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Name of Office- Estevan
Federal Electoral District-
 Moose Mountain (Saskatchewan)
Post Office was established Sept 1, 1892
1st Staff Office-
Sec.27, Twp.2, R.8, W2

Dr Ernest Harold Scott ca 1892
Estevan's First Postmaster
Dr. Ernest Harold Scott
b- Jan 9, 1855 in Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, England
d- May 29, 1900

Name of Postmaster Date of
Date of
Cause of
Dr. Ernest Harold Scott
-per newspaper article-
a Mr. W. H. Dorsey was acting Postmaster
working under Dr. Scott,
when he opened the FIRST
mail bag at Estevan in 1892
1892-09-01 1900-05-29 Death
Mrs. Mary Neilson Scott, nee Service
(Ernest's widow)
1900-07-01 1903-08-25 Resignation
John George Hastings
b- Nov 1852
 in Dumfrieshire, Scotland
wife Bessie Eberle Hastings
 was Assistant Postmaster in 1911
1903-11-01 1919-04-22 Resignation
Charles Deacon Griffith
b- July 19, 1884- d- Aug 24, 1982
(see air mail story and Bio below)
1919-06-27 1955-07-19 Retired after
36 years service
William (Bill) H. Stephen 1955-07 1962-01-04 Retirement
John Dykun
b- ca 1930, worked in Drumheller
then Calgary, before Estevan
1962-01-04 1963-10-21  
Stanley E. Dyer
Dyer Rd is named after him
Became Supervisor in Calgary
1963-10-21 1969-01-01  
George C. Lawrence 1969-05-06 1971-12-12 Resignation
Lloyd M. Day 1971-12-11 Temporary  
Lloyd M. Day 1972-02-04    
Barry W. Johb 1975-11-14 1980-05-15 Promotion
Anton August Walliser
b- Jan 11, 1935, d-Apr 4, 1997
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
R. J. Devlin 1981-01-05 1981-06-01 Promotion
Darie Laliberté 1981-06-01 1984-06-29  
Tony Walliser 1984-06-29    
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nor as having been made in affiliation with,
or with the endorsement of the National Archives of Canada.
The source of this material is the National Archives of Canada

The First Estevan Post Office

was in Dr Ernest Howard Scott's office building,
on west side of 12th Ave,
between 4th and 5th st.
where the Bank of Montreal parking lot
and rear of their building is situated (2008).
In this building was P.C. Duncan's Land office
and Dr Scott's Doctor's Office and Drug Store.
I believe his family lived in this building as well.
Dr. Scott arrived in Estevan on Aug 16, 1892,
He came on the same train as
 Mr. L. A. Hamilton, CPR land Commissioner,
and Mr. E. P. Leacock, CPR Townsite Agent.
Dr. Scott came from Moosomin, via Winnipeg.

Construction started Aug 18, 1892
NW Corner of 4th st and 12th Ave.
where Bank of Montreal sits today (2009)

Aug 19, 1892

Aug 20, 1892
It had a stone foundation with brick veneer

I found a newspaper article dated Sept 22, 1892-
it states, Dr. Scott is moving into the new Post Office in a few days.

October they are still working on it.
but probably the bottom floor was completed enough
that the Post Office was open and operating.

Oct 5, 1936 a Mr. Willard Hargrave Dorsey retired
with 24 years service in the Immigration Dept at North Portal.
b- June 29, 1870 in Beeton ON
Methodist, Farmer in 1901
the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Dorsey.
He was orphaned at an early age.
He came to Methven, RM of Oakland, MB. in 1891.
He came to Estevan in 1892, and opened the first mail bag
in Estevan, acting Postmaster, under Dr. Scott.
Per this article he also opened the first store in Estevan
While in Estevan, Mr. Dorsey married Ida Kate Fogg of Newmarket, Ontario.
b- Sept 10, 1872

He went to North Portal in 1894.
There he homesteaded and opened a store as well.
From 1901 to 1911 he was CPR agent at North Portal,
resigning, and joining in Mar 1912, the Canada Immigration Service.
He was also overseer of the village of North Portal for a number of years.
In 1936 he was Chairman of the School Board

Oct 22, 1892
2nd story being added.

