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Population 3,000, 9,000 in the vicinity
8 Churches, Hospital, 3 Public Schools, Collegiate Institute,
3 banks, $40,000 Post Office, $20,000 town Hall,
Municipally owned electric light plant, sewerage, water works,
5 elevators

3 Banks

Bank of Hamilton,
1140 4th st.
Osman N. Johnston, Manager, res 4th st
Russell W. Hall, Ledger Keeper, res 4th st
Isabell McKay, Stenographer, res 614 Valley St
Ewart Reid, Collection Clerk, res 1217 3rd st
Ernest Shannon, Accountant, res 2nd st
Noel A. Stuart, Teller, res 1221 2nd st

Bank of Montreal,
1201 5th st.
George W. Hutchins- Manager, res 1403 2nd st
Robert T. Barrow- Teller
Michael S. Feist, District Clerk, res 4th st
Fred L. Goodman, Accountant, res 813 3rd st
Sidney R. Kitching, Ledger, res 1233 2nd st
Tena Vaughn, Stenographer, res 1114 3rd st
Annie Young, Ledger, res Valley

Union Bank
4th st
Alexander E. F. MacLean- Manager, res 3rd st
Mary McNie, Stenographer, res 917 3rd st
John Miller, clerk, res 3rd st
Henry W. Smith, Ledger, res 11th ave

Canadian Investment Co Ltd.
1021 5th st.
Alexander E. McKay- agent lumber dirs, , res 1234 2nd st

My Estevan Bank History here

8 Churches

Baptist Church
Rev. W. G. Taylor, Pastor, res 3rd st

Free Methodist Church
 Rev. Ayre, Pastor

Roman Catholic Church
Rev Father Dupraz, Parish Priest

St. Giles Anglican Church
Rev M. A. F. Custance, MA, Rural Dean

Union Church
Souris Ave. & 3rd st.
Rev R. D. Finlayson, Pastor

Salvation Army
Lieutenant C. E. Hill
Captain Mundy

My Estevan Church History here

Saskatchewan Provincial Police
Estevan Detachment

John Molyneux, Corporal, res 3rd st
Sept 29, 1931 he is shown as Sergeant John Molyneux,
Estevan Detachment, RCMP
had his left ear torn during the Miner's riot in Estevan

Corporal John Molyneux,
his wife and grandson, ca summer 1946

John Molyneux and his wife, date 1918-1927, place unknown
John is dressed in his Saskatchewan Provincial Police Uniform

photos courtesy his grandson, John Molyneux

H. J. Promhows, Constable, res 3rd st
my guess for this guy,
Hans John Prowhows
b- Sept 18, 1892, Clark Co., SD, USA
d- ?
enlisted Aug 17, 1915, in Regina, in WWI, shown as a farmer
next of kin Thorwald Promhows, Halbrite SK
(other records say his name was Promhouse)
both of these policemen investigated the murder of Paul Matoff in Bienfait

Estevan Board of Trade
A. C. Hill, Secretary

Saskatchewan Government Employment Office
1139 1/2 4th st
Arthur C. Hill, Superintendent, res 1210 3rd st
Elizabeth M. Winteringham, Stenographer

Court House
Margaret McDonald, Registrar Clerk, res 906 4th st
John W. Mealey, Deputy Clerk of the Court, res Clarendon Hotel
William H. S. Glew, Deputy Sherriff, res 1325 2nd st
Jeannie A. Muirhead, Stenographer, Sheriff's Office

William Davidson Muirhead, Sheriff's Office, res 321 3rd st
b- Jan 17, 1867, d- Feb 19, 1929

William Nichol, Sheriff and Clerk of the Court, res 2nd st

Edmund R. Wylie,
Judge of the District Court,
Judicial District of Estevan

My Estevan Court House page

Dominion Customs
Post Office Building, 4th st
Michael J. Roche, Sub Collector
George A. Thomson, Customs Clerk, res 422 4th st

School Teachers

Mrs Jessie Chisholm, nee Whitton, res 2nd st
b- Mar 13, 1877, d- Mar 7, 1961

John A. Chisholm- Principal Public School, res 2nd st
b- Jan 27, 1875, d- Sept 28, 1937

May Emrick
Bessie Condie 
Frances Henry- res 3rd st
Katherine McIntosh, res 2nd st
Elsie Littler
Jean MacNaughton
Margaret McNie, res 3rd st
Mrs. G. I. Moore, res 3rd st
Lillian Perry, res 3rd st
Mary B. Nelson

