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Town was about 4 months old,
had Wood Sidewalks on 12th Ave. to 4th St.
then also on 4th St., both sides, East and West.
4th St. was 100 ft wide, and was planned as the future Main St.
They commented on the high elevation of the town,
will provide great drainage?
Tell that to my friends whose basement is flooded, June 2011!

Leaving the Train Station, the first thing on 6th St.
was 2 Lumber Yards:

W. E. Flumerfelt & Co.
Mr. William Flumerfelt went from Brandon MB
to Oxbow SK, then on to Estevan.
William Elijah Flumerfelt,
b- Oct 27, 1860, in Markham, ON
d- Oct 2, 1925, in Vancouver BC, age 66
(middle name shown as Elizah in death record, but I believe Elijah is correct)
Attended High School in Markham ON

son of
George Flumerfelt and Cynthia Barnes

William had a brother, Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt,
b- Sept 29, 1856 in Markham ON,
d- Nov 29, 1930 in Victoria BC, age 74
Alfred became a very rich and prominent Victoria Businessman.
1881 He Married Ada Annie Kelvington (Kilvingston?)

in 1901 William and Phoebe and family were in Nanaimo BC
William shown as a Merchant, Manager

William Married in 1884
wife- Phoebe Flint Flumerfelt, nee Ross,
 b- Apr 18, 1863 in Belleville, ON
d- ?

William and Phoebe had 3 sons and 1 daughter:

son- Alfred Ross Flumerfelt,
b- Jan 23, 1885, in Portage LaPrairie, MB
d- ?
married Helen Madeline Kirk Campbell, June 22, 1912 in Vancouver BC

daughter- Helen Louise Flumerfelt,
b- Aug 5, 1886, in ON
d- ?
last name shown as Langhorne, first marriage?,
 when she married John Scott, Jan 11, 1919 in Vancouver  BC

son- William Ross Flumerfelt
 b- Mar 31, 1889 in Brandon, MB,
 d- Apr 21, 1944 in Vancouver BC
he married Eunice Dorothy Brice, Feb 21, 1920, in New Westminster, BC

son- Herbert "Douglas" Linton Flumerfelt,
b- Mar 17, 1894 in Estevan SK
d- Feb 24, 1972 in Vancouver BC, age 77

married Florence (Noreen?) Elsie McKittrick, Nov 2, 1923 in West Vancouver
she was born in Winnipeg, daughter of Henry McKittrick
Douglas was a store keeper in Bella Bella at the time of his first marriage
2nd marriage to Georgina Russell Kerr

Mr. William E. Flumerfelt was one of
The first School Trustees in Oxbow, July 2, 1892
In 1894 he was in partnership in a lumber yard in Oxbow, with a Mr. Noble.

William Elijah Flumerfelt,  became a prominent BC Citizen:
Director Vancouver Exhibition Association
First Vice-President BC School Trustees Assoc.
Treasurer "Made in Canada" Fair in 1911
Boot and Shoe Business Brandon and Portage La Prairie, 1886-1895
went to BC, Manager of Patterson Shoe Co. Vancouver, 1895-1901
In business in Nanaimo, 1897-1901,
Returned to Vancouver in 1901.
Secretary-Manager Tourist Assoc. Vancouver, 1905-1907
Established his Real Estate Broker Business,
at 522 Pender St. in Vancouver BC, in 1907
Member Vancouver School Board, 1908
Chairman Finance Committee, Vancouver School Board, 1909
General Chairman 1910
Belonged to Societies: A. F. & A. M. and I. O. O. F.
played sports- lacrosse and baseball.
Liberal; Methodist.

2nd Lumber Yard, was owned by Mr. Atkinson, from Souris MB

Wilkinson Bros. started a livery, sale and feed Business.
They built a $1,000 stable.
they also had a coal mine 2 miles south,
 of Dominion Coal Co. Mine, at Estevan

A William Wilkinson had a homestead
on SW Sec 30, Tsp 2, Rge8, W2.

found a James Alexander Wilkinson,
who was married to Mary Jane Wardell
they had a daughter, Stella May Wilkinson,
b- May 20, 1895, in Estevan

Mr. McLean had a boarding house on 6th St.
below info from my Hotel site:
A Mr. McLean, from Headingly originally,
 built the first 2 story building in Estevan.
Located on 6th st, 4 lots from 12th ave.
(doesn't say which direction)
20x38 ft, with a kitchen,
It is to be used as a restaurant.
and it's position opposite the train station,
assures it a good trade.

Mr. McLean

On corner of 12th Ave and 5th St., Arthur Kelly's Hotel
I have the history of it in my
Hotels / Motels
It was 3 stories high, 40 x 40, on the main section,
with a 35 x 30 wing.
It was built for 100 guests.
It was opening very shortly.
a Mr. Weir was also involved.

Found a John G. Weir, married to Nillie (Nellie?) M. Robson
they had a son George Alfred Weir,
b- May 12, 1906 in Estevan
daughter Hazel Weir,
 b- Oct 7, 1908, in Estevan

Mr. Bailey and Duncan, both from Brandon,
had a store next to the Kelly Hotel.
they were taking over the stable, across the street, after Mr. Kelly left it.
the stable was 40 x 50 ft.

Mr. R. Bradshaw had a stock of Gent's furnishings
and he had an assistant, name unknown to me.

Sang Lee operated a laundry

Mr. Alexander Bennett had a Blacksmith Shop.
he was married to Margaret Patterson Moncrieff
they had a son Alexander Bennett,
b- June 2, 1905 in Estevan

Mr. Davis also operated a Blacksmith Shop

Mr. J. M. Beatty had a boot, shoe, harness,
 and other leather ware Shop.

On East side of 12th Ave.
was Mr. George Stewart's General Store.
It was a branch of his main store at Methven MB

Across the street was Dr. Scott's Office and Post Office.
same building drugs, and stationary store,
run by a Miss Service, from Moosomin.
large building with residence above, cost $1200
see my Early Doctors section

4th St.

A. Carman, Real Estate and Commission Agent

James Robertson Stockwell, Grocer
son's history here

J. H. Wham, Barber,
He had a small store with cigars and tobacco.
came from Winnipeg.

Mr. John McLeod- Butcher Shop,
He had residence upstairs.

2 boarding houses:
one owned by Mr. William J.
Hobbs, from Oxbow.
other by Mr. Rooks, who also stocked groceries.

Mr. Mooney was building an office for
Mr. Charles Edmund Phipps
the Government Land Agent.
Building cost $1100.

Price and McKay General Merchants, had a store that cost $1200
they had a hall upstairs, used as a School and for Church Services
they owned a large ranch with 200 head of cattle.
They also owned and operated a coal mine, 15 miles down river.

Hilliard Edwin Price married Margaret Gow
they had a son Russell Aubrey Price, b- July 15, 1898 in Estevan

James Oliver from Hartney, was the Baker
he also managed Mr. A. M. Hearn's Furniture Business.
a branch of a Deloraine Business.
Building cost $1200
James Oliver married Ella Mabel Cox
they had a daughter Ruth Elizabeth, b- July 23, 1896 in Estevan

Mr. J. Williams,
Real Estate and Commission and Assurance Agent

more history of some of these names, in the various Estevan web pages



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No Reproduction in Whole or in Part may be made
without the express Written Permission
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