Lignite Coal Mines
 Richard Ratcliffe Taylor (Sr.)


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Richard Ratcliffe Taylor (Sr.)
b- Apr 25, 1851 in London, London, Middlesex, England.
d- Dec 31, 1911 at Ormerod House, in Victoria BC
Burial Place- Ross Bay Cemetery, Victoria BC

 Raised and Educated in Lancashire England.

Lived in London England, before Immigrating to,
Middlechurch, MB., Canada in 1889.
where he farmed for 10 years.
His grandson Rob Taylor says
an online passenger list suggests R. R. Taylor
left Liverpool on the S.S. Parisian,
Allan Line Steamship Co. on Mar 14, 1889,
 arriving in Halifax on March 24, 1889.
Settling on a farm at Middlechurch, MB
just on the north east edge of Winnipeg today.
49 58' 47" N - 97 04' 02" W

R. R. Taylor Sr., became a gentleman farmer. 
Their house was called "Oaklands",
in an area known as Bird's Hill.

In Manitoba, Rob says, he was a director of the
Kildonan, and St. Paul's Agricultural Assoc. (Society?)
later Vice-President, and then President.
This group organized the first fall fair in the area in Sept 1895.
ca 1900 he was also organist of
St. Paul's Anglican Church at
299 Balderstone Road, West St. Paul, MB.
The farm was sold by May 1902 for $6,000.
Then he moved To Winnipeg MB. Canada, In 1899.
This date is very close to the date he sold part of his Estate,
in Lancashire, England as you will see below.
It was with this money that he invested
 in Coal Mining in SE. Saskatchewan.

By 1902 he and his family were living at
92 Selkirk Ave., Box 744 in Winnipeg.
The house was called "Bridge View"

In 1908, R.R. Taylor Sr. and his wife Anne,
Richard Jr , Ellen and Alice,
moved to Victoria BC.

In England, Richard and his family,
lived in Todmorden & Walsden area, of Lancashire,
in the Parish of Rochdale.

Using the research above and below,
here is the compiled family names I found.

Generation #1

His Grandfather-
James Taylor
b- ?
d- ?
His Grandmother-
Nothing traced yet
James Taylor is listed as Ormerod's father
on his marriage registration

Generation #2

His father= Ormerod Taylor
b- ca 1811
d- Dec 19, 1880, age 69. at Strines Cottage,
 Walsden, Lancashire, England
burial- in St. Peter's Cemetery, Walsden, Lancashire, England
Occupation- Chemist
His Mother= Ellen Ratcliffe
b- ca1817-18 in
Kirtland, Lancashire, England.
d- ?
Burial- ?
Marriage bet Jan-Mar 1840
in the Registration district of Rochdale,
Lancashire, England.
Marriage in St. Chads Parish Church, Rochdale,
Lancashire, England.

Ellen's father= John Ratcliffe.

Generation #3

3 Children that I have found:

1. John Taylor
b- ca 1840-41
d- Aug, 10, 1875, age 35, in Walsden
Burial-  d- August  10, 1875 aged 35 at London -
 John Taylor of Hollybank near Todmorden

another listing- John Taylor, Chemist, Walsden,
d- Aug, 10, 1875, age 35, Ormerod & Ellen Taylor, Walsden
buried in St. Peter's Cemetery, Walsden,
same as his father, only he is in plot 377.

From Rob, he married Mary Ann's sister, Annie Winterbottom,
and had 3 sons Henry, Samuel, and John

Info from Rob Taylor:
Generation #4
a. Henry Taylor
born- 1870
d- ?
remained in England
and became a medical doctor

b. Samuel Taylor
b- ?
d- ?
 became GM and Sec-Treas
of Garrison Quarries of Winnipeg
He had participated in the Yukon Gold Rush,
and also farmed for a while in Manitoba

c. John Taylor
b- Between Oct-Dec 1875
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
d- 1929 in Canada?
per Rob he was GM of Western Dominion Collieries in Winnipeg.

2. Richard Ratcliffe Taylor  (Sr.)**
b- Apr 25, 1851 in London England
d- Dec 31, 1911 at Ormerod House in Victoria BC
per Rob Ormerod House was on the corner
of Richmond Rd and Landsdowne Ave.
across the St. from where Camosun College stood.
He is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery in Victoria BC
He married twice,
first Mary Ann Winterbottom
and second Annie Winterbottom, his brother John's widow.
Annie died age 95, in 1936.
Annie is buried in Ross Bay Cemetery as well.

