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Farming Scenes near Estevan


Coe Brothers Threshing Scene, Estevan Saskatchewan
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, Studio City, CA



Joseph (Joe) M. Fugle's Threshing Crew,
His middle name could be Merlin or Martin.
Joseph was a farmer in Estevan area in 1911,
who was born Feb 1884, in ND, USA
 and came from the States in 1902,
his wife Laura Fugle,  nee Christiansen,
was born Feb 1889, in USA as well,
they had a son John Fugle, daughter Laura Fugle,
both born in Sask., Jan 1909 and Dec 1910 respectively
There is a Joseph Martin Fugle who died July 25, 1917,
and he is buried in Estevan City Cemetery,
who could very well be another son they had.
I did find another son born to Joseph and Laura Sept 27, 1924 in ND,
Gordon Merlin Fugle, who died Dec 31, 2009
in Devil's Lake City, ND
His obit says 4 brothers, and 4 sisters died before him.
It also lists surviving sisters, Ruth, Agnes, Sandy, Oregon, and Irma,
so they had a large family.
1900 US Census shows daughters Anna, b- Sept 1879
Mabel b- Apr 1882. both in Minnesota,  then Joseph.
Then son Fred, b- Mar 1888, daughter Mamir, b- Jan 1891,
daughter Elma, b- Aug 1893, then last a son Andrew, b- Oct  1896
all the last bunch born in ND, USA
June 27, 1902 Joseph Fugle took out a land grant
on NW Sec 12, Tsp 1, Rge 8, W2
He was one of the early settlers in the Wood-End School District
He was the son of a John and Mary Fugle
Father born in Illinois, mother in Wisconsin
John, Mary and Joseph were living in
Devil's Lake City, ND in 1900.
I believe the family came to Estevan together,
and he married Laura after 1902.

Picture from Marie Beaulieu's collection with thanks
Ole Langen, Marie's grandfather,
is third from left,  in the front, in this picture
and fellow in top row, middle, with arrow,
she believes to be Jens Langen, Ole's father.



Threshing Crew, tractor and wagon
Another picture from Marie Beaulieu,
this one is unidentified though,
except for Ole Langen,
standing to the right of the wheel of the tractor.

This might very well be Bert Ward's threshing machine.
Bert Ward, his wife, and daughter Alice Mae, lived in Shand.
Bert and his wife are buried in Bienfait Cemetery
He was born Sept 18, 1875, and died June 16,1964
His wife Blanche Elnora Ward, b 1881, died Dec 16, 1954.
Married Apr 28, 1912
Daughter Alice married a Lynch,
and was a teacher in the area and Principal at Nygren.
She attended ECI in 1929, and lived in Duncan BC
I believe Bert came from the States in 1902
The machine took a crew of about 20 men.
Mr. Ward carried a cook car and bunk car
 with the outfit most of the time.
A large outfit carried an Engineer, Fireman,
Tank Man and a Separator Man,
 who were paid five and six dollars a day
Along with this, 10 teams were required
to deliver the bundles to the machine.
They might get $1.50 a day for their work.

Marie was kind enough to mail me large copies
of these photos, which are very impressive.
My next job is to scan them at a larger size
and redo these copies here.
stay tuned!


May 1909, Plowing a field with a steam tractor
Hugh and Henry Pye Homesteaded
on Section 32, Township 1, Range 9, W2
shown in portion of my Dad's 1927 map
Postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA
The Pye's came from England

father- James "Henry" Pye
b- Aug 4, 1850 in Preston, Lancashire, England
d- June 9, 1933 in Preston, Lancashire, England
Immigrated in 1904
1918 Henry and Emma emigrated to New York
from Strasburg SK., thru St. Albans Vermont crossing.
1920 they were in Manhattan, NY,
Henry shown as a labourer at a warehouse.
1922 Henry and Emma went to England
He was shown as a Porter, her as a M' wife. (midwife?)
apr 1932 he made his last trip back to England
shown as an 82 year old salesman.
mother- Emma Pye, nee Harter
b- Nov 1846 in Horwich, Lancashire, England
d- 1930, New York, USA
Immigrated in 1904

they had 6 children:

son- Hugh Pye
b- Feb 1878 in Halifax, Yorkshire, England
Immigrated in 1902
Homesteaded on quarter section, next to his father.
married Sarah Jane Pye, nee Sowden,
married June 7, 1905 in Brandon MB
b- Dec 1876 in England
immigrated in 1905
daughter- Mona J. Pye
b- Oct 1908 in SK

son- Fred Pye
b- 1883 in Wadsworth, Yorkshire, England
Homesteaded on Section 30, near the others.

There was 2 other sons
Harry Pye and James Pye,
and 2 daughters, Alice Pye and Rachel Pye.

Rachel Pye, age 18, in 1906 census,
was with her mom and dad, at Estevan


Modern Methods of Harvesting in Saskatchewan
postcard courtesy Grant Walker, CA
2 McCormack Harvesting machines

More Saskatchewan Farming Scenes


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