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Jan 13, 2010- Ron Fortier
Happened across your very informative web site while looking for genealogical and historical info in the Estevan area. My Interest in the area centers around the life of one Victor Marquis, who married (in Maine) a sister to my great/great grandfather. The family  came back to Canada in about 1900 after living in the Rice Lake, Wisconsin USA area for about for about 15 years.
I would be very interested to know if 1) you might have any further information, pictures, newsprint articles that I could get copies of ; 2) would consider passing this request on to anyone who could provide same. Either way, I would gladly reimburse for any copy and shipping costs. 
 I am of the understanding that Victor (or his son Victor) died in 1946 and is buried in Prince Albert Cemetery. A picture of the cemetery stone or plot would be very much appreciated.
I am , of course, particularly interested in any additional vital records and family information that could be copied.

Thanks Ron Fortier, Ellsworth, Maine USA

Tue 04/12/2007 5:57 PM  name = Mike Teske
    message = Hi Doug  Nice job on your website,
would you be able to find more pictures of old E.G.S.?
I haven't seen many pictures of it shortly
 before its demolition till I found your site.
 I have a personal interest in this plant, it was the only one of the three
I didn't get a tour of when Dad was with SPC.
 I'd be in you debt if you could scavenge anything at all,
 you would have thought someone
would have photoed it during demolition too. Mike
    Place of Residence = Redcliff / Alberta / Canada
Someone must have a photo or 2 for Mike?
The old Estevan Generating Station south-east of town
send them to me, I'll include them on the site.
as well as make sure Mike gets a copy.

    Mon 05/11/2007 2:38 PM  name = Neil Thompson
     message = This is the best personal website I have ever seen. Congrats.
I used to live in Carnduff sask until 1946
 so your area is of special interest to me.
Have you read Donkins old old book "Trooper and Redskin".
It has info on your region and woodend.
He patrolled the border long before provincial status.
It has been reprinted a few times, undoubtedly available at Abe books.
                   Thank you for making this most interesting site available .
    Place of Residence = West Vancouver BC
Neil even phoned me, and I really enjoyed the chat

    Thu 26/04/2007 1:27 PM Paul Harmon
Place of Residence = Petite Riviere, Lunenburg Co., Nova Scotia   
    message = You have a great site. How could anyone say otherwise?
 I am searching for some information. I dug a bottle out of an old dump today.
 It looks like a soda bottle.
It is marked Chippewa Water Co., Estevan Sask.
Can you tell me anything about it?

Quote from A Tale That is Told" history  book
"This company was owned by Mike Sloan who came from Saskatoon in 1912. He first operated in a small way in the same building as Gusman's Meat Market which was located on Fourth Street. A little later he had a partner named H. B. Gerkey, for two years. In 1923 he erected a $6000 building on Fifth Street and bought completely new equipment which at one time turned out up to nearly 15,000 bottles of soft drinks per day under twenty-two different labels. The building was later occupied by J. M. Sinclair Co. wholesale grocery. He sold his equipment and franchises to Laing's of Weyburn in 1945. Retiring in Estevan, Mr. Sloan died in 1954.
now how about a picture of it Paul?
well he did and here is 2 of the pictures he sent me.
Being a clear bottle the writing is hard to see on the side.

    Sun 25/03/2007 10:19 PM  name = Kyle Zieglgansberger  
Place of Residence = Pilot Butte SK Canada
    message = I really like your information on Estevan and area. I would just like to know if you would be able to correct #85 of the list of local mines. It states that it is the "Zeiglgansberger" mine when it should in fact state "Zieglgansberger mine". As well it should state L. and F. Zieglgansberger instead of "Zeiglgansbereger". L (Ludwig) was my Great Uncle and F (Frank) was my Great Grandfather. No matter the source any thing other than Zieglgansberger is spelt wrong. Thank you for your time.
I believe I made that correction for him, see an error, let me know.
Just let me know what page you seen it on is all.

