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David Hamilton MacPherson, NWMP, 1893
Photo Courtesy McCord Museum
View Original Photo here

taken in Calgary AB, by Robert Randolph Bruce

David Hamilton MacPherson, 1888
Original Source
Credit: Library and Archives Canada / e008128839

Aug 20, 1892
NWMP Inspector,
David Hamilton MacPherson
 Moving the NWMP Detachment
from Wood End to Estevan

He left for Regina and closed the Woodend Post
on Nov 10, 1892.
He was in charge of the Woodend Sub-District for 1892.
Winlaw, Murdered Scout, and Estevan
were the 3 detachments in the Wood End Sub-District.
The Wood End Post was in the valley of Long Creek
complete with quarantine station.
2 miles north of the US border, 8 miles south of Estevan.
In 1893 a 18 x 30 building was built in Estevan.

The Sign Outside the Museum in Estevan

Jan 27, 1893, wrote an article which is in Canada Archives

File no. (creator)

A Corporal Perry discovered and opened a seam of coal
around the time Inspector MacPherson, was in Estevan

I thought he has something to do with the formation
of the Ranchmen's club in Calgary, in 1891,
as noted in one source, but this is not true.
This was another D. H. MacPherson
namely Duncan H. MacPherson, a High River Horse Ranch, rancher.

Wages for NWMP in 1894
he Commissioner- $2400.00/ yr
Asst. Commissioner- $1600.00/yr

Superintendents and Surgeons, $1400.00/yr
The Inspectors, $1,000/yr
with Free Quarters, Rations, Light, Fuel, and Forage.
Non-Commissioned Officers, get from a dollar, to a dollar and a half a day.
Constables 50 cents/day, with an addition 5 cents good conduct pay per year.
and an allowance of 25 cents when employed as Clerks or Artificers.
Both Officers and Men are provided with Liberal Pensions,
graded according to length of service, and attainable after 10 years.
age 22-45, good health and constitution, speak English or French.
Only 3 members could purchase their discharge each month.

David Hamilton MacPherson
b- 1858 in ON (one source said Calgary AB?)
d- bet Apr- June 1906, registered in Kensington Dist., London, England, age 48
Religion- Church of England

Married Florence Gourley Nash, June 6, 1893
at "Brookfield House", in Truro, Colchester, Nova Scotia, Canada
Ceremony took place at St. John's Episcopal Church, Truro, NS.
performed by Archdeacon Kaulbach
`Most records say her name was Florence
but the marriage record clearly shows her name as Emma F. G. Nash
but I will stick with the standard Florence.
Also strange as she had an older sister, named Emma, so go figure!
He was age 35, Florence was age 25, when they married, both for the 1st time.
Florence Gourley Nash
b- abt 1854 (ca 1868 per marriage age) in NS,
(one source says Michigan, USA, which I doubt)
d- bet July-Sept 1910, registered in Kensington Dist., London, England, age 41
daughter of James Franklin Nash, of London, England,
b- abt 1824, in London England
who was deceased in 1893,
He was an Artist, acquired his profession in England.
James and his wife lived in London, England

Florence's Mother-
 Amelia (Emma) Gourley
 b- abt 1829 Amherst, NS, Canada
d- ?
Florence's Maternal Grandfather-
 Elisha Cutten Gourley
b- July 10, 1807, in Brookfield, Colcester Co, NS,
d- Jan 29, 1897, in Truro, Colchester Co, NS
Elisha was a native of Colcester Co, NS
lived for some time at Amherst NS,
where he married, and built a house there. Manufacturer.
Elisha was the son of Captain James Wilson Gourley, and Susanna Carter
Florence`s Maternal Grandmother-
Mary G. Black
daughter of Richard Black

