Kemano & Kitimat,
British Columbia, Canada
 ca 1953-1957
 Thomas Raymond "Bud" Walker
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 Kemano Phone Book 1954


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Kemano Phone Book 1954
note- Party Line- short-long ring system used.

Names in the Phone Book
If you know any of the folks in the book, please email me
Even an initial or first name clue would help to locate them.

Dr. Leon Komar
 Medical Officer for the project
 He was a Physician in the Royal Canadian Air Force,
Medical Health Officer,
 and Native Medical Officer in the Fort St. John District, of BC.
his picture is on the tunnel page

Karl Roestad
Alcan Resident Engineer at Kemano

 British Columbia International Engineering Company Ltd.
(subsidiary of Morrison-Knudsen Co)

Stephen "Steve" Butte - DFC, BASc. P. Eng
b- Nov 7, 1923 in Waugh, Alberta, Canada
 d- Nov 11, 2010, in Bicton, West Australia, age 87
He was an Honorary Colonel of 403 (Helicopters)
Operational Training Squadron, CFB Gagetown, NB
A WWII Ace, Spitfire Pilot in WWII
Lived in Natal BC at one time.
Lived in Bicton, West Australia when he died
I just found his email address, and sent him a note Nov 17, 2010
turns out he passed away, Nov 11, 2010,
 6 days before!  I can't believe it.
A War Vet that died on Nov 11th, I don't know what to say even.

Colin Herbert Bain Finlayson
b- Jan 24, 1903 in Australia,
d- Mar 11, 1955, in Kemano, age 51
He was a Canadian Rower,
 won a silver medal in the 1924 summer Olympics
as a crew member in the Coxless Fours, in Paris France,
Trained at the Vancouver Rowing Club.
In 1911 he was living at 1248 Wilson, Van BC,
Family came to Canada in 1905
Father- Donald Finlayson, Merchant in 1911,
Mother- Rita Finlayson
wife- Hester Finlayson
daughter- Sheila Finlayson
son- Ian Finlayson
Colin came to Kemano in 1951
working for BC International Engineering.
He is credited with starting the
Boy Scout Troop in Kemano.

Russell H. Madsen
Assistant Project Manager for Morrison-Knudsen Company

Raymond (Ray) E. Reed
Morrison-Knudsen Company,  Area Engineer

Carl Walter Abrahamson
b- Feb 12, 1899 in Ispheming, Marquette, Michigan USA
d-  Dec 31, 1960 in Kitimat, BC, age 61
Assistant Alcan Resident Engineer,
 Abrahamson Ave. in Kemano named after him
Shown as a mining engineer when he was married, age 28
Son of Charles Garlene Abrahamson,
 b- Sweden, living in Ispheming, Michigan
Mother- Emma Christine Larson, b- Sweden
married Freda Muriel Cooper Wright,
Dec 31, 1927 at Ridgetown, Kent Co, ON
b- Aug 13, 1899 in ON, age 27 when she married
d- ?
School Teacher in 1927, living in Levack ON
daughter of William Wright, b- ON
mother- Abigail "Abbie" Mary Cooper

Herman E. Echols
Administrative Manager, M-K
He wrote the Governor-General's itinerary in 1954

Albert "Al" Patrick Gorman
b- ca 1912, in USA
d- Aug 3, 1955 on a grey/white, PWA Mallard amphibian plane
Labour Relations
I think he appears in the pictures
with Bud Walker, but not positive yet.
he died in a PWA airplane crash Aug 3, 1955
with David Milton Owen, Lawyer, age 42,
and Lt/Col Macgregor Macintosh, age 58,
who served in the war and lost a right arm.
Plane landed at Kemano, discharged 7 passengers,
then carried on to Kitimat following the transmission line.
Pilot Edward Bell, late 30's,  co-Pilot, Kendall King, age 23.
Shown as Assistant to the Manager of Sagenay-Kitimat Co.
see the Kemano Beach
page for more.

BCIE Engineer, Turbine Superintendent

N. L. Hinkson
with BCIE
had a son John Hinkson

Earl Wesley "Red" McKernan
b- Oct 28, 1914 in Edmonton AB
d- May 5, 1996 in Vancouver BC
buried with his wife, Ocean View Burial Park, Burnaby BC
Superintendent of Power Generation- Kemano
son of Thomas Wesley McKernan
b- June 23, 1885, Strathcona AB
d- Apr 23, 1973 in Vancouver BC
and Daisy Evangeline Thompson
Thomas was married before to Effie Davidson
Thomas was the 1st white child born within Fort Edmonton.
Grandfather- Robert McKernan
Red was married Sept 18, 1937 in Edmonton AB.
wife- Pearl Louise Beaton
b- Sept 5, 1913, Patience AB
d- Aug 2, 2003, Vancouver BC,
daughter Myrna Lou McKernan
daughter Sandra Lynn McKernan
both born in Arvida Quebec
In 1964 Pearl received a life membership pin
 from Kitimat First United Church in Kitimat.
drove a 1951 light green Studebaker car in Kemano

Governor General Massey rode in this car on his visit.