June 22, 1908 the Post Office was broken into
and Mr. Hastings was Post Master at the time.
Miss Murray was employed by Mr. Hastings,
and lived in the building.
Mr. Hastings was living in his residence on the next street
about 200 yards in the rear of the Post Office.

This building burnt down in 1909.

2nd Post Office
After Dr. Scott's building burnt down,
from 1909-1912 they used a house
 that once was lived in by the Perry Family,
which was moved to 4th st,
and this became the 2nd Post Office.
It was later occupied by a dentist , Dr. Fred Graham,
after the 3rd Post Office, just down the street to the west, was built.
The 2nd PO was located on the south side of 4th st,
middle of the 11th and 12th Ave. block,
and it was tore down to build the T. Eaton Co Building.

3rd Post Office
Built in 1912,
SE corner 4th St. and 11th Ave.

Click to enlarge the picture
3rd Post Office
and Federal Customs building
1236-4th Street

The 4th Post Office was located
in the Brick federal building,
where the Stone Central School once stood,
on the SW corner of  3rd St and 13th Ave.

It was built in 1957

This map shows the 5 locations
of the Post Office that I know of in Estevan, since 1892

The new 5th Post Office is at
1236 5th St.   Suite 100
Estevan SK, S4A 0S0

Where I remember Dyer Ford was,
ca 1960's, I think?

Of Course there is a couple non-union outlets
located around the city as well.
This is the Main Canada Post Office info only.

October 1, 1924
First Airmail flight attempted to Winnipeg
was inspired and started by Mr. Colin Arthur Manlove.
Mr. Manlove owned a small Insurance company in Estevan,
that he started in 1912.
 Later he entered into a partnership with Dave Bannatyne Sr.
In 1925, Mr. Bannatyne bought the whole company.

This was the first time a City, mainly business men,
used air mail for advertising,
in Saskatchewan for sure, and possibly Canada.
It was the first Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan.

It lasted only 10 miles or so, instead of 288 expected miles.

Companies that sponsored the event:
The Bienfait Mine
Western Dominion Collieries Ltd.
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Co. Ltd.
Eastern Collieries of Bienfait Ltd.
Lignite Coal Co. Ltd.
Big Lump Coal Co. Ltd.
The Estevan Brick Co. Ltd.
Prairie Nurseries Ltd.

Map of the Industries above
printed on back of the envelope

Slogans of the flight:
"Buy Souris Coal"
"Buy Estevan Brick"
"Prairie Nurseries for Plants"

Front of Envelope

The envelopes and red seal or cachet
were prepared by Mr. Donald Dunbar,
the Estevan Mercury printer in Estevan.
The wood cut from which the seals were printed
were printed and designed by Mr. Dunbar.
Postmaster C. D. Griffith made up a special lock-bag
which was presented to Flight Lieutenant E. A. Alton,
the pilot of the flight, from St. Francis.
As it turned out, due to engine trouble,
the flight ended just east of Bienfait.
When he landed he hit a rock pile and damaged both wings.
The bag was then carried by car to Bienfait,
then transferred to the mail clerk on the Souris train to Winnipeg.
1250 covers were carried, of which 400 had the regulation sticker affixed.
Some 100 covers were signed by Lieutenant Alton,
that early September morning before takeoff.

Plane he flew G-CACA, a Standard J-1, Fisher with Curtis OX5 engine

per 1958 BNA topics magazine, 2,000 envelopes were printed,
and 1,128 special air mail stamps were printed in pairs.

950 stamps were used on envelopes, 100 saved as pairs.
12 copies had the surcharged reversed,
and four were without surcharge, or imprint or date.
This left 62 mint single copies.
Donald Dunbar, printer of the Estevan Mercury, (see below)
designed the red and black stamp.
Stamps and Envelopes were sold for $1

Home delivery in Estevan began in April-May 1965
Approval was given in Dec 1964 for the new service.
5 letter carriers were employed and 2 supervisors.