5 Siblings of Florence's mother, Amelia (Emma) Gourley,
who I believe was the oldest child:
1. Elizabeth "Bessie" M. Gourley,
 b- abt 1840, in Amherst, NS
d- ?
married to William R. Gerrish, June 30, 1880 in Truro, NS, a widower
from Boston MA,  Merchant, Clothier,
they lived in Boston.
no children
2. Fitz Allen Gourley,
 b- 1844 in NS, Canada
d- May 17, 1908 in Nevada City, CA, of Bright's disease (Nephritis)
one source says May 18, 1908
oldest son, married Annie B. Stover, Oct 28, 1881 Nevada City, CA
b- May 27, 1852
Shown as Mary Stove, from San Francisco in one record,
living at R433 Golden gate Ave., San Francisco
Fitz Allen was engaged in the mining business
in Gibsonville, CA.
shown as Mine Superintendent, 1885, Sierra Co, CA, directory
shown as the Gourley Mine, looking for Gold.
shown in Downieville, Sierra Co.
also shown as President of the Nevada Gold Mining Company at Gibsonville
An act was passed to increase his pension,
shown late of Company D.,
Forty- second Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry,
and pay him a pension at the rate of twenty-four dollars per month
in lieu of that he is now receiving. Approved, February 25, 1905
partnership, Cox & Gourley Mine,  Geo. W. Cox & F. A. Gourley from Shasta Co, CA

Fitz Allen Gourley and Annie Stover had 2 children: 1a-2a
1a. Veda Belle Gourley
2a. Roy Stover Gourley

3. James Forman Gourley,
 b- abt 1847 in Amherst NS
d- ?
had a large wholesale and retail clothing store in Montreal.
4. Clarence Gourley,
b- abt 1837, in Amherst, NS
d- ?
lived in London, England, not married.
5. Seymour Eugene Gourley, QC,
b- Dec 20, 1854 in Amherst, Cumberland Co, NS
d- Jan 5, 1906 at Truro, NS
Seymour owned "Brookfield House".
Seymour was the former member of the Dominion Parliament (Conservative)
for Colchester Co., NS, Canada, 1900-1904.
Graduate of Acadia College.
Lived with his parents at Truro NS, not married.

the Gourley family were early settlers in the Truro NS area.

Siblings of Emma ``Florence`` Gourley Nash,
sister- Mary J. Nash, b- abt 1850
sister- Emma Nash, b- abt 1852
brother- Benjamin Nash- b- abt 1856
sister- Victoria Helena Nash, b- abt 1858
One other died as an infant.

David H. MacPherson had to return to NWMP duties after the wedding.

David and Emma had at least one child, a daughter,
Veda Emma Florence MacPherson
b- 1896
d- ?
married Captain Islay Verschoyle Campbell,
described as a young Irishman in one book,
last half of Nov., 1916, in England.
She divorced him, ca Dec. 15, 1919.
She lived at Southbourne, England in 1911, age 16
Aug 21, 1919, she returned to Canada on the Noordam,
 age 23, she was living in London, England
During the later half of WWI, she served in the Red Cross in France.
She was living with her Uncle William Molson MacPherson, when she married.

David Hamilton MacPherson

David H. MacPherson was the youngest son of Sir David L. MacPherson

Inspector David H. MacPherson engaged in the NWMP on June 25, 1880
Deserted 4 months later,
Surrendered 3 years later,
spent 6 months in jail,
resumed his duties May 1884.
Promoted to Sergeant 1887.
Sergeant-Major prior to being promoted to Inspector
granted a Commission as an Inspector, Sept 1, 1888
1890, Inspector of the Southern Division in Alberta,
consisting of Standoff, Lee's Creek, Milk River, and Pot Hole, 
NWMP Inspector David H. Macpherson
became a Captain, Honorary Aides-de-Camp to "Lord Aberdeen", Nov 18, 1895
"John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon, 1st Marquis of Aberdeen and Temair"
Governor General of Canada 1893-1898
Retired on a pension, Sept 1897

This fellow had some pull, from, and thru, his father.

David Hamilton MacPherson

David MacPherson
b- Abt. 1792, of Castle Leathers, Inverness, Scotland
d- ?

