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 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

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NOTE- Some Mines might be repeated under a different spelling or name,
duplicates are more than likely, some changed owners and names, more than once..
Some names appear as different spellings in various books,
Some listed are still in operation today
Some links to the Western Land Grants database,
These may or may not work, they are not my web pages.

One thing I have noticed doing this little list,
these mines changed names like I change socks!
Constantly changing names and owners. 
I'm not a professional "historian" so take my list with a grain of salt.
I've attempted my best to identify and add some info on these mines.
The names are compiled from various sources,
and then I have added as much information I can find on the mine, owner, etc.
The Family Genealogy info is my research, do not take it as 100%
Do your own research, using this as a guide.

In 1917 a survey of the mines was done by William Joseph (W. J.) Dick, Mining engineer.
His list of mines operating, or not operating in 1917 is included.

Saskatchewan Land Surveys, after Ranges are decided every 6 miles,
based on the which Meridian you are starting at.
Land was surveyed into 36 mile square Townships. Each square parcel within the
township is known as a "Section" each being one mile square and consisting of 640
acres each. Title to each section may be further subdivided either into half-mile
square 160-acre "Quarters" and 40-acre Sixteenths ("Legal Subdivisions" or LSD's).

3 different types of mining has been done in this area of SE Saskatchewan.
-Some of these mines were known as Deep Seam Shaft Type Mines,
using the Bord-and-Pilllar or Room-and-Pillar method of mining.
-Some were called "Gopher Mines', as they were simply dug into a hillside or bank
 on the side of a ravine off the Souris River, or simply holes dug in the surface,
to access a seam of coal that was close to the surface. 
 The pocket gopher is a rodent animal well known in this area, for digging many holes and tunnels.
-Some of the mines in the list, the newer ones, use the Strip Mining Method,
 removing the overburden with huge Electric Draglines,
 and exposing the coal seam for mining with large Electric Shovels.

In 1910, A coal lease was for 21 years.  Annual Rental of $1.00 per acre, max 2560 Acres per lease.
Coal could be sold to settlers, for their own use, not to exceed $1.75/ton at the pit head.
Slack in 1911 in Saskatchewan on average was up to 25%. 
 In Estevan it was 10-12% slack that was dumped outside the mine.
Slack lignite coal readily ignites, by spontaneous combustion.
In 1910 this area was referred to as the Laramie Formation, Souris District, Saskatchewan.

All of these mines are Lignite Coal Mines

The Big Six Companies in 1931 Strike, that represented the Employers were:
   Bienfait Mines Limited,
   Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Company,
   National Mines Limited,
   Eastern Collieries Limited,
   Crescent Collieries Limited,
   Western Dominion Collieries Limited

Ca 1950 the last underground mine operated in the SE Coal District,
IN 1955 the last Underground Coal Mine closed in Saskatchewan.

The number of Coal Mines rose rapidly to approx 70 by 1930.
During the Depression years this number rose dramatically,
until in 1933, there were 201 mines listed.
of the 201 mines, 24 only produced more than 2,000 tons per year.
Now I know I don't have 201 mines listed here, so my job is not done.
Would like to track down that list now.

2009 there are only 5 working Coal Mines In Saskatchewan
All Open Pit, strip mines.
The surface-mineable deposits are located in three coal basins:
Estevan, Willow Bunch/Wood Mountain and Shaunavon

I don't go as far west as the big Poplar River Coal Mine,
owned by Sherritt Coal Co,  20 km N of Coronach in this list
All of these mines are from a bit west of Estevan east to Manitoba border

Coal Mine Owners Bios
John Robert Brodie
Lauchlan Alexander Hamilton
Hugh McKay Sutherland
Sydney & George Pocock
Hugh Hassard 
Major James Morrow Walsh
Alexander Craig McMiken Wilson
Richard Ratcliffe Taylor
John Heber Morris Haslam
William Lemond Hamilton

Sir William Whyte
Senator Robert Watson 
Crawford McMillan Thomson

Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan

 Name of the Mine  Location- LSD#
 Section, Township,
 Range, West of 2nd
 Arranged by Ranges
 Owner(s), Operators, Mine Info
Range 2    
Julius Mellom mine SE & SW Section 5
Township 1
Range 2, W2
Opened by Julius O. Mellom, on SW 1/4
the next year after Bill Druniak mine closed (next entry)
He dug a vertical shaft in a ravine, near Northgate
Struck 2 seams of coal at 17 ft.
3 1/2 ft, and after a clay layer, 18in
Coal was hauled to the surface via horses
hitched to a cable and a bucket
this mine was abandoned
He opened another mine on SE 1/4
found the same 2 seams of coal, 40 ft into the hill
abandoned after water and cave-ins

Julius O. Mellom
   b- Feb 1879 at Brandt Township, Deuel County, SD, USA
   d- 1978, age 98 and 11 months
(His middle name is probably Olson, but could be Oscar)
one of 10 children born to Ole L. and Ronnaug Mellom
who emigrated from Norway to the US in 1872.
(Ronnaug is shown as Ronnu in 1900 US Census)
 Julius's father Ole L. Mellom, came to Canada in 1901
 to buy land for his children.
Julius and his family immigrated in 1903.
Julius married first, to Soneva Sorenson,
 b- Apr 1879 in Minnesota, USA,
 d- 1912
They had 7 children.
  Julius re-married in 1913
 2nd wife- Selma Kopperud
    b- 1892 in SD, USA
    d- Apr 1981, age 88 and 9 months
He had a further 8 children with Selma.
Julius, Soneva his 1st wife, and Selma, his 2nd,
 are supposed to be buried in Kopperud Church Cemetery,
located at SW 18-01-02 W2, near Northgate,
RM of Enniskillen #3. (see map below)

Selma Kopperud's father Jorgen Kopperud,
shown as
Gorgen Hansen Kopperud,
in Canadian Western Land Grant file,

b- Sept 1, 1838 in Norway
immigrated to US in 1868
Mother- Syverine Bratelien,
Selma was a twin to Jenny Kopperud.
Kopperud family came to Canada, near Northgate, in 1901,
Jorgen donated land for the Kopperud Lutheran Church
which was 1 1/2 miles from the Mellom farm, on SE 1/4 Section 8.
Church was located on SE Section 18, Tsp 1, Rge 2, W2
School they attended is the Scout Hill School #617
shown 1 mile East and 1 Mile North of the Church
map of Kopperud Church and Mellom farm, with coalmine area shown
Mellom Headstones in Highland Lutheran Cemetery,
Deuel County, South Dakota, are relatives.
From a quick search this is one huge family

Other miners involved, hired by Julius,
Jack Blondeau and Harry Andruschak,
from the Estevan coalfields

Bill Druniak Mine NW, Section 5
Township 1
Range 2, W2
Opened by Bill Druniak, the Brother-in-Law
 of the Konopaki brothers, from Bienfait,
 dug a slope in one of the ravines,
 a cave-in buried all the tools
Opened in the winter, after the Konopaki mine (next) closed.
Konopaki Mine SW 1/4 Section 7
Township 1
Range 2, W2
Owned by the Konopaki brothers from Bienfait
in the early 1930's
They dug a slope down to the coal,
worked all summer, ran into too much water,
 and closed the mine in the fall
Konopaki's I know of:

brothers Alex and Fred Konopaki
Alex Konopaki
b- Mar 25, 1901
d- Mar 4, 1983
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Alex married Mary Bozak
b- June 25, 1909
d- Jan 1, 1973
buried in Bienfait Cemetery

Frederick "Fred" Konopaki
   b- Mar 6, 1894
d- Feb 4, 1954
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
He was married to Nettie Konopaki, nee ?
b- Oct 14, 1896
d- Nov 16, 1976
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Fred and Nettie had a son
   John Konopaki
b- Jan 10, 1918 in Bienfait SK
d- Jan 16, 2007 in Red Deer AB, age 89
wife Mary V. Lylyk
another son
   Walter Konopaki
b- Nov 20, 1925 in Bienfait SK
d- June 18, 2007 in Moose jaw SK, age 81
        married Helen Marie Konopaki, nee Bookout
   Wrally Konopaki, lives in Penticton BC
   William "Bill" Konopaki,
       wife Lenore nee Mantei, lives in Penticton BC

another, Louis Konopaki
    b- Nov 2, 1902
    d- ?  buried in Bienfait Cemetery

Pierce Rock Coal Mine Section 29
Township 1
Range 2 -W2
SE corner of the Province
south of Oxbow
Operating in 1917
Owner-Operator unknown
Dominion Government
Coal Test Site #2
NW Section 15
Township 3
Range 2, W2
-at Junction of Moose Mountain Creek and the Souris River
just SW of Oxbow.
drilled on the level of the plain,
20 3/4 miles, in a direct line from test site #1, (below)
128 ft above the river,
2 1/8 miles west, 10 deg south
from the confluence of Moose Mountain Creek and the Souris River
1880- This was the second test drill site,
Driller William Henry McGarvey, and a Mr. Highman,
under Professor Alfred R. C. Selwyn's supervision from Montreal,
Director of the Geological Survey of Canada,
looking for coal in this area, for commercial use.
A small Coal Mine did form just north of this spot and later abandoned.
see #1 test site in Range 5 for more info
drilling described in detail in Selwyn's report, June 1880
Site chosen by Selwyn July 10-11, 1880
Drilled 155 ft deep, 1590 feet above sea level
Started drilling Aug 7, 1880 with a 10 in auger.
Range 3    
None Known    
Range 4    
None Known    
Range 5    
Dominion Government
Coal Test Site #1
10 miles East of Roche Percee
Exact location unknown
Section 10 or 11
Township 2
Range 5

in the Souris River Valley
6 1/4 miles east of Roche Percee

Aug, 1880, Driller William Henry McGarvey starts work,
under Professor Alfred R. C. Selwyn's supervision from Montreal,
Director of the Geological Survey of Canada,
this was the first test drill site looking for coal in this area,
for commercial use.
Drill was sunk 362 feet, and they struck a 6 1/2 ft seam of better quality coal than at Sutherland's mine at Roche Percee.

My dad actually owned Section 10 here, which very well could have been the location.  There was a ford across the river there

Selwyn's report states McGarvey and Highman were the contractors.
from Petrolia ON.,  Only Highman I can find was a John Highman,
but 1881 census says he was a bricklayer, not an oil driller.
Selwyn states July 12, 1880 the drilling started at this first bore site.
July 8, 1880 they started work by sinking a pit about 10 feet deep.
starting boring July 12th, they drilled 295 feet deep.
about 575 ft below the plain surface at St. Peter's Spring.
1610 ft above sea level.

William Henry McGarvey
b- Nov 20, 1843 in Huntingdon, Quebec
d- Nov 20, 1914 in Vienna Austria
He was a merchant, and owned oil wells in Petrolia ON
Member of the First Village Council- Reeve of Petrolia
shown as an oil producer, resigned as Reeve, Mar 5, 1867
remained on the Council years later.
Father- Edward McGarvey of Wyoming, General Dealer in Petrolia, ca 1871
William had a couple brothers that went to Europe as well.
 He became a famous Oil Well Driller, here in Canada and in Europe.
 In 1874 he came to Eastern SK looking for oil.
 This was his first connection with the Geological Survey of Canada
 One book says in 1879 he moved to Oelheim Germany, then in 1882 to Austria.
He was in SE Sask in Aug 1880, so doubt if those dates are 100%
 Nickname "Petroleum King of Austria"
He married July 10, 1867 in Mount Clemens
to Helena Jane Wesolowski, b- 1845
son- Fred McGarvey- b- 1873
2 daughters, Nellie (Kate) McGarvey, b-1869 in Petrolia, ON
 and Mamie Helena (May) McGarvey, b- July 6, 1876
In 1885 Mamie married Count Eberhard Friedrich Alexander Joseph Edward Graf Von Zeppelin, making Marnie a countess,
the nephew of Ferdinand Graf Von Zeppelin, of airship fame.
 William and Helena gave them a 700 acre estate and castle, worth a fortune in those days.
They divorced in 1906,
Nellie (Kate) married a Galician judge, she died in 1962 in Austria
William and Helena had a castle in Galicia
He formed the Company-
 Galizishe-Karpathen Petroleum Aktien Gesellschaft
At this time he possibly could have been the wealthiest man in the world.
He had oil wells, refineries, everything.
He is in the Petroleum Hall of Fame.
 Here he was drilling at the Souris River, near Roche Percee.

Dr. Alfred Richard Cecil Selwyn
  b- July 26, 1824 in Kilmington Somerset, UK
 d- Oct 19, 1902 in Vancouver BC
 Alfred was a British Geologist, director of the Geological Survey of Victoria from 1852–1869, director of Geological Survey of Canada 1869–1894 and President of the Royal Society of Canada 1895-1896

Excelsior Coal
 and Brick Company Mine
aka- Excelsior Coal Company Ltd.
Section 30
Township 1
Range 5 -W2

About 1 mile East of Pinto
Located on the Soo Line

1927 map
shows many buildings
 in this area

Not operated in 1917
Owner-Operator unknown
Per Arnie Jahn, Excelsior was an actual place
about a mile or two southeast of Pinto on the rail line. 
It was a place where they made bricks
stamped "Excelsior Coal Co Ltd Winnipeg"
Here is an ad from June 22, 1912,
wanting to exchange shares in the company for cash.

George Pocock suggested a place name of Excelsior.
wonder if this was from that suggestion.
Below are 2 bricks from this mine,
Obviously they found white clay as well.
Click to enlarge this picture in a new window

Photo courtesy Arnie Jahn and Mary Rose Boyer.

In the Central School History book in Estevan it reports this:
"the first bricks made in Southern Saskatchewan was about July 1894, one mile east of Taylorton bridge. These bricks were of very good quality. This permitted the homesteaders to replace the tin roof-jacks with brick chimneys on their dwellings.  In 1892 and 1893 two lime kilns were also in operation on the river bank east of Taylorton. These industries later moved to Shand and Estevan"

Company shows up in 1920-21
with Thomas Nutt as the manager
1911 Thomas Nutt was a farmer in North Portal area.
b- June 1861 in Scotland, immigrated in 1889
wife- Jane Nutt, nee ?, b- Mar 1859 in ON

Winna Banks Mine
Unknown Location
Range 5 or 6?
 operated by H. Banks
There was Harry and Hugh Banks in this area mining
not sure which one here.
H. Banks and Lee Mine
Unknown Location
Range 5 or 6?
There was Harry and Hugh Banks mining in this area
not sure which one mined this mine

Sam Lee, and his wife, who was born in Nottinghamshire, England,
came to Canada in 1903, she died in Bienfait Nov 20, 1944, age 77.
She is buried in Estevan Cemetery.
They first came to Taylorton, where they kept a boarding house.
After a few years they moved to Portal to farm. 
They lived in Roche Percee, then went to Shand,
where Sam Lee was Mine Manager until 1926.
From 1941-1944 they lived in Bienfait
3 sons, and 5 daughters.
Redvers of Windsor, Sam (jr.) of Estevan, and William of Hamilton,
Mrs. Matt Limbert of BC, Mrs. Harry Banks of Roche Percee,
Mrs. Jim Vaughan of Bienfait, Mrs. Nels Anderson of AB,
 and Martha of England.
Assuming daughter married Harry Banks, we can assume this is Harry.

Harry Banks and Son Mine
Range 5 or 6? Wilfred Harry Banks,
b- Aug 2, 1891, in Ellen Snook, Dist of Leigh,  Lancashire, England
d- Apr 28, 1967, age 75
Funeral service St. Paul's United Church in Estevan.
Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
1901, age 9 in Golborne Lancashire, England
Came to SK in 1907
Operated Banks mine from 1928 to 1956
when he retired and moved to Estevan
He was a member of the Elks Club.
Wife- Gertrude Banks, nee Lee,
b- July 16, 1894,
d- July 9, 1979, buried in Estevan City Cemetery
son Richard Banks Sr. b- 1913,
d- Nov 26, 1933, buried in Estevan City Cemetery
son Wilfred Hugh Banks, b- 1917,
d- Oct 12, 1980 buried in Estevan City Cemetery
daughter- Mrs. Norvin Uhrich, alive in 1967 in Estevan
daughter- Mrs. James Smith, alive in 1967 in Estevan

Father- James Banks,
living at 28 Helen St, Golborne, Lancashire, UK

see Banks mine below, for brothers James and Hugh

Range 6 Township 1 0-6 miles north of US border
Beamish Mine
- Roche Percee
Section 19
Township 1
Range 6 -W2

Approx 1 1/4 miles SW of RP

Headed by R. W. Beamish

In 1911 there was a Richard Wilbert (Bert) Beamish
 b- Oct 10, 1883 in Bradwardine, RM of Woodworth, MB
 d- June 14, 1971 in Edgewater BC
 buried- Edgewater Cemetery, Highway #95, Rocky Mountain Region
1911 He was living in Moose Jaw SK
Occupation Well Drilling Contractor
Mother- Elizabeth Esther Moon
Father- Richard Combs Beamish
1st Wife- May Smith, Sept 16, 1911
2nd Wife- Katharine Foster, Oct 3, 1943
Is this our owner?

or in 1901 there was a Robert Wilbur Beamish
living in Brandon MB
  b- Oct 10, 1890 in Bradwardine, RM of Woodworth, MB
  d- Dec 11, 1978 in New Westminster BC
  buried in Maple Ridge Cemetery, Fraser Valley, BC
Father- William Beamish
Mother- Sophia Letit English
He married Janet Mary Morgan at Shoal Lake MB in 1919
He enlisted in WWI
Lots of folks from Brandon came to this area on the train
Maybe this is the owner?
note- both born same town in MB!  cousins?
If you know which one, let me know please.
J. B. Adams Coal Mine Possibly on Section 20
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
operated by John Buckingham Adams
  b- Apr 11, 1854 in East Buckland,
       Registration District of South Molton, Devon, UK
  d- ?
  buried- ?
1861 living at South Molton, Devon, with his family
Father- Amos Adams,
   b- 1821, Meshaw, Devon, UK
  farmer of 180 acres, with many farm workers living at the farm
Mother- Mary Adams, nee Buckingham,
   b- abt. 1830, West Buckland, Devon UK
   married bet Apr-June 1853, Reg. Dist. of South Molton, Devon UK
siblings in 1861:
Elizabeth Grace Adams-
  b- Jan-Mar, 1856, East Buckland, Devon UK
Ellen Adams-
  b- Jan-Mar 1858, East Buckland, Devon, UK
William Rodd Adams-
  b- Apr-June 1860, East Buckland, Devon UK
I know John was Millen Dunbar's grandfather
Also his wife Jane named Britannia School, ca June 1894
He was chosen Chairman of the Britannia School District #235
Children Willie, Elias, and Minnie went to school there.
In 1931 there was a John Adams as a miner at the Crescent Mine
wife- Jane Adams, nee Down-
 b- May 26, 1852 in Hittisleigh,
Crediton Registration District, Devon, England
marriage registered in Barnstable Dist, Devon UK
 bet Apr-June 1876
1881 UK census- living at Gubbs, West Buckland, Devon, UK
farmer of 216 acres with 3 hired men and a boy employed
no children listed at this time.
1891 Canada Census, living in Broadview, Assn. East, age 37,
Church of England religion
John and his wife immigrated in 1884 to Canada per 1901 census
4 Children-
  1. William (Willie) John Buckingham Adams
 b- Jan 26, 1885 in Peel, Ontario

   2. Elias Adams
 b-Nov 24, 1886 in Ontario

   3. Mary Johanna Adams
 b-Apr 19,1888 in Ontario
d- July 13, 1972,  in Victoria BC, age 84
 she married Frederick Cecil Wynne-Jones

   4. Margaret Ellen Jane Adams
  b- Nov 28, 1890 in Assn (SK)

1911, John, Jane, William and Margaret
living on SE section 20, Township 1, Range 6, W2
Western land grants show he had mineral rights
Mineral Sale #115 - N 1/2 and SW OF LS 1 of Section 20
Sept 1902 he had a Canadian patent on something?
Lived in the area of Streetsville Ontario,
before coming to Moosomin then on to the Coalfields
with his wife and young family by road.
Better 'Ole Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 21
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Owner-Operator unknown
William Ostepchuk Mine
NE 1/4 Section 22
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Operated by William Ostepchuk,
  b- Jan 14, 1881 in ?
  d- Feb 20, 1959
Wife- Pauline Ostepchuk, nee ?
  b- Feb 14, 1886
  d- Aug 24, 1962
Both buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Son- Alexander (Alex) Ostepchuk-
  b- ?
  Served in WWII, no further info found
  Honorary Lignite Louie in 1979
Daughter- Mary Ostepchuk, no info found
   b- ?
   Daughter- Olga L. Ostepchuk,
  b- ca 1911
  d- July 31, 2001, age 90,
  married name- Walker
  buried in Bienfait Cemetery

