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McCormack Five and Dime Store
Mr and Mrs. Albert Edward McCormack.
Built ca 1915- sold ca 1946
To Ned & Irene Rooney.

My Aunt Emilie Backman
worked in this store.

Estevan ca 1926
Possibly the Brick Plant?


Estevan Main Street,
Mar 1957

Bird's Eye View of Estevan
taken from the top floor of ECI
on 2nd st. looking NE

Estevan 1926

Winter in Estevan 1933
Exact location unknown to me.

Canada Cafe Building 1999
The building on the left in the picture above
taken in 1999, was T. H. Kelly's harness shop,
later became the Dairy Queen.
Building in the center, the old Canada Cafe.

The FIRST Dairy Queen in Canada,
 was NOT in Estevan in 1953,
as I originally thought it was.
Even the official DQ site said it was.
The First Ice Cream Shop to use a DQ freezer unit,
was a private Ice Cream shop in Melville SK.
The First Official DQ named Ice Cream Shop,
was built and owned by a lady in Winnipeg MB.
Estevan was the 3rd in Canada.

The original Estevan DQ was located at 1212 4th st.
It was in the middle of 4th St, south side,
between 12th and 13th Ave.
It was located in a store that was
built by Thomas Harry Kelly, and used as
the first harness maker shop on 4th st.
Ironic in 1953 is was an Ice Cream shop
in 2010, it is Curves, a ladies workout gym!

Mr. Thomas Kelly was born Oct 1876 in Ontario.
shown as a harness maker
 in 1911 census.
His middle name might have been Henry
Thomas was married to Elizabeth (Bessie) Tookey,
b- Mar 1886 in Ontario.
they had a son Ross Sanderson Kelly,
b- Nov 25, 1908 in Estevan
Ross attended ECI, d- June 7, 1984 in Victoria BC
and a daughter Grace Elizabeth Kelly,
b- Jan 1911 in SK
Grace attended ECI, she died in 1940


Estevan Jewellery Store
Corner of 12th ave and 4th st
became Henneberg's Jewellery store

Originally operated by Lawrence Blake Stokes,
born abt 1878 in Ontario,
age 28 in 1906 census.
He left Estevan in 1908 for BC.
Lawrence died in Kamloops Nov 12, 1962, age 83

Originally, he was in partnership
with Lester Rooks,
and the business was called
Rooks and Stokes Jewelers.
It was located just east
of the Bank of Hamilton
on 4th st.
Mr Stokes was the CPR Timekeeper.
Before Estevan he had a store in Weyburn.

Ruby Gleiser,
operator of the Delight theatre
worked for Stokes and Co Jewelers.
When Mr. Stokes started business.
Her history is in my theatre section.

NW Corner of 12th Ave. on 5th st.
Showing Davie's Block, 1201 5th st.
Had many uses,
 but one was Land Titles Office.
Built by Dr. Daniel Ross Davies.
He was 40 years old in 1906 census.
Housed the Elite Cafe at one time.
Also Bank of North America,
which later became Bank of Montreal.
Built by Mr. John Phillips
Also known as the Rae Block.
then became the Glasser Block.
It was built prior to 1903.

Looking to the NW in Estevan
Corner of 5th st and 12th Ave.
Davies block in foreground.
Taken from top of Empire Hotel

Photo taken Aug 2009

Mrs Wicklow, July 9, 1929


Wicklow house
in Estevan
 Sept 6, 1927
where my Grandmother was nursed
back to health in 1918 flu epidemic

George Wicklow came to Estevan in 1912
as Field Superintendent of Prairie Nurseries.

Mr and Mrs W. H. Turner
neighbours of the Gus Gesell Family, in Estevan

House on Valley St overlooking the valley
He had a garden in this lot next to their house

William Horace Turner
b- Oct-Dec 1871, Canterbury, Kent, England
d- Nov 27, 1945 in Vancouver BC, age 72?
wife- Mary Anne Turner, nee Cairns
b- 1872 in England
d- 1953 in BC
married Apr-June 1893, in Canterbury Reg Dist., Kent, England
William immigrated to Canada in 1905
wife and son Victor Bernard (Bern) Turner, came in 1907
Victor born Apr 4, 1895
 in Dunkirk Hill, Faversham Reg. Dist, Kent, England
d- Sept 2, 1979
Victor started Turner Electric in 1947
Victor served in WWI, enlisting May 24, 1916 in Estevan
Occupation shown as a Moving Picture Operator
Served at Vimy Ridge

Photos by my niece Dena Gent

Estevan Area map,
 courtesy Grant Walker, CA




These are pictures I have gathered up in my travels
if by chance any of these old pictures are still copyright
then please send me a note and I will remove them
My intent is not to profit from showing these.
Only to share some history with others

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