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James Weidman

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I have always read, The Estevan Mercury
was the First Newspaper in Estevan,
started by a Mr. Bailey,
until I found this article, dated Oct 22, 1892,
which states, a newspaper
was to be started up in Estevan
by a Mr. James Weidman
who was Editor and Proprietor
of the Rat Portage "Record" newspaper.
Today this is Kenora ON.
I have not seen this anywhere,
so not sure what he even named it.
note his name is spelled wrong in this article.

In 1880 he was Editor and Publisher
of the "Progress" newspaper,
in Rat Portage, Kewatin
It was published on Fridays, 4 pages,
21 x 27 size, Subscription $2.50
established in 1880

1893-94 he was Sec-Treasurer
of the Western Canadian Press Association
listed under Ontario heading

1881 shown as a widower,
no children with him,
occupation Publisher,
at Eastern Extension, Extension, Manitoba.

1891 in Qu'Appelle District, Assa.
with wife and children
4th daughter might be
Hilda O. M. Weidman, b- 1876 in ON
other 3 shown below

1901 living in Rat Portage
wife- Eliza J. ,
 and 3 of his 4 children:
Son- Victor Nugent Weidman,
 b- July 7, 1880, in ON
Daughter- Lila Klotel Weidman
b- Dec 30, ca 1883, in ON
Son- Roy Walter Weidman,
b- Mar 14, 1887 in Assa.


Quoted from a book printed in 1894
Editor and Proprietor of the "Record",
Rat Portage, Ont.,
b- Sept 12, 1850,
in the township of Pickering, Ontario County, ON
He received his education in the public schools,
and he is practically a self- made man.
He subsequently served an apprenticeship
to the printing trade,
on the "York Herald", at Richmond Hill, ON.
where he originated the process of printing
several colors at one impression, on a hand press.
He remained on this paper six years,
and afterwards worked at different places,
and in 1870, with another printer named Hart
established a Conservative newspaper,
the "Brampton Progress", which lasted 2 years.
In 1873 it became "The Conservator".
In 1878, he started the "Selkirk Inter-Ocean"
at Selkirk, Man.,
this being the first paper in the North-West,
outside of Winnipeg.
In 1880, One article says august 1881,
this plant was removed to Rat Portage,
and the "Progress",
now "The News", was established.
After sixteen months,
he accepted the office of Registrar of Deeds for Manitoba,
but when the territory was given over to Ontario,
he lost the office.
In Nov, 1885, he started the "Qu'Appelle Progress"
at Qu'Appelle, Assa., known as the "Progress"
advertised as a strong Prohibition newspaper.
In 1891, sold the same to Mr. A. C. Paterson,
and returned to Rat Portage, in July, 1891,
and established "The Record",
which is fast pushing to the front.
Mr. Weidman is one of the ablest and most pushing
newspaper men in the Dominion of Canada,
and possesses that keen insight and enterprise
which are so helpful in opening up the
resources of a new country,
and judging from his past successes,
it is quite safe to predict for him a brilliant future.
In politics, he is an Independent-Conservative,
and in religion, a Methodist,
and is Superintendent of the Sabbath School,
in his town.
He is also a strong prohibitionist,
and a past D.D.G.M., in the Masonic Order.
Mr. Weidman has been married twice:
first, in 1873,
to Hattie Oriel Adair,
daughter of John Adair, of Toronto, ON.,
by whom he has one son and one daughter,
and second, in 1881, (after census)
to Eliza Jane Bamforth, b- Nov 12, 1862
daughter of Charles Bamforth, of Manitou, Manitoba,
by whom he also has one son and one daughter.

I haven't been able to find when and where he died.

Edward Alfred "Gink" Bailey John W. Bailey
Charles Henry Bailey

Found a Edward Bailey family in 1881
living in Woodstock, Oxford North, ON
wife- Eliza Bailey, b- ca 1838, in England, age 43,
Edward, shown age 44, as a painter.
Church of England.

1886- S. A. Bedford and E. A. Bailey, Winnipeg
-donated these items to the Manitoba museum
- Cavalry Carbine, Pistol and Sword,
Relics of the Windmill Fight, Prescott, Ont., 1838.

Oct 22, 1892
 Mr. Bailey
 is opening up a business
with Mr. P.C. Duncan
No mention of a paper yet.
Same Bailey?

