Kemano & Kitimat,
British Columbia, Canada
 ca 1953-1957

 Jim Hanna's Pictures / Memorabilia
 May 1955- Oct 1956

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Jim Hanna

Photos Courtesy Jim Hanna, who now lives in
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, ca 2012,
Jim was originally from Christchurch NZ,
He came to Kemano in May 1955,
Left once from Terrace to Vancouver
for a short holiday,
Then left permanently Oct 1956.
These are  some great photos of Kemano,
from his personal collection.
He had enough pictures to start a separate web page,
but I wanted to leave the honour of the main web page,
to Grant Walker's Dad's photos,
and keep these extra new donated pictures,
as additional pages to that first collection.
All of these pictures are important to preserve
the history of this project,
and the men that worked there.

All photos in this section,
are copyright of Mr. Jim Hanna,
and I thank him for the donation

Jim Hanna
Photos of Jim taken by his friend
Bruce Moss, see bio below



Bruce Moss,

Bruce Moss was a close friend of Jim Hanna.
I believe he was born ca 1927,
and raised until age 9, in Wellsford NZ.
Attended St. Paul's Cambridge School
 in Cambridge NZ. (1936-39)
He spent 2 years as a Pre-Med student,
but gave that up for a career, and love of Photography.
Came to Vancouver from Wellington NZ, in 1952,
worked as a clerk at a camera shop in Vancouver, BC.
He worked for a time for the Vancouver Sun,
before coming north to Kemano.
With no formal Photography training,
Bruce volunteered to carry the equipment for
David "Dave" S. Boyer of National Geographic, (see bio below)
and John W. Rawlings, for Vogue Magazine, (see bio below)
at Kemano, and learned some of the trade from them.
In late 1956 he worked his way back to NZ,
probably for Christmas, to spend time with his family.
He came back to Canada in 1957, as a freelance photographer.
Bruce Moss became a very famous "Canadian" Photojournalist.
His pictures have appeared in Time, Life, and National Geographic,
just to name a few.
He was a roaming writer/photographer/staffer for the
Montreal Star's "Weekend" Magazine, joining them in Sept 1959.
His pictures appeared in Popular Mechanics May 1969 issue for one.
Nov 10, 1958 he was in Lethbridge AB taking pictures at
a Remembrance Day Service.
He acquired his pilot licence in Canada,
and even bought his own plane,
a Cessna 172D Skyhawk, CF-OWL, built in 1962.
Const #17249777
While he lived in Canada, he used it for photo shoots.
He had a photo gallery exhibit of his work,
at the Percy Thomson Gallery in Stratford NZ,
in 2006, entitled "With My Own Eyes"
2011 he attended his school's 75th anniv.
so he is happily still going strong.
I actually had a phone call from Mr. Moss
ca Apr 2012, and I was as surprised as him.
Bruce and Jim Hanna have reconnected now.



The other great Kemano Professional photographers mentioned above,
who taught Bruce Moss some of the tricks of the trade,
are sadly, no longer with us.

David S. Boyer,
b- Apr 23, 1920, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA,
d- Apr 2, 1992, Bethesda MD, USA, age 71 from a stroke.
He joined National Geographic in 1952.
He specialized in photographing Canada,
it's National Parks and Wilderness areas.
But a Google search reveals he was everywhere
in the world, taking beautiful pictures.
Everyone with a digital camera these days
can take great photos, but in the 1950's
it was an art, not only in taking the picture,
but developing the film as well.
David won awards for his famous photo
of John F. Kennedy Jr., saluting his slain father.
Mr. boyer received a BA from University of Utah,
and a MA in Journalism, from the University of Illinois.
He was a
Navy Photographer
in England and France from 1942-1945.
He taught journalism at the University of Illinois until 1947,
and worked for United Press in Europe until 1951.
David S. Boyer wrote a multi page article,
called "Kitimat- Canada's Aluminum Titan"
for the 1956 September Issue,
of the National Geographic Magazine.
I searched everywhere,
but a photo of this famous photographer,
I haven't been able to find.

Ask and you shall receive.
Maurice Cutler worked with Mr. Boyer,
I quote Maurice
Dave and I were journalists covering Operation Deepfreeze II
in 1956-57 and Operation Deepfreeze IV> 1958-59 in the Antarctic. 
He was with National Geographic and I was reporting for United Press."
He was kind enough to send the following photo.

Please click to enlarge
Caption Maurice sent with the photo above
That's Dave Boyer second from the left in the front row,
I'm alongside (left) grimacing from the cold.
 This was the media group outside the Press Hut
at McMurdo Sound in late 1958."
I marked David S. Boyer on the picture. 
Thanks for the contribution Maurice.

John W. Rawlings
b- 1912, possibly in Marion Ohio?, just a guess though.
d- June 28, 1970, Roosevelt Hospital, NY, NY, USA, age 58
Lived at 421 East 54th st., NY NY when he died.
Mr. Moss credits John Rawlings above,
Known as a fashion and commercial Photographer,
He started in Vogue in 1936, age 24,
Shown as a midwesterner, which fits Ohio.
I have found car and undersea octopus photos,
credited to Mr. Rawlings.
So he wasn't restricted to Fashion.

If any of the photos on my site, happen to be Copyright,
of these Professional Photographers,
and they, or their Estate, do not want them to appear here,
please let me know, and they will be removed ASAP.

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for some more great photos
 from Jim Hanna, ca Feb 2012



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