 Naomi Grant
b- abt 1796, Inverness, Scotland
d- ?
daughter of John Grant,
b- abt 1796
d- ?
David and Naomi had 6 children, 1aa-6aa

1aa. - John MacPherson
b- ?, in Scotland
d- bef 1881, probably in England
1st married, Matilda Hatt, of Chambly, in June 1834
b- 1814 (1813?)
d- May 13, 1835 a month after giving birth.
daughter of Samuel Hatt, (Sr.) (1777-1842)-of Chambly, Legislative Councillor
and Margaret Thompson,
Matilda was a twin of Augustus Hatt.
John and Matilda had a son, Samuel Hatt MacPherson
b- Apr 6, 1835
d- ?
2nd married- Jane Catherine Herchmer
b- ca 1817 in Canada
d- Jan-Mar 1903, registered in Hastings Dist., Sussex, England, age 86
daughter of Charles Herchmer, Kingston, Frontenac, Canada
had 3 children:1a-3a
1a- John MacPherson,
 2a- Naomi A. MacPherson,
b- abt 1841, Kingston, Frontenac, Canada
d- Apr- June 1918, registered in Hastings Dist., Sussex, England, age 77
1881 living at 8 Cornwallis Gardens, Hasting Holy Trinity, Sussex, England
with her widow mother, and sister Frances.
3a- Frances A. MacPherson, b- abt 1844 in Canada

 John MacPherson came to Canada, settled in Montreal
Starting in 1822 he was in partnership with Samuel Crane
in the MacPherson, Crane & Co.
a forwarding (shipping) company business.
Retired to England

2aa - Sir David Lewis MacPherson
 (Father of David H. MacPherson) (see below)

3aa- Christina MacPherson
b- ?,  in Scotland
d- ?
She was unmarried

4aa - Eliza MacPherson
b- ?, in Scotland
d- ?
married James Mackenzie of Inverness Scotland

5aa - Frances Pasia MacPherson
b- ?, in Inverness Scotland
d- 1873
married Hon. John Hamilton of Queenston, at Queenston
printed in Apr 18, 1829 paper.
b- 1802 at Queenston, Upper Canada
d- Oct 10, 1882 at Kingston
She was life-long member on the Board of Directors
 of the Orphans' Home and Widows' Friend Society
 He was a Montreal Merchant and Founder of Queenston
Became a Senator
Lived in a house called "the Elms" on Maitland St, Kingston
They had 11 children:1b-11b
1b- daughter- Mary Hamilton,
b- ca 1847 at Kingston
d- ?
 married Surgeon- Major John Thomas Dennison MacKenzie, MB, F.R.C.S.
married- June 25, 1878, at Kingston ON
b- ca 1836
d- Mar 18, 1927, age 91
lived at Hillcroft
joined the Indian Medical Service, as assistant surgeon, July 23, 1858
became surgeon-major July 1, 1873
retired on May 8, 1878
Professor of Surgery, and Dental surgery, Grant Medical College
Senior surgeon, Sir Jamsetji Jijibboy Hospital, Bombay, India
took the M.R.C.S. in 1857
took the F.R.C.S. in 1870
They had 3 Children:1c-3c
1c- Frances-Hamilton MacKenzie (Francis Mary MacKenzie)
b- Aug 12, 1879 in Kingston, Frontenac, ON
2c- Hilda Mackenzie
3c- Marjorie MacKenzie

2b- daughter- Frances Hamilton
b- ca 1849
d- ?
age 28, she married Robert Ebenezer Foot, (Foote?) in 1877, at Kingston ON
lived in Denver Colorado
5 Children: 1d-5d
1d- Thomas Foot
2d- John-Hamilton Foot
3d- Robert Foot
4d- Frances-Pasia Foot
5d- May Foot

3b- son- Captain Clarke (Clark) Hamilton,
b- 1833 in Queenston,
d- Nov 10, 1915 in Kingston
married Sara Doremus Nixon, of New York
b- 1832
d- 1916
Collector of Customs at Kingston,
Children, 1e-5e:
Ie- Elizabeth-Haines Hamilton.
2e- Frances-Macpherson Hamilton
3e- Sarah-Eveline Hamilton
4e- Henrietta-Ogden Hamilton
m. to Dr. Kenneth-Neander Fenwick,
had a daughter: Anita-Hamilton Fenwick.
5e- Helen-Macaulay Hamilton,
m. to Robert-Maitland Hannaford, of Montreal,
had a son- John-Haines Hannaford.

