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 Lignite Coal Mines
 Dominion Coal Company


 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

Dominion Coal Company
Estevan Saskatchewan

not to be confused with
 the Western Dominion Coal Company, near Taylorton.

It was the First Commercial Coal Mine in Estevan

 Owned by The Dominion Coal, Coke and Transportation Company Ltd.
(also seen The Dominion Coke, Coal and Transportation Company Ltd. as the name)
Capital $500,000, in 25,000 shares of $20 each, in 1885
 Carrying on the Business of Colliery Proprietors, Coke Manufacturers,
Iron Masters, Miners, Engineers,
In Business to work, raise, buy, sell, and deal in Coal, Coke, Iron,
and for other purposes.

Corporate Executive (1885)
John L. Lewis, Merchant, Montreal,
Major James Morrow Walsh, Contractor,
Albert  Romaine Lewis, gentleman, of Prince Arthur's Landing,
Frederick Alfred Bell, Miner and Coal shipper, Buffalo, NY,
 George Howard Lewis, of Buffalo, NY.
Arthur Gould Yates, gentleman, of Rochester, NY.
(Note- bios below, Mr. Yates, and Major Walsh have their own web pages)

Original Head Office created by Major James Walsh in Brandon, MB.
but later shown in Winnipeg MB
Major Walsh created the Company.

a representative of the mine, was a Mr. Philip (Phil) Walsh,
brother to Major James Morrow Walsh. (ex NWMP)
Philip (Phil) Walsh
b- Aug 1855
(ca 1857, in ON, age 24, machinist in 1881)
d- Oct 27, 1932, Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, ON, age 77

From all accounts, Major Walsh
 watched over the operation of the mine.
In one article it stated he was President of the Company
A Mr. Melville was the manager directly in Estevan in 1892.
Phil only appears in a couple articles,
I seen Philip's name,
in a newspaper article,
where he was at a party in Estevan,
held Friday, Dec 18, 1892
in honour of a Mr. Edward Philip Leacock,
who was the CPR Townsite Agent,
held at the Kelly House. (aka Kelly Hotel)
Philip spoke about "his" Company,
Dominion Coal Company, and the error in assuming,
they were building a mine down the river.
He intended to vigorously operate the Estevan Mine.
He claimed the Coal was of good quality,
and abundant in quantity,
and would last for the next century.
As you will read below, this was not true.

Operated from Sept 1892- Sept 1894 per articles below.
      Sept 6, 1892- Drift 20 ft. wide was being built and timbered,
with a broad landing made.
8ft thick seam of coal was found by boring at various places.
at a depth of 30-40 ft.
Reason for it's closing was the coal quality was poor.

Mr. Arthur Gould Yates, and many of his rich friends and associates,
visited Estevan in his Personal Luxury Railcar called "The Virginia"
arriving after dark on Sept. 10, 1892 from Winnipeg.

Below is a synopsis of those on the train
The Luxury Private Rail Car was named after his wife Virginia.
Reports state it had an observation area at the rear.

This was a train full of very rich men. 
Most if not all Millionaires.
To be a fly on the wall on this one!
Would love a picture of this railcar.
Where did it end up?

Rich men, and executives as early as 1880, as late as 1945,
referred to these as their "Office Car"
They didn't want to upset the shareholders of their company,
that were paying for them.
Exotic woods, expensive linens, rich carpets, the works.
Most of these built by The Pullman Palace Car Company
founded by George Mortimer Pullman. (1831-1897)

Imagine Estevan in 1892, a tent town, no buildings,
and here are 7 millionaires, drinking champagne,
and smoking fat cigars, living in a luxury rail car.
Which no doubt, had a Chef, Waiter, Porter, etc. on board.
Most in the City, could barely afford a horse and wagon!
It really must have been some sight.

See my Arthur Yate's Bio site below, for this railcar's history

Arthur Gould Yates Bio
Melville Lubec Cobb Bio
Simon Bolivar Elliott Bio

With these 3 men,
 were 4 from Winnipeg, MB
Mr. Angus M. Kirkland, 
Lawyer William Egerton Perdue,
Mr. William Forbes Alloway.
Major James Morrow Walsh

I left the 4 from Winnipeg below,
but added separate pages for other 3

to try and save space here.

All of these guys were probable investors in this mine
and no doubt others in the area, later on.

 Angus Kirkland
b- Dec 28, 1840, ON
d- June 3, 1906,Toronto, ON. 
Manager, Winnipeg branch of the Bank of Montreal
He was transferred to the Toronto Branch from Winnipeg, in 1897.
 In 1871 he was age 21 in London, ON. as a clerk

William Egerton Perdue
b- June 20, 1850, Brampton ON
d- Jan 17, 1933, at home, 24 Carlton St., Winnipeg MB, age 82
Father- Michael Perdue
Mother- Margaret Caser
both parents from Ireland
He was married twice
1st wife- married Mary Fairbanks MacDonell,
(MacDonnell another source)
b- May 17, 1858
d- aft 1911
married January 9, 1885
2nd wife-  he married a Miss Swinford

his oldest son
Charles Egerton Perdue
b- Nov 17, 1885 in Winnipeg MB,
d- ?
occupation- Clerk, single
 enlisted in WWI, Mar 31, 1916 in Winnipeg,
enlistment form says born in 1886?

