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(Major) Charles Edmund Phipps

Question is who he was, and how is he connected to Estevan?

Well Mr. Phipps was the Dominion Land Titles Office Agent.
with his assistant, who came to Estevan later,
handled all the land titles in the Coteau District.
Appointed to the job, Oct 14, 1889.

May 31, 1890 he was paid $1200.00 per year
as Dominion Lands Agent for the Dept. of the Interior.

Now who was he? Well let's see,
He was just the Nephew of the Marquis of Normanby,
He was a true Descendant of Charlemagne,
He was the Grandson of the 2nd Earl of Mulgrave,
Royal Gentleman- Daily waiter Usher as of June 10, 1874
and Former Page of Honour and Groom-in-Waiting
to no other than Queen Victoria.
He was a major in the Royal Irish Regiment.
He was truly of Royal Blood.

Father was Hon. Sir Charles Beaumont Phipps,
Keeper of her Majesty's Privy Purse,
b- Sec 27, 1801, In Mulgrave, Yorks, England,
educated at Harrow. 
d- Feb 24, 1866, at St. James Palace,
buried at St. George's Chapel, at Windsor Castle.
His father married June 25, 1835 to
Margaret Anne Bathurst.

His Grandfather was Henry Phipps, 1st Earl of Mulgrave.
Great-Grandfather was Constantine Phipps.

Charles Edmund Phipps was born June 11, 1844
 in Mulgrave Castle, Mulgrave Woods, Yorkshire, England
He died Nov. 29, 1906 in the morning
at Carberry Gardens, Victoria, BC, age 62
Funeral was at St. Barnabas Church in Victoria
on Saturday, Dec 1, 1906, @10:30AM

Charles Phipps married June 2, 1868
to Susan Stewart Geddes,
b- July 1844 in England,
 d- Sept 7, 1930, Victoria BC, age 86.
She was the daughter of the
very Rev. John Gamble Geddes of Hamilton ON.

He immigrated to Canada in 1882

They had 8 children:
Alice Lepel Phipps
b- Sept 26, 1870, Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire, England,
d- ?
she married William Johnston Holt Murison, Oct 11, 1893

Charles Stewart Phipps
b- Dec 12, 1871, England,
d- Aug 15, 1917
Albert Edmund Phipps
b- May 1, 1873, Scotland,
d- July 11, 1945
Katherine "Kate" Mary Phipps
b- Jan 17, 1875, Scotland,
d- ?
Victoria Alexandrina Phipps
b- Mar 30, 1877, Scotland,
d- Dec 26, 1959 Victoria, Age 81
Mary Susan Frances Phipps
b- Aug 26, 1878, Ireland, 
d- Oct 27, 1899
William Henry Gamble Phipps
b- Jan 11, 1880, France,
d- May 11, 1943
Augustus Henry (Harry) Constantine Phipps,
 b- Jan 1882, England,
d- Sept 12, 1946, Victoria BC, age 64

Phipps family in 1891 Census, with 2 cooks
Assiniboia East, Sub district, Broadview.

Thanks to Dave Phipps who corrected his Grandfather's birth year,
Albert Phipps was indeed born in 1873, not 1878. 

Where, and when he lived in Canada,
or at least, places that I have found-

1. Justice of the Peace, Summerberry, Sept 5, 1884

2. Qu'Appelle- 1885, came in last (5th place) in 1885 NWT election there

3. Moosomin- 1889- Dominion Land Agent

4- Cannington Manor- 1889,  Oct 17, 1891 still there, Dominion Land Agent

5. Oxbow- Dominion Land Agent-
Moved to Oxbow in lat 1891, left, ca Nov-Dec 1892

6. Estevan- arrived in the Village, Oct 22, 1892

Nov 17, 1892, Land Office almost complete
built by a Mr. Mooney

 Dec 10, 1892 at a social for Mr. E. P. Leacock

Feb 12, 1894- Gets assistant

June 2, 1894- Visits Portal

Sept 14, 1894- Hunting ducks in Brandon

May 29, 1895- busy in Estevan
Looks like he might be Justice of the Peace now as well.
as he was a judge with Inspector Wilson
in a horse stealing incident.

Saturday, April 4, 1896- He was moved to Regina
with very short notice, and his family followed later.

7. Regina
retired end of 1898 in Regina
we know he ended up in Victoria, BC
and with all those British Royal connections,
I am sure was treated quite well there.

Both Charles and Susan Phipps
 are buried in Ross Bay Cemetery
Fairfield Rd., Victoria BC.

In Estevan he had the First Dominion Land Titles Office built,
corner of 12th ave and 4th st.
 where the Apostolic Mission Church was.
(I have also seen corner of 12th and 3rd st in some books.)
Kohaly Law offices were located on this lot in 1980
The building was 24 ft Square.

Aug 19, 1892


Later the Land Titles Office was later moved
to the Davies block
NW corner of 5th st and 12th ave.

Finally it was shut down and moved to Alameda.



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