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A list of Grain Elevators, printed Sept 5, 1902,
shows Estevan had 1 Grain Elevator,
Northern Elevator Company,
with a capacity of 25,000 bushels.
It was Estevan's First Elevator.
Northern Elevator company was part of the first line of elevators
established in 1893 in the West.
In 1909 this line, and this elevator,  was purchased by
the National Grain Elevator Company,
 owned by Mr. Frank Peavey.

Per Overgaard Directory-(1956)
 The first elevator was built by the Imperial Elevator Company.
By 1903 extra storage space was needed
and new elevators began to make their appearance.
I would trust the 1902 article first

1901-1910 season, a list printed Oct 21,
showing Licensed Track Buyers
lists the Estevan Milling Co, in Estevan

By Jan 28, 1912, there was 5 Elevators in the Town
and they were only 1/3 full.

Aug 8, 1905, Estevan Grain Company
had a large gang of men building their
new elevator in Estevan.
Capacity 30,000 bushels

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Individual Pictures below
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John Matheson Elevator under Construction
prior to 1917 per picture below
it later became Matheson-Lindsey Elevator
Sold to Weyburn Flour Mills,
later became the Pioneer Elevator

Matheson-Lindsey Elevator Company
was based in Winnipeg
In 1914 G. H. Bergil was the Manager.
actual name of the Company,
Matheson-Lindsay Grain Company Ltd.
1927-28 they operated 27 Elevators.


sorry link on this lost
trying to find larger size now
My Grandfather Gus Gesell
Operated the Elevator on the left in 1917
(Matheson-Lindsey Elevator Co.)
Note- the flour mill is above the word
 Sask. on the picture caption
Closest elevator on right not identified yet.
There was a McCabe Elevator here somewhere?

The picture of old elevators ca 1917 above
does not include the Pool Elevator
which was built later, all along the tracks

Matheson Grain Co Elevator

Click to enlarge in new window
Estevan Pool Elevator #146

This picture shows the Ogilvie Flour Elevator,
Weyburn Flour Mills Elevator
and then the Estevan Pool Elevator #146

Estevan's Flour Mill
Estevan Milling Company


Estevan Elevators ca 1955

Grain Elevators ca 1927
a rare view from the NE
Postcard by Lee Chee, Victoria Cafe.
Imperial Elevator Co #60 in foreground
postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA

Estevan Postcard ca 1910

Photographer E. R. Davis
Taken from the Old PO / Customs building
looking NE
Grain Elevators in the distance
Empire hotel can be seen, large square building
Remains of the Kelly hotel in front,

It burnt down Feb 23, 1909.
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA
This postcard came from Spain of all places.



 Grain Tester used in the Matheson Elevator in Estevan ca 1917
by my Grandfather Gustav (Gus) August Gesell
Made of 2 tubes of brass, both hollow, one inside the other.
Inserted into a wagon of grain in the closed position
then turned 1/2 turn to let the grain enter the inside tube
via 7 elongated slots in the side of each tube.
then turned another 1/2 turn to close it, for removal
When laid flat and opened by turning 1/2 a turn
the quality of the grain at different levels could be checked
to ensure the elevator operator, the farmer wasn't cheating him
by loading better quality grain at the top of the wagon load.

Western Canada Flour Mills letter Sept 28, 1922, Matheson Lindsay Elevator, Gus Gesell operator Western Canada Flour Mills letter sept 29, 1922, Matheson Lindsay Elevator Estevan, Gus Gesell operator
Two letters written to my Grandfather Gus Gesell,
Elevator operator of the Matheson-Lindsay Elevator
from Western Canada Flour Mills Co. Ltd. in Winnipeg MB,
re: price of product, and agent procedures.
in 1922
Note- spelling of his name is wrong on these letters.
Signed by D. M. Fraser, Supt of Sales
letterhead-  Western Canada Flour Mills Co. Ltd.
Head Office Toronto ON
Cable Address "Lakuron"

He operated the Elevators in Grayson, and then Breeze before Estevan.
and later in the 30's in Bienfait.




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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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