 William had a daughter,
Olive Margaret Perdue.
b- Mar 25, 1887 in Winnipeg
d- ?
She married James Watt Miller, Sept 6, 1913 in Winnipeg

William had another son,
Mowbray MacDonell Perdue,
b- Aug 8, 1890 in Winnipeg
d- ?
who also became a lawyer, like his father, in Winnipeg
articled Oct 5, 1909- Oct 5, 1914
Enlisted in Sept 1915,
He died in WWI, May 7, 1917
Lieutenant,  Army, Canadian Infantry, Manitoba Regiment,
Vimy Memorial

Mary was the mother of the 3 children
William was a Lawyer and a Judge in Winnipeg.
1906 census shows him as Judge Perdue.
Chief Justice of Manitoba from May 25, 1918 until December 30, 1929

 William Forbes Alloway
b-Aug 20, 1852 in Queen's County, The Derries, Ireland,
 d- Feb 2, 1930, in Winnipeg, MB. 
 Son of Arthur William Alloway,
 immigrated in 1855, age 3. 
 He started the Winnipeg Foundation with a gift of $100,000 in 1921.  
 In 1910 he was listed as one of 19, Winnipeg Millionaires. 
 He was known to be a silent partner in many mining interests. 
 He was partners in a Private Bank,
the Alloway and Champion Bank at 667 Main St. in Winnipeg. 
He was one of the first members of Winnipeg Police force. 
Private in the Wolseley Expedition,
came to Winnipeg 4 days before his 18th birthday.

Major James Morrow Walsh
 of NWMP fame,
May 22, 1840 in Prescott, County of Grenville,  ON,
d- July 25, 1905 in Brockville ON. 
He was in command of D troop, NWMP in July 1874.
Resigned and retired Sept 1, 1883 from the NWMP in the Yukon, 
He was the President of
 the Dominion Coal, Coke and Transportation Company
which he established in Brandon.
He knew the General Manager of the CPR,
William Cornelius Van Horne, in Fort Qu'Appelle,
while he was there for 2 years.
He sold his coal to the CPR, his biggest customer.
He built an elaborate home named Indian Chief in Brockville ON.
He had 2 partners in Coal Company in Winnipeg, before this one.  
 He was heavily involved in this coal mine. 
Major Walsh said this mine would be putting out coal,
from a few days to a fortnight of their visit. 
He is listed in a tale that is told book,
as owning NE 1/4 of Section 22, Tsp 2, Rge 8, W2
Entry Aug 8, 1892, Coal Land Sale #77

Receipt of patent, Sept 9, 1892.

Aug 18, 1892,
Major Walsh's new drill has arrived

Aug 19, 1892, the miners were erecting the tipple
at the main drift.

Article below from Aug 20, 1892
By October 1892, 75 men were to be needed.
Output expected to be 400-500 tons/ day

Oct 13, 1892 a disagreement with a Dr. Selwyn,
(who was Chief of the Geological Survey,
and who was not a fan of Lignite Coal),
and Major Walsh, over how to start up this mine.
Mr. Walsh supports Mr Elliott's findings.

Article below written by Professor Rev. Dr. Bryce,
Aug 20, 1892,
He was a Presbyterian Minister,

who arrived to pick a site for their Church.
Interesting to note, the location of Estevan
was originally going to be on the west side of the ravine,
where Kentucky Fried Chicken is now.
The entrance to the mine it says,
was on the north side of the Coulee,
which is strange, as it runs fairly North and South there?

But then I found this 3 part article below
 which clearly describes the location of the mine.
written in Oct 21, 1892.

Part 1 part 2 Part 3

We now know it was on the west side of the ravine.
with a drift running into the sides of the highest banks,
about 50 ft. from the bottom of the ravine.
They were already 200 feet in in Oct. 1892,
and then added more drifts to test the seam.
The CPR mine spur was down in the bottom of the ravine.
The tipple was 200 ft. further south of the drifts.
As you will read they wasted some time, on one of the drifts,
until Major Walsh arrived back to correct the error.
Of course the big worry was if there was enough coal for Manitoba,
not if there was good coal for Estevan and area.
or What was to be Saskatchewan for that matter.
It was all going east to Winnipeg.

Early Nov 1892,
 Mine Superintendent was Mr. Little
Mr. R. Morrs, Mine Manager.
The Mine had it's own Blacksmith shop,
Blacksmith- Mr. Evans, and assistant- Mr. Clough
They repaired and prepared rails for the mine.
21 men worked at the mine.
The tipple was 90 x 20 ft
It had 3 sets of tracks under it.
The first drift was sunk in 240 ft and then abandoned.
the 2nd drift was in 300 ft., with branches in different directions.

This was the Coal Mine just NW of ECI,
In the ravine to the west of present day Westview,
which had a large Company Boarding House,
located on the end of 3rd st at that time.
The boarding house was later moved,
to the corner of 12th Ave. and 4th St.,

It was used as a residence,
and as the Bank of Hamilton Offices,
and a lawyer's office.

