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District of the North West Territories, 1882-1905,
 Province of Canada, from 1905.

Meaning of the Name
 Both branches of the river were known
 by this name to the Cree
 from well before contact with Europeans.
The word derives from the Cree
 for “swiftly flowing river”, kisisk‚ciwani-sÓpiy.
Modern Cree speakers refer to the province
 as kisisk‚ciwan or sask‚ciwanihk.
(Info above courtesy Bill Barry, People Places)


Saskatchewan covers approx 651,900 sq kms.
Population in 1996 was 990,237
2001 Census= 978,933

One-half of the province is covered by Forest
One-third is Agriculture
One-eighth is covered by fresh water

New Online Genealogy Index Search
as of Sept 2005
a Birth Index is online for Saskatchewan
but only if born 100 years ago +
plus a portion of the death index
Online Index

Marriage Index will be in the future

Note- Sask Gen Society is planning on adding
a Cemetery Index on their pages
Watch for that one




Sask. Flag
Saskatchewan's flag was officially dedicated 22 Sept 1969. It is
   divided horizontally, green above and yellow below. On the green
  portion near the staff is are provincial arms. In the fly over both
   tinctures is the provincial floral emblem.

Crest of Saskatchewan
(Red Lion over 3 Wheat Sheaves)
Prairie Lily the Floral symbol

Coat of Arms
was granted by King Edward VII, 25 Aug 1906; the crest, supporters
  and motto by Elizabeth II, 16 Sept 1986. Arms: Vert, 3 garbs in fesse
 or, on a chief of the last, a lion passant guardant gules. Crest: Upon a
  helm with a wreath argent and gules a beaver upholding with its back
  the royal crown and holding in the dexter fore-claws a western red lily
  ( ilium philadelphicum andinum slipped all proper, mantled gules
 doubled argent. Supporters: Or the dexter side a lion or gorged with a
  collar of prairie indian beadwork proper and dependent thereupon a
  6-pointed mullet faceted argent fimbriated and garnished or charged
  with a maple leaf gules and on the sinister side a white tailed deer
  (docoileus virginianus proper gorged with a like collar and dependent
  there from a like mullet charged with a western red lily slipped and
  leaved proper.
  Motto: Beneath the shield a scroll entwined with western red lilies
  slipped and leaved proper inscribed with the motto
"Multis e gentibus vires."
  "From many peoples strength"

Government of Saskatchewan Symbol

Located in Central Canada
(Shown in green in map above)
(Only province in Canada with 2 straight sides!)
On the right side (east) is Manitoba
on the west is Alberta
to the south is North Dakota and Montana, USA
and North-west Territories to the north

Map above showing:
Estevan, Bienfait, Steelman and Roche Percee
Area of SE Saskatchewan

Map above showing:
Neudorf, Grenfell, Melville, and Wolseley
Area of SE Saskatchewan

1912 CPR Booklet
printed in Calgary AB,
by the CPR and Department of Natural Resources of Canada
promoting the Province of Saskatchewan as "The Golden"

Pages 54-57 from Booklet above
(click to enlarge in new window)
describing the price of goods, of every kind imaginable,
in the City Of Regina in 1912.
Exactly 100 years ago, as I write this today

Excerpt and Cover above, courtesy Mr. Grant Walker, CA, USA


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