3. Henry A. Taylor
b- ca 1851 in ?
d- Feb 27, 1869, age 18, in Walsden.

Burial- In Plot 378,

Henry A. Taylor, Chemist, Walsden,
d- Feb 27, 1869, age 18, Ormerod & E. Taylor,  Walsden
Lots more Taylors in this Cemetery,
Most, if not all, related to Richard R. Taylor.

Henry's age is interesting as this makes him
born ca 1851, same as Richard's birth year?  Twins?


2. Richard Ratcliffe Taylor Sr.**
died age 63 on Sunday, Dec 31, 1911
His Obituary below from Rob Taylor
appeared in the Jan 2, 1912, Victoria Daily Times

He married Mary Ann Winterbottom,
She was b- bet Sept-Dec 1849  in Oldham, Lancashire, England.
d- 1886
They were married in 1872 in England

Generation #4
They had the following 8 children
that I have found:
all born in Lancashire England.

1. George Ormerod Taylor
b- 1872, in Todmorden, Lancashire, England
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.

d-  Sept 19,1913 in Victoria BC, age 41,
possibly of TB
He married Jane Campbell
b- ?
d- ?
Marriage June 10, 1903 in Kildonan, MB, Canada

2. Annie Taylor
b- Between July-Sept 1874
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
d- Nov 17, 1904 in Winnipeg MB, age 31,
possibly of Polio

3. Ellen Ratcliffe Taylor
b- Between Apr-June 1876
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
d- Apr 16, 1936 in Victoria BC, age 59

4. James Winterbottom Taylor
 b- Dec 27, 1877, born in Walsden Lancashire, England
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.

Baptized Jan 26, 1878
d- 1958
per Rob he fought in the Boer war in South Africa,
 with the British forces, as Major
and later became a farmer in Alberta

married Mary Emma Sagar
b- ca 1864
d- Apr 16, 1925, age 61
Marriage Between Oct-Dec 1898,
Registered in Rochdale District, Lancashire, England.
(Note- his middle name is shown as Wilton here?)

5. Alice Taylor
b- Between Apr-June 1880
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
d- Feb 6, 1969 in Saanich BC, age 88

6. Thomas S. Taylor
b- Mar 28, 1882 Walsden, Lancashire, England
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
Christening July 17, 1882
d- aft 1911 in Canada?

7. Richard R. Taylor (Jr.) (nickname Dick)
b- Between ca Mar-June 1884
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.

d- July 3, 1942 in Oak Bay, BC, age 58
married Hannah (nickname Annie) Winterbottom
 May 8,1912 in Winnipeg
b- ca 1882
d- Sept 27, 1943 in Victoria BC, age 61

8. Charles Taylor
b- Between Apr-June 1886
Birth registered in Todmorden Registration district.
d- June 29,1907 in Winnipeg MB, age 21,
possibly of TB

My research notes below, as I found them:

 1901 Canadian Census 
Listed as a Coal Merchant in Winnipeg, Ward 6,
Wife, Anne (1842), Daughter Annie (1874),
then 4 sons, John (1875), Thomas (1882),
Richard R. Jr.(1884) then Charles (1886)
In 1906 census it says he came in 1890?.
Living in Ward 6, Winnipeg, MB.
Richard Sr. is shown age 57,
his wife age 65.

1906 Canadian Census
daughter Ellen, age 29, John age 30,
Thomas age 24, Alice age 26,
and Charles age 20.
all born in England.

Married in 1872,
 even though nothing I can find so far,
was registered in England in 1872?

He was a member of the Masonic Fraternity,
and the Commercial Club in Winnipeg.

He started out with a small Coal Mine
 in 1899, near Souris MB.
Senior member of Taylor & Sons in Winnipeg.
Established The Souris Coal Mining Co.
which he was President and Manager of.

Richard Ratcliffe (Jr.) was born ca Mar-June 1884
birth registered in Todmorden, Lancashire, England.

I found names same as other children
in this district, in the years shown above.
But without middle names can't prove it is them.
But it does appear they lived in the Lancashire area
from 1874-1886 at least.

