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 Lignite Coal Mines
 Rock Springs Mine


 ** WARNING **
 Old Abandoned Underground Coal Mines can be Very Dangerous,
 Due to Collapse, and Mine Gases (Noxious and Flammable).
 Extreme Care should be taken around them, due to Falls, Sudden Ground Collapse, and Bad Air,
 and in NO Circumstances should People enter into ANY Mine Openings, or Associated Caves.

 The Material Contained on my Sites, is NOT to Encourage Personal Investigation of these Mines,
 But only as a Historical Record of these Long Abandoned Mines.
 Please View these Mines from a Far, Safe and Legal Distance.
  Always Observe Private Property Rights, and Obey ALL Warning Signs. 

Rock Springs Mine

Operated by Mike Rohatyn & Co.

Note- Roch should actually be "Rock" on this map

On CPR Coal Lease No 141
Located on LSD 13 of Section 35, Township 1, Range 6, W2

Surveyed Aug 10, 1937 Robert John Campbell Lee RPE

Mine Survey Map 1 .pdf

Mine Survey Map 2 .pdf

Mine Plan, Documents, and maps above, copied from Original Documents,
held by Saskatchewan Government, Mines Branch, Regina,
Acquired by
Richard (Dick) Wright, P. Eng,
and contributed by Mr. Wright for viewing here.
He was assured they were Public Documents, and Web Use allowed.

Mike Rohatyn & Company Owner

info below from my original index page

operated by Michael (Mike) Rohatyn & Co.
  Roman Tryuda, Peter Yaremchuck (Yramchuck?),
  Fred Kozak, Michael (Mike) , Joseph (Joe) Rohatyn,
  & Mike Petraharich,
mined mineral rights and land owned by Frank Adams,
who was Manager and Pit Boss.
1 mile SE of Taylorton.
This site was on the upper end of a ravine
 leading to the Souris River.
Just over the hill to the north of Harry Banks Mine.
They loaded boxcars at Pinto siding.
 In 1940 Prokup Gembe was added as a partner.

Roman Tryuda
  b- ?
  d- 1983 in Winnipeg MB

Peter Yaremchuck (Yramchuck?)
   b- Jan 27, 1884
   d- Feb 12, 1972
   buried in Bienfait Cemetery

Fred Kozak
  b- age 25 in 1906, in Poland
  immigrated in 1901 (possibly 1904?)
  boarding at Coalfields in 1906
  d- ?

Joseph (Joe) Rohatyn
  b- 1911
  d- Dec 7, 1962
  buried in Bienfait Cemetery
     married Mary Jo Fai
       b- Aug 22, 1916
       d- Apr 8, 1997

Michael (Mike) Rohatyn-
   no info, lots of Rohatyns, no Mike
  I know he worked at Western Dominion mine in 1931
  and lived at Taylorton mine camp
Mike Rohatyn lead an Estevan Orchestra
 called "The Twilight Kings"
and they were declared winners of
 the ACT-CKRM talent show, 1956-57.

Mike Petraharich- no info

Received a letter from Leonard Loppe, June 2008,
who was an underground miner at this mine,
last 5 years, before strip mining took over.

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 No Reproduction in Whole, or in Part, may be made
 without the express Written Permission
 of Doug Gent

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