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John Heber Morris Haslam

b- Apr 20, 1863 in Prince Edward Island
Baptized -
17 July 1863
d- Jan 4, 1924, 7:15 PM, at Regina General Hospital,
in Regina SK, age 60, of Heart trouble.
buried- in Regina Cemetery

lived at 932 16th Ave, Regina when he died.
Funeral at St. Paul's Anglican Church,
Monday Jan 7, 1924 at 2:30PM

Married June 1886, in Springfield PEI,
Elizabeth Dede Smart
b- Apr 18, 1866 (1867? in 1901 census and LDS records) in PEI
(alt b- Apr 10, 1867 in Milton PEI?)
(baptized July 14, 1867, St. John's Anglican, Milton, PEI)
d- Feb 16, 1946, Regina SK
buried- ?
Her father- James Clyde Smart, b- in England, of French Huguenot ancestry
mother, Adelaide Hoare, from Canterbury England.

Had 6 Children:

4 children born in PEI
1. Thomas Edwin (Edward?) "Courtney" Haslam
 b- Apr 11, 1889, Springfield, Queens, PEI
d- Mar 1919, Regina SK

2. David "Horace" Haslam
 b- May 6,1891, Springfield, Queens, PEI
d- 1945, Boston, Suffolk, Mass, USA
1924 he was in South Dakota

3. Dorothy Mildred Haslam
b- Mar 19, 1893, Springfield, Queens, PEI
d- Nov 9, 1974, Ile De Montreal, Quebec
married July 1916, to Russell Henry Taber
in 1924 living in Condie

4. James Chester "Arthur" Haslam
b- Nov 5, 1894, Springfield, Queens, PEI
d- 1922?, St. Paul Minnesota, USA
His dad's Obit stated he was alive in St. Paul, 1924!

Captain J. Arthur Haslam
Became a Captain in WWI
Reg #74042
Student at Univ. of SK. when War broke out.
Went overseas with the 28th Batt.
enlisted Oct 27, 1914 in Saskatoon
shown born in Charlottetown, PEI
Apr 1915, received a Commission and
transferred to the 53rd Batt. with rank as Lieutenant.
Spring of 1916 he transferred to Princess Patricias.
He fought at the Somme, Passchendaele, and Vimy Ridge.
He returned home, Mar 25, 1919, to stay with his father in Regina.

all above baptized at St. John's Anglican Church, Crapaud
including John Heber Morris Haslam
Crapaud- A village in township No. 29,
parish of Hillsboro, and county of Queen's.
 Population about 300 in 1871

2 more born in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

5. Edith Haslam
b- Nov 1903, in St Paul Minnesota
living in Regina, single, in 1924

6. John "Jack" Haslam Jr.
b- May 23, 1906 in St Paul, Minnesota, USA
d- ?
living in Regina in 1924

Father- Thomas Jr. Haslam- b-1818, Queen's Co, Ireland.
christened- Apr 12, 1818, St Brigid, Rosenallis, Laoighis, Ireland
d- July 31, 1898- St. Francois Xavier, Headingly, MB, Canada
married - Jan 3, 1862, Canada
Mother- Esther Morris
b- Nov 26, 1824, Lot 14, North Grandville, PEI
d- June 1888, Springfield, Queens, PEI
Father- John Morris, Mother- Maria Young

1861 PEI Census
Township / Lot 67, Queens, Prince Edward Island

Note- when children were baptized in PEI
father was shown as Heber Haslam

Online records state the Haslam family was at Springfield,
so not sure why these were at Crapaud,
unless that was the area his wife was from.

Haslam's in PEI 1889-1890
SPRINGFIELD, a farming settlement located in Lot 67,
Queen's County

Haslam, George, farmer
Haslam, Stephen, farmer
Haslam, Heber, farmer
Haslam, Wellington, farmer
Haslam, Miss Emma teacher
Haslam, Benjamin, farmer and P M
Haslam, Thomas sr, farmer
Haslam, Bertram, farmer
Haslam, Louis, farmer
Haslam, Thomas jr, farmer
Haslam, Robert, farmer
Haslam, Joseph, farmer
Haslam, Daniel, farmer
Haslam, Thomas, farmer

EMERALD JUNCTION, (formerly County Line)
a village situated on the P. E. I. Railway.
Township No. 67,
Queen's County

Craig (Albert) & Haslam, merchants
Haslam, John Heber, farmer and dealer,
of the firm of Craig & Haslam
Haslam, John, clerk

Now who the heck was he?, you ask.
Well he is one of many, Land Speculators
that roamed throughout Saskatchewan
looking for an opening to make some money.

He was a Canadian, who lived for a time in the States,
who bought and sold land,
mostly south of Weyburn.  But his holdings
stretched in the  Estevan area as well, as you will see below.

