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Looking West on 4th St
Perry's Hardware half way down
 on the right.

Picture taken from around 11th Ave.
in front of the City Hall area.

3rd building on the left
at 1132 4th st
was George Macready's Men's store
built before 1909.

3rd building on the right,
barely visible after the large 2nd one,
was the Union bank at 1131, 4th st.
Next to the Wicklow Center today.
Westend of Estevan showing ECI on the right
Aerial View of the
 Westend of Estevan
ECI on the right,
Old St Joseph's Hospital
beyond the School
Taken in late 50's, early 60's.

Section Map showing Area
 East to Bienfait

Mar 1, 1957
Estevan Mercury Headline
Estevan becomes a City

4th Street at Night
Taken mid 1200 block looking east
Street lights installed 1912-1913
Mar 17, 1894
W. F. Irwin selling Massey Harris Co equipment


July 4-5, (Monday-Tuesday) 1949
Estevan Exhibition
almost broke record attendance of 1948.
8,152 Gate Attendance.
6,051 Grandstand admissions.
8,279 was the record gate attendance in 1948.
Improvements they made:
regrouping livestock barns
spectators stand at livestock ring
improved grandstand entrance
blacktop surfacing in front of grandstand
permanent eating booths
lighting in the parking areas
and machinery exhibits

Buck Steele's "Cavalcade of Stars"
who usually did the afternoon shows,
and Gus Sun's "Stars of Canada"
who usually did the evening shows,
were the grandstand attractions.
Gus Sun b- Oct 7, 1868- d- Oct 1, 1959
was a vaudeville performer,
Juggler, and Minstrel,
and became owner of the Gus Sun Circuit.
"Wallace Bros. Shows of Canada"
managed by J. P. Sullivan,
James Patrick (Jimmy) Sullivan
b- 1889 in Fargo ND
furnished the midway
In 1955 Sullivan changed the name
of Wallace Bros. Shows of Canada
to "World's Finest Shows".
It still travelled by rail, using 50 large boxcars,
seven Pullman cars and more than 30 flatcars.
The majority of the cars were owned by the show,
making it the largest privately owned
railway in the country.
In 1963 they sold out to "Conklin Shows"

Aug 20, 1904
Bankers and Grain Dealers
spend a night in Estevan.
Now here is a Train load of Rich People
looking for places to spend their money.

On the train:
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan
b- January 14, 1846, d- April 14, 1933,
Lieutenant Governor of MB at the time
Sir Daniel Hunter McMillan Web Page
John Love, (1856-1939)
President of the Dealer's Association;
Alexander Ross Hargraft, b- 1860,
Harcraft and Co, and President of the Grain Exchange;
Frederick Phillipps, b- Sept 1, 1857, d- 1932
President and Gen. Manager, Dominion Elevator Company;
Samuel P. Clark, Northern Elevator Company;
Isaac Capel Tilt, (1871-1938)
Western manager of Toronto grain firm,
 James Carruthers & Company;
A. B. Ellis, of McLaughlin & Ellis Company
which controlled a chain of elevators
in MN, Iowa, SD, and Nebraska, in US,
as well as a line of country elevators
on the CPR, in MB and SK in Canada;
John Geddis, Crown Elevator Company;
W. H. McWilliams, Vice-President and General manager,
of the Canadian Elevator Company,
the first American owned company,
formed in Winnipeg, in 1902,
became largest by 1910;
John Charles Gage, (1876-1930)
of Andrews-Gage Grain Co,
became the International Elevator Co. in 1905;
Edward O'Reilly,
who was previously a rep forJames Richardson and Sons,
Archibald Dickson Chisholm (1857-1930),
W. J. Billington,
 Charles Alexander Young (1855-1928),
all of Alexander McFee & Company;
J. J. McHugh of McHugh & Christenson;
Frank M. March (1863- ?)
 of the Export Elevator Company;
J. A. Stead, of Stead & Herriott
in business as Herriott Elevator Co.;

T. H. Hatchard-Osborne,
William Linton Parrish, (Aug 4, 1860 in ON-1949)
of Parrish & Lindsay,
Parrish from ON came to Brandon, MB in 1881,
partnered with Norman Heimbecker
to form P&H Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd. in 1909
father- Samuel Parrish, Uxbridge, ON,
James Hodd,
(might have been from Stratford ON)
 all Grain Men of Winnipeg;

Mr. Spencer, St. Louis
Corwin H. Spencer?
they operated a large grain house in St. Louis;
Lake & Dennison, of Chicago;
Pieper Dearst, Prince, and Fred Whalen, of Minneapolis;
Hon. Rodmond Palen Roblin,
(February 15, 1853 – February 16, 1937)
for the MB Government;
Francis Lawrence “Frank” Patton (1857-1932),
manager of the Dominion Bank;
Norman George Leslie (1856-1916),
Manager of the Imperial Bank;
Sir John Aird, (1855-1938),
 Manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce;
William Lee Ball (1851-1919),
Manager of the Eastern Townships Bank.

June 26, 1893, Qu'Appelle Progress
printed these articles

Good Templar Lodge #78
lately organized is in a flourishing condition
It's members number over thirty,
and the new ones are constantly being initiated.
Mr. F. T. Morton is the worthy Chief.

Inspector Perry was here last Friday,
and subjected the Police outfit
to a thorough Inspection
Aylesworth Bowen Perry, C.M.G. NWMP
b- Aug 21, 1860 at Violet, ON
d- Feb 14, 1956, in Ottawa, ON
1889-1897 in charge of Regina Depot
served as the 6th Commissioner of RCMP
from Aug. 1, 1900, to Mar. 31, 1923.

A Mr. George McKimney
just finished the quarantine corrals
for a shipment of 300 cattle
from the Gretna Quarantine station.

They found a skeleton of a man, frozen to death
25 miles SE of Estevan
near the Dirt Hills,
it was found by a Norwegian.
There was a little money,
some papers, and a small Bible
found in his pockets.
Body was identified as Jack Lee


Ray Blondeau
 Stock Car Racing 1960
"Pete's White Rose" sponsor, #24.
Days when the track was where Yardley Place
is today, adjacent to King St.
In the background you can see
the tall vertical wood picket fence
that surrounded the track.
Also seen in background is
the Estevan Water Tower.
Picture courtesy my buddy Wayne Wagner.
Ex Hillsider like myself.
view of 4th st from the old government, post office buildingview looking north on 12th ave from 2nd st

Pictures above from Lynn (nee Cooley) Kindopp
From her Grandfather, Henry Wilson's collection
One on left was a glass plate photo.
Lynn tells me he was a carpenter in Estevan,
and built many houses in the town.
Thanks for these Lynn.




Some of these pictures were sent to me by Larry Preddy
who received them from Alice Pawson.
They were taken by J. Hool and sons,
but I am unable to find this firm
to get permission to print the pics here
Others I have found in my travels
or were in my Mom's scrapbooks.
If any have a legitimate copyright
please let me know, and I will remove them.

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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