4b- son- John Hamilton
Barrister-at-Law, District Judge of Rainy River,
 m. Mary-Eliza, daughter of Hon. William-Henry Draper, C.B.,
Chief Justice of the Common Pleas

5b- daughter- Isabella-Grant,
 m. to John Paton, living in Scotland,
Mrs. Isabella-Grant  Paton, Lived in New York.
5 Children, 1f-5f:
1f- Francis-John Paton.
2f- George-Macpherson Paton.
3f- Laura-Hamilton Paton,
m. to William H. Ziegler, of Liverpool, England,
 4 children: 1g-4g
1g- Guy-Hamilton Ziegler
2g- Ralph Ziegler
3g- Mary-Alice Ziegler
4g- Frances-Isabella Ziegler

4f- Alice-Mary Paton,
 m. to James Rankine, living in Scotland.
5f- Ellen-Isabella Paton
m. to James-Seymour Scott, of Halifax,
1 child:
Constance-Hamilton Scott.

6b- son- Hershmer Hamilton
d- bef 1886, unmarried

7b- son- Dr. David Hamilton
Dr. in Batavia New York

8b- son- Joseph Hamilton
d- bef 1886 unmarried

9b- son- Samuel Hamilton
d-  bef 1886 unmarried

10b- son- George Hamilton
 d- bef 1886, unmarried

11b- daughter- Naomi Hamilton
 d- bef 1886, unmarried

6aa - Helen MacPherson
b- 1807, in Scotland
d- 1846, in unknown
Married Hon. John Macaulay of Kingston, in Montreal,
on Oct  23,1833, in Montreal
b- Oct 17, 1792 in Kingston, Upper Canada
d- Aug 10, 1857 in Kingston
He was a Kingston Merchant, Lawyer,
Justice of the Peace, and Tory Politician
Postmaster for Kingston, from 1813-1836,
Surveyor General of Upper Canada (1836)
7 years owned Kingston Chronicle Newspaper.
son of Robert Macaulay and Ann Kirby.
they had 7 children, 6 daughters and one son:1h-7h
1h-3h- Triplet Daughters
d- 1840, 9 days after birth.
4h- Ann Macaulay
b- 1834
d- 1852
5h- Naomi Helen Macaulay,
b- 1838
d- 1846
6h- Frances Jane Macaulay,
 b- 1845
d- 1877,
married George Kilpatrick
7h John Kirby Macaulay
b- 1842
d- ?

John Macaulay (Sr) married a 2nd time, Mar 1, 1853 in Kingston ON
to Sarah Phillis Young
b- 1816
d- 1887


Honourable Sir David Lewis MacPherson K.C.M.G. PC
b- Sept 12, 1818 at Castle leathers, in Inverness Parish, Scotland
d- Aug 16, 1896 in mid-ocean, on board the steamship, RMS Labrador
returning to Canada from London, via Liverpool
died from complications from diabetes.
He was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, ON
(K.C.M.G.= appointed Knight Commander of St Michael and St George)


Lady Elizabeth Sarah Badgley MacPherson, nee Molson,
married Sir David L. MacPherson on June 18, 1844,
in the Episcopalian St Thomas’ Church, Montreal, Quebec,
6897 Somerled Ave., Montréal, Québec, H4V 1V2
A Parish of the Diocese of Montreal, Anglican Church of Canada,
the Church which her father William, and Uncle, Thomas Molson built.
b- 1820 in Montreal, Quebec
d- Mar 23, 1894 at San Remo, Italy, age 74 (Italian Riviera)
Cremated, (one of the First Highly Prominent Persons to be cremated)
Her husband carried her ashes back to Canada,
She is buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto, ON
She was of the Catholic faith
Eldest daughter of William Molson Esq.