Other Ostepchuk names in the area, relations?
Stephen (Stephan)(Steve) Ostepchuk,
   b- ?
   d- May 18, 1993 in Winnipeg MB
   Wife- Elsie Florence Ostepchuk, nee Coates
   lived on a farm at Roche Percee.  Both are deceased
   Stephen served overseas in WWII,
Service Number: L27383
Theodore Ostepchuk, buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Frayne Mine
(Frayn Mine)
-Roche Percee
S1/2 OF LS 16 Section 22
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
This Mine was operating in 1917.
Owned by Samuel (Sam) Frayne
He had the Minerals land patent on this land
other than gold and silver.
His name is shown as Samuel Frayn in the land grant.
In 1918 some of Mr. Frayn's farm land
was sold by his wife Mary, to Mr. Ernest Leonard.
1901 census says his name was Sam Frayne
living in Roche Percee, Methodist religion,
b- Mar 28, 1861, in Ontario, listed as a farmer.
Not able to find where he is buried.
Sam married Mary Balison, b- Jan 13, 1858, in PEI
sister to Joe Balison, pioneer in the area,
 the Balison family came to the Coalfield area via Moosomin.
Per Portal history book- Sam was a locomotive engineer
at Taylorton, when they hauled coal
across the Souris river to a siding
near the CPR track where Hwy39 crosses.
Sam homesteaded the NW Sec 22, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
At one time he was a trustee of the Britannia school.
Pure Lignite Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 25
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
This Mine was operating in 1917.
Owner-Operator unknown
Lee Brothers Mine
- Pinto
Section 25
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Edward, William (Bill) and John Lee owned this mine
 in the Roche Percee area which they worked
 until a fatal mine accident in 1937
 took Bill's life and critically injured John. 
 these were brothers to Miss Helen Lee
 who taught at ECI. 
John Lee after he recovered,
bought and operated Lee Funeral Home
 in Estevan for many years.
Badger Mine
- Pinto
Section 26
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Hugh Banks
  b- Apr 22, 1893, in Golborne, Lancashire, UK
  d- ?
  buried- ?
Father- James Banks,
living at 28 Helen St, Colbourne, Lancashire, UK
when Hugh enlisted in WWI in Winnipeg Feb 1, 1918
Regimental # 2380285
Hugh was shown as Methodist, single, Miner and farmer
living in Taylorton SK
Banks Mine
LSD 15 Section 26
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Operated by Hugh Banks.
There were three brothers,
James, Hugh, and Harry Banks,
who all came to the Pinto area in the early 1900's.
James left to New York, but Harry and Hugh
 both had coal mines in the area.
Wilfred Harry Banks,
  b- Aug 2, 1891
  d-Apr 28, 1967
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Also buried there,
Wilfred Hugh Banks, son of Harry above.
  b- 1917
  d- Oct 12, 1980
The correct Hugh was not him though
The correct Hugh Banks
  b- Apr 22, 1893, Golborne, Lancashire, UK
  d- ?
  buried- ?
Father- James Banks,
living at 28 Helen St, Golborne, Lancashire, UK
when Hugh enlisted in WWI in Winnipeg Feb 1, 1918
Regimental # 2380285,
Hugh was shown as Methodist, single, Miner and farmer
1901 UK census shows James Banks as a Coal Hewer, age 39
born in Ashton in Makerfield
brother James Banks
  b- bet Oct- Dec 1895, He was 5 in 1901,
   born in Golborne, Lancashire, UK

Now I know of one Hugh Banks family, listed below,
still not positive this is the correct Hugh that owned this mine
but if it isn't, it's his son.
Hugh Banks wife was Ruth Banks, nee ?
Hugh and Ruth had 5 children known:
Son Jim Banks
   b- ?
   d- deceased, date unknown
Daughter Lorna May Banks,
   b- May 24, 1925
   d- Sept 28, 1983
   Lorna married Clarence Jahn

Daughter Lila Banks,
   b- 1928
   d- Mar 3, 1952
   Lila married Mike Dzuba

Daughter Ruth Banks,
   b- Dec 12, 1930
   d- Jan 12, 2009 in Regina General Hospital
   Ruth married Frank
   I know She grew up in the Pinto area for sure.
   Ruth and Frank were great friends of my Mom and Dad
Daughter Bernice Banks, married a Demers, living in 2009

new info I found Sept 2010 below
Hugh Banks age 27, returned from Liverpool
to Quebec City, Canada on SS Megantic,
Sept 11, 1928, shown as single,
lived in Canada for 8 years when he came back this time,
born in England, heading to Taylorton SK, occupation Miner.
returning Canadian on CPR

then I found Hugh Banks immigrating June 30, 1913,
arriving in Quebec City from Liverpool England,
on SS Lake Manitoba, age 20,
came with a brother, Thomas Banks, age 23,
both joining a Miner brother at Taylorton SK, 
both shown as single, both Prim Methodist.
both shown as Coal Miners
now we have a Thomas Banks in the mix too

May 6, 1912, Harry Banks, age 22, came to Quebec city
from Liverpool, on SS megantic, single, Prim methodist
born in England, heading to Taylorton SK, coalminer.
worked as coalminer for 9 years prior to this.
planned on becoming a farmer.
now we know he was the possible first brother.

Mine Name Unknown ?
LSD 9 Section 26
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Operated by Hugh Banks
  b- Apr 22, 1893, Golborne, Lancashire, UK
  d- ?
  buried- ?
Father- James Banks,
living at 28 Helen St, Colbourne, Lancashire, UK
when Hugh enlisted in WWI in Winnipeg Feb 1, 1918
Regimental # 2380285
Hugh was shown as Methodist, single, Miner and farmer
see the 2 mines shown above, will be one of them
Thistle Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 29
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
This Mine was operating in 1917.
Owner-Operator Unknown
Blue Seam Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 29
Township 1
Range 6 -W2

1 1/2 miles E of RP

View my new web site for this mine here
E. J. Sinclair Coal Mine
aka: Blue Seam Mine
Good Luck Mine
-Roche Percee
SW 1/4 Section 29
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
View my new web site for this mine here
Brooks & Paluikis Mine,
aka: Allan & Lischinsky
ala: Allan & Baker
aka: Good Luck Mine
Harry Banks Mine
LS 16 Section 31
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
Operated by Harry Banks
Wilfred Harry Banks
   b- Aug 2, 1891,
   in Golborne, Leigh dist, Lancashire, UK
   d- Apr 28, 1967
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery

More Banks genealogy here:
Hugh Banks Coal Mines

Michel Mine
NE 1/4 Section 33
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
obviously owned by a Michel,
but not known which one
The name can also be spelled Mitchell
There is Michels, and Mitchells, buried in Estevan Cemetery
Howard Edwin Mitchell took out a land grant on LS 14 of Section 34
was this his mine?
Riverside Mine
Section 34
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
This Mine was operating in 1917.

William Lemond Hamilton, from Lethbridge AB, Miner
 took out land grants
 on Section 34, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
owning the mineral rights on NE LS 10, and NW LS 9
on Section 34

See the "New Crescent Mine" for his story
Souris Coal Mine co owned land here as well.
Banner Coal Company Mine
aka- the Uhrich Mine
aka the Black Diamond Mine
-Pinto/Roche Percee
LSD 14 Section 35
Township 1
Range 6 -W2

View my new web site for this mine here
Banner Coal Company Mine (Uhrich Mine)

Rock Springs Coal Company
-Roche Percee
LSD 13 Section 35
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
View my new web site for this mine here
Rock Springs Coal Mine
Rock Springs
 Co-operative Coal Co.
Location Unknown Open at least in 1932-34
Rock Springs Co-operative Coal Co. [Bienfait, SK]
 - Mine operated by Rock Springs Coal Co. after 1934
Before this I believe Empire Collieries Ltd. operated this mine
Same mine as one listed above?
Prospect Mine
-Roche Percee
This site was on the lower end of a ravine leading to the Souris River, 1 Mile SE of Taylorton.
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
operated by Mr. Peter Roberts and Mr. Tony Miller
Haven't been able to pin these guys down
Next mine is Hugh Roberts, relative of Peter?

one article says this mine was near Pinto,
and it's miners were returning to work after a strike in 1938

Lignite Mines Ltd
aka Lignite Coal Mines Ltd.
Located SE of Western Dominion Coal Mines
Township 1
Range 6 -W2
View my new web site for this mine here
Lignite Coal Mines Ltd.
aka: South Cambrian Ltd.
Sutherland Mine
Roche Percee
West of Roche Percee
Tipple was in the village
Located where the Roche Percee Station was located on the Soo line.
Township 1
Range 6 -W2

Located at the junction
of Short Creek
and The Souris River.

Dec 29, 1904, this mine was in development stage.
It had no railroad spur, at that time,
so output will be expected to be low.
It was owned by Hugh McKay Sutherland from Winnipeg.
This mine became the
Roche Percee Mining Co,
 then the Old Mac Coal Mine
1 mile south of Roche Percee today (2008)
 where most of the people lived at the time
 at a mining camp there.

Prof. Alfred Selwyn says the owner was W. D. Sutherland,
from Winnipeg,
who had a tunnel in the 5ft seam, a level 78 feet in length,
and 3ft wide. Selwyn wrote that in spring of 1880 coal was barged
down the river to Winnipeg.  A pile of the coal was still at the site,
when Selwyn was there to drill test holes for the Geological
Survey of Canada.  the upper seam of the tunnel was
15 to 20 feet below the surface.

Souris Coal Mining
Company Ltd.
-Roche Percee
Coalfields Location,
became Taylorton
Township 1
Range 6 -W2

Incorporated in 1899, located at Coalfields,
8 miles from the boundary line. 
President and General Manager was
Richard Ratcliffe Taylor, born 1851 in Lancashire England,
(who Taylorton was named after),
His son, John Taylor, b-1875, was Secretary and Treasurer. 
His oldest child, George Ormerod Taylor, b-1872
 Samuel Taylor- (see Note lower),
 and John C. Graham, were the Board of Directors. 

Aug 1, 1899 R. R. Taylor bought NE section 5, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2 from the CPR
first under his name then Souris Coal Mining Co.
He bought 160 acres at $10/acre

July 20, 1900 the Souris Coal Mining Co bought
NW Sec 17, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2, from the CPR
160 acres for $3/acre

 In 1901 they produced 40,000 tons,
shipped thru Bienfait on the Estevan Branch
of the CPR on a company built
4 1/2 mile spur to the mine. 
Dec 29, 1904, they employed 300 men,
and coal demand was so great, more men were wanted.
At that time they had a switch,
connecting their mine to the Soo at Roche Percee,
and another short line connected them
 with the Brandon- Estevan Line at Bienfait.

May 2, 1902

on the letterhead- D. C. Cameron- President
Sir Douglas Colin Cameron
 b- June 5, 1854 Prescott County, ON
d- Nov 27, 1921 in Winnipeg, MB
buried in St, John's Cemetery in Winnipeg
Served as Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba 1911-1916
He was a millionaire who served on many Company boards,
and owned various companies, mostly in the Lumber area.
Jan 1, 1914, made Knights Commander of the Order
 of St. Michael and St. George

In 1904 it was the oldest, and largest mine in the District,
and their principal output was from the old Hassard Mine.

July 5, 1906

 In 1906 they produced over 100,000 tons annually. 
 Shipped as far west as Moose Jaw
 and as far east as Tyndall.
 In 1906 it had a paid up capital of $200,000.00

Photo of an old building with Souris Coal Mining company Ltd. logo painted on the side

This photo came from Mr. Ron Carpenter,
grandson of one of the Hamilton Brothers
 that owned the Crescent Mine. Thanks Ron!
Note- I think Samuel was his nephew, son of an Anne Taylor.
a widow who lived next door To Richard R. Taylor in England.

In Dec 1906 the railroad spur to the mines was snowed in
the CPR loaned an engine and a snow plow to the mine
to clear the snow so that 30-40 cars could be loaded.
At the time, Dec 17, it was reported Brandon was out of Coal,
Schools and hotels were closed,
Families forced to move out of their homes. 
The Electric Light Co was also running out of coal.
It was the same in Hartney MB. and also across the line.
This mine was heavily relied on to supply the coal for winter.

West Canada Company Taylorton area Apr 12, 1908, there was a dispute between this Company and its men.
Judge Myers of Winnipeg was appointed Chairman of the Inquiry
into this dispute. 
Saskatchewan Coal Company   George Crow was appointed lawyer for this Company
on the Board of Inquiry, into the West Canada Company
Range 6 Township 2 6-12 miles north of US border
Hugh Hassard Mine
-Roche Percee

 SE 1/4 Section 4
 Township 2
 Range 6 -W2

Click to enlarge map showing land grant of Hugh hassard in 1892, where the first Coal mione would have been located.

North side of the river.
About 1 1/2 miles east
of Roche Percee

The First Coal Mine in this area
was operated by Hugh Hassard

 View my
Hugh Hassard Mine Web page here
Price Coal Mine
-Roche Percee

Very near
Hugh Hassard's mine

This mine was operating Sept 6, 1892.
The Price Family came to this area in 1880,
Their Pit mouth was on the side of the hill.
There was 2 drifts, Hassard's and Price.
 By Sept 1892 they had been digging coal for 6-8 years.
This mine and Hugh Hassard's mine
 were 2 of the earliest in this area.
In all the books I have seen,
 it does not list a first name, nor initial.
but from 1890-1893 the Roche Percee Postmaster was
Hilliard Edwin Price,
   b- Mar 26, 1861,
       Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois, USA
   d- ? - probably in SE Alberta
Father -Donald Price
Mother- Mary Beckton
Wife- Margaret Gow,
  b- Apr 11, 1870, Ontario
Daughter- Elizabeth (Bessie) May Price,
  b- July 10, 1894 at Coalfields SK
Son- Malcolm (Mack) Price,
  b- Aug 3, 1895 in Williston, ND, USA
Enlisted in WWI, Feb 29, 1916, in Irvine AB
father living in Irvine AB at the time.
shown as a farmer, Reg #696431
Son- Russell Aubrey Price,
  b-July 15, 1898 in Estevan SK
Daughter- Zena (Ena) Price,
  b- 1902 in Alberta
Daughter- Edna Price,
  b- 1904 in Alberta
Daughter- Millie Price,
  b- 1906 in Alberta
Daughter- Elna Price,
  b- 1909 in Alberta
1891 Canada Census- Hilliard was single
Age 28, born in 1863 in USA,
Free Church religion,
living in Broadview Assiniboia.
1901 census shown born Mar 26, 1862 in USA
living in NW Medicine Hat, Assiniboia West (AB)
Occupation shown as restaurant
1906 census, age 41, living in Irving AB
at Section 30, Township 11, Range 3, W4,
Shown immigrated from US in 1867
1911 Census, age 46,
SE Section 26, Township 11, Range 3, W4
Scotch nationality, Anglican religion
Alberta homestead records say
 Section 36, township 11, Range 3, W4

a Mary Price took out a land grant
 SW Section 36, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

Unknown Name Community of Coalfields
Section 4?
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Isaac Cockburn owned a mine in the area, ca 1892,
He hired William Lemond (Billy) Hamilton,
who became pit boss, manager, shareholder, then owner
The community of Coalfields grew up around the Hamilton mine
located in the side of the valley
Hamilton built a substantial house called Eagle's nest
above the mine, where his daughter Jessie was born.
In 1905 this mine was sold,
and Hamilton moved to Medicine Hat, Alberta
See "New Crescent Mine" for his story

The only Isaac Cockburn I can find is this fellow below.

The hamlet of Berwick Ontario,  was first settled by four brothers from Scotland, Adam, Peter, James and Isaac Cockburn, in the early 1800s. They established Cockburn Corners, which was later renamed Berwick, after their home village in Scotland.

The Isaac Cockburn who possibly mined here,
was born in 1841 in Berwick ON.
Retired from business interests in Coal, Lumber, and mining,
 It's known he moved to Winnipeg around 1901. 
Named after his Uncle Isaac Cockburn.
Served on Winnipeg City Council, Ward 1 Alderman, from 1918-1919
He died at Winnipeg May 8, 1927, buried at Gravenhurst ON
Father Peter Clayton, Mother Mary Cockburn, nee ?
His wife was Alicia (Ida) Secord, b- ca 1839 in Canada
married Apr 13, 1876, in Toronto ON
she was a widow, first married name Clayton.
was a granddaughter of Laura Secord, nee Ingersoll,
Laura Secord (1775-1863), died age 93, the heroine of the 1812 war.
Alicia's father was Charles Badeau Secord,(1809-1873)
 a barrister, who died in 1872, his wife was Margaret Robbins.
He was the only son of James and Laura Secord.
 He lived in Newark at one time.
Alicia's grandfather was a James Secord.
Isaac was a lumber merchant in Toronto in 1876
There was an Isaac Cockburn who was postmaster
 at Coalfields (Taylorton), Dec 1, 1897-Mar 28, 1901
1907 he was in a court trial shown as former
 Secretary Western Retail Lumber Dealer's Association
1906 census he and his wife were in the La Claire Hotel
187 Garry St in Winnipeg, he age 66, her age 62, name Ida
2010 this is called the Windsor Hotel,
and is ready to be possibly demolished
no known document to verify this is the correct Isaac Cockburn
Only thing that works out is he resigned postmaster at Coalfields, Mar 1901, and this fellow was in Winnipeg after that
But I can't find him or his wife in 1901 census, anywhere in Canada?
Did he sell the coal mine, and take off travelling? 
probably wrong spelling of the name in the census?
do I have the correct guy?

Oct 4, 1898
Big storm reported.
Manager Cockburn and his wife returned from Winnipeg.

Mar 8, 1900
A Mr. J. Cockburn is away on business,
in this newspaper article.

So is it J. or I. Cockburn?
I am pretty sure this is a misprint, and Isaac is correct
One of the Big Six Mines ca1931 Riot
Western Dominion
Collieries Ltd.

Section 3 & 4
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Deep Seam type Mine
Located just NE of Taylorton Cemetery
Part of the big Six, time of Sept 29,1931, Black Tuesday Riot
2nd largest Mine in 1931.
Managed by Charles Campbell Morfit in 1931
Changed to
Western Dominion Coal Mines Ltd.
 owned or controlled by J. R. Brodie ca 1939.

Bought in 1964 by Mannix Corp
out of Calgary along with it's holding company,
Great West Coal of Brandon, that Mr. Brodie
would have owned or controlled. 
Became Battle River Coal Mine Co Ltd.
Operating in 1917, at 3-2-6 W2.
My Western Dominion Mine Page
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.

C.C. Morfit
   If you read the latest reports on the Strike and Riot in 1931,
Mr. Charles Campbell Morfit is noted by Sgt. William Mulhall,
a 55 year old native of Liverpool England,
who was a local member of the RCMP in Estevan prior to the Riot, 
as being the biggest problem in the district,
actually in his opinion, encouraging a strike.
He had invested in the Char plant that was loosing money, and Mulhall figured he was covering up this mistake by causing a strike.
Mr. Morfit was an American, who had extreme ideas, which he brought with him from strikes in Pennsylvania, where strikes occurred, and the miners were literally mowed down, and he felt the same should happen here.  Looks like he got his wish.  He brought in a dozen strike breakers, deliberately looking to stir up trouble, and when the RCMP didn't step in, He and the mine managers and owners complained bitterly to the head of the RCMP, leading eventually to Detective-Staff-Sergeant Walter Mortimer, taking control of the local RCMP.  By the way, other RCMP investigators at the time reached the same decision as Sgt Mulhall, so it wasn't just him that felt this way.  His full family bio is on my
Western Dominion Mine Page.
It has taken me a few years to finally pin this guy down, with new census etc. just recently released.  Finally enough clues I found him.
All my Riot research, trying to find someone to blame for the 3 deaths, I can say now, I think Mr. Morfit has to be close to the top of the list.
He wasn't in the area long, for a good reason.  he probably had more than one threat on his life.  He made his bed but didn't want to lie in it it seems.

Union 1950-1959- Saskatchewan Coal Miners' Union

1933 Coal Ad

Klimax Brand Coal Ad

Sold the coal brand "Dominion Coal" Oct 1923

Oct 1923 article on this mine

Bienfait Coal, Briquet & Power Co. Ltd. Lignite Coal Mine Next to
Western Dominion Mine
 at Taylorton
Mid April 1929 with $1 Million Capital,
they bought the Lignite mine next to Western Dominion,
and will had Head Offices in either Regina or Weyburn.
They were to develop a new mine on the property
 with a capacity of 200 tons per day.
They were to engage in the making of Briquettes from Lignite Coal, increasing to 500 tons/day.
Work will be done by English Machines
 the same they used at Merritt BC.
They also planned on a new mine in Nova Scotia.

Investors and Developers involved:
1.  P. T. Roberts, President of
     The P.T. Roberts Wholesale Lumber Co., Winnipeg.
2. Joseph Meyers, President of the
    Meyers Steamboat and Coal Co.. Vancouver
3. David Whiteside, K.C.
   of Whiteside, McQuarry and Duncan, New Westminster, B.C.
4. Ernest C. Whitelow, Superintendent of the I.O.C.O.
    (Imperial Oil Co.) refinery, Vancouver,
5. H. M. Freeman, Managing Director
    of Canadian Coal and Briquet Company, Merritt BC
6. E. V. Campion, President
    of E. V. Campion Coal and Briquet Company, Merritt, B.C.

Pacific Coal Company Ltd.
-Roche Percee
W 1/2 Section 6
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
This Company shows up on a Map
of the coal mines in the area in 1940.
Can't say the name appears that often
in the history books.
Also listed in the Western Land Grants index
This company was a subsidiary of the CPR
they also owned the Bankhead mine #80 in Alberta
Morden Coal Mine on Vancouver Island, and others
Richard Bladworth Angus was associated with this company
He was part of the syndicate that financed the CPR
Sidney J. Pocock mine Section 8
Township 2
Range 6 -W2

2 miles S of Bienfait
Sidney Job (Sid) Pocock bought this Section
 from the Hudson's Bay Company in 1882,
but didn't start to develop it until 26 years later in 1908.
This looks to me like the location of the Briquette plant.
Pocock Brothers
One of the Big Six Mines ca1931 Riot
Manitoba & Saskatchewan
 Coal Co. Ltd

aka the "
M&S Mine"
or just M&S
Section 10
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
The Manitoba & Saskatchewan Coal Company (Limited),
 abbreviated to 'M & S' became the operator
 of the Bienfait Mine on February 13, 1907.
The mine was purchased from the Hudson Bay Coal Co.,
who had commenced operations in 1905
Deep Seam, Shaft type Mine from 1907 to 1942.
Switched to strip mining in 1942.
Alexander Craig McMiken (Alec) (Happy) Wilson
Part of the Big Six time of Sept 29, 1931 riot
This was the largest of the mines in 1931
head office in Winnipeg MB
Tipple was near the Briquette Plant.
Purchased by Luscar.
M & S Mine was known as the Hudson Bay Mine
 in its earlier days of operation,
It became known as the M & S Mine about 1920
 and strip mining started about 15 years later.
Housing Campsite closed as of June 1967
Operating in 1917.

View my M & S Coal Company Ltd Web page here
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.

Crawford Thompson was manager Dec 1940

Oct 1923 article on mine operation

One of the Big Six Mines ca1931
Bienfait Mines Ltd.

aka "Hassard Mine"
the "Hawkinson Mine".
aka: "Hosmer Mine"
Section 19
Township 2
Range 6 -W2

Just South of Bienfait
near the CNR tracks.
Bienfait Mine is shown as D on this map from 1927

D on this map-
   49 deg, 08’ 22.94” N
  102 deg, 48’, 05.16” W


The Bienfait Mine owned by the
Canadian Pacific Railway was
opened for business in January 1904
 per 1955 history book..
Deep Seam Shaft type,
was sold to Souris Coal Distributors, 
owned by
John Robert Brodie, in 1939,
Western Dominion Coal Mines Ltd name.
A J. R. Brodie was vice president of Bienfait Mines,
per Estevan Mercury article on the Royal Commission
after the 1931 strike.