When the Bank of Commerce was built in 1910,
it was moved to 1121 3rd st. and used as a funeral home.
First McNeil, then Lee's Estevan Funeral Home,
then Orsted Funeral Home, until they built their new place on 4th st..  
Today 1121 3rd st. is the City Fire hall

After some emails in early 2011 with a Jean Howson,
she discussed some documents concerning
Buffalo Allen, aka Buf Allen, aka Edward Allen

He was a quite famous NWMP officer as it turned out.
In troop 52 with Peachpie Davis, and John Harkin Thomson.
His memoirs titled "He came to Wood Mountain"
His 2nd wife Emily Cruikshank, who he married in 1905,
wrote they went by way of Weyburn,
to be in Wood Mountain in 1906.
Jean thinks his first wife died in Estevan area,
but unable to locate her.
Jean wrote re: Buff Allen
He is famous for some of his documented exploits
including outsmarting Sitting Bull over some stolen NWMP horses. 
He would have been retired from the force in 1891
 and he and first wife would have had a boarding house
 for miners near his homestead
Roche Percee.
His second wife and he, travelled from the Roche Percee
 area in 1905 through Weyburn. 
 Rest of the family were in Broadview by 1891 but he wasn’t with them"

anyone know where the 1891 Estevan area census results are?

info below from Ed's first wife- Alice Mary Thompson
who he married in 1895, they came to Wood Mountain in 1896.
she wrote, before that, Ed had been at Estevan
and ran a boarding house for miners there.

He had a homestead at Roche Percee
actually a couple miles south of Shand
 and a couple west of Roche Percee, per western land grants.
SE Section 34, Township 1, Range 7, W2
 date of entry Apr 5, 1887, date of patent Oct 30, 1890

so these dates are a little earlier than his wife's story.
but not being married to him yet, she wouldn't be 100% accurate on dates.
she wrote, Ed was on the homestead from 1893 to 1895.

I believe Mr. Edward (Ed) Allen ran this boarding house for Mr. Walsh.
I think Walsh and the mining company owned the building
and thru his NWMP connection with Walsh, got the managers job there.
this last part is speculation on my part.

Map of today shows rough locations
of the mine and Company Boarding House.
The boarding house was about a block from the mine.
Where I have shown the boarding house, (B)
might not be 100% correct.
It could be on the west side, of what is today Alice Rd.
I know the bank of the ravine
is after the row of houses on west side of Alice Rd.

The following article, Dec 24, 1892 describes the scene
in the ravine,  from the boarding house.
It also describes a couple of the other mines in this area.
Wilkinson Bros had a mine, 2 miles south,
and the Ruby and Asikieson?
If you can figure this name out, let me know.
A William Wilkinson had a homestead
on SW Sec 30, Tsp 2, Rge8, W2.
I have no idea who owned the Ruby mine.
And there is no name resembling the Asikieson? spelling,
in any of the Tsp 2 land records..
End of this article describes the Yard Engine #100
had trouble with frost on the track, and couldn't stop,
until running into an empty car.

In 1895 Inspector James Osgood Wilson's Police report
states the Dominion Mining Company
 moved it's operation to Coalfields. 
So this mine was short lived.

Sept 5, 11:30 am, a miner named William Warren
nearly died from a cave-in of sand and clay,
as the roof fell in while he was adding timber supports.
Dr. Scott administered to him,
 and he was expected to be about in a few days..


Article below Sept 8, 1892, describes the company
at least bought locally, and supported the new town.

Nov 2, 1892, ad to hire men

Nov 8, 1892, production to increase to 200 tons/day.
Extra men were hired,
and they were now working night and day.

Nov 9, 1892- coal from the mine was sold at $3.00/ton delivered.
But competition was starting
as Mr. George Rooks, and Mr. Laurie Hanna found a new coal mine,
and price was predicted to be $2--2.50 a ton.
They needed capital to continue their mine.
They found what they claimed to be an endless 8ft seam.

Article Dec 7, 1892, states they are increasing production
to between 200-350 tons/day.
It states they are in the drift,
 a considerable distance now.
A Locomotive from Port Arthur was arriving
to do the shunting at the mine.
Engine #100 above obviously.
Major Walsh was expected to visit that week.

       Interesting sideline, Major Walsh sent in names,
for the naming of Estevan, to the CPR,
and he had a few suggestions,
"Pittsburgh", "Yatesburgh" and "Yates",
now you know why these were suggested. 
 He also sent in "Shaughnessy", but it to was rejected. 
Not sure why he wanted that one. 
 He was just trying to please the guy with the money!
       Major Walsh of course came thru the district with the NWMP in 1874,
so he knew all about the coal deposits here.
  He left the NWMP in the Yukon,  retired in 1898,
and shortly after he came to Estevan, via Winnipeg. 
 He knew a good thing when he seen it earlier. 
He was known to the Natives as
White Chief of the Assiniboines.

Jan 9, 1893, Coal output was increased at this mine,
and sold in Winnipeg for $4.50 /ton.