b- November 5, 1793
d- February 18, 1875

 and Elizabeth Badgley, of Montreal, who were married in 1819,
b- 1799
William Molson was one of the founders of the Molson Bank,
Brewer and Distiller, same as his father, in Montreal.
Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Badgley
 b- March 26, 1767
d- October 7, 1841
Who was the Editor of the Montreal Gazette, 1816-1822

Grand-Daughter of the Hon. John Molson, native of Lincolnshire, England
b- December 28, 1763
d- January 11, 1836
John arrived in Montreal in 1782, age of 19
Member of the Executive Committee, of Lower Canada
President of the Bank of Montreal.

Sir David Lewis MacPherson was Privy Councillor
for the Dominion of Canada,

1864-1867 he served for the Sangeen Division, Lower Canada
in the old Canadian Parliament.
In 1867 called to the Senate,
Sir John A. Macdonald appointed him, Speaker of the Senate, from early 1880 to Oct. 1883.
Came from the ancient Scottish MacPherson family
Went to school in Scotland
Completed his education at the Inverness Royal Academy.
Emigrated to Canada in 1835, settling in Montreal, Quebec.
Worked as a clerk in his brother John MacPherson's shipping (forwarding) business
who was already in business in Canada from 1822.
In 1853 David (Sr.) moved to Toronto.
1853 built the Toronto-Sarnia railway,
which became the heart of the Grand Trunk Railway
Appointed President of an association known as the Inter-Oceanic Railway Company
It was Incorporated for the purpose of constructing a Coast to Coast Railway,
which went to the CPR in the end.
Early in his commercial career he associated himself with the well-known firm of Gzowski & Co.,(note 1)
contractors, who constructed several branches of Canadian railways,
and other important works.

(note 1) Colonel, Sir Kazimierz Stanislaus Gzowski, KCMG
 (b- March 5, 1813 – d- August 24, 1898),
He was an Engineer
Served as acting Lieutenant Governor of Ontario from 1896 to 1897.

 In 1868, he was appointed Arbitrator for the Province of Ontario,
under the British North American Act, for the division and adjustment
 of the debts, credits, liabilities and properties of Upper and Lower Canada.
He was Vice-president of the Montreal Board of Trade.
He was a Director of Molson's Bank
Director of the Western Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Company
Director of the Guarantee Company of North America
Director of the Bank of Upper Canada
President of the St. Andrew's Society, Toronto.
Set up the Toronto Rolling Mills Co
In 1869, he published a comprehensive pamphlet on Banking and Currency
Between the years of 1877 and 1882, he published a number of works on kindred topics,
dealing in the same searching and satisfactory manner
 with questions relating to public expenditure.
On the 10th of February, 1880, Mr. Macpherson was appointed Speaker of the Senate,
 and member of the Executive Council without portfolio,
and this position he held till the 17th of October, 1883,
when he resigned the speakership,
and was appointed Minister of the Interior, which he resigned from in 1885
Basic lack of understanding in Macpherson's Ministry,
 of the concerns of the Métis people,
helped set the stage for the North-West Rebellion in 1885.
in 1884, he was Knighted by Queen Victoria

They lived at the MacPherson Mansion,
called "Chestnut Park", Yonge St., Toronto ON

their 7 children 1bb-7bb:

1bb- William Molson MacPherson

b-  Sept 24, 1848 in Montreal, Quebec
d-  Aug 13, 1933, in Montreal, Quebec, age 85
buried in Toronto, ON
married Maria (Marie) (Mina) Stuart Wotherspoon, of Quebec, Oct 23, 1878
b- Mar 1866 in 1911 census, in ON
d- before 1933 by several years
daughter of D. T. Wotherspoon
cousin of Harry Stikeman (1852-1916)
10 servants/cook etc in his house in 1911, Quebec Centre, St Louis Ward.
so these were not poor folk!
visited his father in San Remo, on the Italian Riviera.
He met his father's body when it returned to Canada.
He was the General Agent of the Dominion Steamship Co.
Honorary Lieutenant Colonel, 8th regiment, Royal Rifles
Director of the Molson Bank for 30 years.
President of the Molson's Bank, 1897-1922, 25 years.