Joseph (Joe) Bembridge was Manager in 1931.
  b- Nov 12, 1887 (in Reg. Dist. of Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England)
  d- May 27, 1975
  buried in Bienfait Cemetery with his wife Mary
 Joe Bembridge fought in WWI,  Regimental #336933
  May 15, 1915 enlisted in Calgary AB.
  His wife Mary was living at 1408 1st W. in Calgary at the time.
  Occupation shown as Miner.

Robert J. (Bob) Hassard was President. 
He was the 3rd child of Hugh Hassard
 from Roche Percee, Taylorton fame.
See Hawkinson Mine
for the rest of the story on this mine.

3rd largest mine in 1931
Part of the Big Six in the area
 at the time of the 1931 riot and strike
They owned the mineral rights,
 in Section 18 and 19, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2
Tipple would have been in section 19
Operated from 1904 to 1940
View my
Bienfait Mines Ltd Web pages here
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.

1928 I found an article that stated the 3 Laidler brothers,
William (Bill) Laidler, Richard (Dick) Laidler and John Laidler,
worked underground at this mine.
They were from Morpeth Northumberland
Also A. Rambridge, from Wales,
John Diamond, Alex Ferguson, and J. Oprey, from Scotland
Bob (shown as Hazard) Hassard, was the Owner at the time.
"Red" Pickard was the tour guide for the newspaper reporter.

Oct 1923 article on this mine

Coates Mine
- Bienfait
LSD 10 & 11, Section 19
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Coates was also involved
with the Kingdon & Coates mine south of Bienfait. 
 There is a Dick Coates (b-1901- d- Jan 14, 1983)
 buried in Bienfait, could be this man.
North East Mine
LSD 10, Section 19
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
1 mi East of Bienfait
operating between 1946-1949 time period.
 exact time unknown before or after those dates.
Operated by Wheeler and Enmark

Don't know first names here to research them
Wilbur C. (Wilbert) (Shorty) Enmark
  b- Oct 19, 1885 in Chicago, IL, USA
  d- Feb 8, 1963, age 76
stepson to Robert Brown and Elizabeth Gillies
1911 living on Tsp 2, Rge 7 with the Gillies
A Shorty Enmark was weighman for the Bienfait-Hassard mine ca1931
enlisted in WWI, June 5, 1917 in Moose Jaw SK
living in Bienfait SK, next of kin,
mother- Elizabeth Gilles, Bienfait SK
occupation- Miner, single, Reg #2188570

or Howard Victor Enmark?
   b- 1893
   d-Apr 26, 1962
both buried in Bienfait Cemetery

or Wilbur C. (Shorty) (Bill) Enmark
  b- Apr 15, 1928
  d- Nov 4, 2006
served with SSR in WWII at Dieppe, Reg #L12142
was it him?  doubt it, as he was only born in 1928

Then which Wheeler?
Clarence Wheeler moved in 1928 to an Enmark farm near Bienfait

Western Dominion
Coal Mines Ltd.
various locations
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Amalgamation of Western Dominion Collieries Ltd.,
Truax Traer Coal Co. Ltd.,
and Bienfait Mines Ltd,
 by John Robert Brodie, prior to 1939
See Western Dominion Collieries above
My Western Dominion Mine Page
Hawkinson Mine
- Bienfait
Became the Bienfait Mine Co.
later Wilson Mine #1
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Deep Seam Type Mine
Opened by the CPR in 1906,
and leased to Maurice Hawkinson.
 Managed by Maurice Hawkinson,
shown in 1911 census, as a boarder of
Albert Rogers family in Bienfait,
born Dec 1875, in the USA, age 35.
Nationality- Norwegian, religion Presbyterian.
Shown as a Mine proprietor.
 Rogers is shown as Hotel Keeper, block 3,
 which would be the King Edward Hotel.
Interesting to note, Gordon White
 was a boarder here at the same time,
and he bought the King Edward Hotel.
Also at the hotel, Joseph A. Sequin shown as a mine manager,
  Joseph A. Sequin, (probably Joseph Augustus Sequin)
    b- Apr 1879 in Quebec, Catholic religion
    father- Augustus Sequin, in 1881 living in Gatineau area, Quebec
   Joseph Homesteaded, Mar 12, 1902, on NW Sec 16, Tsp 2, Rge 7, W2
   NE same Sec was a Pierre E. Sequin, brother?
   F. Sequin buried in Estevan City Cemetery
   There is a Sequin district in Saskatchewan,
   maybe near Weyburn somewhere?
   There was a Sequin School 16 km NE of Creelman. Tsp 11, Rge 9, W2
    Joseph's wife- Aminda, nee ?,  b- May 1889 in Quebec

Hawkinson sold power to the village of Bienfait,
sold later to the Dominion Electric Co.. 
 Operated until 1940.

Various owners,
William Lemond (Billy) (Will) Hamilton,
      See "New Crescent Mine" for his story
Robert J. Hassard, 1915-1926,
John Robert Brodie bought Hassards share in 1926.
1939 Hamilton sold his share to
 Alexander Craig McMiken (Alec) (Happy) Wilson,
who sold outright to J. R. Brodie in 1939 
 sounds like a soap opera doesn't it.
View my Bienfait Mines Ltd Web pages here

Alice Lynch, nee Ward wrote this about this mine
"The old "Hawkie" mine, straight west of Bienfait, was a major coal producing area for years. Built by Mr. Hawkinson, who also had a store in Bienfait, it employed a number of men until into the 30's. A large boarding house provided accommodation for the single workers while two to four roomed company houses provided for families. The boarding house doubled as community centre, with card parties and dances being held there"
She also says it was on the Eastern Half of Section 23

Light and Power
At the Bienfait Mine
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Operated at the Bienfait Mine south of Bienfait
Not really a Coal mine, but associated with one
So I included it here.
Commercial Coal Co.
South Of Bienfait
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Opened in 1915
 financed by Maurice Hawkinson,
closed approx 1925

Hawkinson, shown in 1911 census,
as a boarder of Albert Rogers family in Bienfait,
born Dec 1875, in the USA, age 35.
Nationality- Norwegian, religion Presbyterian.
Shown as a Mine proprietor
Hawkinson sold power to the village of Bienfait,
sold later to the Dominion Electric Co

1924 M. J. Hawkinson, General Manager,
Shaft mine, Steam Power Plant, Pick Mining,
Horse haulage, 50 men.

1900 US Census shows a
Maurice J. Hawkinson
born Dec 1874 in Wisconsin, Single
Lodger with a farmer, Theodore Beaver,
living at Sisseton, Roberts, SD,
Father and Mother, both born in Norway. 
Occupation- Real Estate and Loans.
 This probably is him.
There is a Hawkinson Valley in Wisconsin
possibly named after this family?
1880 US census shows a John Hawkinson
age 6, born 1874, living with his family
father- Hawk Hawkinson, age 47
mother, Martha Hawkinson, age 48
both parents born in Norway,
living at Fountain, Juneau, Wisconsin.
Now is this Maurice John Hawkinson our man?
all speculation so far.
Hawkinson leased his mine from the CPR
the first mine in the Bienfait area.
Glenbow museum has a CPR document, 1925-1926,
re: Bienfait Mine Purchase, M2269, Minutes, meetings 68-75

1920-21 Managers and Employees listed here
Bienfait 1920

Pierce McCallum Ltd Unknown- Bienfait Sold the brand "Commercial Coal" Oct 1923
owners unknown, possibly Edward Pierce?
there was a Dr. McCallum in Winnipeg, him?
only seen this one ad for this company

1923 ad

Western Collieries of Bienfait Ltd. obviously near Bienfait In an article dated Oct 18, 1938
 this mine is listed showing its workers,
members of the UMWA, were on strike.
other mines affected were listed:
Western Dominion Coal Mines Ltd,
Dominion Briquettes and Chemicals Ltd,
M&S Coal Company Ltd,
Bienfait Mines Ltd.,
and Lignite Mines Ltd.
so this is a separate mine from those.
"The First"
Crescent Collieries
1 mile East of Bienfait
Township 2
Range 6 -W2

Crescent Mine is shown as A on this map from 1927
E on this map
  49 deg, 09’ 09.01” N
 102 deg, 47’ 14.86” W

Started in 1918 just to the east of Bienfait,
moved to the new location shown above
 in 1926 after running out of coal

Oct 1, 1924 this Company
was on the map included on the first covers
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.
It was not listed as a paying sponsor though.

Kingdon Mine
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Operated by Leslie (Les) Kingdon
  b- July 22, 1893,
  Barnstable, Devon, England
  d- Oct 28, 1986
  buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Wife- Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie) Kingdon, nee Graham.
  b- Nov 10, 1900
  d- Jan 7, 1997
  buried in Bienfait Cemetery also
Father and Mother of Stan, Don, Ken, Leslie, & Valerie Kingdon
Leslie enlisted in WWI, May 9, 1918, single, C of E, Miner
Reg #260483, svc #466123
next of kin- Father- Harry John Kingdon
living at Surzern?, Surrey Rd, Bournemouth, Dorset, England
Harry John Kingdon,
born bet July-Sept, 1863, in Barnstable, Devon, England
d- bet Oct-Dec 1937, age 76 in Poole Reg. Dist., Dorset, England
Harry shown as a French Polisher in 1881 census
Kingdon and Coates Mine
Township 2
Range 6 -W2
Just south of Bienfait, across from old CN Station
Operated by Leslie (Les) Kingdon and Coates obviously
Roche Percee
Coal Company Ltd
-Roche Percee
Located where the CPR station on the Soo Line was located originally the (Hugh) Sutherland Mine-
became Old Mac Coal Mine by 1955-
1 mile south of Village of Roche Percee.
My Uncle Frank Charles Olson, worked at this mine.
That's what his Union card says.

June 15, 1897
Roche Percee Coal Company closed, and being liquidated.
Mr. Gosher (should be Gocher) has made an offer to buy all the assets.
Liquidator, Mr. Bertrand.

then I found this article,
July 12, 1897- per Victoria Daily Colonist,
the Roche Percee Coal Mine Mine was sold by court order,
to Leonard Cocker (should be Gocher) of Birmingham UK, for $15,500.00
This sum was sufficient to liquidate all the creditors

June 1899, Leonard Gocher from Birmingham UK, Soliciter
 took out a land grant
 LS 11, Section 34, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

May 10, 1899 Leonard Gocher bought the NE/SE Section 3, Tsp 2, Rge 6, W2
320 acres for $10/acre from the CPR
He was living at 83 Colmore Row, in Birmingham England.

Aug 1899- H. Gocher arrived from England
 as a salesman for the Roche Percee Colliery Co Ltd.
found in a newspaper article. 
I found a H. W. Gocher in a passenger list
leaving Liverpool arriving Aug 1, 1899, age 37, SS Parisian.
going to a port in Quebec. with wife, age 34,
 and son Thomas, age 8, all born in England,
shown going to Montreal only.

A Herbert William Gocher, from Souris, in MB
 took out a few land grants, ca 1892-1893
 all in Rge 21 & 22 in W1, further East of this area.
lots of different spellings, and names, possibly same family?

in 1901- there was a Patrick Goshir (Gosher?) living in Estevan
with his wife, Marie P., but I can't read his occupation.
His last name is hard to read in the census, could be either i or e.
Patrick is shown as age 30

July 1901- There was a Leonard Gocher, Managing Director of
Roche Percee Colliery Co. Ltd. in a newspaper ad.
saying that his Company was sold to Taylor and Cameron.
It is from this ad I am pretty sure the spelling is Gocher.
I am pretty sure this was a D. C. Cameron

By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)

1896 mining manual listed this Company
Mr, Charles Henry Cordingley, Director and Secretary,
Company head office- Winnipeg MB
Company incorporated in 1896,
authorized capital $50,000 in $100 shares.
Directors- H. E. Mitchell, Thomas G. Gilmour,
Clifford B. Deacon, and Robert Rogers

Charles Henry Cordingley (Sr.)
a Distiller from Montreal Quebec
Merchant in Winnipeg
b- Mar 7, 1850 in Barony, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
d- Oct 4, 1920, probably in Winnipeg MB
1901- living in Winnipeg MB
1881- Ste-Antoine Ward, Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
1861- 127 Katherine St., Ashton-Under-Lyne, Lancashire, England
1851- 20 Buccleuch St, Barony, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Founding Member of the Carlton Club in Winnipeg,
 when it was incorporated in 1901
wife- Margaret Elizabeth Rebecca Lulham
father- Charles Augustus Cordingley,
mother- Mary W. Nield
all 4 buried in St. James Anglican Cemetery in Winnipeg MB
they had a son, Charles Henry Cordingley (Jr)
b- Abt 1880, in Montreal Quebec
d- 1905 in Winnipeg, buried ?

Howard E. Mitchell
B- Nov 22, 1854 in ON
d- Feb 25, 1930
buried in Sec 'H', Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
Drug Store Manager in Winnipeg in 1901

Thomas G. Gilmour
b- Jan 22, 1858 in ON
Lawyer in Winnipeg in 1901

Clifford B. Deacon
b- Dec 1860, in Moncton? NB
shown as an attorney 1882 in NB
Accountant in 1901 in Winnipeg
1871 age 10, in Shediac, Westmorland, NB

Robert Rogers
b- March 2, 1864 in Lakefield, Canada East, now Quebec
d- July 21, 1936
Merchant and Politician
son of Lt.-Colonel George and Dora Rogers
came to Manitoba in 1881
became Minister of Public Works in Canada

Siddall Coal Mine
-Roche Percee
Unknown Location Per Guest Book entry,
from his granddaughter Gwynne Siddall, 
Matthew Siddall,
  b- 1913 in Roche Percee,
owned a Family Coal Mine in the area.
Possibly Thomas Siddall Mine above is this mine,
or another, probably family below?

There was a Rev. Siddall who dedicated
the Taylorton Church when it was next to the Cemetery
in the valley, in 1892
Deep Seam
Taylorton Mine
Location Unknown
Range 6 -W2
Probably Western Dominion Mine
Roche Percee Mine
- Roche Percee
Very close to the Hassard,  Taylor and Coulson mines. My mystery picture on the Roche Percee page,
 has Brailsford Estevan written on the picture.

Coal Mine Picture

In 1900, Mr. R.R. Taylor managed the Roche Percee Mine, as well as the Taylor and Hassard Mines.  He combined all 3 in 1901, and then closed the Taylor mine.  In the fall of 1904, with increasing demand for output, a new point of attack was used, and in the center of their 2,600 acres they drove a slope from the surface of the prairie.  this new mine became known as Taylorton mine.
Great West Coal Company Mine
-Roche Percee
2 miles East of Roche Percee
Range 6 -W2
Started in 1906 financed by a man
named Kennedy in Brandon MB.
One article states first Incorporated in 1905 in Saskatchewan.
John Robert Brodie was it's accountant and sales agent.
This mine only operated for a few years,
but the name continued with Mr. Brodie.
He later owned the Great West Coal Company.
Operated by Mr John Robert Brodie, in Brandon. 
there is a John R. Brodie wing
on the Brandon MB University, named after this man.
I have done research on him,
which can be found here, John Robert Brodie
N. (Norman) M. Paterson and Sons had a subsidiary,
Great West Coal, based in Bienfait, Saskatchewan.
Per their web site-
"N.M. Paterson and Sons strip-mined coal at Bienfait
 with the biggest dragline in Canada,
 an enormous crawler shovel named Mr Klimax."
So now it appears John R. Brodie,
 sold this firm to N. M. Patterson & Sons.
Great West Coal Company Ltd name,
 still operated in 1980, maybe later.

Sept 1961 this company opened it's new mine near Estevan
new mine, new Modern Office buildings, new service facilities,
and an all new metal screen tipple, served by 9 sets of tracks,
output capacity of 650 tons/hour.
Officiating at the opening ceremonies, President D. S. Paterson,
Managing director J. M. Brodie,
Hon Russ Brown, SK Minister of Industry and Information.
The company produced almost 10% of Canada's production in 1961.

Union 1963-1965- Roche Percee Coal Miners' Union

Sept 28, 1964 newspaper stated Loram Coal Co. Ltd. of Calgary bought controlling interest in Great West Coal Co. from the Norman McLeod Paterson family of Winnipeg.  The business office moved from Brandon to Winnipeg under Paterson, and then moved to Estevan after this sale.  Head sales office remained in Winnipeg, Head Office in Calgary.  The company also owned the Rosedale Mine in Sheerness Alberta.  Loram was a subsidiary of Mannix Co. of Calgary same as Utility Coals was at time.  C. F. Doerr the General Manager of Utility Coals, was appointed Managing Director of Great West Coal Ltd.

May 1962, John Malcolm Brodie
was Managing Director of this company
shown operating in Estevan, Brandon and Winnipeg.
He was appointed to the Dominion Coal Board,
the first for someone from the Lignite Industry of SK.
Mr. J.M. Brodie was 42 at the time, born ca 1920 at Brandon
He attended St. John's Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg,
Studied Mine Engineering at Queen's University,
followed by Geological engineering at U of Manitoba.
Served with Royal Canadian Navy, 1941-45.
Discharged rank of Lieutenant.
Joined the Great West Coal Company in 1945.
Appointed Managing Director in 1955.
He is a member of the Canadian Mining Metallurgical Institute.
there is a Memorial Bursary at Brandon University in his name
Now was he related to J. R. Brodie?  my guess is yes.
found a John M. Brodie born July 15, 1920, that died
July 26, 1997 in Tempe, Maricopa, Arizona, 85282, same guy?
I know John R. Brodie died in Arizona
I know J. R. Brodie's wife's dad's name was Malcolm.
It all fits too close to not be true.

Roche Percee
Collieries Ltd
-Roche Percee
3 miles East
 of Roche Percee
Operating as early as Aug 1899-
Bought out one of the early Roche Percee mine(s)
owned by Gow and Russell. 
 It shipped it's coal on the Soo (CPR) Line.
The Hugh Hassard mine was a little
 to the west of this mine.
Prior to 1924, a branch spur was laid
to this mine, for the Spur of the Souris Mine.
Aug 1899- H. Gocher arrived from England
as a salesman for this company.
Same time Mr. Percerelle and his family arrived,
he was the new bookkeeper for the mine.

William Albert Russell took out land grants on
LS 11, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 12, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 13, Section 13, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 14, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

George F. Gow took out his land grant on
NW Section 33, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
and SW Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2

Leonard Gocher took out a land grant on
 LS 11, Section 34, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
relation to H. Gocher?

Coulson Mine
-Roche Percee
Close to Hassard mine Operating in 1900,
located a short distance from the Hassard,
 Roche Percee and Taylor mines, owned by R.R. Taylor.
This is the only mine he did not control as of 1901.
 I found a George Coulson living in Oxbow in 1901,
 as a farm worker. 
Possibly his family formed this mine originally?
Taylor Mine
-Roche Percee
Close to Hassard mine Managed by R. R. Taylor as early as 1900,
In 1901 he Combined this mine with the Hassard,
and Roche Percee Mine, which he also controlled.
He then closed this Taylor Mine.

Russell Mine
-Roche Percee

Near the Gow Mine.
North side of the river.
Obviously owned by a man named Russell
With the Gow mine, one of the first after the Hassard Mine.
Some articles show Gow and Russell mine.

William Albert Russell
   took out Land Grants on
LS 11, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 12, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 13, Section 13, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
LS 14, Section 32, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
Gow Mine
-Roche Percee
3 Miles east of Roche Percee
1 1/2 miles east of the Hassard mine. North side of the river.
One of the early Coal Mines, after the Hassard Mine.
Bought out and renamed Roche Percee Collieries Ltd.
One article says the name was the Daddy Gow Mine
I know at least one of the Gow family came from Morris MB
I know Neil Gow and George F. Gow were in the area.
George Frederick Gow,
 b- July 10, 1835 at Portsmouth England,
 baptized July 19, 1835 at
Saint Thomas, Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
 d- Apr 15, 1911 in Winnipeg MB, age 75
Father- John Gow
Mother- Margaret Paterson
I believe he had a sister named Ann Gow
Married and had 6 children
Wife- Elizabeth Gow
  b- 1833 or 1834 in Ontario
  d- Dec 6, 1897, age 64, in Winnipeg, MB
Son- Frederick (Fred) George Gow,
     b- 1858 or 1859 in Ontario
     d- July 17, 1937 in Winnipeg MB, age 79
    who married Isabella (Bella) Brown
His son Fred had children in the Coalfields area, and in MB

1871 census George was living in Macaulay, Muskoka, Ontario
1891 census he was living in Sub District of Youville,
district of Provencher, MB
He was a Businessman, Farmer, Hotelier, and Indian agent. At the age of seventeen he accompanied his family to Canada West from Ireland, where he had spent his childhood.  In 1878 the Conservative Government appointed him Indian Agent at Winnipeg but he resigned the position within a few months to become proprietor of the Morris House, Morris, Manitoba, where he combined farming with his hotel business for fifteen years. He moved to Estevan and was in the coal business there for twelve years. He then returned to Winnipeg, operating a real estate and insurance business until his retirement.

