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The Postcard Pictures below
 were sent to me by Volker Tobias,
 who moved from Germany in May 2007,
and worked as a welder
for Waterflood (Dave Heier).
 He not only was kind enough to send these to share here,
he corrected one of my captions, and added to another. 
Someone who is new to the country,
has more interest in the old Estevan history,
 than some that have lived there all their life. 
I can't thank him enough. 
And glad he has an interest in saving the history as I do.
 Thanks again Volker!

Key to captions for this photo
Aerial view of 5th st. in foreground,
and 4th street to the south, looking south.
Highway 47 can be seen angling off to the east,
heading down the valley.
Valleyview School can be seen on the left (A).
It was built in 1912, by John Phillips.
Taken from an elevator,
on corner of 5th and 6th, just east of Hwy 47.
Rogers Lumber Yards Ltd (D).,
would have been Beaver Lumber,
in the 60's-90's? 
now Home Hardware -ca 2009
Henry Abraham Nash Blacksmith shop on left (B),
is actually on the south side of 5th st.,
hard to tell in this photo.
He was born in Mar 1865 in Ontario.
Shown as a blacksmith in 1911 census.
I believe (C) is the Fisher House on 1st st.
again it is hard to verify,
as 3D distance in these old photos is distorted.
This photo is taken looking SE.

Key to picture on the left
4th Street taken from
between 13th Ave. and 12th Ave.
looking East.
Same picture as the first school picture
which appears in most Estevan history books.
that one was taken in 1890,
This one from early 1900's?

The taller building with 6 upstairs windows (P)
is really a fairly wide building, shrunk down
with this camera view,
but it is actually on the SW corner
of 12th ave. and 4th st,
and was P.C. Duncan,
later W. R. Whitby's hardware store,
Today (2009) this is the location
of the Royal Bank.
Originally owned, by P. C. Duncan
It was a feed store, then General Store.

On the left side, at the 2nd telephone pole,
just before the board fenced lot (H),
which became the Bank of Montreal (H),

located at 1205 4th st.
we have Stockwells Hardware (G).
Built in 1892 out of stone,
it is one of the oldest buildings in Estevan.
Owned by J. R. Stockwell who died in 1900.
Perry's Hardware became part of this building.
Perry's Hardware was first called
Stockwell and Perry.

The fenced lot is 1201 4th st, (H)
address of the Bank of Montreal today.

Key to the picture to the left
ca 1930's
4th Street looking East from 13th Ave.
Here we have a later view of the picture above.
Old Customs Office and
2nd Estevan Post Office built in 1912, on the right, (Q)
at 1236 4th st.
Mike Roche was the First Customs Agent.
Orpheum Theatre on the left. (A)
at 1235 4th st.
Orpheum was built in 1913-14
by Mr. Harry Emerson McKenzie
b. Feb 1880 in Ontario Canada.
Shown as a contractor in 1911 census.
The theatre was owned by himself, and his partner,
Frederick William Newcombe, b- Jan 1879
in Maine USA, who came to Canada in 1910.
Shown as a brick man in 1911 census.
The Theatre was opened Apr 6, 1914.
H. E. McKenzie Construction office was next door,
to the east of the Theatre.
Note the cannon (R) out in the open,
next to the old Post Office on the right.
If you did that now, the kids would be firing it,
at the Orpheum across the street!.

P.C. Duncan/ Whitby hardware building, (L)