Nov 17, 1892
Mr. Bailey and family arrive from Brandon

1901 the Bailey family were at RM of North Norfolk,
Tsp 11, Rge 10, Macdonald District in Manitoba
Edward Alfred Bailey
b- Nov 9, 1838, in England
Widow now- Editor of a paper
Son- John W. Bailey
b- June 10, 1870 in ON
Occupation- Reporter
Son- Charles Henry Bailey
b- Nov 13, 1877 in ON
Occupation- Printer
Son- Samuel J. Bailey
b- Dec 28, 1891 in Winnipeg MB
Son- James Diell Bailey
b- Oct 12, 1893 in Winnipeg, MB
Daughter- Ruth M. Bailey
b- Jan 28, 1897 in Winnipeg, MB

June 30, 1903
First issue just days before this.

July 27, 1903,
Here we now see, Mr. Edward Alfred Bailey
and his son Mr. Charles Henry Bailey
are running the Estevan Mercury
under the name, Bailey and Son.
Other notes say Bailey and Sons.

July 27, 1903,
Mr. Bailey has high credentials.
Oldest acting journalist in the west,
with over 50 years experience.

July 26, 1905
John W. Bailey listed as Editor
 of the Estevan Mercury
At that time he had spent 23 years in the west,
and resident of Estevan for 3 years.
He was a brother of Charles Henry Bailey
both shown born in Ontario in 1906
living in Yellowgrass SK, on Railway Ave.
Charles 28, John age 36
Edward A. Bailey owned the Morden Herald, Morden MB

in 1911 census James and Ruth
were at their Grandmother
Maria Finn's place at 86 Disraeli St
in Winnipeg, where James was in 1918 above
with them more Baileys
Cousins I guess to Edward Bailey's children,
All 5 at their Grandma's place,
John Bailey- b- Dec 1892
Edna Bailey- b- July 1895
Maria Bailey- b- Mar 1899
all shown born in MB. all Baptists.
So obviously Edward had a brother too
Maria Finn, grandmother- b- Feb 1852 in USA
owned a Boarding House.

His son Charles Henry Bailey
took out a western land grant on
NE Section 33, Township 8, Range 22, W2

Then I found Edward Alfred Bailey's death notice,
He died May 31, 1918 at Tribune SK., age 84
Described as one of the outstanding figures
in the Journalistic world of the West.
Moved to Manitoba in 1883
settling in Nelsonville, (Nelson) MB.
Twp 3, Rge 6, W
He established the "Nelsonville Mountaineer",
Published from 1880-1885.
The CPR bypassed the town, and it died.
Most residents moving to Morden.
The name of the community
 was changed to Dunston.
This town was the hub of Dufferin county
1877-1885, now a ghost town.
A few years later he conducted
the "CPR Register" at Brandon MB.
and pioneered the way for several local papers
in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Then I found his son Samuel J. Bailey
was in WWI, Reg #2636102
Rank SPR,
enlisting in Regina, Oct 10, 1918
living in Tribune SK.
b- Dec 28, 1891, in Winnipeg MB
Single, Baptist religion,
Occupation- short/rein Driver
next of kin, his brother,
Charles Henry Bailey
who was living in Ogema SK

Then I found his youngest son
James Diell Bailey, also enlisted in WWI
Reg #2380309
Jan 30, 1918 in Winnipeg MB
living at 86 Disraeli St. in Winnipeg
Single, Presbyterian,
b- Oct 12, 1893 in Winnipeg MB
Occupation- Sash maker
next of kin his father
Edward Alfred Bailey, living in Tribune SK
He married a Pearl Gilboy,
b- 1899
d- 1971
and had 4 children

Donald Culloden Dunbar

Donald Miller Dunbar

In 1905 the Estevan Mercury was sold to
Donald Culloden Dunbar.

Donald Culloden Dunbar,
b- Apr 25, 1865 in Orangeville, ON
d- Oct 16, 1939
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Father- Francis Grant Dunbar,
 b- abt 1839, in Murrayshire, Scotland
Immigrated to Dufferin Co, ON
Mother- Matilda Dunbar, nee Culloden

Donald C. Dunbar married
 Jean Isabel Sewell,
b- June 1875 in ON
d- Aug 27, 1943
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Father- J. G. Sewell
Married Aug 1905 in Oxbow SK

Came west from Ontario in 1903
Became Homestead Inspector in Oxbow.
Had 3 children
For a short period of time,
He had a partner named Cameron.

On Dec 19, 1913, Mr. Dunbar was a Director of
The Estevan Transit and Power Company Ltd.