 1881 UK Census
Looking in 1881 UK census I find more family.
George O. Taylor born ca 1872-73, in Todmorden (see below)
Annie Taylor, age 6, fits Annie above, born in Walsden.
Ellen R. Taylor, age 4, fits 1877 above, born in Walsden.
James W. Taylor, age 3, b- ca1878, born in Walsden,
and Alice age 1, b- 1880, in Walsden.
Now where did George, James and Alice go?
His wife is shown as Maryann Taylor, age 31,
born in Oldham, Lancashire, England.
The family lived at Holly Bank, Todmorden & Walsden,
Lancashire, England.
In 1881 Richard Sr. was a Drysalter,
and Manufacturers Chemist.
Living next door a widow, Anne Taylor, age 39,
and her 3 sons, Henry, Samuel, and John.
She could have been Richard's Sister-in-Law?
I would bet this was his brother John Taylor's wife.
He was born in ca1840, died 1875, age 35.

From Rob- Anne Taylor was John's wife,
surviving her late husband,
and becoming Richard Ratcliffe's second wife.
Richard's wife Mary Anne died in 1886.
He married Anne in Switzerland.
no wonder I had trouble fitting all this in.

Next to this Anne, another widow, named Ellen Taylor.
age 64, born ca1817.  This was his mother.
she lived at Strines House.
She is shown as born in Kirtland, Lancashire, England.

In the 1300's the Todmorden Estate was owned
by a William de Radcliffe.  this is possibly where
Richards middle name Ratcliffe is derived from.
There was also a family named Ratcliffe living there,
so very likely his mother was a Ratcliffe.
In the 1800's the estate sold to a James Taylor.
Wonder if he is a grandfather or something to Richard?
Turns out his grandfather was a James Taylor
so now this does look like his ancestor doesn't it?
In 1854 land was sold by James Taylor,
who lived at Todmorden hall,
to be used for a church and cemetery.
He sold the land for free for the church,
and charged
1 per year for the burial ground.
In 1853- Abraham Taylor & Co.
were cotton spinners and manufacturers,
at Banks Mill, Todmorden.  Maybe where he worked?

 1861 Census UK Census
In 1861 census, living in Strines Mill,
 in Walsden, Lancashire, England.
I find Ormerod Taylor, age 49, a Dry Salter,
same occupation as our Richard Ratcliffe Taylor.
He is with his wife Ellen age 43.
and a son John Taylor, age 20, b-ca 1841, a Bookkeeper.
Then just as I figured,
Between Jan-Mar 1840 Ormerod Taylor,
married Ellen Ratcliffe,
in the Registration district of Rochdale, Lancashire, England.
I can just about guarantee this is his father and mother.
Turns out it was.

With the family in 1861
Butterworth Taylor, a nephew, age 17, Warehouseman, Walsden.
and Mary Ann Taylor a niece, age 23, Servant, Walsden.

Then I find Ormerod Taylor & Son Limited
Drysalters and manufacturing chemists
 at Sun Vale Works, Walsden [1905]
This is where Richard worked for sure.
His Dad' business, which became Richard's business.
Ormerod purchased the business in 1869.

Strines Mill, Lower Ragby Clough,
Bottoms, Walsden, Lancashire, England
is shown as being occupied by
Ormerod Taylor from 1860-1880,
and Richard R. Taylor from 1880-1900.

In the mid 1900's this business changed,
and  became known as Bailey's tripe works.

Then I found this Historical gem"
Ormerod died in 1880 aged 69,
and is buried at St. Peter's in Walsden, Lancashire.
He left the family business,
 and much of the land at Strines,
 to his only surviving son,
Richard R. Taylor.
Richard continued to run the firm,
living with his own family
 at Holly Bank House on Strines Street.
On his retirement,
he emigrated to Manitoba in Canada."

I found a further reference
 that states Ormerod Taylor, his father,
died Dec 19, 1880 at Strines Cottage.

Now I know 100% we have found his family.
the article goes on to say Richard in 1900
sold part of his Strines estate,
 to the Walsden Co-operative Society,
and they built the Jubilee Mill there.

The date 1890-1900 above, worried me
as our Richard R. Taylor,
is supposed to have emigrated in 1889?.
But then I found an article that stated
he lived in Manitoba, Canada,
when he was contacted by the Society.