1894 he moved to Headingly MB for 3 yrs.
where he started his banking and real estate business.
Operated the Haslam & Wright Bank in Winnipeg
Served as immigration agent for the CPR.

Haslam Land and Investment Co., 1902-1904.
He was connected with large development schemes
in Regina and Saskatchewan.
When the company was based in St. Paul MN
they sold 300,000 acres in one year, reported in 1903.

He served on a couple important Commissions
of Inquiry into the grain trade.
Travelled as far as Genoa Italy on one trip.
Member of the Regina Local of the Saskatchewan
Grain Grower's Association.
Official statistician for Farmer's Union of Canada.

Wrote many articles in papers etc.
author of "Problems of the Prairies"
and "Imperial Unity"

He owned the King's Hotel, on Scarth St., in Regina SK
built in 1906/1907,
Designed by Regina Architects Storey and Van Egmond.
they also designed the extra floors in 1911.
Reason I mention them, is they designed
the Estevan Collegiate Institute in 1912, in Estevan.
John Heber had the hotel built,
on the site of a Livery, feed Barn, owned by Mr. Grassick
which Haslam bought in 1906.
He leased the hotel to a Mr. Paterson,
until it was sold to Thomas and John Boyle in 1925.
for $225,000.00
In 1975 it was valued at $2 million.
Demolished in 1978, replaced by the Cornwall Centre.
Name changed to Royal International Inn
home to famous and infamous
1919 Prince Edward stayed there

Then he bought 6 big city blocks behind it. on Cornwall St.
1911 the King's Hotel charged $1.50 per room, and up.
Every room had telephone, electric lights, steam heat,
and running water, and dining room.

He built Albert Court, a large apartment block,
on the corner of Albert St and 13th Ave.
It is no longer there as well.

At one time he owned the Grand Trunk Annex,
one of the subdivisions of Regina at the time.

ca 1902 took out land grant concessions
SE 2-10-11-W2
SE 18-10-11-W2
SW 28-10-11-W2

Haslam had an office at 312 Jackson St.
in Minneapolis, MN, USA.
His Office was In the same block
as the Saskatchewan Valley Land Company.
It's claimed he wrote to Clifford Sifton in 1905
 with a request to buy odd numbered sections,
so he could establish whole communities.
He probably was also asking Sifton for Investment money.
The Sask. Valley Land Co. was incorporated Jan 1913.
He bought and sold CPR land after 1901.
primarily in Assiniboia South of Weyburn.
Dec 1901 contracted to purchase at $2.50/acre
82,584 acres of Railway land adjacent to Halbrite.
He had established extensive connections with other Agents,
in the US.  And He built up a far reaching organization
in the middle western states, especially Iowa and Illinois.
He controlled most of the land there,
and was able to set his price on any sales.
There was no competition, he had it all.

He was very important in the immigration
of American citizens to Canada.
Bringing the first group in 1901 from SW Iowa.

He made his headquarters St Paul in 1901.
1906 he closed the St. Paul Offices,
and moved to Regina where he stayed until his death

Ran for the Conservative Party in Selkirk in 1900

In 1904, Mr & Mrs Haslam lived at 5 Crocus Hill,
former 538 Goodrich Ave, St Albans.

Returned to Canada in 1908 living in Winnipeg, MB

He was involved in many organizations:
Royal Commission on Agriculture
President Saskatchewan Land Settlement Assoc. in Regina
On the Regina Board of Trade
1911 Canada census shows him in Halbrite SK
occupation Real estate.
by 1911 he owned the Haslam Land Company in Saskatchewan.

In 1906 census it shows him born in PEI.

One of his trips, He actually managed to get over to England,
and somehow, made a $5,000,000 dollar investment deal,
and yes that is Million's of dollars.

Who were the Directors of this new Company?
Well number one, was the 1st Viscount Haldane,
Sanderson Haldane, b- July 30, 1856, d- Aug 19, 1928.
He sounds pretty important, and imagine he was.

Number 2 is the one I want to really mention,
and really the whole reason this page exists.
Now Bienfait, Estevan and Roche Percee,
can all say that Winston Churchill invested in these towns.
Yes, "The" Winston Churchill, invested in Mr. Haslam's
new "Concern", and he made these 2 guys Directors.
Imagine $5,000,000 in 1912!
Here it is in print, in case no one believes me

May 14, 1912

Don't you just love,
for the "Exploitation of the Estevan Coalfields"
That kind of says it all!

Was his money used to start up a power plant there?
What mines were they involved in?
Silent partners with who?

Articles from the Estevan Mercury,
announcing his death in Regina,
sorry quality on these is poor at best.




This is a Common Page to Five of my sites
Bienfait, Estevan, Pinto, Roche Percee and Taylorton.

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