D.C. Dunbar Home, built in 1912
1201-1st Street
NW corner 1st St. and 12th Ave.
across from the Catholic church
photo Aug 2009

Donald Miller (Don) Dunbar,
b- Oct 1, 1906 in Estevan,
the son of
Donald Culloden Dunbar
Don M. Dunbar was a printer himself,
like his father,
working on the staff of the Sudbury Star
in Sudbury ON, in 1933.
He worked at the Mercury for 8 years
prior to 1933, as News Editor.
Becoming Editor of the first issue of
"The Inco Triangle"
out of Copper Cliff, ON
printing his first issue in 1936
retiring after Sept issue in 1971.

In the Nov issue 1971
he retells the story of the day
the Estevan Mercury was printed
 on the streets of Estevan, literally,
outside on the street.
They were moving the press to a new building
and the move was delayed,
and his Dad said the paper had to get out,
so they anchored the press down,
fired up the gas engine to run it,
and to the astonishment of the public,
printed that weeks issue, right there.

Don returned to Estevan when his Dad died
in 1939 to run the Mercury.
By 1944 he was growing restless
was offered the job at the Triangle again,
so he moved to Sudbury, where he remained.
Mercury was sold to King and sons at that time.
He is married to Gwendolyn LaBranche
of Three Rivers
had 2 children, son and daughter.

"The Estevan Progress" Newspaper

building located on west side of 12th Ave
north of 5th St
The Progress operated from 1910-1912 by
the Estevan Printing & Publishing Co
James Alpin Smith was the Manager

Mr. Smith was the first S.S.R.
Commanding Officer.
He also owned the Smith Block, on 12th Ave.
just south of the old International Hotel,
between 5th and 4th st in Estevan.
He was voted Mayor of Estevan in 1913.
In 1911 Census he was a
 Wholesale wine and spirit merchant.
His wife was Lillian Frances Smith.
James was born in Canada in June 1866.
Lillian in Canada in April 1879.

John V. Comstock was editor
The Estevan Progress Newspaper, ca June 1910

Sept 20, 1912
Issue found in ECI Cornerstone
Printed 1 year before
Herbert Thomas (Tom) Halliwell
A.G. Garrish, and Ernest (Ernie) Walter
bought the newspaper in 1913

Arthur George Garrish
b- bet Jan-Mar 1879
in King's Norton Registration District, England
d- Sept 20, 1963 age 83
in Vancouver BC
Chartered accountant.
became Estevan Mayor 1924-25

Mr. Herbert Thomas (Tom) Halliwell,
was born in England, bet July-Sept 1881
 Registered in District of
St Olave Southwark, London,
d- ?
He Served in the Boer War 1899-1902
Served his apprenticeship in London England
Immigrated in 1903 to Oxbow area.
Setting up a plant in Manor SK first.
He purchased the Progress in 1913
moving in 1925 to run the Weyburn Review
in partnership.  In 1927 he moved
to run the Coleman Review in Coleman AB
Then operated the MacLeod Gazette in Macleod AB
until July 1961.
Anglican Religion, member of the Masons.

 The Estevan Progress
 was purchased by Mr. Donald Dunbar,
who owned the Estevan Mercury,
when the Estevan Mercury building
was destroyed by fire in 1925

Never found anything on Ernest (Ernie) Walter
until an email from Lynn Kindopp, June 12, 2010.
Turns out I had his name as Walker, which was wrong,
which explains why I couldn't find info on him.
From Lynn:
"Ernie was married to my grandpa Henry Wilson's sister Janie.
He started in the newspaper business here in Estevan,
was in Calgary then ended up in Vancouver where he died"
From an article in Lynn's family history book, this info:
He was the Court reporter for the Vancouver Province
when he died.  He started at the Province in 1926.
He came to Canada from England in 1902.
Born in London England, ca 1880.
In Estevan he started his career with the Estevan Mercury
then moving on to the Estevan Progress.
He homesteaded in the Estevan area,
and was a Pioneer of the Albany School District #1072
In Calgary he was a reporter
for the Albertan and the Herald.
He died- July 26, 1947, age 67 in Vancouver BC
When he died he was survived by his a wife,
son Frank Walter, daughter Bee, Grandson,
and a sister, Mrs. Bessie M. Jennings in England.
He was sick for 6 months before he died.
Cremated and his aches spread on the water,
near Gibson's Landing.

Patten Printing and Stationary
Howard Wilbur Patten, who died in 1945
and probably his son,
George Wilbur Patten, who died in 1962.
both buried in Estevan Cemetery.
Howard Patten printed a weekly paper
starting in 1933 to 1936,
named "The News" in a building
1 lot west of Bank Of Montreal.
Howard came from Macoun SK,
where he published the Macoun Post.
History of the Estevan newspapers is shown in various books
and I don't need to list them here.
My intent here is to expand on the Bio's of the Editors
of these early papers.





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