Helen B. Rattray, Collegiate Teacher, res 4th st
Elizabeth F. C. Rogers, Collegiate Teacher, res 4th st
Sadie Lee, Collegiate Teacher
Robert Clare Moir, Principal, Collegiate, res 4th st
(see my ECI page)

Town Hall

Eleazer William Garner- Mayor
b- Apr 28, 1887 in Walkerton, Bruce Co. ON,
d- Oct 27, 1937
Estevan Mayor 1921-1923

Councillors- J. A. Lackey, B. F. Grundeen, D. L. Irvine,
Dr. E. T. French, A. M. Taisey, W. H. Nesbitt

Town Clerk- Arthur Bertram Stuart, res 2nd st
(b- July 29, 1870, London England, d- June 15, 1960)
Irene Johnson Sadler

John B. Hamilton
- Town Engineer, Superintendent of Utilities, res Valley

Waneta E. Bauder
- Stenographer, Residence, Nth Hillside

Roy Blondeau
- Labourer

William Lawrence Eastham
- Assistant Town Clerk, res 43, 12th Ave.

James Joseph Gallagher
- Caretaker, res 1st st
(b- 1846- d- Jan 20, 1928)

John Peter Hendry
- Town Fireman
(b-  Nov 1877- d- Sept 6, 1947)

William Henry Skinner
- Town Electrician
(b- 1871- d- Aug 17, 1925)
married to Mary Collison

George Moncrieff
- 1st Engineer, Town Power Plant, res 3rd st.
(b- May 1871, d- Mar 18, 1935)

George R. Murray,
 - 2nd Eng, Town Power Plant, res 3rd st

J. H. Wilkinson
- 3rd engineer, Town Power Plant
First Power Plants

Henry E. Garland
- Chief of Town Police, res 4th st

Carl Soderberg
- Town Constable, res 3rd st
(b-1875- d- Apr 18, 1948)


John Swanson, Road Master

Olaf "Ole" Sandquist, Section Foreman
(b- Feb 3, 1876, d- Mar 24, 1952)

John E. Lundin, Section Foreman

Johan "John" Alfred Berglof- Blacksmith- res- 3rd st
b- 1877 Feula, Sweden, d- July 29, 1955
Aug 1911 came thru North Portal border crossing

Herbert Delridge, Locomotive Engineer, res 2nd st
Dougald C. Nichol, Locomotive Engineer, res Hillside
J. Sands, Locomotive Engineer, res 4th st
Thomas Wilinson, Locomotive Engineer, res 3rd st
Ed Holloway, Locomotive Foreman, 3rd st
Andrew Forsythe, Brakeman, res 6th st
Louis Hanson, Brakeman, res 1st st
Herbert Tubbs, Brakeman, res 3rd st
Charles Steffler, Brakeman, res 2nd st
George Hamlet, Conductor, res 2nd st
William Vanbuskirk, Conductor, res 1st st
Louis Zapp, Conductor, res 2nd st
L. Hartley, Section Hand, res Hillside
Alfred E. Lundin, Section Hand
Harry Hunter, Baggageman, res 3rd st
John Ingam, Hostler, 4th (see Note 1 below)
James Jones, Coal Docker, res 4th st
Fred Knight- Warehouseman, res 2nd st
John Milne, Car Repairer, res 2nd st
Thomas Morris, Car Repairer, res 2nd st
Ethel Quirk, Stenographer, res 3rd st
William J. Wagner, Front Clerk, res 2nd st
Floyd C. Walker, Shed Foreman
George Williams, Car Foreman, res 2nd st
George Sparks, Boiler Maker, res Hillside
John P. Wynn, Boiler Maker

Note 1- The Occupation of “Hostler" is derived from the age-old job
of moving horses into and out of the barn.
In this case, Locomotives into and out of, the Roundhouse.

CPR Freight Dept, 11th Ave and 6th

John M. Rutherford- Agent, res 4th st and 12th ave
William H. Baker- Cashier CPR Freight
Fred C. Cowgill, Warehouseman, res Hillside

CPR Telegraph

Gordon C. Cauthers- Telegraph Operator, res 1st
Howard P. Devine- Telegraph Operator, res 2nd st
Victor E. Gilby- Telegraph Operator, res station
Alfred Morris, Messenger, res 1st st

Dominion Express- 6th St.
CPR Station

William B. Bradley- Agent, res 2nd st
Thomas J. Millington, teamster
Bertrum R. Robinson, Messenger, res 4th st

My Estevan Train Information

CNR Station- 5th and 9th Ave

William A. Ford- Agent, res CNR Station

John S. Munro, Assistant Agent

Hotels - Cafes

Bergstrom Hotel and Cafe
corner 6th st. and 12th ave.