From a History book- Second mine in the district, about a mile east of the present Taylorton Bridge, was operated by Mr. Gowe, known far and wide as "Daddy Gowe".
Here I think Gowe should be spelled Gow

Griffith Mine
- Roche Percee
Located at Coalfields
Range 6
Dec 29, 1904, this mine was in development stage,
It had no Railroad Spur, at that time.
Exact Owner-Operator Unknown

Charles Deacon Griffith
  b- July 19, 1884 in Wales
  d- Aug 24, 1982
was Estevan Postmaster 1919-1955
Seems to me he would be too young in 1904
to own this mine, maybe his father?
Range 7 Township 1 0-6 miles north of US border
Thompson Mine
- Estevan
Section 11
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Owned by a Thompson, but which one?
Olson & May Mine
-Roche Percee
W 1/2 Section 13
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Owned by an Olson and May but which ones?
Langen Mine
- Roche Percee
Section 13
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Owned by Jens Langen, on land he homesteaded on
when he moved from Minnesota in 1902. 
   b- Sept 1856 in Norway
   d- Nov 30, 1926 - (69 yrs, 2 months, 17 days old)
   buried in Emmanuel Cemetery south of Roche Percee
Married Maria Langen, nee ?
  b- Nov 1862 in Sweden
  d- Oct 18, 1922
  buried in Emmanuel Cemetery south of Roche Percee
  Immigrating in 1885 to USA, 1902 to Canada
They had 7 children:

Ole, Julius, Peter, Clara, Martin, Selma and Leander
I think Jens immigrated in 1883, with his oldest son Ole, to US
Son- Ole Langen
    b- Mar 1882 in Norway
    d- 1958 in Sudbury ON
   married in 1908 to Mary Ann Kiser
   Ole had a Dairy Farm in Estevan area at one time.
Son- Peter (Pet) Langen
   b- May 1889 in Minnesota USA
   d- before 1919
    buried in Emmanuel Cemetery, single, died in his teens
Son- Julius Langen
   b- Sept 18,1891, McIntosh, Minn, USA
   d- July 6, 1957
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery
   WWI veteran - Reg #3353263, Lutheran religion
   Living in Taylorton when he enlisted in May 1918
   Honorary Lignite Louie in 1977
Daughter- Clara A. Langen
   b- Sept 1896 in Minn, USA
   d- Aug 19, 1970, possibly in Billings,  Montana
   married Arthur Hoehne in 1913
Son- Martin Langen
    b- Mar 30, 1899 in Minn, USA
    d- June 1975 possibly in Hazen, Mercer, ND, USA
    married in 1923 to DeEtta , nee ?
Daughter- Selma Langen
    d- 1955 possibly in Billings Montana
Son- Leander Langen
   b- Mar 7,1901 in Minn, USA
   d- Feb 1, 1981
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery
   married Flora Knight in 1924
Brother ? -Peter Langen
   b- 1858 in Norway probably?
   d- July 23, 1938, age 80 yrs, 4 months
   buried in Emmanuel Cemetery
1900 Minnesota census in Polk county, Lessor Township
1895 also in US, so names above born in Norway, per 1911 Canada Census are possibly born in USA
1911 family in Roche Percee

Julius, Leander and Jens Langen
 bought the Riverside Hotel In Roche Percee
Jens was a trustee of the Short Creek School, #768
He homesteaded on Section 14-1-7-W2

Hildahl Mine
- Roche Percee
Section 14
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Operator Hildahl?
Not sure which Hildahl owned this mine
Poage Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 24
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
located approximately one and one- quarter miles
SW of Roche Percee Village.    
 Operated by Herbert Ellis Poage
This mine was the largest shipper in 1934. 
Only operated until mid 30's.

Herbert Ellis Poage
   b- Apr 5, 1875, in Newton, Iowa, USA,
1952 in Sicamous, B.C. age 79.
Mother- Harriet Eliza Scott (1842-1930)
Father- James Riggs Poage (1834-1895)
Grandfather- George Gilliland Poage
His granddaughter went to ECI.

Karl Gustafson was his Pit Boss in 1933
Karl was the nephew of Mr. Peterson from Shand mine
Thomas Siddall Mine
-Roche Percee
N 1/2 LSD 7
S 1/2 OF SW 1/4
 SW1/4 OF LSD 8
Section 24
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
one and three-quarter miles SW of Roche Percee.
Various spellings of this last name have been used,
but Siddall is the correct one.
I believe he married Barbara Annie Campbell,
who was born in 1914. 
They had 10 children.
Her brother Duncan Charles Campbell
also operated a mine in the area.
 Henry Siddal, who I believe was his brother, died in WWI in 1917.
Thomas was living with his parents
 Edward and Flora Siddall on 36-1-7 W2 in 1906.
 he was age 2 in 1906, born in England,
 immigrated in 1904.
See Edward Siddall mine above for more family history
Baniulas Mine
- Roche Percee
Section 25
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
located about one and one- half miles
SW of Roche Percee village.

Operated by two brothers,
Anthony and Alphons Baniulas.
They started shipping in 1932.

Anthony Baniulas
   b- Apr 20, 1909
   d- Feb 3, 1983

Alphons Baniulas
   d- Mar 9, 1967
   Both Buried in Souris Valley Cemetery in Estevan
alt spelling =Banulas, Banuilas
One article claims this was at Pinto.
McKersie Mine
- Roche Percee
Section 25
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Operated by a McKersie, which one?
Superior Coal Mine
-Roche Percee
Section 25
Township 1
Range 7 -W2

Operating in 1917
Owner-Operator unknown
Edward Siddall Mine
-Roche Percee
Possibly Section 36
Township 1
Range 7 -W2
Operating ca Sept 1931 during Dominion mine strike,
Owned by Edward (Ed) Siddall,
  b- Dec, ca 1900, in England
one of the miner's was Martin Nolan,
I have added his pictures to
the Roche Percee page
Martin Nolan Pictures
his father, Edwin Siddall,
   b- June, ca 1877, in Lancashire, England, (shown age 29 in 1906)
Mother- Anne (Annie) Elizabeth Siddall, nee Hicklin
   b- Dec, ca 1877 in England, (shown age 31 in 1906, b- ca 1875?)
married bet July-Sept 1896, reg dist Prestwich, Lancashire UK
Brother- Henry Ashton (Harry) Siddall,
   b- June 9, 1897 in Oldham, Manchester, England
   d- Nov 10, 1917
   H.A. Siddall listed as a Legion member in Bienfait
   He enlisted Feb 27, 1916 in Estevan in WWI, Reg #925426,
Private, Army, Canadian Infantry, Saskatchewan Regiment, 5th Battalion
Sister- Nellie Siddall
   b- Apr ca 1903,  in England
Brother- Thomas Siddall,
   b- Feb, ca 1904 in reg dist Prestwich, Lancashire UK
I believe he owned the coal mine on
 Section 24, Township 1, Range 7 -W2
, shown listed below
Sister- Ella Siddall,
   b- Oct 26, 1908 at Sec 36, 1, 7 W2
Brother- Matthew Siddall b- 1913 above?  my guess is yes.
1881 UK census, Father Edwin Siddall, shown age 3
son of Edwin Siddall, shown age 40, born in Warwick England,
occupation Coal Miner,
living at 772 Mancester Rd, Failsworth, Lancashire, England
Edwin Sr's wife shown as age 42, born in Worcester, England,
 occupation Bread Baker. 
Edwin was youngest of 6 children in 1881.
1906 family living in or near Roche Percee
1908 family living at Sec 36, 1, 7 W2
1911 family living in Estevan
1916, Father Edwin and Harry at least, living in Roche Percee
probably whole family there now.
now the strange part there is an Edwin Siddall age 12, buried in Taylorton Cemetery, Oct 1912, b- ca 1900, which fits Edward above.  not sure if same or not
Oct 29 newspaper article, Edwin Siddall a young boy was killed
Run over after falling from a wagon load of grain

then if it is Edward, this mine was owned by his father Edwin Siddall, who went by Edward name possibly?
Other thing is where did this family go?
Edwin Siddall (Jr's) Family immigrated in 1904 to Saskatchewan per census, but actually they came at separate times
Vessel - Dominion, Arrived at Montreal Quebec, on 14 Aug 1904
Annie E Siddall, 33, wife, mar
Master H Siddall, 10, single (Henry)
Master E Siddall, 4 (Edwin)
Miss E Siddall, 2  (Nellie above is my guess)
with them was Ellen Siddall, 31, wife, mar
and Charles Siddall, 9, child, single
all going to Roche Percee, Assiniboia
Not sure who Ellen was married to, one of Edwin's brothers I guess
who might also have come earlier?  I know he had one brother John William Siddall, not sure if he had more born after 1881.
there was a Edwin Siddall, age 26, miner, from Lancashire, destination Michel BC, travelling Steerage on the vessel 'Pretorian', arrived in Montreal, Quebec on 12 Sep 1903.  So now we know he might have come earlier than his wife and family.  So between Sept 1903 and Aug 1904, he moved from BC to Roche Percee.
Range 7 Township 2 6-12 miles north of US border
Saskatchewan Coal, Brick
 and Power Company

aka: Shand Coal and
Brick Company

LSD 14, 15, 16
Section 4
Township 2
Range 7 -W2
Opened by Joel (Joe) Bardsley,
in 1908, on the Soo (CPR) Line,
  b- July 1874 in Reg Dist of Rochdale, Castleton, Lancashire, UK
  d- Apr 10, 1957, Burnaby BC, age 83
  buried in the Masonic Lodge, Burnaby Cemetery,
  4305 Halifax St, Burnaby BC
Now we know he was a member of the Masonic Lodge.
Father- Samuel Bardsley,
  b- ca 1843, Ashton U. Lyne, Lancashire, England,
Mother- Mary A. Bardsley, nee ?,
  b- ca 1842, Manchester, Lancashire, UK
Wife- Jane Bardsley, nee Halliwell,
  b- Jan 1874 in Reg Dist of Leigh, Tyldesley, Lancashire, UK
  d- Nov 3, 1953, in Vancouver BC, age 78
  buried in the Masonic Burnaby Cemetery, Halifax St, Burnaby
Marriage- July-Sept 1897, Reg Dist of Leigh, England
Daughter Mary Bardsley,
   b- Feb 1898
in Reg Dist of Leigh, Tyldesley, Lancashire, UK
immigrated to Canada bet Mar 1901 and Nov 1903,
as the family was living in England per 1901 census.
Son, Samuel Bardsley,
   b- Nov 26, 1903 in Assn. (SK)
Daughter Violet Bardsley-
   b- Apr 9, 1906 in Sask
   d- Apr 12, 1927, in Vancouver BC, age 21
   buried in the Masonic Burnaby Cemetery, Halifax St, Burnaby
Mar 12, 1906 took out the homestead application
on NE Section 4, Tsp 2, Rge 7, W2

Sold ca 1912, to
Jonas Gustav Peterson,
  b- Aug
22, 1869
  d- Apr 14, 1948,
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery. 
Considered the founder of the Hamlet of Shand.

Deep Seam type Mine.
The mine was open until 1938
Mr Peterson owned the
Eureka Coal and Brick Company
 in Estevan prior to this.
In 1916 this mine produced 23,755 tons of Lignite coal
4th highest in the District.
This Mine was operating in 1917.

Thomas McLean Sr. worked at the Shand mine
 when he first immigrated from Scotland in 1911
(see McLean's Mine below)

Apr 1915, Saskatchewan Coal, Brick & Power, Ltd. Officers
 Company Head Office address- 504 Leader Building, Regina SK
President- F. W. Green
Vice-President- Jonas Gustav Peterson
Managing Director- Professor S. M. Darling
Secretary-Treasurer- Thomas Grant
 Regina- A. C. Patterson, J. H, Haslam, S. M. Darling
Moose Jaw- F. W. Green, C. M. Wrenshall
Weyburn- Frank B. Moffett, E. V. Campion
Estevan- J. E. Loughlin, James Alpin Smith
Rouleau- Thomas J. How
Carlyle- Hume Robertson
Oxbow- W. O. Fraser
Taylorton- C. C. Symons
Shand- J. G. Peterson
Portal- John Hill
Captial $300,000, 3,000 shares at $100 each.

Maple Leaf Mines Shand
6 mi e of Estevan on the CPR
The Saskatchewan Coal, Brick & Power, Ltd.
in 1915 took out an option on this coal mine.
Hugh McLean Mine
(official name unknown)
near Shand Operated by Hugh McLean and William (Bill) McLean
Hugh McLean
b- Feb 1883, (shown as 1865 on cemetery transcription) in Scotland
d- Feb 17, 1951
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
he was married to Elsie Mclean, nee Ferries
        b- July 1876 in Scotland
        d- ?
They both immigrated to Canada in 1907
   son- Hugh McLean, b- Nov 3, 1907 in Brandon MB
   son- William, info below
Hugh was a Brother to Thomas Mclean Sr.,
(see McLean's Mine below for father, mother etc).

William (Bill) Mclean, (son of Hugh McLean, above)
   b- Nov 1909 in SK
He was married, name unknown
   Bill's Son- Name unknown, b- May 7, 1925 at Shand
   Bill's Daughter- Name Unknown, b- May 28, 1930

Hugh and family living at Section 31, Township 7, Range 3, W2 in 1911
Occupation farmer, religion Presbyterian

Thomas McLean Jr. operated this mine at one time,
switching locations with Hugh and Bill

Parkinson Mine
 N 1/2 LSD 5 &
S 1/2 OF SW 1/4 OF LS 12
Section 6
Township 2
Range 7 -W2
Operated by Thomas Edward Parkinson-
  b- Feb 21, 1910, at Abram, England
  d- July 24, 1975
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Hannah Collieries Ltd.
NW 1/4 Section 8
Township 2
Range 7 -W2
Deep Seam, Shaft Type Mine
located 6 miles East of Estevan,
opened in the mid 40`s,
operated for only a few years. 
Owned by Alexander Craig McMiken
 (Alec) (nickname Happy) Wilson. 
What didn't this guy own?
a Larry Hannah was living in Estevan in Dec 1892,
and a newspaper article says
He was to be married soon,
and  it would be the first wedding in Estevan.
wonder if this wasn't his mine first?
Then Oct 11, 1892, Mr. Laurie Hannah was
building a store on 4th st in Estevan.
Now we have 2 Hannah's?
But I think Laurie is the correct name.

Mr. Laurie Hannah 1892
One of the Big Six Mines ca1931
Eastern Collieries
 of Bienfait Ltd.

aka "Eastern Mine"
 or The "Eastern"
Sections 13 and 24
Township 2
Range 7 -W2

Eastern Mine is shown as C on this map from 1927
C on this map-
 49 deg, 08’, 09.31” N
 102 deg, 49’ 21.12”W


Deep Seam, Shaft type Mine, opened in 1922
Owned by Herbert (Herb) Wallace
 and his brother, of Estevan.
5th largest mine in 1931
Part of the big Six, time of Sept 29,1931 riot.
ca1930's the size of the mine underground
was about 400 x 800 yds
Edward Pierce Jr. was manager at one point. 
I know a Frank Newsome
 was mine manager at one point.
He was born Aug 1878, died July 5, 1945,
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
He also managed a mine at Bienfait,
and Crescent Collieries.
A Picture in the museum
 says R.D. Newsome was manager,
 but I think he might have been a lawyer
 in Estevan in the 30's.
My Dad Phil Gent worked underground
 at this mine in the 30's.
Just west of Bienfait, north of Hwy 39
They owned the mineral rights where our farm was.
Operated until the late 40`s
My Eastern Collieries Mine Page
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.
found a Norman and Lillian Wallace, was Norman the other brother?
Destroyed by fire end of March 1939.
Apr 13, 1939, Herb Wallace announced at the Hotel Saskatchewan
in Regina that the mine would not be rebuilt, die to the labour situation.
Fire damage was reported to be in excess of the First $50,000 estimate.
He reported the mine employed between 40 and 44 men all summer.
In the peak winter season over 100 men were employed.
North Mine
LSD 14 &
 Section 22
Township 2
Range 7- W2
2 1/2 miles west of Bienfait,
north side of Highway 39
Owner-Operator unknown
the following folks homesteaded this section 22
NE- Gustave La Coste
NW- Raphael Burlinguette
SE- Athanese La Coste
SW- Napoleon LaCoste
North West Coal Company Ltd.
aka Konopaki Mine
- Bienfait
LSD15 &
LSD 16 &
PART OF 9 &10
Section 22
Township 2
Range 7- W2

Located approximately six miles east of Estevan and 2 1/2 miles west of Bienfait

Deep Seam Mine, started in 1932,
turned into open pit mine in 1947
Company name operating in 1967 for sure.
Pit ponies were used to pull up the mine cars
from a 62 ft sloped and timbered shaft.
ca 1932, 15 miners produced 3750 tons of coal/mo
1939, 50 miners were shipping 360 tons in 8 box cars/day
Owned by brothers, Alex & Louie Konopaki,
and Alex's brother-in-law Daniel (Dan) Bozak
Alex Konopaki was Mine manager
Shown on 1955 History book map
West of the Eastern Collieries Mine,
North of the CPR line.
Very near the National Mine location from 1931
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)

Alex Konopaki
   b- Mar 25, 1901

   d- Mar 4, 1983
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery
married Mary Konopaki, nee Bozak in 1926

Louie Konopaki
   b- Nov 2, 1902
   d- Oct 15, 1979
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery
married Anna Konopaki, nee ?

Alex and Louie's father-
John Konopaki,
  b- Oct 1864 in Austria
  d- 1925, age 62
married Pauline Konopaki, nee ?
John Immigrated in 1905,
worked in Nova Scotia mines before Bienfait Mines.
Rest of John's family immigrated in 1913.
Farmed at Frobisher in 1917, until 1925 when John died.
1911 census shown as John Konopaski, b- Oct 1864 in Austria
immigrating in 1908, Catholic, occupation coalminer, boarder
with Thomas Mandzuik, in Jane Nelson Boarding House #8

Daniel (Dan) Bozak
   b- Oct 31, 1904
   d- Jan 4, 1980
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
brother of Mary Bozak

I know a Walter Konopaki worked at the family mine
b-Nov 20, 1925 in Bienfait
d-June 18, 2007 in Moose Jaw
don't know who his father was though

Nov 1937 there was a sit down strike at this mine
6 men remained underground as part of their strike.
John Elchyson was one of the men.
the 6 were part of a 15 man underground crew,
working about 50 ft underground.

Commercial Mine
Section 23
Township 2
Range 7 -W2

This Mine was not operated in 1917.
Owner-Operator unknown
One of the Big Six Mines ca1931
National Mine Ltd
NE 1/4
Section 25
Township 2
Range 7 -W2

National Mine  Mine is shown as B on this map from 1927
B on this map-

 49 deg, 08’ 32.25” N
102 deg, 50’ 25.13” W
Owned by Henry Herbert (Harry) Stevens,
and some other West Coast Investors
Mine was formed from some of
 Maurice Hawkinson's leases in 1929
 Harry N. Freeman was manager
Part of the big six at time of Sept 29, 1931 riot.
6th largest Deep Seam type mine in 1931
Located between Eastern Mine and Crescent Mine,
North of Highway 39, 1 1/4 miles west of Bienfait.
During the 1931 strike, this mine was actually the best
of the big 6.  They seemed to be running a safer mine,
and had a little concern for the miners.
Like all the big 6, they didn't want to see a Union at the mine.

There was a Mr. H. A. Freeman, teacher at ECI
He filled in as a pastor at Stirling Baptist Church in 1925
and became a professor at McMaster University
relation to Harry?

I found a Harry and Bertha Freeman in Wolseley in 1911
same one?  shown as a Labourer.
This Harry, b- Aug 1886 in England, immigrating in 1905

Pte. Harold Freeman was a member
of the 65th Tank transport corps, relation?

Henry Herbert (Harry) Stevens

  b- December 8, 1879 in Bristol,
       Reg. Dist. Barton Regis, Gloucestershire, England
           (note- his birth is shown as 1878 in all online sites,
           but it was not registered until Oct-Dec 1879,
           so I think it's 1879 the correct date,
           and the 1911 Canada census says 1879 as well,
           even those can be wrong, more than right)
  d- June 14, 1973 in Vancouver BC, age 94
Father- Richard Harvey Stevens
   b- bet July- Sept 1839 in Philleigh, Cornwall, England 
   d- aft 1891, I think he died in Vernon Dec 30, 1894, age 57
   1881 Occupation Domestic Coachman
Mother- Jane Anne Stevens, nee Hawking
    b- Jan-Mar 1845 in St. Germans, Cornwall, England
    d- Apr-June 1883, age 37, reg dist Barton Regis, Gloucester, UK
    married Jan-Mar 1869 Penzance Reg district, Cornwall, UK
Sister- Bessie Jane Stevens
   b- Aug 1, 1872 in England
Sister- Mary (Louise) Stevens
   b- Jan 22, 1874 in England
   married Frank M. Britton, born in ON
Brother- William F. Stevens
   b- 1877 in Bristol
Brother- name?, b- bef 1879
Brother- name?, b- bef 1879

Harry married Mable Annie (Gertrude) Glover,
  b- Dec 28, 1879, in Reg District of Caister, Lincolnshire, England,
  Immigrated in 1882 per 1911 census
         July 5, 1905, in Vancouver BC
They had 5 children,
   son- Francis Stevens, b- Oct 1907
   daughter- Marjory Stevens- b- Jan 1908
   daughter- Sylvia Stevens- b- Apr 1911
   son- Douglas Stevens, b- aft 1911
   daughter- Patricia Stevens, b- aft 1911
Gertrude's parents, George and Mary A. Glover
both born in England, as well as a niece,
Mary Ivy (Perl) Glover
b- June 9, 1892 in Sask., all living with them in 1911
Perl's parents were John William Braclough Glover,
who was her oldest brother, and Georgina Colier
Gertrude was one of 9 children.
1881 the Glovers were living at 109 Willingham St
Clee with Weelsby, Lincoln, England
Gertrude was youngest of the family when they immigrated
Her dad George was a Railroad Guard.
1901 the Glovers were living in Yale area, Gertrude on her own
George and Mary with her oldest brother now

1881 family Stevens living in Cotham Park, Park House,
        Westbury on Trym, Gloucester, England
Widowed father, 2 older brothers and a sister immigrated
to Canada in 1887, he was age 9, Settling in Peterborough ON.
1891 living in Peterborough, Methodist, age 12
Moved to Vernon BC in 1894
Joined the US Army in 1899, participated in the Boxer Rebellion
1901- living in Vancouver with his sister Bessie,
at his sister Louise Britton's place, shown as a book keeper
Served on Vancouver City Council in 1910
1911 served as MP as a Conservative, served more than 30 yrs
living at 1451 12th Ave I think it says, Vancouver BC
1911 occupation shown as a Printer
Last surviving member of R. B. Bennett's Government
 when he died in 1973

One of the Big Six Mines ca1931
Crescent Collieries
SE 1/4  Section 26
Township 2
Range 7 -W2

Crescent Mine is shown as A on this map from 1927
A on this map-
 49 deg, 08’, 07.41”N
102 deg, 51’, 59.12” W

Deep Seam Shaft type Mine, started around 1926.
Owned by J. R. Brodie,

William Lemond (Billy)(Will) Hamilton,

and A. C. Wilson. 