His Signature on this $100 bill

Appointed Honorary President of the Bank, in 1922
Member of the Quebec Harbour Commission in 1895
One of the first founding members of the Mount Royal Club, Montreal
Member of the St. James Club, Montreal
Member of the Garrison Club, Quebec.
Member of the Toronto Club.
Member of the Junior Athenaeum Club,
the Restigouche Salmon Club, Metapedia,
and Royal Colonial Institute, London, England
Member Canadian Board British Empire Mutual
Life Assurance Co. of London, England.
Director Montreal Trust and Deposit Co.,
Pacific Pass Coal Fields,
Dominion Dry Dock Co.
and Lake Edward Sanatorium Assn.
Nov. 1851- Director of Montreal Mining Co.
and Montreal Lachine Railroad Co.
Nov. 1851 on Board of Arbitration in Montreal
Owned 25 shares, worth $2500, Accident Insurance Company of North America, ca 1890
served as a Governor of the Montreal General Hospital
He was a member of the Executive Committee
 and other working committees of the Tercentenary of Quebec.
1907 President Miniature Rifle Club (the first formed in Can.) 
President Boy Scouts Assn., P.Q.
1910 Presented a gold medal for competition, 8th Regiment.
Created a Knight of Grace,
1910 Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England
1904 presented to the late King Edward, St James's Palace, London
Educated at Leamington College, and at Hastings, England
age of 14 he went to England
returned to Quebec, Canada, in 1870.
received his business training under Messrs. A. F. & R. Maxwell, Liverpool.
returned to Quebec, Canada, in 1870.
member of the Church of England.
Politically a Conservative.
In his biography he claimed in 1905
he saved the Plains of Abraham from desecration
Ill for several months before he died.
Residence-  73 St. Ursule St., Quebec
Owned lot 361, 39th township, coast meridian, in the new Westminster dist, BC
also NE qtr, Section 16, and NW qtr Section 15, 1st township, West of the Coast Meridian
in the New Westminster Dist, BC
Funeral Anglican Cathedral, Montreal Quebec

2bb- David Hamilton MacPherson
(Info see above)

3bb-  Elizabeth Francis MacPherson

1865, copied in 1867
photographer, William Notman
Original source- McCord Museum

b- May 31, 1845 in Montreal, Quebec
d- Feb 8, 1921, age 75, in Beauvoir Manor, Quebec
married Rt. Honourable, Richard Reid Dobell in 1866, in London, England.
b- Jan 27, 1836 in Liverpool, England (1837 in one record)
d- Jan 11, 1902 near Folkstone, Kent, age 65
son of George Dobell,(1816-1889) from Liverpool, England
and Charlotte Croft (1817-1890)
Educated at Liverpool College.
Immigrated Aug 1857
Timber merchant, Richard Dobell & Co.
later Dobell, Beckett & Co.
(see Thomas Beckett, husband of her sister, below)
He was offered a seat in the Laurier Cabinet as an Independent.
Summer residence, the estate called "Beauvoir Manor" on St. Louis Rd, Montreal, Quebec
they also lived at 7 Ennismore, London, England, for the winter.
1881 census- age 44, Ste-Colomb-de-Sillery, Quebec, Quebec
Religion- Church of England 
they had 3 sons and 2 daughters:1i-5i

