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 Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress
 visited Estevan Sept 5, 1927

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On Sept 5, 1927, there was for the era, a huge event in Estevan.
2 Special CPR trains, after an all night run from Winnipeg,
 arrived at 9AM in the morning, and left at 5PM.
It was a one day visit by some of the richest, famous,
and/or intelligent men from all parts of the British Empire.
300 visitors arrived for the 6 separate tours.
they had 120 Cars waiting at the station,
to take the guests on the tours.

It was the 2nd (Triennial) Congress.

Tour Spots:
Western Dominion Collieries
and the Briquetting Plant,
Manitoba and Saskatchewan Coal Co.
Bienfait Collieries
Big Lump Mine
International Clay Products
Sunlight Coal Co
Prairie Nurseries Ltd.
Parkinson Mine
Nicholson Mine
Anderson Mine
Souris Valley Creamery
Estevan Flour Mills,
Chippewa Bottling Works

They even had Golf and Tennis lined up.

They had lunch under the trees, at the River Park Pavilion
and at the mines.
Afternoon tea was served at Catholic Club, and the Elks Lodge

Partial Special Guest list
Mining Experts, Engineers, University Professors
Scientists, Diplomats, Colliery Owners, etc.
Tour "A" is a portion of a Congress
representing 10 Societies.
20,000 members, 48 different countries.
Ex-Mayor Lake of Johannesburg, South Africa
Prof. Vondrack of the Technical University Czecho-Slovakia
Dr. Samuel Evans, Director of the South African Gold Commission for the Transvaal
Alex Shalin, commissioned to gather a report
 on the progress and openings for Norwegians in Canada,
and to present it personally to the King of Sweden. (why not Norway?)
George C. Klug, Australian Ranch and Mine Owner,
responsible for reforestation in Australia with Canadian trees.
Dr. Malcolm, London England, a Mine Doctor of wide experience.
Major-General Sir William Thomas Furse, KCB KCMG DSO
and Lady Furse from London, England, 
making a study of Western Economic Conditions,
for British immigrants.  They visited farms in the district.
b- April 21,1865,  Staines, Middlesex, England
d- May 31, 1953 ‎(Age 88)‎
Lady Furse-
Jean Adelaide Evans Gordon OBE

Charles McDermid, General Secretary of the Empire Mining and Metallurgical Congress
Stanley Robson, prominent refinery works Proprietor from Wales
Miss C. F. Elain, or Elam, D.S.C. from Glasgow Scotland
Professor Bernard W. Holman, O.B.E. of the Royal School of Mines, South Kensington.
and scores of other wealthy and influential world figures.

There was 2 tours, one for western Canada one for East.
Montreal was the headquarters.
Sir robert Horne was Hon. President, from Great Britian
Hon, T.C. Davis Minister of Labor and Industries in Gov't of SK, and Mrs. Davis.
W. F. Kerr, Commission of Publications
Thomas Molloy, Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries
Robert McKenzie, rep of Assiniboia in House of Commons,
J. P. Tripp, Oxbow, provincial member for that district.

Committee in charge of Arrangements:
S. Holley
Robert J. Lee
D. Bannatyne
who superintended the tours
Official welcome by Mayor A. M. Taisey

The party on its way to the Coast,
was joined here by Dr. J. F. Creighton, MLA for Estevan




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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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