Jan 16, 1893, Dominion Illustrated came to Estevan,
Their photographer- Major Henry Joseph Woodside,
b- Nov 6, 1858 Arkwright, Bruce Co., ON
d- Nov 8, 1929 in Carleton, ON
He came from Portage La Prairie, and took some photos in Estevan,
1885, Woodside served in the Northwest Rebellion, 12th Manitoba Dragoons,
 and remained active in the Canadian militia for the rest of his life.
In 1902, He saw service as a Lieutenant, in the Zulu war in South Africa,
 with the 2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles (C.M.R.)
While training in Halifax, Jan 1902, he fell from a horse and nearly was killed.
His wife was a nurse at the time of the accident.
1913 living at 854 1/2 Echo Dr. in Ottawa South
shown as living at 63 Aylmer, Ottawa South, in another list.
 May 1916 he was wounded at the battle of the Messines Ridge, in France,
buried alive by a bursting shell,
 while serving with the 5th C.M.R.
2 were killed, and others there were wounded.
He was sent to England to be operated on for his injuries to his head and ears.
He was living in Ottawa ON when he enlisted.
When he returned he was living on 5th ave in Ottawa.
 In 1918, he toured the southern US to promote the Liberty Loan Drive.
Shown as Major Henry Woodside at this time.
his tour guide was Mr. Phil Walsh.
Woodside worked for the CPR, 1878-1879
Mr. Woodside, beside this job, from 1880-1898,
he managed a Jeweller business in Portage
in connection with an agency of the Great Northern Telegraph Co.,
From 1887-1889, in Portage, he operated the Manitoba Liberal newspaper, 
and a General Insurance Agency, the People's Insurance Co..
1898-1901 he lived in the Yukon,
Oct 1900 held a position in Territorial Registrar Girouard in the Yukon.
Became Census Commissioner for the Territories.
He operated the newspaper, the Yukon Sun in Dawson City.
In 1902 he married Josephine Victoire Huestis of Halifax, N.S.
His father Thomas Woodside, b- 1822(23)
 in Bellenderry, Co Derry, Ireland, was a mining man,
and took part in all the mining rushes in the 1860's.
His Irish ancestry parents, died at Port Arthur ON,
where they all resided at one point.
One record says Henry was one of 8 children. 6 were still living in 1902.
I count 10 in the family, including Henry.

Woodside Brothers of Port Arthur
 operated a founder and moulder business.
Woodside Brother's Iron Foundry Company, built in 1883
was operated by 4 brothers:
1. James Hartley Woodside (Jim),
 b-1849 in ON
(James 1st wife- Mary, 2nd wife- Nov 5, 1912, Florence Lilian Cade),

 2. John H. Woodside,
b- 1850 in ON

3. William C. Woodside,
b- 1852 in ON
wife- Caroline Sutton

4. Thomas (Tom) Anson Woodside
b- Dec 25, 1856 in Arkwright, Bruce Co.,ON,
d- Mar 6, 1899,
 (wife- Phoebe "Ada" Edith Whitelaw)
(Ada and Thomas had 9 children, one a son Arthur Melville Woodside, see below),
all 4 brothers buried in Riverside Cemetery in Thunder Bay, ON, all Methodists

William C. Woodside, J. Woodside, and Arthur Melville Woodside
 all served as Aldermen in the city of Port Arthur
over a twenty five year period at the beginning of the twentieth century

2 of  Henry's 3 sisters, were trained nurses in Ottawa.
 5. Mary (Bessie) Wilhelmina Woodside,
 b- Sept 21, 1871 in Owen sound, Grey Co, ON
6. Sarah Elizabeth Woodside,
b- Mar 27, 1875 in General, Thunder Bay, ON
7. Annie C. Woodside-
b- ?
at age 25, she married Richard Fisher, age 23, on Sept 18, 1900 in Port Arthur

2 more brothers:
8. Francis Robert Woodside, b- Mar 13, 1878, in Shuniak, Thunder Bay, ON
9. Cecil G. Woodside, b-  1855?, deceased
married Maggie Cochrane

One brother died in 1898, he was a head painter
for the Manitoba and Northwestern Railway. (name unknown)

Henry's father Thomas Woodside, died Mar 6, 1893, age 70 yrs, 8 mo.
at Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, ON
His mother, Jane Woodside, nee Hartley, died in 1898, b- 1831 in Ireland.

Henry was educated in Port Arthur, and took a course at Collingwood college.
This is where he studied telegraphy and became one of the first
telegraph operators on the CPR's western division.
He was a member of the Overseas Club in Ottawa

Henry's father, Thomas Woodside Sr.
 built one of the first roads from Fort William to Prince Arthur's landing,
later known as Port Arthur, ca 1874.
He became one of the first settlers of Bruce County, Ontario,
followed farming until 1859, when he went to British Columbia
and assisted in building the government road to the Cariboo,
afterwards spending a number of years in the mines of that district,
returning to Ontario in 1868. Shortly afterwards he came to the Thunder Bay
district and became identified with mining development.

Then we find in April 1893 the major shareholder
Mr. A. G. Yates was having bankruptcy problems.
which was putting the financial strain on this mine and Major Walsh.

Sept 15, 1893, the company is now working at
Estevan and Roche Percee.
Mr. Phil Walsh is at Estevan for the winter.