1i- 1st son, William Molson Dobell,
b- Aug 8, 1867, in Quebec
d- June 24, 1953 at his home Cacouna, age 85
he married Constance May Sewell, Dec 1895
2nd daughter of Dr. Colin Sewell
Merchant- Educated: Charterhouse School, Surrey, England.
With Dobell, Beckett & Co., Exporters of Timber and Lumber,
founded by his father, 1856; admitted as partner, 1895;
took leading part in management of firm on death of his father, 1902;
 President, Dobell Coal Co., Ltd., Tofield, Alberta.
Served as Officer in 8th Royal Rifles, Quebec, several years,
 retiring with rank of Captain
Clubs: Garrison; Turf; Montreal Hunt; Mount Royal ;
 Rideau (Ottawa); Boodles (London, Eng.);
 Junior Athenaeum (London, Eng. ).
Politics- Conservative.
Residence: St. Louis Road, Quebec, Quebec
William and Constance had 3 sons: 1j-3j

1j- son, Colin MacPherson Dobell,
b- Nov 26, 1896, in Beauvoir Manor.
d- May 30, 1918, age 21, in Chaumuzy France, during WWI
Colin was a First Lieutenant serving with the Royal Welch Fusiliers.
He is buried in Marfaux British Cemetery near Reims

 2j- son- Francis Curzon Dobell,
b- Aug 2, 1898, in Sillery, Quebec,
d- Feb 8, 1941 in Montreal

3j- son- Colonel Sidney Hope "Choppy" Dobell, DSO, CA
b- June 7, 1900, in Sillery, Quebec
d- June 29, 1992 in Montreal
He graduated in 1918 from Royal Military College, Canada,
Commanding Officer of the 6th Field Regiment, RCA, in 1942
Became comptroller of McGill University in 1947.

2i- 2nd Son- Lieutenant-General, Sir Charles MacPherson Dobell KCB, CMG, DSO
b- June 22, 1869, in Quebec
d- Oct 17, 1954, age 85, at New York
Lieutenant-General in the British Army
served in 2nd Boer War, awarded the Distinguished Service Order,
Served in China during the Boxer Rebellion,
and fought in the Cameroons, WWI.
Served with the Royal Welch Fusiliers of the British Army
Graduated from Royal Military College of Canada, #221 in 1890
In 1916, made a Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George,
 also made a Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath

3i- youngest son, Alfred Curzon Dobell, QC
b- 1873 in Quebec (turned 80 in 1953)
d- aft 1953
Educated Bishops College School, and Toronto University
Major Queen's Own Canadian Hussars
married Helen Maffett, June 1911, at the Parish Church, Wharfedale
b- ?
d- Aug 28, 1968 at 1048 Belvedere Ave. Quebec City
one of 3 daughters of Arthur Frederick Maffett, Solicitor, Dublin
and Isabel Loughman.
Arthur's wife Isabel, lived in Bath England

Alfred and Helen had 4 children: 1k-4k
1k- Frances Helen Dobell
2k- William Dobell
3k- Eve Dobell
4k- Miriam Dobell- attended McGill University, ca 1932

4i- daughter Elizabeth Naomi Dobell
b- ca1872 in Quebec, age 9 in 1881 census
d- Dec 27, 1965
 She married Dominick Sidney Browne,
on June 20, 1895, at St. Michael's Church, Bergerville
son of Dominick Andrew Browne and Emily Louisa Hawkins
4 children:1L-4L
1L- Naomi Frances Muriel Browne
b- Jan 5, 1897
d- July 18, 1971
2L- Noel Sydney
b- Dec 23,1899
3L- Moyra Rose Browne
b- Jan 1,1903
4L- Brigadier Dominick Andrew Sidney Browne
b- Feb 29,1904

5i- Murial Dobell
b- 1876 in England, age 5 in 1881 census
d- ?
married Major General Sir
(Charles Patrick) Amyatt Hull, KCB. 1901
Born 3 July 1865.
Died 1920.
son of Henry Charles Hull, barrister, and Frances (Fanny) Amelia Law
Joined Royal Scots Fusiliers 1887;
India until 1896; Aide-de-camp to Viceroy, India 1895-1896;
Adjutant, 2 Bn, Royal Scots Fusiliers, South African War 1899-1902;
relief of Ladysmith 1900; on staff 1903-1907; 1909-1912;
Commanding Officer, 4 Bn Middlesex Regt 1912;
 World War I 1914-1918; Commander, 56 (London) Div; 16 (Irish) Div c 1917
They had 3 children