Clinton H. Hoyt, Proprietor
Williah Winstanley, Maid

Bergstrom Cafe
Ida Listow, Waitress
John Matthieson, Waiter

International Hotel,
corner 12th ave and 5th st

William Henley, Proprietor
J. A. Alexander- Chef
Marcille Blondeau- Maid
Mrs. Arnold- Maid
Marion Flurey- Waitress
Evon Prevost, Waitress
George Purr, Porter
Arthur W. McKinnon, Clerk

Clarendon Hotel
Jake Krivel Proprietor, res same
Annie Digness, Housekeeper
Harry Evans, Clerk
Mike Ketchue, Porter
Florence Zimmerman, Maid

Clarendon Cafe
Tom Koi, Proprietor

Dupuis House
Philip Dupuis, Proprietor- res 1221 5th st
Mary Wetsch, Maid, res Dupuis House

Commercial Cafe
1128 5th st
Wong Soon Proprietor

Estevan Rooms,
(Estevan Hotel, in other records)
1120 6th st.
Adam Edward Tisdale, Proprietor
b- Oct 10, 1877 in Wellington Co. ON
d- Nov 15, 1953, in Moose Jaw SK,
buried with his wife in Macoun SK.
He came west from ON ca 1902.
wife- Sarah nee Clark
He also later operated Tisdale Coal Mine
Section 33, Township 1, Range 8 -W2

Palace Cafe
James Green, Proprietor, res 1214 4th st
Annie Klymyk, Waitress, res Palace cafe

Mrs. Peter McDonald,
Rooms and Board, 1314 4th st

Newport Cafe,
429 12th ave
Charlie Toy, Proprietor

Savoy Cafe
508 12th ave
Lee Sun, Proprietor

Victoria Cafe
528 12th ave
Chee Lee, Proprietor

My Estevan Hotels Page

Estevan Coal and Brick Co. Ltd.
Manufacturers Corduroy Pressed Hollow
and Common Brick.
Bank of Hamilton Chambers

William Niblett, Superintendent

L.ucas "Arden" Smith- Manager and Sec-Treas.
b- Sept 13, 1892 in Carnduff SK, d- July 6, 1937
Served in WWI

Albert Butler- Mine Boss
b- Aug 8, 1877, d- Feb 20, 1972

William Garvey Watson, Sales manager, res 5th st
b- 1877, d- Nov 12, 1959

Anthony "Anton" Gedak- Blacksmith
John Murray, Teamster
John O'Hanley, Teamster
W. Hodgins, Driver
H. Prickshot, Engineer
Robert Scobie, Engineer
Thomas Reed, Chief Burner
T. Bert- Miner
T. Anderson- Miner
Thomas Jones, Miner
J. Munro, Miner
A. Slous, Miner
Harry Westcott, Miner
Harry Bickman- Labourer
Jake Abdulneur- Labourer
T. Aleyk- Labourer
A. Anderson- Labourer
John Cote- Labourer
M. Deloski, Labourer
R. Fallin, Labourer
John Gentish, Labourer
E. Guichard, Labourer
L. Johnson, Labourer
W. Maclary, Labourer
Thomas McLelland, Labourer
W. McLintock, Labourer
E. Martin, Labourer
G. Platt, Labourer
Robert Rimpson, Labourer
A. Ovlossti, Labourer
J. Ovlossti, Labourer
S. Ovlossti, Labourer
J. Toullons, Labourer
F. J. Wallace, Labourer
J. Wilson, Labourer
William Slous, Labourer
E. Sones, Labourer
E. Southernwood, Labourer
O. Southernwood, Labourer
N. Swenson, Labourer
W. Wyzullius, Labourer
J. Young, Labourer