June 2, 1894, Major Walsh, described as Manager,
described their new mine, 3 miles down the valley,
east of Roche Percee, alongside the Hassard mine,
the Property of The Souris Coal Mining Company.
Coal quality harder than at Estevan.
He is still adamant the Estevan Mine will remain open.

then I found this snippet, from a 1896 Mining Journal
and now I know
Arthur Gould Yates from Rochester, NY
did invest in the Dominion Coal Company,
after his visit Sept 1892.
Owned by the Dominion Coal, Coke & Transportation Company,
in Winnipeg MB
Incorporated by Dominion Charter in 1883
here is a listing of the Directors from the photo,
missing in photo,
David Elder Adams, Director and President.
Head Office- Mr. William McQuaker, Secretary, Winnipeg, (see below)
Major James Morrow Walsh, Brockville ON, shown,
 he was on the train with Mr. A. G. Yates.
Director- A. Jardine, Winnipeg. (see below)
Director- D. Adams, Winnipeg. (could be D. E. Adams or relative?)
Arthur Gould Yates, Rochester, NY
Part not shown in photo bottom, below:
"Company owns 2,000 acres of coal lands
 in the Province of Assiniboia
(which became Saskatchewan),
 at the town of Estevan in the Souris district
connected with the Souris line of the CPR
 and the main line of the Sault branch
from St. Paul, connecting with the CPR at Pasqua.
Mining for coal began in Nov 1892. (Sept is correct)
output to date averages about 10,000 tons per annum,
sold altogether to Manitoba,
seam averages 8ft
opened by 3 side drifts.
500 ft in at time of publication, (1896)
method of working Pillar and room,
50 persons employed"

A. Jardine= Arbuckle Jardine
b- Sept 17, 1856 in Toronto, ON
d- Mar 27, 1932, Penticton, BC, age 75

Father- Arbuckle Jardin, Sr.
b- 1818 (1817?) in Ireland,
d- Aug 22, 1904, Toronto, York, ON, age 87
Father Immigrated in 1838.
Book Keeper in Toronto in 1881
Immigrated in 1835
1869 he was School Trustee in St. John's Ward, in Toronto
1869 he was a "Collector" St. James Ward.
1872 an A. Jardine was Collector in St. George's Ward
but there was an Alexander Jardine in this area same time. (brother?)
A. Jardine was a merchant on Pembroke st.
1872 Toronto directory shows Arbuckle Jardine Sr.
running a Grocery store on Elizabeth St., West side.

Mother- Elizabeth Jardine, nee Farrell
b- 1831 in Ireland
Mother and Father married Jan 6, 1848 at
St. James Anglican Cathedral, Toronto ON.

Arbuckle Jardine Jr. was Secretary of
Great-West Life Assurance Co. in Winnipeg.
He retired from this position in 1927.
Mar 1915 article says he was Assistant General Manager of Great-West.
His picture and article was in
the Great-West Company newspaper, called the Bulletin Monthly.
It stated he started the First Office in the Great-West Company.
1901 shown as an Insurance clerk.
Marriage record says first name was Arbereka?
Travelled to Hamilton Bermuda in Apr 1909.
1871 he received a scholarship, attending Third (Senior) Division
living on Louisa St at the time.

Believe it or not, Arbuckle Jardine Jr.
 bought the First Typewriter in Canada, ca 1872
from Dunn, Wiman and Co. in Toronto.
The founders of the Commercial Rating Institution,
which became R. G. Dunn & Co., ca 1925.
Arbuckle Jardine Jr. worked in a well known
Grocery Wholesale Business in Toronto, at the time,
but his Employers thought their customers would have no part
of receipts, etc. done on a typewriter, and not hand written.
So they told Arbuckle to take the machine off their premises.
He took it home, and later sold it to the Northern Railway,
where it was operated by a fellow named Jocky Aird.
This was actually Sir John Aird, who became President
and General Manager of Canadian Bank of Commerce.
This comes from an article dated Sept 1925,
and this all happened 52 years before this.

Arbuckle Jr. married Marie (Maria?) Jardine, nee McKibbin, Dec 29, 1884 in Winnipeg
b- Nov 20, 1862 in Ireland
d- July 21, 1930, age 72 (I'm guessing this is her death date)
Immigrated in 1888

son- Roy Alan Jardine
b- Apr 7, 1890 in Winnipeg, MB
d- Oct 11, 1956 in Oliver BC, age 66
Served in WWI, with the 44th Batt, Rank Lt.
transferring to the Royal Flying Corps in 1917.
Prior to that he was with the 100th Batt, Winnipeg Grenadiers.
After the war he did several years in Newspaper work in Toronto and Montreal.

Enlisted ca Jan 4, 1916 in Winnipeg, living at 115 Middlegate st
Occupation Farming and Mechanic. Anglican religion.
Attended St. Andrew's College
From 1932 until his death he operated a fruit farm in the Okanagan Valley.
He married Anna (Annie) Brunton, Aug 30, 1927 in Peterborough, ON

daughter- Nora Margaret Jardine
b- Mar 25, 1892 in Winnipeg, MB
She married George Douglas Haddow, Oct 10, 1923 in Winnipeg

siblings of Arbuckle: (age in 1881)
John Arbuckle- b- Nov 2, 1848, I beliene he died young.
William Jardine- 29, b- Feb 28, 1950
Agnes Jardine- 24
John Jardine- 21
Harriett E. Jardine- 19, d- Feb 8, 1936 Toronto ON, age 60
Thomas Jardine- 17
Samuel Jardine- 15
Henrietta Jardine- 13
James Jardine- 31 (not sure if son or nephew)

The Jardine name appears in Bienfait later on. Relations?