name = David  Hope  
    Place of Residence = Madisonville,  Kentucky   USA
    message =  DOUG,  You have one of the best pages I have every visited.  Very good info, pictures & specs on the machines.  Just want to say something about Mr Klimax.  I may be wrong, but I think you have three different draglines.  The dragline with "Bucyrus Monighan" is a B-E machine, don't think it's the 500-W, but it's real close.  The walking cam is different than on the 7800-M.  Look at the boom support cables on the B-E, then on the 7800-M, different setup.  the boom looks to be at a higher angle on the 7800 than the B-E.  The gantry on the 7800 is much heavier built than the B-E. The 7800 is twice as big as the 500-W in size. The "tear dropped structure" on the 7800 is actually in the middle front of the machine, rather over the cab. That is actually a cover for the hoist rope to run through coming in the cab, it keeps rain, snow etc. out I guess.  ( Oh, look at the cab on the B-E, it's on the right side & 7800 on the left). 
           I might be wrong on this too, but I had a picture of the 750-B & it was at a mine in Colorado, USA (one of the western states) & it stated that this 750 was moved to Canada, it had Utility Fuels or Coal on the side.  I will look for this article, it's been a long time since I read it, & have no idea were I put it.  Keith Haddock should know anything you need on this company, he retired from Luscar a few years ago.      You have a A-1 page & you should be proud of it.   Great Job,  David
I think I made the corrections on the Mr Klimax pages as well
love the updates.

   Tue 09/01/2007 8:14 PM name = Krista Dancsok   
    Place of Residence = Stockholm,Saskatchewan,Canada
    message = It looks like a very nice web site
I was just looking at the stuff about my grandfather Ken Morine.
You can be proud of him Krista!

name = Bill Main   
    Place of Residence = Saint Louis, Missouri
    message = Hi Doug:  Not sure if you still read this, but are you aware of a dragline called Big Muskie in Ohio?  It was about twice the size of the P&H 9020.  So big there was no need for it any more.  I just saw the 9020 on the History Channel Modern Marvels and it sounded pretty big, but it is only about half the size of Muskie.          If you are digging coal that might explain it.  Muskie was used to dig softer almost sand-like dirt.  I grew up in where they mine coal and limestone there with draglines.  I do not think Big Muskie could work in that hard rocky stuff - at least not as well.  Sad day when they blew Muskie up... the bucket is now a monument.   Anyway - always happy to meet another heavy equipment fan.  There are many many pages on the Internet about Big Muskie if you Google it.  The bucket pictures are just unreal...              Best wishes,  Bill Main    Saint Louis, Missouri USA
You are right, there is bigger machines around the world,
not just in the States either.  I can only comment on the ones I have seen.
All I know this one is BIG!

    Mon 03/04/2006 10:23 AM  name = Lila Cugini  
  General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan et al
    Place of Residence = Nanaimo, BC Canada
    message =   I just want you to know what a fabulous web-site you have.  Your photo's, maps and general town information is one of the best Canadian sites I have come across.  I am planning a site-seeing trip to southern Saskatchewan this summer and your site has so much helpful information... makes me want to get going tomorrow!     I found your site through the Roche Percee section and then spent the next hour looking at every other link you have posted.  Again, great job.
See, I keep telling the powers to be down there,
the history will bring in visitors, just need to tell them what you have to see.
Hope you enjoyed your trip Lila

Dear Mr. Gent:  I am a direct descendent of the Traer of Truax-Traer Mining Company.  Mr. Traer was my grandfather.  I have had much difficulty finding out about my grandfather, and I appreciated your website.  Perhaps we can share information?  Also, may I have your permission to copy the pictures of the Truax-Traer stripper for my personal genealogical files?  If you are interested in sharing information on Traer, email me Sincerely,  Barbara Headle (grandaughter of Charles S. Traer, Truax-Traer Mining Company)
Yes Barbara, I also had trouble tracing this company
Good to hear from a descendant


Name = Donna Sinclair
General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan
Place of Residence = West Vancouver B.C.
message = Had a great time at E.C.I. Reunion, interested in future dedications,

also wondered what became of Dale Kolahy, my big crush in grade three.
Regards from Donna Sinclair (nee Donna Hagel)
Great Work you have done.
 Name = Lila Cugini
General Comment Place or Event Name = Estevan et al
Place of Residence = Nanaimo, BC Canada
message = I just want you to know what a fabulous web-site you have.
Your photo's, maps and general town information
 is one of the best Canadian sites I have come across.
 I am planning a site-seeing trip to southern Saskatchewan this summer
and your site has so much helpful information... makes me want to get going tomorrow!
I found your site through the Roche Percee section
 and then spent the next hour looking at every other link you have posted. Again, great job.
Editor reply- Love to get messages like this, it keeps me going
knowing someone actually looks at the web site. Thanks Lila!

