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Perry Motors, in Estevan,
 sold my Dad
a 1926 Chevrolet Coupe
 in 1940 for $55.00

1945 pocket ledger cover O.R. Henderson, John Deere Dealer, Estevan Sask
O. R. Henderson
John Deere Plow Co. Limited
 1945 Farmer's Pocket Ledger

Orville Rawson Henderson
b- June 4,1906, in Alameda SK
d- May 11, 1970
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Father- Thomas Harry Henderson
b- May 1874 in Mulnure, ON
- Jemima Elizabeth Rawson
b- Dec 1875 in ON
Spouse Elizabeth Jepson
Orville attended ECI
Orville had a brother
Vanamber (Amber) Henry Henderson
 b- July 18, 1900, in Morden MB
and a Sister-
Merle Virginia Henderson
b- Sept 23, 1902 in Morden MB

Town of Estevan Tax Receipt
 Aug 28, 1947
for a lot on 5th Street
between 13th and 14th Ave.
Actually a house my Grandmother lived in
was located here.
$62.50 wow what a deal!
Lot 19, Blk 14
signed G. McNeil

Gov't of Sask. Land Titles Office receipt,
Arcola, Aug 15, 1947
A. B. Stuart Esq.
Estevan SK
Lot 19, Blk 14, Estevan B4225
Nowadays a Lawyer charges that
to sharpen their pencil!

Arthur Bertram Stuart
b- July 29, 1870 in London England
 (b- 1871 in one record)
d- June 15, 1960

buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Irene Johnson Sadler
they were married in Gainsborough SK in 1905
Family moved to Estevan in 1917
He was the Town Clerk in Estevan
He was the Town Clerk that sent
the telegram to Bienfait,
during the miner's strike
He was Secretary-Treasurer of Estevan
for 25 years when he retired in Dec 31, 1947,
and Miss Nora Mather took over the position from him.
she was Arthur's assistant for 15 years before that.

Picture of an unknown dragline
 in my mom's album

Gus Gesell family in front

Snow Drift on CPR
near Estevan in 1947
Picture sent to me by
 Ron Carpenter, with thanks.

Monthly meeting of the German club, in 1934, Walter Fichtemann and my grandfather Gus Gesell joined 25 others.
Now I know my Grandfather
 joined the German Club in 1934
with Walter Fichtemann,
who owned Estevan Greenhouses,
and were friends of our family for years.

Sorry, this picture is full size
Estevan Bruins Puck

Wooden Hangar marked on the side
"The Estevan Incorporated
Tailors and Furriers, Estevan Sask."

Aug 10, 1905,
Estevan Flour Mills started up again.

Dr. J. F. Creighton
and Dr. F. B. Walsh
and Edith Kee

Doctors history in a separate section

Edith Kee had a millinery shop on 12th Ave as well
member of the Baptist Church
Teacher of the Fidelis class of 1920
held the Noble Grand title of the Empress Rebekah No. 23
Her sister Jessie Kee was a teacher in Estevan
Her sister Maud Kee a dressmaker in the shop on 12th ave.

Estevan girls awarded First aid Certificates 1935
Misses Eleanor "Dolly" Gesell,
Annie Sava, and Velma Ingram
awarded First Aid Certificates
 in Moose Jaw

Ann (Annie) Margaret Sava
b- 1917 probably in Estevan
d- Mar 15, 1944
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Velma M. Ingram
b- 1917 in Estevan
married Norman McMillan
Velma Ingram won the Garner shield at ECI
for Public Speaking 2 years in a row, 1932-33

Princess Cafe 1951 Princess Cafe
Princess Cafe

Located on north side of 4th st.
east of 12th Ave.
 It was located in the Creighton block

1953 Postcard of the Interior of
The Princess Cafe
from the Grant Walker collection

After the Green family sold the Palace Cafe,
later to become the Canada Cafe,
Mrs. Green and Joe Kraft (deceased 1948)
went on to build and operate
the "Princess Cafe" in 1925.
It was located in the Creighton Block.
(Now the Wicklow Center),
The Princess Cafe
was another ECI Alumni Hangout.
They operated the cafe until 1946,
and then sold it to the Jack Ing family.
The Jung family
were also involved in this Cafe.

Canada Cafe 1940  Canada Cafe Building 1999
Canada Cafe

Located on south side of 4th St.
 Middle of the block,
between 12th and 13th Ave.

Lindsay and Patterson
operated the first General Store here
in 1893

Bought out by Mr. H. King
who operated it as a General Store.
It later became the Palace Cafe,
then the Canada Cafe.

While I went to ECI
in mid 60's,
it was still the Canada Cafe.

1910 Postcard, Coal Mine Entrance
somewhere near Estevan
No coal mine name shown sad to say.
Postcard Courtesy Grant Walker, CA



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