Alexander Craig McMiken
(aka Alec, Alex, or Happy) Wilson
was Manager
I know a Frank Newsome
was mine manager at one point.
He was born Aug 1878, died July 5, 1945,
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
He also managed a mine at Bienfait,
and Eastern Collieries.
1 mile east of Estevan in one book,
but this is wrong,
unless they meant 1 mile East of Bienfait,
 where the first Crescent Collieries
 would have been in that area in 1918-1926.
This is where the miners formed their parade,
 before the Sept 29, 1931 riot in Estevan. 
 It closed in 1937.
 Part of the Big Six in the area at that time.
 4th largest in 1931
Located on the CNR line
 between Estevan and Bienfait
approx 2 1/2 miles East of Bienfait,
north of Hwy 39 per 1927 map.
Sask Archives Web site & photo of the loading area

Photo sent to me by Mr. Ron Carpenter,
Grand Nephew of Will Hamilton. 
This is a group photo of the Hamilton families
 at a SE Saskatchewan mine.  Thanks Ron!
The life story of William Lemond (Will) Hamilton
 can be read here.
and his picture and full story here
Born in Russell, Russell, Ontario, May 11, 1868,
he died in a car accident, Oct 1933.
He married Ellen (Ella) McNeil,
who was a school teacher in Estevan. 
Her sister Jessie McNeil,
married Peter Cuthbert Duncan,
former Mayor, Land owner, and Business man
 in Estevan
in the early years.
After William L. Hamilton died,
his daughter Jessie Hamilton
 became the mine manager at Crescent Mine.
 At that time, this was the Only Mine in Canada
 Managed by a Woman.

Jessie was born in the family home
 called "Eagle's Nest", near their family owned mine,
at Coalfields, Assiniboia, NWT, Mar 21, 1901.
Jessie married Hiram Ennis Symons,
who was also a mine manager at another mine. 
Jessie was given a Coronation medal by Queen Elizabeth,
shortly after the Queen's Coronation.
Hiram passed away in Calgary AB. June 27, 1974.
Hiram Symons descendants
are well known today in Estevan.
Hiram was the father of George Alan Symons.
William Lemond Hamilton took out land grants
 on Section 34, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
owning the mineral rights on NE LS 10, and NW LS 9
on Section 34
View my
Crescent Collieries Ltd Web pages here
North West Coal Co. Ltd.
NE 1/4  Section 27
Township 2
Range 7-W2
Deep Seam Shaft type Mine.
Opened in 1932, operated until 1947
 as underground mine, then until 1964 as a strip mine.
Owned and operated by Alex Konopaki and Dan Bozak.
One of the largest mines, ca 1961
This mine was located just north
of where the Battle River Coal Company Ltd.
tipple and offices were located.
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
J. S. Wilbur Mine E 1/2 OF W 1/2 &
W1/2 OF E1/2 LS 61
a F. S. Wilbur owned the Elm Valley Coal Mine
 near Roche Percee, same family?
Old Mac Coal Co. Ltd.
-Roche Percee
West of Roche Percee
Tipple in the Village
in 1955
Range 7 -W2


(Used to be the Sutherland Mine,
 then The Roche Percee Coal Mine)
West of Roche Percee, tipple in the village.

it came into business under Old Mac name in 1950
prior to this it was called Winnipeg Supply and Fuel Company
in 1956 it produced 500,000 tons of coal yearly.
In business in 1955, operated by Sinclair Coal Company Interests,
out of Kansas City, Missouri. 
in 1954 Sinclair was in merger talks with Truax-Traer
then in 1955 in merger talks with Peabody Coal
in 1956 this mine was sold to Western Dominion Coal Mines Ltd.
which was owned by Great west Coal Mine Company.
1955 history book, says the mine was 1/2 mile south,
also west of the village,
and NE of the village?,
 exact location unknown to me. 
I do believe the Tipple was in the village in 1955. 
I think 1/2 mile south is correct.

Jan 6, 1959 the tipple burnt to the ground, loss of 1/2 million
a dozen railroad cars, as well as shower and washroom facilities,
 burned as well. about 40 of the 85 were temporarily out of a job.
the Old Mac mine paid 65% of the villages taxes.
Lawrence Wood was Mine Superintendent at the time.
Parent Company, The Great West Coal Co Ltd. who also owned
the Western Dominion Coal Mine at the same time.

1958 ad

Costello Mine
- Bienfait
4 km east of Estevan
Township 2
Range 7 -W2
Opened in 1960, wasn't sure how this mine got its name
until I found a Mannix history book my Dad had.
turns out Chairman of the Board of Loram Holdings Ltd.
was Mr.
Everett William Costello, QC
 b- 1909 in Calgary AB

Equipment used at this mine
B.E. (Bucyrus Erie) 5W dragline,
50B loading shovel,
Alco locomotive,
and a coal hauler,

are on display at the Estevan museum
just west of Estevan, on highway 39, ca 2010

Mine closed in 1993 due to no demand for the coal.
It re-opened in summer of 1998
as part of Prairie Coal Limited
20 year life expectancy of the mine, at that time

I also find an article that says this mine was at Roche Percee?
Owned by Manalta Coal Corporation 1970-1998
Luscar Coal Corporation took control ca 1998

Havanah Coal Company Ltd
(aka Havanah Collieries Ltd.,
Havana, Havanna,
 & Havannah Coal Company)
South side of Highway 39,
and West of Bienfait
Township 2
Range 7 -W2
Operating 1943 for 12 years
Shown on the map in 1955 History book map
 as south side of Highway 39,
and west of Bienfait,
between the North West Mine and Eastern Mine
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement
with the UMWA, District 18

Article in newspaper states owner Alex Wilson of
Havana Collieries on Thursday Apr 8, 1948
announced the underground Mine would close,
and all equipment would be sold.  Alex claimed labour costs,
were too high to be competitive with strip mining.
30 miners were affected.  He blamed shorter work week,
increased wages, and holidays with pay.
He said the Company may strip mine on an untouched
block of land.

In Alexander Craig McMiken Wilson's life history
 he stated the company name was
 Havanah Coal Company Ltd., opened in 1943
and claimed by him to be operated in a small way
for 12 years. He should know the spelling.
His wife was born at Havannah, Parr, Lancashire
and no doubt he named this mine after that name.

Havanah Coal Mine web page

Range 8 Township 1 0-6 miles north of US border
Petterson, Lee &
 Flower Mine
LSD 14  Section 28
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Possibly Would have been on land
 owned by James Flower.
He owned the NW 1/4.
b- Mar 1, 1861 in Ohio, USA
d- July 27, 1967.
He homesteaded in North Portal area in 1903.
Mine was operated by his sons
Orville Flower and Roy L. Flower
in partnership with Knute Petterson
 The Flower boys farmed this area in 1964.
All 3 Flower men are deceased and buried
 in Estevan City Cemetery
Knute Petterson, husband of
Ida Marie Petterson,
worked at this mine in the 1930's
James Flower married Agnes Polly Cook of Roche Percee
they had 5 sons, Orville, Roy, Floyd, Garvey and Alfred.

Roy L. Flower
b- Dec 22, 1911, at Estevan
d- May 12, 1974,  at Estevan, age 62

Kjersem Mine
NW1/4 LS12.
SW1/4 LS13,
SW1/4 LS13  
  Section 28
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
a Stan Kjersem owned this land in 1964
Niels Anderson Mine
NW Section 28
Township 1
Range 8 -W2

SW of Estevan in the Valley, covered by water at Boundary Dam now
Started by Niels Anderson in 1912. 
His son Hans Anderson worked at this mine
until he started his own mine.
Other sons worked at the mine as well. He had 4 sons.
First name spelled Nils as well
Located on the bank of Long Creek.
Mine operated until 1950
Seam was 12-14 ft thick.
 Niels Anderson
 b- Dec 18, 1871 in Denmark,
 d- Oct 4, 1957.
 Buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
Niels and Marie Anderson
 homesteaded on NE section 28, Sept 25, 1923
1/4's of this section 28
 were homesteaded by Con Barabash ca1931
including this NW section 28
Aug 19, 1923 Engineers attending the convention
in Estevan, of the SK Branch
of the Engineering Institute of Canada
made a visit to this mine,
and were entertained at the Anderson Home.
Bridge Mine No 1
aka "Old Bridge" mine
E 1/2 LSD 1
Section 32
Township 1
Range 8 -W2

The operator of the Old Bridge Mine was Edward "Ed" Tajc,
 in Dec 1955 when it closed, due to flooding Long Creek
by SPC for the cooling of Boundary Dam,
This mine was on the West Side banks of Long Creek
Operated by Edward "Ed" Tajc for 14 years, sold land to SPC
 starting in 1945 per one article
but this should be 1940, if 14 years operating is accurate.
When it closed he had only 5 workers left.
The Old Bridge Mine was the last underground mine in SE Saskatchewan
It's daily production at best was 100 tons
Ed Tajc worked for almost 20 years for other firms, last was
Louis Bourquin at his White Hope mine east of Estevan,
before opening this mine.
Ed Tajc was born in Czechoslovakia.
Old Bridge extended 800 feet in from the bank of Long Creek
and 85 feet under the surface.
The average seam worked was 14 feet high, and 16 ft across.
Coal 5 ft thick was left so no timbering was required.
When a room was cleared out the overhead coal was then removed.
At peak production 12 miners worked.
Before it closed coal was sold at the tipple for $4.00 /ton,
or $5.00 delivered to Estevan
Name of Old Bridge was given to the mine by Tom and Ed Folley,
Dept. of Natural Resources Inspectors,
after a nearby bridge over Long Creek.
Interesting note, Ed's horse "Dick" was used underground
 to haul the coal to the mine entrance, for the whole 14 years,
retired the day the mine closed.
Bridge Mine No 2
LSD 1 & LSD 2
Section 32
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Edward "Ed" Tajc (see above)

Last name could be spelled Taje, first name could be Edwin?
but I don't think so

Black Diamond Coal Mine
Section 33
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Joe Anderson.
Oak Mine
aka "Hans Anderson Mine"
aka "Anderson Strip Mine"
NW 1/4 Section 33
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Johannes (Hans) Christian Anderson
  b- Nov 24, 1901
  d- Mar 26, 1966,
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
Tessier Mine
aka "Bridge Mine"
Section 33
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Opened in the 1930's, for 6 years, 
 by Joseph Tessier,
  b- Mar 28, 1893 in Casimir, Quebec,
  d- Oct 19, 1973,
 He is buried in the Estevan City Cemetery.

Working in the mine were his brother Emanual,
son Wilfred and Ernie Betland.
Tisdale Coal Mine
LSD 11 & 12 Section 33
Township 1
Range 8 -W2
Operating in 1948 for sure
Operated by Adam Edward Tisdale,
 b- Oct 10, 1877, Wellington County, Ontario
 d- Nov 15, 1953 in Moose Jaw SK
Father- John Tisdale born in Ireland
Mother- Susannah Fearns, or possibly Mary Fearns
Mine located 7 miles south of Estevan,   
Operated from 1935-1948.   
It is now flooded and part of Boundary Dam.  
Dec 8, 1945 they were near an agreement
with District 18, U.M.W.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement
with the UMWA, District 18

All 3 of his sons, Clifford, Melvin, and Murray,
and a Son In Law, worked at the mine.
one record says Adam had 9 children, and 2 died early in life.
His wife, Sarah Hannah Tisdale, nee Clark,
 b- Feb 14, 1876 in Ontario
 d- Mar 17, 1943.
They married Jan 2, 1906 at Glen Edin, Normanby Ontario
Both Sarah and Adam are buried at Macoun SK.
where they had a homestead SW 2-5-10-W2,
until 1920, when they moved to Estevan.
They were Methodists.
The Tisdales operated the "Estevan Hotel"
 on 6th St. for 4 years.
Adam was a rep for Great West Life Assurance Co
as well as owning this mine.
Range 8 Township 2 6-12 miles N of US border
Lomnicki Mine
LSD 3 & 14
Section 1
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Owner was Leon Lomnicki,
and Operated by him and his son,
Joseph (Joe) Lomnicki Sr.
Leon Lomnicki,
  b- Apr 29, 1898,
  d- Aug 15, 1962,
  buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, Estevan SK
Jenish Brothers Mine
aka: Jenish Coal Mining Company
LSD 7, 8, 9 & 10
 Section 1
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operating from 1947-1953 at least
Originally owned by a Mr. Hillstrom,
sold to the Jenish Brothers,
Joseph (Joe) John Jenish and Egne Jenish Jr.. 
 They started deep seam mining in 1924.

Joseph John Jenish
  b- 1895 in Lithuania
  d- Nov 2, 1962,
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery.

Egne Jenish Jr.
  b- Mar 4, 1898 in Lithuania
  d- Jan 28. 1974
  buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens.

June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement
with the UMWA, District 18

Jenish parents migrated from Lithuania to Scotland.
Jenish brothers worked in the coal mines in Glasgow Scotland
when they were age 12 apprenticing for 5 cents a week for a year
on face work in the mines.  They then got a raise to 50 cents a week.
1911 they moved to Canada, settling in the Pinto area, to farm.
Then Joe, the eldest,  joined the army and went overseas.
When he returned, they moved to the Estevan area to farm.
their first mine was in the Souris Valley about half a mile from this mine.
1924 they purchased this larger mine.
In 1947 they employed up to 50 men during the winter.
The tunnels from this underground mine, went to the border.
In 1947 the coal was loaded by hand.
Both men built their homes near the mine,
and later on after the coal mine era,
they had a Greenhouse and Market Garden business.

Joe Jenish had 10 children,
wife- Mary Miller
b- Sept 27, 1897, d- Oct 30, 1932
Enge had 4 children. 
Wife- Sophie Millar
 b- May 2, 1902, d- Feb 26, 1982
Their wives were of Scottish ancestry. 
Joe's first wife died, and he remarried a Belgian girl
Father- Enge Jenish Sr.- b- July 1871 in Russian Poland., Catholic

Found a Joseph Jentish listed enlisting in WWI in Estevan, Dec 23, 1915
next of kin Eugene Jentish, North Portal SK.
shown born in Russian Poland, Oct 28, 1892, trade- miner.
his signature is clearly "Jentish". shown not married at this time.
Rank- LCP, Reg #426146, member of the 46th Battalion
There is no Jenish listed.

1948 Joe Jenish was Director of the Wood-End Telephone Co
1949 Eugene Jenish replaced him.

1911 Enge Jenish Sr. family on Sec 25, Rge 1, Tsp 6, W2
Wife Kate, b- Aug 1873 in Russian Poland, emigrating in 1911
with Joe and Enge Jr, a daughter Annie, b- Nov 1899, Russian Poland

found an entry in Macoun book that Ernest George Foord Sr.
opened up a mine south of Estevan, ca 1922-25
 that later became the Jenish brother's mine.

an article dated Aug 1949 stated William Jenish
was a representative of the Jenish Coal Mining Company
and was complaining the 3 cents per ton payment to the
U.M.W.A. welfare fund was likely to prevent his company
from converting to strip mining.

Estevan Valley Mine
aka J. Parkinson Mine
LSD 11
Section 1
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by a James Parkinson
One James Parkinson was buried in Estevan City Cemetery
b- Nov 26, 1879
d- June 18, 1958

Then 1911 census,
there was a James Parkinson living in Estevan
b- Apr 1886 in England, age 25,
brother to a Job Parkinson
whose family he was living with.  Shown as a miner
Same fellow, or 2 different ones?

A James Parkinson was Town Councillor, ca 1931,
during the Bienfait Miner's riot.
also Chairman of the Relief Committee
A James (Jimmy) Parkinson
owned the Victoria Cafe in Estevan at one time

Jimmy Parkinson came from a Lancashire coal mining home.
Described as a "Welshman".
Came to Canada as a boy of 18 years old,  ca 1897.
Spent sometime in the east of Canada,
before coming west with a pre-war harvester excursion
Farming wasn't his calling, so he went into a job
with the railroad as a pumpman.
While doing this job he went out prospecting for coal.
Before he could buy a coal mine lease with surface rights,
he joined the Army Medical Corps in WWI.
address shown as Abram Lancashire England
next of kin, George Parkinson,
Platt Bridge, Lancashire, England.
James showed his occupation as Contractor (waterworks),
not married, enlisted at Valcartier, Sept 23, 1914.
Reg # 33863
On his return he picked a 300 acre plot, 3 mi SE of Estevan.
in 1930 he was mining coal for 65 cents a ton.
15 cents of that was clear profit for him.
in 1930 he had a prospect of selling his mine
for $4,000,000.00.  a lot of money now, never mind then.
he had 3 more mines at this point.

See Louis Parkinson mine for more family info

I think George Parkinson was his father- a Collier

William Gill Mine
 LSD 13
Section 1
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operating sometime between 1938-1951
Operated by William Gill Sr.
  b- 1885
  d- Dec 25, 1943
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
J. Olshanski Mine
 Section 2
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
(could be spelling error,
, probably Joseph)
Nicholson Mine
N1/2 LSD 9 &
 E 1/2 LSD 15
Section 2
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Pete Gemby from Bienfait.
It was located in the ravine directly south
 of the south east corner
of the present Woodlawn Golf Course. 
Pete Gemby was blacklisted
 from the big Coal Companies
 after the 1931 strike. 
 May day is a paid holiday in the Union contracts,
and is locally referred to as Gemby Day, in his honour.
Owned by Malcolm Nicholson. 
view his Mineral rights patent
This mine was sold to his son Harry William Nicholson,
who was mayor of Estevan for a total of 28 years.
 (26 consecutive)
Malcolm had his homestead on the NE quarter
 of this land 2-2-8 W2.
Malcolm Nicholson was born in 1855,
died July 19, 1945, buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
Harry William Nicholson- b- Jan 16, 1888,
 died- 1982,
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Cemetery
This Mine was operating in 1917.
A Mr. Herb Culbert hauled the first load of coal from this mine,
and delivered it to the residents of Estevan.
Ernest George Foord Sr. b- July 1887, Kent, England,
from 1922-25,  he hauled coal from this mine
 with his 12 teams of horses and mules, to the railroad,
the old power plant, and local delivery.
His wife Mary Foord, nee Bourke,
 ran the boarding house at this mine.
Joyce Mine
S1/2 LSD 2
Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by John Joyce
Brokenshire Mine
- Estevan
Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
On Land (NE 1/4) homesteaded by
William (Bill) Henry Brokenshire in 1901.
Brokenshire family from Cornwall England

William (Bill) Henry Brokenshire
   b- Mar 20, 1876 in
St Columb Minor, Cornwall, England 
Note- his birth was registered bet July-Sept 1874 in Bodmin Reg Dist
so something isn't right with the birth date on his headstone.
   d- Feb 4, 1963
   buried in Souris Valley Cemetery, Estevan
   He Immigrated in 1897
   Took over his brother Thomas's homestead on Long Creek
Brother- Thomas Samuel Brokenshire
   b- Dec 19, 1877 in Tresean, Cubert, Cornwall, England
     birth registered Jan- Mar 1878, in St. Columb District, Cornwall
   d- Oct 22, 1960, age 82
   buried in Souris Valley Cemetery
   He immigrated in 1895, worked in Gainsborough dist for 6 years.
Father- Thomas Henry Brokenshire,
   b- Apr 11, 1849 in Cubert, Bodmin Reg dist, Cornwall, England,
   d- Aug 31, 1919
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
   christened Oct 6, 1850, Cubert, Cornwall, England
   married May 29, 1875 in Cubert, Cornwall, England
   Occupation- Iron Miner, and Farm labourer
   He immigrated in 1904,
   living on this section with his family in 1906 Canada census
Mother- Esther Brokenshire, nee Mitchell
  b- Aug 11, 1852 in
St Columb Minor, Cornwall, England 
  d- Mar 18, 1932
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
  Esther's Father- Silas Mitchell
Brother- Edward John Brokenshire,
   b- bet July-Sept 1879 in Cubert, Cornwall, England
   d- Nov 15, 1954, in Chilliwack, age 74
I believe he married- Agnes Clara Brown Campbell
Sister- Ada Brokenshire
   b- bet Oct-Dec 1880 in Cubert, Cornwall, England
   6 mo. old in 1881 UK Census, not in 1906 SK census?
   d- ?
Sister- Mary (Fanny) Ellen Brokenshire
  b- Nov 1883?,
  registered bet Apr-June 1884
      in St. Columb Reg. Dist., Cornwall, England
  d- Aug 5, 1931
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
  She married George Pawson
Sister- Amy Jane Brokenshire
  b- Aug 19, 1886 in St. Columb Reg. Dist. Cornwall, England
  d- Aug 18, 1950
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Elizabeth Ann (Bessie) Brokenshire,
  b- Aug 30, 1888 in England
  d-Oct 22, 1918
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Sister- Evelyn Susan Brokenshire,
   b- 1891?,
   registered bet Jan- Mar 1892
       in St. Columb Reg. Dist. Cornwall, England
   d- Mar 20, 1968
   buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens
   Evelyn was married to Wilbert Andrew Grawbarger
family was living in Tresean,
Cubert, Cornwall, England in 1881

Thomas Henry's father- William Brokenshire,
  christened Apr 24, 1836 in Cubert, Cornwall, England
mother- Ann (nee Hancock possibly), from Crantock, Cornwall, England
marriage bet Apr-June 1846,
registered in Bodmin Registration District, Cornwall, England
1901 census family living in Cubert Entire Parish, Cornwall, England

1911 Canada Census, family broken apart in 3 different areas
-Esther is the head, with son Thomas,
   and daughter Elizabeth with her.   Religion Methodist for all
-William, and his sisters Fanny Ellen,
   and Evelyn Susan living on their own
-Thomas Henry Brokenshire was living by himself,
   shown b-1845 here
Peterson Mine
W 1/2 OF W 1/2 LSD 3 &
Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Peterson & Blackburn
William Andrew Blackburn owned land in this area,
this could be him.
This mine would be very near
 where the Boundary Dam plant is now
W. Hudynka &
 T. Mandzuk  Mine
E 1/2 LSD 14 &
W 1/2 LSD 15
 Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
No Info On W. Hudynka
Thomas Mandzuk
  b- 1880
  d- Sep 11, 1951,
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
1911 census says name was Thomas Mandzuik
   b-Mar 1879 in Austria, Catholic Religion
immigrated in 1905
Palmer Mine
Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
E1/2 OF LS 2 OF 4

This Mine operated prior to 1917,
but was not operating in 1917.
Operated by John Robert Palmer.
   b- Feb 1869 in England
   d- ?
He had a western land grant on SE Section,
with mineral claim, E1/2 OF LS 2 OF 4.
1911 Census, his mother Agnes lived with him.
Both Immigrated in 1903. he was listed as a farmer.
F. L. Thompson Mine
LSD 2  
Section 4
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Frank Lorenzo Thompson
b- Jan 4, 1879 in Deuel County, SD, USA
d- Oct 12, 1966
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens in Estevan
Father- Abel Thompson
Mother- Helen Thompson, nee ?
immigrated in 1902 from US to Canada
Wife- Mary Thompson, nee Murray
 b- Feb 3, 1884, d May 4, 1970 also buried in SVMG in Estevan
8 children
Highway Mine
- Estevan
Section 9
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
M. Murphy
Blackhawk Mine
aka Black Hawk Mine
- Estevan
 Section 9
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
C. J. Wheelock
I wouldn't be surprised if this fellow isn't an American

July 17, 1933 a blown safe was found on Prairie land
near this mine, as reported in the Leader Post
as a mine near Bienfait.
The safe was stolen from Harmsworth SK., 2 years prior.
Only problem is I can't find any Harmsworth village,town?

