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 Lignite Coal Mines
Banner Coal Company Mine


 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

Banner Coal Company Mine

aka- The Uhrich Mine

aka- The Black Diamond Coal Mine

 Located on LSD 14 Section 35, Township 1, Range 6, W2
 on CPR Coal Lease No. 136

Surveyed Aug 14, 1937
Robert John Campbell Lee, R.P.E.

Company Mine Plans

Banner Coal Co. Mine Plan ca 1945. pdf

Banner Coal Co. Mine Plan ca 1945. pdf

Banner Coal Co. Mine Plan Extended Jan 26, 1945. pdf

some of these appear to be the same map, with a different file name?

Credit for Plans above
Mine Plan Document above, copied from an Original Document,
held by Saskatchewan Government, Mines Branch, Regina,
Acquired by
Richard (Dick) Wright, P. Eng,
and contributed by Mr. Wright for viewing here, with Thanks.
He was assured this was a Public Document, and Web Use allowed.

Part of my Dad's 1927 map, showing location of Banner Coal Co. Mine

1955 Roche Percee History Book calls this mine
The Uhrich Coal Mines
Described as located approximately 2 miles east of Roche Percee
operated by A. Uhrich and A. Matheson

My Coal Mine Index page had this entry:
Operating in 1937
It was located near the Banks mine at Prospect
Operated by Albert Uhrich and Arthur (Art) Leslie Matheson,
Art was Albert's son-in-law, who moved to Hamilton ON
They also owned the Black Diamond mine.

By Dec 8, 1945 this mine had an agreement
with District 18, U.M.A.,
(United Mine Workers of America)

Albert Uhrich
b- Sept 12, 1892 in Winkler MB
d- Jan 18, 1946, age 52, in Bienfait, age 53
buried in Bienfait Civic Cemetery.
Wife- Elizabeth Margaret Sloan,
b- Apr 3, 1894 in McIntire, Wayne, Mitchell, Iowa
d- Jan 3, 1984, in Estevan SK, age 89
Married Feb 21, 1915 in Presbyterian Manse, Estevan

Albert's daughter Viola Kathleen Uhrich
b- Mar 16, 1916 in Roche Percee
d- Feb 28, 1944 in Hamilton, Wentworth, ON
married Arthur (Art) Leslie Matheson,
b- Nov, 1906 in PEI
d- Apr 29, 1981 in Stratford, Perth, ON
Art was age 4, staying with his grandparents in 1911,

John and Matilda McRae,
Presbyterian religion, Scotch nationality
Art and Viola had 2 children, son and daughter.

Albert's son- Norvin Henry Uhrich
b- Aug 25,
1917, Tompkins SK
d- Apr 4, 2002, Estevan SK, age 84
Norvin was a close friend of my Mom and Dad
He married Sarah Alice Banks, June 25, 1940 in Pinto, SK
b- Feb 27, 1915, in Taylorton SK
d- May 13, 1999, Estevan, age 84

twins- Irene Uhrich and Corinne Uhrich

Irene Uhrich
b- June 5, 1921
d- bef Nov 6, 2007

Corinne Gertrude Uhrich
b- June 5, 1921 in Taylorton, SK
d- Nov 6, 2007 at Estevan, age 86
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
she married Harry Barker

Laura Darleen Uhrich
b- Nov 22, 1922 in Taylorton SK
d- Aug 5, 1956 in Hamilton, Barton, Wentworth, ON, age 33

Yvonne Elizabeth Uhrich
b- Mar 23, 1924 in Taylorton, SK
d- July 30, 1997, in Oxbow SK, age 73
married McKnight

twins- Irene Uhrich and
Corinne Gertrude Uhrich

Corinne Gertrude Uhrich
d- Nov 6, 2007 at Estevan, age 86
buried in Bienfait Cemetery
she married Harry Barker

 Father- Heinrich (Henry) Uhrich
b- Apr 17, 1866
d- Sept 13, 1921, in Estevan SK, age 55
buried in Estevan City Cemetery
married May 28, 1889, in Montcalm, MB
Mother- Mary Loustel
b- Apr 4, 1872 in Vienna, Morovia, Austria
d- Sept 16, 1925 in Estevan SK
buried in Estevan City Cemetery

5 siblings of Albert Uhrich:

George Uhrich
b- Mar 25, 1891 Boniface MB
d- bef 1912, Bienfait SK, age 20

Joseph Henry Uhrich,
b- Mar 21, 1894 in Plum Coulee (Winkler?), MB
d- June 13, 1959, Los Angeles, CA
Enlisted in WWI, Mar 23, 1915 in Estevan
shown as a farmer, Reg #426970
discharged July 21, 1915
Father Henry lived in Bienfait at the time.
married Ellen Barbara Messner, Mar 6, 1919, Wales, ND

Mary Uhrich
b- Mar 22, 1897 in Winkler MB
d- Mar 10, 1966 in Minneapolis, MN, age 68
married Clarence H. Babcock, June 27, 1912, Portal, ND

Margaret Uhrich
b- July 26, 1898 in Winkler MB
d- Jan 21, 1983 in Estevan SK, age 84
married Howard Victor Enmark, Apr 8, 1914 in Estevan

Clara-Alaine Uhrich
b- Dec 9, 1901 in Maryland, Arcola, SK
d- Sept 13, 1991, Mission, BC, age 89
married twice, last time Gilbert Stanley Conway

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