Mr. Colin Arthur Manlove
b- Sept 13, 1889 in London, England
baptized- Aug 7, 1890 at St. Pauls, Ramsgate, Kent, England
d- July 2, 1963 in New Westminster, BC, age 73
In 1925 he was the owner of
 the Mid-Canada Stamp Company in Estevan.
 In 1958 he was a Vancouver BC Public Accountant,
at the firm Manlove and Company.
his wife- Barbara Ellen Mitchell

father- Arthur William Manlove
mother- Tryphena Eliza M. Manlove, nee Brett
mother, father married Apr-June 1887,
marriage registered in St. George Hanover Square, London.

The pilot Edgar Atheling Alton,
ended up making his home in Manitoba.
He was actually born in Portage La Prairie MB. on July 1, 1896
He died Dec 12, 1978 in Vancouver B.C., age 83.
He served in WWI, reg #1202,
and listed his mother as Annie F. Alton
482 Gertrude Ave. Winnipeg MB.
She was actually Anne Florence, nee Anderson, born in Quebec.
His father was Hiram George Alton, b- Oct 17, 1849 in Ont.
who died Feb 1, 1923 in Winnipeg MB
Edgar had an older brother Frank Harold Alton,
younger brothers George Wilfred Alton,
 Walter Eugene Alton, Edward Herbert Alton, and Sydney M. Alton,
Edgar was only 5ft 3in tall.
Owning his own "Jenny", a Curtiss JN-4 bi-plane,
 he made commercial trips in many provinces.
Barnstorming with his mechanic/wing walker, named Slim,
was how he paid for his $2,600 plane.
He bought the plane from Col Billy Bishop and Col. Barker.
He later had a prominent position with
the Ford Motor Company Aeronautical Engineering Division.
Ford sent him to India where he pioneered
the Bombay flying club and was it's first Secretary.
It is believed he might have flown in WWII as well.
Next venture known, in the 1960's he was selling real estate in Toronto.

Corporal Edward Davis Fryett
b- Dec 4, 1885, Brixton, Lambeth, Surrey, England
Christened Nov 14, 1888, same place
d- Sept 14, 1964, died in Lethbridge Hospital, Lethbridge AB
 He was with the North Portal RCMP at the time of this event,
and is also given credit for this venture,
 but not sure how he is connected, or his involvement.
He became a Magistrate Judge in Lethbridge.
Also shown as a Coroner, and Broadcaster when he retired age 78.
Served in RCMP in Swift Current SK, before Lethbridge.
Served in WWI, rank, Private
enlisted in Regina, May 6, 1916, while he was in RNWMP
Reg # 2684315
Army, Canadian Calvalry
RNWMP, B Squadron
next of kin, sister, Isabel Fryett, 187 Sumatra Rd, Hampstead, London NW
father- Charles Augustus Fryett
mother- Ellen Gertrude Henderson Davis

Charles Deacon Griffith
b- July 19, 1888
(Born in 1888 in Carnarvon Wales per retirement source)
(Enlistment form said he was born in London England)
(one source says born in 1884)
(Christened Oct 21, 1888, Claygate, Surrey, England)
d- Aug 24, 1982
retired from Post Office after 36 years.
Served for 3 years in Canadian Army overseas,  in WWI
educated in Wales and England.
Came to Canada in 1907.
Joined the Engineering Department of the CPR
Did survey work in Northern ON
before transferring to the Moose Jaw division in 1910
2 years later he left the railroad,
and joined the International Harvester Company.
He came to Estevan in 1913
in Apr 13, 1916 he enlisted in WWI in Estevan,
shown as a Clerk in Estevan, 5ft 10 3/4 tall.
In 1926 he started the "Canadian Postmaster" magazine
which grew to National circulation.
Member of the Anglican Church,
member of the Masons,
member of the Estevan Legion.
he was a gardener and became Secretary of the Estevan Horticultural Society.
There was a Charles Griffith Silver cup awarded at the Horticultural fair in mid 1960's.

Bet July-Sept, 1917, at Bexhill, Battle Reg District, Sussex, England,
He married Miss Beatrice May Horsfall.

Father- Griffith Griffith (yes first name same as last!)

married July-Sept 1884 in Marylebone Reg Dist, London, England

Mother- Annie Elizabeth Griffith, nee Hart
she was shown as next of kin
living at  25 Lansdowne Cres., London, England



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