W. A. Grawbarger Mine
LSD 14 & 15
Section 9
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Wilbert Andrew Grawbarger
   b- Apr 12, 1894 in Restoule, Patterson Township, Ontario,
   d- Aug 19, 1953
 Mine located just to the west of Estevan   
Wilbert was the Nephew of George Pawson,
who was the owner of
Pawson Market Gardens in Estevan.  
Wilbert delivered vegetables to some of the mines. 
He was a veteran, reg #3030822 of WWI
enlisted 1917, occupation a farmer,
living in Carr P.O., Parry Sound District, Ontario
out of North Bay Area,  ON.   
He was married to Evelyn Brokenshire in Estevan.
Her family history is recorded in Brokenshire Mine section
Father, Richard Grawbarger (1864-1943)
Mother- Sarah Pawson (1874-1913)
Wilbert was one of 10 children
Dawson Mine
Section 10
Township 2
Range 8 -W2

Operating prior to 1917, but not Operating in 1917
Peter Cuthbert Duncan, and George Pawson,
both had mineral claims in this area.
In the first Estevan Cemetery there is a young boy buried,
his father was J. (Possibly John) Dawson.
Parry Mine
- Estevan
LSD 10
Section 10
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Might have been opened by a William Parry
  b- 1867
  d- Dec 13, 1946 in Estevan SK, age 79
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
He came from Wrexall, North Wales in 1911,
1912 his wife Mary came with 7 children to Canada
Mary Parry, nee Thomas
  b- 1870
  d- Apr 18, 1930 at age 60
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
He was the first employee of the Prairie Nursery,
becoming a foreman with them, until he retired.

Operated by Reidel (Riedel?) Brothers,
and also E. H. Gillis at one time.

George Pawson owned the mineral rights near this mine.
Big Chunk Mine
- Estevan
Section 10
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
This mine operated in 1917
Owner-Operator Unknown
Unknown name Section 10
Township 2?
Range 8? -W2
 near Estevan
B. Watt and C. Fallis
were opening up a mine Aug 10, 1905
8ft seam struck.

1911 there was a Ceph Fallis working in a livery in Estevan,
born Aug 1878, in Ontario, Prebyterian,
boarding with a McCrimmon family
but to confuse the issue a Cephas Fallis was living in Estevan
at the same time, boarding with a Waggoner family
He was born Dec 1881 in Ontario.
Also working in a livery. Brothers?
Strange, can't find them in 1906 census.
Cephas Hugh Taylor Fallis took out a western land grant
 on NE Sec 18, Tsp 3, Rge 7, W2
or maybe it was Cecil Ray Fallis, who was in Frobisher
when he enlisted in WWI in 1918
Section 10, Tsp 2, Rge 8 is same location
where P.C. Duncan and George Pawson had mineral rights.
Same mine location?
George Parkinson Mine
aka Johnson Mine
aka Woodlawn mine (ca1949)
LSD 1, 2 & 3
Section 11
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by George Parkinson-
  b- Dec 14, 1876 in Wigan, England
  d- Aug 26, 1959, age 82
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery,
He worked his mine until 1945 when he retired
He immigrated in 1906 to Canada
The Johnson Mine was operating in 1917
article in Estevan Mercury July 22, 1926
states the George Parkinson Mine was working at that time.
George Parkinson mine was involved
 in the Dominion wide mine strike in 1931
George Parkinson was councillor of RM#5, 1942-1947
and Reeve in 1948
Married his wife Sydney (Mary) Parkinson, nee Anderson, in 1907
   b- Apr 2, 1881 in Reg. District of Carlisle, England
   d- May 9, 1968 age 87
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
son Robert born July 1908 in SK
family shown in 1911 census as Methodists

See Louis Parkinson mine for family info

White Hope Mine
NW 1/4 LSD 9.
NE 1/4 &
N 1/2 OF SE 1/4 &
NE 1/4 OF SW 1/4 LSD 10
Section 12 and 18
Township 2
Range 8 -W2


Started by Louis Emile Bourquin.
It was named by Henry Gillis.
Located only a 1/2 mile from the
 Eureka Brick plant at that time.
Started in 1913. sold to Truax-Traer in 1930.
Louis Bourquin
 b- Nov 22, 1894 in Valentigney, Doubs’ County, France.
 d- Mar 19, 1985
 buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
This Mine was operating in 1917 at 18-2-8 W2.
Ed Taje worked for this mine ca1940 when he quit
and started the Old Bridge Mine on Long Creek.
Southernwood & Rice Mine
- Estevan
Section 13
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operators Southernwood and Rice?

One possibility for the Rice name
Frederick C. Rice,
  b- 1885,
  d- Oct 23, 1930
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery

One possibility for Southernwood
Golden Oliver (Oly)  Southernwood
  b- Jan 12, 1896 in Fordham, Essex, England
  d- Feb 2, 1957
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
enlisted in WWI, May 1915 at Estevan
Occupation dairyman, single
next of kin Thomas Southernwood, living at Fordham
Immigrated in 1912
married Doris Jepson in 1921

both of these are wild guesses
now the name is Rice in the history books,
but could it be Nice?, Arthur Nice actually
He was a brother-in-law to George Edgar Southernwood, b-1893
who was Oliver's brother.
again a wild guess
see also the Company Mine, owned by the Southernwood brothers
Unknown Coal Mine name SW Section 13
Tsp 2
Rge 8, W2
Sept 25, 1901, Peter C. Duncan, Nels Mikkelson,
 Andrew O. Hidahl, Lars Olsen, and John Rasmussen
bought 160 acres at $3/acre from the CPR
Dec 1, 1902 changed to Laura Mikkelson, widow of Nels
Dec 31, 1905 they paid a premium to purchase the coal rights
Rooke & McNeil Mine
- Estevan
Section 14
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operators Rooke and McNeil?
Munroe Mine
LS1, LS2, LS 7
Section 14
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operating in 1917
Operated by Thomas Munroe
  b- Jan 1874
  d- ?
  buried- ?
Eureka Coal Mining Company was very near this mine.
1911 census he was living on Railway Ave.,
with wife Mary, and a daughter.
Woolomeloo Mine-
alt. Wooloomooloo Mine
Section 14
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
North side of the Souris River, slightly east of Highway 47.
- in the hill just east of the old bridge on old Hwy 47
Operated in the 1930's,
by Frank (Bill) Eli Klyne
 b- ?
 d- ?
 buried- ?
son of Frank Klyne (Lignite Louie 1980).
This Mine was operating in 1917.
Eureka Coal
and Brick Company
aka- Estevan Coal and Brick Co. Ltd.
aka- International Clay Products
aka- Estevan Brick Ltd.
Just south-west of the Hwy 47 and Torquay Highway corner.

Section 14
Township 2
Range 8 -W2

1922 ad

July 29, 1902 the land was acquired by
 Frank James Musgrave, Peter Cuthbert Duncan,
and John McTaggert, (McTaggart, see below)
under the name of Eureka Coal Mining Company,

Frank James Musgrave owned a store in Estevan in 1908
Hastings and Musgrave, Hardware and General Merchants
Early days there was a Musgrave Hall on 4th St.
became McCready's block.

Frank James Musgrave
b- Jan 1, 1869 possibly in Ball's Creek, Cape Breton, NS,
(age 37,in 1901, in Estevan)
d- Mar 3, 1938 in Vancouver BC, age 69
wife- Ida Musgrave, nee Hastings,
 b- ON, age 29, in 1901
daughter Estella "Stella" Marie,
 b- Apr 13, 1900, in Estevan, SK, age 6 in 1901
 brother James G. E. Musgrave, b- NS, age 25, in 1901
father- George Edward Musgrave
mother- Sarah Dunlap

Peter Cuthbert Duncan, history elsewhere me Estevan pages

John McTaggert (Taggart should be right spelling)
b- July 24, 1857 in ON
d- ?
married Annie C. McTaggert,  nee Horne,
 b- July 14, 1869 in England
daughter Mabel O. McTaggert,
b- Apr 2, 1889 in ON
In 1893 Mr. and Mrs. McTaggart lived in
 the C.P.R section house on Sixth St. West.
He was the C.P.R. Roadmaster on the Soo line.
 Mr. McTaggart's brother-in-law, Billy Horne,
was section foreman from Estevan to Hitchcock
1901 still living in Estevan
1911 living in Weyburn, retired,
with wife and daughter Edna McTaggert, b- July 1909 in SK

The Brick portion of this business,
was started in 1902 by an American,
Nels Mickelson,
just south-west of the Hwy 47,
 and Torquay highway corner. 
They found good quality clay digging for Coal.
Dec 29, 1904 article says,
one of the best mines in the district,
This mine is worked by an American company.
In Connection with this mine are extensive Brickyards.

Apr 24, 1903 Eureka Coal and Brick Company. Willmar Minn USA
bought part of NE Section 14,
40 acres for $10/acre from the CPR

Sold in 1906 to Jonas Gustav Peterson,
  b- Aug
22, 1869
  d- Apr 14, 1948,
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery.
He sold this business, and moved to Shand area.
The founder of the Hamlet of Shand.
In 1910 the wages were 20 cents per hour, 10 hour days.

Peterson sold to Fredrick (Fred) W. Newcombe in 1912,
 who operated it until 1928.
Fredrick (Fred) William Newcombe

    b- Jan 1879 in Maine USA
       age 37, in 1916
    d-  ?
 Wife- Grace S. Newcombe, nee ?
   b- Feb 1881 in Minnesota USA
       age 33, in 1916
   d- ?
  Both came to Canada in 1910
1911 he is shown as a Brick man, Methodist
living with Eleazer Garner in 1916 census
He became Mayor of Estevan 1919-1920
Newcombe Dr in Estevan named after him
He opened the Orpheum theatre with his partner
Mr. (Harry) Henry Emerson McKenzie
- see my Estevan theatre section

1912- Officers:
Secretary- H. F. Dailey, Minneapolis MN, USA
Treasurer, Manager- F. W. Newcombe (see above)
1912 -Directors:
President- William "Sanford" Evans, Winnipeg MB
Vice-President- H. L. Archer, Minneapolis MN, USA
H. F. Dailey,
F. W. Newcombe

William Sanford Evans
b- Dec 18, 1869 in Spencerville ON
d- June 27, 1949, at Winnipeg, age 80
Mayor of Winnipeg, 1909-1911

Col Archer arrives in Estevan June 21, 1913
Vice-President of the Estevan Coal and Brick Company
for the annual meeting of the Company

Sold again, it became International Clay Products,
owners Dave Bannatyne and C.C. Smith. 
They built the new brick plant south-east of Estevan.
David Albert Bannatyne (Sr.)
  b- Nov 1, 1880 in Irvine, Scotland
  d- Dec 10, 1954.
  buried in the Estevan City Cemetery.
Mildred Anne Bannatyne, nee Jones
  b- July 11, 1886 in Holywell Reg Rist, Flintshire, England
  d- May 22, 1971
married Dec 25, 1912 in Winnipeg MB
Immigrated to Canada from Scotland in Feb 1903
Came to Estevan June 13, 1913
Manager of Bank of British North America, in Estevan originally,
 Then owned his own Insurance agency.
Became shareholder in this Sunshine Coal Mine
  as well as Eureka Coal and Brick Co.
 which later became International Clay Products.

David Bannatyne Sr. was the mayor of Estevan,
during the infamous Sept 29, 1931 Miner's riot in Estevan.
Family lived at 1422 3rd St. in Estevan

He was worshipful Master of Estevan Lodge No. 25, AF & AM, in 1917 and was District Deputy Grand Master for Masonic District No. 6 in 1924. He was a member of the Wa Wa Temple, order of the Mystic Shrine and was also a
member of the Scottish Rite Lodge in Regina

Christopher (Chris) C. Smith

  b- 1864 in ON
  d- Oct 11, 1934
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
  served as Estevan Alderman and became Mayor, 1920
1911 census shows occupation=real estate
 b- Mar 1866, wife Clara and son Arden
Clara Eunice Hunter, nee ?
 b- Jan 21, 1865, at Burritts Rapids, ON
d- Oct 11, 1939
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
she married a William Hunter first
Jan 8, 1900 married C. C. Smith at Winchester, MB

Aug 19, 1923 Engineers attending the convention
in Estevan, of the SK Branch
of the Engineering Institute of Canada
made a visit to the Estevan Brick co. Ltd.
where lunch was served in the dining hall.
Bannatyne was the Manager at the time.
C.C. Smith was President.

In 1945 the Sask. Government bought the business. 
 It became Estevan Brick Ltd, on Jan 1, 1966.
Today the plant is no longer operating.  
It was operating in 1917.

1971 Estevan Brick was 100% Canadian owned and operated.
managed by Jack Teal.  1971 article says it was sold to private interests, in 1969, and the owners were Peben Industries of Edmonton.
They produced a white brick, from a clay deposit unique to the Continent.
Raw materials on the order of 50,000 tons per year, came from Flintoft, Shand, and Estevan itself.  in 1971 they employed 32 workers, 2 supervisors and a Plant technician.  5 office staff, and 5 salesman

July 27, 1903, Pottery clay found

A Mr Charles H. Newton, had a large interest in this company
prior to 1919.  He lived in Winnipeg and died there Mid May 1919.
He was the Official Assignee for the Province of MB, from 1902 on.
He lived in Winnipeg for 40 years, after coming west from Quebec.
He was President of the Tracers Trust Co.,
President of the Winnipeg and Inland Loan and Investment co.,
and a Director of the City and Provincial Loan Company

in 1923 they used slack Lignite coal except for the final 2 days
of burning and obtained temperatures of 1,800-2000 deg F.
the lignite contained 7,000 BTU's / pound

Unknown Coal Mine   May 13, 1911 NW Section 14, 160 acres
was bought jointly from the CPR for $35/acre by
George Cooper Campbell, Thomas Kennedy, both from Toronto ON
David D. Christie, Guelph ON, Francis Napier Tenant, of Brampton ON
with coal and Surface rights
Unknown Coal Mine Near Estevan Mr. Nichol, no first name known, came to Estevan with
Mr. James Hartney, on Oct 28, 1896,
to check on the output of his coal mine.
All I know is he was from Winnipeg MB
there is a Nichol Ave in Winnipeg
Unknown Coal Mine Near Estevan Mr. James Hartney, from Hartney MB
came to Estevan Oct 28, 1896
to check on the output of his coal mine.
Came with Mr. Nichol above.

James (Jr) Harvey Hartney
b- Sept 22, 1848, at Arnprior, Renfrew Co., ON
d- Dec 27, 1924, in Toronto, ON
Father- James (Sr) Harvey,
b- ca 1820, in Ireland
d- 1889, age 68
Mother- Elizabeth Harvey,
daughter of John Harvey from Carleton co
Father came to Canada when he was 1 year old, ca 1821.
first to Lanark co, then later moved to Renfrew co.

James (Jr.) Hartney, Educated at Pakenham High School
Moved to Manitoba in 1881 or 1882 (depending on the source),
 to farm at present site of Hartney MB.
in 1891 elected Reeve of the Municipality of Glenwood
1892- 1896 Member of Manitoba Legislative Assembly, for Avondale
1900-1915, Manitoba Immigration Agent, based in Toronto.
his office located at 77 York St. Toronto, ON.
Member of the Ancient Order of United Workmen
married twice
1st wife- Sarah Jane Cowan,
married Aug 16, 1870 at St. Marks Church, Pakenham, Lanark, ON
b- in Ottawa
d- 1877
daughter of William and Jane Cowan

2nd wife- Annie Evans Cuthbert,
married before 1881
b- 1856 in ON (age 15 in 1871 census)
d- aft 1911
daughter of James Evans Cuthbert, and Maria, nee ?,
James a trader, born in Ireland (1823),
living in Pakenham, Lanark North, ON

he had total of 6 children,  from 2nd wife:
son- Clarence Harvey Hartney
b- Mar 1, 1880 in Arnprior, Renfrew Co., ON
d- Apr 18, 1931, age 51
buried in Regina Cemetery, Broad St. & 4th Ave.
married Anne Richardson Mannix, Apr 17, 1906 in Boissevain MB
b- 1880, possibly in Quebec
d- July 4, 1939 age 59
buried in Regina Cemetery, Broad St. & 4th Ave.
bank clerk in 1901 in Brandon, Glenwood, ON
2 children of Clarence and Anne I found:
daughter- Kathleen Louise Hartney,
b- Jan 27, 1901 in Boissevain, MB
son James Rowan Hartney
b- May 5, 1908 in Weyburn SK

son- Russell Hartney
b- 1882 in ON
d- ?
Became a lawyer in Saskatoon SK
Both Prime Minister, John G. Diefenbaker, and Ernest Gardiner,
 articled under Russell Hartney in Saskatoon.
Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public,.
Office- Bank of Hamilton Bldg., Saskatoon

son- James Cuthbert Hartney (James the III?)
b- May 20, 1885 in Pakenham, ON
d- May 1, 1917
buried in Chocques Military Cemetery, Pas de Calais, France
enlisted in WWI, Apr 27, 1915, Lieutenant
Mechanical and Electrical Engineer
44th Overseas Batt. and Royal Flying Corps
Canadian Infantry (Manitoba Regiment) 11th reserve Batt.

son- Harold Evans Hartney
b- Apr 19, 1888 in Pakenham, Lanark, ON
d- Oct 6, 1945, Washington D.C., USA
married Irene McCeary in 1914
graduated U of Toronto in 1911.
graduate degree U of SK
Barrister and Solicitor when he enlisted Oct 28, 1914
Served in WWI,
ended war as an American Lieutenant Colonel,
a decorated flying ace.
3 years Harbord cadets, Lieutenant bandsman,
48th Highlanders, Trumpeter, 12th M. D.
Rank of Major, Aug 18, 1918
when he was nominated for extraordinary heroism,
awarded American Distinguished Silver Cross in 1919
married to ?, had a daughter Doris Hartney
who Nov 1940, married Robert Genzel, in Douglaston

daughter- Lena Cathleen (Kathleen) Hartney
b- Sept 23, 1891,  in RM of Glenwood, MB

missing 1 child

wife in 1901 shown as Amanda Hartney, nee unknown
b- Apr 3, 1859

Hartney MB named after James (jr) Harvey Hartney

1911 James (jr) living at 41 Roxborough West, Toronto, ON

Nov 11, 1884, James Hartney (Sr)
Warrant issued on charge of insurance fraud
on the insurance claim for a store fire in Arnprior, ON
shown as a prominent and wealthy merchant in Arnprior.
Insurance claim for $27,000, he had some of the stock
hidden in a railcar destined for Toronto.
I know Sr retired in 1884, moved to Toronto.

Nov 22, 1894, "Merchant charged with arson"
was in the newspaper headlines on this date.
He was committed for trial at the next Assizes.
don't know if he was found guilty or not.

Blondeau Mine
- Estevan
Section 17
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Possible operator of this mine,
Joseph Clement Blondeau
  b- November 17, 1890 at Qu'Appelle,
  d-June 22, 1968, age 77,
  buried- ?
came to Estevan in 1891 with his parents. 
 He operated a coal mine in the Estevan district
from 1948 until his retirement into Estevan in 1956.
Hard Times Mine
- Estevan
Section 17
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
J. Hork  (J. S. Mork below?)
Mork Mine
 LSD 5
Section 17
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by J. S. Mork. 
I know he attended Reddemann School, age 8-10, in 1904.
possibly Julius Mork,
name is Norwegian ancestry
M. L. Ross Mine
aka Blue Ox Mine
Section 17
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Matthew (Matt) Leon Ross-
 b- July 7, 1873 near Ottawa ON.,
 d- June 26, 1945
  Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
In 1906 he was living near Estevan, 6-1-7, W2
Cossette Mine
- Estevan
Section 18
Township 2
Range  8 -W2
Cossette Brothers operated this mine.
The mine was on the level prairie,
operated from Dec 1, 1931 until mid-March, 1936.
Lloyd Mine
SE Section 18
Township 2
Range 8 -W2

South side of
the Souris River Valley

This Mine was operating in 1917.
Operated by William Lloyd
 b- Feb 1878 in Wales.
 d- ?
Immigrated in 1903 with his wife Laura, and daughter Ida May
He had a western land grant
on the SE Section 18.
Wife was Laura Lloyd, nee Roberts,
  b- May 1880 in England
  d- ?
Married bet July-
Sept 1900,
 in Registration District of Festiniog, Wales

 They had 5 children I know of.:
Daughter- Ida May Lloyd,
   b- Oct 1901 in Wales
   d- ?
   possibly buried in Mountain View Cemetery Vancouver BC
Son- William Alexander Lloyd,
   b- Dec 4, 1903 in Cyprus River, MB
   d- Sept 21, 1982, age 78, in New Westminster BC
Son- Clifford Cyril Lloyd,
   b- Oct 31, 1905 in Estevan
   d- Apr 15, 1989, age 83, in Vancouver BC
Daughter- Alice Lloyd,
   b- Apr 17, 1907 in Estevan SK
   d- May 4, 1907 in Estevan SK
Son- Douglas Lloyd,
   b- July 1909 in SK
   d- ?
1911 Canada Census says he had a coalmine

Other operators of this mine
R. Follen, Jack Mather, Henry Fuller and others
Nordstrom Mine
- Estevan
LSD 15
Section 21
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Charlie Nordstrom.
He was single and came from the US.
Shaft type mine, west of Estevan.
He lived in a shack near the mine.
He returned to the US.
A. Muirhead &
 W. J. McCleary Mine
LSD 12  
Section 22
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Andrew Muirhead
and William John McCleary (his brother-in-law) 
- Located just west of ECI, over the hill,
operated for 15 years.   