Archived GuestWorld Guestbook format
Monday 02/27/2006 5:58:27pm
Name: Doug Gent
City/Country: Terrace BC
Comments: Check out the golden anniv link, june 30, 2007, another celebration for Estevan, Bienfait, Estevan Bruins and more. No registration required. start your plans today!
Wednesday 02/22/2006 12:17:11am
Name: mollie
Comments: I just read another entry to your guestbook. So to put it in context I am A.H Truax's great grand daughter and I grew up in Fiatt Illinois.
Wednesday 02/22/2006 12:14:05am
Name: mollie
Comments: I am from the Truax family that started the coal mines. My mom was raised in the Dakotas and I was raised in Illinois. I am not sure I can be of any help to you but as I try to trace that side of the family I would be willing to share as much as I can...I can't believe someone has a site on this. I am going to send it to my mom.
Tuesday 01/03/2006 4:22:41pm
Name: Becky Pereboom
City/Country: Cedar Rapids, IA
Comments: Yes,searched due to the current tragedy. My aunt's husband was co-founder of Truax-Traer Coal Company. I knew him as Harold Truax from Fiatt, IL. I was told he grew up in the "North Woods" and had a 6th grade education. But wow, was he smart.
Saturday 10/22/2005 7:47:11am
Name: Isabelle Jenish
City/Country: Estevan
Comments: very interesting! Like to check in every once in awhile to see what is different.

Thursday 10/20/2005 4:44:09pm
Name: Marie-Josée
City/Country: Estevan
Comments: Hi, I am new to Estevan and I really enjoyed your web page. Thank you for sharing :)
Sunday 06/05/2005 4:11:31am
Name: Carol J. McPhee (Whitby)
City/Country: Tisdale, Saskatchewan
Comments: I was just looking up some information about the Estevan homecoming and found your great page. What a terrific amount of great information about our "hometown". Thanks. Carol (Whitby) McPhee ECI class of 1963
Friday 05/20/2005 8:35:12am
Name: Lois (Flake) Simard
City/Country: Chelmsford,ON Canada
Comments: I have thoroughly enjoyed this website. I was born in Wadena but my family moved often to different parts of Sask. My father was Percy Flake and my mother was Agnes (Langen) Flake. My brother Ken and I will be attending the Bienfait school reunion on July 1st weekend. We still have Langen relatives in the area.
Friday 05/06/2005 6:54:13pm
Name: Doug Gent
Comments: Funeral for Marvin Symons will be held Monday May 9, 2005 at 2pm, Trinity Lutheran Church, Estevan. My Condolences to the Symons Family.
Friday 02/11/2005 8:28:04am
Name: Bob Bozooglia
City/Country: Jakaarta/Indoniesia
Comments: we have better coal than you we have peat coal

Wednesday 02/09/2005 4:07:46pm
Name: Sophie Douglas ( Krasilchuk )
City/Country: Logan Lake , BC
Comments: Trying to find Clarice Domstad Jury or any of her siblings ( Domstad )
Thursday 01/06/2005 2:30:45pm
Name: Dennis Hagel
City/Country: Estevan, Sask.
Comments: Just found this page when I was on the Estevan community page, just checking it out.
Great Site!!
Thursday 08/26/2004 2:20:12pm
Name: Chassidy Pastachak
City/Country: Brooks Alberta
Comments: Just checking it out.I lived in Estevan for 13 years and then we moved to alberta.
Thursday 05/20/2004 1:07:16am
Name: Helen Gent
Comments: I was looking for other Helen Gent's in the world and I found this link came up on the Google search. I live in London, England. More to the point, my brothers name is Doug Gent! Hi there!
Thursday 05/20/2004 1:06:10am
Name: Helen Gent
Comments: I was looking for other Helen Gent's in the world and I found this link came up on the Google search. I live in London, England. Hi there!