Part of this page Coal Mines in the Area

Souris Valley Creamery
Butter and Ice Cream Manufacturers
910 5th st

Bernard F. Grundeen, Proprietor, res 831 2nd st
Thomas Bastian- labourer, residence 4th st
My Bastian Family Info
Claude D. Ellis- Butter Maker, res 1st st
Henry A. Jacobson, Butter Maker, res 1st st
Lawrence J. McLeod, Assistant Butter Maker, res 3rd st
John Flint, Ice Cream Maker, res 3rd st.
Ruby E. Gleiser, Accountant
Ruby Gleiser Info
I. W. Peters, Night Foreman
M. M. Tromberg, Labourer, res 4th st
James Wilson, Shipper, res 2nd st

My Souris Valley Creamery Page

Prairie Nurseries Ltd.
Campbell Block, 12th ave

Theodore A. Torgeson, Managing Director and Sec- Treasurer
Oosmond Torgeson, Director
George Wicklow, Nurseries Manager
Elizabeth Steele, Accountant, res 917 3rd st
Jean M. Reid, Assistant Auditor, res 2nd st
Lilly Bevan- Sales Auditor
William B. Heckhouse, Sales Manager, res 901 3rd st
A. R. Dudfield- Salesman
Carl Dow, Salesman 
Charles B. Garratt, Salesman
Samuel A. Garratt, Salesman
C. S. Washburne, Salesman, res International Hotel
W. A. R. Kirby, Salesman, res International Hotel
Malcolm D. Morrow, Salesman, res International Hotel
William Parry, Farm Foreman
Robert Parsons, Farm Foreman
Amos Gough, Employee
Ernest Gough, Employee
William Gough, Employee
John Marvin Denton, Employee
Samuel Clarke- Employee
James Kilcoyne, Employee
Richard Lamb, Employee
August Wetsch, Employee, res Hillside

My Prairie Nurseries Ltd Page

Saskatchewan Government Telephones
1222 5th st

Ernest Pierce, Agent
Margaret Mooney, Chief Operator, res 1st st
Evelyne Blackburn- Operator, residence 1st st
Nora Brown- Operator, res 1st st
Ethel Appleton- Operator, res 3rd st
Lydia Carriere- Operator, res 3rd st
Virginia Carriere- Operator, res 3rd st
Pearl Devine- Operator, res 2nd st
Yvonne Mularky, Operator
William Stevens, Lineman, res 1st st

Orpheum Theatre,
1235 4th st

Leo A. (Andrew?) Maher, Manager
I believe he might have been born in Minnesota USA

George H. Ainsworth- Pianist
Celia Sloan, Cashier
Bernard V. Turner, Operator (see Theatre Page below)

My Theatre Page

Music- Teacher/ Instruments

Mrs Eleanor L. Archer,
Violin Teacher, 1215 4th st, res same

Gertrude Louise Rogers
Musical Instruments and Novelties
1031 4th st, res same
Gertrude Louise nee Phelps
b- Oct 13, 1878, d- June 3, 1941

Lumber Yards

Kinna Lumber Yard
 Lumber and Builders Supplies
William Kinna, Proprieter, 1106 5th st, res 2nd st
William Kinna Jr. , Clerk, res 2nd st

Rogers Lumber Yards Ltd.
1018 5th st
Jart L. Sundehl, Agent, res 729 4th st

Grocery / Hardware/ Feed Store

O. R. Armstrong,
Grocery, 12th ave
Oswald R. Armstrong, Proprietor, res 3rd St
E. Wald Krueger, Clerk, res 617 3rd st
Fredk Smallshaw, Clerk, Res 3rd st

John Mitchell,
Meat & Grocery
 1217 4th st
John Mitchell, Proprietor, res 1016 4th st
Leo Cowgill, Clerk, res Hillside

Joseph Berger-
Grocery, 1206 4th st, residence 904 2nd

The Perry Hardware Co.
Hardware, Plumbing and Heating
1207 4th st

Truman Mathew Perry, res 4th st
b- Dec 9, 1878, d- Sept 27, 1947

Thomas Albert Perry, res 1418 3rd st
b- Sept 20, 1886, d- July 4, 1976

Harold Jacques, Plumber, res 1338 6th st
Percy Simpson, Plumber, res 1st st
Norman McCremman, Tinsmith, res 3rd st
Donald A. McNeil, Clerk, res 1st st
Frank S. Butler- Clerk, res 2nd St

M. Mandel & Co
General Store, Campbell Block, 412 12th ave
Max Mandel, Manager, res 1326 2nd st
Charles Mandel, Clerk
Arthur Cook- Clerk, res 11th Ave and 3rd
Lola Hunter, Clerk, res 906 3rd st
Elias (Eli) Wolf Mandel Page

