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W1800 Dragline named "Shand"
now sitting, and partially dismantled, south of Estevan SK.

Built in Ipswich, Suffolk, England, by Ransomes and Rapier Ltd.

In Dec 1988, Busyrus Europe Ltd., a British Subsidiary of
Busyrus-Erie Holdings Inc. of South Milwaukee, USA,
bought the Walking Dragline Manufacturing portion
of this company out, for 1 million pounds.

This machine would have been built, ca 1961
In 1961 this Model was the World's Largest Dragline.

They built the same model near Edmonton, Alberta, in Apr 1961,
for Alberta Coal Co. at Wabamun.
It had a 33 cu yd Bucket, 215 ft boom.
the Walking Shoes were 55 ft long, and 9 ft. 6" wide.
It "Walked" in 7ft, 7" strides.
Each "Shoe" weighed 58 tons.
It used the Cameron and Heath walking gear.
It moved at 0.11 mph
4 -225 hp electric motors used just for the walking motion.

Some had 40 yd buckets with 250 ft boom.

Basic boom was 208 ft.
2 extensions could be added to it.
short one for 257 ft boom, and a 40 cu yd bucket. (91 ton load)
longer one for 282 ft boom, and a 30 cu yd bucket. (65 ton load)

Circular Turntable base.
Slew rack was 32 ft round, Roller path was 58 ft in diameter.
It weighed 284 tons.
Centre post was 6ft 3" high.

They weighed roughly 1,790 tons without the bucket.

It was designed in sections,
that could be taken apart if the machine had to be moved.

Inside the house was a 16 ton travelling crane
used to replace motors etc.

Had 2 duplicate operating control cabins, one on each side.

All photos below Courtesy, and Copyright of Jan Normandale.




All photos above Courtesy, and Copyright of Jan Normandale.

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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
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