Secretary of the Dominion Coal Company 1896, 
 W. McQuaker = William McQuaker
Like Arbuckle Jardine Jr. he was one of the original members of the Executive
in Great-West Life Assurance Company.
McQuaker headed the Accounting Department there.
Mar 12, 1915 William was celebrating 21 years with Great-West Life.
He was the Present Treasurer of Great-West Life in Mar 1915.
Head Office staff put on a dinner to celebrate his service.
Arbuckle Jardine was stated as having opened the first books
 of the Great-West Life Assurance Company in Winnipeg.
Jeffry Hall Brock was the founder of Great-West Life in 1891.

William McQuaker
b- Apr 19, 1866 in ON.
d- Mar 5, 1930 in Winnipeg, MB, age 63
Scotch, Presbyterian
1911 he lived at 437 Elgin Ave. in Winnipeg
Occupation= Accountant

married wife- Margaret Mann Forrest, Sept 6, 1899 in Winnipeg
b- May 12, 1872, 
d- Feb 26, 1940 in Winnipeg, MB, age 67

they had a son James Alexander McQuaker
b- Aug 17, 1900 in Winnipeg, MB
married Bertha Grace Chipman, Aug 12, 1931 in Winnipeg, MB

daughter- Edith Agnes McQuaker
b- Nov 9, 1902 in Winnipeg, MB

son- William Mcilraith McQuaker
b- Dec 23, 1904 in Winnipeg, MB

son- John Forrest McQuaker
b- Mar 10, 1910 in Winnipeg, MB

Now where did it go in Coalfields?
Well the answer to that question
appears in an article below, from Sept 12, 1894.
They moved the mine to Roche Percee,
and looks like it was near the old Hassard mine,
which was bought by the Souris Coal Company.

Sept 12, 1894

Looks like a Mr. L. O. Bailey, James Wilkinson,
and James Turner, were left to operate their coal mines near Estevan.
This was the end of the Dominion Coal Company in Estevan.

Executive Members (1885)

1. Frederick Bell and 2. George Lewis (below),
 were in partnership with Mr.
Arthur Gould Yates
in the firm Bell, Lewis and Yates, and many more.

1. Frederick Alfred Bell,
b- Bef. Mar 19, 1847 in Nunda, Livingston, NY, USA
Christened Mar 19, 1847, First Presbyterian Church, Nunda, Livingston, NY
d- May 19, 1900, a Saturday, in Madison NJ
Coal Lumber Dealer in 1880, age 33, married, living in Buffalo, Erie Co. NY
lived on East Ave. corner Goodman in Rochester, NY
married to Mary Gridley Bruce, born in Illinois
youngest daughter of Gen. Asahel Gridley
one of the wealthiest men in Central Illinois
she lived at the Murray Hill Hotel, in NYC after her divorce.
had a famous divorce lawsuit, in 1894, based on his assumed adultery and desertion.
was still outstanding in supreme court of US at time of his death.
son of Alfred Bell,(1810-1892) one time member of Livingston Co. Assembly, Republican
Frederick's mother- Juliet Dibble
Grandfather- James Russell Bell
Frederick Bell left an estate valued at $25,000,000.00 in 1900
In his will he left 1/2 million to his widow,
and their Madison Avenue, property,
originally the Danforth Place, "Cecilhurst" built in 1876.
destroyed by fire Jan 1, 1912, then owned by the De Bary family.
no mention of his divorced wife in the will.
Morristown NJ, June 7.
He was living in Madison at the time.
Name shown as Frederic in the papers at the time.
will filed for probate with Surrogate Youngs of Morris Co.
Named Virginia E. Bell as Executrix, and J. Turnbull as executor
Cousins and family got the rest.

2, George Howard Lewis
b- 1840, in Philadelphia PA.
d- Oct 2, 1897 at home, of Heart failure, in the morning, age 57
Son of Shubel Barton Lewis (also seen sp Shubael and Shubnel?)
b- ca 1803 in probably Philadelphia, PA
d- Dec 13, 1890
 and Caroline Matilda Letitia Lewis, nee Romaine
b- ca 1812 in probably Montreal Quebec
d- July 12, 1884
Shubael and Caroline married ca1838, Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin
George married Katherine M. Bell, Oct 22, 1874
born at Nunda, Livingston, NY

George and Katherine had 2 children:

 1. Frederick Howard Lewis,
died in infancy

2. Alfred George Lewis,
b- July 5, 1879 in Buffalo, NY
d- ?
Alfred married Miss Agnes Bevan Slosson, Sept 29, 1903
b- 1878 in Geneva, NY
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Slosson
Alfred and Agnes had one son, and 3 daughters

George's son, Alfred George Lewis was President
of the White Springs Farm Dairy Company, Geneva NY
White Springs Farm he purchased in 1898.  Today (2010) a B&B
Organised the White Springs Farm Dairy Company in 1905
He became a famous importer and breeder of Guernsey cattle
Turned the farm into a Fruit farm.
Educated in Buffalo, NY

Katherine was elected a Pilgrim Tercentenary member 7 April 1920
She received her early education in the public schools, was
graduated at the high school, and attended Mrs. Bryan's seminary at Batavia, N. Y.
Katherine was the daughter of Alfred Bell of Rochester, NY
sister of Frederick A. Bell above
Katherine owned gas wells, she developed herself, at Bellport, Pa.
in 1898 she purchased a farm of three hundred and fifty
acres at Geneva, N. Y., where she established her summer home, and
became a successful importer and breeder of Shropshire sheep.
member of the Erie County Branch of the State Charities Aid Association,
served also as chairman of the Almshouse Committee,
and was first vice president of the Children's' Hospital of Buffalo.
To her native town of Nunda, NY,  she gave a tract of land,
and the Bell Memorial Library was then constructed on it.
In 1878, in Rochester, NY, Katherine was
Executive President of the New York Suffrage Assoc., in Buffalo
in 1908 Katherine Lewis wrote a check for $10,000 to the organization

George H. Lewis was President of the Bell, Lewis and Yates Mining Co.
George's home- Elmstone, 656 7th St., Buffalo, NY
Elijah D. Efner, a former president of Buffalo savings Bank
 built the Elmstone estate prior to the civil war.
his wife bought Bellwood Farms, next door to her son.