W. R. Whitby Hardware
Hardware, Furniture, Undertaker,
1202 4th st, res 1338 3rd st
Willis R. Whitby, Proprietor
Otto Derwaldt, Clerk, res 1414 2nd St
W. Russell  Reid, Clerk, res 1217 2nd st

Estevan Hardware Co.,
4th St
Louis J. Morris- Manager, res 818 2nd st
Albert P. Main, Clerk, res 2nd st
John Wingert, Clerk, res 5th st
John Wingert, Clerk, res 5th st

T. H. Kelly,
Harness Maker and Shoe Dealer
Thomas H. Kelly, Proprietor, res 2nd st
Frank Christ, Harness Manager, res 3rd st
John Young, Shoe Repairer, res 4th st
Kelly Family Info

James Eliott Feed Stable
1103 5th st

Chmelnitsky & Reider
Dry Goods and Men's Ware
B. A. Chmelnitsky- Co- Proprietor
J. Reider- Co- Proprietor
Blanche Carriere- clerk, res 834 1st

McCready & Holden
1134 4th st
Men's Clothing and Shoes
George E. McCready, Proprietor, res 2nd st
Forest F. Chapman, clerk, res 3rd st
Edward Cyr- Clerk, res 3rd st
Fraser McKay, Clerk, res Valley
August G. Liss, Clerk, res 4th st

W. H. Field & Co,
1127 4th st
Grocers and Men's Furnishings
Willis H. Field, res 3rd st
Thomas J. Garlick, Clerk, res 3rd st
Arthur G. Garrish, res 1st st
Robertson McGillivray, Clerk, res 3rd st

The Leader Store,
1120 4th st
Lewis Hirt- Proprietor, res 1221 3rd st
Bessie Keewovitch, Clerk, res 3rd st
Sarah Keewovitch, Clerk, res 3rd st
Harry Knight, Clerk, res 3rd st
Israel Steinberg, Clerk, res 3rd st
Harry Hirt- Clerk, res 3rd st

E. H. Hardware,
1123 4th st
Holmgren Brothers
Edgar Holmgren, res 933 3rd st
Herbert Holmgren, res 1409 3rd st
John A. Holmgren, Clerk, res 1123 4th st

View Hill G G Assn Ltd
Grocers, 1220 5th st
Leon A. Gowd, res View Hill
Sidney E. Turner, Manager, res Hillside
Percy Sparkes, Clerk, res Hillside

J. A. McGilvery
John A. Harris, Clerk, res 1221 1st st

J. E. Loughlin Co.
4th st
 Dry Goods,
James E. Loughlin, Proprietor, res 3rd st
Laura Lundin, Clerk, res CPR Section House
Mary Miller, Clerk, res 3rd st

Ten Cent and Variety Store
1209 4th st,
Albert E. McCormack, res, in store

McCormack Novelty Store
Josephine McCormack, clerk, res 1208 4th st

Lewis J. Taylor
Tobacconist and News Stand
422 12th ave, res 2nd st

Meat Markets

McLeod & Wellock,
Meat Market
John McLeod, res 3rd st
Major P. Wellock, res 920 4th st
John Horner, clerk, res 1005, 1st st

John McLeod's Memoirs

C. S. Meyer,
Meat Market, 1209 4th st
Charles S. Meyer, Proprietor
Jacob Fladager, Clerk, res Bergstrom Hotel

Peter Cumming,
Meat Market,
1136 4th st, res same


Robert McIlvenna,
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
b- 1856- d- Oct 17, 1941

George Kincade
 Livery Sale and Feed Stable,
1215 5th st, res 1414 6th st
George Edward Kincade
b- 1876, d- Apr 11, 1949


Estevan Mercury
(Thursday) fine Job Printing, 327 12th Ave
Donald C. Dunbar, Publisher, res 2nd St
Ernest J. Cox, Lino Operator, res 2nd St
John Haselhan, Compositor, res 4th st
William Wilkinson, Compositor

Progress Printing Co.
ublisher of Estevan Progress (Thursday)
522 12th ave
Thomas H. Halliwell, Proprietor, res 2nd st
Alberts C. Evans, foreman, res 3rd St
Samuel A. Fisher, Apprentice, res 1237 1st st
Simon J. Jarviss, Apprentice, res 5th st
Jack Peters, Pressman, res 5th st