4bb-  Naomi MacPherson,
b- ?
d- ?
married Thomas Beckett, Esq., of Quebec City,
morning of Nov 21, 1872, at St. Paul's Church, Bloor St. Toronto ON
Ceremony performed by the Bishop of Toronto,
assisted by the incumbent of St. Paul's, Rev. S. Givens
b- ?
d- ca1902/03?
Thomas was a lumber merchant, partner with his brother in law,
He was a member of the Quebec Horticultural Society
and Quebec Historical Society
He died shortly after Mr. Dobell above, ca 1902/1903
David Hamilton MacPherson was one of the groomsmen at the wedding.

5bb-  Helen MacPherson
b- ?
d- June 19, 1936
married Major William Meyrick Bankes, Feb 28, 1876,
b- ?
d- Feb 22, 1882, age 37
an officer in the Army, 3rd Cameron Highlanders
son of Meyrick Bankes of Winstanley, Lancashire, a Coal magnate,
 and Eleanor Bankes, nee Starkie

she was engaged to Lieutenant-Colonel A.T. Williams, MP for Batleford
who died July 1885
They were to be married on his return from the Northwest.

She had a marriage settlement, Toronto ON.
shown in 1911-1914, as 12 shares of Dominion Bank
 Trustees shown as William Molson MacPherson, and R. L. Defries.

3 children I know of, 1m-3m
daughter- Helen Holme Bankes
b- Feb 3, 1877
d- Nov 7, 1928
She married Hon. Godfrey Evan Hugh Bosville Macdonald, Apr 28, 1908
b- Mar 5, 1879
d- Nov 2, 1914 of war wounds
 son of Ronald Archibald Bosville Macdonald, (6th Baron Macdonald of Slate)
and Louisa Jane Hamilton Ross

2m. daughter- Elsye Annie Holme Bankes
b- Dec 27, 1879
d- ?
Elsye married Captain Frederick  Livington Campbell RN, Nov 4, 1902
they had a daughter- Elsye Myrtle Livington Campbell

3m. only son, Meyrick Holmes Bankes
b- 1881
d- Dec 2, 1881, age 10 months

6bb-  Christina MacPherson
b- 1859 in Quebec per 1881 census
d- ?
Sir David MacPherson bought an estate, "Rosedale House", in Toronto
for his daughter Christina MacPherson,
and her new husband, Percival-Frederic Joseph Ridout,
b- June 15, 1856
d- ?
they married Apr 12, 1887
son of George D. Ridout, and Caroline Cumberland
2 children I know of: 1n-2n
1n- daughter Leonie Macpherson Ridout
b- Dec 9, 1892 in Toronto, York, ON
2n- daughter, name unknown
b- Feb 8, 1890 in Toronto, York, ON

7bb- Isabella "Isabel" Louise MacPherson,
b- abt 1845, Chestnut Park (1881 census says 1855 in Quebec?)
married George Airey Kirkpatrick, his 2nd wife
b- Sept 13, 1841 in Kingston, Upper Canada
d- Dec 13, 1899 in Toronto ON
the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario at the time of Sir David's death.
son of Thomas Kilpatrick and Helen Fisher
Isabel was his 2nd wife.
they married Sept 26, 1883, in the British Embassy, Paris, France
they had a son- Eric Reginald MacPherson Kilpatrick
b- Sept 18, 1884 in Closeburn, Kingston, ON
d- ?

I show one of the daughters married a Mr. Baubres
had 2 daughters,
Baroness Macdonald, of Earnescliffe
and Lady Abbott
but not sure which one?  or if info is correct.

NWMP Wood End Museum



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