Aerial view of Estevan downtown, ca-1916
Looking out of an east window,
of the old Customs- Post Office building,
which was built in 1912,
SE corner of 4th st (Q) and 12th Ave. (P)
Border Agencies Insurance
is in this building ca 2009.
It is looking east, with the First Water Tower (G)
behind the Old City Hall (E) visible,
also on the right, built in 1910
the front of the First Anglican Church (L) in Estevan,
Made from Stone, by Mr. George Rooks,
St. Matthew Anglican Church, built in 1895.
which was on the NE corner of 12th Ave. and 3rd st.
The rectory is shown to the left of it here. (K)
When they built the new church,
St. Giles Anglican Church, in 1920,
they just switched locations.
The back of a Church, (M)
can be seen across 12th Ave from St Giles.
It was built in 1903 as the Trinity Methodist Church.
Extended in 1907. This is the view in this photo.
In 1921 it became the United Church of Estevan,
then St Paul's United church in 1931.
It again was extended in 1949.
It has been torn down,
and the Royal Bank parking lot  is there now (2009)
Top of the Bank Of Hamilton building, with sign, (F)
is visible, where the CIBC bank is today (2009).
Valleyview School is seen in the distance. (H)
The Fisher House (I) is seen to the right of Valleyview,
located on 1st St.
J is an unknown business. Livery?
(B) looks like CPR round house area.
(C) Unknown business, I know I have seen a picture
and description, but not clear to me now.

The right side of the picture, on 3rd st.
shows a stone building. (N)

1213-3rd Street
construction started spring 1893
photos Aug 2009
Built by George Rooks as his home,
this was Estevan's 2nd school.
Melvin Rooks lived here as well.
Home of Robert Rooks today (2009)

Estevan's first school was above the
Lindsay and Patterson General store, (D)
later site of Greens Music Shop.
Mr. Wilson was the first teacher.
3rd building with a sloped roof
 in the foreground middle,
would have been that building.
Students entered from the back.

Also note- on the side of the first building this poster, (A)

The Al G. Barnes Circus is coming to Estevan, on Saturday, June 14th!
Get your tickets now!
I see lions and tigers at least.
Al G. Barnes Circus was an American circus
operating from 1895-1929,
owned by Alpheus George Barnes Stonehouse.
After a couple amalgamations,
it became part of Ringling Brothers Circus.
It is very likely, Andrew King, who owned,
Rouleau Enterprise, and Enterprise Show Prints
in Rouleau (Dog River?) Saskatchewan,
later the Estevan Mercury,
and King Show Prints of Estevan,
made this large building size poster in Rouleau.
They made thousands of Circus posters from 1911-1958,
and were known everywhere in North America.
There is a permanent display of this man's work
In the Exhibition Center, Art Gallery, east end of 4th st.
In my Nor west farmer newspaper online,
is a story about Mr King, and the farm he was raised on.

NOT visible, but would be on the right side,
is the old stone Presbyterian Church.
Too bad the camera didn't pick that up.
Maybe there is another Postcard with this view.

Every time I look at these old photos,
I see something new.

These postcards I had never seen before.
The quality is super.
Thanks to Volker Tobias for sending them to me.

Same Postcard from Grant Walker, CA


I also want to give credit to the old photographers,
who took these photos, and turned them into postcards.

Mr. Joseph "Joe" Hool (and Son),

see my Joseph H. Hool Bio page


Edward Raymond Davis

b- Dec 6, 1876 in Collingwood, ON

d- Oct 3, 1946, in New Westminster BC, age 69
son of John Davis, b- Ireland, and Caroline Gray, b- ON
He was a Druggist in Estevan in 1911.
He was also married.
wife Helena Hunter,
b- Feb 1, 1887, Morewood, ON
d- Jan 7, 1976, New Westminster BC
daughter of John Hunter, and Agnes Hepburn, both born in ON

1921 Davis family were living in Burnaby BC
7 children, 3 daughters, 4 sons.

Ellen Rosalind Davis, age 9, b- SK

Winston Edward Davis, age 7 in 1921,
b- Nov 8, 1915, or Aug 11, 1915  Estevan SK
Winston shown as a druggist in 1942, living in Cranbrook BC

Lawrence Edgar Davis, age 6,
b- probably in Estevan, for sure in SK
d- Aug 14, 1977 in Victoria BC, age 62

Kenneth Davis, age 5, in BC
Howard Davis, age 5, in BC
Ada Caroline Davis, age 3, in BC
Dorothy Isabel Davis, age 1 1/2, in BC





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