George Lewis owned the Niagra Hotel in Buffalo, opened in Oct 1887
Office day before his death, at the Coal and Iron Exchange in Buffalo.
Director of the People's Bank
Reputed to be a millionaire many times over.
Member of the Buffalo Historical Society in 1898

3. John L. Lewis
couple guesses
first one, b- possibly 1851 in Quebec?,
(age 30 in 1881 census, married, St-Antoine Ward, Montreal (City), Quebec, Canada)
wife shown as Louisa,
there is another good possibility
b- 1840 in England, wife Emma, and a bunch of kids
one daughter was named Bell Lewis, which is a clue this could be the right guy
this family living in Lachine Jacques-Cartier, Quebec
I know for sure he was a Merchant in Montreal in 1885
store name possibly J. H. Wilkins and Co, partnership with William F. Lewis
There also was a Druggist in Montreal, no middle name known, so can't pin him down.
I think he will end up being a brother to George and Albert, nothing proved yet.

then I found 1891 census online, in Ste Anne Ward, Montreal, page 35
found a John Lewis,
age 45, born in England
shown as a merchant, I think?
wife- Alice Lewis
age 42 in England
son- John Lewis, age 16, born in Quebec
still not positive which John Lewis we have here.

4. Albert  Romain Lewis, KC
b- 1845 in Philadelphia, USA (from death transcription)
another source- 1849 in Philadelphia, PA, USA,
 (son's 2nd marriage record says born in New York state)
age 31 in 1880
d- Dec 19, 1928 in York, ON, Canada, age 83

First marriage record
Married Jane Isabel Nelson Robertson, Sept 26, 1874 in Toronto ON
daughter of F. J. Robertson, and Amelia Robertson, nee ?
Albert was 27 (b- ca 1847) when he married, Jane, age 23 (b-ca 1851).
Jane might have went by the name Isabel

then another marriage record for same people?
now this one gives me the clue I was looking for.
Albert Romaine Lewis and George Howard Lewis, were brothers for sure.
this entry shows him marrying Jane Mabel Nelson Robertson,
June 19, 1878, at St. Judes Church, Oakville, ON
daughter of Thomas Jaffrey Robertson and Amelia Robertson, nee ?.
here it shows Albert born in Canada West, living in Oakville
he was shown age 34 (b- ca 1844) when he married.
Jane born in Canada West, living in Oakville, age 27 (b- ca 1851)
the name of father for Jane is different, and middle name slightly different.

why 2 marriages?  same person?

Father of Albert and George,
Shubel Barton Lewis (also seen sp Shubael and Shubnel?)
b- ca 1803 in probably Philadelphia, PA
d- Dec 13, 1890
 Mother of Albert, Caroline Matilda Letitia Lewis, nee Romain
b- ca 1812 in probably Montreal Quebec
d- July 12, 1884
Shubael and Caroline married ca 1838, Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin
Note- alt spelling Romaine
When Albert R. died, his father is listed as S. Boston Lewis, mother- Caroline Romain
from one census, father- b- Maine USA, mother- Canada

one source says Shubel and Elizabeth lived in Oakville ON
in 1881 Can census, they were in Oakville, Halton, ON, Canada
Shubel, shown as S. B. Lewis, b- 1804, in US,
age 77, Welsh, Can. Presbyterian religion
 Caroline, b- 1815 in Quebec, age 66
2 more in house,
Charles Lewis, b- 1846, in USA, shown married, age 35, Welsh Nationality 
Mary Lewis, b- 1854, in USA, shown married, age 27, Welsh nationality

I know one of Shubel Lewis's brothers, was Abijah Lewis
Abijah married Elizabeth Romain, sister of Caroline.
shown living in Cooksville ON
shown as Captain Abijah Lewis XIII, Loyalist 1837, in one source
established a store in what became Brampton, ON

another possible brother, Levi Lewis
owned land in Toronto Township, close to Abijah Lewis

siblings of Elizabeth and Caroline Romain,
brother- William Francis Romain (1818-1912)
brother- Pierre Zamor Romain (1807-1886).
brother- Charles E. Romain (1820-1902), actor and business man
and 3 other sisters, names unknown

Pierre (Sr) Romain, (1779-1858 in Oakville)
Father of Elizabeth, Caroline, Pierre, and William
was of Italian descent, educated in Quebec
conducted private school for boys in Kingston
Sir John A. MacDonald was his pupil
spent later years in Cooksville with daughter Elizabeth
and in Oakville with son William Francis Romain.

Pierre's Romain (Sr) wife Elizabeth MacDonald
daughter of Major MacDonald of 79th Highlanders.