Newspaper Editors


Louis A. Duncan
Insurance Agent, Customs Broker,
Secretary School Board
1213 4th st, res 1436 2nd St

Manlove & Bannatyne,
Insurance Agents
Insurance Building,
1229 4th st
David Bannatyne- res 1330 2nd st
Colin A. Manlove, res 1229 4th st
Douglas S. Jerrold, Accountant, res 1021 3rd st
Katie Hazelhan, stenographer, res 1409 5th st

John Bergstrom
Real Estate and Insurance- res Bergstrom Hotel
John M. Bergstrom
b- 1842, d- Jan 26, 1939

Eleazer William Garner
Real Estate and Insurance
Bank Of Hamilton Chambers, 12th ave, res 3rd st
Eleazer W. Garner
b- Apr 28, 1887 Bruce Co. ON, d- Oct 27, 1937
elected as a Liberal, to 7th Legislature, Estevan
Ruth Taylor, Stenographer, res 926 3rd st.


City Dray and Transfer,
1139 4th st.
Samuel L. Hitchcock & Sons, Proprietor, res 1005 3rd st

Samuel Lyman Hitchcock
b- Aug 10, 1860, d- Sept 25, 1934

James Ray Hitchcock, res 4th st
Orville Hitchcock- Res 638 3rd st
Oscar Barbee, Teamster, res 1005 4th st
A. Shuman, Teamster, res 818 5th st

Taisey Dray and Transfer Co.
405 12th ave, Bank of Montreal building
Auto Transfer, Storage, Freight,
Furniture Moving, Coal Dealers,
Ice in Car Load Lots
Albert M. Taisey, Manager
Robert Carrier- Teamster, res Valley
Jacob Glutting, Teamster, res 5th st
Tony Schultz, Teamster, res 5th st

George Kincade
Charles Rockwood, Teamster, res 1215 5th st

Post Office

Charles D. Griffith, Post Master, res 1217 3rd st
George Williamson, Assistant Post Master, res 4th st
Hoddins Knowles, Postal Clerk
Mary Scobbie, Postal Clerk
John Clark- Mail Carrier and Post Office Caretaker, res P.O. Building

My Estevan Post Office Info


Lee Fong, Laundry, 1123 5th st

Wang Hang, Laundry, 1214 5th st

Wing Maw, Laundry, 1213 5th st

Sam Kee, Laundry, 1105 4th st


Hy A. Nash,
Henry Abraham Nash
b- Mar 1865 in ON
Blacksmith, 938 10th ave, res 1014 3rd st
wife- Anna Eliza Shenk
In Estevan as early as 1908

Max Berman,
Blacksmith 1121 5th st- res 1117 2nd st

Peter Skogberg,
Blacksmith 1109 5th st, res same

Millinery / Tailor

Edith Kee,
1220 4th st

Alice Livingston,
 1239 4th st, res 1st st

Benjamin Posovsky,
Tailor and Elnr,
409 12th ave, res 813 2nd st

Estevan Inc. Tailors & Furriers,
4th st.
Zim Elfenbaum- res 1022 1st
Joseph Gold, res 1st st
Charles Lazer, res 802 2nd st

Singer Sewing Machine Co.,
 1118 4th
Raymond A. Carse, Agent, res same
Miner Hildall, salesman, res 2nd st
Florence Peterson, Hemsticher, res 722 2nd st

Pool Rooms

James A. McGilvery,
Buffet and Pool Room,
334 12th ave, res 1225 1st st

Bernard Schaffer
Barber and Pool Room
1205 4th st, res 2nd st

Shoe Repair

Carl Hazelhan,
Shoe Repairer,
1219 4th st, res 1409 5th st

Hugo Werry
Boots and Shoe Repairing, 4th st
Hugo Werry, Proprietor, res 1433 2nd st.
Hugh Smith, shoe repairer, res 5th st

Jewellery / Watchmaker

Henneberg Co. Jewellers & Watchmakers
428 12th ave
August Henneberg, res 1315 2nd st
Frederick W. Henneberg, res 1315 2nd st

Abraham Rosenberg
Jeweller and Watchmaker
1138 1/2 4th st
res 3rd st


Joseph "Joe" Hool,
413 12th ave, res same

later became Mr. Joe Hool (and son),

Joseph H. Hool (Photographer)

Painter and Decorator

Charles Bradley
Painter and Decorator, res 2nd st

Thomas Waldram
Painter and Decorator, res Henry st


Chippewa Water Co
Soda Water Manufacturer, Wholesale Dealers,
Confectionery, Tobacco, Beers, Stout and Coco Cola
1225 4th st.