Rufus Toy Rumfeldt
b- Mar 6, 1920, Alexis, NC, USA
d- Oct 11, 1989 - Waynesboro, Virginia, USA. , age 69
son of William Signor Rumfeldt and Jesse Della Clark.

Assistant Superintendent of Power Generation- Kemano

wife- E. June Rumfeldt, nee Gregor-Pearce
b- June 1, 1927
d- Feb 27, 2011, Floyd, Virginia, age 83
daughter of Reginald and Olivia Gregor-Pearce
son- Timothy R. Rumfeldt
son- Floyd Rumfeldt
daughter- Jennifer Rennie, nee Rumfeldt
son- Glen Allen Rumfeldt
1993 June lived on Gwynn's island
1947 Rufus lived in Montreal.

Alfred Olaf "Ole" Strandberg
b- Mar 2, 1911
d- Mar 24, 2007, Bellevue, WA, USA, age 96

Superintendent and Project Manager, for Morrison-Knudson
He was a Civil Engineer

married Elizabeth M. "Betty" Strandberg, nee Williams,
in 1941, in Honolulu Hawaii
b-  Dec 19, 1911, in La Verne CA
d- Aug 26, 2010 at home in Bellevue, WA, age 98
they had 3 sons

?, Miller
Prepakt Concrete Supervisor
They used the Prepakt Intrusion method
 using low pressure, 2 ft thick, to grout between
 the outside the steel liners, and rock wall in the penstocks

Doug Ellis
MK Chief Accountant,
Office Bookkeeper,
Boise, ID

Jack Delaye
 MK Project Mgr

Ayers - ?
Binger - ? (could this be Paul Binder?)
Buckley - ?
Arthur Carson - ?
Christopherson- ?,  daughter Linnea Christopherson
Fisher - ?
Forester - ?
Gaetz - ?
Hamill - ?
Hunter - ?
Jenkins - ?
Dr. Kahn - Dentist (no info found)
Keneagy - ?, daughter Joan Keneagy
Libby -? had something to do with M-K
Lind -?
Madaski-  ?
Marchetti - ?
Meade - ?
Melnyk - ?
McLeod - ?
Ostergaard - ?
Pfeifer - ?
Smart -?
Smithies - ?
Unia - ?
Wallan - ?
Whidden - ?
Court - ?

Jack Montgomery - ?

Kenneth Frederick Kenward - Accountant
wife- Billie Kenward
daughter- Leslie Anne Kenward
son- William Kenward

At Wachwas Camp-
Mrs. Margaret Green- Postmaster- (see Townsite page)
There was a Green that died early in Kemano,
I wonder if she was his widow?

In the phone book, 2 of Bud Walker's friends are listed.
Albert (Al) James Brown
He was from England.

Al Brown, 2nd from left
Wife- Jane (Jay) Mary Brown
His 2 sons-
Chris Brown, and Dave Brown,
We finally connected with Al's sons, ca Christmas 2013
Youngest son, Nigel Brown, was the first white child born in Kemano
Shortly after Nigel was born the family returned to England.
Al died in England and his wife Jay died in Victoria

William "Bill" B. Johnson,
 He was also from England, he was the Kemano Safety Officer.
Worked for British Red Cross in Egypt, before coming to Kemano.

Ray R. Faust Sr. (not shown)
Construction superintendent for Morrison-Knudsen,
on the Kemano Project,
b- ca1900, at Willamette Oregon
d- Nov 9, 1960, in his Seattle Home, age 60
Served in US Army in WWI

 Grant's Dad, Bud Walker, worked in Labour Relations
first in Kemano, then in Kitimat.

another Alcan Manager that was in Kemano at this time:
Nathanael Vining Davis
b-  June 26, 1915 in Pittsburgh Penn.
d- Mar 22,  2005, at his home Boca Grande, Florida, age 89
Known as an Industrialist, and Philanthropist.
Graduated from Harvard in 1939,
and London School of Economics in 1939
Joined Alcan after graduating.
Served in US Navy as intelligence Officer, during WWII.
1947 succeeded his father Edward K. Davis
as President of Alcan.
He was one of the youngest Executives,
of a big corporation at the time.
Became CEO and Chairman.
Retired in 1986.
Jan 19, 2006 inducted into Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.
wife- Lois Thompson Davis
son, J. H. Dow Davis of Weston Mass.
daughter- Katherine Davis Cote, Osterville Mass.
His Uncle Arthur Vining Davis started Alcoa in 1886
and in 1952 started
the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation.

Arthur Vining Davis
b- May 30, 1867 Sharon, Norfolk, Mass
d- Nov 17, 1962 in Miami
Left a $400 million estate, most of it to his foundation.
Father of Arthur and Edward
Parley Bacon Davis, Congregational Minister
b- 1832 New Ipswich, New Hampshire, USA
Mother- Mary Frances Vining
daughter of Samuel Albert Vining
and Eliza Ann White

father of Parley Davis
James Davis
mother- Cyrene Putnam



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