Andrew Muirhead   
  b- June 6, 1879 in Bellamena, County Antrim, Ireland,
  d- Nov 22, 1950 in Vancouver BC, age 70
  buried in Ocean View Cemetery in Vancouver B.C.  

William John McCleary 
  b- June 15, 1871 in Lisnamurican, Ireland, 
  d- December 14, 1953 
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery- 
This was a Hillside family in Estevan
Valley Street Mine
- Estevan
Section 22
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Owner-Operator unknown
June 30, 1892, Dominion Coal Coke and Transport Company
bought part of the NW Section 22,
from the CPR, only 2.3 acres for $10/acre
 I know Major J. M. Walsh bought part of the NW section 22 here
Dec 31, 1892 from the CPR, 157.7 acres for $4 per acre.
also part of NW and SE, 80 acres for $4/acre
was it him that had this mine? 
or was it one of the above or below mines?
Anderson Mine
- Estevan
Section 22
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
2g-1-8 W2
Started by Niels Anderson. 
  b- ?
  d- ?
  buried- ?
His son Hans Anderson worked at this mine
 until he started his own mine.
This Mine was operating in 1917 at 2g-1-8 W2.
The Estevan Transit
 and Power Company Ltd.
Around Section 23,
Township 2
 Range 8 -W2
Incorporated Dec. 19, 1913,
Directors- Harry Nicholson- Contractor
Hector J. McNeil- Agent
William J. Perkins- Barrister
Ernest C. Hilborn- Salesman
Donald C. Dunbar- Estevan Mercury Owner and Editor
Head Office- Estevan,
$100,000 Capital Stock, at 1,000 shares @ $100.00 ea.
Licensed to sell Power, own Coal Mines
 and sell Coal, manufacture Brick,
Construct Warehouses, Hotels, Stations etc,
and even construct a Railway,
starting in SE 1/4 sec 23, Tsp 2, Rge 8,
ending in SE corner Section 11, Tsp 2, Rge 8, W2,
passing thru NW Sec 14, Sec 15, and NW Sec 10.
James Walsh bought 215 acres of Sec 23,
at $4 acre Dec 31, 1892 from the CPR
Did the fellows above buy it from him?
Lignite Power Company
Section 24
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Under Development in 1917
NE corner of Estevan, close to the new Hotel
Black Lump Coal Mine
- Estevan
 LSD 4.
 Section 27
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Deep Seam type Mine.
Operated by Gilsoul & Murray,
a James Gillson lived in this area,
so very likely a spelling error here.
Truax-Traer Coal Co.
LSD 4.
 Section 27
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
In 1930 this American Company
 bought out the Big Lump Coal Co.
First Major Stripping for Coal
 was done by this company
with a Bucyris Erie 320B 1 1/2 cu. yd. shovel.
This company opening was the start of the 1931 strike,
by under cutting coal prices,
for the underground mines to compete with.
I have always had trouble researching
 this company's origins
 I do know they bought out many mines in the area,
and where tough competition
 for the other remaining mines.
I think they gave Mr Brodie, and Mr Wilson
something to think about at night. 
They had their own way in the district until Truax arrived.
In 1955 this company was #491 on the Fortune 500 list
They eventually became
the 4th largest Lignite producers in the world.
Elmer Merton Truax, (1873-1936), son of Newton Curly Truax
founded the Company, in Columbus, Burke Co. ND
with his brother Arthur Harlan (Harold) Truax who joined him,
and Harold later became the head of the company,
 which operated in Illinois and ND, as well as Virginia later. 
The Truax-Traer Company started ca 1919-1920
between 1920-1930 they required more investment cash
and joined with Glenn Wood Traer

see My Truax Traer Strip Mine page for their bio's
Truax-Traer Company donated a trophy
used at the Woodlawn Golf Club in Estevan.

Sept 13, 1930 article describes the mine

Sept 13, 1930
This is the big shovel that The Truax Mine used
The use of this Strip mining shovel in the district
was the cause of the strike/riot in 1931

June 25, 1931, Mr. Eleazer William Garner
was Managing Director of Truax-Traer

Nov 10, 1931 all the Executive meeting in Estevan

Dec 5, 1934, E. W. Garner on the stand

Grandson of Elmer Truax, Mr. Bill Truax, tells me
the Company was sold and nationalized during WWII
by the Canadian Government.

I found a reference in 1943,
it was sold to Coal Sellers Co. Ltd. Head Office in Calgary AB
but they might have just been managing and handling
the coal sales for the Government.

Coal Sellers Company Ltd. LSD 4.
 Section 27
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
They possibly bought or became managers
of the Truax Traer mine in 1943
John I. McFarlane was President ca 1940 and 1941, (maybe more)
Offices in Edmonton, Saskatoon, and Regina that I have found.

Richard Bedford Bennett, KC, (July 3, 1870 – June 26, 1947)
Prime Minister of Canada, 1930-35, during the depression,
was a shareholder as early as 1932 in this company.

John I. McFarlane was previously
 head of the Canadian Wheat Board, ca 1931.
In 1931 he was part of what was called
 the "Northern Syndicate Ltd." formed in 1925 to 1949
with R. B. Bennett, and Patrick "Pat" Burns, (
of Burns meat fame, and a former Senator,
Burns is buried in St. Mary's Pioneer Cemetery, Calgary.

Northern Syndicate Ltd., formed by Prof J. O. Howells,
total of 7 Calgary citizens.  All 7 lived in Calgary AB
did they own this Co?  just nothing to show who owned it.

Unknown Mine name SW Section 27
Tsp 2
Rge 8, W2
June 30, 1892,
Dominion Coal, Coke and Transport Company Ltd.. Winnipeg,
 bought 10.03 acres from the CPR, for $10/acre
Unknown mine name SE and SW Section 28,
Tsp 2,
Rge 8, W2
June 30, 1892,
Dominion Coal, Coke and Transport Company Ltd., Winnipeg,
bought 114.50 acres in part of SE Section 28 at $10/acre
also 160 acres whole of SW Section 28, from the CPR
Earny Snider Mine
SW 1/2 OF SE 1/4 LSD 9 &
 E 1/2 &SE 1/4 LSD 10
  Section 29
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Earny Ozman Snider,
 b- June 6, 1895 in Hinchinbrook Township, Frontenac Co., ON
 d- Apr 8, 1973
Buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens in Estevan
this land was homesteaded by his father Elmaron Snider.
Elmaron Snider
b- Oct 2, 1860 in Petworth, ON
d- Aug 2, 1931 on the family farm
moved to SK in 1902
mother- Emily Jane Walroth, married 1882
b- Jan 24, 1876, in Petworth, Portland Township, Frontenac Co., ON,
d- 1943
Emily's father- Jacob Walroth, her mother Isabella McKnight
Earny's siblings- Earl, Etta, Myrl, and Ralph
Elmaron's father- Calab Snider, b- 1831, in ON
Elmaron's mother- Miram Snider, b- 1840 in ON
1881 Earny living in Portland, Addington, ON,
German Ancestry, Free Methodist religion

mine located approx 2 miles west of Estevan,
coal mine was just south of the farmstead,
on the edge of the valley.
Coal was sold to settlers in Hitchcock and Macoun area mostly.

High Grade Mine
Section 33
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Operated by Joseph (Joe) Olshanoski
  b- 1890
  d- Oct 5, 1951
  buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Married to Anna nee?
International Clay Products Ltd.
South of Estevan
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Originally Eureka Coal and Brick Company,
became Estevan Brick Ltd.
ca 1928, bought by D. Bannatyne and C. C. Smith
President in 1931- Dr. McCusker
Mine Manager and Director-
George Arthur Calvert,
  b- July 20, 1881 in ON
  d- Sept 9,1963 in Vancouver BC, age 81
His wife Alice M. Calvert, nee ?
  b- Sept 1881 in ON
  d- 1933 in Estevan I assume
Father- James Calvert, b- Feb 8, 1842 in England
Mother- Margaret Calvert, nee ?, b- May 16, 1846 in ON
George was President of the Rotary Club in Estevan
and in 1929-1946 on the board of Stewards
for St. Paul's United Church in Estevan
He built the brick house at 1430 3rd St in Estevan, in 1929, as a show home.
1901 living in Bracebridge ON with his Father and Mother
1911 he was a Drug store merchant, Pharmacist, living in Lanigan, Tsp 33, Rge 22, W2, Lot 23, block B3, Methodist religion, married with a daughter.
1927-28 we had some of his family attending ECI.
moved from Yorkton To Estevan in 1926
Moved first to Toronto in 1946, then Vancouver in 1952.
1931 the brick plant was heavily involved in the strike, that ended in a riot.
Mr. Calvert was a big part of the mine owners at the time, and had complained numerous times about Sgt. Mulhall of the local Estevan RCMP not dealing strong enough with the strikers.

Company sold in 1945 to Sask. Government

Estevan Coal and Brick Company
South of Estevan
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
I believe this is the same as
Eureka Coal and Brick Company.
Colonel Archer from Minneapolis,
the Vice-President visits the mine
June 20, 1913
The Estevan Brick Company Ltd. South of Estevan
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.
Sunshine Mine Ltd.
1 mile S of Estevan City Limits
Located on the direct southern boundary of the first Pioneer Cemetery in Estevan, just east of the Estevan Brick Plant, near the old Estevan Electric Generating Plant.
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
 Owned by David Albert Bannatyne (Sr.),
Dr. James Forbes Creighton
William D. Niblett, and John Galloway,
with Galloway as Mine Manager.
First Strip Mine in 1928-
3/4 yard dragline was used,
brought in from Kenmare ND. 
The Pit was just east of the Estevan Brick plant,
south of the City.
Mine was sold to the Truax-Traer Company

William David (Bill) Niblett
   b- Jan 11, 1881 in Gloucester, England
   d- Aug 16, 1954
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
   Shown as 25 in 1906, 30 in 1911 census
   In 1906 he was living near Estevan on 4-2-7 W2.
Wife- Kate Emily Niblett, nee Matthews
   b- Aug 19, 1877  Ebley, in Reg. Dist. of Stroud, Gloucester, England
   d- Aug 23, 1983, possibly in Weyburn Nursing Home, Weyburn SK
       died age 106
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
   Married- Mar 23, 1904 in Reg. Dist. of Stroud, Gloucester, England
   Immigrated to Canada right after their marriage in Mar.1904
  Kate's mother- Eliza Matthews in 1881 census, no father shown
  only mother, shown as married, and brother Henry Albert Matthews,
  living at 1 Gladstone buildings, Stonehouse, Gloucester, England
3 daughters, and a son, shown in 1911 census,
Hilda Annie Niblett
   b- Dec 29, 1906 in Estevan
   d- Dec 1970 near Keswick ON, car accident
   married Ted O'Neill
Edith May Niblett
   b- Jan 6, 1905 in Coalfields
   d- ?
   Married Walter Hanson
Muriel Ellen Niblett
   b- Nov 5, 1908 in Estevan
  Visited Weyburn at over 100 yrs of age in 2009
   trained as a nurse at Estevan, served in WWII in S. Africa
   worked all her life as a nurse.
Son- shown unnamed,
   b- June 1911, probably in Estevan
strange part all records show they only had 6 daughters, no sons?
All in the 1911 census, all shown as Methodist
3 more daughters were born to them after 1911,
Mary Niblett
   b- ?
   d- ca 2007 possibly in Kamloops, or Duncan BC
   married Murray Evans
Myrtle Niblett
   b- ?
   married John Tilley
Lily Niblett
   d- in infancy
William served on Estevan Town council
Foreman at Estevan Brickyard at one time
Pit Boss at M&S mine 1935-36
Life member of Odd Fellows and the Masons

David Albert Bannatyne (Sr.)
  b- Nov 1, 1880 in Irvine, Scotland
  d- Dec 10, 1954.
  buried in the Estevan City Cemetery.
wife- Mildred Anne Bannatyne, nee Jones
  b- July 11, 1886 in Holywell reg dist, Flintshire, England
  d- May 22, 1971
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
  She was a teacher at Bangor school, before she married
Married Dec 25, 1912 in Winnipeg MB

David Immigrated to Canada from Scotland in Feb 1903
1912 Banker at Waldron SK
Came to Estevan June 13, 1913
Manager of Bank of British North America, in Estevan originally,
 Then owned his own Insurance agency.
Became shareholder in this Sunshine Coal Mine
  as well as Eureka Coal and Brick Co.
 which later became International Clay Products.

David Bannatyne Sr. was the mayor of Estevan,
during the infamous Sept 29, 1931 Miner's riot in Estevan.
Family lived at 1422 3rd St. in Estevan

He was worshipful Master of Estevan Lodge No. 25, AF & AM, in 1917 and was District Deputy Grand Master for Masonic District No. 6 in 1924. He was a member of the Wa Wa Temple, order of the Mystic Shrine and was also a
member of the Scottish Rite Lodge in Regina

 Dr. James Forbes Creighton
 was co-owner of the Hospital at that time also.
His history is recorded in my Estevan Doctor Web Page

Part owner, and Mine manager:
 John Galloway
  b- Sept 1877 in Ontario
  d- Dec 3, 1957
wife- Ida Florence Perry
   b- Sept
1881 in King Twp, York Co., ON
   d- 1971 in Indian Head SK

Married in 1911
she was daughter of Richard Perry and Sarah Jane Hunter
ca 1908, He was a school teacher and Inspector
1911 they were in Alameda SK, he was Principal of the school there.
both shown as Methodist, both Irish nationality.

The Company Mine
Just west of Alice Road,
west of Estevan
Township 2
Range 8 -W2
Mine was just west of Alice Road, west of Estevan
Owned by Oliver (Oly) Golden Southernwood
and his brother George Edgar Southernwood.
Oly served in WWI.
Oliver (Oly) Golden Southernwood
  b- Jan 12, 1896 in Fordham, Essex, England,
  d- 1957
  buried- ?
Edgar the oldest brother also served in WWI,
George Edgar Southernwood
  b- Sept 22, 1893 in Fordham, Essex, England,
  d- June 13, 1965
  buried- ?
Big Lump Coal Co.
Located Just East
 of the Sunshine Mine
Truax Traer Coal Co.
purchased the Big Lump Coal Co. in 1930
Eleazer William Garner had a major interest in this mine prior to that.
First Mine to be completely
 Electrified underground
In 1930 this same Company
 bought a mine in Williston ND
using Strip Mining methods
 at both mines with big Shovels.
Truax Traer Strip Mine
Oct 1, 1924 this Company was one of the sponsors
of the First Air Mail flight in Saskatchewan,
from Estevan to Winnipeg.

Eleazer William Garner
Eleazer William Garner

  b- Apr 28, 1887 in Walkerton, Bruce Co, ON
  d- Oct 27, 1937
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Wife- Esther Gray
   b- Nov 26, 1889 in Duluth Minn possibly
   d- Dec 26, 1981
    also buried in Estevan City Cemetery
   married in Duluth in 1916
Had a son and daughter, names unknown
Father- Eleazer William Garner, b- in ON
Mother- Lucinda Jane Brown, b- in ON

1891- in Brant, Bruce East, ON, age 3
came to Saskatchewan in 1908 to Regina
After working for International Harvestor in Regina
he moved to Estevan in 1915
Had a large real estate and Insurance business in Estevan area
Lawyer, living on 2nd st Estevan in 1916
Called to Saskatchewan Bar in 1918
Councillor Estevan City in 1918
He was once mayor of Estevan 1920-22
1923 donated the Garner Shield for Public speaking, to ECI
Liberal Member of the 7th Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly, in 1929
Garner had 10 years experience as manager of a deep seam mine
He became Vice-President of Truax-Traer in the area.
International Harvester Co. Lawyer for the district.
Rural Municipality No.5. Lawyer
President Liberal Assn. of Estevan.
Secretary for the Federal Association, Federal Constituency.
Member of the Golf and Curling Club.
religion Methodist.
Member of the Odd Fellows, Rotary club, and Local board of trade
Secretary and manager of Estevan Agricultural society from 1917- 1923
Garner Place named after him in Estevan
Old Telephone building at 1222 5th st named after him

in June 1931 Mr. Garner was
Managing Director of the Truax-Traer strip mine

Living with him in 1916,
Fredrick (Fred) William Newcombe, age 37
 (he became mayor of Estevan as well, 1919-20)
 and Grace S. Newcomb, age 33, his wife

Big Co. Coal Mine
End of Third St
in Estevan 1893
corner of 20th Ave.
This is actually really the "Dominion Coal Company ".
Shown in old Westview School History book.
They had a Big boarding House
 on block east on SW corner of 3rd St.
Dominion Coal Company
Coulee west of Estevan,
3,000 ft from the Soo Line
Operated from Sept 1892- 1895
Sept 6, 1892- Drift 20ft wide was being built and timbered,
with a broad landing made.
See my Dominion Coal Company web page
Northwest Coal Company was sold to Dominion Coal Co.
David Elder Adams
   b- Apr 26, 1859 Beaverton ON,
   d- Apr 1919, Pasadena CA, USA
  was manager from 1885-1895
  He was also connected with the Souris Valley Coal Co.
  He sold his interests in 1900.
he owned the D. E. Adams Coal Co. in Winnipeg

then I found this snippet, from a 1896 mining journal
and now I know
Arthur Gould Yates from Rochester, NY
did invest in the Dominion Coal Company,
after his visit Sept 1892.
owned by the Dominion Coal, Coke & Transportation Company,
in Winnipeg MB
incorporated by Dominion charter in 1883
here is a listing of the Directors from the photo
missing in photo,
David Elder Adams, Director and President.
Head Office- Mr. William McQuaker, Secretary, Winnipeg,
Major James Morrow Walsh, Brockville ON, shown,
 he was on the train with Mr. A. G. Yates.
Director- A. Jardine, Winnipeg.
Director- D. Adams, Winnipeg. (could be D. E. Adams or relative?)
Arthur Gould Yates, Rochester, NY
Part not shown in photo bottom, below:
"Company owns 2,000 acres of coal lands
 in the Province of Assiniboia
(which became Saskatchewan),
 at the town of Estevan in the Souris district
connected with the Souris line of the CPR
 and the main line of the Sault branch
from St. Paul, connecting with the CPR at Pasqua.
Mining for coal began in Nov 1892. (Sept is correct)
output to date averages about 10,000 tons per annum,
sold altogether to Manitoba,
seam averages 8ft
opened by 3 side drifts.
500 ft in at time of publication, (1896)
method of working Pillar and room,
50 persons employed"

A. Jardine- Arbuckle Jardine? Arbereka Jardine? Arthur Jardine
 can't find much on him
a Arthur Jardine b-1871 was a son of a Hotel keeper.
possibly him?
The Jardine name appears in Bienfait later on. Relations?

William McQuaker, lived at 437 Elgin, in Winnipeg, in 1911
b- Apr 1866 in ON. occupation= Accountant
d- Mar 5, 1930 in Winnipeg MB, age 63
Scotch, Presbyterian
married wife- Margaret Mann Forrest, Aug 6, 1899 in Winnipeg
b- May 1872,  d- Feb 26, 1940 in Winnipeg, age 67

Duncan's Mine
Section 14, near Estevan
Range 8? -W2

 Probably Owned by Peter Cuthbert Duncan
 Mayor of Estevan
Yardley Mine
- Estevan
Exact Location Unknown
Range 8?

Located in a Coulee south of Estevan,
probably owned by Henry Yardley,
Estevan's first mayor.
He lived at 1010-3rd Street in Estevan
 at one point in time.
Mr Yardley was on
the board of the
Statute Labour District No. 140,
before the RM of Estevan was formed.
November 15, 1899 he was elected
Overseer of the Village of Estevan.
He sold Implements in Estevan for a living.
There was a Amery Yardley in the area as well
who repaired cars.
Range 9    
M & C Mine
aka Munshaw &
 Cundall Mine
N 1/2 LS 14
Section 36
Township 1
Range 9 -W2
Mine operated from 1932-1942
Operated by George Edward B. Munshaw, 
and George Cundall

George Edward B. Munshaw
 b- Feb 28, 1879 in Pottageville, King Township, York North, Ontario
 d- Sept 1, 1949
 Buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Mother- Elizabeth Munshaw, nee Pottage
  b- Jan 1846 in Ontario
(note- Pottageville was named after an Edward Pottage)
Age 22 in 1901 living in York ON, no father shown in census
with 2 sisters and 2 brothers
1881 census, father shown as George Munshaw, blacksmith
b- 1843, age 32, in King, York North, Ontario
strange his mother here is shown born in 1849 as well, age 32
wife- Mary M. Harnden,
   b- 1886 in Cobourg, Ontario
married Mar 29, 1907, in Bracebridge, Muskoka County, Ontario
His oldest son Ross Munshaw managed the mine at various times

George Cundall
   b- Jan 19, 1894,
in Harrogate, Reg. District Pateley Bridge,
         Yorkshire, England
   d- Jan 7, 1980, age 85, St Joseph Hospital, Estevan SK
   buried in Souris Valley Memorial Cemetery
Father- Richard Cundall, born Yorks Leeds, age 36, occupation Carter
Wife- Violet Alice (registered as Agnes not Alice?) Pilcher,
   b- Jan-Mar 1900 in Elham Reg. Dist. Kent, UK
   d- Dec 19, 1989
   buried in SVMC in Estevan
married Nov 2, 1918 in Elham Reg. district, Kent, UK
George Enlisted in WWI, Apr 27, 1916,
served in the battle of Vimy Ridge
The Cundall farm,
became the Pleasantdale subdivision in Estevan.
Mine was on Mr. Cundall's land along the town line
Unknown Locations   If you know where these were, please let me know
Wilson Mine (1 & 2) Wilson Mine #1
 was the Bienfait Mine,
Mine #2
could be the Eastern mine.
Deep Seam Shaft Type Mine-
owned by
Alexander Craig McMiken
(Alec) (Alex) (nickname Happy) Wilson
Opened in 1936 until 1938.
J. R. Brodie took over all of this mine,
In return Alec Wilson got half share
 of the Bienfait mine.
Called the Wilson Mine #1,
 at the time the Eastern Mine tipple burnt down.
Same location as the Battle River Mine in 1980.
Mr. Wilson later opened up the Bienfait No. 2 Mine
using the elevator method of pulling the coal to the surface,
which did not prove too successful.

photo Bienfait Mine #2, Wilson Coal
sent by Margaret Cuddington
from Alex Wilson collection

Wilbur Gleason Mine Location Unknown Wilbur Gleason operated a mine in the area
and his partner, an Englishman named Weekes,
who was fatally injured by a cave-in while working in the mine

W. N. Gleason homesteaded
SW Section 16,  Township 2, Range 8, W2
Date of entry- Apr 28, 1903

A Wilbert W. Gleason died July 24, 1924,
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
J. (Josiah) Bastian Mine Location Unknown
Possibly Section 10
Township 2
Range 8 -W2,
J. Bastian operated a mine in the area
Operating during Sept 1931 Mine Strike
Bastian farm, on Sec 10, Tp 2, Rge. 8, 
was owned by the Bastian family   
 Probably owned in 1911 at least, by a Josiah Bastian
   b-June 1882- d-Jan 26, 1967 in Winfield BC age 83
wife Esther Jane Bastian (nee Millington)
  b-Jan 1884- d- Dec 16, 1966 in Winfield BC., age 82
married between Oct-Dec 1902 in Wigan Registration district,
in or near Manchester and Lancashire Counties, of England.
Daughter Ruby Bastian
   b-Aug 3,1909 in Estevan SK., d- Jan 30, 1984 in Kelowna BC, age 74
Ruby Bastian married Thomas Edwin Patterson (b- Feb 12, 1911, at Estevan SK, d-Feb 21, 1984, at Winfield BC, age 73), son of Thomas Gail Patterson and Alma Hodgson, on June 30, 1933, at Estevan SK..
Josiah and Esther immigrated from England in 1904.  Josiah is shown as a coal miner   They are listed in the census close to George Pawson.  This section was originally homesteaded by John Nordstrom in October 1904. The Bastian family owned a fur shop in Estevan for years on 5th st.. The family name is still shown as a ladies shop in Estevan on King St. in 2009.  Not much is written about this family in the Estevan History books, but they are obviously an old pioneer family of the area.  Josiah's father,  was Thomas Bastian (Oct 1852 (1853 possibly)- Dec 25, 1928 in Burnaby BC, age 78) and mother Jane (July 1860- May 20, 1919).   They are listed directly below the Josiah family in the census. Thomas is shown as a coal miner as well. The Thomas Bastian Family originally homesteaded  on Sec 36, Tp1, Rge. 8.  Thomas and Jane are buried in the Estevan City Cemetery.  They immigrated from England in 1905.
From the internet I found Donald N. Bastian, who is a retired Bishop of The Free Methodist Church of North America, born in Estevan.  He is Josiah`s son.
Well after a great phone call, Aug 2010, I now find out Mr. Donald N. Bastian is Bishop Emeritus of the Free Methodist Church.  He is indeed a brother to Ruby, and a son of Josiah and Esther.  His father Josiah, and brother Wilfrid Bastian operated the Red & White Store, 6 doors from the Town Hall, later Wilfrid owned the Bastian Store, east of the Orpheum, on 4th st, which became a clothing store, with Dry Cleaners in behind, later became Bastian Furriers.  Wilfrid, his older brother,  was born ca 1912.  Doris his sister born ca 1915, and a brother Norman died in infancy, on Aug 21, 1906 in SK.  ca 1942 Don moved from Estevan, to Bible School in Moose Jaw SK.