His father was Francois Audiverti dit Romain, of Italian descent
immigrated in 1729 to Quebec.
2 sons, Pierre (sr) and Louis Romain

William Francis Romain was Brampton's First Postmaster,
 later moved to Oakville where he was Mayor and Alderman.
  Had a General Store and dealt in grain.
He married Esther Ann, a daughter of Colonel William Chisholm and Rebecca Silverthorn.

Pierre Zamor Romain married his brother's wife's cousin Elizabeth Rebecca Silverthorn
daughter of Joseph Silverthorn, and Jane Chisholm.

families above supported Dixie and Erindale churches

if the right Albert Lewis, in 1880 US census,
shown Married, Occupation- Lawyer
staying at the Mrs. Emma Lovejoy residence,
probably boarding house, in Buffalo NY

Gentleman, Prince Arthur's landing, then Port Arthur, now Thunder Bay
Crown Attorney, Clerk of the Peace for District of Thunder Bay (1885)
my guess for him, in 1880 US census in 9th ward, Dist 3, Buffalo, Erie Co, NY

then birth record for son Charles Austen Lewis
 shows Jane Isabel Robertson as his wife's name
when Arthur Victor Lewis died her name was Isabel N. Robertson
Quite a collection of names for one woman!

Albert and Isabel had at least 5 children:

1. son- Charles Austen Lewis 
b- June 1, 1879 in Toronto, York, ON
d- ?
Charles Austen Lewis filed a new patent, Oct 9,1917, in Toronto, ON
on a new pickle fork design,  no less!
What would we do without the proper Pickle Fork!
In 1902 Charles Austen Lewis was in India
1891 Charles Austen Lewis age 11, living in Port Arthur

2. daughter- Louise Lewis
b- Apr 9, 1883 in ON
d- ?

3. daughter- Frances Lewis
b- Aug 2, 1886 in ON
d- ?

4. son- Albert "Victor" Lewis
b- Mar 6, 1887 in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, ON
(another source- ca 1893 in Port Arthur, ON)
d- May 22, 1930, Toronto, York, ON, age 43
married first- Mary Garland Lewis,
 divorced June 6, 1919, London, ON
occupation- sales manager
2nd- married Aileen Pirie Nasmyth, Nov 17, 1923, at Stratford, Perth Co., ON
daughter of Charles E. Nasmyth, (b- ON), and Elizabeth Douglas Robertson
Albert Victor was 30 when he remarried
living at 484 Colborne St. London ON.
Aileen was age 35, born in Stratford
living at 82 Wellington St. Stratford.

mother shown as Jane Isabel Nelson

Arthur R. Lewis, received Degree of Barrister of law, Aug 1876,
 from Law Society of Upper Canada,
Osgoode Hall, Hillary Term, 39th Victoria, no 1356

From Mr. Tory J. Tronrud, of the Thunder Bay Museum, 
I got a reply on a query for Albert R. Lewis,
summarized below, with thanks.
Born about 1847, date of death unknown.
Ceased law practice in 1919.
Came to Port Arthur around 1883
practiced law with John Munro from 1884-1886
and then with his former Law clerk, W. F. Langworthy.
Became first District Crown Attorney for Thunder Bay in 1884.

Served until 1892, when he moved to possibly Toronto.
listed in 1901 census, for York East, Toronto
called to Bar in 1876, made Federal Queen's (King's) Counsel in 1889.
Prosecuted a Port Arthur town favourite,
Colonel Samuel Wellington Ray
on a
sexual assault charge, in 1892, who was found not guilty.
The alleged victim, her husband were basically run out of town
a year later, and appears the prosecutor, Arthur, possibly was also.
Col Ray was a very influential man in the town.  Banker, mine owner,
and a member of the Masonic fraternity.
Anglican religion, Liberal in politics
Research done for the museum by Mr. Brent Scollie, Ottawa.

5. son- Ronald Struau Cuppardge Lewis
b- Aug 3, 1891 in Port Arthur, Thunder Bay, ON
(another source says b- Aug 3, 1892)
d- ?
mother shown as Jane Isabel Nelson Robertson

1901 census shows Albert R. Lewis in York East, Toronto ON
 b- Jan 4, 1858 in US, age 43, Barrister
wife Isabel Lewis- b- Jan 15, 1863 in ON with 4 children:
daughter- Louise Lewis- b- Apr 9, 1883 in ON
daughter- Francis Lewis- b- Aug 2, 1886 in ON
son- Victor Lewis- b- Mar 10, 1888 in ON (Albert Victor above)
son- Struent R. Lewis- b- Aug 3, 1892 in ON

shown in the Society Blue Book of Toronto, 1906
Albert R. Lewis lived at #1 Scarth Rd*, in Toronto, ON
receives Monday
Mrs. nee Robertson (wife)
Mr. Charles Austen Lewis (son)- b- June 1, 1879 in Toronto, York, ON
Miss Frances Lewis (daughter)
Mr. Albert Victor Lewis (son)

1903-4 blue book lists daughter Louise, as well as others

*1 Scarth Rd is now a heritage property
South Rosedale, Ward 27, Toronto, ON

       A company by the name of "The Dominion Coal Company Ltd."
 also operated in the Cape Breton, Nova Scotia area,
 and other eastern sites.
I believe this was a completely separate Company

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 without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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