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Key to the photo on the left
2nd St.
Fantastic postcard of 2nd street.
Taken from the corner of 12th Ave.
looking east to 13th Ave. and beyond.
Sent to me by Volker Tobias
with thanks

James Alpin Smith House
1306-2nd Street

Aug 2009

It was built in 1905,
and can be seen in the distance (D),
with it's distinctive porch posts,
 and beautiful stone work.
Stonework by 2 of Estevan's finest stone masons,
George Rooks and John Phillips.
Architect O. M. Akers,
W. F. Hagen Contractor.
There was an Estevan citizen
Mr. Akers on first Library board.

James (Jim) Alpin Smith
b- Nov 15, 1868 in Halifax, Halifax Co. NS
Note- NS birth record shows middle name Alpine
Estevan cemetery records say middle name
is Alfred, and he was born Nov 16, 1868
d- May 24, 1947, buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Mr. James Alpin Smith
Served in 2nd Bn, CMR
He served in the Boer War, Reg #294
Canadian Mounted Rifles
enlisted Jan 6, 1900,
discharged Jan 14, 1901.
awarded Queen's Medal with 4 clasps.
Johannesburg, Diamond Hill, Cape Colony,
and Orange Free State.
He was a Sergeant in the NWMP at Macleod, NWT,
Reg #1716, age 31, when he enlisted in the Boer War.
Dec 29, 1899 he had 14 years in the NWMP.
5ft, 9in tall.
Per 1907 article he was a member of the NWMP
with Sergeant Lett,
and a Rev. I. T. Stewart, from Gainsborough.
Referred to as Jim the Mounty.
1905 he resigned, and ran the Gov't Liquor store.
 He was the first S.S.R. Commanding Officer.
Shown as Colonel Smith in one article.
and Lt. Colonel in a 1937 article.
He also owned the Smith Block, on 12th Ave.
just south of the old International Hotel,
between 5th and 4th st in Estevan.
He was voted Mayor of Estevan in 1913.
In 1911 Census he was a
 Wholesale wine and spirit merchant.
His wife was Lillian Frances Smith, nee Moreash.
b- 1880
d- Sept 8, 1953. buried in Estevan City Cemetery
His wife, Lillian came to Canada in April 1880,
Her sister was a Miss M. Moreash,
of Halifax NS, who visited her in Sept 1907.
They married after 1900, as he is single
when he enlisted in the Boer War.

James Alpin Smith's
 Father- David Smith,
b- 1841 in Lincolnshire, England
Father might have died before 1900.
Teamster in 1872, Truckman in 1881, Coachman in 1900
married Matilda Brown Sept 26, 1867 in Halifax Co, NS
James was their first born child.
smith family living in ward no 1, Halifax City, NS
they also had 2 daughters-

Charlotte Smith-
b- 1871, in NS

Martha Mary Smith-
 b- Dec 13, 1872, Halifax, NS
She married a Mr. Haley by 1944
living in Galt, Waterloo Co., ON

David was 26, Matilda age 19 when they married.
Jame's Mother- Matilda Brown,
(Browne in one record)
b- 1848 in Ireland
shown as next of kin in 1900,
as Mrs. Dr. Gomby, Sheet Harbor, Halifax Co., NS.
Mother's father- James Brown
Mother's mother- Mary Brown

James's Grandfather- John Smith
James's Grandmother- Martha Smith

James was President of the
Estevan Exhibition Assoc.- 1916-1920
No children shown,
wonder why such a big house for 2?
This house was once owned
 by the Keith Irvine family,
who owned Irvine Drugs in Estevan.
A family of 5 children lived in the house.
James Smith also was the first manager
of the Estevan Progress newspaper
from 1910-1912

2nd house visible on left (B),
built in 1905, at 1226 2nd st.
was Mr John Phillips family home.
His family of 5 were born there.
He was born Aug 1881, in England,
coming to Canada in 1904.
His wife was Elizabeth,
He was listed as a Bricklayer in 1911
He was the bricklayer of many schools and homes

3rd house on left (C),
with just the roof,  with dormer, visible,
was also built in 1905, at 1234 2nd St.
It was the Alexander Edward McKay home.
In 1914 he was Chairman of the School Board
when ECI was opened.
He was born in Dec 1876, in Ontario,
His wife was Isabel,
He was listed as a Lumber merchant in 1911

The House just past Mr Smith's home (E),
with only the roof visible, in the distance,
is at 1318 2nd St., owned by Harry Kelly Family.
built around 1910.
He was the fellow who owned the harness shop
which later became the Dairy Queen in the 60's.

Top of ECI can be seen in the distance
over the houses on the left (F)

Beyond ECI, not seen in the picture,
in the ravine is the Big Coal mine,
operated as the Dominion Coal Company.

  Leter view black and white, now with electric power poles

Postcards of Houses On Third St.,
1300 block
From 13th Ave NW towards Westview
South side of the street.

3rd house  from left, in row above,
 Richard Kisbey House

1037 1ST St

The Fisher House,
built in 1905 by William Kinna
 who owned the lumberyard in town
Bought by Miss Minnie Fisher around 1910
The Gus Gesell family
 lived in the upstairs of this building

It was a boarding house for years.

There was a fire in this house in 1912.
It was rebuilt, even bigger.

Aug 2009

Aug 15, 1892
Site of Estevan described

Aug 16, 1892
Dominion Express Company
opens an office in Estevan

Aug 22, 1892
The Estevan boom continues

June 26, 1893
Cattle were quarantined in Estevan
after they were shipped north on the Railroad.
Mr. George McKenzie built the corrals
Inspector Wilson, was checking the cattle.

Jan 13, 1893
Independent Order of Foresters (IOF)
held their first recruiting meeting in Estevan
Mr. D. M. Card D.S.C.R. gave the presentation
They are divided into 3 Levels
Lower Court, which was being formed here,
High Courts is the 2nd level,
and Supreme Court the highest.
Supreme Chief Ranger the highest position
It appears Mr. Card, held the highest office.


a 1922 Estevan Bicycle License #81
I've had some unusual photos
sent to me before,
but this one takes the cake.
Where did it hang from?
When I lived in Estevan I had a bike license,
that looked like a mini version of a car license.
Photo sent to me by Grant Walker,
from Studio City, LA

3rd st looking west, from 12th ave
1924 photo courtesy C. Brace
from the Norman L. McLeod Collection

12th Ave looking south
1924 photo courtesy C. Brace
from the Norman L. McLeod Collection

Post Office and part of south side of 4th st
1924 photo courtesy C. Brace
from the Norman L. McLeod Collection


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