The Bastian property south of the river, was sold
to the Great West Brick and Coal Company

Great West Brick
   and Coal Company Ltd.
old Bastian property
south of the Souris River

Nov 30, 1912
Company capitalized at a 1/4 million
will manufacture pressed brick and other clay products,
including tile and hollowware.
Several Coal tipples constructed, gas producer brick kilns
to be installed in the spring of 1913.

June 20, 1913,
President of the Company
J. A. Kinney, barrister, from Kenora ON

found a James Arthur Kinney, b- Abt. 1877 in Kenora ON
who married Anna Perle Clinton on July 19, 1911
 b- Aug 25, 1885
James was the son of James Kinney and Malina Johnson
his father James, was a lighthouse keeper in
Gordon Township, Algoma, ON in 1901, b- 1836 in ON

in 1916 in Kenora the coroner was named Kinney

Harry Rollinson Mine Location Unknown

SW of Estevan in the Valley, covered by water at Boundary Dam now

Harry Rollinson operated a mine in this area
A William H. Rollinson homesteaded
SW Section 18, Township 2, Range 8, W2,
Date of entry- July 28, 1909

Harry Rollinson
  b- Aug 1879 in England
  d- ?
wife Edith Rollinson
  b- Apr 1873 in England
  d- ?
1911 both living at the Estevan Brickyard
They immigrated in 1906
McIlvenna Mine Location Unknown

SW of Estevan in the Valley, covered by water at Boundary Dam now

Operated by a McIlvenna in this area

Hard to tell which one below is the right one:

Robert McIlvenna
  b- Dec 28, 1856 in Nassagaweya, Halton, ON.
  d- Oct 17, 1941 in Estevan
Wife- Mary Elizabeth Reed
   b- Oct 15, 1858 in ON
   d- Oct 10, 1930 in Estevan
   both buried in Estevan City Cemetery
Daughter- Ethel H. McIlvenna
    b- July 1, 1886 in Assiniboia (SK)?
Son- Chester McIlvenna
   b- May 3, 1888 in Assiniboia (SK)?
   d- bef 1982
   He was involved in the miner's riot Sept 1931
Son- Ernest (Earnest?) McIlvenna,
    b- Aug 7, 1890 in Assiniboia (SK)?
    who married Christina Johnston
Daughter- Nellie (Ellen) Louisa McIlvenna
     b- June 20, 1892 in Assiniboia (SK)?
Son- Robert McIlvenna
     b- Sept 24, 1894 in Assiniboia (SK)?
Daughter- Ida C. McIlvenna
     b- July 20, 1896 in Assiniboia (SK)?
1901 and 1911 living in Estevan,
Robert (Sr.) shown as Irish nationality, Stone Mason and farmer
strange none shown born in SK are in the SK vital stats records?
something tells me they were all born in ON

Percy Ernest McIlvenna
   b- ?
   d- Aug 7, 1944
Svc #L13364
Commemorated on Page 387
 of the WWII Book of Remembrance
Cpl, Army, SSR, R.C.I.C.
Bayeux War Cemetery,
Calvados, France, Grave Ref: IV. B. 11.
Geo Memorial- McIlvenna Bay- Lat 5439' Long 10250'

I show McIlvenna alumni at ECI

William McIlvenna- mason. Living in 1901 in Estevan, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

Western land grants:
Robert McIlvenna
   NW 20, 5, 2, W2
   NW 28, 4, 2, W2
William James McIlvenna
   SE 20, 5, 2, W2

then further west,
to Chester McIlvenna
   SW 28, 2, 11, W2
Ernest McIlvenna
   SE 20, 2, 11, W2
Which one owned the mine?
alt spellings: McElvenna, Macalvanna, McElvinna, McIlvanna

McLean's Mine Location Unknown

SW of Estevan in the Valley, covered by water at Boundary Dam now

Operating from 1924- ca1930
Operated by Thomas (Tom) Malcolm M. McLean Jr.
  b-  Feb 14, 1902, Scotland
  d- Feb 26, 1966 in the Taber AB hospital
buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens, Estevan
Very famous in the Estevan area, operating his 5th st. machine shop, and large trucking business.  Built the first 16 wheel trailer for heavy hauling. Operated McLean Construction Ltd and McLean Hide and Fur Co.
  His sons have become just as famous.
Father- Thomas McLean (Sr.)
  b- Mar 10, 1880, in Thorniewood, Lanarkshire, Scotland
  d- ?
  Immigrated in 1911 to Shand SK
  Served for 17 yrs in 2nd Lanarkshire Vols, in Scotland
  Served in WWI, enlisted May 8, 1916 in Brandon MB
  Reg #234938, occupation Coal Miner
  Brother- Hugh McLean (see his mine above)
Mother- Jennet (Janet) Mclean, nee ?
  b- ?
  d- ?
Tom Jr's siblings:
brother- James McLean
brother- Robert McLean
brother- John Mclean
sister- Elizabeth McLean
sister- Janet Mclean

Wife- Emily Mclean, nee Howitt
   b- ?
   d- Dec 29, 1996
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery
married Jan 15, 1930
They had four sons:
-David Malcolm H. McLean (deceased 1961),
-Ernest (Ernie,"Punch") McLean,
    Ernie of course the coach of the Estevan Bruins,
    New Westminster Bruins, at one time.
    Now into Gold Mines in Northern BC
-Allan McLean,
-Vernon ("Butch") McLean,
      owned Perma Glass Industries,
      and was one of the first to make prefab fiberglass tubs

Taylorton Truax-Traer Mine
Location Unknown No Known Info, operated by Truax-Traer obviously
My Truax Traer web page
McDonald Mine Location Unknown Owner-Operator Unknown
Coal Company Mine
Location Unknown I think this was the Sunshine Mine near Estevan
and the name here is in error.
Spring Mine Location Unknown Owner-Operator Unknown
High Test Coal Company Location Unknown Owner-Operator Unknown
Apr 1943 the manager of the mine was William Morgan
who had a car accident, 6 miles from Estevan,
suffered a broken back.
Louis Parkinson Mine
Lewis Parkinson Mine
Location Unknown Operated by Lewis (Louis) Parkinson
   b- May, 1885 in Platt Bridge, Wigan Reg. District, Lancashire England
   d- Oct 18, 1949,
Buried Estevan City Cemetery (transcript says died Oct 26)
Died on a Tuesday night,
from injuries he received from falling down the stairs
Thanksgiving day,  at the Princess Cafe in Estevan
wife- Abigail Parkinson, nee Gill
    b- Mar 1885 in Lancashire, England
    d- Nov 9, 1925
Married Apr 20, 1908, at St. John the Evangelist Church,
   located on Warrington rd,
   at Abram, Reg. Dist Wigan, Lancashire, England
Lewis lived at 136 Warrington Rd and
Abigail lived at 132 Warrington Rd, at time of their marriage.
Son- Thomas Gill Parkinson,
   b- Jan 1910 in Wigan Reg. District, England
Family immigrated in 1911 (or possibly 1905?)
per obit, He worked at coal mines in Lancashire
 until he immigrated in 1910
all shown as Methodists
another? or same son?,
 Thomas Edward Parkinson
   b- Feb 21, 1910 in Abram, Wigan Reg Dist, England
   d- July 24, 1975
interesting enough, both are in the BMD index?

He settled in Estevan in 1910 working at the Parkinson Mine,
owned by his brother George Parkinson, and in 1949
this mine was called the Woodlawn Mine

He worked at the mine until a few years before he died
when he moved into Estevan, doing janitor work in town.

He had 4 brothers, George Parkinson, James Parkinson,
and Job Parkinson of Estevan,
all buried in Estevan City Cemetery
and Simeon Parkinson of Durham, England

and one sister, Annie Parkinson who
married William G. Birchall, bet Jan-Mar 1935 in Wigan Reg dist.
living in Platt Bridge England in 1949

Rohatyn Mine Location Unknown Owner-Operator Unknown
Rohatyn, but which one?
Supply And Fuel Co.
Location Unknown originally owned the Old Mac Coal mine location
west of Roche Percee.
Jan 30, 1926 Coal Ad from this Company

Operating in 1942, and later became
 Old Mac, Great West Coal, then Manalta Coal
Mervyn Luther Hewitt worked at this mine

Company originally called "The Winnipeg Supply Company Ltd"
incorporated Mar 6, 1904
1912 changed to "Winnipeg Supply and Fuel Co."

Golden Glow Mine
aka- Zieglgansberger Mine
Roche Percee
Unknown Location Operated by Ludwig Zieglgansberger
and Frank Xavier Snr. Zieglgansberger
Ludwig Zieglgansberger
   b- Oct 9, 1902
   d- Apr 23, 1987
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery,
Frank Xavier Snr. Zieglgansberger
   b- Jul 15, 1901
   d- Dec 27, 1992

   buried in Souris Valley Cemetery in Estevan.

I had an email from Kyle Zieglgansberger,
from Pilot Butte SK, and he ensures me
this IS the only way to spell the family name. 
He should know, his Great Uncle was Louis.

Apr 11, 2010 received a nice email from Al Zieglgansberger,
and he told me that this mine was owned and operated by his grandfather,
Frank X. Zieglgansberger Sr.,  and Ludwig Zieglgansberger.
He knows of the location, and I am hoping will soon tell me where it was.
The hill opposite the mine has been stripped of shale, in recent years.
Al did say the mine shaft has been sealed off.

Elm Valley Mine Unknown Location operated by F. S. Wilbur.  
In 1915 he was a member of
the Short Creek Telephone Company
located in the SE corner of RM #5
His name possibly is Frederick Samuel Wilbur
but this is a wild guess.
Frank Adams Coal Mine Unknown Location operated by Francis (Frank) Adams,
had mineral rights on some land
 about a mile southeast of Taylorton, could be this mine
   b- Jan 12, 1884 at Omemee, Ontario,
   d- August 20, 1966 ,
   buried in Souris Valley Memorial Gardens in Estevan
Federal Elevator was operated by a Frank Adams
Auld's Mine Unknown Location operated by a John Auld
In 1911 there was 2 John Auld's living in Roche Percee
Father and son
John Allen Auld the father
He is shown as a Butcher,
    b- Dec 1883 in Scotland, immigrating in 1903
Wife Agnes (Aggie),
    b- Jan 1887 in Scotland, immigrating in 1904
then we have their son
John McEwen Auld,
    b- Dec 17, 1908 in Roche Percee
all Presbyterian religion
With no dates to go by, no way to tell which one worked this mine.
There was also a James Auld family in Taylorton area,
whose wife was Helen or Ellen Miller.  But doubt if they are the one.
North Deep Seam Unknown Location Owner-Operator Unknown
operating between 1938-1951 time period.  exact time unknown
North Star Coal Mine Unknown Location Owner-Operator Unknown
operating between 1938-1951 time period.  exact time unknown
June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement
with the UMWA, District 18
Y Mine
- Roche Percee
Unknown Location All I know is a Mr Frank Klyne worked here
sometime in his career (1915-1949)
Note- Mr. Klyne also owned his own mine,
the Woolomeloo Mine. (alt. Wooloomooloo Mine)
Prankie Mine Unknown Location There was a Thomas Prankie family
living on Section 25, Township 1, Range 6, W2 in 1911
Thomas Prankie, the Father
   b- Dec 1861 in Russia Lithuania (RL)
   d- ?
 shown as a Coal Miner
They all immigrated in 1911,
Wife- Eva, b-Dec 1863 in RL
Son- Victor Prankie,
    b- Mar 1890, in RL, shown as a Coal Miner
Son- William,
    b- Feb 1899 in RL
Son- Joseph,
    b- Aug 1906 in Scotland

Victor enlisted in WWI Oct 1917, in Weyburn,
Reg #
shown b- May 1892, Roman Catholic religion, Farm Labourer,
living at Pinto Sask, his father Thomas Prankie also living at Pinto

Also living on the same section was
Alexander Prankie
   b- May 1883 in RL, shown as a Coal Miner
  d- Dec 3, 1954, buried in Bienfait Cemetery, age 70
   probably son of Thomas above
married to Annie (Ona?) Nee?,
  b- Nov 2, 1884 in RL
  d- Oct 9, 1966, buried in Bienfait Cemetery
Their son Joseph Prankie, b- Feb 1911 in SK
I think they also had a son Adolph Alex (Slim) Prankie
  b- Oct 26, 1916
  d- Jan 1, 1979, buried in Bienfait Cemetery
All I know for sure, is a Mr Frank Klyne worked here
sometime in his career (1915-1949)
John Mitchel Mine Unknown Location Owner-Operator John Mitchel
All I know is a Mr Frank Klyne worked here
sometime in his career (1915-1949)
South Cambrian Coal Company Ltd Unknown Location
- Estevan?
Operating in 1937
By Dec 8, 1945 they had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)
June 5, 1946 they signed a wage agreement
with the UMWA, District 18

Jan 1, 1949, after a strike starting Nov 3, 1948
David Wholley, Estevan Manager of this mine,
announced the mine would close, all equipment,,
 and mine buildings sold, or moved off the property.
It was an underground mine that employed 40 men.
half of whom lived on the property.

Unknown Name Unknown Location
Picture from Ron Carpenter of an unknown Mine. 
Any Name Ideas?
Winstanley Brothers Mine
-Roche Percee
Unknown Location
Range 6?
Possible owners
William Winstanley and Earl Harold Winstanley,
from Roche Percee area. 
Both of these fellows served in WWII.
operating sometime between 1938-1951
when they negotiated an agreement
 with the United Mine Workers Union
Willa Ma Lou Coal Mine
Unknown Location on the bank of the Souris River
is this the same as the Woolomeloo Mine-
alt. Wooloomooloo Mine near Estevan?
Newer Mine Names below    
not a Coal Mine
 but a major owner of mines
Great West Coal Company Ltd.
  Company first Incorporated in Saskatchewan in 1905
Ca Sept 21, 1961- President, D. S. Patterson
and Managing Director J. R. Brodie

opened their new mine near Estevan
Bienfait Coal Co.
Range 6, W2 Mine Manager 1981 until he retired was Stan Kingdon
See Luscar and Estevan Coal Corporation below
Manalta Coal Co. Klimax Mine Tsp 2, Range 7, W2 See Battle River Coal Mine Co. Ltd below.
Klimax Mine
and Luscar below
Klimax Mine prior to ca1971, was Great West Coal Company, bought by Alberta Coal Ltd., a subsidiary of Mannix Company Ltd. from Calgary.
Prairie Coal Limited Range 6, W2 Prairie Coal Limited had 1 mine in 1996
Utility Mine which produced 2,049,086 tonnes.
Costello Mine, reopened in 1997.
Luscar Coal Ltd.   Nov 1998- Luscar Coal Income Fund, based in Edmonton, Alberta, and 100% owner of Luscar Ltd., completed a successful takeover bid for Manalta Ltd. on Sept. 12, 1998. Luscar merged the two coal operating companies, which had mines in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Producing more than 42M mt/yr coal, Luscar became Canada's largest and North America's seventh-largest coal producing company, ranking behind Peabody, Arch, Kennecott, Consolidated Coal, AEI Resources, and Cyprus Amax

2001 they owned the Costello Mine,
Boundary Dam Mine, Shand Mine and Bienfait Mine

Luscar Coal Ltd. Ordered the P&H 9020 dragline, Jan 1998, for expansion of it's Estevan Coal Corporation mine. (next entry) The dragline was commissioned in late 1999

Estevan Coal Corporation   Production in 1996 for Estevan Coal Corporation's 3 mines was:
Boundary Dam Mine 2,057,035 tonnes;
Shand Mine 1,736,109 tonnes,
Bienfait Mine 1,476,724 tonnes
They also owned the Char Plant south of Bienfait.  Some 87,000 tonnes of lignite char were produced for the barbecue briquette industry in 1996
Boundary Dam Mine Tsp 1, Range 8, W2 2009- Operated by Sherritt Coal,
 (part of Sherritt International Corporation)
 (formerly Prairie Mines & Royalites)(formerly Luscar Ltd)
I believe Sherritt and the Ontario Teachers Pension board
 are the co-owners of this mine now
The Battle River
Coal Mine Co Ltd.
Tsp 2, Range 7, W2 see Western Dominion Coal Mine.
 Mannix out of Calgary owned this mine. 
They also owned Utility Coals where my Dad worked.
This mine changed it's name to Manalta Coal after this.
In my Dad's history book, he writes,
this was the "Wilson mine",
at the time the Eastern Mine tipple burnt down.

1971 article states- The Klimax mine was until recently operated by Great West Coal Company Ltd. which was purchased by Alberta Coal Ltd. a subsidiary of Mannix Co. Ltd. of Calgary.  the Company name was changed to Battle River Coal.

Battle River Coal turned out an annual production ranging from 550,000 tons to 1 million.  the coal is strip mined and hauled to the plant in 40 ton trucks.  It was dumped into a primary crusher, which reduced the coal to a predetermined size.  From the crusher the coal is conveyed to the tipple, a screening and sorting plant built over 9 railroad tracks.  From a master control panel in the tipple, an operator can load railway coal cars, from the hoppers in the screening plant, moving the cars along with a tow cable.  The nine tracks fan out into a switching yard.  In 1971 working at full capacity, the plant can crush, screen, and load 700 tons per hour.  The coal was marketed in Manitoba, and Ontario.  It employed up to 60 men at full capacity in 1971.

Union 1966- Roche Percee Coal Miners' Union, Local No. 1623

Utility Coals Ltd. Mine South of Estevan
South and West of SPC
Tsp 1, Range 8, W2
Economical supplies were dwindling in 1998
and operations were moved to Costello mine
Utility Mine located West and South of Boundary Dam,
where my Dad worked until he retired.
See My Utility Coals Ltd Web Page

2001 SPC owned this mine

Union 1960-1967- Saskatchewan Strip Miners' Union, Local No. 1573

Coal Valley Mine   2009- Operated by Sherritt Coal,
 (part of Sherritt International Corporation)
 (formerly Prairie Mines & Royalites)(formerly Luscar Ltd)
I believe Sherritt and the Ontario Teachers Pension board
 are the co-owners of this mine now
Estevan Mine   2009- Operated by Sherritt Coal,
 (part of Sherritt International Corporation)
 (formerly Prairie Mines & Royalites)(formerly Luscar Ltd)
I believe Sherritt and the Ontario Teachers Pension board
 are the co-owners of this mine now
Bienfait Mine   2009- Operated by Sherritt Coal,
 (part of Sherritt International Corporation)
 (formerly Prairie Mines & Royalty Ltd.)(formerly Luscar Ltd)
I believe Sherritt and the Ontario Teachers Pension board
 are the co-owners of this mine now
The Bienfait Mine is the longest continuous mining operation in Saskatchewan and marked its 100th year of operation in 2005
Dominion Briquettes and Chemicals Ltd Briquette, char plant
 S of Bienfait
Union 1961- Saskatchewan Coal Products' Workers' Union, Local 335
Souris Valley Mine Directly East of Boundary Dam SPC owned mine, one of the smaller in the area.
1980 they used a 7 1/2 yard capacity dragline here.

And probably many more


(If you know of more, or have corrections, please e-mail me)

some sources I have used:
W. J. Dick, Engineer report 1917
Western Land Grants online
1871, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1906, 1911 Canada Census
Sask Vital records online
MB vital records online
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and many, many, more that I have forgotten

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