Monday 04/19/2004 5:04:51pm
Name: Lionel L.
City/Country: Devon, Alberta
Comments: Hey Doug, great job on your website. Have ties in with Estevan through genealogy where some of my ancestors lived. Keep up the good work, Doug.
Saturday 12/27/2003 8:21:50pm
Name: c.dyck
City/Country: manitoba canada
Comments: i have been trying to find hotels in the estevan area for 1 1/2hrs now,the search just gives me these boggus "deal finders" you guys should make it easier to find your home page, with hotel phone numbers. thanks c .dyck
Tuesday 12/16/2003 6:29:48pm
Name: Steve Stephens IV
City/Country: Ukiah, California 95482
Thursday 10/09/2003 7:10:22pm
Name: Jim & Rita Brailsford
City/Country: Regina Sk.
Comments: Looks like the site has been update, I enjoy looking up History of Estevan and area and there's lots on here.
Cheers Jim
Saturday 06/14/2003 4:08:55pm
Name: Kay
Comments: I am doing family research on STEPHEN(s) and there is a connection to Lord Mount Stephen. Tried to send email to message posted melanie granddaughter of George...Email failure. Lets compare notes.
Thursday 05/08/2003 2:12:16pm
Name: Melanie Stephen/Vanveen
City/Country: Ontario Canada
Comments: George Stephen was my great-grandfather
I am busy researching his history, and mine and thank you for the information provided here.
Monday 04/28/2003 6:33:31pm
Name: Eleanor (Gray) Hirsch
City/Country: estevan
Comments: Hello Doug, I finally found this webpage. Eileen, Dorothy and I are looking forward to the reunion. Is there anything we can do to help? We have been talking to a lot of the kids on hillside and encouraging them to come. Karen Hahn talked to Dorothy to day and her and her sister Ruth are planning on coming. The Wagner boys are looking forward to this too.
Monday 04/28/2003 11:46:47am
Name: Brandi Hodgson
City/Country: Moose jaw Sask.
Comments: I like this page just because Estevan is my home town. I loved living there lots of nice people if u know my family the hodgson's or the hanson's if you want you can e-mail me at Thanx love the site
Saturday 04/26/2003 6:06:20pm
Name: Heather Hagel (McDowell)
E-Mail: hmhagelNOSPAM@sasktel.neet
City/Country: Estevan
Comments: What a great job , Doug. I really enjoyed the pictures, and all the info . As Ron says "YOU" are the WEBMASTER. Just a couple of weeks until the Hillside reunion.We are anxious to see all the ol' gang.
Wednesday 04/16/2003 1:44:51pm
Name: Lesley Cavanagh
City/Country: Winnipeg
Comments: Enjoying all your sites Doug. My parents, Anne Pidlisecky and Hugh Fraser, were from Bienfait and moved to Winnipeg when they married in 1949. They are 76 years young now, still in Winnipeg. Keep up the good work!
Tuesday 04/08/2003 7:50:26pm
Name: elden karpiak
City/Country: grande prairie , alberta
Comments: formerly from estevan/bienfait
1985-1990. sure miss the people
& the friendly atmosphere
Friday 03/14/2003 5:52:36pm
Name: Steve Oszust
City/Country: Canada
Comments: Very well done.
Sunday 03/09/2003 4:22:22pm
Name: charlene lamoureux
City/Country: Regina, SK
Comments: I was informed about the Hillside reunion on May 17 and was looking to find web site that may have some old classroom school pictures on it. My husband helped and got me to your web site and that is how i got here. I was in Grade 1 in 1965
Tuesday 03/04/2003 11:07:24am
Name: Jan van Vliet
City/Country: Kingston.Ont
Comments: I was a dragline operator in the 60ts in Holland NCK 304(koering)
You have a fantastic series of foto,s i like them so much
Wednesday 01/01/2003 8:39:14pm
Name: Jessica
City/Country: Estevan,Canada
Comments: i love your website. its great to have a site out here about my good 'old home town!
Monday 12/09/2002 5:16:30pm
Name: Brian Brown
City/Country: Red Deer, Alberta
Comments: Grew up in Estevan in the 50's & 60's.
Tuesday 12/03/2002 7:57:57pm
Name: Paul & Pat Berard
City/Country: Storthoaks, Sask.
Comments: Nice site
Sunday 10/20/2002 4:44:20pm
Name: Steve
City/Country: Ukiah, California
Comments: Looking at the area and will be visiting in November 02
Thursday 09/26/2002 11:38:56am
Name: carla mickler
City/Country: weyburn, sk
Comments: I was born in Estevan in 1967.
By the name Chicoine.
Sunday 05/05/2002 4:50:45pm
Name: Raymond Schell
City/Country: Jackson's Point, ON
Comments: ECI 1944-48

