my pages
are now ad free, and on my own server
Did lots more research on the history of coal in the area
and added lots of stuff to the list of mines.
check them out if you can.

4.Mar 26, 2008
Took me 2 full days, but finally the Bienfait site
has been moved, now NO ads.
I haven't had a chance to verify all links yet.
Added some new pages, and it's a monster now.
This includes Lignite school and others.
There is still the Bienfait reunion pages
but I think my eyes need a break.

3. Mar 24, 2008
back at it, finished Taylorton, Lemberg,
Hyde and Neudorf Pages.
Only have Bienfait left to do
I'm 85% Ad free!

2. Mar 23, 2008
 moving along last few days,
finished all of the Estevan, Hirsch, Pinto, Patrick
and tonight Roche Percee and RM of Coalfields #4 pages.
All revised pages, and moved to my NO ad server.
have a look
SE SK. Index Page
updated a few of the feedback pages as well

1. Mar 21, 2008
wow a 3 year gap on updating this page!
lots of changes, since 2005
One big change is the move of my site
to a paid server, no more pop up ads!
lots of space for pictures etc.
Have done most of my Estevan pages, my SE Sask pages,
Hillside pages, ECI and a few others.
Moved my 1927 map pages a while back.
working on moving the rest as time provides.
Have a look at my new Estevan pages,
hope you will be pleasantly surprised.
added a couple new Estevan pages as well.

starting list from 1 as most of the links shown are now dead


No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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