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George Murray

Estevan Townsite was Surveyed in 1892
One of the crew, was George Murray, from Weyburn SK
 b- Oct 10, 1867, in Bruce County, ON
(turned 86, Oct 10, 1953)
d- Sept 7, 1957 (one month before he turned 90)
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn SK.
When he surveyed the Townsite,
the sod shack of Arthur Kelly
was the only visible building.
Scotch ancestry, Presbyterian

He Married Edith Mary Leggett,
at Napinka, RM of Winchester, Manitoba,
Sept 21, 1894

Edith Mary Leggett (Legget)
(also seen spelled Leggart?)
b- Mar 7, 1870 in ON
d- Jan 8, 1944 in Weyburn
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery in Weyburn SK
Irish ancestry, Methodist

8 children I have found so far:

1. Daughter- Bessie Merl Murray,
b-  Apr 22, 1895 in RM of Winchester, MB
d- ?

2. Son- Thomas Harvey Murray,
b- Mar 24, 1897 in RM of Winchester, MB
d- ?d- ?

3. Daughter- Adelaide "Isabelle" Murray
b- Oct 19, 1899 in RM of Winchester, MB
d- Dec 3, 1988 in Weyburn ?
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
Teacher at Elgin School in 1965
Teacher at Weyburn Schools for many years.

4. Son- George "Lloyd" Murray
b- Aug 1903 in MB
d- Jan 1, 1965 in Weyburn ?
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK
newspaper article 1941 says name was Lloyd George Murray
living at 2255 Retallack St, Regina
Manager of Murray's House of Flowers in Weyburn, when he died.
Took over his father's greenhouse/flower business.
Married Muriel Isabel Murray, nee ?
b- ?
d- Apr 22, 1995
buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Weyburn SK

5. Son- Arthur R. Murray
b- Jan 1906 in SK.
d- ?

6. Daughter- Muriel Murray
b- July 15, 1908 in Weyburn SK
d- ?

7. Daughter- Marion Murray
b- Jan 15, 1908, in Weyburn SK
d- ?

(dates for the 2 above, 6 months apart???
or 1 is a 7 or 7 is a 1, and they are twins)
(mother shown as Edith M. Teggart, miss spelling)

8. Daughter- Gertrude M. Murray
b- Sept 9, 1912 in Weyburn SK
d- ?
Attended Normal School in Moose Jaw SK.
She taught school in SK for 13 years.
In 1950 she became supervisor of School Broadcasts
for the SK Department of Education,
She was living in Regina in 1953
Became the Chief of Instructional Resources.
in 1969 she is still shown as Miss Murray, not married.
Received a medal in 1965 from UNESCO for

a report on the Year of the Child.
Gertrude Murray SD named after her.

George Murray Bio

Mr. George Murray was over 6ft tall.
At age of 82 he opened a huge Greenhouse,
across the street from the new (1953) Mental Hospital in Weyburn.
Weyburn Greenhouses and flower shop.

Summer of 1892 he was a rod man on the surveying crew,
laying out the Soo Line.
He personally assisted in surveying the new Townsite of Estevan.
He watched the first shack erected at the site.
His brother-in-law, Fred Ullyot, was the engineer,
on the first train that steamed into Estevan in July 1892.

First job was working as a clerk in a General Store in Shelburne ON
Due to rheumatism his doctor recommended
he should move west where it was drier.
Came west Apr 12, 1892, arriving at Melita MB.
First job was as a time keeper with the surveying crew.
He was hired by the CPR in Winnipeg as a Surveyor.
First Surveying job was building the line
from Deloraine to Napinka, in Southwest Manitoba.
Next job was the Soo Line from Estevan to Yellowgrass.
This line was completed in November 1892.
George went back to Napinka MB,
and went back to working in a General store there.
Renewed his relationship with his girlfriend, and married her there.

Acquired a half section of prime land,
5 miles east of Napinka, from a bankrupt settler.
After 10 years of farming, he sold out in 1904.

Apr 20, 1901 census
 shows them in District #6, Brandon, Brenda, MB
TP4, Rg24, and Rg25

Then he moved to Weyburn
For 10 years he established and operated
the first Real Estate Agency there.
He called it the Saskatchewan Collection Agency.
Known as "Murray the Land Man"
He held various other jobs:
Bookkeeper for the Saskatchewan Government at Weyburn.
On the side he gardened as a hobby.
For 7 years he owned and operated
 a General Store and Restaurant in Ogema
Moved back to Weyburn and worked in the Liquor store there,
until the new Conservative Government removed him.
Retired about 1948.





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