Friday 03/22/2002 10:32:06am
Name: Christine Deadlock
City/Country: Estevan, SK, Canada
Comments: Wonderful site, I have lived in Estevan most of my life. My mom was born and raised here and my Grandparents and Great Grandparents were a part of the community for many many years.
Tuesday 03/19/2002 9:14:57am
Name: Gunness
City/Country: Estevan Sask.Canada
Comments: love it just wish everyone would put old stuff on estevan and bienfait on the web so we who want to see old pics can
Friday 03/01/2002 9:05:07am
Name: Arnold De Ellion
City/Country: Smithers BC
Comments: I was looking for information on Estevan - my wifes grandparents & her father lived there from c. 1911 -1919. Also looking for local History Books in several Sk. locations. Thanks for this site. It is great.
Friday 01/25/2002 4:33:32pm
Name: Ron Hitchcock
Comments: Hi Doug. Just taking a surf down memory lane. You are the WEEEB master. A thought came to mind, when we were in high school, your Dad said he could tell me the name of my future wife. Be gullible as usual I said "who". The answer - "Mrs Hitchcock" Your parents and the Hinzman's were a great influence in my life.
Thursday 01/24/2002 2:26:00pm
Name: Eugene Ropchan
City/Country: Surrey, B.C. Canada
Comments: Greeting from Surrey, BC
Tuesday 01/01/2002 4:25:27pm
Name: mason
E-Mail: mazon38
City/Country: estevan,canada
Monday 12/10/2001 4:54:22pm
Name: Henry Wilkie
City/Country: Fallis AB
Comments: Keep up the good work
Thursday 11/22/2001 12:04:35am
Name: Allison
City/Country: Estevan Sask
Comments: Hey Nice Web Site. Its Kool But This Part Is The Best. Well Duh Its About Estevan. I Like Because I Learned Stuff I Never Knew About Estevan.
Saturday 06/30/2001 0:14:54am
Name: claude white
City/Country: mackay australia
Comments: intersting
Friday 06/29/2001 2:55:34pm
Name: Andrew Kilcoyne
City/Country: Cheshire England UK
Comments: Researching information about my ancestor Harry Yardley 1st Mayor of Estevan. Really interesting ideas telling information the family did not know. Also researching information about Grandfather -James Kilcoyne who was also an inhabitant of Estevan before finally leaving in late 1927/early 1928 at the behest of my grandmother Catherine Kilcoyne. Any information on their time in the city would be appreciated.

Saturday 06/16/2001 8:29:47pm
Name: eric j dodd
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: estevan
Thursday 06/14/2001 7:38:25pm
Name: Pat Peters(Turner)
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Regina/Saskatchewan
Comments: What a great way to keep in touch with folks...those who have remained in Estevan and those who left...hope all who view the web site leave a message...
Saturday 03/24/2001 1:10:36am
Name: Brian McCallum
City/Country: Melbourne Australia
Comments: Hi Doug,
Amazing to refresh and up date my knowledge about Estevan after living there many years ago. Well done. I'm glad that I knew you way back then.

Thursday 03/22/2001 3:46:15pm
Name: Leyster Peters
City/Country: Revelstoke,B.C.
Comments: Hi Mr. Gent, Marge Lalonde(my sister) sent this page to me so went in to take alook around Is fabulous and glad she sent it keep up the good work :)
Wednesday 03/21/2001 4:42:48pm
Name: Marge Lalonde (Peters)
City/Country: Castlegar, BC
Comments: great site once again, Doug, still enjoying your ECI site and now this one, is great way for us all to keep in touch with the big city and old surrounding stomping grounds. Thanks Doug for your expertise, and keep up the good work!!
Sunday 12/10/2000 9:15:23pm
Name: Jackie (MacDonald) Strickland
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Comments: I was born in Estevan, still have relatives there. Finding this page was a delightful surprise, When I have specifically been looking for information about Bienfait & Estevan I could not find it, Thank You.
Thursday 11/23/2000 3:33:58pm
Name: Wayne Wagner
City/Country: stony plain, ab.
Comments: sure learned alot about Estevan off this web site, Doug
Monday 11/20/2000 6:24:11am
Name: Estevan Salcido
Referred By: Just Surfed In
City/Country: Slidell LA
Comments: I never knew that they had a city with my name
Tuesday 11/07/2000 12:52:21am
Name: Doug Gent
City/Country: Terrace BC
Comments: Just created the guestbook so thought I would test it out and make sure it is working. I encourage everyone to sign and leave an email for others to contact you.

old guestbook was started Nov 7, 2000




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