Michael P. Sloan- Manager, res 1429 3rd st
Harry Walt Herrington- Travelling Salesman, res 1129 3rd st
Joseph Mellee, Bottler, res 525 1st st

North Star Liquor Co
Liquor Exporters, 6th st

Douglas V. Rosen, Manager, res Clarendon Hotel
b- Apr 28, 1896 in Morden, MB,
son of Isaac and Frieda D. Rosen, nee Taube
he married Goldie Eleanor Diner, Jan 1922 in Winnipeg

Maurice Singer, Clerk 


Mathison Bakery,
1221 4th st
Fred Mathison, Baker and Confectionary, res 422 13th ave
Frank Mathison Jr., Baker, res 422 13th ave
William D. Coster, Baker, res 3rd st

A. F. Milne,
Confection and Bakery, 1128 4th st
Adam F. Milne, Proprietor, res 108 12th ave
Grace F. Milne, Clerk, res 108 12th ave
Rae Murray, clerk, res 2nd st
Fred Woodward, Baker, res Valley


William Bottling,
Barber 512 12th ave.
residence 2nd st

Clay Barbee
Barber with W. Bottling
residence 1025 2nd st
Henry "Clay" Barbee, b- Apr 1898 in USA
father- Oscar Barbee, mother Minnie Barbee

Ernest Wiggins,
Barber with William Barbee, res 3rd st

Theo Blomber
Barber 1133 5th - res 1001 1st


Estevan Vulcanizing Works, 407 12th ave
Remy W. Boutin- Proprietor, res 407, 12th ave.

Duncan Motor Garage Co.
Garage and Repairs
322 12th Ave.
Fred Willocks- Manager, res 1413 3rd st
William Dupe- Mechanic, res 3rd st
Robert Fegan- Mechanic, res 4th st
Henry Gibson, Mechanic, res 1st st
Harry Wagner, Mechanic
George Solvey, Mechanic

Estevan Machine and Garage,
1226 5th st

Walter H. Nesbitt, Proprietor, res 6th st
b- Feb 7, 1883 in Bruce Co. ON
father- John James Nesbitt, Postmaster in Frobisher, 1912-1938

Thomas Patterson, Shop Foreman, res 1333 3rd st
W. Garvey Watson,  Sales Manager, res 5th ave
Steve Lea, Stockman, res 1223 4th st
Edward Alward- Mechanic, res 3rd st
Clark Patterson, Mechanic, res 1333 2nd st
Robert O'Brien, Mechanic, res 2nd st

George H. Fredrickson-
Machine Shop and Auto Repairs
1039 4th ave,
George H. Fredrickson, Proprietor, res 818 1st
William Kinnon, Machinist, res 2nd st

Imperial Oil Ltd,
6th and 9th Ave
Clarence H. Howard, agent, res 937 5th st
Ewald Meier, Truck Driver, res 1230 3rd st


Dr. John E. Bromley-
Physician & Surgeon, 4th St
res 3rd st.

Dr. William "Bill" Chreighton-
Physician & Surgeon

Dr. James (Jim) Forbes Creighton, BA, MD
Physician & Surgeon

Dr. Edwin T. French-
Physician & Surgeon
Bank Of Hamilton Building, res 3rd St
Katherine Morris, Dr. French's Clerk, res 533 2nd st

Some Estevan Doctor's History here


Dr. Carlisle Purdon
1108 1/2 4th st, res 1408 2nd st
Cora Jacobson, Assistant, res 1408 3rd st

Dr. F. R. Graham,
Dentist, 1216 4th st

Veterinary Surgeons

Dr. Fred Gray
Veterinary Surgeon

Daniel J. Rooney
Veterinary, res 2nd st


J. A. Aldridge


D. L. Irvine,
 Druggist and Stationer,
School Supplies, Kodaks and Films,
Edison Phonographs, and Records.
1223 4th st,
David L. Irvine, res 2nd st