It also says he inherited
 the lovely family home at Holly Bank on Strines Rd.
With the business, and surrounding land.
We now know where he got the capital
to purchase and operate these Coal Mines.

I found a George Ormerod Taylor,
born in 1872- died in 1913,
which I would bet is his son shown above.
I haven't found anything else to verify this death date.

On my mining page I show a George O. Taylor
as a director of the Souris Coal Mining Co,
so he obviously emigrated to Canada as well.
It appears his wife was named Jane.
and something tells me she might
 be related to a Hugh Sutherland,
not sure if this the THE Sutherland,
from the coal industry in SE Sask. or not.

Next I found this:
Registered in Kildonan MB.
on June 10, 1903,
is the marriage of
George Ormerod Taylor, and Jane Campbell.
So now we know Jane was 100% correct.

Aug 1, 1899 he bought NE section 5, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2 from the CPR
first under his name then Souris Coal Mining Co.
He bought 160 acres at $10/acre

July 20, 1900 the Souris Coal Mining co
NW Sec 17, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2,
160 acres for $3/acre

Aug 21, 1901
Taylor and Sons Letterhead
Coal and Wood Merchants
miners and shippers of Souris Coal
Mailing address- Box 744 Winnipeg MB
Office- Forum Annex- 447 Main St., Winnipeg MB
Note- previous crossed out address,
corner Portage Ave East and  Main St.
telephone 451
photo courtesy Rob Taylor

Below are his Company Letterheads
Souris Coal Mining Co Ltd
photos courtesy Rob Taylor

May 2, 1902

on the letterhead- D. C. Cameron- President
Douglas Colin Cameron
 b- June 5, 1854 Prescott County, ON
d- Nov 27, 1921 in Winnipeg, MB
buried in St, John's Cemetery in Winnipeg
Served as Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba 1911-1916
He was a millionaire who served on many Company boards,
and owned various companies, mostly in the Lumber area.

July 5, 1906

June 6, 1907
Probably his first visit to the area,
with a Mr. A. J. McMillan from Rossland BC
They were looking for a coal mine location,
representing Winnipeg Capitalists.

Letterhead below shows
Western Dominion Collieries
successors to the Souris Coal Mining Co Ltd.
June 24, 1907

photo courtesy Rob Taylor

Land grant, Mineral Rights
Sec 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2


my first update was from Kaye Taylor,
who came from Winnipeg Manitoba,
but John was only one of seven sons of Richard,
and he was appointed to manage the mine only.
Another of Richard's sons was R.R. Taylor Jr.
All of this info comes from a family source,
Kaye Taylor, wife of Delbert G. Taylor,
who is the Great-Grandson
of Richard Radcliffe Taylor.
Also adding info was Rhonda,
Kaye and Delbert's daughter.
I thank them all very much
for this update on history.

July 26, 2009
Received an email
from Maureen Bailey, nee Taylor,
from Minnedosa, MB,
Her Great Grandfather was R.R. Taylor Snr.
Her grandfather was #6 child, Thomas S. Taylor.
From Maureen
"Thomas Taylor lived in Winnipeg and met his wife in Saskatchewan, 
I assume in the Taylorton area, where they were both visiting family"
She goes on to say, "I have a newspaper clipping with photo announcing my grandfather's passing (headline reads "Former Coal Company Official, T. Taylor Dies" but I do not have his obituary.  "Thomas Taylor, 349 Oxford Street, former executive of the Great West Coal Company died Monday".   It goes on to say he was born in Lancashire, England, came to Canada at an early age and was educated in Winnipeg schools.  He attended St. Andrew's River Heights United Church, was a member of the Winnipeg Winter Club and the Rotary Club and one of the original members of the Elmhurst Golf Club.  It says he was survived by his wife, daughter and son, as well as a sister, Alice, and three brothers, Sam and James, and another brother in England. 
Thanks for the update Maureen.

Aug, 2009
Received a nice package of info in the mail
 from Mr. Rob Taylor, from Victoria BC
Mr. R.R. Taylor's Great-Grandson, on Rob's mother's side.
His Grandfather was Richard Ratcliffe Taylor Jr., #1 child
He corrected some info below,
and added much more.
Including R. R. Taylor's Obituary,
and a page of scanned business letterheads.
Thanks Rob



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