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Photographer Joseph H. "Joe" Hool

Joseph H. Hool
b- Oct 17, 1855, in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin USA
d- July 13, 1945 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA
buried July 16, 1945, Crystal Lake

father- Joseph Hool
mother- Mary

His Father was born in Quebec, Mother in USA

Joseph Hool only had a 3rd grade education

1910, he was in Sturgis Michigan

1921, He is shown as a Photographer,
in his own shop, in Estevan

1930, He was in Hennepin Minnesota,
 as a photographer with his own shop

1937 in Minneapolis Minnesota,
living at 1221 Washington Ave. North,
 photo shop same address

1940 he was still working at age 83, in Minneapolis

He Married Etta Staub (Etta “Ettie” A. Staub)
Nov 8, 1881, in Berrien, Michigan, USA

Etta  "Ettie" A. Staub
b- Jan 13, 1860, in Walkerton, St Joseph, Indiana, USA
d- Sept 5, 1945 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA.

Daughter of Paul Staub and Sarah ?

Her parents both born in USA

They had a son, Chauncey, who was also a Photographer
and joined his father's business in Estevan

Chauncey Wilber Hool
Aug  7, 1882 in South Bend, St Joseph, Indiana, USA
d- Oct 16, 1963 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA
he married a Lillian Hool, nee Wallin
age 36 he was married, shown as a farmer in Barnard Valley, Montana
Chauncey and Lillian had a son:
Eddie Francis Hool
b- May 15, 1815 in Estevan SK
d- July 30, 1990 in Leesburg, FL, USA

Joseph and Ettie both immigrated to Canada in 1913,
 So this was one of the first postcards he made.
It was sent by Ettie Hool, postmarked July 26, 1913
from Estevan, to her friend, Miss Sadie Cole,
No (North?) Nottawa St., Sturgis Michigan, USA,
Where the Hool family were living, before coming to Estevan
They were both Baptists.

Mr. Hool was a photographer
who took most of the old Postcards in Estevan,
along with the Druggist Ed Davis.

He lived and worked at 413 12th ave. in Estevan in 1921

Main St. (4th St.) Estevan looking West
The first powerline crossing is 12th ave.
Another great Postcard from Grant Walker in CA




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