J. A. Lackey
4th st
James A. Lackey, Druggist, res 3rd st
Orie S. Hober, Clerk, res 12th ave
Andrew Haselhan, Clerk, res


Albert J. Logan,
1138 1/2 4th st, res same


Winteringham Hospital
920 4th st
Ethel Winteringham, Matron
Winona Dixon, Nurse, Winteringham Hospital, res same
Mrs. L. Fryk- Cook
Maud Pick, Maid, res in hospital

My Hospital page

Machine Dealers

IHC, International Harvestor Co. of Canada
Frank C. Brown- Expert
George D. Bye- Credit Clerk, res 1st
Fred Baker- Asst Shipper
Charles A. Ewald, Local Branch Manager, res 5th st
Paul L. Miller, Assistant Manager, res 2nd
Dora A. Fletcher, Stenographer
Thomas Kjer, Warehouseman
L. McCrimmon, Warehouseman
Sidney McGovern, Blockman, res 4th st
R. G. McKnight, Assistant repair Shop Person
John McNie, Shipper, res 3rd st
R. Arthur Matheson, Book Keeper
Alex Lyons, clerk
Lula A. Tedford, Stenographer
George W. Teed, Repair shipper
Fredk Wall, Assistant Cashier
Percy C. Stickley, Cashier, res 4th st

M. L. Clendenan
Cockshutt and John Deere Farm Implements
De Laval Separators- 1119 5th st
Mason L. Clendenan- Proprietor, res 1018 2nd st
Nels Nelson, Mechanic, res Valley

Rooney Farm Implements
Edward Rooney, Proprietor, res 2nd st
 Thomas Green, Mechanic, res 910 4th st

William J. Jacques,
Farm Implements
1209 5th st,
William J. Jacques, res 1338 6th st

Mathew Ross, General Agent, Res 2nd st

Grain Elevators

International Elevator Co. Ltd.
Kettle Bye Agent, res 2nd

Saskatchewan Co-Op Elevator Co. Ltd.
P. A. Cook, Agent, res 1st

Saskatchewan Co-Op Elevator Co. Ltd.
Formed under SK Govt Legislation in 1911.
they started with 46 Elevators,
and 3,000 Shareholders.
by 1920-21 they had 322 Elevators,
 besides their Terminal Elevators,
with a total of 5,300,000 Bushel Capacity,
and 21,000 Shareholders.

Leitch-McClean Elevator Co.
Hugh R. Donahue, Agent, res 4th st

Mathieson-Lindsay Elevator Co. Ltd.
Gustav A. Gesell, Agent, res Valley
(this was my Grandfather's first job in Estevan)

Ogilvie Elevator Co. Ltd.
Kenneth D. Marshall, Agent, res 1st st.

Elevator Information

Campbell, Moore & Lynd,
Campbell Block
Ernest J. Campbell KC, res 3rd st 
Edella Dale, Stenographer, res 4th st
Ernest R. Gauley- Accountant, res 3rd st
Rita Hunter, Stenographer, res 906 3rd st
Ethel Kelly, Stenographer, res 4th st
Florence Kinney, Stenographer,  res 1114 3rd st
Norman R. McDonald, Student at Law, res 3rd st

Walter T. Moore BA,
res 905 2nd st

W. Wallace Lynd, res 3rd st

Nathan J. Lockhart,
Barrister and Solicitor
510 12th ave
Annie Kreig, Stenographer, res 1st st

William J. Perkins
Barrister and solicitor,
Smith Block, 12th ave, res 823 3rd st
Allan L. Nicholson, Student at Law, res 906 2nd st
Ambrose O'Connor, Student at Law, res Hillside
Mary Winteringham, Stenographer, res 4th st

Carpenters / Builders

George Falkner, Carpenter & Woodworker, res 3rd St
Nick Erickson- Carpenter and Builder, 1st St
Bryce F. Arnold- Carpenter and Builder, res 4th st
E. S. Goetsch, Carpenter and Builder, res 3rd st
Oscar Lund, Carpenter and Builder, res 2nd st
William Maurer, Carpenter and Contractor
Norice Turner, Carpenter and Woodworker, 5th st
J. Henry Wilson, Carpenter and Builder, res 3rd st


Joseph Jepson,
Town Scavenger,
res 4th st

Thomas H. Price
Commercial Representative
res- International Hotel

Joseph D. Partington,
armer, res 3rd st

Frederick E. Philleo,

Max Wilchik,
 1119 4th st, res same

SK Dept of Education,
School Inspector for Estevan,
J. Archibald McLeod, BA LLB, Inspector #2
address- Estevan





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