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 Lignite Coal Mines
 Hugh Banks Mine


 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

Hugh Banks Mine

aka: Banks Mine

Banks Mine location #1, map above part of my Dad's 1927 map

Location #1 located on LSD  9,10,15 & 16 (NE corner)
Section 26, Township 1, Range 6, W2

Mine Plan Document
Lease No C42 and C43
Granted Mar 17, 1906
Dept Natural Resources Plan #98
No 1 and No 2 Mines

Lease C42, Date of Issue May 7, 1909,
Authority CS No 311, LSD, Sec 26, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2.
Lessee- Hugh Banks
Surveyor- Robert John Campbell Lee, RPE
Supervisory Mining Engineer- C. C. Ross,
Department of the Interior, Ottawa ON
(See Charles Cathmer Ross's bio below)

In 1932 the plan below has a hand written addition
Hugh Banks
Pinto Coal & Brick Co. Pinto
Hugh Banks from Not Trust
all 1/4 sec Coal? + Surface
Lease 43, on LSD 10
name Pinto Coal & Brick Co. void for
Hugh Banks
LSD 9 (almost in NE corner), SE Section 26, Tsp 1, Rge 6, W2
4 1/2 ft Coal Seam, clay Floor and clay roof,
 Mine 1 and Mine 2
the Key plan shows the location of LSD 9 on Sec 26

Mine Plan Hugh Banks Mine .pdf


Mine Plan Map
Mine #98
Red Pencil Additions dated Apr 10, 1935

Then we find Banks Mine at location #2

2nd Location Mine Plan Map
On SW corner of LSD 16,
Section 31, Township 1, Range 6, W2
dated Sept 1945/46
5 Ft Coal Seam.
62E2SW written on document above
unfortunately the 1/4 section of Section 31 is cut off on this copy.
was it NE, NW, SW, or SE Section 31?

Mine Plan Documents and maps above, copied from Original Documents,
held by Saskatchewan Government, Mines Branch, Regina,
Acquired by
Richard (Dick) Wright, P. Eng,
and contributed by Mr. Wright for viewing here.
He was assured they were Public Documents, and Web Use allowed.

Hugh Banks
b- Apr 22, 1893, Golborne, Reg. Dist. Leigh, Lancashire, UK
d- ?
Father- James Banks,
living at 28 Helen St, Golborne, Lancashire, UK
when Hugh enlisted in WWI
 in Winnipeg Feb 1, 1918
Regimental # 2380285
Hugh was shown as Methodist, single,
Occupation- Miner and farmer
living at Taylorton SK.

Hugh, His older brother Harry,
and younger brother James,
 all came to Canada in the early 1900's, possibly 1913
Hugh Banks age 27, returned from Liverpool
 to Quebec City, Canada on SS Megantic,
Sept 11, 1928, shown as single,
lived in Canada for 8 years when he came back this time,
born in England, heading to Taylorton SK, occupation Miner.
returning Canadian on CPR

then I found Hugh Banks immigrating June 30, 1913,
arriving in Quebec City from Liverpool England, on SS Lake Manitoba, age 20,
came with brother Thomas Banks, age 23,
both joining a Miner brother at Taylorton SK, 
both shown as single, both Prim Methodist.
both shown as Coal Miners

Hugh's father-
James Banks
 b- Apr 2, 1861 in Ashton, in Makerfield, Lancashire, England
he was the 6th child, 3rd son of James Banks, Hugh's grandfather.
Hugh's grandfather was a farmer of Edge Green farm, Edge Green Lane, Ashton, in Makerfield.
Hugh's grandmother Jane Banks, nee Cunliffe

Hugh's father lived with his parents in his grandmother's home, name Wright.

1881 census- shows Hugh's father, James Banks,
as a soldier, Hampshire, England, not married.

1891- Hugh's father is now married to Sarah Critchley,
with a son Thomas Wright Banks
shown as a coal miner

1901- Hugh's father, James Banks, age 39, Coal Hewer,
wife- Sarah Banks, nee Wright,
6 children:
Thomas Wright Banks, b- abt 1890
Wilfred Harry Banks,
b- Aug 2, 1891, in Golborne, Leigh Dist, Lancashire, UK
  d- Apr 28, 1967
   buried in Estevan City Cemetery

Hugh Banks,  b- abt 1893
Maud Banks, b- abt 1894
James Banks, b- abt 1895
Lewis Banks.b- abt 1900

Hugh's great grandfather- James Banks b- Feb 6, 1833
Hugh's great grandfather- Jane Cunliffe, b- abt 1832

From his genealogy we can see he was born into coal mining.

Charles Cathmer "Charlie" Ross  B. Sc.,
b- June 14, 1884 in Ottawa ON (shown as 1883 in 1901 census)
d- Sept 12, 1938 on a street in Vancouver BC, age 54
Married Catherine Mabel Ross, nee ?,
They had 2 sons

Father- James Walter Ross,
b- Apr 20, ca 1851, (1854 in 1901 census)
age 23 when he married,
His Father was a School Principal
1901 census shows him as a Post Office Clerk.
married his Mother, Jan 1, 1874, Sarah Ann Ronan,
at St. Mary's Church, Navan, Prescott and Russell Co., ON.
b- Mar 25, ca 1850, (1853 in 1901 census)
she was age 24 when they were married.

Siblings of Charles Ross, all born in ON:

sister- Lily M. "Lillie" Ross,
b- Sept 15, 1877
School Teacher in 1901

sister- Birdie Ellen Elizabeth Ross
b- Dec 20, 1879
married Charles Franklin Atcheson, Sept 6, 1905 at 4th Ave., Hintonburgh
b- Ottawa, age 28 when he married
son of Joseph Atcheson and Adelaide Tough

sister- Emma Ross
b- Nov 3, 1888

1901 family living in Hintonburgh Village, Carleton, ON

Grandfather- Emerson Wallace Ross
Grandmother- Ellen Magdalene Ross, nee ?

Charles Ross was Lands and Mines Minister,
in the Social Credit Government, in Alberta, resigned in late 1936.
when he signed the first Oil and Gas Lease in Alberta in 1936.
Charles Ross was raised in Ottawa ON.
He grew up to be a well known hockey player in his era,
playing Pro for the Ottawa "Vics" Victorias, ca1906-1907, and Montreal Wanderers,
and even played in the Stanley Cup Finals, at one point in his career.
He played at the same time as Art Ross played. relative?
Attended Lisgar Collegiate,
Studied Engineering at McGill University,
Worked on the Dominion Land Survey for 2 years,
 for the Dominion Government.
Became a Consulting Engineer in Saskatchewan and BC.
Returned to Civil Service, as a Mining Engineer,
and in 1916 made Senior Mining Inspector in Alberta.
1918 he went to Calgary, working for the Dept of Interior.
1928 promoted to Supervising Engineer in Ottawa.
In 1930 the provinces of SK and AB negotiated their own
control of their natural resources from the Canadian Government.
Charles Ross was Company President of Anglo-Canadian Oil Company
one of the big oil companies in the Turner Valley Oil Patch.



 No Reproduction in Whole, or in Part, may be made
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